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7 Beauty hacks for self-proclaimed lazy girls (VIDEO)

Beauty hacks

Beauty hacks

This video depressed us, because it made us realize that we've clearly been wasting a lot of time doing things the long way.

This video also begged a range of questions: Who knew numbers were relevant in the world of contouring? How come the person who invented dry shampoo hasn't been given the Presidential Medal of Freedom yet? Who is this girl who seems to share our lazy spirit and why are we not friends with her? Lazy people are the best kind of people because they are clearly the most resourceful.

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9-Year-old 'supermodel' threatens sanity of women


The little girl's name is Kristina Pimenova. She is originally from Moscow. She's blonde, absolutely beautiful and photogenic.

It shouldn't shock anyone, but Kristina's mother used to be a model, too. This woman knows that the best way to help her daughter gain exposure is through social media, so she has set up both Instagram and Facebook pages that are teeming with photos of her daughter. The majority of the pictures are innocent and sweet. Some feature her wearing knee-high boots. And there are a few I wish didn't exist, like the ones that show her in a coquettish pose.

Kristina Pimenova

Kristina Pimenova

We could spend a great deal of time dissecting this mom's motivations and whether she's nuts to expose her daughter to potential pedophiles. But there's one aspect of this story that few seem to be speaking about — forget creepy men for a sec — why are so many adult women following this young model and commenting about her photos?

Comments like these:

"Please punch me."

"She's 9 and prettier than both of us combined."

"It's sad that a 9-year-old is prettier than me."

"I want your eyes."

"She's sooooo pretty and then there's me."

"Prettier than I'll ever be."

It isn't enough that women have to have size C-cup breasts, a Kim Kardashian booty, and Jessica Simpson legs. We now have to allow our bodies to age — but only to the point where they are fertile and muscular in all the right places — while keeping the rest of our features looking just like they did before puberty.

Kristina Pimenova

Kristina Pimenova

In the meantime, some folks in the fashion industry have also decided it makes sense to pose a child in expensive clothing that only some adult women can afford and expect us to want to buy them because we secretly yearn to be children again. Things have taken such a bizarre turn that a line of pants called Not Your Daughter's Jeans, marketed for the woman who would rather be Sophia Loren than Miley Cyrus, has to exist so that you won't mistakenly purchase jeans that show off your vagina.

Can we please get a grip here. This little girl is gorgeous, there is no doubt about that. But she should be thought of, first and foremost, as a little girl and not as competition or as a prototype for the "perfect woman," whatever that means.

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Women try on vintage bras, make hilarious observations (VIDEO)

Woman try on vintage bras

Woman try on vintage bras

Between bras that made it impossible to breathe, bras that seemed vaguely like a diaper for boobs and bras that made it look like one was in a Madonna music video, it seems fair to say that present day is really the ideal time to be a woman.

Sure, there are obviously more grand reasons being a woman in this day and age is a more appealing option than, say, being a woman in the 1500s or even 1914. But, beyond women's suffrage, the feminist movement and women worldwide giving men a run for their money, we're also "supported" in ways all the ladies (and their ladies) before us never got to experience. Cheers to underwire; we'll never take you for granted again!

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10 Holiday outfit ideas spotted on Instagram


1. @meagansmoda

Instagram Holiday Outfit 1

Instagram Holiday Outfit 1

Who says florals only for spring? The pretty in pink motif can totally be pulled off this time of year.

2. @cassie1282

Holiday outfit Instagram 2

Holiday outfit Instagram 2

Faux fur plus sequins equals love.

3. @yoursoulstyle

Instagram Holiday Outfit 3

Instagram Holiday Outfit 3

Go all one color — including your accessories — and incorporate some bling for that wow factor.

4. @gapinc

Instagram Holiday Outfit 4

Instagram Holiday Outfit 4

I'm so in love with this look: It screams, "I'm ready to party." And who knew plaid and sequins could look so chic together?

5. @handbagheaven

Instagram Holiday Outfit 5

Instagram Holiday Outfit 5

This drapey-yet-fitted coat is so drool worthy you don't even need to wear anything else with it (only you know, you should).

6. @delightfully_deligne

Instagram Holiday Outfit 6

Instagram Holiday Outfit 6

If you play your cards right — like this fashionista did — you can wear a comfy sweatshirt for a night out on the town without looking the slightest bit frumpy. Between the leather leggings and heels... Me. Ow.

7. @glamourena

Instagram Holiday Outfit 7

Instagram Holiday Outfit 7

Leopard, plaid and leather. Yep, this is happening.

8. @thestylistconnection

Instagram Holiday Outfit 8

Instagram Holiday Outfit 8

A cocoon coat goes with everything — which is a good thing, considering you're never going to want to take it off.

9. @thefashionlane2014

Instagram Holiday Outfit 9

Instagram Holiday Outfit 9

Festive, bold and chic, this all-red ensemble is the perfect combination of "I Heart Christmas" and "How you doin'?"

10. @paisleeboutique

Instagram Holiday Outfit 10

Instagram Holiday Outfit 10

Considering your coat will be covering up your fabulous outfit a good 23 hours a day, this high-waist skirt is a great way to let your bold style peek through.

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High demand for iconic L.L. Bean duck boots causes shortage


L.L.Bean announced it has already sold out every single pair of size 8 duck boots and that most of its other sizes won't be back in stock until February. That's a whole lot of time you'll have to spend wearing last year's (who are we kidding — 2005's) Uggs. But there's a very good, respectable reason L.L.Bean can't just quickly pump out a few thousand extra boots to meet their demand — a reason that will make you kick yourself even harder for not snagging a pair of duck boots last summer.

These babies are built to last. Carolyn Beem, the company's spokesperson, says that perfecting the stitching process on its sturdy boots takes an astounding 26 weeks or "half a year" of training. The great news is that our desire to be fashionable is putting more bread on more folks' tables, because L.L.Bean has hired new people to create more boots and invested $1 million in a new molding machine to build its high-quality, waterproof, rubber soles.

Isn't it always sweet when a great product gets the recognition and hysteria it deserves?

