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    Since the rest of the states will thaw soon, I will help kick start your imagination with some water marble nail art for your toes. One may think that water marbling is difficult on your fingernails, let alone your toes. But, I'm about to show you an easy and do-able spring water marble design, just for your tootsies.

    Let's get started!

    Water marble nails

    What you'll need:

    • Dazzle Dry: Strengthening Base Coat
    • Orly: White Out
    • Butter London: Molly Coddled
    • Butter London: Fruit Machine
    • Pure Color: #7 Water Marble tool from here
    • Dazzle Dry: Fast Dry Top Coat


    You will want to prepare a glass of water in advance. When water marbling, you want the water in your glass to be at room temperature. Since no one is perfect, I recommend leaving several glasses, or even a pitcher, of water out on your kitchen counter for a couple hours to make sure you have plenty available when you finally start your design. Another quick tip: Cups with a smaller diameter will be easier to work with.

    When water marbling, be sure to use highly pigmented (opaque) and fresh (or thinned) nail polish. This is important because old or gloopy nail polish will not spread out on the surface of the water very well. Keep all the polishes you'll use within reach and their caps open so you can work faster.

    Before you start dripping you'll want to turn any heat/air conditioning off, as well as any fans. Blowing air will dry the polish quicker than you'll be able to draw your design on the water's surface. For my design I used three nail polishes, but you can use as many as you desire. The patterns created with this technique are quite random and experimenting with colors is part of the fun.


    Step 1. Add first color

    Place a drop of your first nail polish into the water in the middle of the cup. The closer you keep the brush to the water the better; you can even touch the water with the polish droplet itself. If you hold the brush too high you risk the drop not dispersing on the surface and falling to the bottom of the glass. If your nail polish is spreading out too slowly then you can shake the cup a little to help it out. Additionally, if the polish doesn't spread to the edges of your glass you can run a Q-tip around the outer edge to help the polish spread.

    Step 2. Add other colors

    Repeat this process with other colors by placing the new drops in the middle of the glass, inside the previous drops that have already spread out. A ringed pattern will emerge and you can continue adding drops to the cup until the innermost circle is relatively small. You'll want to move fast during this process as time saved here will give you more time to design before your polish dries.

    Step 3. Begin to add your design

    After you've finished your nail polish "slick" on the surface of the water you can now use a water marble tool, or a needle or toothpick, and start dragging it through the water. Be careful of the outside rings; they could be dry already and dragging your tool through them could ruin your design. You may want to start your tool in the third or even the fifth rings from the outside.

    Drag your tool from the outside in to the center from various points on the edge to create a flower pattern in the middle. Be sure to clean your tool with a paper towel between uses to keep the design neater.

    Dragging polish to the center of your glass will move polish from the outsides to the center, so if your design looks messy you may want to try dipping and removing your tool into the center to remove excess polish. This little trick can really save you from restarting the whole process if you’re getting frustrated with how your flower looks.

    Step 4. Allow design to dry

    Once you’re happy with your flower, set it aside and leave it alone for 30 minutes to dry completely.


    Step 1. Prepare your toes

    While you're waiting for your water marble design to dry, you can now prepare your toes. Always start by protecting your nails with a quality base coat. After your base coat is dry, apply two layers of white nail polish to your big toes. The white will help the water marble’s colors to stand out more. Apply two layers of a complementary color to the rest of your toes.

    Step 2. Remove design from water and cut to size

    If the water marble design is dry, remove it from the water using a finger or wood stick. Be very careful to not wrinkle the sheet as it could ruin the design. Using small scissors, cut out a desired piece of the design about the size and shape of your big toe nail. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

    Step 3. Apply topcoat and place the cutout

    Apply topcoat on your big toenail and carefully place your cutout design on the nail. Gently push it and seal the piece onto your nail, paying special attention to the edges near your skin.

    Step 4. Clean up edges

    Your cutout will not be perfect, so pour a little acetone into a small dish and use a flat brush to clean up the edges. Dip the flat brush in acetone and use it on your skin to dissolve the excess water marble design. Be very careful to not touch your nail while doing this, as it will ruin the design.

    Step 5. Apply top coat to seal your design

    After you've cleaned up your design, apply a layer of top coat to seal your design. Enjoy your new water-marbled toes!

    I loved this design so much after I finished it that I needed to take them for a walk in the pair of wedges I got from Nordstrom last week. Pictured are my newly marbled toes in a pair of Jules by UGG Australia.

    Disclosure: This post is part of a collaboration between Nordstrom, UGG Australia and SheKnows.

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    Recently flats have made quite the impact in women's fashion. Designers have really invested in building out their flat footwear styles meaning that there are so many stylish, adorable options at all price points.

    Here are three ways you can work stylish flat footwear into your spring style: 

    1. Opt for an elegant flat

    And by elegance I mostly just mean sparkle. It dresses up all things. I used to think I wasn't really fancy unless I was wearing heels, sky-high ones preferably. Thankfully, those days are gone and I can easily find more elegant flats to round out my dressier looks. They are perfect for in the office and even for a night out after.

    2. Go with a wedge

    Rocking a wedge can add a little height to your look and stretch out your legs nicely, but they are also generally more versatile and comfortable than a true heel. I wear wedges with all of the things: shorts, pants, skirts, dresses, swimsuits. Kidding, I never wear swimsuits, but if I did, I'm sure wedges would go with them perfectly. These UGG Australia wedges would probably look amazing with a swimsuit and regular clothes. Really great with regular clothes. Thankfully.

