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    Harem Pants

    All right, stop, it's harem time. Whether you're a fan of the M.C. Hammer-inspired trend or not, there's no denying the fact that harem pants are about as comfy cozy as they come. We love 'em in all prints, patterns, colors and fabrics for fall. Don a tucked-in tank or tee with a fitted jacket thrown on over top to pull together a cutting-edge outfit that's anything but pajama-like.

    Harem pants

    Gypsy Junkies Suzette Track Pants (Nastygal.com, $75); Free People Got Me Twisted Harem Pant (Freepeople.com, $78); Cemi Ceri Modern Harem Pant (Shoptiques.com, $29)


    If a onesie is your idea of snuggly, please ditch the plaid PJs for day and rock a rad romper instead. We're not talking about the tight, cling-to-your-body type. Oh no, what we've got in mind is more along the loose lines: Think lightweight, silky and cotton jumpsuits that feature a relaxed fit and are perfect for lounging in. Pair yours with some pretty pumps and a tailored blazer for work to really strike the right style note.


    V-Neckline Jumpsuit in Velvet (Chicnova.com, $143); J. Crew Collection Spike Printed Silk Jumpsuit (Net-a-porter.com, $250); Treasure & Bond Boiler Jumpsuit (Nordstrom.com, $98)

    Big T-shirts

    You can finally quit stealing from your boyfriend's closet. Oversized tees aren't just meant to be worn to bed anymore; they're now a fashion statement all their own. Take a hint from all the cool girls though, and make sure you wear yours with something tight on the bottom to balance things out a bit. You don't want to look like you're literally drowning in clothes.

    Baggy shirts

    Hanna Beth x The Style Club Black Heart Long Tee (Thestyleclub.com, $25); Oversized T-Shirt by Suzanne Rae (Joinerynyc, $165); ASOS Oversized T-Shirt (Asos.com, $38)

    Leggings (or legging-like jeans)

    Never tried the whole leggings-as-pants thing? Then you're totally missing out on a tried-and-true trend, ladies. Not only do leggings boast an elastic waistband, which is amazing in and of itself, but nowadays many brands are incorporating stretch in their skinny jeans as well so you can look dressed to the nines anytime and not have to unbutton your denim after dinner. Hey, always an added plus, right? Remember to style yours with a long blouse or chambray shirt that hits right below the widest part of your hips/butt/thighs for a slimming effect.


    DSTLD Mid Rise Second Skinny Legging (Dstldjeans.com, $85); TROA Crosby Mid-Rise Cigarette Jeans (Barneys.com, $275); Textured Leather Look Leggings (Topshop.com, $44)

    Oversized sweaters

    The ultimate curl-up-with-a-good-book-by-the-fire attire, oversized sweaters are absolutely a staple for autumn. To avoid the just-rolled-out-of-bed look, however, you should shop for sweaters with girly embellishments or jazz up a simple sweater with a statement necklace. Comfort has never looked so haute.

    Oversized sweaters

    Cold Shoulder Oversized Sweater (Tobi.com, $62); BCBG Katlin Oversized Embellished Sweatshirt (BCBG.com, $71); UNIF Jumbo Plaid Sweater (Shopbop.com, $88)

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    Basic. Yes, a feminized curse word for the modern age. Although Allure didn't originate the term, the mag got a lot of criticism over the summer when it called Lauren Conrad the quintessential basic b**** in a story about the typecasting of women into one of four roles. The basic lady sports nude Essie polish, sausage curls and "swears her Louboutins are cutting edge." (Did you sense the uppity-ness in that description, too?)

    Suddenly, it seemed like describing your style as "basic" was one of the worst insults you could get. I keep hearing the word, and always with a negative connotation. No woman wants her style to be called "basic." Because basic is so... boring, bland, blah. Or worse yet: attainable. Anyone could pull it off. It could be anyone's style. And no one wants her style to fit in the "everygirl" box, right?

    Well I'd like to turn in a few synonyms for the term. "Basic" style is polished, pretty, sophisticated and classic. It's riding boots and a cozy sweater on a fall day. It's an LBD and a pair of sleek heels for a cocktail party. It's a light pink lip and chic gold accessories for running errands. It's simply gorgeous.

    To name a few men and women who would fit the "basic" style mold? Michael Kors and Karl Lagerfeld, two design greats who sport the exact same look every.single.day. Some of our current style heroines like Kate Middleton, Olivia Palermo, Emma Watson or Victoria Beckham have "classic" tastes. And pretty much every major model's off-duty style right now is "basic." Think Karlie Kloss, Behati Prinsloo, Kendall Jenner or the fabulous Kate Moss.

    Even an all-time fashion icon, Audrey Hepburn, was "basic." She said as much. "My look is attainable," Audrey once uttered. "Women can look like Audrey Hepburn by flipping out their hair, buying the large sunglasses and the little sleeveless dresses." There was nothing particularly remarkable about her look, but when you put it all together? Breathtaking. Boy, did she have style in spades — no one could say her taste wasn't spot on. Today, decades later, people still try to emulate her.

    On most days, I'm probably a "basic" girl. I often sport the hallmarks of classic dressing, and I'm not insulted by the term "basic" in the least. I'm not edgy like Cara Delevingne, or glam like Rihanna but I don't see "basic" as a lack of personality, or proof that I haven't created an original style that works for my sensibilities. If you're confident rocking it, it doesn't matter what you wear, whether you're decked out or simply... basic.

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    I'm not saying there's anything wrong with wanting a clean coochie but the lengths we go to get bare down there are downright harrowing. And for those of us who don't want to pay a stranger to de-beard our clam, sometimes we have to take matters into our own hands. Literally. But it doesn't always go as planned as shown by one woman's (hilariously) tragic tale of gory grooming.

    Reddit user sloanesteel writes: "In an effort to be sexy and save money I decided to wax my own vagina. I researched it online and watched videos and I've had them done professionally since I was 15. I figured if my high school dropout bikini waxer can do it, then so can I."

    Beyonce hair flip

    Gif source

    I totally get this. Not only am I also cheap but I too love learning new things on the interwebs! I once watched a YouTube video about how to fix a flat tire and it also made me overly confident in my (non-existent) skills.

    "I took a Xanax and applied the wax and ripped. Easy peasy! It didn't hurt and the hair was actually coming out," she continues.

    At this point I actually started searching for home waxing kits on Amazon. I mean, it's kind of brilliant right? You don't have to make uncomfortable small talk with a stranger who is eye-to-eye with your Eye of Sauron and you save money! And... then this happened:

    "As I was applying wax to the innermost sensitive area of the vagina my husband came in the room. I was half kneeling half planking over my makeup mirror in a sports bra and nothing else while applying the wax with a tongue depressor. When he came in I screamed "don't look at me!" And tried to do a barrel roll behind my makeup vanity so he couldn't see me."