But don't take L.L.Bean's word for it. Instead, trust one SheKnows staffer who has owned the same pair of duck boots for 20 years and calls them "incredible." Gazillions of North Easterners and college students who manage to trek from their dorm rooms to parties in 12 inches of snow while looking both practical and chic in their duck boots can't all be wrong.

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15 Statement hairstyles for girls who hate the status quo


1) The new braid

The new braid: Kate Mara

Photo credit: Alberto Reyes/WENN.com

The new braid: Kate Mara 2

Photo credit: Alberto Reyes/WENN.com

Tell boring braids to take a hike because you've got a taste for more inspired styles. Kate Mara's wavy, wispy 'do features a subtle braid, plenty of texture and lots of individuality.

2) Fishtail bun

Fishtail bun: Claire Danes

Photo credit: Apega/WENN.com

Updos can seem so basic after a while, but Claire Danes' fishtail bun is anything but. This departure from your average bun is sure to get you the attention you crave thanks to its unexpected look.

3) High up to the sky

High up to the sky: Adrienne Bailon

Photo credit: Curtis Sabir/WENN.com

Funky hairstyles come in all shapes and sizes, and Adrienne Bailon's certainly pushes some height boundaries.

4) Hair trifecta

Hair trifecta: Iggy Azelea

Photo credit: JLN Photography/WENN.com

Iggy Azalea managed to combine three styles — braids, pompadours and ponytails — in one epic 'do we're dying to experiment with ourselves.

5) Perky ponytail

Perky ponytail:

Photo credit: WENN

We will never forget Reese Witherspoon's insanely perky Oscars ponytail. In fact, we're pretty sure if you look up "perky ponytail" in the dictionary, this fun 'do should show up.

6) Volume for days

Volume for days: Janelle Monae

Photo credit: Emelie Andersson/WENN.com

A roundup of statement hairstyles would not be complete without the queen of epic hair, Janelle Monae. The singer has a style all her own and a totally modern-meets-retro take on hair.

7) Bold bun

Bold bun: Katy Perry

Photo credit: Apega/WENN.com

If buns seem a bit tame for your taste, consider this larger than life version Katy Perry recently modeled. The height and major texture seamlessly ensure this bun has a bold vibe that even the edgiest of gals can appreciate.

8) Stacked braids

Stacked braids: Amy Heidemann

Photo credit: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com

When a stereotypical braid simply won't cut it, Amy Heidemann's super-cool stacked front braid should offer you an escape from everyday styles.

9) Perfect pixie

Perfect pixie: Kiki Palmer

Photo credit: Joseph Marzullo/WENN.com

Any woman can cut her hair into a pixie, but not every gal can pull off this sassy way to wear the short 'do.

10) Half up pompadour

Half up pompadour: Melissa McCarthy

Photo credit: Brian To/WENN.com

The key to Melissa McCarthy's voluminous 'do? Its half up style. The half up, half down 'do lends necessary balance to this cool look.

11) Naturally envious

Naturally envious: Solange Knowes

Photo credit: FayesVision/WENN.com

Want to really make a statement? Let your hair go all natural for a simply stunning, insanely enviable look.

12) Partially-shaved head

 Partially-shaved head: Kelly Osbourne

Photo credit: WENN.com

Want to take your trendy pixie to an even bolder place? Try the partially-shaved head look. It certainly works for Kelly Osbourne.

13) A little of everything

A little of everything: Natalie Dormer

Photo credit: FayesVision/WENN.com

Natalie Dormer made our jaws drop with this girly-meets-funky style. Between the glam curls, the partially shaved head and the cheeky braids, there's a whole lot of awesome going on here.

14) Statement updo

Statement updo: Dianna Agron

Photo credit: FayesVision/WENN.com

Loads of volume and a few strategic wisps of hair help take this updo up to superstar status in a cinch.

15) Beachy and voluminous

Beachy and voluminous: Bella Thorne

Photo credit: KIKA/WENN.com

By now, we've come to expect amazing things from Bella Thorne's glam squad, and she gave us some major beauty inspiration with this bold and beachy sideswept 'do.

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Easy DIY serum to grow out thin eyebrows


Just apply this cheap DIY serum before bed each night to encourage growth and strengthen brow hairs. You can apply this same serum to lashes too.

What you'll need:

  • Coconut oil
  • Castor oil
  • Vitamin E oil
  • Q-tips
  • Clean mascara wand
  • Small storage container (you can use a clean contact case or empty eye cream jar)
  • Clean plate or mixing palette (I used my Paw Palette)


Step 1:

Scoop out about 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil.

Step 2:

Now add 1/8 teaspoon of vitamin E oil and incorporate well with the coconut oil.

Step 3:

DIY Brow Growth Serum: Mix ingredients | SheKnows.com

Add 1 teaspoon of castor oil and mix all 3 ingredients together.

Step 4:

DIY Brow Growth Serum: Use brush | SheKnows.com

Now dip a clean mascara wand or disposable wand into your mixture and brush through brows.

Step 5:

DIY Brow Growth Serum: Apply | SheKnows.com

Here's the easiest part of all — go to sleep! When you wake up in the morning, not only will your brows be soft and conditioned but they'll be on their way to looking fuller! You could see results in as little as two weeks.

Brow Boosting Tip: For boosting your growth power, try running your Clarisonic over brows, or a gentle scrub, as it will stimulate hair growth and ensure hair follicles are clean and unplugged.

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The 'vagina facial:' What is it and is it safe?


For those who don't live in the City of $900 heels, allow me to explain. The popular Manhattan-based waxers J Sisters are among just a few spas offering a treatment called "Gommage Therapy." The "vajaycial," as it has been humorously referred to in the New York Post, is a deep cleansing and exfoliating treatment for the inner thigh and around the bikini area so that, after you spend your time and money on that painful wax, you can rest easy knowing it won't suddenly turn on you.

The treatment is recommended for women two to three weeks after a waxing and involves extracting ingrown hairs and exfoliating the area in order to prevent pimples, says Mazzie Santos, who is the manager at J Sisters.