    Image: Nordstrom

    3. Get sneaky

    Sneakers are flat too! And I'm not talking about your gym teacher's sneakers. I'm talking sparkly, funky, edgy sneakers that can make you look hip without the pain of uncomfortable shoes. No need to hobble yourself with high heels when there are plenty of flats that allow you to look pulled together and chic.

    Disclosure: This post is part of a collaboration between Nordstrom, UGG Australia and SheKnows.

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    For spring, it's all about new fun prints and re-introducing color. I love the mix of graphic prints on this silk top. Silk is a great option for the season as it's nice and breezy. And silk tops are a great way to dress up ripped or distressed denim. The juxtaposition creates instant interest.

    To dress up the outfit a little more, I went for a lightweight, spring-hued blazer. The blazer adds some polish and gives me that fresh dose of color. And the perfect layering for day to night.

    For the shoes, I update the bootie trend by choosing a peep toe option for some more fun and funk.

    Finally, my purse! I love a classic black bag but what is even better about this is the gold detailing. Instead of having to add some jewelry, these straps add the perfect metallic touch to spice up my look.

    Remember, it's all about that pop of color and choosing some lightweight and breezy pieces to have you looking and feeling great.

    Disclosure: This post is a sponsored collaboration between Nordstrom Rack and SheKnows.

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    I usually wear a simple palette of neutral colors in my wardrobe, including lots of black and white. But spring is that time of year when I can be more fun and playful with my fashion and introduce splashes of color and pattern play into my looks.

    Spring occasions, like Easter or a bridal shower, are the perfect setting to show your personality through color and pattern. Graphic prints and pop colors are major for spring, and bohemian beach hues of sea blues are in my wardrobe.

    Get the look by pairing complementary colors that won't overpower each other, and similarly pair prints like florals with stripes. Keep the accessories neutral for a sophisticated elegance, otherwise too much color can be tacky and overpowering. Also, if you're not really a "floral" person (like myself), add some edge to your look with masculine-inspired shoes, and rock studs.

    I chose these designer pieces from a huge selection of discounted items at Nordstrom Rack. Wearing: Equipment top, Parker skirt, Chloe sunglasses, Rebecca Minkoff bag and Stuart Weitzman sandals.

    Disclosure: This post is part of a collaboration between Nordstrom Rack and SheKnows.

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    I have something to get off my chest: I'm in my 30s, and I refuse to take any of your advice about the various ways I should be “updating” my wardrobe, developing a "signature" style, changing my shopping habits or investing in "timeless" basics. I'll wear whatever the hell I want. There, I said it.

    I'm over being told I need to cease buying anything trendy and only shop "the classics." I'm bored of reading how I won't be taken seriously if I wear a short skirt. I'm sick of editors trying to turn me into a Jackie Kennedy Onassis prototype. I despise ballet flats. I’m not convinced you're any less of a woman if you don't own a trench coat. I hated pearls when I was 15, and I hate them now.

    If I sound hostile, let me explain: Since I oversee a women's fashion site, I understand better than anyone that slightly hysterical headlines such as "The 10 Things You Should NEVER Wear Once You Turn 30" are enticing. You click them. I click them. We add them to our "style 101" Pinterest boards. Why? Because most women never tire of reading about the things we "shouldn’t" be doing, buying and wearing.

    Here's the thing, though: Not only are these types of articles laughably cliché, but they’re also hypocritical. Without fail, they'll earnestly tell you it's time to start dressing for yourself and moving away from what other people think. To be your own woman! Take risks!

    But, a few paragraphs down, the story will implore you to stop buying into fads, to take anything inexpensive, humorous or trend-driven to the trash, and to run like Usain Bolt to the nearest Barneys and start throwing all your newly-disposable income toward "upgrading your essentials."

    Truthfully? I don’t want to! I’m perfectly thrilled with the things I own that you’d deem "essential:" The $49 cashmere sweater I got at Joe Fresh on sale, the black blazer with the perfectly padded shoulders I got at Zara and the black cropped BDG skinny jeans from Urban Outfitters I hoard by the dozen. That said, I’m equally as thrilled with the fun denim backpack covered in skull patches I got at Dolls Kill, the cute matching shorts set I got at Pixie Market and the floral platform sandals I got at ASOS. I will not — now or ever — exclusively start shopping in the "misses" department, which one article outright told me I should be doing.

    More on StyleCaster: 25 Fashion girls who kill it in overalls >>

    I'm not someone you'd consider particularly edgy, trend-setting or left of center, but I have a lot of fun with style. I also have a firm handle on style. It’s important for women of any age to understand that dressing has little to do with the year you were born, but rather everything to do with propriety. Would I show up to a wedding wearing the aforementioned matching set from Pixie Market? Of course not. Would I go on a job interview wearing the crazy multicolor sequin crop top that looks killer with high-waisted jeans and orange lipstick? Not a chance. Will I shelve those things for good because I’m no longer in my 20s? Get outta here.

    I take issue with the idea that every woman who hits 30 is suddenly expected to morph into a corporate stereotype. Am I higher up in my career than I was at 23? Technically, sure. Back then I was working at a theater company for $100 a week trying to fulfill a dream that didn’t work out, so I took a different path. Granted, that path is creative and cool, but I personally don't feel my fashion choices after I turned 30 would have held me back from any job. I’m lucky I’m able to wear my checkered Vans to the office, but if I couldn't, I’d still find ways to express myself beyond a black Theory suit, a dainty little watch and a "forever" bag.

