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    The look might be super trendy, but more and more men are seeing dermatologists because their hair is falling out and they're freaking out. "It's really, really common," Jackson, Mississippi, dermatologist Sabra Sullivan told Mic of the condition known as traction alopecia. "I see it probably once or twice a week."

    More: How to braid twists into afro hair without going to a salon

    My response to the crisis? Duh. Millions of women — especially women of color and those with super fragile hair — have experienced traction alopecia resulting from years of pulling hair back into tight updos or constantly adding too-heavy extensions. The intense pressure on the follicle leads to eventually hair shedding and possible follicle death or scarring — and once it's gone, it's not coming back.

    Take my hair, for instance. I've fought with my hair for years, thanks to the blessing and the curse that is naturally curly hair. I was teased mercilessly in school for having "big" hair, so the only way I knew to combat the bigness was by pulling it back into a tight ponytail accessorized with about nine gallons of hairspray. Over the years, this hairstyle formula led to constant breakage and small hairs wisping in the breeze at the nape of my neck and on my front hairline. Not only that, but I recently compared photos of my hairline from a few years ago to more current shots, and the position of it is noticeably receded (at least to me). And there are spots on the back of my head where I can see a definite thinning of the hair. Not good.

    More: Stop telling me to cut my hair just because I'm over 40

    Lucky for me, I have a lot of hair, so unless someone is specifically looking for signs of baldness, they're not going to notice anything. But that doesn't mean I don't worry about the state of my hair 10, 15 or even 20 years down the line. I have stopped wearing my hair up as much, but old habits certainly die hard when you have a bunch of unruly curls and hit the gym on the regular.

    So, take my advice: Ease up on the tightness. I'm not saying you can never wear a cute topknot or sleek pony again, but just don't do it every day. Otherwise, you'll be investing in plenty of bobby pins to cover breakage and cover spots where hair just won't grow anymore.

    And that goes for you too, man bun connoisseurs.

    More: New book teaches women to love our hair despite all beauty standards

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    But that's exactly where one celebrity hair pro found the inspiration for her latest hair color trick. "I've been trying to re-create gasoline or oil when it's on the ground and it rains," colorist Aura Friedman told PopSugar of her "oil slick" creation. "I find that when you take a dark purple and a dark green and layer them one on top of the other, you end up with this iridescent feeling."

    oil slick hair 2

    oil slick hair 2

    More: 8 Big mistakes you’re making when you dye your hair yourself

    Also known as the "duck feather," this color trick is made specifically with brunettes in mind because it doesn't require a time-consuming and hair-ruining bleaching process first. "You don't have to lighten it so much to get it there, so your hair will be in better condition," Friedman said of the look that's dramatic enough for the cooler fall and winter months.

    oil slick hair 3

    oil slick hair 3

    More: Hair stylist creates heart-shaped bun that's easier than you think (WATCH)

    Plus, you can make it dramatic with bold highlights.

    oil slick hair 4

    oil slick hair 4

    Or more subtle with a "did she or didn't she get highlights?" sort of glow.

    oil slick hair 1

    oil slick hair 1

    To get the look when you get to your stylist's chair, Friedman recommends asking for a "shiny, blackish base with color peeking through."

    The only downside seems to be the time involved with creating the look. According to some Instagram posts I looked at, time in your colorist's chair could range upwards of four hours (!!) to get the right sort of hue.

    More: How to cut your own bangs without it ending in disaster

    On the upside? Unlike pastel highlights, these will last for several months, so you won't have to get touchups as often. Between this and the new peacock trend, it looks like I'll be wearing rainbow locks for the foreseeable future.

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    A plus-size woman has been selected to appear in MAC's new video campaign and she hopes that her selection will bring awareness and body positivity to all the girls struggling with their body image right now. Luzmaria Vargas, from Anaheim, California, is the first of six people selected to model. And as she says:

    "I don't have a gorgeous body, I don't think I'm beautiful," she said. "But look at where I'm at. I don't need a gorgeous body."

    plus size model

    plus size model

    It's truly sad that Vargas feels that way about her body. As women, we are trained to find all of our flaws. Some of us are better than others, but by and large, we all do it. I often take photos of myself in yoga poses in order to analyze the pose and I can also see every flaw in my body. Every place I think could be improved, every pocket of "fat," both real and imagined.

    More: Woman born without legs breaks fashion barriers as lingerie model

    But what a waste of time. Who is to say what constitutes a "gorgeous body?" Do I have to wait until I look like Heidi Klum before I can love myself? That seems insane, right?

    We have such short lives. Such very short lives. And yet we spend a great deal of our time on this Earth obsessing over every flaw. How silly. How wasteful. I would challenge myself (and all women) not necessarily to believe we are gorgeous, but to understand that it simply doesn't matter. "Gorgeous" can mean something as simple as this: healthy. It can mean strong. It can mean capable. It can mean getting up every morning and doing a little better than you did the day before, taking on new challenges and accepting the reflection in the mirror as being part of all that is our wonderful life.

    More: Woman shamed for 194-pound weight loss shows off body after skin removal surgery

    Is her body gorgeous? Yes. In the way that we are all gorgeous. In the way that we are all flawed human beings trying to put our best selves forward. She is an inspiration. We all can be.

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    One group of stylish ladies obviously has a handsome clothing budget, industry connections or both — because their blouses are from Givenchy, their skirts are Rebecca Taylor, their shoes — Ann Demeulemeester. They look smashing and wealthy at all times. I don't begrudge them for their ability to slay everyone in designer clothing and the ways in which they mix and match names are inspiring.

    But they're not always realistic for the average woman.

    And that's why it's thrilling to discover fashion bloggers who either mix high and low fashion or always err on the side of completely affordable. They inspire us by showing how a good eye, creativity and fearlessness can create an amazing, financially attainable look.

    1. The Frugality

    frugality blog 1a

    frugality blog 1a

    If the title of her blog doesn't make it crystal clear, U.K. style blogger Alex Stedman loves a great bargain and is rarely photographed in anything that costs an entire month's pay check. This incredible blouse is from Darimeya at Topshop, her skirt is an "old" Tory Burch (meaning: She understands the importance of investing once and keeping something forever), her purse is from Primark, and her fantastic heels are also Topshop.