If you're like me, visions of your vagina being attacked by chemicals that could strip paint off of a car just marched through your head and swiftly shut down this entire operation. But Santos says this is not a worry.

"We use organic ingredients," Santos said. "No strong chemicals. We don't go inside the vagina. And it's a very soft product and not the same kind used for the face."

Still not convinced? Well, even doctors seem to be a-OK with it. According to Dr. Eric C. Rottenberg, a board certified urologist from New York City, the "facial" is safe, as long as you aren't cray-cray enough to request an inner labia treatment.

"I don't think there is any danger to it, assuming that it is on the keratinized squamous epithelium (the thick skin on the outside)," Rottenberg said. "If they're applying chemicals to the delicate layer on the inside, that's a completely different story, with a whole lot of possible trouble. Think of it as how facials are OK as long as you pay special attention to the eyelids and skin around the eyes. This is because the skin is very thin. The vaginal layer is even more delicate because it has no keratinization (which eyelids do), which offers a layer of protection."

And Dr. Oscar A. Aguirre, a pelvic surgeon who has performed numerous Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation treatments, says he actually encourages gommage therapy.

"I would encourage the treatment like I would encourage personal hygiene. It's just another step to it," Aguirre said.

Women should pay close attention to how their skin is reacting to the products used so that they can determine if they are allergic to anything, Aguirre said, and they should not seek a spa treatment to help with bumps and rashes on the vulva that require medical attention. They should also be realistic about their expectations, he said: It's one thing to go into your spa expecting to have your ingrown hairs removed, and quite another to believe you're going to emerge with a vagina that is 10 times tighter than the one you had before giving birth.

For better or worse, Santos says the treatment has been offered at J Sisters for the past two years and has grown in popularity with its clientele, which includes many celebrities. One session, which takes between 45 minutes to one hour, costs $155. Other spas are also offering gommage therapy, she says, though the treatment is still rare.

I've always believed a woman should spend as much money as her budget allows in order to make herself feel her very best — I mean, you know, tend to your mortgage and electricity bills first and your vagina second, obviously. But I don't see the difference between waxing down there and attending to it with a little help from some luxurious organic creams and exfoliants. If it makes you feel more confident, which could increase your sexual confidence and pleasure, by all means, scrub a dub dub down there.

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Sears pulls swastika ring after sane people complain


As part of Sears' "men's punk rock style" jewelry collection — because you don't get more anti-establishment than a corporation that rakes in $32 billion a year — the company advertised this fashionable tribute to Adolf Hitler on its website.

This piece was also available from online retailers like Amazon. In case you're wondering what in the hell Sears could say about this ring other than, holy crap, we're selling a swastika ring because we really want bad press, here's the blurb that accompanied the ring:

Find exactly what you need while browsing through our new gothic jewelry items. This gothic jewelry item in particular features a Swastika ring that's made of .925 Thai silver. Not for Neo Nazi or any Nazi implication. These jewelry items are going to make you look beautiful at your next date.

Yes, like a beautiful, glamorous Neo-Nazi who supports the extermination of anyone whose hair is one shade darker than platinum. Pass the salt.

After receiving tons of complaints, Sears tweeted and explained that the ring was a "3rd party Sears marketplace product" and that it was promptly removed from their site.

I can't imagine Sears is lamenting the loss of this one item because the store expected to make millions in profits from it — I mean, Jesus, at least I really hope that isn't the reality. The important thing is that the company swiftly responded, apologized and made things right.

I know the swastika was a sacred Hindu and Buddhist symbol and that it's totally unfair that the Nazi party hijacked it and ruined it forever. Such is life. And I know that a swastika is really just a few lines that intersect and big whoop. But there's no place on the market for an item that boasts a symbol that has come to stand for the deaths of millions.

If you're a Neo-Nazi looking for hot Neo-Nazi fashion, you're still going to have to Google your shameful sartorial desires in secret and fork over your money to some equally shady individual. Sears and Amazon, thankfully, are going to stick to cuddly "punk" symbols like skulls.

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15 Holiday dresses for women who hate glitter


Eliza J Metallic Jacquard Fit & Flare Dress (nordstrom.com, $158)

EIlza J Metallic Jacquard FIt & Flare Dress

Few fabrics conjure up thoughts of holiday parties more than jacquard, and this golden fit and flare sure would look fancy at a formal holiday affair.

Aliana Blue Backless Mini Dress in Blue (aqaq.com, $120)

Aliana Blue Backless Mini Dress in Blue

An open back and side cutouts make this blue beauty a sexy force to be reckoned with, while long sleeves and a tame hem help maintain an air of mystery.

DailyLook Eyelash Lace Fit and Flare Dress (dailylook.com, $60)

DailyLook Eyelash Lace Fit and Flare Dress

Fantasizing about a traditional yet stylish holiday look? Consider this red lace fit and flare. We know we'll be adding it to our wishlist.

BR Monogram Chiffon Halter Dress in Lingonberry (bananarepublic.gap.com, $130)

BR Monogram Chiffon Halter Dress in Lingonberry

A delicious berry halter dress looks pretty and polished for holiday gatherings when paired with dainty heels and a romantic updo.

Black Cut-Out Maxi Dress (express.com, $98)

Black Cut-Out Maxi Dress

Want all eyes on you? You'll get that and more in this slinky LBD from Express. Featuring a deep v-neck and a surprise back cutout, this baby definitely puts your average LBD to shame.

Silk Mini Dot Shift Dress in Red (cwonder.com, $140) 

Silk Mini Dot Shift Dress in Red

Red always makes a statement, but it's even more trendy around the holidays. Add dots to a red shift dress like this one and you'll be the most stylish gal in the room!

Milly Claudia Lace Dress (renttherunway.com, $70 rental)

Milly Claudia Lace Dress

Who wants to drop a ton of cash on a party dress you'll only wear a few times? Save yourself some dough and rent a fab party frock like this festive green one for way less than retail.