    Emma Stone freaking out

    Gif source

    First, I love the multitasking of waxing and working out at the same time! Girlfriend is efficient. Second, I would have had exactly the same reaction if my husband had walked in on me bird-dogging over a mirror — and he's seen me birth all our children. I maintain women should still be allowed some mystery, especially when it comes to masochistic beauty routines. Yet regardless of how you feel about your man watching you rip hair off your vulva, one should not roll around naked with wax on their nethers because:

    "As I did this the tongue depressor lodged itself in between my downtown lips and the wax stuck to both sides of the tongue depressor, which was now lodged firmly into place. If you don't know anything about bikini wax, it dries very quickly. I tried to open my legs but the tongue depressor was stuck to both lips and there was nothing I could do."

    Lady Gaga face palm

    Gif source

    I cancelled my Amazon search. This actually happened to a roommate of mine in college. The rest of us tried to help her by shouting things through the door like, "You can use my hair dryer as long as you don't actually touch it to your business end! Turn it on high heat blast!" Since Sloanesteel didn't have such helpful roommates like us she was left to her own devices:

    "So I figured my best bet was to breathe deeply and rip it as fast as I could."

    Monica and Rachel Friends gif

    Gif source

    Famous. Last. Words. Even if you don't have a vagina, I'm guessing your gonads are grimacing in sympathy.

    "I am currently writing this in the lobby of Urgent Care while wearing an adult diaper because I ripped a 2-inch section of flesh off of my vagina and am bleeding rather profusely," she concludes.

    Demi Lovato gif

    Gif source

    Don't say you never learned anything from the internet!

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    Sadly, non-Disney humans are only about a quarter as hairy. If you were born with beautifully bouncy and voluminous locks, you can probably rig up a French braid in no time and get the Elsa seal of approval. For the rest of us with normally endowed scalps, here are some little hints to get hair to maximum Disney fanciness.

    1. Create big volume with hot rollers

    Curling irons are a good alternative, but nothing will give you that bouncy, root-boosted look that a good bake under the rollers will. If you're all in, give your hair a mist or two of hairspray while it's setting.

    Before: Sad, greasy and limp (and faintly pink because there's no such thing as semi-permanent hair color for blondes).

    Before Hair

    After: Happy and bouncy and full! It's like uppers for your hair! Wee! Too bad you're about to destroy it all!

    After Hair

    2. Texturize with volumizing powder and/or dry shampoo


    If you've never used volumizing powder, think of it as dry shampoo with 'roid rage: It'll give you a bigger, bulkier, way less clean-looking result. To use, sprinkle a little on your fingertips and then work in at the roots, pulling your fingers away from the scalp to extend the volume. It's also a great texturizer, so get it into your ends as well (don't have any? Dry shampoo will do).

    3. Tease all over, not just the crown

    Volume Once

    Since we want this braid to be big 'n' fat, spread the teasing love down to the ends of your hair so it will look thicker when it's in the tail and will be less likely to slide around. At this point, your hair would probably make a Texas beauty queen blush, but it doesn't need to be purdy now. Just big.

    Volume Twice

    Optional step: Roll your eyes at your husband, who is now laughing at how gigantic your hair looks.

    Stop it srsly

    4. Create an anchor before you braid

    Anchor it

    As you separate the top three pieces of hair to be braided, gather the middle one into a ponytail and secure with a small, clear elastic. Then, secure the elastic to your head with a bobby pin. This little trick will help anchor the whole braid and keep the volume on top from being crushed as you work downwards.

    5. Go slowly!

    You've just spent, like, half an hour teasing and curling and abusing your hair. Take your time as you braid. If you feel it doesn't look right, gently undo a few plaits and do it again.

    6. Give the ends a little boost before starting your tail

    Anchor it

    When all of your hair is incorporated into the braid and you begin the free end, pause and lay each of the three strands out. It helps to have one on each side and one in the back. Give each one a little once-over with your teasing brush. As you finish the braid, don't plait too tightly and secure with an elastic about an inch down from the last plait (this will give you room to pull and tug at it later).

    7. Create some bobby pin "scaffolding"

    Bobby bobby pin pin

    As you pull the braid to give it more body, some top parts may want to come loose. Stick a few pins underneath the sides to keep them perky and in place.

    8. Pile on the hairspray


    Just go for it. Get it on the bottom, on the top, and bask in an acrid cloud of sweet, sweet chemicals. You're about to do some deconstructing so we want every hair to brace itself.

    9. Pull the braid (gently!) from the bottom to fluff it out

    Pull it Twist it Bop it

    If you pull from the top, you'll loosen the plaits too much. If you have layers and some hair pokes out, gently tuck it through to the back of your braid and seal it down with a little styling wax. No one will ever know, and if it doesn't look perfect, whatever. You're not CG animated, after all.

    10. Do the "lift and set"

    The lift and set

    This is a neat one. Gently grab the braid from the back of your head and (gently!) pull up and away from your scalp. Spray some hairspray on the sides and under, and wait for it to dry before letting go. Bazinga, even more volume.

    11. Tease yo' bangs!

    Bang it out

    If you don't have bangs, just loosen the front of your 'do and proceed. For the bangers, tease your fringe from behind and coax it into a backwards wave.

    Now this is where a lot of Elsa impersonators get it wrong: Elsa's hair was governed by fantasy world gravity, which let her pompadour float about with effortless grace. If you try to go full on pomp, you'll end up looking like you have a weird mullet with a braid trying to sneak out the back door. Just arrange the bangs in a flattering, realistic way and you'll be fine. Promise.

    12. Add definition with styling wax

    Fiddle dee dee

    Get the ends of your bangs all Elsa-y and defined by twisting in some styling wax or light gel. Shellac the whole shebang with shehairspray one last time.

    Boom! You're basically a Disney princess now.

    How to DIY an Elsa Frozen Halloween costume >>

    Good job hair

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    Why we're obsessed

    This look has a sassy "you can look, but you can't touch" vibe we simply adore. Nina's all covered up, sure, but she's incorporated sheer fabrics, high slits and luxe pieces that really make her stand out from the crowd.

    Nina Dobrev

    How to style the look

    Most gals have a leather jacket and black top lying around their closet, so this look is actually pretty simple to recreate. The key? Find a statement piece to build your outfit around (like Nina's chic pink maxi skirt) and pair with luxe accessories for a high fashion look.

    How to Style the Look: Nina Dobrev paris look

    1. Women's Faux Leather Moto Jacket (oldnavy.gap.com, $50)
    2. Tees by Tina Sorbtek Racer Back Tank in Black (teesbytina.com, $42)
    3. Alice & You Light Pink Pleated Maxi Skirt (us.dorothyperkins.com, $27)
    4. Felix + Iris Julietta Frame (available as sunglasses) (felixandiris.com, prices vary based on prescription) 
    5. Double Fold Over Clutch in Burgundy (dailylook.com, $45) 
    6. Mr. Kate Forcella Ring (shop.mrkate.com, $42)
    7. JustFab Mindie Flat (justfab.com, $40)
    8. CoverGirl Instaglam Ready, Set, Gorgeous Foundation (drugstore.com, $9) 

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    Jessica Alba's colorful combo
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    Your IP : - Country : - City:
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    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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    1. "$#&@$#&@?!?!?!?!!"

    16 Things that go through your mind after a sucky haircut 1

    Photo credit: giphy

    2. "It'll grow back… It'll grow back…"

    Things that go through your mind after a sucky haircut 2

    Photo credit: giphy

    3. "That's it. You're moving."

