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    1. You're applying from the top to bottom

    Au contraire! What you should be doing is starting from the bottom and sides of your hair and working up. This is a trick that Aussie celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa revealed to me at an event recently — I was thunderstruck. I always do the opposite... doh! While you're at it: "Always spray the underneath section of your hair to hide any residue, and to make sure you’re lifting from the root," Sarah says.

    dry shampoo demo 2a

    dry shampoo demo 2a

    2. You're spraying it too close to your head

    "When using dry shampoo, mist the root area about eight inches away from the scalp," says Jenny Balding, Cutler/Redken Stylist. "This way it won't become concentrated in one area."

    3. You're not using enough

    "People get scared to use too much," says Jenny. "But too little is ineffective also!" Don't be afraid of the spray! Spray away!

    Dry shampoo

    Image: Giphy

    4. You're spraying and then betraying it

    Once you spray it in, you have more to do, people. "The best way to apply dry shampoo is to spray the product onto the scalp, then shake hair aggressively with your hands to really work the product in," says Stacey Guerra, NYC's Butterfly Studio Salon senior stylist. "Brush the roots with a natural bristle brush to break up the oil in the root of the hair. Then move the brush side to side to create a natural tease and volume at the crown of the head."

    5. You're giving up after you try one dry shampoo and don't like it

    There are so many dry shampoos on the market now, says Stacey. "It's a trial and error process to find the one that is right for your hair and texture." For example, Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray (Oribe, $42) is Stacey's go-to for hair that needs a boost of volume and texture. She also recommends the Kerastase Powder Bluff (Kerastase Usa, $37) for light brown to blond hair, and people in need of tons of texture and volume plus anti-humidity and heat protection.

    A great, affordable option for all hair types is Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Two Day Extender & Oil Absorbing Dry Shampoo. (Ulta, $10)

    6. You're only using dry shampoo when your hair is dirty

    "Dry shampoo makes for a great styling product as well as giving your hair extra lift," says Sarah. She recommends the brand new Aussie Total Miracle 7N1 Dry Shampoo as a great texturizing product for undone 'dos, especially trendy, loose braids. (Drugstore.com, $6)

    Messy braid by Sarah Potempa

    Messy braid by Sarah Potempa

    7. You're only using dry shampoo on your hair

    Yes, you read that correctly. Two of Sarah's dry shampoo tricks: "Spray bobby pins so they won't slip," she says. "This will keep them secure in even the finest, straightest hair." Also: "Spray dry shampoo directly on your hairbrush to evenly distribute product."

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    At the beginning of February, David Jones' 2015 gave us a sneak peek at the winter collection. All the classic '70 styles your mum used to love are back, from the oversized jackets and paisleys, to man-style suits. Check out how much you can save on these items if you find them packed away in your mum's closet.

    1. The poncho

    Burberry Poncho

    Burberry Poncho

    Burberry ponchos are a modern twist on the '70s style and can be monogrammed with your initials. But if you can't afford the steep price, then perhaps you can try your chances by asking your mum if she ever had one. (Burberry, $1,950)

    2. The bold look

    New Zealand designer Trelise Cooper has embraced the 1970s and use the bold and bright colours to inspire her winter collection. (Trelise Cooper, $749)

    3. Culottes


    Are they a pair of shorts or a skirt? Sometimes known as a "skorts", they're great for when you want to look ladylike without dressing too casually. These 'Backstage Jade Culottes' a great alternative to trousers on those mild winter days where the Australian weather is not hot enough for shorts, but too warm for wearing a pair of dress pants.(David Jones, $149)

    4. Oversized Jackets

    If you rifle through old photo albums you're sure to find pictures of your mum, even your grandma wearing big oversized coats in bright colours. They're back in style and look great teamed with a pair of flared jeans or skirt. (ASOS, $164)

    5. Faux Fur

    You can be a glamour puss with your very only faux fur jacquard coat designed by Stella McCartney. My mum used to have a similar jacket only the same colour as Seasme Street's Cookie Monster. If only she hadn't chucked it out thinking it would never come back in style. (Neiman Marcus, $1,950)

     6. The fringed boots

    If your mum embraced her inner cowgirl, it's likely she had a pair of moccasin boots for a big night out on the town. If she kept them and they're still in good shape, you've just saved yourself a bundle. (The RealReal, $195)

     7. The wrap skirt

    This 'Diana Ross by C&M Camilla and Marc' Wrap Skirt is a modern twist on the simple, yet classic wrap style. It's a wardrobe staple every girl needs, but if you mum has hers tucked away, you can save a fortune. (David Jones, $229)

    8 The blazer jacket

    The androgynous look for women is back in for winter. The single breasted blazer is a masculine look with a corporate feel, perfect for the working woman. You could see what Dad has hanging up in his wardrobe rather than fork out for this high fashion item. (David Jones, $391)

    9. The handkerchief top

    You can't go past the classic '70s-style handkerchief top. In fact, we love this so much, we're not sure why it ever went out of style. (Macy's, $47)

    10. The crochet jacket

    The crochet jacket

    An oversized crochet jacket will give any outfit a boho-chic flavour. Perhaps you could dig out a crochet hook, a pattern and sign up for a YouTube tutorial if you can't afford the hefty David Jones price tag. (David Jones, $429)

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    The desire to look attractive while moving in ways that don't always feel appealing is understandable. Unfortunately, if you're going hard on the treadmill with foundation, concealer and highlighter coating your skin, you aren't doing your pores any favors — nor are you helping your body rid itself of waste.