Side-Shirred Fit and Flare Dress in Raisin Arizona (oldnavy.gap.com, $28) 

Side-Shirred Fit and Flare Dress in Raisin Arizona

Ruching and soft pleats make this A-line dress dressy without being over the top, so it's ideal for low-key holiday parties on your calendar this holiday season.

Piperlime Collection Liquid Wrap Dress (piperlime.gap.com, $119)

Piperlime Collection Liquid Wrap Dress

You might hate glitter, but nobody said anything about detesting metallics. This gold metallic v-neck oozes sex appeal and holiday glamour and is practically calling your name.

Edgy Chic Dress (modcloth.com, $160)

Edgy Chic Dress

At a total loss in your quest to find the perfect holiday party dress? Stop making things so difficult for yourself when things can be pretty black and white — literally. This colorblock cutie offers classic glamour and modern sass all in one dress.

StyleStalker Island Animal Dress (zappos.com, $229)

StyleStalker Island Animal Dress

Whoever said you can't wear white after Labor Day must not have seen this stunning white lace dress. With winter and snow in the air, we think this flirty white fit and flare is more than appropriate for your holiday fetes.

Designer Front-Zip LBD (marshallsonline.com for store locations, $50) 

Designer Front-Zip LBD

When in doubt, always reach for an LBD. Better yet, seek one out with luxe leather detailing to easily amplify the wardrobe staple.

JustFab Penny Shift Dress in Blue/Black (justfab.com, $40)

JustFab Penny Shift Dress in Blue/Black

Between the plunging neckline, the curve-hugging silhouette and the sultry black lace on this blue shift, there's a whole lot of sexy going on with this dress.

Of Mercer Madison Dress in Blue (ofmercer.com, $175)

Of Mercer Madison Dress in Blue

With some statement accessories, you can take this office-ready shift from work to a holiday soiree in a snap. Now that's multitasking at its finest!

Kate Spade Saturday Vented Sheath Dress (saturday.com, $180)

Kate Spade Saturday Vented Sheath Dress

Put a stylish spin on the way you view plaids this party season. This bold print provides a touch of edge and a whole lot of girly glamour so you can feel festive and unique.

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10 Glittery accessories worth every penny


Keds x Kate Spade New York Champion Glitter Canvas Shoes in Black (keds.com, $85)

Keds x Kate Spade New York Champion Glitter Canvas Shoes in Black

Pair these glitter-iffic flats with jeans and a sweater or your go-to LBD for a sparkly something extra that's on trend all year long.

Kitsch Bejeweled Hair Ties (mykitsch.com, $15)

Kitsch Bejeweled Hair Ties

Is a full-on glitter fest totally not your thing? Flirt with sparkle in a subtle way with cute hair ties that'll let your locks shine in the best way.

Sally Hansen Gem Crush Nail Color in Bling-tastic (sallyhansen.com, $4)

Sally Hansen Gem Crush Nail Color in Bling-tastic

Glitter polish is an affordable and easy way to show off your love for all things sparkly. Plus, it's not as difficult to remove as you might think.

Urban Decay Glitter Dip Partial False Lashes (Ulta, $15)

Urban Decay Glitter Dip Partial False Lashes

Who says your clothes should get to have all the fun? Extend the glitter party all the way up to your eyelashes with a pair of sparkling falsies that have that extra touch of je ne sais quoi.

Zero Gravity iPhone case (nastygal.com, $32)

Zero Gravity iPhone case

You'd be hard pressed to find a gal these days who doesn't worship her cell phone. Since you spend so much time staring at its screen anyway, you might as well jazz up your case and opt for a blinged out version.

Nantucket Mini Bag in Silver (shoedazzle.com, $50, VIP price $40)

Nantucket Mini Bag in Silver

A woman's purse reveals a whole lot about her personality, and this glittery gem definitely screams "I like the sassy things in life."

Kate Spade New York Earrings (piperlime.com, $38)

Kate Spade New York Earrings

Love glitter so much it hurts? Say it with your ears. A bedazzled set of earrings shows off your personality in a subdued style and is the perfect way to display your fancy updo, to boot.

Oval Shape Glitterize Me Vanity Mirror (zazzle.com, $16)

Oval Shape Glitterize Me Vanity Mirror

A compact mirror is a staple in all our purses, but the beauty essential gets a major upgrade with glitter detail.

Aline Knitted Glitter Headband in Grey (missguidedus.com, $9)

Aline Knitted Glitter Headband in Grey

How often do you hear the words "OMG, your headband is so cute!"? You'll be hearing it a whole lot more when you indulge in this flirty version coated in a subtle layer of glitter.

French Connection Glitter Skinny Belt (amazon.com, $50) 

French Connection Glitter Skinny Belt

Sometimes, a sparkling accessory can make the most boring of outfits shine. And this golden glittery belt would definitely up the wow factor on LBDs or other neutral dresses.

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Elegant Frozen-inspired icicle jewelry for winter


There's always a possibility that onlookers will mistake you for the real Winter Wonderland. With these gems, they're hardly to blame, right?

1. Crystal back halo

Crystal back halo

Dare to dazzle your hairstyle this season? Drape these crystal gemstones over the back of your stick-straight hair or your updo for a look that's mysterious and subtly icy. (Free People, $68)

2. Icicle drop earrings

Icicle drop earrings

If your budget is in need of a break, have no fear. These Austrian crystal icicle earrings shine like diamonds, but at a price point any ice queen can afford. (Amazon, $13)

3. Rough aquamarine bracelet

Rough aquamarine bracelet

With the right cut, aquamarine can look like it was chipped off of an icy wall. This rough aquamarine bracelet certainly delivers the rugged appeal of a glacier. (Tibet Shining, $375)

4. Crackle glass cabochon ring

Crackle glass cabochon ring

The surface of this glass ring crackles and pops, as if you were walking across a dangerously frozen lake. We love it for a cold weather cocktail ring, whether it's a casual or formal occasion. (Etsy, $65)

5. Glass icicle necklace

Glass icicle necklace

Seven hand blown glass dangles comprise this stunning icicle necklace. We love that it channels the sparkle of winter without taking itself too seriously. (KarmaKulture, $125)