    Things that go through your mind after a sucky haircut 3

    Photo credit: hercampus

    4. "That time you wondered what it would be like to cut your hair with garden shears? Way better than this."

    Things that go through your mind after a sucky haircut 4

    Photo credit: giphy

    5. "Good thing you're single."

    Things that go through your mind after a sucky haircut 5

    Photo credit: giphy

    6. "You're in danger girl."

    Things that go through your mind after a sucky haircut 6

    Photo credit: killzmeded

    7. "Where's Pharrell's hat when you need it?"

    Things that go through your mind after a sucky haircut 7

    Photo credit: giphy

    8. "It's not so bad… you know, when your eyes are shut."

    Things that go through your mind after a sucky haircut 8

    Photo credit:giphy

    9. You say, "I… love it?" to the hairdresser, while inner you is all…

    Things that go through your mind after a sucky haircut 9

    Photo credit: giphy

    10. "Well maybe if you… What if you tried… You could always… Nope, your hair is the antichrist."

    Things that go through your mind after a sucky haircut 10

    Photo credit: giphy

    11. "That time Mom had to cut gum out of your hair? Yep, still better."

    Things that go through your mind after a sucky haircut 11

    Photo credit: giphy

    12. "Does she get the tip or do you?"

    Things that go through your mind after a sucky haircut 12

    Photo credit: giphy

    13. "This calls for a mix tape."

    Things that go through your mind after a sucky haircut 13

    Photo credit: giphy

    14. "Time to grab the wig off the mannequin and haul ass."

    16 Things that go through your mind after a sucky haircut 14

    Photo credit: giphy

    15. "That time you were dared to shave your head in college? Still. Better."

    Things that go through your mind after a sucky haircut 15

    Photo credit: giphy

    16. "How has it not grown out yet?" – You, 12 minutes after leaving the salon

    Things that go through your mind after a sucky haircut 16

    Photo credit: keepcalm-andwatchfriends.tumblr

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    Step 1:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 1

    Apply a white cream shadow as a base. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk is perfect for this.

    Step 2:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 2

    Use your finger to blend from your lash line all the way up to your brow.

    Step 3:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 3

    Take that same white pencil and line your inner rim to give eyes a larger appearance.

    Step 4:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 4

    Pat a white eyeshadow all over the lid.

    Step 5:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 5

    Using a purple pencil liner, draw a line just above your natural crease. Barbie is rocking a cut crease, in case you haven’t noticed. I used Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Vice.

    Step 6:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 6

    Next, take a matte violet shadow like Urban from the Urban Decay Electric Palette and smudge out the line you just drew with a pencil brush.

    Step 7:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 7

    Extend your purple cut crease past the inner corner of your eye to make eyes appear wider.

    Step 8:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 8

    Using your same purple liner, draw a straight line, starting at the outer corner of your eye.

    Step 9:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 9

    Use your pencil brush to soften and blend the line out.

    Step 10:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 10

    Taking a crease brush, dip into a magenta color like Jilted in the Urban Decay Electric Palette and soften out your top edge, working the pink into the purple color.

    Step 11:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 11

    Use a makeup wipe to clean up and sharpen your outer edge.

    Step 12:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 12

    Using your purple liner, draw along lower lash line.

    Step 13:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 13

    Take your pencil brush dipped into Urban and smudge it out.

    Step 14:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 14

    Apply mascara to bottom lashes.

    Step 15:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 15

    Apply white shadow to your brow bone to highlight this area and add more dimension.

    Step 16:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 16

    Using a black liquid liner, line your top lash line. Too Faced 3-Way Lash Lining Tool is really easy to use!

    Step 17:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 17

    Cut a false lash strip in two sections. One small, one large. Place the smaller piece on the outer corner of your eye, just past where it ends.

    Step 18:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 18

    Apply the other lash section to your lower lash line.

    Step 19:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 19

    Find the most unnatural, longest false lashes you can get your hands on and place those along your top lash line.

    Step 20:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 20

    Apply mascara to fuse your lashes together.

    Step 21:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 21

    Apply a candy pink blush like Kat Von D Everlasting Blush in Love Song.

    Step 22:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 22

    Using a medium pink lip liner, line lips, exaggerating the peaks of your top lip. I used NYX Slim Lip Pencil in Pinky. Take the liner just a little bit past the corners of your mouth for a creepy perms-smile.

    Step 23:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 23

    Fill in lips with a bubblegum pink shade. I used Tarte's 12-Hour Performance Lipstick in Whimsy, which is sadly discontinued, but Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids in Pink Pop would be a good stand-in.

    Step 24:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 24

    Go back in with your lip liner if necessary to clean up any areas.

    Step 25:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 25

    Now throw on your super-blond wig and some blue contacts if needed and go meet your Ken doll!

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    • White glue
    • Brush
    • Small mixing dish
    • Any nail polish
    • A few drops of water


    Step 1: 

    DIY peel off base coat Step 1

    Squeeze a small amount of white glue onto your mixing dish and add a few drops of water.

    Step 2: 

    DIY peel off base coat Step 2

    With your brush, mix your glue and water until solution is uniform.

    Step 3: 

    DIY peel off base coat Step 3

    Apply your base coat with your brush to your clean nails.

    Step 4:

    DIY peel off base coat Step 4

    Let your base coat dry. It will go on white, but it will dry to a clear finish. Make sure it is completely dry before you apply your nail polish.

    Step 5:

    DIY peel off base coat Step 5

    Apply your nail polish as you would regularly.

    Step 6:

    DIY peel off base coat Step 6

    Once you get bored of your polish, simply use an orange stick to gently peel back your nail polish.

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    How to do a chevron pattern with nail polish
    Gilded gold leaf daubed nail art

    0 0

    DIY Elsa dress Halloween costume

    Easy DIY Elsa Dress Halloween Costume


    • Lace shirt (cream, blue or nude)
    • 2 yards stretchy light blue knit
    • 2 yards teal lace
    • Matching thread
    • Double needle (optional)
    • Sparkly earrings
    • White or flesh-colored shoes


    Step 1. Fold your 2 yards of knit fabric in half, with the stretch of the fabric going across the fabric, as shown. Measure right above your bust (where the top of the tube dress will sit) and divide this number in half. Use this as the top measurement of your tube dress, as shown, then cut the rest of the dress as shown, making it as flared at the hem as you'd like.

     Elsa's dress

    Step 2. Fold your 2 yards of lace in half, as shown. Cut a cape-like shape, making the measurement of the top wide enough to fit across your back and end under your armpits.

    Step 3. Take your dress and fold it in half with right sides of the fabric together and sew it from the top to the bottom with a straight stitch, as shown. Turn right side out and press your seam flat with an iron.

    Elsa's dress last step

    Step 4. Take the top of your dress and fold the top over, as shown. Pin in place, and then pin the lace cap to the folded edge as well. Sew all the way around the opening with a straight double stitch (using your double needle). [Using the double needle will allow for some stretch so you can pull it over your bust and avoid having to use elastic. Alternatively you can use a zigzag stitch, although it doesn't allow for quite as much stretch.]

    Step 5. Cut the dress to your desired length, and cut a slit if you'd like.

