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    Traditionally, a razor bump occurs when the hair shaft was not properly cut, and instead, "bent" into a neighboring hair follicle. However, improper shaving can also produce ingrown hairs and infected hair follicles, which can also appear red and bumpy on the skin.

    More: 7 Hair removal techniques ranked from worst to best

    The tricky thing is: Razor burn can develop from nearly any stage in the shaving process, from your blade to your skin to the temperature of the water. Here are a few things to consider:

    Shaving tips for bump-free zones

    • Don't shave over pre-existing bumps and try your best not to scratch them. Instead, wait a day or two and apply oatmeal-infused body lotion or coconut oil on the area until they clear up.
    • Dull razors are bad, bad, bad! You'll want to throw out razors after three to 10 shaves. Use a razor with four to five blades and a pivoting head, and avoid blades with the large lubricant bar.
    • Shave every other day. Most skin types cannot tolerate shaving every day.
    • In the shower, use an antibacterial wash and always use a type of shaving cream or lubricant oil. (Try shaving with Burt's Bees lemon and vitamin E bath and body oil.)
    • After shaving sensitive areas (like underarms and bikini lines), apply powder-based deodorant, like Dove's Invisible Solid. This can help lubricate and moisturize the area.
    • Don't rush. Buy a low flow shower head and take your time shaving. If you graze the skin too quickly, you'll be red and itchy in no time.

    So, jump into your shaving routine with pride! Make it fun. Buy your favorite indulgent products and then get to work by following this fool-proof, expert-recommended shaving routine.

    The five-step, end-all, be-all shaving routine

    1. Exfoliate just enough

    "We get razor burn when we shave over un-exfoliated, bumpy skin," explains Dr. Ava Shamban, aka the skin care expert to the stars. "Make sure to start by using a scrub to slough off dead skin prior to your shave." But, be careful with this. Use a soft loofah and don't exfoliate too vigorously, or you will just cause more irritation before you even begin.

    2. Wash with the right ingredients

    Shaving in the shower is your best bet. The warm water and steam will open the hair follicles and soften the hair shaft. You can also soak in a warm bath before shaving. Do whatever you can to avoid shaving on cold, dry, un-exfoliated skin. "Use a benzoyl peroxide cleanser to wash away bacteria and minimize future bumps and blemishes on the skin," Shamban suggests.

    3. Shave with the right equipment

    When you are ready to shave, make sure the blade is fresh, clean and warm by running it under the water for a few seconds. Do not shave with an oily, clogged (hello, bacteria!) or dull blade. If you are pressing hard on your skin, then your razor is not sharp enough. Shamban advises, "Pull the skin taut, and shave against and with the grain."

    More: Here's what happened when I shaved with coconut oil

    4. Dry you skin this way

    Here's a little tip: Before jumping out of the shower to start your day, run the shaved area through a bout of cold water. This will tighten your pores and prevent bacteria from entering — and it will ensure you are up and awake for the day (yay?). Also, do your best to pat the area dry. Vigorously rubbing can move dead skin cells around and lodge them right into your beautifully clean and shaved follicles.

    5. Don't moisturize this way

    Lastly, don't forget to moisturize. You may want to avoid any moisturizers with alcohol, peppermint or menthol, as they can irritate new and sensitive skin. Try using aloe, coconut oil or even marshmallow extract (huh?) to help your skin retain moisture. Remember: Dry skin and razor bumps are best friends. You may also want to consider using ointments with salicylic acid, glycolic acid or witch hazel — ingredients that aid in natural exfoliation.

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    Feeling overwhelmed? No need to worry, I've got your back. The following six ideas are perfect for those on your gift list who have been hard to figure out from the fashion-loving mom-to-be to the beauty-loving, eco-conscious woman. Spreading joy will go far beyond Christmas Day, which will make them even more thrilled.

    1. For the mom-to-be on your list

    Image: Bella Gravida

    Give the gift of looking runway ready from pregnancy through nursing. Bella Gravida is a monthly subscription maternity clothing rental service helping expectant mothers look fabulous, while eliminating the need and cost of replacing an entire wardrobe. Plans start at just $39 a month, which can be applied as a gift card. (Bella Gravida, $39)

    2. ScentBird

    Image: ScentBird

    Any fragrance lover would be totally thrilled with the world of smell-goods that awaits beyond the Scentbird subscription gift card. For the cost of $15 a month, access is granted to a 30-day supply to hundreds of top designer fragrances. (Scentbird, $15)

    3. What fashion lover doesn't want to have it all?

    Image: Her Fashion Box

    With the Her Fashion Box gift subscription, she can. Each month, your favorite fashionista will receive beauty, accessories, lifestyle and fashion surprises for $40 a month. (Her Fashion Box, $40)

    Next: More subscription gifts

    4. Have a beauty lover on your list who enjoys nothing more than a good DIY challenge?

    Image: Handmade Bueaty Box

    The Handmade Beauty Box consists of all types of beauty potions that can be created, ranging from skin care to nail polish. Gifting options range from a one-month box for $32, a three-month gift subscription for $30 per month or a one-year subscription for $29 per month. (Handmade Beauty Box, $29)

    5. RocksBox

    Image: RocksBox

    A never-ending jewelry box is all that any bauble enthusiast wants, which is why the RocksBox will keep her wardrobe "on fleek" for months on end. With an endless rotation of curated jewelry finds from awesome designers, her outfits will always be styled seamlessly.(RocksBox, $49 - $149)

    6. Eco-friendly nail polish

    Image: Square Hue

    An eco-friendly nail polish monthly subscription that also makes donations from the profit of your subscription — hue knew? The Square Hue subscription boxes of vegan and cruelty-free lacquers range in price from $16 to $21 and feature bold on trend colors. (Square Hue, $16 - $21)

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    More: Illustrator creates gorgeous 2016 calendar to promote healthy body image

    Everyone’s buzzing about Northwest Territories actress Melaw Nakehk'o and the unique dress she wore to the premiere of the Leonardo DiCaprio film The Revenant. Nakehk’o plays a character named Powaqa, the daughter of an Arikara warrior who gets captured by French trappers. In keeping with her commitment to honour indigenous women through her latest role, she drew attention to the work of an indigenous artist by wearing a dress featuring her artwork.

    Melaw Nakehk'o on her "culturally appropriate dress
    Image: Steve Granitz / Getty Images

    More: Fiber-optic makeup is the glitzy look you need for the holidays

    On the red carpet, Nakehk’o talked to Android TV about her eye-catching dress, which is covered in colourful imagery of plants. “This is a culturally appropriate collaboration between First Nations artist Christi Belcourt and Valentino,” she explained.

    "I think today there's a lot of cultural appropriation with indigenous arts ... being appropriated by non-indigenous fashion designers, and not giving any credit or recognition of where those designs were appropriated from," Nakehk'o said. “So I think it’s really important that I’m representing a First Nations artist who has collaborated on such a high level in fashion with Valentino and to be able to wear that tonight.”

    The artist behind the dress

    It should come as no surprise that Nakehk’o was drawn to Christi Belcourt’s work. Belcourt is a skilled visual artist who creates breathtaking designs using traditional beadwork. Belcourt has strong roots in the historic Métis community from Manitou Sakahigan (Lac Ste. Anne) in Alberta, Canada, and creates work inspired by the natural world, traditional indigenous spirituality and natural medicine. She works with a variety of materials, such as beads, clay, animal hides and copper, birch bark and plant fibres.

