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    It might be an interesting year for the Oscars red carpet, but in the meantime let's recap the cool jumpsuits on the People's Choice Awards. Pick a favorite!

    1. Portia de Rossi

    Portia de Rossi

    Image: FayesVision/WENN.com

    2. Bella Thorne

    Bella Thorne

    Image: FayesVision/WENN.com

    3. Ellen Pompeo

    Ellen Pompeo

    Image: FayesVision/WENN.com

    4. Melissa McCarthy

    Melissa McCarthy

    Image: Apega/WENN.com

    5. Monica Potter

    Monica Potter

    Image: FayesVision/WENN.com

    6. Kaley Cuoco

    Kayley Cuoco at People's Choice Awards

    Image: FayesVision/WENN.com

    7. Ariel Winter

    Ariel Winter

    Image: FayesVision/WENN.com

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    1. String Weaver

    String Weaver Tutorial

    Image Credit: The Beauty Department

    Get the full tutorial here.

    2. Messy 5-Strand Braid

    Messy Braid Tutorial

    Image Credit: Latest-Hairstyles.com

    Get the full tutorial here.

    3. Braid Bun Updo

    Braid Bun Updo

    Image Credit: The Beauty Department

    Get the full tutorial here.

    4. Triple Braid

    Triple Braid Tutorial

    Image Credit: Beauty Tutorials

    5. Infinity Braid

    Infinity Braid Tutorial

    Image Credit: Bobby Glam

    Get the full tutorial here.

    6. Half Up Fishtail

    Half Up Fishtail Tutorial

    Image Credit: join the mood

    Get the full tutorial here.

    7. Faux Side Shave Braid

    Faux Side Shave Braid Tutorial

    Image Credit: Pretty Designs

    8. Front French Braid

    Front French Braid Tutorial

    Image Credit: manouvellemode.com

    9. Brilliant Braid

    Brilliant Braid Tutorial

    Image Credit: hey wanderer

    Get the full tutorial here.

    10. Fabric Maiden Braids

    Fabric Maiden Braid Tutorial

    Image Credit: A Beautiful Mess

    Get the full tutorial here.

    11. Ponytail Faux Hawk with Side Braids

    Faux Hawk Side Braid Tutorial

    Image Credit: Loxa Beauty

    Get the full tutorial here.

    12. Braided Chignon

    Braided Chignon Tutorial

    Image Credit: Latest-Hairstyles.com

    Get the full tutorial here.

    13. High Braided Crown

    High Braided Crown Tutorial

    Image Credit: Hair Romance

    Get the full tutorial here.

    14. French Braid Fringe

    French Braid Fringe Tutorial

    Image Credit: Bobby Glam

    Get the full tutorial here.

    15. Dutch Headband Hair Tuck

    Dutch Headband Hair Tuck Tutorial

    Image Credit: Missy Sue

    Get the full tutorial here.

    16. Knotted Braid Side Pony

    Knotted Braid Side Pony Tutorial

    Image Credit: Goldfish Kiss

    Get the full tutorial here.

    17. The Double Braid

    Double Braid Tutorial

    Image Credit: Top Inspired

    18. Hippie Braid

    Hippie Braids Tutorial

    Image Credit: Barefoot Blonde

    Get the full tutorial here.

    19. Four Strand Slide Up Braid

    Four Strand Slide Up Braid Tutorial

    Image Credit: Hair Romance

    Get the full tutorial here.

    20. French Braided Ponytail

    French Braided Ponytail Tutorial

    Image Credit: yet another beauty site

    Get the full tutorial here.

    21. Braided Bun

    Braided Bun Tutorial

    Image Credit: join the mood

    22. Waterfall Braid

    Waterfall Braid Tutorial

    Image Credit: Beautylish

    Get the full tutorial here.

    23. Fishtail Braid

    Fishtail Braid Tutorial

    Image Credit: Beautylish

    Get the full tutorial here.

    24. Ponytail Braid

    Ponytail Braid Tutorial

    Image Credit: Hair Romance

    Get the full tutorial here.

    25. Double Side Braid

    Double Side Braid Tutorial

    Image Credit: Beauty Tutorials

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    Luckily, they will — and blogger Gabi Gregg of GabiFresh is planning to make this summer a whole lot sexier with her new swimwear collection — her third! — with Swim Sexy.

    GabiGregg bikini line

    Photo: GabiFresh/Swim Sexy

    The GabiFresh for Swim Sexy's Swimsuits for All 2015 Swim Collection, features eight bikinis and one one-piece suit in sizes ranging from 12-24 in D/DD cups and 18-24 in E/F cups. The best part: They actually fit curvy bodies like a glove! The plus-size blogger is outspoken (and rightfully so) about the need for functional and sexy fashion for women of all sizes.

    GabiGregg swimsuits

    Photo: GabiFresh/Swim Sexy

    You won't find any demure colors in this group — all of the pieces are beautifully bold and bright with various patterns and a range of cuts to fit every style preference. Plus, zippers on swimsuits are totally sexy.

    GabiFresh swimsuit 3

    Photo: GabiFresh/Swim Sexy

    "We are so conditioned to feel like we have to have a certain body type to go to the beach, women go on crazy crash diets and stuff just for the summer time, it's insane!" Gabi told MTV of why she started designing swimsuits.

    GabiFresh swimsuits

    Photo: GabiFresh/Swim Sexy

    "I encourage people to be healthy, but also to know that they are OK right now, as they are. They shouldn't let anyone shame them into avoiding having fun and feeling great in swimwear."