    And while, yes, many people naturally make more money as they age, it's silly to assume that's universal. I have female friends who are lawyers at white-shoe firms, and I have female friends who are teachers, aspiring directors and jewelry makers who don’t have the money to run out and buy a "timeless" pair of Manolo Blahnik BB pumps because they’re in their third decade of life. And even if they could, not everyone wants a pair. Women find themselves in so many different places once they enter their 30s, and I think it's lazy to stick us into a dated one-style-fits-all box.

    With each passing year, my excitement for shopping, personal style and finding new ways to stand out grows. Will I wear simple outfits that consist of things like a white button-down and a pair of black pants sometimes? Of course. But I also unapologetically follow trends. That's not to say I’m a slave to them — I certainly don't buy into every passing fad — but when I see one I like, I might head to H&M, Forever 21, & Other Stories or ASOS to try it out, and never worry I’m too "old" for it.

    Same goes for things that might not be on trend, but are enticing to me, personally, no matter how bright, shiny, weird, kitschy or out there they are. The best part about that? I’m old enough to know that’s just the way I am. And I’ll continue to be that way until my right hand can no longer add that pink fur bag to my virtual cart.



    This article originally appeared on StyleCaster.

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    British designer Hayat Rachi knows just how we feel, so she came up with this amazing new lingerie line for real women that doesn't require us to be sexy in it. Rachi (like many of us) had had enough of all the overly sexualized lingerie she kept seeing in stores and decided to make a bold move against it. She believes lingerie should be about self-expression and body positivity, not sexual objectification. Her brand, Neon Moon, allows women to just be in their underwear, rather than be what men or society want them to be.

    She says on her Kickstarter page, "Neon Moon won't place pressure on girls; instead, it will design and sell intimate garments that young women can comfortably, and confidently wear. It's important for girls to not compare themselves to unachievable standards of 'beauty', but to succeed in their own way, and not purely out of the male gaze."

    Rachi put her life savings into creating this line of "nonconformist" lingerie, as she calls it. She also received significant funding through her Kickstarter campaign — she's already $3,000 past her goal, largely in part to Zooey Deschanel's support of Neon Moon on her Facebook page. The New Girl creator and star loves supporting girl power, and this is that times a thousand.

    Besides Zooey, she's received significant support and encouragement from feminists (men, women and transgendered) everywhere. Her goal, to show the subjectivity of beauty, is obviously a universal one. Check out some more of the shots from the line's first photo shoot and you'll see what I mean.

    Images: Neon Moon

    The lingerie has no padding or underwire, but instead is made of a simple bamboo material designed to fit your body, not the other way around. Also, you'll notice her models have been left untouched by Photoshop and don't assume sexy poses, but rather just appear to be hanging out, like we sometimes do in our underwear. The first collection is called Mon Dieu, and comes in four styles: Coucou, Bof, Tac-Tac and Non. While basic and comfortable, each style is super cute and colorful. Remember, just because it's feminist doesn't mean it can't be fun and cool.

    Pricing is yet to be determined but Rachi intends to keep it extremely affordable because she truly wants all women to be able to wear it. As of now, sizing is small, medium and large, but she plans to extend that once production is in full swing. If you want to buy a bra or "knickers" now, you can do so by donating on Kickstarter. You'll receive your body positive lingerie by October 2015.

    If you want to embrace yourself, including all your "imperfections," give this line a try. Let's put a stop to lingerie being all about society's standards by redefining those standards to fit us. As Rachi says so eloquently in her campaign video, "there's a very narrow standard of beauty in today's society and Neon Moon is set on changing the lingerie industry for the better."

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    Nettle's Tale Swimwear is designed with real women in mind. The models are women of all ages and sizes and they are featured wearing their swimwear doing what they love — not just laying in a sexy pose on an exotic beach somewhere. The product is locally made, the models aren't retouched and a tenth of every purchase goes to charity.

    More: Plus-size model starts campaign to debunk bikini bodies

    As you scroll through their products, you won't just be browsing swimsuits. The suits are named after the woman who inspired the design and she also gets to pick the charity that her suit's proceeds will go to. You'll never want to buy a nameless, story-less suit again.

    Julia — the founder — loves Canada, the water and the female form. Her design has a vintage touch that will help you channel your inner Marilyn Monroe. ACTS, her charity of choice, helps provide access to clean water to people around the world. A swimsuit line that celebrates women and gives back is exactly what could make us fall in love with swimwear shopping. Our only question is: What took so long?

    Nettle's Tale

    Nettle's Tale

    More on loving your body

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    8 Products for thin hair | Sheknows.com

    1 & 2. Shampoo and Conditioner to max out your shower benefits

    Aveda Invanti Exfoliating Shampoo and Thickening Conditioner

    This powerful combo uses an Ayurvedic blend containing turmeric and ginseng to help reduce hair loss up to 33 percent. It keeps your scalp healthy to prevent hair loss, and thickens your hair strands. The shampoo removes build-up that can clog pores (thus blocking hair follicles!) and renews your scalp with wintergreen-derived salicylic acid. Meanwhile, the thickening conditioner contains soy protein and naturally derived amino acids that mimic your hair's building blocks to help weightlessly thicken hair from within. You can check out a trial kit, which also includes a scalp revitalizer, for just $8. (Aveda.com)

    3. Hair oil to sleeken and tame the frizzies without extra weight

    Dry Bar 100 Proof Treatment Oil

    Dry Bar 100 Proof Treatment Oil: Girls with thin or fine hair know the dilemma — you want smooth and shiny, but you don't want to use a product that will weigh your hair down even more. If your hair is dry, frizzy or just dull, this virtually weightless product will help bring it to life without any heavy side effects. 100 Proof treatment oil can be applied to both dry and wet hair, creating shine and sealing ends to eliminate frizz and flyaways on all hair types. (Sephora, $35)