    Working with Valentino

    This isn’t the first time Belcourt has worked with Valentino. A dress inspired by Belcourt’s painting Water Song — which is in the collection of the National Gallery of Canada — was featured in his 2016 Resort Line. Valentino’s team worked hard to match the colours and imagery from her painting, printing and embroidering the work onto their dress.

    Belcourt told CBC that she enjoyed the process of working with Valentino: 

    "You know, it's really lovely to work with designers who respect the artist's work so highly," she explained. "It's not very often that they do, and do so in such a respectful way, and I think it's... it's refreshing.” 

    On her character in The Revenant

    Nakehk’o didn’t take the challenge of playing the character of an indigenous women in the film lightly.

    "There's a systemic problem in North America, in the United States and Canada, with missing and murdered indigenous women," she said on the red carpet. "We are more susceptible to violence than any other ethnic group in North America.”

    The actress stressed: "I feel like I had to honour those indigenous women and do the best I can."

    More: 7 Days of winter vacation outfits you can fit in your carry-on

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    Return of "mom jeans"

    Mom jeans

    Mom jeans

    The "mom jeans" are back in full force. It’s time to loosen your skinny jeans' death grip on your thighs and let those gams relax for once! Because Pinterest predicts you're going to want to slip into a baggy pair of "modern mom jeans."

    "The skinny jean has ruled denim for the last five years, but this year, all kinds of fresh shapes are gaining ground," says "Pinployee" and stylist Larkin Brown. "One of the most popular styles is the Mom jean, a high rise straight leg with a relaxed fit."

    More: Take the shame out of Mom jeans

    Hands-free bags

    Instagram / lenivaya_v4era

    Instagram / lenivaya_v4era

    Now that you’re all relaxed from letting out your pants, you're not going to want to ruin that vibe by grasping a silly little clutch for dear life, desperately trying not to forget it on a bathroom counter or somewhere random. Even looking at shoulder straps is going to make you feel all "I can't even." You're going to want a no-fuss, hands-free belt-bag, because according to Pinterest, the "belt bag is the new fanny pack."

    And what's the actual difference between a belt-bag and a fanny pack you ask? Belt-bags make you look sleek and streamlined, whereas fanny packs make you look like either an American tourist or a rural drug dealer.


    Instagram / candy & caviar

    Instagram / candy & caviar

    And if you need any more convincing, Beyoncé recently jumped on this trend, with plans to partner with Top Shop and launch a new athleisure line in April (available in Canada, U.S., Europe, and Australia). I don't care what you have to say about it and no I wasn't just working out. I'm a big proponent of wearing yoga pants to the grocery store, the movies and basically anywhere I can get away with it. So obviously I'm happy to see Pinterest predicting that "Athleisure" will be even bigger in 2016. Expect to see high-performance materials combined with upscale materials like cashmere.

    More: Hilary Swank to launch clothing line

    Throw-back sneakers

    Instagram / Adidaswomen

    Instagram / Adidaswomen

    "Game-changing throwback sneaks like the Stan Smith gold toe by Adidas are all the rage," writes Pinterest.Since we're letting it all hang out, don't forget about those toes. No need to cram them into canoe-shaped heels made for aliens with pointy Barbie feet anymore. Instead, Pinterest predicts you'll want a pair of rebooted, old-school sneakers.

    Letting your hair down

    Instagram / bumbleandbumble

    Instagram / bumbleandbumble

    More: Four reasons to love your natural hair

    Not spending hours on my hair, never losing my bag again and never having to even look at pants again? 2016 is looking pretty good. Now if only someone would buy me a cashmere sweatsuit for Christmas.

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    More: Fiber-optic makeup is the glitzy look you need for the holidays (VIDEO)

    Because it’s fun to give your makeup a festive twist, and what says Christmas more than painting Christmas trees, candy canes and snowflakes on your face?

    The trend seems to have originated from makeup artists and YouTubers Nicol Concilio and makeupby_alo, and their online videos show that there’s method behind the madness of drawing Christmas designs on your face with bronzer and concealer.

    Christmas contouring makeup

    Christmas contouring makeup

    More: Creative glam party makeup using 4 products in 5 minutes

    Christmas contouring makeup 2

    Christmas contouring makeup 2

    Christmas contouring 3

    Christmas contouring 3

    Looking at the end results, it’s pretty clear that there’s a lot more to this whole contouring thing than we thought. Basically, it doesn’t really matter what shapes you paint on your nose and cheeks — if you have the blending action down pat, you’ll look amazing.

    Are you brave enough to leave your Christmas contouring face unblended? It's certainly guaranteed to turn heads at your office party…

    More: 2 Christmas nail designs in 1 easy tutorial (WATCH) 

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    With so many new releases flooding the market recently, it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the new shiny things. More often than not, I end up feeling disappointed with my latest purchases. Sometimes the shiny new ones are just that — shiny and new. They draw me like a moth to a flame, and after a few dollars poorer, I will go back to the old heroes that haven't failed me throughout the years.

    Meet my old unsung heroes — the ones that I know I can safely rely on and will never fail me.

    1. Foundation

    Image: Beauty Boutique

    Bourjois Healthy Mix serum gel foundation is a little heaven in a bottle for the perfect my-skin-but-better base. It gives light coverage with a dewy finish and is great for normal to dry skin. I've lost count of how many times I was complimented on my skin because of this foundation and now you know, this is my little secret to natural, perfect-looking skin. For combination or oily skin, try Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation. (Beauty Boutique, $28)

    2. Pressed powder

    Image: WalMart

    Thanks to my dry skin, I almost never use powder, but whenever I do, Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder would be my go-to powder. I love it so much I have continuously repurchased it whenever I run out. It sets my under-eye concealer without looking cakey, and the finely milled, silky texture melts into skin seamlessly. (Walmart, $9)

    3. Dark circle concealer

    Image: Well

    A firm favorite of many, Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle concealer offers medium coverage, is easy to blend and doesn't crease or highlight those pesky fine lines which, at my age, are sprouting like mushrooms after rain. Perfection? No, but it sure does come close. (Well.ca, $12)

    4. Baked blusher

    Image: Well

    If you're a fan of baked blushers then you need Milani Baked Blushers in your collection. They are pigmented, easy to blend and give the most beautiful flush to your face. Trust me, these are one of the best drugstore gems that you'll ever discover. (Well.ca, $8)

    5. Cream blusher

    Image: Well

    If you're a fan of cream blushers, then Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blushers will be right up your alley. These beauties recently made a huge wave again after Lisa Eldridge said she has them in her beauty kit. They are creamy, pigmented and easily blended it's easy to see why she's a fan of these blushers. (Well.ca, $13)

    Next: More drugstore must haves

    6. Matt Bronzing Powder

    Image: Essence Cosmetics

    Essence is often overlooked by many due to its very low price. While a huge majority of the time cheap price equals low quality, it's not the case with Essence Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder. It comes with two options (blondes and brunettes), and you get a whopping 15 grams of product for such a low price! The powder is finely milled, easily blendable and the best part of this bronzer is it smells like coconut heaven. (Essence Cosmetics, $5)

    7. Eyebrow-pro

    Image: Marcelle

    The world has gone gaga for Cara Delevingne's brows, and brow gel became every woman's new best friend to get thick, full brows. If you have sparse eyebrows like me, brow gel alone will not cut it — and this is why I fell head over heels in love with Marcelle Duo Eyebrow-Pro. On one end you get a retractable pencil to fill in your brows, and on the other end, a lightly tinted gel to keep everything in place. The brilliant little tool is all you need to get the perfect eyebrows. (Marcelle, $15)

