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    Many forms of exercise improve circulation and give our faces a healthy, flushed appearance. But yoga enthusiasts credit the ancient practice for taking things one step further and actually helping to release toxins, relax overworked muscles that may be causing wrinkles and fine lines, massage organs (which contributes to overall good health) and, yes, promote blood flow to the cheeks like nobody's business.

    Whether you're a yoga newbie or have been practicing yoga for years, you may not be aware of specific poses that help contribute to beautiful skin. Here are four yoga poses that experts say will leave you with the rosy glow of your dreams.

    1. Camel Pose

    camel pose
    Image: Tiffany Egbert/SheKnows

    Camel Pose is fantastic for skin because it increases circulation and blood flow to your face, while aiding in detoxifying the body and improving digestion, which helps produce radiant skin, says Dempsey Marks — founder of DempseyFit.com and creator of Pregame Fit. Like most yoga poses, it can be modified to suit the needs of beginners and advanced yoga practitioners. Marks explains how:

    The basics: Begin kneeling with your knees hip-distance apart. Place your hands on top of your buttocks. Inhale, exhale, lean back. Keep your neck long and engage your core by drawing your belly button to your spine.

    Beginners: This may be enough of a backbend for you. Breathe deeply here for six to eight long breaths, keeping your neck and spine long.

    Intermediate: Deepen the backbend by allowing your gaze to follow along the ceiling. Breathe deeply here for six to eight long breaths, keeping your neck and spine long.

    Advanced: If you feel comfortable, rest your palms on your heels. Breath deeply. Hold this pose for six to eight breaths.

    More: Yogasms are real, and this is how you have one

    2. Supported Headstand Pose

    Headstand yoga pose
    Image: Tiffany Egbert/SheKnows

    Annalisa Berns — author, yoga teacher and animal advocate at Big Bear Yoga — calls the Supported Headstand Pose one of the most important poses in yoga. In addition to creating feelings of harmony and balance, it also helps keep skin healthy and radiant. "Nothing creates vivacious rosy cheeks like yoga poses that bring your head under your heart," Berns says. "Poses like Handstand, Shoulder Stand and Supported Headstand — these poses get the blood pumping, increasing circulation and stimulating all of the body — rosy cheeks and bright eyes included."

    More: The great big yoga pose guide

    Berns cautions us to only practice this one with an experienced yoga teacher who can guide beginners using a blanket or yoga mat for cushioning so, please, be careful and follow her advice to consult with a teacher while trying this.

    "Place the forearms to the ground or blanket (interlocking fingers), carefully placing the head in the cradle of the arms and hands, then lift the hips up high and shifts the shoulders and hips backward over the arms," she describes. "When ready, bend your knees into the chest and then lengthen the legs overhead toward the ceiling."

    And to come out of the pose, bends your knees to your chest and drop the toes to the ground. You should take a moment to rest in Child's Pose for a few breaths.

    3. Legs Up the Wall Pose

    Legs-up-the-wall yoga pose
    Image: Tiffany Egbert/SheKnows

    If a Supported Headstand isn't within your grasp right now, Berns suggests this alternative pose for beginners to try at home. "This pose massages the kidneys, adrenal glands, thyroid, thymus and diaphragm," Berns says. "A bolster or folded blankets can be used under the hips. If the low back is uncomfortable with the prop of the blankets or bolster under the hips, remove the prop and perform the pose without."

    Here's Berns' guide on how to perform the pose:

    Sit facing the wall, as close as you can get. Swing your legs up the wall, with buttocks as close to the wall as possible, laying down on the floor. Bend your knees, press into the feet to lift the hips off the ground, and slide the blankets or bolster under your hips. Lay back and relax. While in the pose, relax the eyes, neck, forehead, jaw and lips. Stay in the pose for 5-15 minutes to get the full benefit of the pose. To come out of the pose, remove the blanket or bolster, bend the knees and roll to the right side. Rest for a few moments, and then use the strength of the arms to help support the torso, pressing up to a seated position.

    Corpse Pose

    Corpse yoga pose
    Image: Tiffany Egbert/SheKnows

    Berns says just 5-10 minutes in this pose can promote a well-rested look and help muscles in the body and face relax — which could mean fewer fine lines in the long run.

    Lie on your back and hug your knees into your chest. Release your legs to the ground and your arms and legs extend out. Hands and feet should fall naturally towards the ground with palms facing the ceiling.

    "A folded blanket under the head or knees can be helpful," said Berns. "This pose calms the body and is beneficial for high blood pressure, relieving stress and leaving you looking and feeling refreshed and well-rested." Berns says.

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    In a new video, the YouTube star said that in the days after, her "normal, 20-year-old skin" turned into a canvas of painful red cysts and pimples that sent her into depression because she felt "disgusting."

    "Every day, I was crying," she says in her video of the period after getting the Mirena IUD inserted. "And I don't know if it was the acne that was causing me to be so emotional... or my hormones being super whacked out and unbalanced."

    More: 13 Surprising skin care routines that worked for former acne sufferers

    She eventually went to a dermatologist, who told her that acne from the Mirena "happens a lot," so she eventually decided to have it removed and started an Accutane treatment regimen to eliminate the acne. It took six months, but her skin finally went back to the clear complexion she had pre-IUD.

    Mirena IUD

    Mirena IUD

    The Mirena is a hormonal IUD, meaning it releases a progestin hormone called levonorgestrel that is often used in birth control pills. It releases levonorgestrel into the uterus, but only a small part of that goes into the blood. It contains no estrogen like other birth control pills, so some women still experience acne after it's inserted. A recent Reddit thread attracted comments from women who experienced an increase in acne.

    "My acne actually got worse when I was on Mirena. I had it in for three years before I realized it was contributing to my worsened acne. It was removed about two months ago and I started the Pill; finally things are starting to clear up. It's been a long process," one commenter wrote.

    More: How to get over your microbead addiction without sacrificing clear skin

    But others noticed no difference. "The Pill always made my hormonal acne a bit worse, but Mirena had no noticeable effect for me," added another woman.

    The good news: While the Mirena might cause some breakouts, it's treatable for most women.

    "Most of my patients who had this side effect were able to use topical acne treatments and retain the IUD," Hilda Y. Hutcherson, professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Columbia University Medical Center, told Allure.com of the birth control method many female doctors use themselves. "I think the value of a very effective method of birth control that is convenient to use outweighed the inconvenience of treating the acne in these women."

    And if things don't get better? There are other IUDs available that contain no hormones at all.

    More: 5 Simple tips for getting better skin — no matter what your skin type

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    The results? Women pay 7 percent more, on average, for most products. The biggest differences were in adult clothing — women pay 8 percent more — and personal care products — women pay 13 percent more.

    More: What it takes to create Dita Von Teese's signature red lip (VIDEO)

    Examples of the "pink tax" — which is what the pricing discrepancies are called — include shampoo and conditioner ($8.38 for women; $5.68 for men), razor cartridges ($17.30 for women; $15.61 for women) and lotion ($8.26 for women; $7.43 for men). Denim jeans are another big difference, with men paying $68 for a pair for every $88 a woman pays.

    Ugh. Just... ugh.

    "While DCA's study does not estimate an annual financial impact of gender pricing for goods, the findings of this study suggest women are paying thousands of dollars more over the course of their lives to purchase similar products as men," the study authors wrote in the final report. "Though there may be 'legitimate drivers' behind some portion of the price discrepancies unearthed in this study, these higher prices are mostly unavoidable for women."