    2. Wearing It Today

    pink jumpsuit 1a

    pink jumpsuit 1a

    Topshop is a favorite among style bloggers — as Laura Fantacci proves in this hot-pink cropped jumpsuit, which cost £95. It's possible Fantacci is a fan of the classics and is often photographed wearing simple white T-shirts, jeans and various pieces from J.Crew that she helps make extraordinary.

    3. Chic on the Cheap

    polka dot dress 1a

    polka dot dress 1a

    Lydia Abate is a photographer who creates stunning looks like this one on a regular basis, and then leaves you swooning when you discover that her adorable polka dot dress is from Old Navy, her sunglasses are from TJ Maxx, and her sandals are Ferragamo — but thrifted. What I love most about Abate is that she, like most women, recycles favorite pieces (and an incredible white Panama hat from J.Crew comes to mind), but she always manages to make them look fresh and unexpected.

    More: 8 Hot summer fashion trends men just don't understand

    4. Frugal Fashionista

    frugal fashionista 1a

    frugal fashionista 1a

    Frugal Fashionista is inspired by runway trends, but aims to show women how they can recreate them for a lot less money. Their looks are casual, down to earth, youthful and beyond affordable — this Aeropostale top was purchased on sale for $3, her Forever 21 shorts were bought at a thrift shop for $2, and her Converse sneakers were another sale item that cost a whopping $15.

    5. Penny Chic

    penny chic 1a

    penny chic 1a

    There aren't many women who can layer a denim jacket over a chambray shirt and sweatpants and have the confidence to wear it to New York Fashion Week. Shauna Miller is bold, stylish and committed to keeping her looks under $100 (and sometimes way under $100). Her Forever 21 jacket cost $33, her Joe Fresh chambray shirt was $14, and her GAP sweatpants broke the bank at $55.

    More: 18 Photos proving '70s trends are still totally groovy

    6. Cupcake and Cashmere

    Cupcakes and cashmere 1a

    Cupcakes and cashmere 1a

    There are lots of reasons why this blog is special: Founder Emily Schuman is also a designer who created her own line of beautiful clothing, which she often mixes with pieces from Topshop, Asos and Zara. If that isn't enough, she has a gorgeous baby who models the sweetest accessories and she's a top-notch cook who shares her recipes. It's true: She might just be the most perfect person on Earth.

    7. What I Wore

    What I Wore 1a

    What I Wore 1a

    Another mommy with style, Jessica Quirk keeps a running record of what she wore and where she wore it, and she isn't afraid to experiment with color. Here, she wears a dress (Old Navy) worn as a top and layers it with a ModCloth skirt.

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    As the kids go back to school, the fall race season begins ramping up. We find ourselves getting back into our normal workout routine — or perhaps starting a new one — and your daily footwear can impact your running goals.

    What happens when I wear heels?

    The positioning of your foot inside those fabulous shoes causes your body weight to be unevenly distributed on your foot. Most of your body weight shifts onto your teeny-tiny toe bones — poor little guys — as if you were walking around on your tiptoes all day. When your body feels this unbalanced in this way, it compensates by tightening up your calves, Achilles tendon and all the muscles of your hips and back.

    So why does it hurt when I take them off and run?

    By the end of the day, the muscle strain and fatigue can be pretty intense. The minute you get home, you take off your shoes and feel the relief, right? Well, that's where the problem actually begins.

    The muscles and connective tissues in our bodies are elastic and springy. They are meant to stretch and tighten; however, when those tissues are forced to spend a prolonged period of time in a tightened or abnormally shortened position then asked to abruptly stretch for a few hours, they get cranky and inflamed. Ripping those heels off at home and going for a run or just standing in the kitchen prepping dinner can be worse for your muscles than wearing the heels all day.

    In other words, what may feel like pure bliss when you yank off those stilettos may actually be way too much of stretch for your overly tight muscles and tendons. The impact of running 3 miles on top of that extra stretching gives you a recipe for disaster.

    What about the long-term consequences?

    That's the scary part. Five things happen over time:

    • your muscles and tendons can become chronically shorted, thick and inflexible, ultimately losing their ability to "bounce back."
    • too much abrupt stretching can lead to Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis and other issues.
    • your leg muscles may begin to bulge and cramp. Ever had a Charlie horse wake you up at midnight? Yowza!
    • inflexibility and tightness can compromise the range of motion in your ankle leaving you susceptible to ankle strains and sprains.
    • odd foot and ankle positioning can cause callouses, potentially lead to stress fractures and cause unsightly spider veins due to poor blood flow.

    But I can't live without my heels!!

    Alright, alright! Some studies have shown women who wear heels may experience fewer issues if they run in the morning, before strapping on heels, rather than the evening, once you've kicked off those suckers. You could also try going with a lower or chunkier heel.

    If you don't want to wear a lower heel, or still notice muscle and tendon tightness, be sure to take time throughout the day to stretch your calf muscles and feet.

    Here's a few quick stretches all you heel lovers can sprinkle into your day:

    1. Stair calf stretch: Stand barefoot on the edge of a step, with your weight on the balls of your feet and your heels hanging off the step. Keep your legs straight as you slowly lower your heels, pause and rise back up.
    2. Stair soleus stretch:  Same as above but bend your knees and alternate lowering one heel at a time.
    3. Ball rolling: Spend a little time rolling out your calves and feet on a small, hard ball. Already feeling the pain? Use a frozen bottle of water instead.

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    She opted to remove the forearm tattoo of her ex-boyfriend's name with an at-home kit she purchased online for about $23. But instead of removing the ink, the kit left her with horrible burns and, eventually, a hole in her arm.

    More: Why white tattoos are a terrible idea

    "It felt like someone had poured something flammable on my arm, lit it, and then poured a kettle on it," Hardy says in the BBC One documentary Inside Out. The reason: Most tattoo removal kits simply burn off the tattoo with corrosive chemicals like trichloroacetic acid, a substance that's banned in cosmetics in many countries, and hexachloroethane, a chemical used to make grenades.

    And burning off tattoos isn't going to work since the ink is set into the middle of the skin, clinical dermatologist Dr. Sean Lanigan told the BBC.

    More: Young girl's tattoo says everything we need to know about depression

    "People are not only wasting their money, they’re exposing themselves to a significant risk of damage," he said. "It’s highly likely to cause severe burns, quite possibly resulting in permanent scarring."

    The only effective way to fade — and possibly remove — tattoos is through laser therapy done by a professional. It's also becoming more affordable, with treatments ranging from $75 to $300, depending on your location and the size and location of the ink-based art.