    GabiFresh swimsuits

    Photo: GabiFresh/Swim Sexy

    The collection is on sale now at Swimsuits for All, but don't wait — her previous collections sold out in seconds. Here's my thought process: The sooner I buy, the sooner summer gets here, right?

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    We love a good mantra and make resolutions all the time in other areas of our lives, but did you know you they apply to your look too?

    I am a self-proclaimed fashionista but I believe in evolving my look each year. For example, in 2013 I was all about tight jeans, blazers and showing some skin. However, 2014 involved pencil skirts, a high neckline and crop tops but remember everyone, this was a natural evolution. Taking risks in fashion is exciting because it is not permanent. You can reinvent yourself the next day. This is the personal mantra that I live by: If your look creates confidence, then go for it.

    A lot of my friends are going through transitional periods in their lives and I want my experience to inspire other women to create the life they want through the way they present themselves. Let's be honest, as much as we try not to judge someone by how they look or how they dress, most of us tend to; it is natural. You want to get that job? Go in looking the part. You want that guy? Throw on those high heels. You have to put some effort into your look. If looking your best was a waste of time, then why is fashion a billion dollar industry? I am not suggesting red carpet attire; instead I’m suggesting that simple changes to your look (like adding a pop of color to your lip or throwing your hair in a neat bun or topknot), can actually bring you closer to the life you want to lead.

    Here are a few simple fashion and beauty tips, and the mantras that inspired them, that you can do each day to dress for the life you want.

    Mantra 1: Confidence starts from the inside out

    Look the part: The seamless bra

    Ladies, no matter how lovely your outfit, ill-fitting undergarments sabotage the entire effect. Do you want people to admire you or the odd bumps on your lady lumps? Invest in a seamless bra and use your laced bras for "other occasions."

    Achieve this look with La Senza's Lightly Lined Demi Bra.

    Mantra 2: Keep it simple

    Look the part: Eyebrows, the new black

    Orderly brows are arguably the most important aspect in your beauty routine because they frame your face. Leaving the house with untamed brows is like not combing your hair. It looks messy! This kit has diverse shaped brow stencils (no excuses here, ladies) that you can use to create neat and flawless brows. If you only perform one of the suggested tips, make sure it is this one.

    Achieve this look with Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Express.

    Mantra 3: Love yourself, others will notice

    Look the part: Tinted moisturizer with SPF

    For those of you who do not like to wear foundation or concealer, this is the next best thing. Most importantly, you are protected from the sun and this product blends well under any type of makeup. Remember, SPF is your friend, wrinkles are not.

    Achieve this look with Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream.

    Mantra 4: Complete your look

    Look the part: A purse pulls any look together

    You do not have to be a size two or have Beyonce's budget to use this tip. A structured bag gives an outfit an immediate polish. If you want to rock the minimal trend, try one in grey, or if you want to stand out, choose a bold color like blue or red.

    Achieve this look with Aldo's Towler Bag

    As I mentioned above, no one forced me to evolve my look but other women inspired me and I hope these guidelines do the same for you. Be fearless this year, even if it is a small step towards red lipstick.

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    In each unique environment, I learned something new, developed my skill sets and sharpened my professional street smarts. But more importantly, each experience was one step closer towards discovering my passion and true ambition.

    I'm one of those people who believe a job is so much more than a paycheck. Spending more hours at work in my office than at home with my family means I need to wholeheartedly believe in my professional path and the time spent away from those most important to me. To me, it's not only your right, but an absolute necessity to pursue passion in your professional endeavors. Over the years, I quickly found that the one common denominator in all of the jobs I have held has been the human factor. I passionately pursue a desire to meet a need in someone else. Whether that need is not so glamorous (i.e. "I need a crate of plywood" or "I'll take the $2 plate special") or honorable (i.e. "I haven’t eaten for 3 days" or "Please help me raise my children"), the common thread revealed itself each time I took a new position. Eventually I found myself marrying this passion to serve others with my creative side and picked up a camera professionally to capture that human element in its richest form, everyday life.

    Some might be thinking that this is where my pursuit of passion hit the mark. For years, I worked as a wedding photographer, and while I loved my clients inside and out, I realized there were still a few curves and bends left to my journey towards my perfect passion. I stumbled into boudoir photography quite literally by chance a few years into my business and immediately discovered the heart home for my passion and calling. Over time, I found myself walking farther and farther away from the weddings and falling deeper and deeper in love with the art of women.

    Fast forward to today, and I've finally settled into my perfect place. MODERN FEMME Photography is meeting a very real need in our community. We are helping women rediscover their own natural beauty, healing wounds and experiences that have chipped away at their self-worth and identity over the years like tiny cracks in a mirror. Boudoir photography is not stripper poles and garter straps. It's a gentle process of self-discovery, an unveiling and stripping away of life, a confrontation of the trueness of self, the restoration of the spirit and the healing of the soul. As mothers, wives, sisters, friends, human beings... women are bound by society's notion of what it means to be beautiful, forever challenged to be that which doesn't exist, losing sight of what it means to be a truly empowered woman even in the mess of lengthy to-do lists and the chaos of life.

    I pursue the passion of beauty, the passion of validation, trust and acceptance. The celebration that is you, just as you are. Whether we're working with abuse victims who struggle to reclaim their bodies as their own, or welcome mothers who have long since put aside their visions of youth as they confront their changing bodies, sleepless nights and endless diapers, or embrace the newly divorced to rebuild value, esteem and self-worth as they move forward from a season of hurt... I passionately pursue healing, hope and love. I am so much more than a photographer these days. I am a trusted friend, a listening ear, an affirming spirit, a gentle challenger, a guiding force.