    To complete the look, wear the dress over a cream, blue or nude lace top (like this one from Maurices), throw on a pair of sparkly earrings, like these ones, and do your hair in the classic Elsa braid using this hair tutorial! Throw on a pair of white or nude colored shoes and then let it go all Halloween night long!

    DIY Ariel Halloween costume

    Easy DIY Ariel Halloween Costume


    • 2 yards teal or green knit fabric
    • 1/4-inch elastic (enough for your waist and your ankles)
    • Oversized white tee
    • Light purple fabric paint
    • Cardboard
    • Sponge brush
    • Yellow purse (or stuffed Flounder)
    • Red wig


    For the mermaid skirt:

    Step 1. Fold 1 yard of your fabric in half with the stretch of the fabric going across the width, as shown. Cut a simple tube skirt (either using a fitted skirt you already own or your measurements as a guide).

    the Mermaid skirt:

    Step 2. Fold the second yard of fabric in half with the stretch of the fabric going across the length, as shown. Cut a symmetrical half circle as big as your fabric will allow, and then cut a symmetrical circle in the middle to make it a donut shape. This will be the bottom of the skirt for the "mermaid tail."

    Step 3. Take the tube skirt and fold it in half with right sides of the fabric together and sew along the back of the skirt from top to bottom with a straight stitch, as shown.

    Step 4. Measure loosely around your ankles (where the end of the tube skirt will meet the ruffle), and cut a piece of elastic in that length. Sew the ends of the elastic together to make a loop, and then stretch it to pin all the way around the opening of the skirt ruffle. Sew all the way around the skirt opening, stretching the elastic as you sew. Once you finish sewing and let go of the elastic, it will scrunch up and become a ruffle.

    Step 5. Pin the ruffle on the skirt with right sides together (as shown), and sew across the elastic again, stretching as you sew.

    Step 6. Fold the waistband of the skirt over and sew around it with a straight stitch. Leave a few inches open, as shown, and then insert a piece of elastic cut to your waist measurement. Once the elastic is inserted, sew the ends together, then tuck them inside the waistband and sew the waistband completely closed.

    For the mermaid top:

    the mermaid top:

    I'm not one to let it all hang out on Halloween, so I came up with a cute and covered-up alternative for Ariel's upper half — a fun seashell bra painted crop top!

    Step 1. Cut a piece of cardboard in a seashell shape.

    Step 2. Cut your cardboard up, as shown, to create lines in the seashell.

    Step 3. Take a white T-shirt and cut off the bottom to your desired length. Then try the shirt on and mark with a pin where you want each seashell painted.

    Step 4. Using a sponge brush, paint each piece of cardboard and then stamp each piece 1 by 1 until your seashells are painted.

    Mermaid top

    Pair your seashell crop top with your mermaid skirt, and then finish the look with a red wig, red lipstick and a stuffed Flounder fish (or a bright yellow bag like I did for a little modern take on the look!).

    DIY Belle Halloween costume

    Easy DIY Belle Halloween Costume


    • Blue dress/skirt
    • White button up shirt
    • 1/2 yard white cotton fabric
    • 1-1/2 or 2 yards white ribbon (2-3 inches wide)
    • 1/8 yard blue cotton fabric
    • Black shoes
    • Books or wicker basket


    Belle was my favorite Disney princess growing up, and although her famous yellow dress is beautiful, I went for a more simple and classic look with her white and blue outfit.

    Belle dress

    I started with a blue dress (this one from Shabby Apple) then layered a white shirt underneath for the collar and long-sleeved look. But you could use a blue skirt or dress you already own (or make yourself one using this easy circle skirt tutorial, .

    The classic pieces that make this outfit are the apron and the bow, and those are both easy to make!

    For the apron:

    Step 1. Cut a rectangular piece of fabric as long as you want, and about 30 inches wide. Sew across the top of the rectangle (along the long side) with a basting (super wide) stitch.

    For the apron:

    Step 2. Pull the threads on either side to gather the fabric.

    Step 3. Fold over the edges of the other 3 (non-gathered) sides of the fabric and hem them with a straight stitch.

    Step 4. Place the ribbon across the gathered edge and sew together with a straight stitch, as shown.

    For the bow:

    Step 1. Cut a long strip of fabric about 36 inches long and 4 inches wide.

    For the bow:

    Step 2. Fold the fabric in half and sew into a long tube, as shown. Cut 1 of the short sides at an angle, and then sew up that side too, as shown.

    Step 3. Turn the tube right side out by pushing a pencil into the pointed side and then scrunching the fabric down the pencil until the pointed side comes out. Cut the other edge at an angle and then tuck the raw edges inside and sew across it with a straight stitch.

    Step 4. Tie up into a pretty bow!

    Finish the look with a middle part and low ponytail, then tie that ribbon around your ponytail, grab a couple of books or a wicker basket, throw on some black shoes and go find your Prince Charming!

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    1. Cruella de Vil

    1. Cruella de Vil

    NEW VIDEO!! Go to youtube.com/brimariefox to find out how you can transform yourself into Cruella De Vil this Halloween! #youtube #makeuptutorial #halloweenmakeup #halloween #cruella #cruelladevil #cruelladeville
    Photo Credit: missbrimarie/Instagram

    2. Glittery mermaid

    2. Glittery Mermaid

    Another pix from yesterday's tutorial, Glitter Mermaid Makeup. Check it out YouTube - KickAss Makeup #kickassmakeup #makeupmob #makeupjunkie #mermaid #makeupartist #makeuplover #makep #mermaidmakeup #mermaidbarbie #mermads #mermaidwig #glitter #Halloweenmakeup #Halloween #urbandecay #occliptar #blue #bluewig #purple #eyeshadow #Technopagan #heavymetalgilitter
    Photo Credit: kickass_makeup/Instagram

    3. Laryngitis, HA

    3. Laryngitis, HA

    Because everything's better with squidgey sound effects #halloween #blood #bloodandguts #halloweenmakeup #creepin #zombie #gore #mykie_ #gelatin #quickie #mua #makeupartist #m7fx #spfx #makeupjunkie #makeupaddict #makeupmafia #makeupdolls #prosthetics #thesquidge
    Photo Credit: m7fx/Instagram

    4. Pumpkin

    4. Pumpkin

    Changed up the eyes a bit. #pumpkinhead #pumpkin #halloweencostume #halloweenmakeup #halloween #valerievixenart
    Photo Credit: mckenziesays/Instagram

    5. Stationery gone wrong

    5. Stationary Gone Wrong

    #tbt #halloweenmakeup #sfxmakeup #halloween #makeupunplugged #pencil
    Photo Credit: makeupunplugged/Instagram

    6. Spiderwebs

    6. Spiderwebs

    #halloween #halloweenmakeup
    Photo Credit: beinspired708/Instagram

    7. Avatar

    7. Avatar

    We LOVE this Avatar make-up look sent in by Louise Yafai on twitter.. now all it needs is a pair of our #AVATAR lenses. Available online for £6.99 a pair ? #huntordye #halloween #makeupideas #halloweenmakeup #specialfxmakeup #avatarmakeup #avatarlenses #halloween2014 #freeukdelivery #selfie
    Photo Credit: huntordye/Instagram