    More: 7 Reasons it's OK to get tattoos with your sig other

    It's too late for Hardy's tattoo, but let her horrific experience serve as a warning that going the cheaper route can actually cost you way more in the long run. "I’m shocked someone has actually sold that," she said of the home kit. "I want my arm back, my normal arm."

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    For a few years now, we've been inundated with vlogs and step-by-step tutorials on how to slather our faces with various dark and light creams in an effort to shrink our noses, conceal shadows and bring cheekbones to light. The art of Kim Kardashian contouring is a good thing to keep in your mental beauty bag, but stash it away for now: one of fall's biggest makeup trends requires far fewer tools and skills (hallelujah).

    At shows as diverse as J. Crew and Kate Spade, models sported fresh, apple-cheeked faces. Recreating the look is easy — as long as you follow a few rules and pick the right blush for your skin tone.

    J Crew fashion week makeup trend
    Image: Randy Brooke/WireImage/Getty Images

    "Know your skin," says Justin St. Clair, celebrity makeup artist and creative and brand director for Bella Reina Cosmetics. "If you are normal to dry or even combination chances are your cheeks are the driest part of your face. In this case I recommend using a cream or liquid blusher. If your skin is oily and/or makeup doesn't seem to last on you, I recommend a powder or stain blusher."

    More: 12 Fall hair trends on Instagram to know and love

    Choosing a color

    "Choosing a color is fairly subjective so I say choose the blush color you are most attracted to as that color is almost always right for you," St. Clair says. However, if you want some extra guidance, this is how St. Clair recommends choosing based on skin tone:

    • Very Light to Light (Kate Winslet, Dita Von Teese): Go for pale cooler pinks or reds. Shy away from anything too warm.
    • Light Medium (Lucy Liu, Angelina Jolie): Go for mid tone pinks, reds or corals.
    • Medium (Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz): Go for mid tone reds, corals and warmer pinks.
    • Medium Dark (Zoe Saldana, Kerry Washington): Mid to deeper reds, corals and warm pinks.
    • Dark (Naomi Campbell, Angela Bassett): I go for deep reds, pinks and corals.
    • Very Dark (Lupita Nyong'o): Go for the deepest, cooler reds and pinks to a solid, true red.

    "A good rule of thumb is mirror or work from the tones found in your lips," St. Clair says.

    More: Makeup artist turns her eyelids into works of art


    "I personally like this look applied just past the front of the apple of the cheek," St. Clair says. "To find this placement look into a mirror and smile. The part of the cheek that projects most forward when you smile should be beside your nose. Apply the blush just past this forward spot, where your cheeks start moving back when smiling. Blend up along the cheekbone (but not as far as the ear/hairline, use the temples as a guide), a touch towards the nose and down into the 'hollow' of the cheek (the space between the corner of the mouth and middle of the ear). The area of application should be round or apple-like with diffused edges."

    Fall blush makeup trend
    Image: Randy Brooke/WireImage/Getty Images

    If using a powder blush: "For powder use a medium-sized, soft and full-headed blush brush and buff on in circular motions for intense yet evenly diffused color," St. Clair says. "If you apply too much color remove gently with a soft tissue using the same motion."

    Cream blush: "For cream, use a mixed fiber round brush or your fingers, blend up and then around," St. Clair says. "You can pat or 'stipple' to perfect the blend the edges otherwise use swift longer strokes to avoid blotchiness. Be sure that cheeks are free of excess moisturizer etc. and that foundation is properly applied to prevent a blotchy application."

    Stain or liquid blush: "For a stain or liquid do the same as you would cream," St. Clair says. "With stains you must work quickly and have a bit of moisturizer/foundation on hand to soften and perfect it. Apply powder after, not before, cream, liquid or stain blushers."

    More: The best colored eyeliner for your eye color

    "This look can be bold, or soft and demure, it's all about how intense you go," St. Clair says. "Have fun, explore another you, and always blend well."

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    If you haven't noticed, denim skirts are plastered all over digital and print magazines this fall. Over the weekend, I had a full day with my denim mini skirt, running errands during the day and heading to an event later that night.

    Image: SheKnows

    A frayed denim skirt carries some edge, so in an effort to tone down the skirt, both looks have a preppy vibe. I paired my Joie cargo denim skirt with my pinstriped button-up shirt from J.Crew. The secret to taking an outfit from day to night is accessorizing around basics. In this case, stripes and denim are fluid enough for popping on add-ons like blazers, statement necklaces or any other powerful pieces.

    Check out how I took my striped shirt and denim skirt from day to night.

    The day look

    Image: SheKnows

    During the day, I kept it casual in a pair of two-tone leather espadrilles, a statement tote bag and cool shades. Rolling up your sleeves and popping your collar certainly adds a coolness factor to your ensemble. You can wear this look anywhere, from the Farmer's Market to the movies. As we transition into fall, be ready to add layers to this style once the sun goes down.

    A tote bag is ideal for lugging your daily necessities. It serves two purposes: style and function. My Madewell bag stored my heels and the clutch I planned to wear for the night. If you're driving, just change out your bigger bag, throw it in the trunk of your car, switch it out for a more chic style and voila! — you've instantly changed up your swag.

    Image: SheKnows

    What I'm wearing: J. Crew shirt, Joie denim skirt, Nine West shoes, Boutique sunglasses, Madewell tote.

    The night look

    Image: SheKnows

    For my night time look, I didn't change much because I didn't have much time. I added a navy blazer with gold buttons. A military-style blazer gives you a fall vibe. I tied my shirt at the bottom for a flirty look and cuffed my sleeves over my jacket. Of course for the evening, I had to sport some fabulous heels, since the stripes and denim lean toward the casual side. A chic clutch works well as a nighttime bag. For the finishing touches, add a bold red lip and switch up your hair a bit. This day-to-night look can save busy women time and stress.

    Image: SheKnows

    What I'm wearing: Vintage blazer, J. Crew Shirt, Joie skirt, Schutz Slate Heels, Madewell clutch

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    Protect your face

    Mac Prep + Prime BB Cream

    BB creams are a great place to start. These beauty balms act as a moisturizer and contain SPF, which is just as important if you’re outside in fall, winter and spring. MAC’s Prep + Prime BB Cream is available in a number of shades to provide an even tone for all skin types. It’s also a great substitute for foundation, since it’s lightweight, easy to apply and can be used in any weather.