    To hear words like:

    "I have been released from social comparison, because I know that I am special in my own way and no one can take that from me. I feel like the loveliest version of myself. I don't have to be anything but myself. I am simply me, and I am so beautiful. Thank you for making me feel beautiful this morning."


    "I have struggled all of my life with issues of insecurity and self-contempt. I did not believe for myself that I was beautiful. Seeing my images was like seeing myself through the eyes of art and beauty in a way that no one else could possibly tell me, I had to see it for myself. For the first time in my entire life, I saw my beauty. What we did in one afternoon of shooting, I have never been able to receive from years and years of prayer and counsel. I am so deeply grateful. I will never forget it."

    Taking the leap to become a full-time boudoir photographer was scary. It meant walking away from the financially secure, well-established wedding market to aggressively build a new vision and understanding in a corner of the artistic world that has long battled being misunderstood and generalized. Stepping out to redefine beauty and educate women about the importance of self-acceptance and celebration was a lofty ambition. Learning to say no to the weddings was scary! But what scared me more was the possibility of not pursuing that which I was most passionate about.

    More advice on how to pursue your passion >>

    I truly believe that each client who steps through our doors was brought there for a special purpose. Far beyond the income generated or the growth of our small business endeavor, we've moved beyond competing in the marketplace and focus thoroughly on the passion for those clients who were truly meant to be partnered with us because of a higher calling. The epitome of pursuing your passion professionally is when you get paid to do something that you love so much that you would do it whether or not it meant money in your hand. Knowing that I am able to play a small part in helping a woman look at herself in the mirror and say "I am beautiful." That is more meaningful to me than any paycheck. I continue to pursue my passion to serve each and every day. Every woman that walks through our door is a new opportunity to encourage and affirm. I am truly blessed to serve them and so grateful I took a chance and ran after my passion instead of playing it safe. I realize now that any hesitation on my part would have meant women who continued to feel inadequate, worthless and unloved. Pursuing my passion opened the door to blessing others. And that is truly the loftiest goal that we should all aim for professionally. To bring joy, value, service and love to others.

    Tell us what you’re doing to reach your goals this year! Follow us and tweet #PursueYourPassion for more inspiration.

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    Images: Modern Femme/Katy Blevins

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    1. Chrissy Teigen

    Chrissy Teigen

    Image: Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty images

    How many hours did it take to create Chrissy Teigen's Zuhair Murad gown? The soft pink gown looks like a work of art... and it fits the Sports Illustrated model's body like a glove.

    2. Kristen Wiig

    Kristen Wiig

    Image: WENN.com

    Comedian Kristen Wiig looks like she stepped out of a glam '70s Halston ad with her off-the-shoulder white floral gown. We love the quirky look — and she looks gorgeous in it!

    3. Rosamund Pike

    Rosamund Pike

    Image: WENN.com

    New mom Rosamund Pike didn't shy away from showing off some skin in her lingerie-inspired Vera Wang gown. The gown has plenty going on in the front, but the back is especially gorgeous.

    4. Jennifer Lopez

    Jennifer Lopez

    Image: WENN.com

    It's been 15 years since Jennifer Lopez made the world collectively lose its mind with her green Versace dress. Well, she's still turning heads in leg- and cleavage-baring looks... and dare we say she looks even better than she did back then! The 45-year-old actress and singer went for the bombshell look with her nude Zuhair Murad gown and va-va-voom hair. We bow down to you, JLo.

    5. Kerry Washington

    Kerry Washington

    Image: WENN.com

    We can honestly say this is the most original gown we've ever seen on the red carpet. The Scandal star's Mary Katrantzou gown is two-toned and full of texture. We see something new about it every time we look at it.

    6. Anna Kendrick

    Anna Kendrick

    Image: WENN.com

    Pitch Perfect 2 star Anna Kendrick reminds us of a fairy tale princess in her pink floral Monique Lhuillier gown that features plenty of tulle in the full skirt. Perfect.

    7. Jane Fonda

    Jane Fonda

    Image: WENN.com

    Jane Fonda is one of the original divas — and she shows today's young starlets that she still has it with her red Versace dress that features sexy side cutouts embellished with the brand's famous safety pin look. Seriously sexy at 77. Yes, 77!

    8. Claire Danes

    Claire Danes

    Image: WENN.com

    The dramatic texture on Homeland star Claire Danes' Valentino gown is just so interesting to look at. It's unlike anything we've seen her wear before — and we love this daring side.

    9. Keira Knightley

    Keira Knightley

    Image: FayesVision/WENN.com

    Mom-to-be Keira Knightley shows that maternity fashion can still be couture — and just a bit quirky — with her bug-printed Chanel dress. We love the ruffled collar, too! So different, yet so fashion-forward.

    10. Lupita Nyong'o

    Lupita Nyong'o

    Image: WENN.com

    Last year's most talked-about red carpet star shows that she has no intention of slowing down this year. The actress' pink and purple Giambattista Valli haute couture dress is so feminine and pretty — and the floral bodice is the perfect way to top it off.

    11. Julianne Moore

    Julianne Moore

    Image: WENN.com

    Julianne Moore shines — literally! — in her silver Givenchy gown. It seems like stars have shied away from wearing shiny, sparkly looks on the red carpet, so it's only fitting that this beauty be the one to bring it back.

    12. Allison Williams

    Allison Williams

    Image: Nicky Nelson/WENN.com

    Girls star Allison Williams turned our heads in her Armani Privé gown. It wasn't just the red color, though: The tiered texture on the gown makes it that much more beautiful to look at.

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    Rosamund Pike

    Image: WENN.com

    The actress — who played evil oh-so well opposite Ben Affleck in Gone Girl — looked positively angelic while walking the carpet at the Beverly Hilton wearing a white gown by Vera Wang.