    More: 10 Stunning jewelry pieces inspired by your favorite films

    Women, in general, spend a huge part of their budgets on fashion and beauty products — much more than the average man. Pair that with the fact that women make 21 percent less than men and it creates a situation where we're are at a huge disadvantage in life with disproportioned expectations on how we're supposed to look and act.

    The simple answer to this is to purchase the male version of products whenever possible, but that's not the point. Our best bet is to continue making noise with studies like these on social media. Activism does work and it's beyond time for us to make our voices heard.

    More: 16 Bra types every woman should know about

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    The reason? Unlike traditional clothing retailers, the Rhode Island-based clothier sells her stuff out of a fashion truck. Much like food trucks, this growing segment of fashion retailing is popping up all over the country, with the American Mobile Retail Association estimating that there are 500 trucks across all 50 states.

    More: Depressing study proves that the 'pink tax' is a real thing

    In Yachimski's case, she got started after buying an old truck and gutting it with the help of her silent partner. The interior of her mobile store — called Post & Grove — is decorated with wood flooring and crown molding and carries men's and women's clothes from brands like Levi's, True Religion, Red Wing, Lilly Pulitzer, J. Brand, Rag and Bone, Diesel and Ralph Lauren.

    Many fashion truck entrepreneurs opted to go the mobile route because the costs and rent associated with opening a brick-and-mortar store is just too much for someone trying to bootstrap their way into business.

    More: The Revenant actress wears Valentino and Métis artist dress to premiere

    "A gourmet food truck came to the farmer's market, and I admired their eclectic menu, young followers, and brightly decorated truck," Stacey Steffe, one of the owners of the popular, LA-based Le Fashion Truck, told Business Insider. "I thought setting up a store on wheels would be an easy and fun way to cart my vintage wares to the different markets I was attending."

    A fashion truck creates "a sense of urgency" with customers, because they might only have one chance to buy an item before it sells out or the truck packs up and hits the road.

    And it's easy to get out if things go south. "After the recession, we were looking for ways to be self-sufficient. And with fashion trucks, you can always exit quickly," another fashion truck owner, Lia Lee, told BI.

    More: 7 Phone cases that double as stylish clutches

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    But now she's reunited with the dress after farmer Roger Miller found it in his field, some 30 miles away. And surprisingly, it was fine — and still on its original hanger.

    More: Adorable puppy helps man pull off the cutest marriage proposal (WATCH)

    "I had over eight truckloads of debris on my 80-acre field, and when I found the dress, I thought, 'My golly, that's a beautiful dress!'" Miller told ABC News. "It was still on its hanger, but it was soiled quite a bit. I brought it back home and told my wife we should try to find who owns the dress."

    His wife posted about it on a Facebook group for tornado victims and wood soon got back to Newman. She claimed the dress, but Miller insisted on getting it cleaned before returning it. He took it to a local dry cleaner, but eventually had to send it to Bridal Kare in Buffalo, N.Y., a store that specializes in preserving wedding gowns, because it was so soiled.

    More: Wedding flash mob showcases some amazing dance moves (VIDEO)

    It now looks brand new and is even encased so the fabric won't yellow over time.

    "Mr. Miller could've just thrown it away, but you know, out of the kindness of his heart, he knew it belonged to someone and wanted to get it back to us, and I'm so grateful and blessed for that," Newman told ABC.

    That's not the only belongings of Newman's that have been located in the months since the storm. She said that she has received calls from people as far away as Wisconsin saying they have her photos.

    More: Bride creates life-size wedding cake shaped like her and her husband

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    More: Sunset hair trend is back and it's bolder and more beautiful than ever

    The undercut hairstyle proved extremely popular in 2015, but it's not a look for the faint-hearted. What it is, is an awesome way to make a style statement, and below are some of the most chic do's on the Internet — all of whom will make you want to start shaving your head.

    It takes some serious guts to shave off the bottom part of your head, but these intricate designs make it worth it.

    Funky undercut hairstyles

    Funky undercut hairstyles

    Having mermaid hair is one thing, but mermaid hair with a funky undercut is just pure awesomeness.

    Funky undercut hairstyles 2

    Funky undercut hairstyles 2

    More: Will #GrannyHair make you look like Kylie Jenner… or your Granny?

    It's like a maze; a beautiful hairy maze.

    Funky undercut hairstyles 3

    Funky undercut hairstyles 3

    But undercuts don't have to be edgy. They can also be feminine.

    Funky undercut hairstyles 4

    Funky undercut hairstyles 4

    This undercut gives whole new meaning to the phrase "in love with your hair".

    Funky undercut hairstyles 5

    Funky undercut hairstyles 5

    More: Hair salon introduces a 'quiet chair' — just what we've been waiting for

    Rocking a messy bun with a symbolic lotus design is a great way to compliment the look.

    Funky undercut hairstyles 6

    Funky undercut hairstyles 6

    Cannot. Stop. Staring. It's. So. Beautiful.

    Funky undercut hairstyles 7

    Funky undercut hairstyles 7

    Wallflowers, look away now!

    Funky undercut hairstyles 8

    Funky undercut hairstyles 8

    Rainbow Brite would be proud of this super fun hairstyle!

    Funky undercut hairstyles

    Funky undercut hairstyles

    Unfortunately I won't be bringing my razor anywhere near my head anytime soon (although I do wish I had the guts), however, I applaud those who are brave enough to take the plunge because this is undoubtedly the coolest hairstyle trend around!

    Would you try out a funky undercut hairstyle or is the trend not for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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    You search the drawer, slowly at first, looking for your size while imagining yourself wearing this dream bra — everywhere. Your fingers move a little more quickly, searching the tags... 32B... 32D... 34A... 36C... 38D... Maybe I missed it, you think, and obsessively go back again through all the sizes. But, no matter how hard you look, the one size you are looking for is sold out.

    Bra Size
    Image: Terese Condella/SheKnows

    Well, don't give up just yet! If you were shopping for shoes, skin-tight jeggings or a fitted hat, you would not be so lucky — but, with bras, you have something called a "sister size."

    "Every woman has two bra sizes," explains Eve Michaels, fashion expert and author of Dress Code: Ending Fashion Anarchy. "Every bra designer has a slightly different pattern which affects the bra fit. Just like shoes or clothing, each one's fit varies. That's why most women can actually wear two to even three different sizes in everything they buy."

    Step 1: How to find your true bra size

    First, you've got to know your "true" bra size — and Michaels makes it pretty clear how important this is: "Want to look better in your clothes? Want your bust to appear younger? Want to appear 10 pounds slimmer? Want your waistline and abdomen to seem smaller? Want to feel sexier and ready to be undressed? Then wear the right bra (and matching panties, of course)!!!"

    When was the last time you measured yourself? It's recommended to remeasure every six months because of the way our bodies constantly change. So, let's get to it!

    Finding your true bra size can actually be a bit difficult (math-phobes, beware!). But, Victoria's Secret has given us a few tools. The Find Your Perfect Fit quiz walks you through all your problem areas to find the best bra fits for you, or you can watch their short video on how to measure correctly.

    Step 2: Check the fit

    "When a woman tries on a bra, comfort and support is crucial," Michaels adds. "No matter how pretty or sexy a bra looks, it must hold all the breast tissue properly and be comfortable enough to wear all day long... without pinching or cutting." Your bra should fit comfortably on the loosest hook — the tighter hooks are to be used as your bra loosens as it ages.

    The next time you are out shopping, try on a few bras in your true size and take note of each one's fit. Are the straps too tight, band too loose, cups too small?