    8. Color tattoo

    Image: WalMart

    Is anyone even surprised that this made it onto the list? Creamy, highly pigmented, doesn't crease and lasts all day without fading, Maybelline Color Tattoo is as good as high-end cream shadows but for a small fraction of the price. Whether you use this as base or for a very quick eye look, these beauties will never disappoint. (Walmart, $7)

    9. Liquid eyeliner

    Image: WalMart

    Don't let the dirt-cheap price fool you, because this little tube of NYC liquid eyeliner has successfully become a firm favorite of many, myself included. I would go as far as claiming this as my Holy Grail liquid liner, and the main reason why my cat eye flick is picture perfect. This highly pigmented liquid liner is the blackest of black, goes on smoothly and dries down to a matte finish. It doesn't smudge and will stay put until you remove it. But its incredible staying power doesn't equal a pain-in-the-ass removal process you can easily remove it with any type of makeup remover. (Walmart, $4)

    10. Eyeliner

    Image: Well

    This beauty is no stranger in the beauty world — with many claiming it to be a dupe for Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On eye pencil in shade Perversion. I have both, and I can honestly tell you I almost never reach for Perversion — while, instead, I use Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in black almost every day. It's the blackest of black, soft but not too soft that it would break, glides smoothly across the lid without any tugging and stays put all day without fading or smudging. And for such a low price, this is a clear winner from the drugstore. (Well.ca, $7)

    Next: More drugstore must haves

    11. Mascara

    Image: WalMart

    L'Oréal Paris Voluminous mascara will give you unbelievable length and volume without any clumps. While the simple and plain packaging might fool you into thinking this mascara is boring, it is anything but that. The wand separates and fans out my lashes beautifully and it delivers drama without making my lashes looking spidery. (Walmart, $6)

    12. Mascara

    Image: WalMart

    Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara was released late last year, and it made a huge wave as a great dupe for Benefit's Roller Lash. I have both, and let me tell you, I much prefer this cheaper drugstore option. The wands are the only similarity between the two and Lash Sensational's formula is definitely thicker and wetter — which can be a little tricky to use initially. If you have a little patience, let the formula dry out a little — I do it by pumping air into the wand like a mad woman a few times a week — and you will have one of the best mascaras that gives your lashes length, volume and curl. (Walmart, $7)

    13. Lip liner

    Image: WalMart

    Soft, creamy, pigmented and extremely long lasting, Rimmel London Exaggerate retractable lip liners are the perfect companions with lipstick or to be used by its own. These glide smoothly across the lips, and the creaminess allows me to easily wear it on its own. (Walmart, $7)

    14. Matte Balm

    Image: WalMart

    It's easy to see why the beauty world went absolutely bonkers when Revlon first released these gorgeous matte lip crayons. Fast-forward to today, we are still equally, if not more, in love with ColorBurst Matte Balm. Creamy? Check! Hydrating? Check! Great pigmentation? Check! Long lasting? Check check! And psst! Bonus point: The shade Standout is a brilliant dupe for Mac's Russian Red, so close that you wouldn't be able to tell the difference on your lips. (Walmart, $9)

    15. Butter Gloss

    Image: London Drugs

    I have a confession: I have an intense love-hate relationship with lip gloss. Every time I see beautiful glossy lips, I will die a little inside and have the sudden urge to buy a new lip gloss — but I hate the feel of it on my lips. I thought the relationship between lip gloss and me was doomed for eternity until I got my hands on NYX Butter Gloss. These are the haute couture of the lip gloss world, and it's impossible not to fall in love. Opaque, glossy and the texture is neither thick nor thin without being grossly gloppy, these vanilla-scented lip glosses are perfect for any lip-product lovers. (London Drugs, $8)

    What are your old favorite drugstore beauty products?

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    But now, the former reality star ditched her California blond hair for something a little more rich for the winter.

    And she's twinning with her hairstylist!

    Lauren Conrad red hair

    Lauren Conrad red hair

    More: Spanish hairdresser cuts hair using swords, lighters

    "Clearly, I'm obsessed with @kristen_ess," she captioned the Instagram shot of her new hair.

    This isn't the first time the 29-year-old has played with her hair. She's played with lengths for years, from long, beachy waves to shorter bobs, and she's also dyed it pink, but this marks the first time Conrad has completely flipped her look.

    It's surprising she picked red, given that she once told PopSugar that red wasn't her color.

    More: An app that books your last-minute blowout appointments at the best salons

    "We have never gone like red-red. I have had a warmed red [color] before. I can't really do red hair; my skin tone doesn’t agree with it. I did it red when I was in high school, and it was a bummer," she told the website earlier this year. "We did a chestnut brown a few years back. It was fun! It was a nice change, and it was during Winter, so it made sense. But I feel like I don't really feel like myself without blond hair."

    Guess she really is obsessed with Kristen. And we have to say, that shade of red totally agrees with her!

    More: Hair contouring is the magic way to accent your face shape with highlights

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    More: How to create the perfect blank canvas for eyeshadow

    Tips and tricks

    Wipe. Always wipe the liner applicator before applying it to the eyelid. Do so by running the liner on the back of your hand or use a tissue. Removing any excess liquid allows for better product distribution, even product flow, smoother application and eliminates potential clumps and mess.

    Use pencil. Not completely confident to brave liquid liner alone or have shaky hands? Use a similar colour pencil liner to help sketch the line you want to achieve. The pencil liner acts as a guide. Trace over it with the liquid liner.

    Foolproof aids. Using the edge of a business card or clear tape can help you achieve the perfect line and flick. Place either the card or the tape following the line of the lower lashes in an upward and outward direction. Apply the liner along the top of the card or tape, then remove the card or tape to reveal a perfect clean line.

    Tape a Cat Eye

    Tape a Cat Eye

    Refine. Erase mistakes and sharpen the line by cleaning rough edges with a cotton bud dipped in Garnier Micellar water (£3).

    Determine eye shape. It is important to know your eye shape and play with varying thickness, angles and lengths to determine the right liquid liner look for you. For example those with monolids, where the eyelids hide eyeliner, need to create a thick arch with the liquid liner so when the eyes are open there is a defined liner look.

    More: The best coloured eyeliner for your eye colour

    Mastering the technique

    Tight line

    Tight lining is the foundation of using liquid liner. It is perfect for no-makeup natural-looking makeup. The tight line creates a fuller lash look which defines the eyes.

    How to: Hold the liner parallel to the lash line and create small strokes at a slight angle, going from the middle of the eye outwards in between the lashes. Always start in the middle as this is where the line usually thickens. Smooth the liner carefully from the inner eye outwards to connect the small strokes creating a straighter line.

    Kitten eye

    Kitten flick 1a

    Kitten flick 1a

    The kitten eye extends the tight line and provides lift to the eye without a dramatic effect.

    How to: Do the same as you would when you tight line but, with a slight flick of the wrist, extend the line upwards following the curve of your lower lash line. When lining the upper lash line ensure the strokes are not too big. The strokes should not be wider than the final line thickness you want to achieve. From the end of the extended line, go back from the point towards your inner corner to create the slightest triangle and fill in.