    "Because your circulation is increased during sweating, many of the toxins and impurities are able to exit your body by way of your open pores," explained dermatologist and absolute skin genius Dr. Murad. "Think of it as cleansing your skin from the inside. This is why many spas will use steam during facials to prepare the skin for deep cleaning. However, if makeup is sitting on your skin, it makes it difficult for the toxins to release from your pores. This can lead to poral occlusions, which is when your sweat glands get clogged from a combination of oil, sweat and makeup mixed together; this causes red bumps that look like acne."

    While pores don't actually open and close — despite what we were told as teenagers — Murad says they do tighten and relax. When we're sweating up a storm, it's a bit of a vacation for our pores, which relax and are then more susceptible to becoming clogged.

    "Makeup can clog the pores by blocking the follicle which causes oils, dirt and bacteria to accumulate inside the pore causing congestion and can lead to blackheads," Murad said. "Pores need to breathe in order to release the necessary toxins to achieve clear skin, and makeup inhibits that from happening."

    Before hitting the gym, Murad recommends washing your face with a gentle cleanser or using cleansing wipes to rid your skin of whatever makeup you're already wearing (by the way, Murad Clarifying Wipes are amazing. And I'm not just saying that because I'm starstruck). A good toner is also fine to use.

    Before you say it, I know. You want to look pretty. And, no matter what you've been told, you are going to wear some form of makeup to the gym.

    Nikki Benfatto, a Master Trainer and former fitness competitor with the World Natural Body Building Association, says she feels brainwashed from years of being told by gym directors to look like she stepped out of a salon. As a result, she knows which products to embrace, and which to stay far away from (sorry, guys, foundation is still a no-no). Murad would be proud: Benfatto's priority is skin care first.

    "I am currently obsessed with ECLOS plant stem cell skin care system, derived from APPLE stem cells," Benfatto said. "After I apply the fill ECLOS system, I cover my dark circles with CoverGirl + Olay The Depuffer. I do apply light mascara if I'm not teaching cardio, and to be honest, some nights I feel like a warrior and goth out my eyes with a smoky charcoal pencil, but nothing more. On my lips, I love Burt's Bees Lip Gloss in a natural shade."

    Considering the natural glow you'll get from your workout, take a tip from the experts and stick with light lip colors and — depending on whether you're feeling like a warrior that day — a killer eye pencil doesn't hurt.

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    A stage performance called Nothing to Lose premiered during Sydney Festival earlier this year, but this week, men and women with plus-sized bodies will be flaunting their stuff and showing off the beauty and the athleticism of their bodies.

    Too often, plus-size bodies are synonymous with poor health, and exposed flesh is often met with ridicule and fat-shaming. Being overweight is often linked to physical health or lack thereof; bigger bodies are something to hide, behind layers of clothing, kept away and out of public view because they are unhealthy, unappealing and unappreciated.

    But thanks to director, Kate Champion, and associate director, Kelli Jean Drinkwater, plus-size bodies are in the spotlight and, damn, they look good. They look strong, powerful and beautiful.

    Nothing to Lose stage production

    Image: Heidrun Lohr/Malthouse Theatre

    Nothing to Lose stage production

    Image: Heidrun Lohr/Malthouse Theatre

    "It's still a bit rigid, the body type we tend to have in dance — even in contemporary dance," Champion said to the Saturday Paper.

    "I know dance needs a certain level of athleticism and shape — there are a lot of lifts and things — but still."

    And it was from that thought process that the idea behind Force Majeure's Nothing to Lose came about.

    But Champion's fascination with the human body extends further than weight — she's also created productions that explore the body's journey through age and disability.

    "I love seeing what time or age does to a body," she says. "Or disability. Or strength." And several of these factors make an appearance during the production, which this week features both professional plus-size dancers and actors.

    Not being a plus-size woman herself, Champion sought to collaborate with Drinkwater, who has worked as a plus-size model, to get a better understanding of what it is like to be plus-size.

    "I had no idea the level of abuse that a lot of [the show's dancers] experience daily and how they have to prepare themselves to go out in public all the time," Champion said. "That's quite shocking."

    Nothing to Lose stage show

    Nothing to Lose stage show

    Video: Sydney Festival

    Take a look at the video from their performance in Sydney or head along to the Malthouse Theatre in Melbourne from March 11-16 to check out their performance.

    Share your thoughts and opinions about the show in the comments section below.

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    1. Floral print top

    Floral top

    I love this super-cute floral top (Target, $23). It's lightweight and the classic floral design is easy to pair with just about anything.

    2. Denim jacket

    Denim jacket

    This '80s-look acid-wash denim jacket (Target, $30) is a great addition because it works perfectly in spring weather, when the temps can change at a moment's notice.