    If this happens, it doesn't necessarily mean it's not your size. Instead, like Michaels mentioned earlier, bras — like clothes — can vary from brand to brand and fabric to fabric.

    More: 7 Great reasons to hate strapless bras

    Step 3: How to find your sister size

    So, this is where your sister size comes in. Michaels explains, "A sister size in a bra usually translates to one cup size up with one band size down. For example, a 36C's sister size is a 34D."

    This little switch-up essentially leads you to a very similar fitting bra. While shopping, if you find a bra in your true size, but the cups seem a little too small, then go up a cup size and down a band size (34C to 32D). Or, let's say the band in your true size feels a bit too snug, then go down a cup size and up a band size (34C to 36B). Use the infographic below to find your sister size(s).

    Bra size chart
    Image: Terese Condella/SheKnows

    Step 4: Find your perfect bra

    Lastly, to find the perfect-fitting bra, there are just a few more things to consider.

    "The biggest mistake women make when they buy a bra is to rush through the process or buy a bra based on price alone," Michaels says. "The first thing I tell my clients to look for in a bra is the design: full coverage, demi, balconette, sport, etc. In other words, what shape resonates to them? How much or how little coverage do they want or need? For what purpose do they want the bra?"

    More: 3 Types of bras every woman should have

    After those questions are answered first, then Michaels advises her clients to look at the bra's color, fabric and construction. "A well-made bra in the right fabric and color will make a woman love her bra even more... and help it to last way longer." Additionally, she notes, "The right bra will also lift a woman's breasts, creating a more youthful-looking bustline and slimmer abs by comparison."

    But, above all, the next time you're at the lingerie store and you're feeling guilty about spending so much on a bra, keep Michaels' advice in mind: "A great bra is a great investment and every woman deserves it."

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    It's tempting to want to sleep on the job in your 20s and take a break from worrying about skin care, but to do so would be to rob your skin of a great gift: the ability to prevent wrinkles and fine lines before they even begin.

    There are several good habits you can start engaging in now and a few good products that should be on your radar if you're interested in looking your best well into your 40s, 50s and beyond. Here are seven anti-aging tips that every savvy 20-something needs to know about: 

    1. Use sun protection on a daily basis

    You already know that fake tanner is the way to go, but are you wearing your trusty SPF 30 or higher each time you leave the house, including on overcast and freezing winter days? If not, it's never too late to pick up the most crucial beauty (and health!) habit of your young adult life. "The single most important piece of advice for women in their twenties to prevent aging of their skin is sun protection," says Dr. Hadley King. "Practice sun avoidance and sun protection on an everyday basis to keep your skin as young as possible."

    More: My 'minor' skin cancer was a a major wakeup call

    Dr. Sonia Batra of Batra Medical, Surgical, and Cosmetic Dermatology in Los Angeles says sun damage is the main source of wrinkles and brown spots (not to mention skin cancer!) and that a broad-spectrum, zinc-based SPF of 15 or higher should be worn daily. "I like to recommend the VI Derm SPF 50+ because of the Zinc Oxide protection and the product feels almost weightless on the skin," Batra says.

    2. Don't smoke, no excuses

    If you're still smoking cigarettes, please put them out (like, right this minute). King counts smoking as one of the worst habits you need to break in your 20s, both for the sake of your health and for the fact that the more than 4,000 chemicals in cigarettes damage collagen and elastin, making your skin more prone to premature wrinkles and sagging.

    3. Add topical retinoids to your routine

    Prescription Retin-A, or tretinoin, is the gold standard as far as anti-aging products are concerned, Batra says, because they contain ingredients that accelerate cell turnover and stimulate collagen. If you're interested in trying them out, visit your dermatologist and ask whether you can be put on the lowest dose of Retin-A (you can always increase the dosage as your skin becomes used to the ingredient).

    More: 6 Serum foundations for an effortless 'no makeup' look

    "Retinoids, like tretinoin (prescription) and retinols (over the counter) are vitamin A derived, topical agents that accelerate cell turnover and help the skin make new collagen, a process that naturally slows down once we reach our 20s," says Dr. Tsippora Shainhouse of Rapaport Dermatology of Beverly Hills. "They can be irritating and drying, so start using them only twice a week, until your skin toughens up in a good way. They will help you shed older skin cells at the surface, to reveal shiny, healthy, stronger skin. They are best used at bedtime."

    4. Look for products that contain antioxidants (and other key ingredients)

    You're probably going to spend money on over-the-counter creams and serums, so be sure you're reading labels for ingredients that are going to work to help prevent the signs of aging. Batra recommends products with an alpha-hydroxy acid such as glycolic, to help with fine lines and brown spots. Shainhouse suggests looking for ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin E, coffee berry, resveratrol, acai and green tea extract. And King suggests four OTC products you'll find at most drugstores or beauty chain stores: Revision's Vitamin C Lotion 30%, Strivectin, Olay Regenerist Serum and Erasa XEP 30.

    5. Balance your booze and coffee intake with H20

    While it's tempting to want to party your 20s away, keep in mind that alcohol and the caffeine you'll need to get through the next day can do a number on your skin. "Drinking too much coffee and alcohol without enough water can dry out the skin and cause wrinkled skin," says Angela Portella, spa director at Guerlain Spa at the Towers of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. "For every cup of 'joe' and every mojito, be sure to balance it with a glass of H2O!" Portella also suggests hydrating from the outside with a mask like Guerlain's Super Aqua Optimum Hydration Revitalizing Mask.

    More: The only skin care products you'll ever need to use

    6. Sleep on your back

    I've struggled with trying to sleep on my back for years — I've tried everything from an airline pillow to surrounding myself with eight pillows that act like a barrier to keep me from tossing and turning. And here's why: All of that smooshing up against our pillows deepens creases and fine lines on our faces. "Sleeping on your side can cause wrinkles," Portella says. "To prevent those stubborn 'sleep creases,' use a thick nourishing night cream to soften skin while you slumber." And, if all else fails and you still wake up every morning on your stomach, invest in a silk pillowcase, which is gentler on skin and hair.

    7. Consider botox (gasp)

    No, I'm not suggesting that any 26-year-old needs to run to a plastic surgeon to get botox the second she spots her first fine line, but I'd be lying if I said neurotoxins like botox weren't a temporary solution and preventive measure being used increasingly by younger women to help halt signs of aging. Botox and similar neurotoxins work by temporarily paralyzing specific facial muscles (usually those on the forehead and between the eyes) so that the underlying skin can't move and crease, King explains.

    More: What they don't tell you about getting Botox

    "The effect is temporary, because the body generates new receptors within 3-6 months," King says. "When you start using these neurotoxins early on before you develop wrinkles, the thought is that might act as a ‘training wheel’ — if you can teach your muscles not to contract, then you might not create skin creases, a.k.a. wrinkles, in the first place."

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    DIY lip color made from eyeshadow: ingredients
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    You will need:


    Step 1:

    DIY lip color made from eyeshadow: Step 1
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    Scoop out about 1/8 teaspoon coconut oil. This is the perfect emollient ingredient as it's completely safe for using around the mouth and also super hydrating.

    Step 2:

    DIY lip color made from eyeshadow: Step 2
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    Place coconut oil in a small microwavable bowl and place in microwave for just 5-7 seconds to melt. It won't take long at all. I used a silicone bowl.

    More: How to make lipstick out of crayons

    Step 3:

    DIY lip color made from eyeshadow: Step 3
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    Now, add in 1/8 teaspoon of your loose mineral pigment. I used Root's Mineral Eyeshadow in Merlot because I adore the color and it's totally safe for use on the lips. Make sure to do your research as not all pigments are approved for use on the mouth.