    Keep the chlorine out


    When the weather changes, swimmers hit the indoor pool at the gym. SwimSpray is an indoor swimmer’s necessity. Apply this 100 percent natural, Vitamin C-based product to your hair and skin to eliminate chlorine odor and irritation. Bonus: You won’t have to worry about the damage chlorine can do to your swimwear, because it actually neutralizes the chemical from your suit. We all win when we can extend the use of our swimsuits!

    Great skin begins from the inside

    Volta Energy Drink

    Staying hydrated never goes out of season, and is always beneficial to your skin. And building your look from the inside out is essential to every outfit. Volta is a gluten-free and vegan energy drink that contains ingredients like schisandra, which helps with vitality and stamina.

    Remember, confidence is an accessory that goes with everyone’s unique style. Share your favorite beauty and fashion must-haves for fall by using the hashtag #SKFallFavorites.

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    Give this roundup a spin to discover a new favorite brand of safe nail polishes and your new "it" color for fall.

    1. Ella + Mia

    Ella + Mia: Bags Are Packed
    Image: Ella+Mia

    Ella+Mila is a fashion-forward lacquer line often likened to the staying power of a gel. Formulations are chip-resistant, quick drying and provide high shine, without toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin or camphor, making it "5 Free." We love that this brand is also cruelty-free and vegan with PeTA certification. Proudly made in the USA.

    Product recommendation for fall: Try Bags Are Packed ($10.50), for true blue nails that shine beautifully in the autumn air.

    More: Amazing nail design tutorials inspired by football teams

    2. Zoya

    Zoya: Anaka
    Image: Zoya

    Zoya, known as the healthy color of fashion — these polishes are extra long wearing, offering a beautiful array of sexy colors. Completely toxin free, all the polishes and treatments are "5 Free."

    Product recommendation for fall: Try Anaka ($9), a vibrant purple-toned deep fuchsia-pink with reflective hot pink shimmer and gold micro-glitter.

    3. JINsoon

    JINSoon: Cantata
    Image: JINSoon

    More: How to create the perfect heart nail design

    All JINsoon formulas are "5 Free" and offer a high gloss lacquered look with a high end, chip-proof finish. Double patented formulas deliver long-lasting manicures with rich and lustrous color payoff in a single coat.

    Product recommendation for fall: Try Cantata ($18), a gorgeous gray infused with a hint of purple shimmer for a cool, edgy vibe.

    4. Tenoverten

    Tenoverten: Liberty
    Image: Tenoverten

    The importance of long-term nail health permeates throughout this brand. "5 Free," cruelty-free, beautiful nail care products that grew from a salon in the heart of Tribeca can now be yours... bringing back the simple pleasures of getting a manicure.

    More: Crazy cool nail art you can create with office supplies

    Product recommendation for fall: Liberty ($18), a dusty mint that pairs back nicely with strong fall colors or soft neutrals.

    5. SpaRitual

    SpaRitual: Cassiterite
    Image: SpaRitual

    SpaRitual offers a line of spa treatments and nail care products that are vegan, eco-friendly and completely cruelty-free.

    Product recommendation for fall: Cassiterite ($12), a glittery gold that’s designed to sparkle… and compliments virtually any fall outfit.

    6. Sheswai

    Sheswai: What
    Image: Sheswai

    Sheswai mixes modern glamour with a boho feel via an eco-chic bottle. Not only are the colors rich and timeless with a formula that is "5 Free," but the packaging is incredibly unique featuring a sustainable harvested wood brush top — reducing the use of plastic.

    Product recommendation for fall: What ($16), a dark, gorgeous eggplant/gray will leave you saying… "what." no question.

    7. butter LONDON

    butter LONDON: Tiddly
    Image: butter LONDON

    Ten years ago, butter LONDON was founded as an influential, high-fashion nail lacquer pioneering the first "3 Free" nail lacquer collection in gorgeous wearable shades.

    Product recommendation for fall: Tiddly ($12), An opaque, melon creme — compliments a pumpkin cocktail or pumpkin soup like no other.

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    Mode.com decided to give us a glimpse of what the average bride was walking down the aisle in the last 100 years and more. They had a makeup and style team fashion a model 10 times over to capture the iconic wedding look from each decade — from 1915 to 2015. Then they sped things up so we could see a whole century of wedding fashion fly by in three minutes. Here's the awesome result:

    100 years wedding gowns

    100 years wedding gowns

    More: Emotional dad stops daughter's wedding to give her stepdad the spotlight

    Maybe it's just because I'm getting ready for my own wedding, but this video was such eye candy for me. The stylists captured every detail from each decade's signature bridal look, from the size and shape of the bride's bouquet to the lace trim of her veil. My favorite veil by far was the one from 1925 — those flappers certainly knew how to wear a headpiece.

    It was also surprising to see how few of the earlier decades showed brides wearing floor-length dresses. You always think that women were covering everything up before the 1960s, but in fact, every dress except the ones from the 1930s and '40s hit above the ankle.

    More: How one couple's wedding photo is helping people with mental illness and depression

    However, the kicker of the whole video is the moment at the end when her androgynous spouse comes out dressed in a tux to escort the bride away. She gives a little knowing mug to the camera as if to say that bridal fashion isn't the only thing that has evolved over the last 100 years. Yes, thanks to some much-needed progress, the couples wearing the wedding clothes have changed since 1915, and unlike ugly, matching bridesmaids dresses, that's a very, very good thing.

    Image: Mode

    More: Couple loses wedding rings, but their story is surprisingly romantic

    0 0

    1. They're like a water bra for your butt

    Only, without the water. What I'm trying to say is, through some wizardry unbeknownst to me, stretchy jeans manage to give every mama's buns a little lift. They're universally flattering. Wearing them is basically the real life version of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

    2. They'll see you through any mom scenario

    Whether I'm playing with my kid at the park or chasing him around the house in a feeble attempt to figure out what he just stuffed into his mouth, stretchy jeans see me through anything my kids throw my way. Unlike with other fashion choices, I get maximum maneuverability and comfort — without even having to unbutton anything. C'mon. That's genius.