    4. Treatment for daily strengthening

    Pantene Pro-V Power Up Daily Treatment

    Pantene Pro-V Power Up Daily Treatment: The Power UP collection from Pantene contains Histidine, a powerful antioxidant that can penetrate into the fiber core to reduce existing mineral impurities and repair damage from the inside. Best part: The formulas are lightweight to avoid weighing hair down, while also adding fullness from root to tip. The daily treatment offers a dose of intense moisture that renews your hair’s surface by helping to seal damaged cuticles. The result is hair that looks healthy, strong and full. (P&G, $7)

    5. Hair spritz for an instant volume boost

    O&M Atonic Thickening Spritz

    O&M Atonic Thickening Spritz: Give some bang to your blowout with this spritz, which contains Lilly Pilly, a native Australian antioxidant that thickens hair shafts to increase body. Plus, aloe vera adds shine without weighing your hair down. (OriginalMineral.com, $26)

    6. When you need a dry shampoo

    Herbal Essences Body Envy Dry Shampoo

    Herbal Essences Body Envy Dry Shampoo: Dry shampoos are great, but it's important to know they aren't all made the same. Body Envy dry shampoo utilizes tapioca, while most other dry shampoos contain talc. Herbal Essences celeb hairstylist Charles Baker Strahan explains it: "Tapioca expands as it works and coats the hair to literally make it thicker — it's not just a second-day hair product but an amazing styling tool to build body that lasts as it effectively absorbs oil." (Drugstore.com, $7)

    7. For a hold that volumizes

    Chi Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray

    Chi Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray: To set a great style, Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray gives hold and volume while still keeping hair manageable. Plus, it adds some pretty shine. (Ulta, $18)

    8. For a root boost that's lightweight

    Bumble and bumble Thickening Full Form Mousse

    Bumble and bumble Thickening Full Form Mousse: Getting some height at your roots goes a long way toward a lush, full-bodied look. Thickening Full Form Mousse is a creamy mousse formula that's designed to give your hair volume without crunch — lightweight conditioners keep hair soft and supple. (Sephora, $30)

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    So what exactly went down in this beauty trends article? The original piece titled "21 Beauty Trends That Need to Die in 2015," written by Carly Cardellino, breaks down hot and played-out trends with quite blatant segregation. The "R.I.P." trends can be seen in the left column compared to the fresh, sleek and desirable "Hello, Gorgeous!" trends in the right column.

    Cosmo is being criticized for the fact that all 21 of the "gorgeous" trends depicted white women, with the exception of Nicole Richie, who happens to be biracial. In comparison, the undesirable trends were made up of nearly 20 percent women of color.

    Cosmo tweet 3

    Cosmo tweet 3

    The issue isn't just the fact that more black women made up the "R.I.P." trend column compared to the white women who were "doing it right." The glaring problem is that every time an image of a black woman was used, it was automatically inserted in the "fail" category. There wasn't a single black woman "doing it right."

    To be fair, the odds are huge that this Cosmo writer and assigned editors did not have an intentionally racist motive in publishing the piece. Because of the preference toward white women that already exists in fashion, the deck was stacked. This is just one more good reason to openly discuss fashion and beauty industry bias — after all, we can't change what we don't acknowledge.

    After much hubbub and reader boycott threats on Twitter, Cosmo issued a note from the editor as a tweet, saying, "Some images have been taken out of context, and we apologize for any offense."

    Cosmo tweet 1

    Cosmo tweet 1

    So, Cosmo admitted they messed up. While it's easy to get angry and jump on the boycott bandwagon with the rest of the Twittersphere, there's also the opportunity to have a "high road" moment. We can take a beat and learn from the error of Cosmo's ways.

    BuzzFeed readers urged customers to vote with their purses, which simply means — don't support advertisers in the fashion and beauty industry who don't prioritize diversity. And though "boycott" sounds like a negative word, believe it or not, this message can actually be positive.

    Calling Cosmo out publicly was all about accountability. Large publications and major fashion labels should consider diversity a top concern and, as such, should screen each and every message they send out to their followers — whether it be for diversity related to race, body image or gender.

    Cosmo dropped the ball, but this is actually a good thing. The point is that the public is listening, and we care about what we're seeing. We aren't being hateful because we demand racial diversity from a major magazine. We just want equality to be the norm.

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    This watch is truly unique because when the button is pressed, the man and the woman sculpted from rose gold actually copulate. Really?

    See a photo below:


    Now I don't know about you, but if I were going to buy myself a watch that costs as much as a medium-size home in the Midwest, I probably wouldn't want it to be dirty. The Ulysse Nardin original was unveiled at Baselworld at a convention of watch experts.

    It's a fancy watch with an alligator band and many other striking features, but the piece that is the hardest to get over is that there are two people having sex on your wrist. Let's face it: Watches are passe. We all carry cell phones and most of us know how to ask for the time if we need it. So what's the point of this watch?

    Maybe that's the genius. There is no point. It is a luxury beyond our wildest imaginings that costs as much as three brand new SUVs. Nevermind that there are children starving in this very country. Let's all buy this watch. Let's buy two!

    Should I ever meet the man who wears this watch, I would turn and walk the other way. Not because he has people doing the deed on his wrist (although that is bizarre and kinky). No, I would walk away because the man clearly can't spot a gimmick. And who wants a man like that?