    The daring dress features a plunging neckline with flattering side cutouts, a full tulle skirt and a lingerie-inspired backline with criss-crossed strings that meet in the middle.

    The British actress kept her beauty looks simple with a smooth blond bob, natural makeup and simple diamond earrings.

    Rosamund Pike

    Image: WENN.com

    She looks absolutely flawless — and we absolutely refuse to believe she only gave birth five weeks ago to her second child with partner Robie Uniacke.

    "He was looking at me getting ready. He didn't cry; he seemed to approve," Pike told E!'s Ryan Seacrest of her newborn's reaction to her Golden Globes look.

    We approve too, Rosamund. We approve.

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    Lorde at the Golden globes

    Image: WENN.com

    She's never afraid to let her signature curls run wild — and she singlehandedly brought back dramatic matte lipstick.

    That originality carried over to the 2015 Golden Globes red carpet. While every other star opted for dramatic gowns, the "Royals" singer went for it in a high-waisted pantsuit and crop-top with a plunging neckline.

    The singer — nominated for Best Song for her song "Yellow Flicker Beat" — tied back her signature curls into a sophisticated bun with a deep side part. Her makeup was just as dramatic with her porcelain skin contrasting with a bright red lip.

    And to top it off? A gorgeous diamond collar necklace. The whole look is just flawless... and totally Lorde!

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    1. Love's Baby Soft

    Baby soft

    Image via Amazon.com

    There is at least one old boyfriend who will get a whiff of this powdery-sweet concoction and remember the times you sat side-by-side on the couch after school watching that same Blind Melon music video over and over again on MTV.

    2. Hard Candy nail polish

    hard candy nail polish

    Image via Amazon.com

    Alicia Silverstone mentioned in an interview that she was a big fan of Hard Candy's "Sky" nail polish. And, since we all wanted to be Alicia Silverstone, we helped make light blue the nail color of the last half of the decade. It didn't hurt that Hard Candy had the most vibrant shades you could find — and included a plastic ring with every nail polish purchase.

    3. Exclamation by Coty perfume

    exclamation perfume

    Image via Amazon.com

    If anyone can remember how this perfume actually smelled, do tell. Most of us just wanted the cool bottle on our vanity, right next to our photo of Brandon Walsh.

    4. Conair Hot Sticks Flexible Hair Rollers

    hot rollers

    Image via ebay.com

    They were cute and pink, they came in a contraption with holes that fit each curler, and they were so simple to use that even those of us with pin-straight hair emerged from our bathrooms looking like Kelly LeBrock. (No? We didn't?) We'll try not to dwell on the number of times we burned our scalps and pulled out our strands using these curlers — they were just fab.

    5. Electric Youth by Debbie Gibson

    electric youth

    Image via fragrancenet.com

    In the battle of the pop stars, Tiffany may have had the affections of one of the New Kids on the Block (Jonathan Knight, and shame on you for not knowing that), but Debbie Gibson's Electric Youth perfume stole the hearts of a gazillion young girls and made our parents rue the day they agreed to purchase it for us.

    6. L'Oreal Toasted Almond lipstick

    toasted almond lipstick

    Image via drugstore.com

    Get ready, because the battle of the '90s brown lipsticks is on! In this corner, we have a classic: L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche in Toasted Almond for fancy girls...

    7. Revlon's Toast of New York lipstick

    toast of new york

    Image via drugstore.com

    ... And in this corner you had genuine badasses who didn't play around and went an even deeper shade of mocha with Revlon's Toast of New York.

    8. Clinique's Almost Lipstick in Black Honey

    black honey lipstick

    Image via sephora.com

    Of course, nice girls opted for Clinique's Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, which was (and still is) a pretty light wash in a neutral beige tone.

    9. MAC Lipglass

    lipglass by mac

    Image via maccosmetics.com

    It didn't matter how many times your hair got stuck to your gooey, glossy, fabulous lips while you stood outside in sub-zero temperatures to drink beer from a barrel, you kept slathering MAC Lipglass onto your pucker because it worked.

    10. Noxzema


    Image via pharmapacks.com

    Noxzema has been around since the early 1900s and continues to sell because it really does what it says — it's a refreshing cleanser that doesn't dry out your skin. But that's not why we wanted to use it in the '90s. Actress Rebecca Gayheart, a.k.a. the "Noxzema Girl," a.k.a Girl With The Best '90s Hair — she's the reason we flocked to the store to stock up on Noxzema.

    11. St. Ives Apricot Scrub

    st ives scrub

    Image via soap.com

    At some point we realized Noxzema wasn't going to cut it if we wanted to rid our faces of every teen's mortal enemy: blackheads. So we tried to instead scrape them off with volcanic rocks — at least that's what it felt like every time we used this stuff. Still, we considered ourselves loyal St. Ives worshipers.

    12. Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bar

    neutrogena face bar

    Image via neutrogena.com

    This wasn't your mother's pretty pink soap. This cleaner was so serious about annihilating your acne that it didn't even have time for a color. It was transparent and badass. And it worked.

    13. Sun-In Spray-In Hair Lightener

    sun in tan spray

    Image via amazon.com

    If you are a natural brunette, the very sight of this bottle could cause you a nervous breakdown. Reason: Our dreams of becoming California girls were quickly crushed when, after sunbathing on our terraces for 30 minutes, we discovered our heads looked like cantaloupes.

    14. Bonne Bell Lip Smackers

    lip smackers bonne bell

    Image via shop.riteaid.com

    It didn't matter how old you were, if you had to wear chapstick anyway, it made sense that it should taste and smell like cotton candy.