    Step 4:

    DIY lip color made from eyeshadow: Step 4
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    Using a lip brush, mix until your pigment and coconut oil are well incorporated.

    Step 5:

    DIY lip color made from eyeshadow: Step 5
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    Let the mixture sit for about 5 minutes to solidify. In this time, proceed with the rest of your makeup routine or just scroll through Instagram while you wait.

    DIY lip color made from eyeshadow: Finished
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    Now, using your lip brush, simply apply to lips. The coconut oil will make it glide right on. You can blot if you prefer more of a matte finish.

    More: How to contour your face in under 5 minutes

    You now have a holiday lip that's natural, safe and seasonally appropriate. When someone compliments it, which they will, you can reply, "Thanks! I made it myself!"

    0 0

    I got curious and tested my knowledge on the matter with the FDA Cosmetics Quiz. And one of the first things I learned was this: "The law treats cosmetics differently from drugs. Unlike drug companies, cosmetic companies may use almost any ingredient they choose...."

    As unsettling as that statement is, it makes one thing clear: We need to start reading ingredients. This can be tough, though, because most of the ingredients listed sound like a foreign language from an undiscovered planet. So, I did some research and called in the help of Jenny Frankel, founder of Nudestix and former chemical engineer.

    First, here are some quick tips on how to read those pesky labels:

    • Ingredients will be listed in order of predominance — except active ingredients are shown under a separate list, ingredients under 1 percent can be listed in any order after the other ingredients and "color additives of any concentration may be listed in any order" after the non-color ingredients are listed (that's a little scary!).
    • Be aware of labeling claims. The FDA notes, "Even if a product never was tested on animals, there's a very good chance its ingredients were. A company might call its products 'cruelty free' because it isn't doing any animal testing on these ingredients now, although the ingredients may have been tested on animals in the past."
    • "Dermatologist tested" doesn't mean much. Consider these questions: Was the dermatologist buddy-buddy with the manufacturer? Was the product tested on two people or 200,000 people? How long did the testing last — one minute or one year? OK, so the doctor tested it, but... what were the results?
    Keep the following list handy the next time you're shopping for cosmetics and skin care items — or head over to EWG's Skin Deep cosmetics database to see how safe your favorite product really is.

    1. Formaldehydes

    If there is one chemical you choose to shut out of your life forever, make it formaldehydes, as Frankel suggests. "Cosmetic treatments like hair straightener treatments and nail hardeners are known for their use of formaldehyde, a chemical the U.S. Food and Drug Administration officially classifies as a carcinogen. It's most commonly used as a water solution called formalin, rather than in its pure form." Common formaldehyde releasers include quaternium-15, DMDM hydantoin, imidazolidinyl urea and diazolindinyl urea. "Formaldehyde can be found in nail polishes, nail hardeners, eyelash glues, hair gels, soaps, makeup, shampoos, lotions, and deodorants, among other products," Frankel informs.

    2. Parabens

    "Parabens are widely used synthetic preservatives," Frankel tells us. "They have been under scrutiny and a cause for consumer alarm ever since a small 2004 U.K. study found traces of it in women with breast tumours. Parabens are also thought to weakly mimic estrogen. As well, some researchers feel they may be endocrine disruptors, and may be implicated in declining sperm counts and increasing rates of male breast cancer and testicular cancer."

    More: The harmful preservative you didn't know was in your beauty products

    3. Phenoxyethanol

    If you're staying away from parabens, you'll probably want to avoid this one too. "Many cosmetics have substituted the use of paraben with another synthetic chemical preservative, phenoxyethanol, which is banned for cosmetic use in Japan," Frankel says.

    4. Lead

    Believe it or not, lead is still used in cosmetics. The FDA website says, "FDA analyzed hundreds of lipsticks on the market and found that levels of lead were too low to pose a health risk, especially considering the tiny amounts of lipstick that a consumer might ingest." Um, I don't know about you, but I don't want lead on my mouth. CBS News listed the top 10 lead-filled lipsticks — we're looking at you Maybelline, CoverGirl, L'Oreal. You won't necessarily find "lead" on the ingredient list either, as it can be considered a contaminant. So stay safe and do your research beforehand.

    5. Triclosan

    Triclosan is used as an antibacterial agent in soaps, cleansers and hand sanitizers. Besides being toxic to aquatic organisms, the chemical effect on humans is a little unclear. Some studies say it can mess with our hormones and endocrine system. But, we do know that small amounts of triclosan are absorbed through the skin, as the Centers for Disease Control found traces of it in the urine of 75 percent of participants in a study.

    6. Ethylene oxide

    Found in shampoos, moisturizers and deodorants, ethylene oxide is classified as a "probable human carcinogen" by the Environmental Protection Agency. They explain that it can affect the central nervous system, irritate eyes and skin and increases incidence of stomach and pancreas cancer, leukemia and Hodgkin's disease. TreeHugger makes it clear: "Avoid any ingredients containing the letters 'eth.'"

    7. Phthalates

    The main types of phthalates in cosmetics are dimethylphthalate (DMP), dibutylphthalate (DBP) and diethylphthalate (DEP). They are used as plasticizers to avoid stiffness and cracking. While several studies have deemed the chemicals as "safe," the FDA says the "use of phthalates in cosmetics decreased considerably from 2004 to 2010." Hmm, weird. If they're safe, then why have cosmetic companies limited their use? Well, know this: These chemicals aren't always listed because regulations don't require individual fragrance ingredients to be listed — which is where you'd find these phthalates. If you're looking to avoid them, don't buy items with fragrances.

    8. BHA and BHT

    Butylated hydroxyanisole and butylated hydroxytoluene are mostly used as food preservatives, but are also used in lipsticks, moisturizers and other cosmetics. They can trigger allergic reactions, and BHA is under close watch as a possible carcinogen. So much so that California requires warning labels on products that contain BHA to note that it may cause cancer.

    More: 21 Ingredients that shouldn't be on your food label

    9. Diethanolamine (DEA)

    Although the EPA does not classify this ingredient as a carcinogen itself, the David Suzuki Foundation states that "DEA can react with other chemicals in cosmetics to form carcinogenic nitrosamines." Similarly, related chemicals — like monoethanolamide (MEA) and triethanolamine (TEA) — can also combine with other ingredients and form carcinogens. These chemicals can be found in creamy or foamy products like soaps, shampoos, moisturizers and sunscreens.

    10. Sulfates

    You will most likely see sulfates as sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate. They are pretty common, as you'll find them in everything from shampoo to toothpaste. Frankel says, "Health Canada, the European Union and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration consider SLS and SLES to be safe for intended cosmetic use. However, they are irritants and in some people can temporarily aggravate the skin, causing redness, dryness and itching. For some companies, going sulfate-free is about sustainability, since petrolatum [from which sulfates are derived] is a non-renewable resource."

    11. Petrolatum

    Petrolatum is a mineral oil jelly, which is used in moisturizers and hair products to lock in moisture. Frankel explains, mineral oil is "widely used in cosmetics because it rarely causes allergic reaction, is non-irritating, is effective in wound healing, moisturizing and it cannot become a solid and clog pores. Mineral oil is not an ingredient to avoid unless you have oily skin, as it may feel greasy on skin." However, petrolatum can be contaminated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) — which are associated with cancer. The European Commission regulates petrolatum by only allowing its use "if the full refining history is known and it can be shown that the substance from which it is produced is not a carcinogen."