    3. They feed your ego

    They look good. They just do. And, somehow, the magical properties of the stretchy fabric make me feel as though my body looks just like it did before I had babies. Don't get me wrong — women's bodies inevitably change with pregnancy and childbirth, and it's a beautiful thing. But, you know, things shift. Some things even jiggle now. But sliding on a pair of Signature by Levi Strauss & Co.™ makes me feel as though all is right with the world (and my mommy curves). They flatter my curves instead of trying to hide them, which is hard to find. The best part is, they actually keep their shape all day long, so I don't look like I just woke from a nap at school pickup (even if I did).

    4. You can sleep in them

    As a mom, sleep is like the Holy Grail. I'm Indiana Jones and I never know if my quest will end in a booby trap (quite literally, when I was breastfeeding) or in the bewildering din of some restless natives (read: my children, who apparently sacrificed their need for sleep to the sugar gods). When I do see a sliver of opportunity, I'd gladly swig monkey brain soup to get to it. Stretchy jeans are comfortable enough to catch shut-eye anywhere, anytime.

    5. But they aren't PJs

    I mean, that's progress. If it weren't for stretchy jeans, I'd probably be rolling through the school drop-off line in legit pajama bottoms. Or sweatpants. Stretchy jeans make me feel like I'm trying, even though I have Fruit Loops in my hair and haven't showered in two days. No, three. No, two. Definitely two. Maybe?

    6. They make matching a breeze

    Gone are the days when I had hours to plan my daily wardrobe decisions. Time is a hot commodity when you're a mother, and if you spend too much of it (or mental energy) on coordinating an outfit, it could cause a punctuality avalanche... i.e. I'll never make it on time to anything for the rest of the day. Stretchy jeans match pretty much any top I've got and — bonus! — they even manage to make that super-cozy billowy blouse I overwear look polished.

    7. Hello, Normcore!

    Let's get this straight — moms are actually the major trendsetters here. We were espousing the virtues of stretchy jeans long before some hipsters came along and declared them a fad. Having said that, I'm glad everyone now recognizes the brilliance in the logic of denim that moves with your body yet still manages to hold its shape beautifully.

    8. They're the unicorn of everyday wear

    Stretchy jeans are the seemingly impossible marriage of form and function for moms on the go. It's as though yoga pants and mom jeans met, fell in love, got married and had little denim babies. I get to look stylish and still be able to tuck my mommy muffin top (totally natural) into the top of my pants, Spanx-style. That, my friends, is called winning.

    This post was brought to you by Signature by Levi Strauss & Co.™.

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    How to wear culottes to the office and look totally chic

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    As the weather transitions into a crisp, new season, we’ve got to adjust our outfits gradually. The transition period is all about mixing and matching, coupling opposite fabrics and getting creative with seasonal patterns.

    These streetwise, savvy bloggers show us a few ways to make the most out of your summer favorites while pairing them with some warm and cozy fall staples.

    1. Get the boot

    rain boots fall outfit

    Image: Classy Girls Wear Pearls

    Nothing says “fall’s here” like a good pair of boots. Swap your summer sandals for a trendy set of ankle boots, lush knee-highs, cute rain boots or your tried-and-true cowboys to add some weight to your breezy summer dresses. Or, pair them with shorts and a comfy cardigan to add warmth to your outfit while still showing off your sun-kissed legs. And if your toes are missing their freedom, try using inserts, like Dr. Scholl’s DreamWalk Comfort Insoles — they’ll help your feet feel comfortable as they adjust to new shoes.

    2. Blend patterns

    mixing summer and fall patterns

    Image: Apartment Therapy

    There are patterns for summer (like florals and stripes) and there are patterns for fall (like geometrics and plaids). But you don’t have to choose one or the other — incorporate both! Combining mismatching fabrics can be very tough at first, so try to keep these rules in mind:

    3. Play opposites

    summer skirt and fall sweater

    Image: Lace and Locks

    Like combining two seasonal patterns, you can also step into fall by pairing two seasonal pieces. For example, take a flirty and whimsical summer skirt and top it off with a thick fall cardigan. We know opposites attract — but they also balance each other and are a perfect way to transition your wardrobe.

    4. Add some plaid

    plaid scarf with summer dress

    Image: Sincerely, Jules

    This may sound just too easy, but it’s true! Plaid is so fall. And by adding a hint of it to your summer outfit, you’ll be transported from ocean to orchard in no time. A little goes a long way, so start small by including a single plaid item, like shoes, a scarf, a skirt or even just a bag.

    5. Pop with summer

    pop of color for fall outfit

    Image: Memorandum

    Go-to fall colors are generally neutrals — think soft grays, toasty beiges and sleek blacks. So, before the neutrals completely take over, don’t be afraid to brighten up your look with summer neons. You can do this with just a colorful bib necklace or an eye-catching shoe, or you can amplify the amount of color by wearing a bright cardigan, pant or skirt. Vivid nail polish works, too!

    6. Grab a jacket

    leather jacket with floral dress

    Image: Kenza Zouiten

    Adding a leather jacket or a blazer to a summer outfit immediately gives your look structure. Summer pieces tend to be lighter/thinner and flowy. By wearing a jacket, you even out the outfit, blending summer with a heavier fall piece.

    7. Warm up with a knit

    knitted sweater

    Image: Flower Patch Farmgirl

    Like plaid, incorporating a knitted piece into your outfit will update your look for fall. Knits are super-versatile, too, because you can throw on one piece (like a hat) or mix and match a bunch of knitted items, like layering sweaters or completing your look with knitted socks and a scarf.

    This post was brought to you by Dr. Scholl's® DreamWalk®.

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    1. Wear clothes that fit

    One of the biggest mistakes that many curvy women make is to try to hide their curves under oversized, baggy pieces or squishing themselves into way-too-tight jeans. Wrong! This is pretty much a guaranteed method for remaining uncomfortable all day long and creating awkward lumps and bumps. Showing off your natural feminine shape in clothes that fit just right is a much better solution.

    Try jeans with some stretch, like Signature by Levi Strauss & Co.™ Simply Stretch Denim, offered in curvy fits that hug and lift your curves in all the right places for a super flattering fit. Plus, they actually keep their shape all day long, which is not easy to find in a pair of stretch jeans.

    2. Try out a tailor

    Shopping off the rack is tough — sometimes downright impossible if there's a certain look you're going for. But getting things altered can be annoying — believe me, I know. Still, it is seriously so worth it. Tailoring can make a sleek blazer out of something that was once boxy or give you that perfect hemline that makes your whole outfit. A good tailor can make just about anything look like it was made just for you, and that's exactly what you want.