    15. Bath and Body Works Vanilla Lotion


    Image via bathandbodyworks.com

    In the '90s, we were all pretty much robots directed into Bath and Body Works by some supernatural force that pushed out the constant message that we had to smell like some combination of vanilla, gingerbread and brown sugar at all times.

    16. Teen Spirit Deodorant

    teen spirit

    Image via ebay.com

    Can you think of another deodorant that inspired the biggest music hit of the decade? 'Nuff said. Whether it actually worked is anyone's guess — I can't say I know a soul who used it.

    17. Sunflowers perfume


    Image via amazon.com

    Fact: When I surveyed folks for items to include on this list, Sunflowers perfume repeatedly popped up. Seems this one is an actual winner that women say has a light scent that isn't overpowering.

    18. CK One

    ck one

    Image via ebay.com

    It's a shame that CK One will best be remembered as that perfume that featured Kate Moss & Company looking ultra hot and sometimes heroin-chic in its ads. It was actually a revolutionary product: a unisex fragrance that both you and your boyfriend probably loved.

    19. Rave hairspray


    Image via rave/Facebook

    There was no other way to keep your hair big and puffy from first period until bedtime without Rave hairspray.

    20. Dep gel


    Image via dep.com

    OK, I'm not going to lie: It also helped to scrunch your hair with half a bottle of Dep gel before leaving the house.

    21. Crimping iron


    Image via 1000heads/Flickr

    Of course, it helped to have amazing hair to spray and scrunch. That could be easily achieved by using a crimping iron.

    22. Butterfly hair clips

    butterfly clips

    Image via amazon.com

    Blame Drew Barrymore for getting that damn butterfly tattoo. At some point in the '90s, every girl became obsessed with pretty winged creatures. And we took out our strange obsession on our hair. If you tried hard enough, you could get as many as 300 of these teeny butterfly clips in your hair at the same time. Very attractive.

    23. Stretch tattoo choker necklaces

    tattoo choker

    Image via banggood.com

    Before the statement necklace, there was the choker, and every self-respecting '90s girl owned one. If you considered the velvet choker to be too goth, chances are you owned one of its wild cousins — the stretch tattoo choker.

    24. Wet n Wild Lip Liner in Brandywine 666

    lip liner

    Image via drugstore.com

    Without this lip liner, you were nothing — nothing. You could have owned both Toast of New York and Toasted Almond, but you needed Brandywine to line those lips and leave them lined good and dark. Nobody smudged. If you smudged, you were secretly from the future and totally missing the point.

    25. Gap Dream Perfume

    dream gap

    Image via theperfumespot.com

    The company that dressed us to look like khaki clones in the '90s, surprisingly, knew just how to make a young girl feel special: By providing us with six scents we could choose from in order to really stand out from our peers. The only other fragrances that really mattered aside from Dream were Heaven and maybe Grass, but let's face it: they had us at the name Dream. We wanted to be dreamy, so we bought Gap Dream. And we spent the next few years smelling exactly like a dreamy strawberry patch.

    26. Revlon Fire and Ice

    fire and ice

    Image via drugstore.com

    Fire and Ice was the name of Revlon's classic true red lipstick and nail polish shade. It was also a popular perfume and there was even a Fire & Ice Ball to benefit cancer research. You couldn't get through the '90s without having that image of Cindy Crawford in a flame-red gown and matching lips and nails inexplicably rolling ice down her bare arm etched into your brain.

    27. Maybelline Kissing Koolers

    kissing koolers

    Image via Maybelline Kissing Koolers/Facebook

    Kissing Koolers smelled great, tasted like Peppermint Twist, Cherry Cola, Watermelon Swirl or Strawberry Fizz, and were adorably squat in a way that made them simple to fit in your purse or pocket. And then one day your dad found your beloved lip gloss, laughed and announced at a big family dinner that you wanted to kiss boys. And you died right there and never bought these again.

    28. Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner


    Image via herbalessences.com

    If you remember the commercials for Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner, you were basically being promised an orgasm every time you showered. Not something your typical young woman is going to pass up.

    29. Manic Panic hair dye


    Image via Lele Breveglieri/Flickr

    Those of us who had zero skills when it came to mixing and applying Kool-Aid to our hair to radically change its color relied on Manic Panic, which sold every beautiful and vibrant shade of the rainbow.

    30. Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner

    urban decay

    Image via urbandecay.com

    Like Hard Candy, Urban Decay gave independent '90s girls options when it came to their cosmetics. Young women were itching for edgy nail polish that didn't exist, and Urban Decay delivered. Girls were bored with black and brown eyeliner — along came our fave makeup company with a glitter alternative that actually lasted until the end of the rave.

    31. Body glitter


    Image via birthdayexpress.com

    You couldn't be a proper Manic Pixie Dream Girl unless every bit of exposed flesh was plastered with sticky body glitter. The more colorful, the better.

    32. Caboodles


    Image via ebay.com

    What do you do after you purchase all of these great '90s products? You keep them safe and sound in your gargantuan hot pink Caboodles case.

    More on the '90s

    '90s Comeback style we've missed
    Shop the spring trend: '90s Sporty
    11 Things we want back from the '90s

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    Luckily, the process of getting wrinkles out of a leather jacket isn't as difficult as keeping your hydro-lipid balance in check (whew). Here are a few different strategies you can take for a spin, depending on the severity of your jacket's wrinkles:

    1. Steam it while you shower

    Steam up your bathroom by turning on the shower and let your jacket hang out in there for about 15 minutes. The steam will make the leather more pliable, which will give you the opportunity to work out the creases by rubbing them until they're less visible. To be on the safe side, I'd also use leather conditioner on your jacket once you've gotten all the wrinkles out because much like our skin, once your jacket's out of the steam it will dry out slightly.