    12. Talc

    This one made the list because this is another ingredient, like petrolatum, that can be laced with other harmful ingredients. Talc, itself, is a natural mineral composed of magnesium, silicon, oxygen and hydrogen. However, asbestos — also a naturally occurring mineral — is a carcinogen and can be found in environments near talc. Therefore, in the past talc was often contaminated with asbestos. Today, the FDA "considers it unacceptable for cosmetic talc to be contaminated with asbestos." That said, they performed a study, finding no asbestos fibers in any samples. But... "The results were limited, however, by the fact that only four talc suppliers submitted samples and by the number of products tested," the FDA explains. "For these reasons, while the FDA finds these results informative, they do not prove that most or all talc or talc-containing cosmetic products currently marketed in the United States are likely to be free of asbestos contamination." Oh, gosh.

    13. Oxybenzone

    Oxybenzone is an active ingredient in some sunscreens. Several groups — including the American Academy of Dermatology and the FDA — qualify this ingredient as safe. But the EWG shows it has significant evidence of allergic effects, cellular damage and hormone disruption. Japan restricts its use in cosmetics. If you're concerned, check out the EWG's 2015 Guide to Sunscreens to find one that you feel safe with.

    14. Aluminum

    You've probably heard about this one — aluminum used in deodorants has been linked to Alzheimer's and breast cancer. The claim is that the aluminum blocks the pores, preventing toxins from being excreted and, thus, causing the toxins to re-enter the bloodstream. In any case, the National Cancer Institute and FDA do not have solid evidence that aluminum causes cancer. Yet, some research may suggest that aluminum can cause "estrogen-like" effects — estrogen can promote the growth of breast cancer cells.

    15. Hydroquinone

    Hydroquinone, an agent used in lightening skin to get rid of acne marks and age spots, is banned in the UK. Furthermore, the EWG's Skin Deep database rates this chemical as 9 out of 10 in overall hazard. It shows evidence of cancer, reproductive toxicity, immune system toxicity and carcinogenicity.

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    Here are our favorite glitters, statement lips and holiday pops of color to keep you glowing whether or not you have someone to kiss at midnight.

    1. Bronzer/blush duo

    Sonia Kashuk
    Image: Target

    If you're new to the drugstore beauty world, feel free to spoil yourself with Sonia Kashuk's line for Target. From formulation to packaging, these products don't feel anything but luxe. Treat your cheekbones to a shimmery start to 2016 with the Chic Luminosity Bronzer/Blush Duo. (Target, $13)

    2. Glitter mascara

    Hard Candy Tinsel Mascara
    Image: Walmart

    For a dash of New Year's Eve glitter that won't overcomplicate your look, spend less than $10 on Hard Candy Lash Tinsel. It comes in party-friendly colors from pixie pink to disco ball silver, but we love this classic black with glitter that will be your little secret — until the light catches your lashes. (Walmart, $6) 

    More: 5 Ways to tastefully rock glitter makeup as an adult

    3. Strong shadow

    Maybelline Color Tattoo
    Image: Target

    You know the drill: "new year, new you," so you might as well wear whatever color shadow you feel like. Maybelline Color Tattoo cream shadow will last you long past midnight and comes in every bold shade you can imagine. Go with traditionally festive gold, resolve to finally make it out of the house in teal, or wear them both at once. (Target, $6)

    4. Statement liner

    Physician's Formula
    Image: Walmart

    What's better than a product that does the work for you? Just choose your eye color to find the perfect eyeliner match in Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio. Even better, it comes with three glitter-infused pencils in shades from "kiss me before midnight" to "maybe I'll just stay in." (Walmart, $10)

    5. Dramatic lashes

    Sonia Kashuk
    Image: Target

    New Year's Eve makes for a great excuse to go full Marilyn with your lash game. Sonia Kashuk's one-and-done Full Drama Eyelashes kit — glue included, thank you Sonia — will take your look to the next level, no glitter necessary. (Target, $5)

    More: Create glam party makeup in 5 minutes or less

    6. Winter white liner

    Image: Drugstore.com

    Top off your shadow look with a finishing touch of this crisp white Rimmel Soft Kohl eye pencil. Your eyes will glow like you're ready to jumpstart 2016. Bonus: No matter how much sleep you got, dab a little in the corner of your eyes on Jan. 1 and you'll look wide awake. (Drugstore.com, $3)

    7. Lip magic

    Physician's Formula
    Image: Physicians Formula

    Planning to party like a Kardashian? Start by getting the look with this Physicians Formula Plump Potion Lip Plumping Cocktail. Layer the nude shade over your favorite lipstick or try the pink for a subtle look. (Rite Aid, $10)

    8. Classic color

    Image: CVS

    Get ready for your new go-to party shade. CoverGirl Colorlicious in Garnet Flame is a classic red that you'll actually want to go to the bathroom to keep re-applying. It's highly pigmented and, even better, incredibly moisturizing. (CVS, $8)

    9. Metallic nails

    Image: CVS

    If you don't already have a metallic silver polish in your arsenal, now is the time to spring for a polish you'll want to keep wearing until Groundhog Day. This Zoya polish in Trixie is 5-Free, not tested on animals, and has just the right amount of shimmer. (CVS, $9)

    10. Glitter, glitter, glitter

    Image: Drugstore.com

    For 99 cents, we highly recommend the very NYE purchase of Wet N Wild Icon Glitter Single. Whether it's the classic silver glitter, the festive gold or the rave-worthy purple, we all know you'll find a use for it... somewhere in your beauty look. And if not, there's always 2017. (Drugstore.com, $1)

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    This is great news for those of us whose brows merge seamlessly from hairline to eyelashes, but some women simply have wispy and thin brows. I caught up with three makeup artists to hear their top tips for both faking and making the eyebrows we all want.

    Creating thicker eyebrows
    Image: Becci Burkhart/SheKnows

    Perfect your shape

    New York aesthetician and makeup artist Patty Bell says, "Nothing ages a woman faster than thin, over-plucked eyebrows." With the help of some makeup and shaping, however, she says that all women can get youthful and perky eyebrows.

    More: Create glam party makeup using 4 products in 5 minutes

    First, she recommends that you use a pencil to line just underneath the existing brow and just above the brow. You should create a natural looking arch directly above the iris, and follow the brow line to the end of the brow. Fill in the brow shape with feather-like pencil strokes to mimic natural hair. Finally, brush the color upward to soften the hard line and blend it with the existing brow hairs, before setting the shape with a brow gel or powder for a long-lasting hold.

    Eyebrow shaping
    Image: Becci Burkhart/SheKnows

    Try Eyebrow stylus pencil and gel (Nudestix, $24), Duo-shade brow powder (Brett Freedman, $18).

    Know the right tools

    According to makeup artist and brow specialist David Nicholas, traditional tools of the trade may not give you the brow aesthetic you long for. "Brow makeup has involved mainly powder, which can look two-dimensional, and is not the best option for natural-looking full and thick brows," he says. When filling in brows, he suggests you use a brow definer pen in dual shades to draw in single hairs with definition. He also suggests brow balm instead of powder in order to moisturize while preventing flaking.

    If you're dealing with unruly wisps of brow, Nicholas says you should check out brow gels to hold everything in place. Finally, for complete novices, he says you can nail the bold shape of your brow by using a stencil to fill them in.

    Check out a variety of gels and pencils to find the right one for you. Just don't forget one main ingredient: brushes. "Brushes play a big part in grooming and defining brows, and in removing excess brow cosmetics if you've gotten heavy-handed," he says.