    8. Beetlejuice

    8. Beetlejuice

    https://www.elainabadro.com/shopHALLOWEEN MONTH!! @alanadawn Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!!!
    Photo Credit: elainabadro/Instagram

    9. Cat fight?

    9. Cat Fight?

    Day #3 of 31 days of Halloween makeup. Clawed face;) #halloweenmakeup #halloween #makeup #makeupfx #fx #specialfx #specialeffectsmakeup #makeupartist #claw #tornface #gore #glamandgore #blindeye #mauled
    Photo Credit: barbell_barbie147/Instagram

    10. Pop art

    10. Pop Art

    This is what happens when we have nothing to do on a Friday night... We have no lives hahha but seriously well done Louise #bodyart#painting#art#amazing#louise#halloweenmakeup#popart#incredible#sotalented#loveher
    Photo Credit: emer_hennessy/Instagram

    11. Clowning around

    11. Clowning Around

    Keep Calm and Clown On #halloween #clown #makeup #facepaint #bodyart #clowns #scaryclown #sexyclown #clowncostume #halloweenmakeup #clownaround #art #artist #makeupartist facepainter #clownmakeup #makeupbylolly #facepainting
    Photo Credit: explauraaa/Instagram

    12. Zombie pinup

    12. Zombie Pinup

    Me as a dead/zumbi pin up girl #makeup #beauty #pausaparafeminices #zombie #julianabalduino #makeupartist #halloween #pinup #dramaticmakeup #darkmakeup #halloweenmakeup
    Photo Credit: elaineserpamakeup/Instagram

    13. Bride of Frankenstein

    13. Bride of Frankenstein

    Bride of Frankenstein #makeup #halloween #halloweenmakeup #October #brideofFrankenstein #brideofFrankensteinmakeup
    Photo Credit: poes_cat/Instagram

    14. #IHaveNoIdeaButILoveIt

    14. #IHaveNoIdeaButILoveIt

    @carlasakrzewski @arccreative #mua #motd #makeup #makeupartist #halloween #halloweenmakeup #eotd #fotd #beauty #glamour
    Photo Credit: primeandprep/Instagram

    15. Fierce with a capital F

    15. Fierce With a Capital F

    #makeupartistry #Halloweenmakeup #halloween #makeup #fierce #eyelashes #eyes #eyemakeup #eyemakeupobsession #eyebrows #eyelashes #popofcolor #boldcolors #boldlipstick #boldlips #cheeks #bebold #pretty #prettyhalloween
    Photo Credit: julissabruce/Instagram

    16. The Exorcist

    16. The Exorcist

    The exorcist! #makeupartist #makeup #halloweenmakeup #fxmakeup #theexorcist #horror #terror #darkness #halloweencharacter #character #fx #custome #halloweencustome #clubkid #halloween #medusasmakeup #mehronmakeupofficial
    Photo Credit: shaulrivas/Instagram

    17. Sugar skull

    17. Sugar Skull

    First off with an ultra close up of my time consuming #sugarskullmakeup I'm in love with the way this came out and not too bad for my first try. #tellmewhatyouthink #sugarskull #sugarskullhalloween #halloweenmakeup #halloween #makeup #makeupartist #mua #october #oct #skull #candyskull #colors #bold #bright #colorful #detail #beautycommunity #iheartmakeup #play #fun #makeuplover #lashes #blackliner
    Photo Credit: kleemua/Instagram

    18. Glam cobweb

    18. Glam Cobweb

    Not too shabby for the first try #HalloweenMakeup @md_makeupp Inspired by the beautiful #Lovekoleee
    Photo Credit: mdoradea/Instagram

    19. Skeleton

    19. Skeleton

    #halloween #halloweenmakeup#makeup #motd #makeuplook #makeupoftgeday #mylook
    Photo Credit: prettyfacesbycha/Instagram

    20. The Nightmare Before Christmas

    20. Nightmare Before Christmas

    The lady from nightmare before Christmas. #halloween #halloweencostumes #costumes #fashion #halloweencostume #halloweenideas #costume #love #october #halloweenfun #edm #instadaily #swag #style #halloweenmakeup #instalike #idealyyours #cute #rave #fbf #spooky #awesome #cool #motd
    Photo Credit: vinn12111/Instagram

    21. Zipper. Face.

    19. Zipper. Face.

    Zipper Face!! #tammakeup #halloweenmakeup
    Photo Credit: tam_rapp247/Instagram

    22. Ursula

    22. Ursula

    Once again turned @ahartt921 into Ursula today in #esthetics at @mastersofcosmetology for orientation #esthetician #motd #villainmakeup #disneyvillainmakeup #littlemermaidmakeup #happyhalloween #halloweeneveryday #halloween #halloweenmakeup
    Photo Credit: sabrinaoleana/Instagram

    23. Devil(ish)

    23. Devil(ish)

    Who’s gearing up for Halloween? Check out @chrisspy's devilish Halloween inspired look she created by double stacking Ardell #113 lashes! Head over to YouTube/ChrisspyMakeup to watch her mind-blowing tutorial.
    Photo Credit: ardell_lashes/Instagram

    24. Chucky

    24. Chucky

    Chucky follow my girl @makeupbydazling @makeupbydazling #makeup #halloween #halloweenmakeup #chucky #creep #creepy #killer #brideofchucky #halloweeninspiration #scary #scarymovies #creepydoll #kill #follow
    Photo Credit: backsquatbeauty/Instagram

    25. Retro chic

    25. Retro Chic

    Retro #motd #colorfulmakeup #makeupforever #gorgeous #halloweenmakeup #stellar #makeup
    Photo Credit: makeupdiamonds/instagram

    26. Coolest. Zombie. Ever.

    26. Coolest. Zombie. Ever.

    How striking is the teal base in this zombie Halloween look by the amazingly talented @ssssamanthaa We love it! #houseofglamdolls #makeup #mua #makeupartist #motd #beauty #bbloggers #cosmetics #instamakeup #glamdoll #glamour #glamaween #halloween #halloweenmakeup
    Photo Credit: houseofglamdolls/Instagram

    27. Spider

    27. Spider

    #spider #beauty #halloweenSFX #halloweenmakeupideas #halloweencantcomesoonenough #halloweenmakeup #makeup #mua #gothic
    Photo Credit: rabidbeautydotcom/Instagram

    28. Masquerade

    28. Masquerade

    Inspired by @stjima #mua #alldolledup #maccosmetics #macartist #work #ilovemakeup #pretty #ilovemyjob #macgirl #makeupmobb #makeupjunkie #ilovemacgirls #maclife #wakeupandmakeup #motd #makeuplife #mufe #blendthatshit #beatthatface #makeupdolls #bloodymasquerade #stjima #masquerade #halloween #halloweenmakeup spooky
    Photo Credit: all_d0ll3d_up/Instagram

    29. Dia de los Muertos

    29. Dia de los Muertos

    Halloween time!!! #Halloween #halloweenmakeup #diadelosmuertos #dayofthedead #makeup #makeupartist
    Photo Credit: sirena_beauty_service/Instagram

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    Don't skip trims

    If you're trying to grow your hair out, skipping trims seems like the obvious choice, but once you start collecting split ends that break and destroy the shape of your hair, you'll regret it.