    2. Iron it (carefully)

    Set your iron to warm, place a large cotton or linen pillowcase over the crease, and gently press it flat for a few seconds. You can also use brown craft paper as a buffer.

    3. Use heavy books

    If you bought the jacket of your dreams and it ended up creased between the store and your closet, lie your jacket on a flat surface and pile heavy books on it overnight (or really, however long it takes to smooth out the fine lines).

    4. Use alcohol

    If your jacket is made of finished leather, you can use alcohol to smooth out the creases. (Finished leather is stiffer in texture because it's been finished with a protective coating. If you lightly scratch your jacket in an inconspicuous place and the scratch is the same color as its surroundings, your jacket's made of finished leather.) If your jacket's suede or unfinished, then your best bet is the shower trick.

    It's best to test the alcohol on your jacket before using it: Choose a discreet spot and rub some on using a white, lint-free cloth. If your leather doesn't become discolored and no color rubs off on your cloth, then you're good to go. Rub out the wrinkles and reshape the leather as much as you can before applying, then apply a thin layer using your lint-free cloth. (Your jacket should feel damp, but not soaked.) Knead the wrinkled leather much like you would dough, putting tension on the crease until it disappears. Once the jacket's to your liking, soak up any excess alcohol and allow your jacket to dry completely.

    Since the alcohol also cleans the leather, you might want to clean the entire jacket once you've got the creases out. Just like when we do dishes, the last thing you want to see when your jacket dries are spots.

    Finally, you'll want to restore the moisture in your leather by using your favorite leather conditioner. Apply a light layer with a lint-free cloth and massage it into the leather using a circular motion. Once your jacket is all spotless, let it sit overnight.

    Then get ready to strut your stuff!

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    1. These warm, stylish lace-ups make the most of wintry style and are a natural match for a sweater dress. (Bastien, $104)

    Bastien boot

    2. These chunky black boots have a bit of an edge and would look great with skinny jeans, or even paired with a circle skirt in more casual offices. (Sporto, $70)

    sporto maria boot

    3. These suede boots with a warm, comfy fur lining are the best of all worlds — a somewhat Nordic motif without going all Anna and Elsa, a practical heel and surefooted sole, and enough style to wear to the office under a knee-length skirt. (Blondo, $155)

    blondo madras boot

    4. Another potentially work-appropriate pick, these slightly outdoorsy boots have a nice grippy sole that will keep you from skidding on slick surfaces. (Keen, $81)

    keen silverton boots

    5. Sometimes, you just have to go full North Pole with your look (especially when the Polar Vortex rears its ugly head again). These furry mukluks will add style to leggings and a big slouchy sweater. (The North Face, $140)

    jozie puma boots

    6. These rubber Wellington-style boots are not only sleek and snappy with their bright red fleece peeking out, they're versatile — when the weather warms up, you can pull out the fleece inserts and they will be great for muddy, rainy days. The rubber will rinse clean in a snap. (Sorel, $63)

    sorel sorellington boot

    7. These boots are pricey at well north of $200, but their combination of sleek style and weatherproof, slip-resistant construction is hard to find. They're perfect for work and would lend a touch of class to more casual wear as well. (Santana Canada, $279)

    santana canada boot

    8. The embroidery on the shaft is what sets these lace-up boots apart from the pack. (Helly Hansen, $110)

    Helly Hansen boot

    9. There are lots of basic black and brown styles available in warm winter boots; what's hard to find is color. The gray and purple combo of these cute quilted boots means you'll never be searching through the pile by a friend's door, wondering which ones are yours. And the gray means they'll go with just about any color coat. (Patagonia, $130)

    patagonia gray boots

    10. Canadians know how to deal with winter weather and look great doing it, which is why it's unsurprising these lovely ankle boots meld waterproof construction and a traction sole with a dainty shape and pretty details. Perfect for work! (La Canadienne, $190)

    la canadienne ankle boots

    11. And finally, these are just plain funny. Massive, furry, probably warm as can be, these boots say, "The hardest winter is no match for my quirky style." (Pajar, $245)

    pajar foxy furry boot

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    So I looked at its ingredients and what I saw told me that this was a product that could be easily DIY-ed for much cheaper. The ingredient list is short and consists of castor oil, coconut oil, beeswax, rosemary extract and mica.

    Here's what you'll need to recreate your own living luminizer:

    DIY Cream Luminizer: Supplies

    • Beeswax (pellets melt faster! I got mine at Whole Foods)
    • Rosemary essential oil extract (this will help to stabilize and preserve oils)
    • Coconut oil
    • Loose shimmer pigment or shimmery Champagne eyeshadow
    • Clean mascara wand or spoolie if you'll be creating a pigment from a pressed shadow
    • Glass bowls
    • Measuring spoons
    • Clean container (I'm using an empty sample-size night cream jar)
    • *I'm skipping castor oil in this recipe, preferring to just use coconut oil only.


    Step 1:

    DIY Cream Luminizer: Step 1

    First, place a heaping 1/2 tablespoon of beeswax pellets into a glass bowl and microwave for 2 minutes until fully melted.

    Step 2:

    DIY Cream Luminizer: Step 2

    Next, melt 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. It takes about 30 seconds in the microwave.

    Step 3:

    Now evenly mix your melted beeswax and coconut oil together. Do this immediately as the liquids tend to harden quickly.

    Step 4:

    DIY Cream Luminizer: Step 4

    To create your shimmer powder from a pressed shadow, scrape a clean mascara wand across the surface until you've accumulated about a tablespoon or more of loose pigment. You will need much more shimmer than you think you will.