    Would you ever buy this watch?

    More in jewelry

    5 Watches we cannot stop staring at
    8 Ways to make cheap jewelry look expensive
    DIY ultra-chic necklace made from common holiday decor

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    Do your thighs chafe when you run? Do you struggle to find the right style of jeans? Then you'll definitely need to know about Shari Onley, who felt compelled to pen a response to the Huffington Post article that basically listed all the lousy things about having big thighs.

    Because here's the thing: It's not that bad. There are definitely worse afflictions to have. And if you don't believe us, take it from a woman with big, beautiful thighs:

    1. If you have big thighs, your pants never fall down

    It's just impossible. So you never have to worry about that embarrassment, and an easy way to get over the problem of a loose waist? Wear a belt.

    2. Who says you can't wear shorts if you have big thighs?

    Embrace your legs, whatever size and shape they are, says Onley: "The real problem here is fashion labels and society are constantly catering for and promoting unrealistic ideals. Magazines and advertorials generally feature models instead of looking at how most women are truly built and making clothing that accommodates them. If we refer to the renaissance in museums all over the world, there is a full spectrum of how women are built."

    More: #DropThePlus: Is being called plus-size empowering or an insult?

    3. Never gonna get a thigh gap?

    Well, since when was that the body beauty standard all women were aiming for? Onley reminds us all to be sensible about this entire issue: "In reality a thigh gap can be more about the angle that your pelvis tilts than how big your thighs are."

    Shari Onley on big, beautiful thighs

    Image: Shari Onley/Facebook

    4. Running doesn't discriminate

    Using big thighs as an excuse not to join the club is simply a poor excuse. "I choose to take fewer steps at a higher intensity," says Onley. "Up a hill, for example. No exercise is terribly comfortable, but it still has to be done. Expect it or prevent it and get on with it."

    5. Your guy has smaller thighs than you?

    So what? "Women often care far more about their bodies than men do," says Onley. "Ultimately, confidence is more attractive than thigh gaps or lack thereof. Rock whatever thighs you have with a smile."

    And a final word from Onley for all you ladies out there who have insecurities about your bodies (be it big thighs, skinny thighs, big boobs, no boobs, or whatever): "Hold your head higher and your shoulders back a little more and remember that you're a magnet to every thought you think. We as women should be proud of our bodies — that means all parts of it. Instead of listing the things we don't like, focus on the things we do and how wonderful it is to be a woman. It is never about how much I weigh, it's always about how I feel; I will never search for validation on a set of scales. Scales cannot remind me of how infectious my smile is, how purposeful my life is or how great my perseverance is when tested."


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    Check out these seven don't-knock-till-you-try beauty products and you know, get ready to have your mind blown:

    1. Fresh Breasts Cream

    fresh breasts

    With the hot weather just around the corner, I felt the need to mention this product first. Fresh Breasts has been scientifically created to keep your girls dry and unchafed. It's a soothing lotion that quick-dries into a clump-free powder to keep swoobs (sweaty boobs) at bay. For reals. (freshbody.com, $12)

    2. Dr. Brandt Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner

    pores no more

    The name says it all: This gel goes on thin and as it dries turns into a white powder, essentially sucking the gunk out of your pores. It's the perfect partner in crime for tackling those pesky blackheads. (Sephora, $45)

    3. Brow Buddy

    brow buddy

    OK, so it kinda sorta looks like the protractor you popped your ex's car tires with in high school, but word is Brow Buddy is the cheese to your macaroni. It makes shaping your brows uber-fast and simple, giving you perfectly symmetrical brows every time. (bdb, $20)

    4. Clip Tips

    clip tips

    Your besties will probably tease you for buying these wet manicure protectors... you know, until they eff up their freshly-painted nails in a matter of seconds and ask where you got them. (Amazon, $4)

    5. Smashbox O-Gloss Intuitive Lip Gloss

    intuitive lip gloss

    This gloss is like a mood ring for your lips: It goes on clear, then based on its "intuition," colors your lips in the shade of pink that suits you best. For women who struggle to find a shade of gloss that's just right... well, you're welcome. (Smashbox, $24)

    6. Milky Foot Exfoliating Foot Pads

    milk foot exfoliating foot pads

    I haven't tried this personally but a few of my friends have and couldn't believe how soft their feet were. We put our feet through a lot, and many of us don't give them the attention they deserve. These exfoliating foot pads will totally make up for all the neglect. Just wear the acid-infused socks for an hour, and a few days later your dry skin peels away to reveal baby-soft feet. But make sure when it comes time to literally rip your skin off, you haven't eaten recently. Your skin comes off in one piece like a sock. Only gross. (Biorevive, $15)

    7. Hask Placenta Leave-In Conditioner

    hask placenta leave-in conditioner

    Yep, placenta. This no-rinse formula works on all hair types to bring back texture, body and shine to your hair. (Walmart, $4)

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    The easiest way to get lustrous hair, healthy nails and vibrant skin
    Why I'm grateful that my mom never called me beautiful

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    Brewster says that her mother Maria João helped her learn to age well.

    "The pressure to look flawless definitely permeates the entertainment industry at large -- for both men and women," she told The Huffington Post. "All you can do is surround yourself with people that celebrate you for who you are -- inside and outside." In the piece, she mostly discussed her mother. But she has a good point.

    The fact is, getting older is very hard. For both women and men, but mostly for women. After all, even those of us not in Hollywood have to live with Hollywood pressure. It's not easy to find that the person you have been your whole life (up until your mid-30's) is now going to change.