    Do sleep on silk or satin pillowcases

    Satin sheets might seem like a cheesy '70s love scene waiting to happen, but using a silk or satin pillowcase can help twofold in reducing split ends and, as some evidence shows, wrinkles. The fabric allows your skin to slip lightly across the fabric instead of pulling and creating lines.

    Don't cut your own bangs

    Are you a hair stylist? If you answered no, put down the scissors. No matter how simple it seems, cutting your own bangs is a dangerous game that even some pros don't attempt. Better safe than sorry.

    Do protect from UV rays and heat

    To prevent heat damage, turn down your heated styling tools to the bare minimum heat you need to get your ideal style. And before you begin styling, spray a heat protectant spray like Aveda's Brilliant Damage Control, which protects your hair from thermal damage, UV rays and reduces breakage.

    Don't wear too-tight ponytails

    Some women think a tight ponytail gives them a free facelift, but too-tight ponytails can have effects on your skin in the form of dryness around the scalp and hairline. Plus, it hurts, and looser ponytails are en vogue.

    Do eat for healthy hair

    Foods like salmon, avocado, walnuts, sweet potatoes, eggs, Greek yogurt and blueberries deliver essential nutrition for healthy hair and skin. Plus, avocado, eggs and Greek yogurt can be applied directly to the hair as a masque. Who knew?

    Don't smoke

    OK, so this one is a little harder to achieve if you're already a smoker, but the sooner you quit, the sooner your entire body — including your hair — can repair itself. Research suggests that smoking causes thinner hair, so kick the habit.

    Do braid before bed

    If you have long hair, you go to battle every night for the integrity of your hair. Wearing your hair down or in a loose ponytail allows your mane to run along your pillowcase as you move your hair, potentially causing breakage and split ends. To prevent this, braid your hair into two pigtails that lay on your sides. And who knows, maybe your significant other will love this look.

    More hair care: 

    Bed-to-work hair in minutes
    How to spike your favorite hair oil
    What you should know about dyeing your hair violet

    0 0

    Choose the right color

    Well, more like colors. You can create depth and dimension in thin locks by simply highlighting and lowlighting. An expert hairstylist will know exactly what to do, so find a stylist that specializes in thin hair. By using thickening shadows — or darker under-layers that top light layers can sit on — your expert stylist can create a shadow effect that makes your tresses appear thicker. An alternative is textured weaves, or using light and dark colors to capture dimension and mimic texture.

    Vet your local stylist by asking for photo examples of their work, or just ask your thin-haired friends for recommendations. Aveda has an app available on iPhone that will give you color, styling and relaxation advice, just in case stress is the cause of your thinning. You can even take photos and upload your progress as time goes on.

    Choose the right cut

    Thin hair needs texture. That's thin hair 101, but there are specific hair-cutting techniques that can make your hair appear thicker. Short, square layers, layered bobs, mid-length layers and pixie cuts work especially well on women with thin hair.

    Not sure if you're ready to take the pixie plunge? Try these various styles out on your face using one of the many makeover apps online. Take a front-facing photo of yourself, upload it and switch out each style to see if they suit you. If one sparks your interest, it's time to take that photo to a local stylist for a clip sesh.

    Choose the right style

    Cut and color are the foundations of a great head of thicker-looking hair, but styling is what will take the look from good to glam. If you have thin hair, you probably already know that teasing is your best friend. By teasing the crown of your head and each individual element you include in your look, you're creating thicker-looking hair.

    For example, if you're creating a classic pony, you'll want to tease the crown of your hair, then lightly secure the top portion with an elastic. Then, comb the lower portion of your hair toward the secured elastic and place another one directly under it. Finally, secure both ponies with one elastic and tease the pony underneath toward the base. The many elastics, one on top of the other, will appear to contain nothing but hair. For extra oomph, curl the ends of the ponytail for texture.

    Another example is braiding. If you're going to braid your hair, you don't want to just leave it at your standard braid. Braid your hair as normal and secure loosely with an elastic or clip. Then, working gently, separate the individual parts of the braid with your fingers, making it appear thicker and looser.

    This post was sponsored by Aveda.

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    4 Things you should never do with your hair (and 4 you should start doing)

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    1. Thinking of skipping a shampoo? Child, please.

    One day without a shower and thin hair goes from so-so to so greasy. And, in all honesty, the greasiness starts creeping in only a few hours post-shower. Boooooo.

    2. Say hello to scalp sunburn.

    Yes, it's a thing. If you have thick hair, you've likely never experienced the unholy sensation that is your scalp burning. Don't even get us started on the peeling.

    3. We've bookmarked the As Seen On TV site.

    Air Curler, Bumpit, Hot Buns... we've tried every gimmick on the market to give us that thick-haired look. Alas, we haven't enough hair to even hide the bumps and sock buns.

    4. Every single hair product in our arsenal says some variation of "volume."

    Extra body? Check. Added volume? Check. Voluminous? Check. Bedhead? Check.

    5. It takes three hair ties to put hair in a bun, yet it still falls out.

    Buns are a major challenge with thin hair. So it's especially annoying when, after much manipulation, you finally get a bun you're halfway happy with, only for your thin hair to slip through the hair band after an hour.

    6. Speaking of buns, they're comically tiny.

    I mean, like, really little. They look like ping pong balls. You know, of hair. And a messy bun? Yeah, right. Thanks for the chuckle.

    7. Normal hair loss causes major anxiety.

    While we realize everyone loses something like 100 hairs each day, we're 97 percent certain the amount we lose every single time we take a shower is triple that. Or perhaps the loss is merely multiplied because we know we can't afford to lose any of it.

    8. Napping is a death sentence for a cute 'do.

    Thin hair does not respond well to sleep. If you think you've got a cowlick, you've never seen a thin-haired girl after she rolls out of bed.

    9. We have a life mantra: it's "wash the roots, condition the ends."

    There is no other way. All other advice is irrelevant.

    10. It's more than just a surface level problem

    Almost everything can affect hair fullness — stress, nutrition, sleep, hair care products — so we're always on the hunt for simple ways to help improve it from the inside out. Aveda has a new app that's kind of genius — it tracks progress and has several everyday habits to adopt to keep thin hair as full as possible.

    11. It looks oh so good after being blown out...

    But it leaves your hair feeling like straw. Heat styling is the thin-haired girl's biggest frenemy.

    12. See also: Does not hold curl.

    Well, it does when you use an entire can of hairspray, which is pretty much how we roll.

    13. Tangles are the bane of the thin-haired girl's existence.

    Seriously, how can so little hair end up so majorly matted? Going swimming leads to serious contemplation about getting a Demi Moore in G.I. Jane buzz cut.

    14. All we want for Christmas is extensions.

    When all our friends were asking their parents for cell phones or designer jeans for holidays, we were asking for faux hair. That'll do a number on your psyche.

    15. Thick hair envy.

    Rapunzel. The entire cast of Pretty Little Liars. Shakira. We love you, but we kinda hate you, too. Don't take it personally — we're just bitter about your enviably thick locks. Shave them and we'll call it even. Just joking! Sort of. OK, not really. OK, not at all.