    Step 5:

    DIY Cream Luminizer: Step 5

    DIY Cream Luminizer: Step 6

    Now add your shimmer powder to your beeswax and coconut oil mixture and whisk together with a spoon or plastic fork. I am using disposable plastic utensils for simple cleanup. Don't ruin your nice silverware!

    Step 6:

    DIY Cream Luminizer: Step 6

    Add 2-3 drops of rosemary extract to your mixture.

    Step 7:

    DIY Cream Luminizer: Step 7

    Now slowly pour into your chosen container. Let cool. You don't really need to place this in the refrigerator as the wax and oil solidify fairly quickly on their own.

    Step 8:

    DIY Cream Luminizer: Step 8

    Now your luminizer is ready to apply to cheekbones, eyelids, lips and anywhere you want a glow. It applies best with fingertips as it warms the product and helps it to glide on, but feel free to use a synthetic brush too!

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    How to make lipstick from crayons
    DIY avocado face mask to sooth dry skin
    Makeup remover pads you can make at home

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    1. File holders

    File Holders

    Once for taming boring manila folders, these can both contain and showcase your precious palettes! You can stack them both vertically and horizontally. If you have a ton of palettes like I do, you can utilize this to store your most frequently-used ones for everyday use.

    2. Drawer organizers

    Drawer Organizers

    Sure, they do a great job of storing paperclips and pencils, but you know what they store even better? Lip colors! I have several of these drawer organizers and I like to organize by brand.

    3. Pen cups

    Pen Cups

    Move over writing utensils because our makeup brushes are ready to move in! I love the pen cups with compartments so you can separate by face brush and eye brush. I like to mix and match pen cups, varying the heights and sizes.

    4. Tabletop organizers

    Tabletop Organizers

    Tabletop Organizers

    These are great for a myriad of beauty organization tasks. I like to use these for my insane amount of skin care products in my bathroom cabinet. You can also utilize these to organize lip products, foundations, mascaras, etc. Smaller makeup collections could probably fit into one organizer alone.

    5. Skinny drawer baskets

    Skinny Drawer Baskets

    These babies are what I love to use to organize my hair products. I find these hold a row of hairsprays or styling products just right. I don't have a lot of hair products but this helps me to see the limited amount I do have and grab what I need quickly.

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    How does that saying go? "Celebrities, they're just like us." Gwyneth Paltrow's pantsuit, you have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the elite, upper-crust and often unfairly hated Gwyneth is just a woman of the people.

    Gwyneth Paltrow pantsuit on The Tonight Show

    Photo credit: Theo Wargo/NBC/Stringer/Getty Images

    Gwynnie also makes fashion flubs. Gwynnie sometimes goes out of the house looking less than perfect. Gwynnie can even get talked into wearing a nude Jetsons onesie by a stylist who may secretly hate her just a little bit.

    Pantsuit, you may be getting a bad rap after Gwyneth wore you to perform a Broadway rap with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show — and yes, that pun was intended. But I think you are being grossly mistreated.

    Without you, pantsuit, I would never have been reminded of so-called "coldhearted" Gwyneth's humanity. And more specifically, I'm talking about a stirring of the unrequited lady love I had for young Gwynnie in the '90s, when she had a really rad pixie haircut and starred in such amazing films as A Perfect Murder. (This was the Gwynnie who dated Brad and Ben long, long before Angelina and both Jennifers. Give credit where credit is due.)

    Nude, frilly pantsuit, the internet is hating on you as a poor representation of Gwyneth's style, but I think you are a hero. You have brought the consciously uncoupled Gwyneth even closer to her people — the people who have no problem rocking a camel toe and jamming out with their clams out.

    Gwyneth wore you on The Tonight Show to promote her new movie Mortdecai with Johnny Depp, in theaters on Jan. 23. But anyone with two eyes can see you stole the show. Your flesh-tone color, your strange ruffle running from trachea to hip, your gentle hugging of Gwynnie's nearly nonexistent "fupa," your subtle lift in between the lips of the labia. You, pantsuit, were unforgettable.

    Maybe Gwyneth had a temporary bout of insanity when she agreed to wear you, or maybe she's smarter than all of us realize. Everyone's talking about you. Everyone can't stop thinking about you. Just give it a few weeks, and everyone will be wearing nude, ruffly, camel toe jumpsuits without a hint of irony.

    Gwyneth Paltrow pantsuit

    Gwyneth Paltrow pantsuit

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    H&M and Coachella go way back (the Swedish retailer has sponsored America's most famous and profitable music festival for years) and now they're taking their relationship to the next level. They've joining forces on a hot new clothing line, called H&M Loves Coachella.

    The collection launches on March 19, less than a month ahead of the event, which kicks off this year on April 10. Expect bohemian-inspired pieces (lots of floral and fringing) for both men and women, with a festival-friendly price range of $4.95 to $49.95.

    H&M Coachella

    H&M Coachella

    More: The ultimate Coachella style survival guide

    5 more festivals that deserve their own clothing lines


    Does Glastonbury deserve its own clothing line?

    Photo credit: WENN.com

    Every June, a quaint spot in the English countryside turns into a mini city of over 150,000 old-school hippies and music fans. If there's one thing the U.K.'s biggest music festival is famous for — aside from an incredible lineup — it's the mud. Glastonbury devotees know waterproof footwear is an absolute essential, so what could be more appropriate than a range of Glasto wellington boots?