6. Crystal dangle earrings

Crystal dangle earrings

Imagine ice covering the few remaining leaves on the trees outside, and you'll get something that looks like these exquisite earrings. They can stand alone, or you can pair with Swarovski's matching necklace. (Swarovski, $150)

7. Floral crystal statement ring

Floral crystal statement ring

Place a sparkling masterpiece on your hand, and wait for the compliments to roll in. This statement ring looks just like a lily after the first frost of winter. (AeraVida, $19)

8. Blue topaz cuff bracelet

Blue topaz cuff bracelet

Who says only diamonds can shine? This blue topaz cuff bracelet is stunning with engraved silver and a brilliant solitaire. (Ice, $83)

9. Bohemian ear cuffs

Bohemian ear cuffs

These boho ear cuffs nail the trend on the head — they are both bold and delicate, featuring a tiny key and giant crystals. How romantic. (Etsy, $42)

10. Ice crystal necklace

Ice crystal necklace

An ice queen knows that icicles are edgy and sharp — just like this brilliant statement necklace that blends dark and light, metal and ice. (David Galan, $449)

Which pieces will you dare to wear when the weather turns frigid?

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Chic maternity styles for every holiday occasion


Dressing for the holidays doesn't need to be a horrible mess on your bedroom floor. I know it's so easy to feel like a frumpy mess or as big as an elephant when nothing in your closet seems to fit or feel flattering but finding that perfect outfit can be easier to do with a few quick tips.

Here are a few things to remember the next time you are getting ready for that next big holiday shindig!

1. Formal occasion

An occasion dress is a definite must-have during the holiday season. Choose one with sequins and an empire waist to feel dressy yet comfortable during that next fancy dinner, Christmas concert or wedding party. The fabric and detailing will have you relaxed knowing you perfectly fit the part.

2. Work party

Reach for your favorite cotton dress for your next party at the office. Whether it's your own office or a loved one's, it is great to have a dress in a nice breathable fabric that can easily be dressed up with a chic blazer, neutral heels and glitzy accessories. You will look your best while still being comfortable during that evening out.

3. Holiday colors

Sometimes the best ensemble we put together is one that doesn't even require any maternity pieces. A stretchy body-con dress and cardigan in holiday shades is perfect for a special party or evening out. Cover up with black nylons and black shoes to elongate the legs while still keeping warm at the same time. Don't forget your favorite accessories to finish off the look!

4. Body-con Dress

When you are pregnant, a snug body-con dress can feel as comfortable as your favorite T-shirt. It hugs the curves, covering that bump, which can be so wonderful when you are out enjoying a night of festivities. Reach for a red, green or gold dress to catch the holiday spirit and dress it up with glitzy accessories like a pearl necklace, gold belt and your favorite bold lipstick.

5. Dressed-up casual

Nothing beats a pair of maternity jeans when you are pregnant. Choose a dark pair like black to keep the style on the dressier side. Throw on a comfortable cowl-neck sweater and drop necklace to add a bit of interest to the look. If you really feel like wowing your friends and family, braid your hair into an eye-catching style and throw on a bright red lip.

14 Great flats for less than $20 a pair


1. Ballet Flats in Cream ($18 at Forever 21)

Ballet Flats in Cream ($17.80 at Forever 21)

Two-tone quilting gives these ballet flats an expensive air, conjuring up a designer look at a steal.

2. Loafers in Black and Floral ($15 at H&M)

Loafers in Black and Floral

The vibrant floral pattern of these loafers adds a notice-me element to basic black or denim.

3. CL by Laundry Gem Stone Ballet Flat in Black ($20 at DSW)

CL by Laundry Gem Stone Ballet Flat in Black

Pow! The substantial-sized faux gemstones on these flats pack a seriously sparkly punch.

4. Scarlett Velvet Flats in Navy ($20 at Delia’s)

Scarlett Velvet Flats in Navy

The soft velvet and jewel tone of this shoe begs for heavy rotation during holiday party season.

5. Kim Chi Blue Elastic Cross-Strap Flats in Black ($19 at Urban Outfitters)

Kim Chi Blue Elastic Cross-Strap Flats in Black

Give new meaning to “ballet flat” with this chic pair that evokes dancers' toe shoes.

6. Xhilaration Lana d’Orsay Flats in Blush ($20 at Target)

Xhilaration Lana d’Orsay Flats in Blush

The d’Orsay style is a flattering wardrobe staple that will never go out of style, and the blush tone is a nice wardrobe counterpoint to all those basic black pairs in the closet.

7. Metallic Ballet Flats in Silver ($11 at Forever 21)

Metallic Ballet Flats in Silver

This shiny silver pair dresses up an LBD in an instant, or adds polish to jeans and a tee.

8. Matisse Bailey Flats in Silver ($19 at 6pm.com)

Matisse Bailey Flats in Silver

The pointy toe adds an extra element of dressiness in these pulled-together metallic flats.

9. Bamboo Ankle Strap Flats in Nude ($20 at Charlotte Russe)

Bamboo Ankle Strap Flats in Nude

The ankle strap distinguishes these shoes from standard ballet flats, and holds them on securely for walking longer distances.

10. Michael Antonio Panza Metallic Flats in Wine ($17 at 6pm.com)

Michael Antonio Panza Metallic Flats in Wine

The wow-worthy combination of deep red and gold in this flat makes it a perfect complement to a holiday wardrobe.

11. Women’s Chelsea Flats in Black Lace ($17 at Payless)

Women’s Chelsea Flats in Black Lace

On-trend lace for the cost of a movie ticket? Yes, please.

12. Dollhouse Mesh-Lined Scalloped Ballet Flats in Black ($20 at Charlotte Russe)

Dollhouse Mesh-Lined Scalloped Ballet Flats in Black

Scalloped detailing and mesh insets lend conversation-starting elements to classic black flats.

13. Charles Albert Flats in Black ($17 at 6pm.com)

Charles Albert Flats in Black

Mixed metallic studs give these flats a vintage '80s vibe that goes with a range of accessories.