    Cat eye

    Cat eye 1a

    Cat eye 1a

    The cat eye (or winged liner) follows the same principles as the kitten eye but with a bit more oomph.

    How to: Create the foundation of the kitten eye then build upon the thickness and length. Always start with small strokes then smooth out the line by thickening as desired. To avoid uneven eyes, make sure you are always looking straight into a mirror to match both sides and adjust the flick to suit your eye shape.

    More: 8 Coloured mascaras that instantly transform your look

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    More: 20 Star Wars products every geeky home needs

    The U.K. shoe brand — known for bring some of the wackiest shoes to the high street — joined forces with Disney to create an official range of footwear to mark the release of The Force Awakens, with every style based on a Star Wars character or standout scene from the film franchise.

    If you're into collecting Star Wars memorabilia or insane-looking shoes, and have a couple of hundred pounds to spare this Christmas, take your pick…

    Darth Vader, £110

    Darth Vader shoes
    Image: Irregular Choice

    Skywalker, £210

    Skywalker shoes
    Image: Irregular Choice

    The Death Star, £275

    Then Death Star shoes
    Image: Irregular Choice

    More: Star Wars gift guide: 35 Gifts for your Star Wars-obsessed friends

    Chewbacca, £165

    Chewbacca Shoes
    Image: Irregular Choice

    Tatooine, £225

    Tatooine shoes
    Image: Irregular Choice

    R2D2, £275

    R2D2 shoes
    Image: Irregular Choice

    Droids, £125

    Droids shoes
    Image: Irregular Choice

    C3PO, £110

    C3PO shoes
    Image: Irregular Choice

    More: 25 Out-of-this-galaxy Star Wars gifts for kids

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    That task is even more challenging for women of color, as the diverse undertones and skin shades aren't always represented in many popular makeup brands.

    More: One woman's makeup mirror almost burned down her house

    Case in point: When YouTube makeup vlogger Manny Gutierrez posted a photo of the Marc Jacobs Beauty foundation line Re(marc)able, many commenters noticed the lack of shades for darker skin.



    "HUGE thank you to @themarcjacobs@marcbeauty for the amazing package! I literally use this foundation at every event/ meet n greet and I love it (great for oily skin and those who want full coverage) and now I’m about to mix some colors for my perfect shade," he captioned on the photo.

    More: 6 Best false eyelash sets according to a pro makeup artist

    Of the 22 shades, only three are made specifically for darker skin tones — an amount that is sadly overshadowed by the 19 other shades of color for white skin.

    "It's ridiculously appalling that you can find any shade of 'white' but yet three seemingly out of place colors for those who actually have pigmentation in their skin. Congrats on your paleness...," one Instagram commenter wrote.

    Gutierrez later said that the hues look whiter than they should because of the frosted glass on the bottle, but that doesn't explain much.

    "The bottles are frosty, yes, but it’s very, very clear that there are only 3-4 shades for POC if I’m being generous," another wrote. "Finding foundation as a black woman (or man) is incredibly difficult because of companies like this. Our skin has many different undertones and throwing 3 generic shades of brown out there and hoping for the best is unacceptable. Clearly Marc Jacobs understands undertones; he has 90 different shades of white there, but he couldn’t be bothered to make more than 3 for his black clientele?"

    More: Lip Kit by Kylie will help you get Kylie Jenner-inspired lips

    And while yes, brands like Make Up For Ever, MAC and IMAN Cosmetics make hues for people of color, it's still a challenge to find an accurate match.

    "I completely understand everyone’s point but not only black people go through this... I’m brown, Indian from the Caribbean and I’ve never gotten a perfect foundation match besides Lancôme. I tried Chanel, Dior, Tarte, you name it and nothing matched me so go figure," another commenter posted.

    Can it really be that difficult to be inclusive of all skin colors? The technology is definitely there.

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    Ombre lips
    Image: Tiffany Egbert/SheKnows, Image provided by Ivy Boyd

    Step 1

    Master a trendy ombre lip in 5 easy steps: Step 5
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    First, fill in your lips with the deeper of the two lip colors, leaving the center open. Use a lip liner first if you’d like, as it needs to be neat and precise. No one likes a sloppy ombre lip! I’m using BITE Beauty Matte Cream Lipstick in Juniper. I'll be showing you a red/pink lip, but don't be afraid to experiment with purple and pink, red and coral, peach and nude — the possibilities are endless!

    Step 2

    Master a trendy ombre lip in 5 easy steps: Step 2
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    Now, with your lighter shade, apply a generous amount to just the center of your lips. I am using LORAC Alter Ego Lipstick in Nymph.

    Step 3

    Master a trendy ombre lip in 5 easy steps: Step 3
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    Press lips together lightly to blend.

    Master a trendy ombre lip in 5 easy steps: Step 3b
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    Using a lip brush, soften the sides of the lighter color to blend into the deeper shade. Blend sparingly as you don't want to lose the color graduation altogether.

    Step 4

    Master a trendy ombre lip in 5 easy steps: Step 4
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    With a white cream color, like NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, apply a dot to the center of the bottom lip.

    Step 5

    Master a trendy ombre lip in 5 easy steps: Step 5
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    Grab that lip brush again and blend more. We want our ombre lip looking seamless and effortless.

    Master a trendy ombre lip in 5 easy steps: Finished
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    More: Ombre lips video

    You can stop here for a semi-matte ombre lip or you can dab a bit of clear gloss to the center of your bottom lip for a high-shine ombre lip!

    OK, let's be real. Are you super lazy? It's OK — I am too sometimes. You could totally just apply your lipstick as usual and then pop the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk in the center. I like to use two lip colors for a more gradual fade but when time is of the essence, just skip it!

    Now try not to kiss anyone and ruin your handiwork! But if you do, at least the lip print you leave will look super cool. Ombre lip prints for everyone!

    More: Nail art tutorial: A new take on the ombre nail design

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    More: Beauty blogger nails Adele's 'Hello' makeup (WATCH)

    We've seen Eldridge give herself every makeup look from the last 2,000 years, so we know her transformation skills are down pat. But even so, it seemed like a tall order to turn a pale-eyed, ice blonde into raven-haired Taylor.

    Elizabeth Taylor makeup tutorial
    Image: Lisa Eldridge

    Naturally, the eyes are the focal point. Liz Taylor was born with a double set of eyelashes so she didn't need much of a boost in that department and certainly never had to wear falsies, but model Laura needed a little more help. Eldridge explained that the classic Liz Taylor look of the mid-1950s had a little kitten flick, which she achieved with gel liner followed by glossy liquid liner.

    Elizabeth Taylor makeup tutorial
    Image: Lisa Eldridge

    More: This foolproof method will make any lipstick matte

    It’s impossible to achieve the Elizabeth Taylor look without thick, dark eyebrows — they are "quite a big deal", Eldridge said, taking time to create a high arch point with a dramatic plunge down at a strong angle.

    Elizabeth Taylor makeup tutorial
    Image: Lisa Eldridge

    The rule against strong eyes and strong lips at the same time clearly didn’t exist in Taylor’s day. Eldridge used a red lip pencil to create a straight line from the corner of the lip up to the cupid’s bow, filled in with an orange-red pencil and finally covered with a "true red" lipstick with a little shine.

    Elizabeth Taylor makeup tutorial
    Image: Lisa Eldridge

    The finished look is pretty impressive, no?