    Sonar is one of the most popular dance music festivals

    Photo credit: Sukizima/Flickr

    Sonar is a four-pronged electronic festival (taking place in Barcelona, Spain, Sao Paulo, Cape Town and Tokyo) that attracts a super stylish audience who take their electronica very seriously. The Barcelona gig is about multimedia as well as music, with tons of experimental digital art popping up all over the historic city. It's just crying out for an avant-garde clothing line to match.

    Rock in Rio

    Rock in Rio is back in Rio for 2015

    Photo credit: Rock in Rio/Flickr

    Rock in Rio launched in Rio de Janeiro in 1985 with Queen, AC/DC and Iron Maiden on the bill. Nowadays, it boasts massive headliners like Beyoncé and Bruce Springsteen. It's held in Lisbon and Madrid on even years and Rio on odd years, drawing in crowds of over a million from all corners of the globe. It's expanding even further this year: it's inaugural Stateside festival takes place in Las Vegas in May. We think a retrospective clothing line based on its early days in Brazil would be perfect.

    Burning Man

    The Burning Man festival takes place in the desert

    Photo credit: Gwen Schroeder/Flickr

    The legendary Burning Man festival in Black Rock Desert, Nevada lasts for a week and has attracted musical stalwarts The Ramones, Barry White, Joe Strummer of The Clash, and Ray Manzarek of The Doors in previous years. Designing a clothing line for Burning Man would require thinking outside the box: this festival has no rules (and cash is banned, so you wouldn't be able to buy any of the clothing it on-site). In fact, Burning Man doesn't even consider itself to be a festival; the official website describes it as "a catalyst for creative culture in the world."


    Tomorrowland is one of the best dance parties on the planet

    Photo credit: Eddy Van 3000/Flickr

    Belgium's Tomorrowland festival is regarded as one of the best dance parties on the planet. Apparently, over two million people try to buy tickets, which sold out in one second last year. The 2015 lineup for this July's event in the very aptly named town of Boom includes Armin van Buuren, Tiesto and Avicii. The festival's stage design has a fairytale theme, which we reckon would make for a pretty awesome clothing line.

    More: 10 Awesome music festivals you've probably never heard of

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    Colts Nail Art: Supplies

    • SpaRitual "Freedom"
    • Essie "After School Boy Blazer"
    • Essie "Butler Please"
    • Essie "Blanc"
    • Striping brush


    Step 1

    Colts Nail Art: Step 1

    Paint the base coat colors for each of the designs.

    Step 2

    Colts Nail Art: Step 2

    Using the striping brush, paint the Colts horseshoe design on your thumb, as well as the football laces and stripes. Paint a large white stripe down the middle fingernail.

    Step 3

    Colts Nail Art: Step 3

    Finish the design with dots on the horseshoe, and vertical stripes on the middle finger and pinkie. Allow to dry and apply a top coat.

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    New England Patriots nail design tutorial

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    Packers Nail Art: Supplies

    • The New Black "Green"
    • Essie "Blanc"
    • Sinful Colors "Pull Over"
    • Sally Hansen "Mellow Yellow"
    • Dotting tool
    • Striping brush


    Step 1

    Packers Nail Art: Step 1

    Begin with a base coat for each nail's design.

    Step 2

    Packers Nail Art: Step 2

    Paint half the pinkie nail green using the polish's normal brush, as well as painting yellow stripes with the regular brush. Using the striping brush, paint a green oval on the thumbnail. And using the dotting tool, paint random darker yellow dots.

    Step 3

    Packers Nail Art: Step 3

    Using the striping brush, paint the white "G" of the Packers logo and the green stripes beside the yellow ones. Apply dots of the lighter yellow overlapping the dark yellow spots to complete the "cheese" pattern. Finish with a top coat and let dry.

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    Seattle Seahawks nail design tutorial
    New England Patriots nail design tutorial

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    Green Bay Packers vs Seattle Seahawks

    Green Bay Packers nail design

    Try the full nail tutorial >>

    Seattle Seahawks nail design

    Try the full nail tutorial >>

    New England Patriots vs. The Indianapolis Colts

    New England Patriots nail design

    Try the full nail tutorial >>

    Indianapolis Colts nail design

    Try the full nail tutorial >>

    See all football nail art >>

    Denver Broncos nail design
    Dallas Cowboys nail design
    San Francisco 49ers nail design

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    Now, the reason behind Meng Wang's lawsuit has come to take on different meanings for different people. Some believe she's pissed off because she tried on the socks, which she purchased for $8 at a Duane Reade pharmacy, and they failed to provide an instant leg massage that would keep the blood moving through her legs.

    Others, like the New York Post, suggest she's just bitter because Kushyfoot, which, judging by its sexy ads, promotes its brand to women who may be looking to increase their sexual desirability (when they're not just trying to buy a pair of goddamn socks because it's 20 degrees outside and feet get cold) and hinted at the possibility that its product would give her an orgasm, and apparently: it was a big "no" for the big "O."

    Kushyfoot vibrating socks

    Kushyfoot vibrating socks

    A bit of a stretch, I would say.

    Like millions of people, this woman likely suffers from foot pain and discomfort and was looking for something to help. After all, there are pantyhose that do aid with circulation, as flight attendants and airline workers (who are on their poor feet all day) will tell you. The difference is: They cost about $90.

    Most of us have been taught at a very young age not to believe everything — um anything? — that we read on the labels of products that promise us youth, supreme beauty or immense pleasure. Unless you're ingesting a highly illegal substance (and we're not suggesting you do this) you are one hopeless romantic to believe the makers of a product that costs less than a Venti at Starbucks are in the business of delivering you a quality orgasm or even a tiny sliver of foot comfort. There's a better chance you'll strike vagina gold while sipping that Caramel Latte.

    I would seriously hate to see what this woman’s medicine cabinet looks like.

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