    More: One woman's makeup mirror almost burned down her house

    Long-term solutions

    Like other makeup artists, Brianna Solberg utilizes plenty of tools and tricks to mimic full brows for her clients. That said, she also suggests that women with thin brows look into longer-term fixes than makeup alone can provide. "There are several products that help improve over-tweezed eyebrows, or thinning due to age or medication side effects," she says. Cutting-edge serums can help you regrow your brows in places where you were heavy-handed with a tweezer, or where your brows are just naturally wispy. They can even prevent future eyebrow hair loss.

    Try Brow enhancing serum (Sephora, $38), Eyebrow enhancer (Sephora, $88).

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    What's needed:

    How to tuck non-skinny jeans into boots
    Image: SheKnows

    First, you’ll want to find a pair of boots that hit right below your knees or a bit higher. They should also be a little loose on your legs, in order to leave room for your pants to be tucked in.

    More: 16 Bra types every woman should know about

    As far as jeans go, if you opt for a pair that has some flare make sure they’re snug on your thighs and fitted at the knees. Otherwise, they’ll get all bunched up and baggy when you try to tuck them in, which definitely isn’t a good look.

    Last but not least, grab some thin, high socks (or trouser socks) to slide over your pants to hold that fold in place. You’ll see what we mean shortly — don’t fret!

    How to tuck it:

    Step 1

    How to tuck non-skinny jeans into boots: Step 1
    Image: SheKnows

    Put on your slimmest pair of non-skinny jeans. Remember that the more fitted they are, the better.

    Step 2

    How to tuck non-skinny jeans into boots: Step 2
    Image: SheKnows

    Roll up the leg of your jean, as shown in the photo below, to create a nice, clean cuff.

    Step 3

    How to tuck non-skinny jeans into boots: Step 3
    Image: SheKnows

    Once you’ve created your cuff, transform your wide leg jeans into skinny jeans by pulling the extra material at the back of your leg out. Then fold it over, making a tight crease.

    Step 4

    How to tuck non-skinny jeans into boots: Step 4
    Image: SheKnows

    If you don’t have socks (or if your boots are loose enough), you can roll up the leg of your jean again to hold that crease in place.

    Step 5

    How to tuck non-skinny jeans into boots: Step 5
    Image: SheKnows

    If you do have socks, however, grab your thinnest, tightest pair and slip them up and over your jeans to hold the material in place. Your socks should be high enough so that they cover everything you’ve done so far.

    Step 6

    How to tuck non-skinny jeans into boots: Step 6
    Image: SheKnows

    Next, pull on your boots, checking to see that no sock is visible if you chose to wear them.

    Step 7

    How to tuck non-skinny jeans into boots: Step 7
    Image: SheKnows

    All done! Now you’re ready to hit the town in style.

    Discover more fashion tips and tricks

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    The many lengths of pants and how to wear each
    The perfect black button down blouse styled 5 ways

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    The second-most thrilling part about getting married, after getting engaged to the person you love most in the world, is shopping for a bridal gown. Some women have waited their entire lives to walk down the aisle wearing a dress they sketched in pencil in their sixth grade notebooks. The rest of us? We have no darn clue where to begin or whether we're a princess, trumpet-style, lace or boho bride.

    Your first instinct might be to make an appointment with a traditional bridal boutique — which I highly recommend because nothing is more fun than trying on dresses you would never have pictured yourself wearing — feathers? Ten-foot train? Bring 'em both on. But maybe you don't consider yourself a typical bride. Perhaps, either because of budget, taste or a combination of both, you're looking to simplify your wedding dress shopping experience. These seven popular and trusted brands, whose clothing you might already have in your closet, design wedding dresses that score major points for being inventive, just plain beautiful, and — in many cases — affordable.

    1. Free People

    Free People
    Image: Free People

    The brand that has become synonymous with ethereal, bohemian clothing has blessed us this year with its first-ever bridal collection, which includes the kind of flowy, lacy, romantic gowns of your vintage-loving, festival-partying dreams. Prices range from about $500 to $4,000. Expect high-waisted maxi skirts and crop tops, tiered skirts, dramatic trains and lots and lots of lace.

    2. ModCloth

    Image: ModCloth

    Vintage enthusiasts have been relying on ModCloth to make them feel Mad Men glam for years, and those same women who grew up with the online brand will be thrilled to learn they offer a line of bridal gowns fit for the Betty Draper bride. If price is a concern, ModCloth should make you very happy: You can score an elegant, tea-length layered dress for $200, a ballroom gown for $397 or something more whimsical — like their Venice Vows dress (pictured here) for just $92.

    3. H&M

    Image: H&M

    H&M doesn't boast an exclusive bridal line (yet), but the trendy retailer seems to be dipping its big toe in the wedding waters because, every so often, they'll experiment with one or two truly interesting bridal looks. You have to be savvy and swift to get your hands on one, but if you're lucky enough to snag an H&M wedding dress like this one, you'll save a lot of money (this Long Lace Dress is just $149) and it will appeal to the minimalist-who-still-yearns-to-look-interesting in you.

    More: 8 Tips for finding your perfect wedding dress

    4. Ann Taylor

    Ann Taylor
    Image: Ann Taylor

    Ann Taylor has scored a stellar reputation as a brand that working women turn to when they want quality office basics — suits, dresses, skirt and blouses — that are cut in a way that make women feel feminine, smart and beautiful. Their no-nonsense wedding gown line suits the consummate professional who favors clean embroidery, modern column styles, and quality fabrics like silk charmeuse and duchess satin. Prices range from about $200 to $950.

    More: Bridal hair accessories for your personality

    5. Asos

    Image: Asos

    The clothing on Asos.com reminds us of what our cool, older sisters might have worn. While they don't feature a specific bridal line, there are so many bold, pretty and note-worthy gowns on the site that daring brides will scoop up for their big day. The greatest reason to buy a "wedding gown" from a brand that doesn't make wedding gowns? You save big-time on prices — I'm talking less than $200 in many cases.

    6. Anthropologie

    Image: BHLDN

    You may not be immediately familiar with the brand name BHLDN — until you learn it's actually Anthropologie's mesmerizing bridal line. Their wedding gowns are the perfect marriage of Hollywood glamour and vintage boho, complete with drop-waists, tulle, gold and silver beads, and lace appliqués. Whether you're a Marilyn, Zelda Fitzgerald or some combination of Kate Hudson and Grace Kelly, you'll find something that inspires you. Prices range from $160 for simple, but lovely, tulle skirt and camisole to $3,320 for a structured short-sleeve gown with sheer panels that Ava Gardner would have killed to wear.

    7. J. Crew

    J. Crew
    Image: J. Crew

    Everyone already knows that J. Crew has been quietly selling bridal gowns for years — but did you know their styles have evolved from minimalist and sort-of preppy to more eclectic? Don't get me wrong: If you're in the market for a sleek and streamlined slip dress, ala Carolina Kennedy, J. Crew won't disappoint. But you should also be on the lookout for short and sassy cocktail styles and thoroughly modern bridal jumpsuits. Prices range from $150 to $2,800.

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    There's a good reason why you can find a gazillion articles online about how often to clean certain articles of clothing — and why jeans are especially perplexing. As it turns out, the less often you throw your denim skinny pants or trousers into the washing machine, the longer they're able to retain their shape and hue. With that said, you can't never wash your pants because... ick. So, what's the magic number? Every three wears? Five? 10? (For the record, most fashion experts agree anywhere between five and six wears works best).