    Elizabeth Taylor makeup tutorial
    Image: Lisa Eldridge

    Watch the video in full below: 

    Elizabeth Taylor makeup tutorial

    Elizabeth Taylor makeup tutorial

    Are you tempted to try the Liz Taylor look this party season? Let us know in the comments below.

    More: Create glam party makeup using 4 products in 5 minutes

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    For the more severe acne scarring, unfortunately, makeup cannot erase or cover texture. While silicone-based primers like Smashbox’s Photo Finish Primer Pore Minimizing can help to very slightly "fill" the indentation, they will never fully smooth it over. Because pock marks are concave, you can bring the indentation forward a little by placing a concealer one shade lighter on it, however, this is time consuming and best left to the pros.

    Make your acne scars invisible
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    Today I’m going to show you how to cover a dark acne scar. If you have very fair skin or a yellow or olive undertone, you may find that you are particularly susceptible to scarring and hyperpigmentation (aren’t we blessed?). If you wear foundation, I recommend applying that first and then proceeding with the following steps.

    Step 1: Apply concealer in opposite color

    Make your acne scars invisible: Step 1
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    The first step is to neutralize the dark pigmentation. We are going to do that with the opposite color. I am using yellow to neutralize the purple/red tone of my post-blemish mark. I am using NARS Concealer in Pear. Make sure to only place this directly on the dark spot. Use a brush for precision and then blend by lightly tapping with your finger.

    More: Adult acne: What to do when your skin still thinks you're a teen

    Step 2: Apply concealer in your skin tone

    Make your acne scars invisible: Step 2
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    Next, use a concealer that matches your skin tone and dot a tiny amount directly onto the mark. If you choose a shade that is lighter, it will only highlight the spot, basically saying, “Hey! Look at this!” Use a brush or your finger to lightly blend out. One of my top favorite concealers that has unrivaled coverage is Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer.

    Step 3: Apply translucent powder

    Make your acne scars invisible: Step 3
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    Now that you’ve neutralized and concealed, we need to set. Using a small brush, lightly tap a translucent setting powder on top. I am using Tarte Smooth Operator, one of my favorites.

    Make your acne scars invisible: Finished
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    Now, what scar, girl? No one has to know but you. Now let's try to keep our hands off our spots the next time one pops up.

    0 0

    That seems pretty incredible, but now another company claims it has the technology to print customized colors of foundation.

    Adorn bills itself as the "world's first portable 3-D makeup printer" that uses "advanced technology to create foundation that’s precision matched to your skin," according to the Web site. "An inbuilt sensor scans your face in total darkness, blends foundation in the cylinder of the pen, then 'prints' the perfect color base straight onto your fingertips."

    More: Create glam party makeup using 4 products in 5 minutes

    The company maintains that the technology can recognize and match about 75,000 skin shades, which would virtually eliminate the headaches we face when trying to make pre-made foundations match our skin colors.

    Sounds absolutely amazing, right?

    It does, but Adorn leaves us with more questions than answers. First, the Web site goes into zero detail about the foundation ingredients, its coverage level or finish, other than saying it offers SPF protection (though no clue how much).

    More: 6 Best false eyelash sets according to a pro makeup artist

    Then, there's the Web site. Such an incredibly advanced product should have an equally-as-advanced Web site, but Adorn's site is... definitely not advanced. The stock art used is terribly Photoshopped, making us question the company's seriousness.

    And then there's the price. It's set at $279, with a pre-order price of $139. That would be worth it if we were sure it worked, but the lack of reviews — or even a real-life demonstration — makes it a risky investment.

    "Whether you're pale in winter, tanned in summer or honey kissed in spring and fall, Adorn will dispense the right foundation every single time," the company writes on its Web site.

    More: This foolproof method will make any lipstick matte

    We absolutely hope it lives up to everything it says, but the jury is definitely still out.

    0 0

    Bra Types Guide
    Image: Tiffany Egbert/SheKnows

    I was shocked to find out that there's more to selecting a bra than 1) which one is the cheapest at Ross Dress for Less, and 2) which one looks like it might be my size, whatever that is. Bra-wearing women of the world, it's time for us to understand the difference between demi cups and bandeaus, including the bra types that are best suited for our girls.

    1. Convertible bra

    Convertible bra
    Image: Ashley Stewart

    A convertible bra is an important piece in every woman's wardrobe. Convertible bra cups come in many shapes and sizes, but they all share the common goal of versatility. The straps can usually be entirely removed (although this is not always the case) or disconnected to transform the bra into a halter, racerback or even criss-cross pattern for different fashions.

    2. Demi cup bra

     Demi cup bra
    Image: Victoria's Secret

    Ah, the sensual demi cup. This bra style covers roughly half of the breast, and lifts your girls front and center for added cleavage. It's a great cut for most breast sizes and shapes, but doesn't provide the best support if you're very well endowed.

    3. Adhesive bra

    Adhesive bra
    Image: Nasty Gal

    Every woman needs an adhesive bra in her chest of drawers, since the bra provides support in even the most revealing fashions. Adhesive bras are typically backless, strapless and made of silicone. They use medical grade adhesive to bind the lift right to your body.

    More: The best bikini tops for every type of boob

    4. Push-up bra

    Push-up bra
    Image: Victoria's Secret

    Cut like the demi cup, the push-up bra lifts your breasts towards the center for cleavage, but with the added help of padding. Women with smaller breasts appreciate the power of the push-up — and it's also great for women with asymmetrical breasts as long as the padding is removable on one side.

    5. Mastectomy bra

    Mastectomy bra
    Image: Bare Necessities

    The mastectomy bra is a must-have for women who have gone through a mastectomy and would like a breast prosthesis. The bra is specially fitted for each woman, and it has pockets to hold one or two breast prostheses.

    More: 11 Killer outfit ideas for your next girls' getaway

    6. Balconette bra

    Balconette bra
    Image: H&M

    When you think balconette bra, think demi cup but with added shelf action. The balconette is designed to reveal the top half of the breast, with a band at the bottom pushing the breasts up, rather than toward the center. The balconette is a sexy and supportive option for women with medium-sized boobs.

    7. Nursing bra

    Nursing bra
    Image: Hot Milk Lingerie

    Planning on nursing your baby? The nursing bra is a must-have. These bras are designed to provide ample support with wide bands and soft cups, and typically come with a flap that you can open to easily feed your baby. If you buy a nursing bra to wear during pregnancy, make sure that it has flexible sizing since your breasts will grow rapidly once baby arrives.

    8. Full cup bra

    Full cup bra
    Image: Soma

    A full cup bra is the superwoman of the bra world. These bras cover your whole breast and are designed to provide excellent support and shaping through both the cups and straps. Women with large breasts benefit most from the support of a full cup.

    9. Deep plunge bra

    Deep plunge bra
    Image: Lane Bryant

    This wild little number is absolutely necessary if you're sporting a plunging little black dress. The center of the bra dips down in a u-shape, and the breasts are supported by padding that pushes them up for gorgeous cleavage.

    10. Sports bra

    Sports bra
    Image: The Gap

    A sports bra is more than just additional support — it can actually reduce the chances of breast damage from leaping and jumping during exercise. The sports bra is designed to hold your girls in place so you can exercise without pain or worry.

    More: 5 Blarfs that will up your winter fashion game

    11. Bandeau bra

    Bandeau bra
    Image: Nordstrom

    The bandeau bra is a simple piece of fabric that wraps around the bust. This style provides little support, and is thus best suited for women with small breasts. Why wear one at all, then? They're a great substitute for a tank top or cami that you might wear underneath a sweater or sundress.