14. Mix No. 6 Guerra Flats in Black ($10 at DSW)

Mix No. 6 Guerra Flats in Black

The open back of these ankle-strap flats adds a bit of understated sex appeal — for under $10!

Which do you like best?

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8 Bold beauty trends perfect for holiday parties


1. Super sexy smoky eye

Super sexy smokey eye

Photo credit: FayesVision/WENN.com

Single and looking for love this holiday season? Lure a hottie in with sultry smoky eyes. It works every time, trust us!

Get the look: Sonia Kashuk Eye Palette in Deco Starlet (Target, $20)

Sonia Kashuk Eye Palette in Deco Starlet (Target, $20)

2. Out of the box eyeliner

Out of the box eyeliner

Photo credit: Brian To/WENN.com

Who needs boring blacks and browns when you can really turn heads with stunning eyeliner in bold hues like teal, cobalt and purple?

Get the look: bareMinerals I Love Nightlife Eyeliner Set (ulta.com, $29)

bareMinerals I Love Nighlife Eyeliner Set

3. Dazzling hair accessories

Dazzling hair accessories Kelly Osbourne

Photo credit: FayesVision/WENN.com

When it comes to making a bold hair impression this holiday season, it's not always about complicated 'dos. A sparkly hair accessory can sometimes make even more of an impact.

Get the look: Tasha Teeny Tiara Barrette in Silver (nordstrom.com, $38) 

Tashy Teeny Tiara Barrette in Silver


4. Glittery eye makeup

Glittery eye makeup

Photo credit: Craig Harris/WENN.com

The holiday lights twinkle all night long, so why shouldn't your eyes? Reach for a shimmery eyeshadow and liner so your eyes shine as bright as can be.

Get the look: Physicians Formula Custom Eye Enhancing Extreme Shimmer Shadow and Liner (physiciansformula.com, $12)

Physicians Formula Custom Eye Enhancing Extreme Shimmer Shadow and Liner


5. Statement updo

Statement updo

Photo credit: Apega/WENN.com

It's always a great time to bust out your most fancy updo if you ask us, but the holiday season in particular is an especially appropriate time to go all out with your tresses.

Get the lookRemington T-Studio Silk Ceramic Oval Waving Wand in Pink (Target, $30); Hair Food Volume Shampoo (Target, $10)

 Remington T-Studio Silk Ceramic Oval Waving Wand in Pink and Hair Food Volume Shampoo

6. Holiday nail art

Holiday nail art

Photo credit: Judy Eddy/WENN.com

Step up your beauty game in a quirky way this holiday season with some festive, adorable nail art. An added bonus? It's a great conversation starter at awkward parties.

Get the lookL'Oréal Paris Sparkling Soirée Nail Collection (drugstores nationwide, $6 each)

L'Oréal Paris Sparkling Soirée Nail Collection


7. Bold lip

Bold lip

Photo credit: FayesVision/WENN.com

It's prime photo taking time, ladies, so get ready to say cheese when the moment strikes with a vibrant lip color that totally plays up your beautiful face. Plus, a pink color is sassy without being stereotypical like all the Christmas reds out there.

Get the look: Clinique Happy Heart Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm in Plumped Up Pink (clinique.com, $17)

Clinique Happy Heart Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm in Plumped Up Pink

8. Larger-than-life lashes

Larger-than-life lashes

Photo credit: Joe/WENN.com

If you've been itching to test drive your new flashy falsies, fancy holiday parties are the perfect time to do so without leaving your co-workers wondering why in God's name you have diamonds on your lashes.

Get the look: Mehron Diamond E.Y.E Lashes (mehron.com, $12)

Mehron Diamond E.Y.E Lashes

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14 Things only women with dark arm hair understand


1. When you wear a tank top, you feel like Chewbacca.

chewbacca gif

GIF credit: Giphy.com

2. Watches and bangle bracelets get all tangled up in your bizniss.

kesha gif

GIF credit: Giphy.com

3. You've tried every body hair removal kit ever created.

no gif

GIF credit: Giphy.com

4. Sweaters equal static, which equals constantly electrocuting yourself.

oprah gif

GIF credit: Giphy.com

5. When you shave it, it grows back 15 seconds later.

screaming gif

GIF credit: Giphy.com

6. And when you shave it, you use nine disposables in the process.

shaving gif

GIF credit: Giphy.com

7. After putting on moisturizer or sunscreen, you have to comb your arm hair back into place.

combing gif

GIF credit: Giphy.com

8. And asking a guy to put sunscreen on you? Not sexy.

zooey gif

GIF credit: Giphy.com

9. Sometimes you catch yourself petting your arm hair.

grumpy cat gif

GIF credit: Giphy.com

10. That thing where people comment on your arm hair as if you haven't noticed it before.

jason bateman gif

GIF credit: Giphy.com

11. You're still traumatized by the waxing incident of 2005.

mad men gif

GIF credit: Giphy.com

12. When your friends brag talk about their super fine body hair, you're all like...

eyeroll gif

GIF credit: Giphy.com

13. People constantly ask if you're Italian... and you say yes.

anna kendrick gif

GIF credit: Giphy.com

14. While your friends are saving for a vacay, you're saving for a No!No!.

thumbs up gif

GIF credit: Giphy.com

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12 Kick-ass glitter heels that make a basic dress look festive


1) Bordello Teeze in Red Glitter (shoebuy.com, $75)

Bordello Teeze in Red Glitter

Eat your heart out, Dorothy. These red glitter beauties are definitely worthy of a sexy jaunt down the yellow brick road.

2) J. Renee Chrissy Heel in Navy (zappos.com, $99) 

J. Renee Chrissy Heel in Navy

Peep toe bow wedges in a "look at me" glitter hue provide all night comfort and loads of holiday glam. Win win!

3) Fioni Illusive Glitter Sandal in Gold (payless.com, $40) 

Fioni Illusive Glitter Sandal in Gold

Strappy platform sandals you can dance the night away in are the perfect accessory to really make your LBD pop.