    I am 37 and I have definitely found myself considering lying about my age or looking in the mirror more with concerns about fine lines and creases where they never were before. It's a struggle. And I know it's only going to get worse. Growing old "gracefull" is a catch phrase so many people use, but what does it really mean? Can't we hate it and be "graceful" all at the same time?

    I happen to hate aging. I lived with this idea that it would never happen to me, so imagine my surprise when it did. And it is.

    The truth is, things are going to change and sag and wrinkle and lose their elasticity. And I am going to have to find a way to be OK with that. But how does a woman "be OK" with that? It's one thing for Jordana Brewster to say she looks at her mother because her mother is also lovely. But can everyone else do that?

    The answer: Yes.

    It is vitally important for younger women to find older women to look up to. Their mothers. Their aunts. Co-workers. Friends. If there are women who are staying vital and beautiful well into their 50's, let's ask them how. Let's start the discussion and learn that there is more to life than being under 40.

    Yes, it changes our faces and our bodies and maybe a little of our identity, too. But aging needn't change us. We need to keep growing and learning and finding new ways to reinvent ourselves and our sexuality. That's aging gracefully. No botox. No filler. Just us continuing the journey, evolving, and shifting.

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    Plus-size women to Victoria's Secret: We're here too!
    Real men talk about your underwear and lingerie
    Lingerie for any day

    0 0

    It's no secret that Victoria's Secret doesn't show much size diversity and it's not just something "plus size" women complain about. I've never known a woman with big boobs (whether their waist was a size 2 or a size 2X) to say that VS bras are their jam. Even if they like the style, they simply don't bother stepping in the door because their cup sizes stop at DD.

    Whether Victoria's Secret meant to or not, they carry a pretty ingrained stigma that you can only shop there if you're a woman with a "banging" body and curves in all the "right" places. And they don't work very hard to combat that stereotype (see: any commercial or catalog full of women with "ideal" body types).

    But "banging" and "right" and "ideal" are all getting newer, better, more inclusive definitions in Lane Bryant's new video.

    Lane Bryant I'm No Angel

    Lane Bryant I'm No Angel

    Last week, we saw a cool initiative take over the internet, encouraging women to #DropThePlus from the title plus size model and Lane Bryant's new ad only helps further the message that women are women with whatever body type they choose to own their sexy in.

    Read more: Halle Berry reveals why women actually wear lingerie and nails it >>

    Even if you're a Victoria's Secret junkie, you owe kudos to Lane Bryant for representing women in a way that proves we don't all look like one kind of sexy, the kind that floods mainstream media and advertising.

    Lane Bryant is taking a stand to outright own something that most brands are afraid to, an image of women that shows we're more than a prop for a cheeseburger and we do get excited about things beyond bleach and detergent.

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    Skincare company Dove is famous for their commercials celebrating the beauty all women have on the inside and outside. Their latest commercial offers women in several different countries and cities, the opportunity to walk through one of two doors. One says "average" and the other says "beautiful." The question: Which would you pick? See the commercial below:



    It's quite stunning, right? And moving. And all the things we would hope it to be. As the mother of two little girls I find devastatingly beautiful, I know it would break my heart to hear them say they are "average." And yet I also would love to see them not care about looks at all. To be somehow beyond that. To be asked to categorize ourselves, lends credence to the idea that we are what we look like when the truth is, we are so much more.

    "Beauty is only skin deep." It's a cliche, but it's also true. We are emotions and intelligence and passion and interests that transcend beauty and matter so much more and yet we are asked to define ourselves in terms of the way we look. Always.

    Even this commercial, though it has its heart in the right place and starts a very crucial conversation, is asking women to choose based on the way they look. Or maybe the real question at the heart of the commercial is this: What is beauty? Is it pouty lips and high cheekbones and thick hair and a perfect body? Or is it something else?

    The press release from Dove, includes this: "A staggering 96 percent of women do not choose the word ‘beautiful’ to describe how they look." I did a little impromptu survey and asked some friends to define themselves. No one picked beautiful. We have so many other words: pretty, sexy, hot, attractive. But "beautiful"? That is reserved for the Claudia Schiffers of the world.

    Maybe we women need to look at beauty a little differently. Yes, we are all "beautiful" in our own ways. But we also don't even need to use that word. Maybe we are inquisitive. Or intelligent. Or exciting. Or passionate. Maybe we have so many other things in our lives that whether or not we are beautiful or average doesn't even factor into our thought process. And maybe that's what I want for my daughters.

    My oldest daughter is a hard worker and someone who always wants things just so. She loves to dress monochromitically and today wore all red.

    "You look like a tomato," I told her. And the second the words came out of my mouth, I felt badly. She did look like a tomato, but she was expressing herself. She was feeling beautiful. So I changed and told her how creative she was and how much I loved that she wanted to dress all in one color. She was feeling good about herself. And that is beautiful.

    Personally, I want my girls to find the side door where they don't have to define themselves in any way. Where they love themselves so much for what's on the inside, they give very little thought at all to the exterior.

    What door would you choose?

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    This is one great step forward among many that Modcloth has taken in the last year. In August, they signed an anti-Photoshop pledge, and in February of this year, they released a photo shoot which featured women of all sizes in swimsuits. Not to mention, the company has boasted all-inclusive sizing for over a year now.

    They brought on Rye Sliverman as part of their #fashiontruth campaign, which started back in September of last year, and seeks to highlight all types of women from the community. #Fashiontruth puts one model from the community in the spotlight each month to show what fashion means to them. Rye Silverman is Modcloth's star of April.