    More: How to tuck non-skinny jeans into boots

    But one innovative denim brand has found a way to eliminate the guess work when it comes to washing your jeans — ODO Denim claims it has developed the first self-cleaning pair of jeans and T-shirts on the market, which could revolutionize the way clothing is made. With 30 days left to go on its Kickstarter campaign, ODO has already racked up 773 backs who have pledged more than $100,000 to meet its modest $10,000 goal — so it's safe to say lots of folks are excited about this idea.

    ODO founder Salman Chaudry says he felt compelled to find a more sustainable solution to the creation of jeans, which require a lot of water to manufacture. Chaudry also knew most people only wash their jeans to get rid of sweat and stains — so if he could figure out a way of eliminating those two culprits from a pair of denim, there would rarely, if ever, be a need to wash them again.

    More: 16 New Year's nails that are sure to shine up your festivities

    And then he had the genius idea of reinventing the wheel — by weaving the same silver into denim that is used on NASA space suits — silver that can kill bacteria and odors. But don't worry: You won't look like you're headed out to the club every time you pull on your ODO jeans. The silver is woven inside of the jean's fabric so that it's permanent — you won't actually see yourself sparkle at 8 in the morning.

    The result: Neither your spilled cup of coffee, nor spilled glass of red wine (hey, some of us are just a little too careless with our drinks) will affect your jeans — the liquid will actually slide right off the fabric without penetrating it. You'll also be able to go through the entire day at work without smelling like you rolled into the office from your local bar. The price for such a luxury is less than you probably think: A pair of ODO jeans costs about $95.

    More: 7 Brands you didn't know made wedding dresses

    And there's more self-cleaning goodness headed our way. ODO has also created self-cleaning T-shirts that can repel liquids and maintain their freshness, no matter how much you sweat. Check out their amazing promo video:

    ODO denim

    ODO denim

    Imagine a world where laundry day can be replaced with pizza day, gym day or sitting-on-my-butt-reading-a-book day. Thanks to forward-thinking fashion companies like ODO, which is offering a way to help the environment and save us time, energy and money, that dream may soon become a reality.

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    For the sale, Everlane has a few dozen items marked down to one of three different price points. Pick which price you want to pay, put it in your cart and it'll be delivered in just a few days.

    More: How to tuck non-skinny jeans into boots

    "Sometimes we love a design so much that we overproduce it. We’re getting better at predicting demand, but to move overstock, this week we’re letting you choose your price. Enjoy," the company writes on their product pages.

    It sounds great on the surface, given that some of the brand's best products — like the The Nubuck Street Shoe — are part of the sale. But what you don't realize until you pick a price is the passive-aggressive way the company attempts to shame you out of paying the lowest of the three. "$0 to Everlane. This only covers our cost of production and shipping," a little dialog box explains. Pick the middle of the three and you get this message: "$16 to Everlane. This helps cover production, shipping and overhead for our 70-person team." Pick the highest sale price and the company lets you know that they get "$45 to Everlane. This helps cover production, shipping, our team and allows us to invest in growth. Thanks!"

    More: Why meteorologists around the country are all wearing the same dress

    Companies have costs; we get that. Why even offer the different price points at all? Just do what every other company does and offer one clearance price. But our more cynical side says they were looking for attention — mission accomplished.

    What they might not realize, however, is that the whole thing might backfire. In 2004's The Paradox of Choice, psychologist Barry Schwartz argues that giving people too many choices leads to anxiety and actually inspires them not to act — meaning not purchasing anything at all. So, faced with three choices — with the accompanying guilt for wanting to save money — I opted not to purchase the Italian Ankle Strap sandals I've had my eye on for months. Why? I didn't want to pay more, but I felt bad about picking the lowest price because it felt like I was somehow stealing from the company, even if they are giving me the choice.

    More: Gucci made me go from loathing to loving pleated skirts

    I'll just stick with one-price clearance sales, thanks. But if it does appeal to you, act fast: The sale is only going on for five days.

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    Last winter, I decided to change it all up and make weekly hair blowouts part of my beauty routine. I haven't looked back since. It might seem insane to pay $50 a week to get my hair blown out, but the truth is, it's just an old-fashioned thing.

    Back in the 1950s, it was not uncommon for women to head to the salon once a week to get their hair "set" and then not touch it for the rest of the week. It's the same for me. As a busy mom of three who is studying to be a yoga teacher and who works part time, I do not have time to wash and dry my hair a couple of times a week. Sitting in a salon chair where I can multitask and read a book or relax while someone else makes my hair perfect is a much better use of my time.

    More: My daughter is wrong when she says 'looks don't matter'

    A salon blowout is also better on my hair. We have hard water at home and the salon has a water softener and high-quality salon products. For me to give my hair the same level of care at home would cost a fair amount. I only refill my shampoo about once a year now since I rarely wash it at home. In that sense, I save some money.

    You really can't put a price on how good it feels to know all I have to do is give my hair a brush and it will look professional and perfect with almost no effort. My morning routine is about 15 minutes and people compliment my hair all the time anyway. It's worth every penny.

    Of course, there are drawbacks. Water is my mortal enemy. I will do almost anything in the world not to get my hair wet. If it rains, I wear three levels of head protection and carry a giant umbrella. I can't swim. Ever. And I have to use two shower caps for every shower. Additionally, if I am going to be anywhere that has high humidity, forget it. When we went to Disney last month, I surrendered to my hair's natural curl and called it a day. In the summer, I stop this beauty routine and just let my hair be messy and wavy.

    More: How much hair does a normal person shed?

    It is a splurge. There is no question about it. But in a world where there is an endless array of beauty treatments a woman can get, from facials to pedicures to hot stone massages and spray tans, it seems like this one is relatively benign for all that it gives back. It's a total throwback to the 1950s and has been worth every penny.

    For a busy woman with thick hair like mine, the weekly blowout is as necessary as toothpaste.

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    1. "I'm just going in to look."

    Curious Gif
    Image: Giphy

    I'm not really going to find anything here. Do I really look that old though? Can the employees smell fear?

    2. "Oh hot damn. This activewear is super cute."

    Workout GIF
    Image: Giphy

    What if I just spent the equivalent to a monthly gym membership on a whole new fitness wardrobe? It will be so motivating and in the end, I am actually saving money.

    3. "I do need a New Year's Eve dress, and probably a Valentine’s Day dress too."

    Shopping GIF
    Image: Giphy

    ... and a girls' night out dress and something to wear to that bachelorette party. I can get like five dresses for the price of one elsewhere. I’ll just be sure not to gain an ounce and I’m totally stocked on dresses for the entire year! They don’t call me fiscally responsible for nothing.

    4. "Into the fitting room I go."

    Jeans GIF
    Image: Giphy

    Must not use curtain to brace oneself while slithering into unrealistically skinny and low-rise cargo pants. The person next to me is absolutely hearing my grunting and struggling. I'm having vivid flashbacks of those Chinese finger trap things.

    More: 11 Forever 21 pieces that will make you look like a J.Crew model

    5. "$3 for these earrings?!"

    Emily Blunt GIF
    Image: Giphy

    Well, well, well! Looks like someone is getting an entire new jewelry wardrobe. A new pair for every day of the week? Why not? Sure I'll get into ear cuffs. You're damn right I want a midi ring and a finger chain bracelet.

    6. "This bag looks super expensive."

    Image: Giphy

    But this bag is not. The only person who really needs to know this information is me. Now to practice my nonchalant, “Oh gosh! I honestly don’t even remember where I got this old thing!” Laughs nervously.