    12. Strapless bra

    Strapless bra
    Image: Target

    I tend to think that strapless bras emerge from the fifth circle of hell, but you can actually pick one up at a local department store. These are designed to wear with strapless dresses or shirts, and provide lift without the use of straps. Instead, strapless bras use silicone or, alternatively, underwire that basically staples to your skin to provide lift. Women of all breast sizes can benefit from the joys of hoisting a strapless bra up from the waistline all damn day.

    13. Minimizing bra

    Minimizing bra
    Image: Soma

    The minimizer is cut like a full-cup bra, but it changes the appearance of large breasts by redistributing breast tissue so they appear smaller.

    14. Shelf bra

    Shelf bra
    Image: Her Room

    Need some sexy time? The shelf bra might be the perfect bra to mix things up in the bedroom. It's like a balconette bra, but it leaves all or part of the areola bare. It's best for women with small- to medium-sized breasts.

    15. T-shirt bra

    T-shirt bra
    Image: Victoria's Secret

    The T-shirt bra is cut like a demi or a full-cup bra, but it is free of seams or fabrics that create unsightly lines under a tight T-shirt. T-shirt bras are comfortable, and they're available for women in all sizes and shapes.

    16. Bralette

    Image: Journelle

    The bralette is a pretty, lacy bra that is wireless and usually doesn't have padded cups. It's a comfortable bra best worn with your Netflix and chill outfits or with any casual weekend wear. You can also wear it with loose tank tops.

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    Foundation is the building block of any solid beauty look, and yet it mystifies so many. From finding the right shade to knowing which formula to use, creating the perfect foundation look can be tricky. But no more! We recruited top makeup artist Robert Greene to share insider secrets to a flawless foundation application. Every single time.

    1. You should always, always, always color test

    Finding a foundation to match your skin tone is the first step to creating an expert beauty look. "Spot-test the foundation on the back of your hand, your chest, or on your jawline," says Greene. "You want the color to disappear into your skin. If you don't see it, then you know you have the right color."

    More: 10 Makeup hacks that will make you a beauty genius

    2. Foundation formulas are not created equal

    Another thing to take into consideration is the type of formula of foundation you choose. From pressed to liquid, determining your best option can be tricky. "If your skin is oily, lean towards foundations that have a matte finish like a matte pressed powder foundation," explains Greene. "They offer great coverage and have oil-absorbing properties."

    More: How to choose the right foundation for your skin

    Liquid foundations are buildable and are more suitable for a variety of skin types. Liquid foundation formulas are also great for someone with sensitive skin, as they can be worn sheer, Greene says. For dry skin, no matter what formula you choose, Greene recommends building your foundation in layers with a wet sponge. "This helps to add extra moisture to the skin," he explains.

    3. It takes more than just foundation

    The real secret to foundation that lasts throughout the day begins with prep. Think of your face as a blank canvas you must prep in order for the paint (in this case makeup) to look how you want. Before applying makeup, Greene says skin should be clean and moisturized. He prefers cleansing skin with a gentle cleanser like Bioderma Sensibio H2O (beautylish.com, $13). Next, he recommends applying a thick layer of moisturizer all over the face and neck. Lastly, Greene says to spray skin with thermal water to work the moisturizer into the skin more. Once skin is air dried, he says it's ready for foundation.

    4. The motion you apply your foundation in matters

    The actual how of applying foundation varies based on the formula you choose. For liquid foundation, apply in layers. "Start out in small increments and build one layer at a time," Greene says. "Most liquid foundations offer good coverage, so build your foundation until you’re comfortable with the coverage." Remember, you want your foundation to be seamless and invisible, so often times less is more. This philosophy will also keep skin from looking cakey if paired with setting powder.

    In general, using a buffing technique, especially with liquid formulas, will guarantee an even, natural-looking coverage. "This really allows the makeup to be worked into the skin allowing your skin to shine through," Greene explains.

    More: Why wearing foundation might be healthier than going makeup free

    For powder foundation, Greene says it's best to use a sponge in a stippling motion, slowly working from the center of the face outwards. Be sure to leave areas that don't need as much coverage free from makeup to get a natural finish to the skin. This application technique will also help avoid looking too powdery or ghostly.

    But of course whatever you're comfortable with is the best application option. "In the end, whatever method works for you is what you should go with," he says. "What we want is a natural flawless finish, however we achieve it!"

    5. There are different tools for different finishes (and skin types)

    If you've ever walked down the tools section of Sephora, you know there is a brush for just about everything. But which one to use is really up to you. "This is purely personal preference," says Greene, who personally prefers a buffing brush, thanks to its natural finish.

    More: 6 Serum foundations for an effortless 'no makeup' look

    But brushes aren't the only option on the market. Blending sponges are also great for building and blending foundation. Because a blending sponge is meant to be used damp, it gives a very natural glossy finish to the skin, explains Greene. "A blender is also great if you have acne-prone skin, since we want to stipple when we apply the foundation, versus smoothing or buffing like we would with a brush," he says. This stippling motion is more gentle and less irritating on skin.

    6. The worst mistake you can make is to not banish "the mask"

    Lastly, if you want your foundation to look Kardashian worthy, you'll need to banish the dreaded foundation "mask." The mask is the result of failing to properly blend in foundation around the hairline, ears, neck and creases. "Blend the foundation under your jawline and onto your neck smoothing downwards, blending out until it disappears," Greene explains. To banish the mask effect in small, hard-to-reach places like the nose or eyes, simply use your fingertips or a fluffy eyeshadow brush to buff in foundation.

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    The Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015 ensures "any solid plastic particle" less than 5 millimeters in size will no longer be used as an exfoliant in soaps, face washes and, yes, even toothpaste. On July 1, 2017, the first phase will roll out — a ban on manufacturing products that contain the beads. Product-specific manufacturing sales bans will follow in 2018 and 2019.

    More: Why you need to ditch products with microbeads for good

    The major argument against microbeads is that once they're flushed down the drain and enter our water supply, they bind to toxic substances such as DDT, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and polychlorinated biphenyls. Fish may eat them. This is disturbing enough, but add to it the fact that we eat seafood and are thereby possibly consuming these microscopic plastic spheres that now contain toxic substances and you can see why this ban was long overdue.

    You may be asking yourself, as you run through the house checking all of your soap and beauty products: "Now what?" Are most of us really going to sit on this knowledge and wait until 2017 to chuck out anything we have that contains microbeads? Unlikely.

    The problem, of course, is that you want to be super careful about how to dispose of microbeads. You'd never want to pour them down the drain because you'll just add to the toxic bath. The best way to handle these products is to leave it in its container, make sure the lid is secured tight and put it in with the rest of your garbage so that it ends up in the landfill.

    More: Microbeads found in beauty products are harmful to the environment

    As you can imagine, "microbeads" are likely not going to be spelled out on any product's list of ingredients. When checking labels, look for "polyethylene," "PE," "polystyrene" or "PS." Here are some examples of popular products that contain microbeads and suggestions on what you can use instead (a more comprehensive product list with brands and products that contain microbeads can be found on Beat the Microbead. A list of products that do not contain microbeads is found here).