    Silverman came on Modcloth's radar by posting pictures of himself in new outfits on Style Gallery — an outlet of Modcloth where members of the community can share new purchases to inspire others. Rye was obsessed with the socially creative medium for sharing fashion ideas.

    She told Modcloth, “The Style Gallery did so much for me in regards to really gaining confidence to both assert my own style, as well as take risks and chances and draw inspiration. Everyone on there is doing so much fun stuff with their clothes, and it’s great to be part of that.”

    Silverman's bold style is not just apparent in her keen fashion sense. She took a fierce stance in her stand-up comedy career as well. At age 27, she decided to come out as transgender to her audiences. It wasn't easy, but she was tired of carrying the secret, especially in a medium where total honesty is sometimes the only way to find the funny.

    She told Modcloth, "My act had already started getting much more personal and honest and so coming out onstage seemed an obvious and necessary step. In general the audiences have been receptive, some occasional scary moments but overall I feel like if I can just get a few jokes out, I’ll be okay.” That's probably the fiercest step I've heard someone take, except for maybe walking in 10-inch, patent leather platform boots.

    Along with being the company's first transgender model, she's also the first transgender woman to have a dress named after her. The company spent a while getting to know their new model's style before creating a dress that fits her look to a T. Besides that rockabilly edge, Silverman loves circle skirts, and anything with a "quirky or edge twist of vintage." Sounds like my kind of girl.

    All about the Rye Modcloth

    The dress is naturally called All About Rye and is a purple and red plaid halter dress with a full circle skirt, sweetheart neckline, slit pockets and heart buttons down the front. It goes for $100 and looks like it would pair nicely with a pair of vintage cowboy boots, which are always my go-to shoe for spring.

    Silverman loves Modcloth's decision to embrace body positivity. She told BuzzFeed, “I think there has started to be this great sea change towards real bodies and authentic beauty and I hope to see that continue. I know I’m a bit of an extreme case but I still love the way we’re really moving towards letting people see that they’re beautiful.” Rock out, girl. I couldn't have said it better myself.

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    But who says you have to wait until the temperatures rise to embrace all things spring? I've been seeing some beauty trends for spring 2015 that I just love, most of them straight off the fashion runway, and I can't wait to welcome them into my own beauty routine. From makeup, to hair, to nails, here are my top beauty trend picks for spring 2015.

    1. Hair: the middle part

    Image: WENN.com

    I get it; the middle part can be a bit intimidating. I've heard so many girls say they "just can't rock it." But I'm here to tell you that you absolutely can! The key to a great middle part that doesn’t leave you feeling drab is to add texture to your hair, especially the pieces that frame your face. Add some natural waves as opposed to keeping it pin-straight for that always chic "just got out of bed" look.

    2. Eyes: pink eyeshadow

    Image: Alberto Reyes/ WENN.com

    I absolutely love the feminine and playful look of a pink eyeshadow. The key is the find the right shade of pink that goes with your coloring and complexion. For spring 2015, I'd say the lighter the shade the better! Keep the look natural by going easy on the eyeliner. You can even try adding the pink shadow right below your bottom lash line to make you eyes really pop.

    3. Lips: don't ditch the red!

    Image: SIPA/ WENN.com

    Think red lips were only for the fall and winter? Think again! Red lips never go out of season, it's just a matter of how you wear them. For spring 2015, I love pairing a red lip with very minimal eye makeup and a fun, tousled updo.

    4. Eyes: minimal cat eye

    Image: SIPA/ WENN.com

    They cat eye is another makeup trend that I think is here to stay, but with a twist for this spring. For spring 2015, I love the minimal cat eye, a thin, sharp line on the upper lid with no eyeshadow and nothing on the lower lid. It's the perfect amount of glam without being overly done.

    5. Hair: braided

    Image: Missy Sue

    Braided hair just screams spring, doesn't it? What's great about braids is that they don't have to be perfect. In fact, a little bit messy is even better. I love this half-braid look as an alternative to a normal ponytail. It adds a fun touch to your beauty look with barely any extra effort.

    Disclosure: This post is part of a collaboration between Abreva and SheKnows.

    Image: Lia Toby/ WENN

    0 0

    The machine, part of the designers' art project "Beautification," uses a long black brush attached to its robotic arm to apply eyeliner and a rotating attachment to create a red lip. Its LED mask lights up in the corresponding part of the face when it's completed.

    Completed, perhaps, but whether to the user's satisfaction is another matter as it seems precision is not the machine's top priority.

    Its eyeliner skills in particular leave a little to be desired, in one case poking the brush straight into the user's eye…

    Robot applying makeup for Beautification

    Photo credit: Beautification/tumblr

    Robot applying makeup Beautification

    Photo credit: Beautification/tumblr

    More: Will #GrannyHair make you look like Kylie Jenner… or your Granny?

    The lipstick component was a little more successful, as the user can control how much product is applied.

    Robot applying makeup Beautification

    Photo credit: Beautification/tumblr

    On their tumblr page Pindeus and Pichibauer reveal what inspired their project: "Without us paying much attention, many processes and rituals in our lives have been taken over by machines which are said to be cold and unemotional… Our machines, however, have their own will, their own ideals. We want to put users in the beauty care of robots, to experience what it feels like when delicate decisions that are usually made by themselves are now determined by machines."

    The designers also explained that the robots weren't intended to revolutionise makeup: "Our installation aims at sparking the conversation about the nature of beauty and the emotional potential of human/machine-relationships."