    7. "Is this a trend now?"

    Awkward GIF
    Image: Giphy

    Is this what the kids are doing? Do the kids party at Studio 54? Am I old as balls?

    8. "OK, sure. I’ll just put my boobs… here, and here?"

    Boobs GIF
    Image: Giphy

    You know, I could see this being quite useful for nursing mothers. Just whip it out and do yo' thang girl.

    9. "Since when does Forever 21 have an entire beauty line, that’s like, really legit looking?"

    Oh Damn GIF
    Image: Giphy

    How good could a $7 cream contour kit be, but how bad could it be either? I'm feeling risky and I'm willing to find out.

    More: Forever 21 opens a new, even cheaper store

    10. "You know, I’ve loved both cats and pizza my entire life."

    Pizza shirt GIF
    Image: Giphy

    ...but now they’re both uber trendy. Ahh, the times we live in. Wait, so, is pizza sexy now?

    11. "Off to wait in a line as long as the DMV's."

    Shopping GIF
    Image: Giphy

    And oh yes, I am familiar with your return policy. To be honest, I'll be too embarrassed that I even bought half of this stuff to bring it back.

    0 0

    Because (and perhaps only because) it would be indecent to leave the house wearing an adult onesie with attached feet, some designers have been kind enough to give us the next best thing: long johns. Yes, the same thermal underwear that your mom may have forced you to wear under your clothes when it snowed outside — oh, the battles that ensued those mornings — will make you question your past judgment as an adult.

    Long johns help your body maintain its normal temperature, regardless of the conditions outside. Some brands can protect your skin from UV light, while others can actually trap heat inside of your clothing and keep your body several degrees warmer than the dreadful temps beyond your front door. If you style them correctly — an oversize sweater, boots and earrings will get the job done — you can even get away with wearing them out in public sans a cover up.

    Did I mention the latest crop of long johns are beyond cute?

    1. Hot Chillys Printed Thermal Underwear Pant

    Hot Chillys Printed Thermal Underwear Pant
    Image: Target

    Stand out in the snow with these bold, colorful tribal-influenced tights/long johns that feature a wide waistband and are made with all-season jersey knit and spandex. They'll keep you warm and dry, thanks to moisture wicking fabric (Target, $65).

    More: 11 Fashionable ways to wear knee-high boots

    2. SmartWool Microweight Long Underwear Bottoms

    SmartWool Microweight Long Underwear Bottoms
    Image: REI

    Made with fine merino wool (called SmartWool because it doesn't itch or irritate skin and can be washed in the washing machine), these psychedelic long johns are ideal for your workout, but will also look super cute with a roomy, off-the-shoulder black sweater and ankle booties (Rei, $75-$80).

    3. Cuddl Duds Thermal Legging

    Cuddl Duds Thermal Legging
    Image: Cuddl Duds

    If wild prints aren't your style, this cozy thermal legging and long-sleeve crew combo in pecan heather offers warm, neutral basics that go with everything you own. You'll want to wear them while lounging around the house and sipping hot cocoa, of course, but you'll also be happy to know you can throw a coat and boots over this ensemble and hit the stores for a last-minute shopping expedition (Cuddl Duds, $22).

    4. Burton Women's Expedition Wool Pant

    Burton Women's Expedition Wool Pant
    Image: Burton

    If ever there was a pair of pants that looked like winter, these geometric print leggings fit the bill. Burton's expedition long johns are everything you want from snowboard/ski basics: they'll dry fast if you get caught in a snowstorm, will keep you insulated and even feature weight fabric panels on the butt and knees so you can zip down that snowy mountain with abandon (Burton, $100)

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    5. 686 Airhole Thermal One Piece

    686 Airhole Thermal One Piece
    Image: 6pm.com

    Unleash your inner Bond girl with this coral polo jersey knit, which has an adjustable collar that can be pulled up into a face guard or hood. The best part: It features long raglan sleeves with thumb holes so that, literally, every inch of your body will be toasty (6pm.com, $68).

    6. ibex Grace Top

    ibex Grace Top
    Image: ibex

    Meet the perfect all-purpose long-sleeved shirt — one that you'll want to wear under everything you own or alone with jeans or trousers. Made from 100% Merino wool from New Zealand, the Grace features a sexy low-scoop collar and is naturally odor repellent and machine washable, so you can rest easy knowing it is keeping you warm and protected from the elements on your morning winter hike (ibex, $110).

    7. Burton Women's Midweight Long Neck

    Burton Women's Midweight Long Neck
    Image: Burton

    With a built-in neck warmer that can also be worn as a traditional collar, this fun and vibrant base layer top and leggings are made from DRYRIDE Ultrawick Midweight 100 fabric. Expect to stay dry, warm and smelling like a rose all day long (Burton, $55).

    0 0

    1. The first thing I am going to say is — drumroll, please — drink more water! Healthy skin starts from the inside. All of the things we love to do that keep us warm — turning up the heater, long hot showers, late night hot-tubbing and long luxurious bubble baths — they all strip moisture from our skin. It is important to replenish our bodies constantly.
      Tip: Try “eating” your water. Consume foods such as melons, cucumbers and celery that are packed with water. Your body retains it longer than drinking it alone.

    2. Get a humidifier. The air is dry and stale, and a humidifier will help you not only look better, but feel better too. I absolutely love the warm-mist humidifier from Bed Bath & Beyond, but it is pricey. So, I just got a bedside mini humidifier from Target, and I love it! It is so quiet, and you can easily travel with it and move it around the house — even bring it to work!

    3. If you don’t have soft water, buy a showerhead filter. You rarely drink hard water right out of the faucet, so why would you want to drench your entire body and largest organ (your skin) in it? I found mine at Home Depot. For about $10, your hair and skin will thank you.

    4. Be mindful of the body wash that you use. Stay away from harsh chemicals and soap. Many formulas can irritate and strip natural oils from your skin, while overdrying. It's hard to get used to washes that don’t create a thick bubbly lather, but you don’t need foam to make you clean. My favorites are SheaMoisture and Kora Organics body washes.

    5. Gently exfoliate. Two to three times a week, take some time for manual exfoliation of the skin. Steer clear of any harsh scrubs that can cause microtears and damage. You can spend a fortune, or you can also make your own. Take a rich oil — such as organic olive, jojoba, coconut or avocado — and mix 50 percent oil with 50 percent organic granulated brown or white sugar in a mason jar. Gently rub over your entire body (excluding your face) while in the shower.
      Tip: After massaging into skin, leave on for the rest of your shower before rinsing off for the benefits of even more moisture.

    6. Use a toner on your body. This might sound insane — but try it. And, no, I am not referring to astringents (aka alcohol). I am suggesting a pH-balancing hydrating mist toner. Look for a moisturizing formula in a spray bottle, such as Fresh Rose Floral Toner.
      Tip: Dry off completely, and then spray a generous amount of toner all over your body. Dry off again and apply body lotion. The toner will help reset the pH of your skin and helps eliminate dryness, itching and irritation. Do this after every single shower.

    7. Invest in a good, natural, organic body lotion. You can find a million different types of lotion, but I love Kora Organics — pricey, but good for your body and mind. Apply lotion all over your body daily and make sure you have a separate moisturizer for your face.

    So, there you have it: my tips and tricks for keeping your skin glowing and soft year-round! Try it out for yourself and let us know your favorites. And keep the beautiful photos of your beauty creations coming. Make sure to tag us and always hashtag #makeupmagnets.

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