    16. Trendy styles are just a pipe dream.

    Oh, you just rocked a big messy braid? If a rat tail and a cornrow met, fell in love and had a baby, that's what my messy braid would look like — the offspring of a rat tail and a cornrow.

    17. We're legitimately concerned about female pattern baldness.

    For real. We actually check for bald patches after showers. And when we pull our hair up. And always.

    18. One word: static.

    Static is an entirely different beast when you have thin hair. You know those orbs with electric currents you put your hand on? That's basically what thin hair with static looks like.

    19. That one thing people are always saying.

    "Wow, you have really thin hair!" Really? Hmm, I hadn't noticed. Thank you for pointing that out.

    This post was sponsored by Aveda.

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    <script src="//dcc4iyjchzom0.cloudfront.net/widget/loader.js" async></script>
    Quiz photo credit: CoffeeAndMilk/GettyImages

    More about hair care

    Why gender-bending hairstyles are good for feminism
    QUIZ: What hair treatment do you need?
    Stop the presses: Ombre is out, sombre is in

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    Hair bow

    Hair bow | Sheknows.com - finished

    Step 1:

    Hair bow | Sheknows.com - step 01

    Begin this look by swooping all hair down onto the nape of the neck.

    Step 2:

    Hair bow | Sheknows.com - step 02

    Make a low ponytail, but don't pull hair all the way through. There will be a loop of hair and a "tail" hanging underneath.

    Step 3:

    Hair bow | Sheknows.com - step 03

    Divide the loop of hair into two sides.

    Step 4:

    Hair bow | Sheknows.com - step 04

    With bobby pins, pin each side of the loop against your head. Make sure the sides look symmetrical. Don't worry about them being perfect though — our hair bow is a little loose and carefree.

    Step 5:

    Hair bow | Sheknows.com - step 05

    Braid the "tail" hanging at the nape of your neck and tie off with a hair tie.

    Step 6:

    Hair bow | Sheknows.com - step 06

    Bring the braided "tail" up and tuck under to hide the end. Bobby pin into place.

    Step 7:

    Hair bow | Sheknows.com - finished

    Tweak bow as needed and you're finished — so cute.

    Fashionista ponytail

    Fashionista Ponytail | Sheknows.com - finished

    Step 1:

    Fashionista Ponytail | Sheknows.com - step 01

    Begin by adding a light wave to your hair.

    Step 2:

    Fashionista Ponytail | Sheknows.com - step 02

    Next, make three ponytails stacking them top to bottom — one high at the crown of your head, the other in the middle and the last one at the nape of your neck. Be sure to give each ponytail a good tug to ensure it's tight.

    Step 3:

    Fashionista Ponytail | Sheknows.com - step 03

    Add a texture spray and lightly back-comb each ponytail to pump up the volume.

    Step 4:

    Fashionista Ponytail | Sheknows.com - step 04

    Take very small sections of hair and braid each section. Be sure to scatter the braids around sporadically so it doesn't look contrived (3-4 small braids are perfect).

    Step 5:

    Fashionista Ponytail | Sheknows.com - step 05

    You're finished. Making three separate ponytails keeps your hair looking full and long — you won't lose any length like you normally do with a regular ponytail — this ponytail is sassy.

    Crown braid

    Crown braid | Sheknows.com - finished

    Step 1:

    Crown braid | Sheknows.com - step 01

    Start a loose braid at your bang area. Keep this braid hugging the crown of your head. If hair falls around your face — leave it! We want this look to be easygoing.

    Step 2:

    Crown braid | Sheknows.com - step 02

    Once the braid is complete, pin it low at the back of your head.

    Step 3:

    Crown braid | Sheknows.com - step 03

    Add a matching braid on the other side and bring around to the back of the head to meet the first braid. Pin the second braid into place (be sure to hide the pins under the hair so they're not seen).

    Crown braid | Sheknows.com - step 04

    Step 4:

    Crown braid | Sheknows.com - step 05

    Take the ends of each braid and tie them in a knot like you're tying a shoelace — same concept. Double knot the ends (like you would a shoelace) and pin to hold into place — be sure to hide the pin.

    Step 5:

    Crown braid | Sheknows.com - finished

    Give hair a light spray of hairspray to hold. Next, prepare for compliments!

    Crown braid | Sheknows.com - finished

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    Step 1:

    Thin hair tutorial | Sheknows.com - step 01

    Spray Aveda's Invati Scalp Revitalizer directly onto the scalp and massage. Spray everywhere you notice thinning hair (spray on scalp up to 16 times). Pro tip: to quickly style after you've sprayed this product, hit hair with a quick blast of your blow dryer... it'll help add volume too.

    Step 2:

    Thin hair tutorial | Sheknows.com - step 03

    Starting at the side of your head, make a diagonal part going back. A side, diagonal part helps camouflage thinning hair.

    Step 3:

    Thin hair tutorial | Sheknows.com - step 04

    Starting right behind your part, gently back-comb your hair to build volume. Repeat this on the next section back.

    Thin hair tutorial | Sheknows.com - step 05

    Step 4:

    Thin hair tutorial | Sheknows.com - step 06

    Throw hair back into place and smooth over gently. Give hair a good spray of hairspray to lock the volume into place.

    Thin hair tutorial | Sheknows.com - step 07

    Step 5:

    Thin hair tutorial | Sheknows.com - step 08

    Gather the top half of your hair into the back of your head and start to make a ponytail, creating a "loop," leaving the "tail" of the ponytail out. Making this "loopy" updo will give the illusion of thick, full hair.

    Thin hair tutorial | Sheknows.com - step 09

    Step 6:

    Thin hair tutorial | Sheknows.com - step 10

    Using bobby pins, pin the loop against your head.

    Step 7:

    Thin hair tutorial | Sheknows.com - step 11

    Gather the bottom half of your hair into the back of your head and make another "loop" and "tail". Bobby pin the loop against your head, as you did the first one.

    Thin hair tutorial | Sheknows.com - step 12

    Step 8:

    Thin hair tutorial | Sheknows.com - step 13

    Take the remaining "tail" ends and pin them around the loops sporadically. Make loop shapes with the ends to create more volume and the illusion of thick hair.

    Thin hair tutorial | Sheknows.com - step 14

    Thin hair tutorial | Sheknows.com - step 15

    Thin hair tutorial | Sheknows.com - step 16

    Thin hair tutorial | Sheknows.com - step 17

    Thin hair tutorial | Sheknows.com - step 18

    Step 9:

    Thin hair tutorial | Sheknows.com - step 19

    Lightly backcomb your bang area to camouflage any thin-looking hair. Pro tip: backcombing is a great trick to make hair appear thicker — doing it lightly ensures you're being gentle with your hair.

    Step 10:

    Thin hair tutorial | Sheknows.com - step 20

    Take the side of your bang area with the least amount of hair and spread it out so it appears thicker. Spray into place with hairspray.

    Thin hair tutorial | Sheknows.com - final hairstyle

    An updo gives hair the appearance of looking thicker than when it's worn all the way down. Although wearing your hair down can appear thicker with a great blow-out, thickening spray/powder and some back-combing, a few of these steps can be skipped if you opt for a quick updo like this.