    3. Learn your shape

    One of the best things about being a bodacious babe is the curves! Still, not all curves are the same (or in the same place).

    An important part of loving your body is learning exactly what shape that body is in. Now, you don’t have to call yourself an apple or a pear, but knowing what silhouettes look best on you and shopping strategically for them can be very helpful.

    4. Have some balance

    The No. 1 way to show your silhouette some love is to balance your proportions. If you go flowy on top, wear something more fitted on the bottom, and vice versa. For those of you who always drape yourself in tons of fabric, get out of your comfort zone and into something a bit more body-hugging to show your figure. Wrap yourself in clothes that love you back and watch yourself take shape.

    5. Flaunt your favorite parts

    Figure out your best feature and show it off. Were you blessed with a great set of legs? Show those gams off, girlfriend! Do you have a rear end to die for? Pour it into a pair of stretchy jeans or a great skirt. Is your chest a work of art? Nothing wrong with showing a little bit of cleavage.

    The point here is to stop focusing on what you don't like about yourself, and work on complementing the parts that you do.

    6. Bank on basics

    We've talked fit, and we've talked form, now it's time to talk fashion. Trends are fun, but they're always changing, so it's hard to keep up. One tip I’ve learned is to embrace three trends you can’t get enough of per season, but to invest in staples that will keep you clothed all year long.

    For me, my staples are an awesome array of plain white T-shirts, a great leather jacket, a blazer I can dress up or down, a fabulous LBD and a great pair of jeans. Since these items are going to serve as the base for your wardrobe and will likely stay on as staples for some time, you can invest in some items you truly love. Go ahead and buy that expensive blazer and a few pairs of those jeans you love — you're worth it.

    This post was brought to you by Signature by Levi Strauss & Co.™.

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    0 0

    1. Wait until you're walking out the door to get dressed

    Because it's obviously a law of the universe that your baby will spit up on you five minutes before you leave. Mobile dressing means fewer last-minute wardrobe changes.

    2. Magic Eraser isn't just for walls

    On the off-chance an errant marker in your toddler's sweet, dimpled hands does come into contact with your sleek pantsuit, Magic Eraser works wonders in a pinch. (Spot test first, ladies.)

    3. When in doubt, sniff it out

    Moms do a lot of laundry. See also: Kids like to play in clean laundry. Sometimes sniffing is the only way to tell if your favorite blouse has gone through the spin cycle lately.

    4. Stretchy makes so much sense

    After kids, your organs shift around in such a way — shhhhh, we're convinced that's how it happens — that makes comfy, stretchy bottoms a requisite part of daily fashion decisions. And if you can find a pair that stretches in all the right places and looks fabulous with your curves, you've met your match. (Hello, Signature by Levi Strauss & Co.™ Simply Stretch Denim!)

    5. "Try cleaning" can be more efficient than dry cleaning

    Whereas you once defaulted to taking all of your slightly soiled garments to the dry cleaner, now you just "try cleaning" it yourself first. Because, time. By the way, club soda and salt knock out wine, er, juice stains.

    6. Wrinkles are a part of life

    Despite your best efforts, you'll most likely leave the house wearing clothes that look ever so slightly wrinkled. This goes for your face, too.

    7. But the dryer is an ally in the battle

    Anything short of embracing that wrinkles are a part of parenting life is an exercise in futility. Still, tossing your outfit in the dryer for a few minutes is a quick and easy way to at least partially combat wrinkles. In your clothes, at least.

    8. You have tiny arbiters of style all around you

    Anna Wintour? Please. Scrutiny from Vogue's notoriously stern editor doesn't have anything on the feedback your children dole out every day. Goodbye, floral blouse — you've been voted off the island.

    9. You don't always have to look put together

    Before kids, leaving the house without being dressed to the nines seemed like a foreign concept. Now, you're lucky if your shoes match. Still, it feels great when you do manage to pull polished off.

    This post was brought to you by Signature by Levi Strauss & Co.™.

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    From retro thigh-high boots to classic Oxfords, you'll discover modern updates to shoe styles that have stood the test of time. Check out the following types of footwear to find out which ones to add to your shoe closet before the weather turns brisk.

    1. Thigh-high boots


    Whether you call these beauties thigh-high or over-the-knee makes little difference at all. Boots that travel to unprecedented heights are gorgeous, warm and can draw attention to the shapeliness of your legs. We especially love the trend in jewel-toned suede for an update to a neutral black or brown boot. (Nordstrom, $199)

    2. Ankle booties


    Booties are surprisingly versatile for the highs and lows of fall weather. You can wear a casual pair with boyfriend jeans or even shorts, or channel some glam with a studded or metallic pair for a night out on the town. Of all the boots you can invest in, booties are the easiest to wear, with trendy details like fringe, studs and even patchwork. (Free People, $128)

    3. Mary Janes


    The classic Mary Jane has come out of hiding this year — and we couldn't be happier. You can wear the Mary Jane trend in a classic black flat or go a little wild with a heel or bold color. (Zappos, $109)

    4. Loafers


    Menswear-inspired loafers have popped up all over the fashion world — and they look particularly good with straight leg jeans or trousers. If the style leaves you longing for a touch more femininity, select a colorful pair with clean and narrow lines, rather than the chunkier versions that are also available. (Urban Outfitters, $59)

    5. Brogues and Oxfords


    Similar to menswear-inspired loafers, brogues and Oxfords have also made a splash of late. The difference is that brogues and Oxfords look a little more like a man's wingtip shoe and often contain laces and cut-out detailing. Wear them with a sweet little A-line skirt for a sporty mix of masculine and feminine. (DSW, $110)

    6. Mules


    Yes, any shoe that's called a "mule" doesn't sound particularly sexy, but they totally are. Mules look great with work trousers or an evening dress, so they're versatile for any weather or event that autumn presents to you. If you feel bored by a mule, find a pair with a high and slim heel. (6pm, $88)

    7. Mid-calf boots


    The mid-calf boot looks simply divine with a bohemian tunic or a casual A-line skirt. We love slouchy styles in both suede and leather because they are wonderfully comfortable and casual. If you dare to try a cowboy-style boot or one with fringe, definitely give it a go with the mid-calf. (Steve Madden, $70) 

    8. T-strap heels


    When in doubt, squeeze your beautiful feet into a pair of strappy heels and watch what happens. A strappy heel never really goes out of style, but you can give the look a subtle update by opting into a T-strap version. We love the way the T-strap highlights the slenderness of the ankle. It's the little things, folks. (Anthropologie, $138)

    This post is part of a sponsored advertising collaboration.