4) Chinese Laundry Hot Lava Heel in Black (chineselaundry.com, $100)

Chinese Laundry Hot Lava Heel in Black

Channel your inner Lady Gaga with these totally unique heels. We do recommend some hot male arm candy to help you walk around in these stunners, though.

5) Mary Jane Pump in Light Blue Glitter (store.americanapparel.net, $76)

Mary Jane Pump in Light Blue Glitter

Say hello to the ultimate in comfort and style with these girly blue Mary Jane glitter heels. Your feet will definitely be thanking you for the low, stable heel by the end of the night!

6) Kate Spade New York Licorice Pump in Pink Glitter (piperlime.com, $328) 

Kate Spade New York Licorice Pump in Pink Glitter

Sugar and spice are both pretty nice, but we'd take these perfectly glittery pink pumps any day over a sweet treat.

7) Designer Black Sparkle Booties (tjmaxx.com for store locations, $200)

Designer Black Sparkle Booties

These shoes combine two of our favorite things: glitter and booties. Now the only problem we have is resisting wearing them with every outfit we have...

8) Joanie Heel in Black/Multi (shoedazzle.com, $40)

Joanie Heel in Black/Multi

Can't choose a glitter color to save your life? You don't have to. This mixed glitter heel gives you a little bit of everything and a classy black lining, so you get the best of both worlds.

9) Duo Miro Heel in Gold Glitter (duoboots.com, $200) 

Duo Miro Heel in Gold Glitter

All that glitters is gold, and you'll be the life of the party in these glam gold heels. Pair them with black tights so your LBD shines even more.

10) Audrey Brooke Glenda Pump in Silver (dsw.com, $50) 

Audrey Brooke Glenda Pump

Want to really stand out in a glitter heel? Go for a trendy d'Orsay style to infuse a bit of asymmetrical glamour into your party look.

11) Nina Forest Platform Evening Sandals in Charcoal (macys.com, $99)

Nina Forest Platform Evening Sandals in Charcoal

Strappy silver stiletto sandals will show off your go-to LBD in the best of ways by adding a touch of sparkle and a whole lot of sexy edge.

12) Joyful Glitter T-Bar Mid Heels in Pewter (us.topshop.com, $75)

Joyful Glitter T-Bar Mid Heels in Pewter

Larger than life heels not your thing? You can still have oodles of fun with glitter. We're absolutely dying to slip our feet into these silver cuties.

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How the plus-size modeling industry failed me in a big way


Recently, Calvin Klein got bashed in social media for featuring a size 10 model. People were upset because they assumed Calvin Klein was featuring her as a token plus-size model. In reality, they were simply featuring a beautiful woman as part of their perfectly fit campaign.

I was caught up in the label debate when I was modeling for a top agency (because they were mostly good to me, I don't want to smear their name here). When I was signed with the agency, I was a size 14-16. Although I was proportionate, I was overweight for my 5-foot, 9-inch frame. Over the next couple of years, I booked some great jobs with retailers like Nordstrom, Saks and Mary Kay. These retailers treated me wonderfully, but I was almost always the token plus-size model.

During the same time, I worked my butt off (literally) and slimmed down to a size 10-12. My agent wasn't concerned about my weight loss, at first, until it affected her bottom line.

A regional department store held a casting for their back-to-school campaign. I was one of the few plus-size models from my agency invited to the casting. Size 0-2 women surrounded me as we formed a line facing the casting director's table.

She asked each of us to walk for her, pose and introduce ourselves when we got to her table. As the line of slim models dwindled, it was finally my turn. I walked confidently up to her and introduced myself.

The first thing out of her mouth was "what are you?" she stated as more of a rhetorical question, in a rude and demanding tone. "You aren't a plus-size model, you're a misses." She continued, "you aren't large enough to be a plus-size model." Without another look, she dismissed me.

Later that day, my agent called me to ask how the casting had gone. When I told her what the casting director said, my agent's response was, "you need to gain weight." There was no conversation about my health, or my current size or whether this casting director's opinion was representative of all clients in my region.

I was in shock. After all my hard work to lose almost 30 pounds, the department store and my agent rejected me because I no longer fit into their ideal definition of a plus-size model.

There is a continual tug of war over the term plus size because the fashion industry and society have different definitions of the term. Most fashion industry experts would consider plus size anything above a straight size range of 0-4, with most plus-size models ranging from 10-14 (in my agent's case, she really wanted size 14-16 for clients in our region). Whereas, retailers and society view plus-size clothing as anything above a size 14. It's all very confusing.

I applaud Calvin Klein for not using labels and casting a non-standard-sized model. It is a shame their efforts to break from conformity received negative backlash from the media and consumers because of the misunderstanding over the term plus size and our continual need to label people.

I understand why we have labels. Categories and labels help us make sense of the world. I just hope there comes a time when these labels lose their salience, where more retailers cast women because of their beauty and personalities, not because they fit into categories of plus size or straight size.

3 DIY Beauty recipes that use beeswax to heal dry skin


I'm going to show step-by-step instructions for how to make a beeswax body butter, and you can use this same method for making a solid perfume and lip balm.

Beeswax is the star of the show in all three beauty recipes and it's easier than baking a cake.

 DIY Essential oil perfume 1

Before you start: Choose cute containers

Start by finding the right container to pour these marvelous little potions into. You can order fancy containers online or take time to hunt down some interesting containers at thrift stores. But consider what you might already have on hand — recycled baby food jars, tiny mint tin or candy tins, sample glass for jam or honey or empty skin care jars. If you look around you'll be amazed at how many cool little containers you'll find. Here's what I've collected with just a quick rummage through the house.

 DIY Essential oil perfume 2

Short Mason jars, wide-mouth condiment jars, short pickle jars, fancy little mustard jars or larger mint tins are nice for the body butter. I prefer glass or tin but plastic will work if you wait until the ingredients cool slightly before pouring, so you don't melt the container. Don't forget to make one smaller body butter for your purse.