    Facial scrubs

    These products contain microbeads:

    • Aveeno Brightening Daily Scrub
    • Axe Scrub with Vitamin C
    • Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Scrub
    • Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Scrub
    • Caudalie Deep Cleansing Exfoliator
    • Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Daily Scrub
    • Pond's Luminous Clean Daily Exfoliating Cleanser

    These products do not contain microbeads:

    • Alpha-H Gentle Daily Exfoliant
    • Origins Never a Dull Moment Skin-Brightening Face Cleanser
    • Boots Skin Clear Ultra Deep Pore Facial Treatment Scrub
    • Botanicals Facial Polish
    • Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub
    • Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream
    • Burt's Bees Citrus Facial Scrub
    • Korres Wild Rose exfoliating cleanser
    • Lush Angels on Bare Skin
    • Murad Clarifying Cleanser
    • Kiehl's Pineapple Papaya Facial Scrub
    • St. Ives Apricot Scrub
    • Yes to Carrots Exfoliating Cleanser

    Body washes/scrubs

    These products contain microbeads:

    • Bath & Body Works Pure Paradise 2-in-1 Scrub and Wash
    • Ahava Dead Sea Essentials Relaxing Almond Exfoliating Body Cleanser
    • Bliss Lemon + Sage Body Scrub
    • Caress Evenly Gorgeous Exfoliating Body Wash.

    These products do not contain microbeads:

    • Lush Sandstone soap (but, honestly, everything by Lush can be your new go-to)
    • Phytomer Seaweed soap
    • Clarins Relax Bath & Shower Concentrate
    • Dove Purely Pampering Bath Cream Pistachio
    • Essential Waitrose Citrus Foam Bath


    These products contain microbeads:

    • Crest Pro-Health Advanced
    • Crest 3D White Arctic Fresh
    • CVS Brilliant White

    These products do not contain microbeads:

    • Aquafresh Complete Care
    • Arm & Hammer Advanced White Baking Soda Toothpaste
    • Colgate Max Fresh Toothpaste
    • Oral-B 123 Toothpaste.

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    According to Jolene Hart, C.H.C., A.A.D.P, author of Eat Pretty, you can control your genes. In her book, she says: "Quite likely you thought your genes were written in stone; that's true of your fixed genetic traits like the color of your eyes, the shape of your face, and the dimple on your left cheek. But we also have genes that are involved in the function of our systems — they tell your body how to make the keratin in your hair and nails, for example, or give the blueprint for building new skin cells and collagen day after day."

    More: Here's what your dermatologist isn't telling you about your acne

    So, healthy skin begins from the inside first — whether that's eating healthy foods that fight acne (salmon, avocado, artichokes), exercising more to improve circulation or de-stressing to regulate your hormones. "Your diet and lifestyle choices influence as much as 80 percent of your genetic expression," Hart continues.

    Part two of the acne solution is how we treat our skin from the outside. Sometimes you can control this (e.g. face wash, masks) — and sometimes you can't (e.g. air pollution, allergens). You, like me, have probably tried millions of "solutions" — cleansers, prescriptions, injections, pills, lasers — that just... did... not... work.

    But do not give up! I found my "cure" in Proactiv, but as soon as I tried Proactiv Plus, my skin broke out again. Go figure. For more ideas, check out these surprising acne cure-alls that former acne sufferers swear by.

    1. A simple routine

    Kim G., from St. Augustine, Florida, shares, "I have really dry skin and rosacea, which means that my skin gets really finicky when it comes in contact with an irritant. So I keep my routine simple: Philosophy Purity face wash (Ulta, $24) and Mario Badescu aloe moisturizer (Ulta, $24). They clean my face without drying it out and moisturize without any harsh ingredients. I haven't gone back since."

    2. Apple cider vinegar

    Jessica C., an actress and model out of Los Angeles, says, "Birth control cleared up my acne problems. I've also heard people say that using organic apple cider vinegar, the Bragg's brand 'With the Mother,' has worked and cleared up their acne."

    More: The beauty benefits of apple cider vinegar you're missing

    3. Essential oils

    Aisha C., a medical aesthetician who lives in Ontario, explains, "I would say birth control and anything oil-related such as rose oil or coconut oil helped with me! I liked the oils because they're natural, they smell great and essential oils are very therapeutic."

    More: The best essential oils for acne prone skin

    4. Burt's Bees Herbal Blemish Stick

    Valerie L., mother and model in Atlanta, Georgia, swears by Burt's Bees blemish oil. "It's all natural and clears acne quicker than anything I've ever used." (Burt's Bees, $8)

    5. Rose water

    Julie S., a marketing rep from Orlando, Florida, explains, "I have very fair and sensitive skin. All soaps I have ever tried that claim to be for sensitive skin irritate my face. I had a facial a few years ago and the facialist recommended that I just use warm (not hot) water to wash my face and remove bad pore clogging oil and then use rose water extract as an astringent. Similar to witch hazel, rose water has really soothing properties to it and is great for fair skin. It takes the redness down and is a miracle worker on pimples."

    6. African black soap

    Melissa G., a film producer from North Carolina, points to African black soap. "Check it out. It was amazing for my friend's son. Totally cleared acne. It also heals other skin conditions."

    7. Egg whites

    Wanda K., from Naples, Florida, suggests, "At night a vigorous cleanse and then gentle application of undisturbed egg white left to dry as a mask. All night it protects as an anti-microbial and has 40 types of healing and nutritious proteins to remedy chronic acne. Try it for 21 days. It's fantastic." Her daughter Erica agrees: "Egg white face mask."

    More: 11 Annoying suggestions acne sufferers don't want to hear

    8. Tea tree oil

    Jess F., a recent graduate and city planner, recommends "tea tree oil for a quick treatment, and using tea tree shampoo as a body soap."

    9. Lemon and charcoal

    Jacquelynne B., an actress in the southeast, shares, "Lemon does wonders. I am also a big fan of Dead Sea mud and charcoal soap (though it should be used sparingly as it strips your face's color as it exfoliates). Always wipe your makeup off nightly with a great remover (I like Neutrogena... but I use only natural stuff for the rest), cleanse and moisturize. Tone if you like. Oh, and goat's milk soap is great for the whole body."

    More: Why lemon water should be your new morning coffee

    10. Sugar-free diet

    Brian B., from Orlando, Florida, says, "Cut out carbs/sugar and my skin sure feels better!"

    11. Plenty of water

    Sarah T., a photographer and university student, explains, "I have found that drinking a good amount of water throughout the day makes for a clear face. Also, Neutrogena makeup remover wipes, followed with Clinique Turnaround Overnight Revitalizing Moisturizer as my nightly routine."

    12. Gunilla of Sweden

    Beau R., a New York actor, swears by Gunilla of Sweden. This is an organic, cruelty-free skin care brand that has tons of success stories attached to its name.

    13. Relocate

    For most of us, relocating isn't the easiest option, but Enrique M., originally from Florida, says, "Moved to Japan and now I have no acne — perhaps the high vitamins in fish and low oil intake? Nonetheless, still grateful."

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    According to makeup artist to the stars Misty Fox, who also hosts a weekly makeup segment on ET Canada, ”The holidays are a time to embrace celebration, sparkle and good cheer,” and gold makeup can really enhance that. The challenge, she explains, "is looking festive without looking like an actual party favour.” Fox recommends makeup that has “subtle hints of shimmer, sparkle, gloss and golds.” Think of the Christmas palette, she suggests. "It has a great mix of rich reds, bold browns, silvers, golds and sparkle.”