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    That's where I can help. My whole job is testing out the latest and greatest in beauty products, so knowing what's genuinely good is my entire reason for being. Here's my official guide to the beauty products worth the higher cost, as well as where you can save without sacrificing quality.

    Makeup remover: spend

    Not even kidding — spend a few extra dollars on your makeup remover, and you will be shocked at how much easier your life becomes. My favorite is Lancome's Cleansing Oil ($42, Sephora), which takes off even the most hardcore waterproof eye makeup — all without irritating my skin or leaving any kind of residue on my face.

    Cleanser: save

    Cleanser stays on your face for a short period of time, then goes straight down the drain. Save your dollars. In all my years in the beauty world, I've never found anything better than CeraVe Cleanser ($9.49, Drugstore.com.) The cleanser is incredibly gentle and effective on every skin type — even mine, which is notoriously sensitive.

    Retinols: save

    I recommend saving on retinols, within reason. Retinoids are legitimately life-changing in terms of their anti-aging, scar-reducing, adult acne-zapping abilities — of course, their prices vary wildly. Instead of spending $20 on a drugstore retinol derivative that doesn't work or $150 on a designer potion that promises to put a new face on your face, go to your dermatologist and get a prescription retinoid. You'll get actual results, and most insurance plans will cover it. A 90-day supply can cost as little as $60, which is a freaking bargain.

    Serums: spend

    The prices on these bad boys are justified. Serums have higher concentrations of active ingredients and fewer fillers, which means that they work — and cost more. You don't need to spend a trillion dollars to get an amazing serum. I adore Pestle + Mortar's Hyularonic Acid Serum (Pestle and Mortar, $65,) which keeps my skin hydrated and insanely smooth without sending me spiraling into debt.

    Moisturizers: save

    Moisturizers are made up of three main ingredients: a humectant (which draws water out of the air and hydrates the skin,) an emollient (which smooths skin) and an occlusive agent (which prevents water loss.) Most super-fancy moisturizers contain these three basic things, which are all generally really cheap, and then a bunch of "extracts" to make them sound posh and justify a expensive price tag. For my money, there's no better moisturizer than Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Gel ($38, Sephora) at night and CeraVe AM Moisturizer with SPF ($11.99, Drugstore.com) during the day.

    Foundation, concealer, powder: spend

    You should spend money on anything you need to match the color of your skin exactly. More expensive lines just have a better shade range. The wear and coverage tends to improve pretty drastically with pricepoint, too. Since you need to use less product to get good results, pricier things will last you a lot longer.

    Case in point: my favorite concealer of all time is Make Up For Ever's Full Cover Concealer ($32, Sephora,) and it is quite expensive. I only need the tiniest blob each time I do my makeup, and a single tube has lasted me well over a year. That's an investment I'll gladly make for perfect-looking skin!

    Blush: save

    Unless you need a super-specific color, drugstore blushes are just as good as the expensive ones.

    Highlighter: save

    A fun beauty editor secret: the best highlighters aren't highlighters at all. Stila Eye Shadow in Kitten ($18, Sephora) has been my ride-or-die skin highlighter forever. In a slightly shell-pink shade just lighter than my skin, it gives my complexion the most gorgeous shimmer that never verges on glittery. These eyeshadows come in a range of neutrals, so odds are you'll find a shade that works for you, too.

    Eyeliner: both

    Eyeliner can be tricky. Save on pencils, spend on liquid. Eyeliner pencils max out their awesomeness around $8, but you'll really see a difference in terms of the color quality, opacity and wear with slightly more expensive liquid liners.

    Eyeshadows: save

    You can save on shadows, but spend on a really good primer to ensure amazing wear and perfect color payoff.

    Brow products: spend

    Please, god. Nobody wants greasy, smudgy brows. Spend a bit more money to make sure your gel, pencil, powder or pomade stays put on your brows.

    Mascara: spend

    Mascara tends to reach peak awesomeness around $20. Anything more expensive than that isn't worth it, unless you need something genuinely waterproof. Expect to spend around $30 for something that actually stands up to water. Cheaper "waterproof" mascaras will escape down your face at the first sign of humidity.

    Lip liner: save

    I have never found an expensive liner that works better than my NYX lip liner ($3:50, Nyx Cosmetics).

    Lipstick: both

    • Save on long-wear products. L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Last Lipcolor is the best long-wear lipstick in history, and you don't need to buy anything else, ever ($11, Drugstore.com.) 
    • Spend on mattes, because they truly feel better and last longer than cheap products.
    • Spend on glosses, because I hate when they're sticky.
    • Whatever you want on everything else. Invest in lip colors you'll wear often. I bought a Tom Ford Matte Lipstick in Ruby Rush ($52, Tom Ford Beauty,) and that price tag was worth it because it's the perfect red. I wear it every other day. I tend to buy cheaper versions of trendy colors, because they probably won't live in my lipstick wardrobe forever. Like my mum always said, the most expensive lipstick you own is the one you only wear once.

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    I envy all of the Carrie Bradshaws who step out into fall with the sleekest of knee-high boots and the softest of suede booties. And as the crisp autumn air rolls in, I daydream at work about what shoes would be on my shivering feet with some extra $100 bills.

    But, the truth of the matter is, I just can't justify spending hundreds of dollars on a single pair of shoes. But lean in, ladies, I've found a secret: There are affordable fall shoes out there; you've just gotta know where to look!

    1. GoJane

    GoJane red faux suede booties

    Image: GoJane

    These red-hot faux suede booties are $15. Yep, $15! Pair them with a gray pencil skirt and a white cardigan and you'll certainly be spicing up the office. GoJane has all kinds of shoes that range from $10 to $50.

    2. ZooShoo

    mary jane pumps

    Image: ZooShoo

    Mary Janes and autumn go together like pumpkin and spice. ZooShoo has plenty of styles to choose from, including boots, booties, pumps and flats, all starting at about $15. If you sign up with your email, you'll receive 10 percent off.