    They discovered that the results of their project were different from what they initially expected: "We expected the outcome to be threatening and a little creepy but instead we discovered a very affectionate side in our robot. The interaction with our machine made people smile. Its tireless spins, the way it didn’t quite succeed, it seemed to have its own ideas of what looked good in a human face."

    Robot applying makeup

    Robot applying makeup

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    9 Super cute spring shoes

    1. Joesy heeled sandals (SoleSociety.com, $70)

    Joesy heeled sandals

    Yes, these have a heel, but it's a nice, solid stacked heel (all the rage right now), so they really are walk in-able! They come in solid black and a cool black-and-white pattern, but this nautical vintage navy really stands out for spring.

    2. Julie Lopez Savannah wedge (JulieLopezShoes.com, $222)

    Julia Lopez Savannah wedge

    Yes, I know. These are a total splurge! But. They are beautiful, extremely well made in Italy and specifically designed for comfort. They use a patent-pending technology called All Day F-I-T to make sure all their lovely shoes feel good, all day.

    3. Dr. Scholl's Original Collection Frill slide sandal (Nordstrom.com, $88)

    Dr. Scholl's Original Collection Frill slide sandal

    A glam version of the slide trend that's so hot right now, these babies in platinum leather feature a cushioning insole with Memory Fit foam.

    4. Perin laser cut suede slingback bootie (SoleSociety.com, $80)

    Perin laser cut suede slingback bootie

    A bootie is a great choice in spring; still light and airy, but you don't have to worry about your toenail polish. Booties look great with pants and jeans, but they're also totally on-trend with skirts, dresses and shorts.

    5. Chinese Laundry East Ender sandals (ChineseLaundry.com, $45)

    Chinese Laundry East Ender sandals

    A funky, pretty and unusual-looking shoe that sort of marries the gladiator look with the slide sandal.

    6. Keds x kate spade new york Rally Leather (Keds.com, $110)

    Keds x kate spade new york Rally Leather

    Remember Keds? They're still making totally adorable, comfy shoes, though this collab with Kate Spade New York might be the ultimate all-time best!

    7. Seychelles Well Known 2 flats (Seychelles.com, $90)

    Seychelles Well Known 2 flats

    Every pair of Seychelles I've ever tried on has been suuuper comfortable. These pretty leather flats will brighten up any outfit.

    8. A2 by Aerosoles Big Ben peep-toe heels (Kohls.com, $50)

    A2 by Aerosoles Big Ben peep-toe heels

    Great for work or a dressy day event, these bone-colored pumps with a sassy peep toe will not kill your feet. Seriously — the people at Aerosoles really know what they're doing.

    9. Circus By Sam Edelman Lena mesh espadrille flat (UrbanOutfitters.com, $45)

    Circus By Sam Edelman Lena mesh espadrille flat

    Laid back and comfy yet still stylish. Plus, they come in a bunch of pretty colors, as well as black or white.

    Images: Becci Burckhart/SheKnows

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    But Kristen Bell has partnered with The Nature Conservancy and Neutrogena Naturals to help us all conserve more water during Earth Month. The campaign, appropriately named #WipeForWater, challenges you to wash your face without water for seven days, instead asking you to cleanse with wipes or other dry cleansing products.

    So, that only begs one key question. Is it good for your skin? Put in more vain terms — do I have to sacrifice my skin to help conserve valuable environmental resources? The answer is: It's complicated.

    Annie Jackson, the VP of Merchandising at Credo Beauty, an online natural beauty product retailer, points out, "Most conventional soaps and cleansers have wonderful suds we have become so accustomed to called surfactants." These so-called surfactants break down oils and fats on your skin, which, as Jackson helps us understand, only sounds good. Stripping them away is not ideal because you're robbing your skin of the oils it needs and replacing it with surfactants that your skin doesn't need. Therefore, it's not the worst idea to move away from your normal cleansing routine.

    NYC dermatologist Dr. Joshua Zeichner lets us in on a secret that yes, it's OK to cleanse without water. "Especially in some people who have dry, sensitive skin, water can actually be drying," he says. "Excessive water can paradoxically lead to skin dryness by stripping the skin of essential oils."

    But before you go home and break up with your face wash, dermatologist Dr. Dendy Engelman thinks you'll be missing benefits of thorough cleansing by switching to a waterless routine and really only recommends this on a regular basis if you have extremely sensitive skin that can't handle traditional cleansers.

    One product with a home in my beauty bag lately is Fig + Yarrow's Cleansing Nectar (Credo Beauty, $12). It's a foamless, waterless face cleanser that's perfect for a gentle (and fast) face wash sesh, especially if you're someone who doesn't wear a lot of makeup and doesn't need a ton of foaming bells and whistles (erm, surfactants) in your skin care.

    More: 11 Things that happen when you go makeup-free in public

    Towelettes are 99 percent effective, according to clinical studies done by Neutrogena. So, does this mean if we can make it a goal to get 1 percent less dirty than normal, we're in the clear? Just kidding. Although, I might be on to something there. Hopefully science is reading this.

    Zeichner admits, "Cleansing towelettes are effective but may not provide as deep a clean as other traditional cleansers." But here's the other thing...

    You really only need to be washing you face once a day, unless you have really oily skin (which, keep in mind, could be really oily because your harsh cleanser is stripping away the oils causing your skin to make up for what's lost and overproduce, see paragraph 4). You could be creating the vicious cleansing cycle for yourself and in fact, a little break from traditional cleansing could be just the skin reset button you've been looking for.

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