    More: Create glam party makeup using 4 products in 5 minutes

    Fox’s favourite Christmas makeup look is "dazzling, sparkly gold lids defined by a deeper shadow (I love mixing different shades of golds with a little bit of silver), eyeliner, lots of lashes, Popsicle-stained cheeks and some tinted lip balm. I usually nickname this look 'epic party eyes' when I am with my clients.”

    Fox specifically loves Charlotte Tilbury's eyeshadow palettes in The Golden Goddess (below) and in The Dolce Vita. (Charlotte Tilbury, $52)

    Charlotte Tillbury The Golden Goddess
    Image: Charlotte Tilbury

    Both contain four beautiful, sparkly shades of gold that can be mixed and combined easily. She recommends combining these eyeshadows with "an application of medium-length, individual false lashes from the centre to outer corner of your lash line." Fox also recommends adding gold glitter for some extra sparkle. She specifically recommends using Make Up For Ever's Diamond Powder in Gold 16, Gold Shimmer, for extra pop. (Make Up For Ever, $25)

    More: 5 Ways to tastefully rock glitter makeup as an adult

    Make Up Forever Diamond Powder
    Image: Amazon.com

    Fox also recommends using Charlotte Tilbury's Colour Chameleon eyeliner in Gold Digger. (Charlotte Tilbury, $32)

    Charlotte Tillbury Colour Chameleon
    Image: Temptalia.com

    For a complete look, Fox recommends using Tarte blush in Tipsy (Tarte Cosmetics, $34) or one of Tarte's cheek stains, "Tarte has a great range of cheek stains to choose from, including shades like Tipsy if red is too intense for you." (Tarte Cosmetics, $36)

    She also loves Candlelight Glow from Too Faced (Too Faced, $44) to give winter skin that warm glow. Finally, she suggests using a red lip colour, like Clinique's Chubby Stick in Two Ton Tomato (Clinique, $20), Marc Jacobs' Hey You (Marc Jacobs, US$28) or MAC's retro matte lipsticks in Dangerous or Relentlessly Red (MAC Cosmetics, $20).

    For a more casual, daytime look, Fox recommends "metallic cream shadows that you can just press onto your eyelids with your fingers." They're easy to apply, and "you can choose something with a hint of shimmer that you can control and build up to your liking." Fox's favourites are Stila's pressed metallic shadows in Metallic Gilded Gold, Metallic Pixie Dust or Metallic Golden Pink (Stila Cosmetics, US$32).

    Stila Cosmetics Magnificent Metals
    Image: Tradesy.com

    Fox also loves Benefit Cosmetics' Creaseless Cream Shadow in My Two Cents (Benefit Cosmetics, US$20), which she describes as "a beautiful bronze gold that makes blue eyes pop." She loves combining this with Inglot Cosmetics' AMC Eyeliner Gel in 95 (Inglot Cosmetics Canada, $20). "They work so well, and they really stay put." She suggests combining this with the red-pink lip balm Sugar Rosé from Fresh (Fresh, US$23) and some light mascara.

    Finally, Fox recommends gold nails. She really likes Inglot Cosmetics' Breathable nail varnish in 628 (Inglot Cosmetics Canada, $17), a rich gold hue.

    Inglot Cosmetics Breathable Nail Enamel
    Image: Inglot Cosmetics

    I also had the opportunity to chat with Agnes Fallen. Fallen specializes in glamorous makeup for special events and founded the website Beauty Hub.

    For a holiday look, Fallen recommends starting with a golden bronzer "to give winter skin a shimmery, sun-kissed glow." She especially loves Too Faced's Soleil Matte Bronzer in Medium (Sephora, $38).

    Too Faced Cosmetics Soleil Matte Bronze
    Image: Sephora

    "It's easy to apply, glides on really smoothly because of its satin finish and gives the skin a golden shimmer." To avoid foundation disasters, Fallen recommends applying bronzer to the face in the shape of the number three. "You start at the top of your forehead and apply bronzer down to the top of your ear, under your cheekbones, similar to contouring, and then down your jawline. You repeat on the other side of your face. This helps to make sure that it's applied smoothly and evenly." Fallen then recommends applying a golden, glowing blush on top, like Nars' Orgasm (Sephora, $37), along with gold eyeshadow. She is particularly fond of MAC eyeshadows, specifically Woodwinked, which she describes as a "beautiful, bronzy gold," or Rubenesque (MAC Cosmetics, $19), which is a "light, golden pink." She recommends combining this with a nude lip for day, like Smashbox's Be Legendary cream lipstick in Nude Beach (Smashbox, US$21).

    For an extra burst of gold, Fallen recommends topping the lipstick with Dior Addict lip gloss in Étoilè or Vènus (Sephora, $34).

    Dior Addict Lip Gloss
    Image: Ostkcdn.com

    For the truly adventurous makeup wearer, Fallen suggests MAC's Bronze Shimmer lipstick (Amazon, $21).

    MAC lipstick in Bronze Shimmer
    Image: Amazon.com

    "It's a powerful, deep shade of gold, but applied properly, it can be amazing," she says. "The rest of your makeup has to be relatively subtle, though. No gold eyeshadow, just a little bit of black eyeliner and mascara."

    For a more understated, daytime look, she recommends gold eyeliner, specifically Urban Decay's Midnight Cowboy (Urban Decay, $22), which she describes as a "white Champagne gold" and loves to layer on top of black or brown eyeliner. She also recommends Laura Mercier's Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Moonlight or Rose Gold (Sephora, $34), which, she explains, can be layered with darker colours or worn on its own.

    Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Moonlight
    Image: Temptalia.com

    Fallen also loves Essie nail polish, specifically in Good as Gold (Nail Polish Canada, $8). She also loves Essie's gold sparkle polish in Rock at the Top and Summit of Style (Nail Polish Canada, $8).

    This holiday season, embrace the glamour of shimmery golds and glitters. Your skin will glow, and you will feel fabulous and radiant.

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    0 0

    Her tricks to achieving the perfect look have always been her best-kept secret, but now she's sharing every step in a new tutorial for Mode.

    More: Create glam party makeup using 4 products in 5 minutes

    In the video, a bare-lipped Von Teese explained that she feels uncomfortable leaving her house without bright lipstick. We totally get it! It's her signature look, but she pressed on so she could give an accurate portrayal of her whole process. She always starts by applying lip liner all over her lip to create a long-wear base, adding that it's OK to overdraw. Next comes the lipstick; then sometimes she goes back over with the lip liner to fix the edges and create perfection.

    Dita Von Teese lipstick

    Dita Von Teese lipstick

    In all, Von Teese shows how to apply three different shades: Hot pink (with M.A.C.'s lip pencil in "Cherry" and YSL lipstick in "Fuschia"), cherry red (M.A.C.'s "Von Teese" red lipstick) and a deep ruby red ("Beet" by M.A.C. and Maybelline lipstick in "Red Revival").

    More: This foolproof method will make any lipstick matte

    Her little secret to keeping a steady hand through the whole process? She rests her pinky finger on her chin so it acts like a little stabilizer of sorts.

    And really, that's all it takes! She told The Cut that her beauty routine primarily consists of face powder and lipstick.

    "It makes me feel confident and projects an image of who I want to be," she said of her love of lipstick and glam. "I can’t imagine my life without it; it’s the same as waking up and brushing my teeth every morning. When I am stripped of it for whatever reason by photographers who want to change up my look, I feel like I have my confidence taken away from me."

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