 DIY Essential oil perfume 3

Beeswax body butter recipe:


  • 1 cup olive oil
  • 1/8 cup palm oil
  • 1/8 cup cocoa butter
  • 1/4 cup coconut oil
  • 2-1/2 ounces beeswax
  • 1/2 teaspoon essential oil (see notes below)
  • 1/2 teaspoon or 1 gel tablet vitamin E oil


I used lavender essential oil because I love its soothing and calming properties, but depending on my mood, I've also used sweet orange, lemon, almond or peppermint oil. Every oil has its own beneficial properties, which you can research to help you decide which to use.

  • Tea tree oil is healing for burns, wounds and infections.
  • Citronella is a great insect repellent.
  • Eucalyptus would help with congestion or headaches.
  • Chamomile is good for PMS. Can I get an amen?
  • Calendula is great for diaper rash and dry skin.

and the list is endless…

There are any number of sources on the internet to buy the beeswax, palm oil and cocoa butter but you can also get them at any natural food store, such as Whole Foods or even Trader Joe's. If you don't happen to have a beeswax factory in your backyard like I do, just buy a small 100 percent beeswax candle. You may even be lucky enough to score one at the dollar store.

So let's get cookin!

1. Create a double boiler out of a pan filled with water and a Mason jar.


2. Start heating the ingredients.

Put all ingredients except the essential oil and vitamin E into the Mason jar and heat on medium until melted. I melted my beeswax in a separate container since it had some "bee particles" in it from my hives, which I wanted to strain out. If you're using purchased beeswax, that's already been done for you.


3. Remove mixture from heat and add the remaining ingredients.

Once everything is nicely melted, remove from heat and add the essential oil and vitamin E oil. Pour into your container and you're done. Let it cool. Seriously was that not the easiest thing ever?


And this is the point where you're probably asking yourself, "Why didn't I try this sooner?"

While you're pondering that question and letting your fabulous new lotion cool, try the lip balm and perfume recipes. You can use the same Mason jar if you want — no need to rinse.

Lip balm recipe made from beeswax

Beeswax Solid Perfume Recipe


  • 4 ounces beeswax
  • 7 ounces coconut oil
  • 1-1/2 tablespoons essential oil (I used lemongrass but refer to above for ideas)


Melt all ingredients and pour into containers. Dunzo! Now we're on a roll...

Beeswax solid perfume recipe

Beeswax Solid Perfume Recipe 2


  • 2 tablespoons beeswax
  • 2 tablespoons jojoba oil (got mine at Trader Joe's) or olive oil or coconut oil. Basically you just need a "carrier" oil to carry all the good smelling stuff.
  • 30 drops of each of 3 essential oils of choice. If using 2 oils, you can do 45 drops of each.

For this recipe it's all about the scent. I stood in the essential oil aisle at my local natural food store and opened several tester vials and smelled different combinations together. Then I decided based on how they made me feel. Weird I know…but it worked and I found my happy place.

I ended up with gardenia, jasmine and lavender because they all made me really cheerful. They also smelled really yummy together.


Heat the beeswax and jojoba oil together in the double boiler. Once melted remove from heat and add essential oils. Pour immediately into your tins or jars. It should be set within five minutes! Rub a little on your neck and wrists and now you're ready to conquer the world! Cheerfully and calmly...

Beeswax Solid Perfume Recipe 3

How to make the shown labels

Now all you need to do is add a pretty label and you have some really amazing skin care products that also make really cool gifts. If making in big batches, simply double or triple the ingredients and use bigger jars or a glass bowl to heat in.

Beeswax Solid Perfume Recipe 4

I made my cute little labels in a Word document using text boxes and fancy fonts. Then I printed them on sticker paper and cut them out with scissors. Like icing on a cake.

Beeswax Solid Perfume Recipe 5

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Not every woman has to be 'pretty'


Kathleen Long, a blogger on Huffington Post, wrote a poignant piece about her own struggle with beauty, or what she perceives as a lack thereof. My guess? She posted it on her Facebook page to a million comments saying "No! You are beautiful" and "Don't sell yourself short!"

But what if we said, OK, you are right. You are not beautiful. But you are a good writer. And you are funny. And you are clearly smart and deep and have empathy to spare. Why do we value beauty so much over other "talents" that we overlook the real talent standing right in front of us?

Not everyone was meant to look like Cindy Crawford. That's OK. The pressure put on women when it comes to looks is absurd. Like Long, I have spent a lot of time in my life on looks. I have been heavier when, after my mother died, I ate a carton of ice cream every single day. And I have been thinner — when I discovered my love of running and went down to a size 2. It is pretty amazing the difference in attention I got at each weight.

I was hit on quite a bit at my thinnest, but most of the attention came from smarmy, sleazy men. Big whoop. Why would anyone want to hang their hat on that kind of attention? My husband has been with me at every fluctuation in weight. He has always found me lovely even when I weighed close to 190 pounds (at the tail end of my last pregnancy).

Finally, at 37, I am able to say I don't care anymore. I don't care if you think I am hot. That isn't where I am putting my pride. It's so freeing.

I look at my two daughters, both of whom receive near constant praise for their looks. "Look at their light eyes!" "Their hair is so beautiful!" "Wow, you are in trouble when she is older!" "Goodness, all she has to do is bat those eyes, right?"

They are beautiful. It's true even discounting my obvious bias. In our culture, my fair-haired, light-eyed children fit that "norm" or ideal in terms of childhood beauty. But I worry that they are getting the message that it's their special gift or that they have to be so.

They are so much more than beautiful. They are smart, creative, driven and funny. My younger daughter is still a baby, so her talents are emerging, but I do hope for her sake they are more than just looks-based.

If women spent 90 percent less time worried about their hair, nails, makeup and general appearance, then what else could they accomplish? Once I let go of caring so much about looks, I discovered so many other hidden talents, things I had ignored in order to be attractive.

What a waste.

If a woman says she is "plain" or defines herself as such, don't feel sorry for her. Don't try to convince her otherwise. Maybe she has other ways to spend her time. Maybe she has talents she considers far more important. Why isn't that OK? What are we so afraid of?

We don't owe anyone "pretty." We only need to be ourselves and let our individual talents shine. Bravo to Long for being brave enough to put it out there.

Do you feel obligated to be "pretty"?

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