    3. Wholesale Fashion Shoes

    Image: Wholesale Fashion Shoes

    Every flat on this site is $11. The boots range around $20 and I haven't seen anything over $25. At Wholesale Fashion Shoes, you can stock up on different versions of the same type of shoe and not worry about price. But be careful... your shopping cart will fill up quickly!

    4. Sammy Dress

    Image: Sammy Dress

    The little red sale flags all over this site will draw you in instantly. But if you find something you like, go for it — most sales only last a few days. At Sammy Dress, you will be pleasantly surprised at what $20 or less can get you, like these chunky, buckled boots for $17.

    5. DSW

    platform pumps

    Image: DSW

    DSW can have some pretty pricey shoes — but the trick is to check out their clearance section. You may have to do a little digging, though, as many of the clearance shoes are from the season prior. However, with all of the styles they have to offer, I'm sure you'll find a good buy. The Qupid Daydream-22 platform pumps featured here are $25 and they're perfect for a fall night on the town.

    6. 6pm

    motorcycle boot

    Image: 6pm

    6pm has pretty decent prices, like these motorcycle-chic zip boots for $32. They'll give you a full refund for unworn shoes returned within 30 days of purchase — and although you'll have to pay shipping on a return, standard ground shipping is free when they're heading to your door (which is always a bonus).

    7. Lola Shoetique

    mesh booties

    Image: Lola Shoetique

    While you can still get away with a flirty skirt or dress before it gets too cold, try these nude mesh booties on for size for $25 instead of your sandals. Lola Shoetique offers lots of fall styles that generally range between $25 and $50.

    This post is part of a sponsored advertising collaboration.

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    The best part? There's no heel required. I mean, sure, most women know the joy of a fabulous heel, but these 12 looks prove that flats have their place in fashion, too.

    1. A fringe trend


    Fringe is great, but tiny pom-pom detailing is even better. These persimmon flats ought to do the trick. (Figue, $100)

    2. Suede riding boots


    Knee-high boots often come with a bit of a heel, but there's no need for one with these stunning suede riding boots. They look great over a colorful pair of skinnies for when the weather turns chilly. (Chinese Laundry, $120)

    3. Subtle color block


    If you're sold on color blocking, you can go big and bold with primary colors. If, however, you're looking to wear the trend a little more subtly, these brown and pink color-blocked flats are perfect for you. (OnlineShoes.com, $130)

    4. Inspired loafers


    Menswear-inspired shoes are hitting their stride this fall — and it's easy to see why. A pair of retro, glossy loafers like this pair is perfect with a slim-fit trouser and a bold lip color. (Bloomingdale's, $125)

    5. Sweet Mary Jane


    You can't go wrong with a sweet and trendy Mary Jane, paired with either an A-line skirt or a comfortable pair of classic blue jeans. (Free People, $128)

    6. Golden and jeweled


    Grab these golden flats to wear during the last days of summer and don't be scared since they transition beautifully into fall. The metallic motif is great for cooler weather. (Francesca's, $25)

    7. Florally yours


    The femininity of this floral shoe is offset by the casual espadrille sole and the black piping. We love these with your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans for a comfortable weekend hopping around town. (Kurt Geiger, $150)

    8. Wrap-around flats


    The pointy toe and snakeskin of these flats give the pair some edge, but the wrap-around detail is enough to make you look like sugar and spice and everything nice. (Anthropologie, $188)

    9. Peep-toe with rosette


    Go ahead and pretend that these delicate black flats with the peep-toe and carved rosette haven't totally stolen your heart. We'll wait. (Saks Fifth Avenue, $110)

    10. Western bootie


    A little bit patchwork and a little bit rustic, this casual flat is an awesome and cozy update to the trendy bootie. Wear it with a solid black maxi dress and a poncho for a look that's just begging for a mug full of hot chocolate. (Nordstrom, $49)

    11. Bold and studded


    An animal print shoe is bold. A studded shoe? Forget about it. You'll get compliments like whoa. (DSW, $45)

    12. Bold and bowed


    The teal of these flats can brighten a dreary day, but the pair really turns into something special with the addition of two adorable bows. (ModCloth, $40) 

    This post is part of a sponsored advertising collaboration.

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    1. Howl in houndstooth


    The classic houndstooth pattern conjures images of old Hollywood glam — and for good reason. The one-off checkered pattern flatters both the curves and straight lines of a woman's body. Wear it in a charming peacoat or in a form-fitting dress or skirt. (Pin Up Girl Clothing, $50)

    2. Turn heads with polka dots


    Polka dots are fine in any form, but we especially love how they look against a large backdrop of blank space, instead of filling the fabric with a million tiny dots. We love the boldness of this black and white sweater or the more subtle appearance of a neutral dot against a white or neutral background. (Nordstrom, $58) 

    3. A starry night


    Celestial patterns are the trend to watch this fall. You can go bold with large, geometric stars or swirled patterns that more closely resemble an abstract galaxy. Either way, you'll look like a beautiful sky full of stars. (Nordstrom, $248)

    4. Chevron


    Surely you noticed that chevron has exploded in popularity during the last few years. This fall, the trend is remaining strong. Layer a chevron coat or shrug over a solid tee or dress for added texture and dimension. (Anthropologie, $168)

    5. Mad for plaid


    The '90s are back and they're here to stay! Plaid is showing up pretty much anywhere you look. We are especially mad for plaid if you use it in a patterned tote bag or wear it as a skirt with a form-fitting top. (Urban Outfitters, $59)

    6. Bright and bold floral


    A little pop of color — whether it's in a skirt, shirt or oversized kimono — never hurt anyone. You can dress up any outfit with a bold floral pattern, which looks especially fetching and unexpected over a subtle striped or polka dot pattern. (LuLaRoe, $48)

    7. Marbled maven


    Marble prints, which you may recognize as the pattern of your grandma's 1970s curtains, are totally in style this fall. The pattern has a very cool retro vibe and it looks great in both tiny and oversized iterations. Try it in a colorful, vintage dress that transitions seamlessly from summer to fall. (J.Crew, $188)

    8. Pop with paisley


    You can't go wrong with a touch of paisley pattern in your life. This fall, subtle paisley is showing up in accessories like scarves and hats, which is reminiscent of a delicate toille. Wear a paisley scarf with head-to-toe black for a look that is feminine and bold. (H&M, $13)

    This post is part of a sponsored advertising collaboration.

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