    Thin hair tutorial | Sheknows.com - final hairstyle

    Thin hair tutorial | Sheknows.com - final hairstyle

    This post was sponsored by Aveda.

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    While some girls slip them on for an afternoon of shopping or running errands around town, others simply have them stashed in their desks or cars to give their feet a break after a long day or night in heels. But are ballet flats really as safe for your soles as you assumed they were? Foot doctors say nuh-uh.

    "Many women think flats are a safer and more comfortable option [than heels]; however, what they don't know is that shoes that are totally flat and have super-thin soles offer little to no cushioning, shock absorption or arch support," notes NYC-based podiatrist Dr. Daniel Drapacz. When ballet flats are worn fairly frequently over an extended period of time, not only will your feet begin to ache, so might other parts of your body, believe it or not.

    "Thin soles that lack arch support can eventually cause your feet to roll inward, stretching ligaments and tendons, and creating pain all the way up to your knees and possibly your hip," warns Drapacz. If your arch collapses, which is a very real possibility for any die-hard flat fan, you might wind up with a very painful condition called plantar fasciitis that triggers an achy, burning sensation along the bottom of feet, making it difficult to walk.

    Other potential problems that could result from a dependence on ballet flats? Tendonitis, stress fractures, inflammation and even back pain, not to mention the fact that a nail, tack or other potentially dangerous object could literally puncture your shoes and pierce right through your feet. Ouch!

    Drapacz says, "If you're shopping for a pair of ballet flats, a good test is if you can fold it up and stuff it in your purse, it's not a shoe that you should be putting on your feet." At least not for extended periods of time, that is. While roll-up flats weren't exactly made for long walks, they are a great emergency shoe to have on hand just in case, points out Santa Monica-based podiatrist and CEO of Foot Products Enterprises, Inc, Dr. Steven L. Rosenberg, DPM. "Think of them as spare tires; you throw them on at the end of the evening when your feet are absolutely killing you," but you don't depend on them to go the distance.

    Midtown Manhattan podiatrist, Dr. Jacqueline M. Sutera, DPM, strongly agrees. "They're more like, 'Ah get me out of my heels so I don't step on pebbles or get splinters type of shoes.' Whatever roll-up flat you can get that has the thickest sole and is constructed of natural materials though is your best bet," she advises.

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    It's time to unleash your inner Blossom by rocking a '90s-inspired Halloween costume. (Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to look through my Delia’s catalog and listen to Hanson while eating Dunkaroos.)

    1. Zack and Kelly

    1. Zack and Kelly

    #tbt #halloween # 2011 #zackandkelly #zack #kelly #bayside #savedbythebell #tigers #throwback #thursday #throwbackthursday.
    Photo credit: tla_3/Instagram

    For. Ever.

    2. Ace Ventura

    Ace Ventura

    #aceventura #petdetective #aaaalllrightythen #likeaglove #blueboutique #costume #halloween #epicatherlee
    Photo credit: epic_atherlee/Instagram

    Alllll righty then!

    3. Miss Frizzle

    Miss Frizzle

    miss frizzle for halloween!
    Photo credit:rradiancee/Instagram

    The Magic School Bus computer game was more addictive than Candy Crush (for realz).

    4. Wayne and Garth

    Wayne and Garth

    Party on wayne, party on garth!
    Photo credit: Angie_c_j/instagram

    Party time, excellent!

    5. Cher and Dionne

    Cher and Dionne

    As IF! @stsakos #clueless #1995
    Photo credit:noelfiorentinos/Instagram

    As if!

    6. Daria and Jane

    Daria and Jane

    Photo credit:katyperry/Twitpic

    Anyone who believes in coffee for everyone is my hero.

    7. Carmen Sandiego

     Carmen Sandiego

    Great job, Gumshoes! We found her! #carmensandiego #baltimore #baltimorecomiccon #cosplay #latergram #fun If you know the cosplayer, please tag her!
    Photo credit: regeneratedarts/Instagram

    Really, the perfect excuse to not show up to the party at all.

    8. Sailor Moon

    Sailor Moon

    Sailor moon gals! #90sparty #grandfinal #afl @laidlerb
    Photo credit:dcrosswell_/Instagram

    I STILL want to be Sailor Moon when I grow up.

    9. Shari and Lamb Chop

    Shari and Lamb Chop

    Photo credit: imgur

    My subconscious has been singing "This is the song that never ends" since grade three.

    10. Spice Girls

    Spice Girls

    people of the world, spice up your life! ❤❤ #babyspice #spicegirls #90sparty #roomies
    Photo credit:julia_kress/Instagram

    Zigazig ah!

    11. Romy & Michele

    Romy & Michele

    Photo credit: peaceloveshea

    You're going to look so good with blond hair and black roots it's like, not even funny.

    12. Gwen Stefani

    Gwen Stefani

    #gwenstefani #90sparty #rummybears #spiderwebs.
    Photo credit: wakeup_lucid/Instagram

    This shit is bananas!

    13. TLC


    Photo credit: mamatosha/instagram

    Crazy sexy cool. Pun intended only a little.

    14. Powerpuff Girls

    Powerpuff Girls

    #Powerpuffgirls are ready to save the world! #90sparty.
    Photo credit: Linnmartine/instagram

    Ready to save the world!

    15. Wilson Wilson

    Wilson Wilson

    Photo credit:imgur

    Heidy ho neighborette!

    16. A Fembot


    Throwback to scream 2012 with this gem
    Photo credit: Lady_eee/Instagram

    Yeah Baby!

    17. Blossom


    I pull up in the Six like my name was #Blossom
    Photo Credit: babyd510/Instagram


    18. Mario and Luigi

    Mario and Luigi

    #carneval #1punktnull #marioluigi
    Photo credit: lenarr_/Instagram

    Who run the world? Girls.

    19. A bad elementary school photo

     A bad elementary school photo

    Photo credit: Imgur

    Unfortunately, I still look like this in pictures.

    20. A Power Ranger

    A Power Ranger

    Pretty Polly Power Rangers! ❤ #prettypolly #tights #costume #halloween #suspender #houseofholland #powerrangers #cute #creative #girls #tights #adorable
    Photo credit: prettypollylegs/Instagram

    Pterodactyl! Stegosaurus! Double cheeseburger with bacon!

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    To get your best Maleficent look, make sure you prime your face before applying the makeup. This prevents your makeup from coming off later. And no need to splurge on your wax; we chose a cheap nose and scar wax. The wax and spirit gum are the only special items you need; you can create the rest of the look with makeup you likely already own. To pull your look together, buy some horns (or if you're feeling crafty like us, make your own) and wear a lot of black to get ready to fight the King and take back your wings.

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    We thought it more than fitting that we take this Breast Cancer Awareness month to talk about bras. So, we tested a group of men and women on their bra knowledge. See how they stacked up. How much do you know about bras? Share in the comments.

    More breast cancer awareness

    Paula Abdul really wants you to touch your boobs (VIDEO)
    New study says you can treat cancer and still keep your boobs
    11 Women turn their mastectomy scars into beautiful tattoos

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