    3. Floral print shorts

    Floral print shorts

    These low-rise, chino-style floral print shorts (Target, $20) have tons of potential. Pair with a tee for a casual day out, or dress up with a blazer to go out on the town.

    4. Flirty tank top

    Drapey tank top

    This drapey tank (Target, $12) features a relaxed fit, lightweight fabric and an amazing price. This spring and summer staple can be worn on its own, under a blazer or at home relaxing.

    5. Crossbody macrame bag

    Crossbody bag

    Perfect for when you're on the go, this pretty macrame crossbody bag (Target, $23) will give your spring wardrobe a boho look.

    6. Tote handbag

    Green tote handbag

    This tote (Target, $50) is so bright and cheerful it could be the symbol for spring. It's nice and roomy without being enormous, and I love the added touch of a detachable strap.

    7. Infinity scarf

    Infinity scarf

    Infinity scarves (Target, $15) make it super easy to add a pop of color to your wardrobe. I love this particular color — spring-like and with a subtle hint of sequin bling woven in.

    8. Lace-up sandals

    Lace-up sandals

    These chic Sam & Libby gladiator-style lace-up sandals (Target, $30) feature a zipper closure on the back, so you can slip them on and off easily.

    9. Flats

    Floral flats

    What better way to shout "spring" than with a super adorable pair of floral-print flats (Target, $35)? These pretty kicks can be paired with just about anything in your wardrobe, and may make you even lighter on your feet.

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    South Londoner Simone, 25, applied through the Elite Associates agency for a job working at various department stores. She was surprised when the agency came back to her with a request: could she take her braids out? Apparently the companies they represent "go for a more natural look" to suit their "high end products."

    But what could be more natural for Black hair than braids?

    The BBC spoke to the editor of Black Beauty and Hair, Irene Shelley, who expressed concern over the department stores' response to Simone's hair. "It's very different wearing a nose ring to wearing braids," Shelley said, when asked whether braids were simply an extreme look, like facial piercings or a mohican. [With a nose ring or a mohican] you're making a style statement. Afro hair is what grows out of your head. People are saying your hair texture isn't good enough, you have to do something about it before we take you on."

    A few weeks ago, E!'s Fashion Police host Giuliana Rancic caused a major fuss when she made offensive comments about Zendaya Coleman's dreadlocks at the Oscars. In response Coleman posted a statement on her Instagram page, highlighting the "harsh criticism of African American hair in society" due to "ignorant people who choose to judge others on the curl of their hair."

    Perhaps Elite Associates should circulate Coleman's statement among its clients to ensure that they think twice before rejecting an otherwise qualified job applicant because she wears her hair in braids. Whether they reacted to Simone's hair out of ignorance or racism, it's not good enough.

    Elite Associates is investigating the matter and said diversity is "at the core of its business."

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    Ironically France, which is usually at the forefront of fashion trends, will be one of the last in Europe to adopt this more health-conscious one. Over the last few years, Israel, Spain and Italy have all decided to put an end to unhealthy body images in their fashion and advertising campaigns by setting the minimum BMI (body mass index) a model can be at 18.5. For reference, that is the lowest the World Health Organization will consider "healthy."

    However, the law in France would be slightly more lenient on models by making their BMI limit 18 or higher, because France has to be slightly edgier than everyone else. In order to work legally after this bill is passed, models will have to present notes from licensed doctors stating they indeed weigh the limit or above. Furthermore, models will be subjected to periodic weigh-ins to make sure they're staying within the healthy range, according to neurologist Olivier Véran, a member of the Socialist party who wrote the amendments in France. I remember hearing about how showgirls would get fired in Vegas for putting on a pound or two. This feels like the ultimate retribution for absurdly unhealthy (not to mention unethical) work standards like that.

    Image: Giphy

    Anyone caught hiring models who don't meet this weight criteria will be subject to fines that could go as high as 75,000 euros, and/or spend up to six months in prison. I'm sure every fashion mogul in France would sooner wear polyester for six months rather than spend that time in a prison jumpsuit (even though jumpsuits are very in this season).

    But the bill won't begin and end with model health. It will also go after websites promoting anorexia, and other public platforms that uphold "extreme thinness" in any way. Individuals behind such websites and organizations could face up to 10,000 euros in fines, and/or a year in prison. And after you've had a year of prison food, I imagine you'll never tell people to turn their noses up at good food again.

    Image: Giphy

    The bill is set to go before the Assemblée nationale on March 31, just in time to have a huge effect on Paris Fashion Week — deemed by the industry as one of the most influential times of year for fashion. Officials say it's likely to go through, and if it does, be prepared for some epic hissy fits from designers. However, the ones who embrace the change could have a major hand in helping to eradicate eating disorders.

    P.S. Now it's your turn to jump on this trend, America.

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    I remember getting my monthly magazine subscriptions (as a tween in the '90s) to see what kind of boys liked me, what my style was, if I was a good friend, what type of job I would have when I was older, if I was a good kisser and what group I best fit in with.

    When I got on the Sally Hansen® website and took the quiz... again... after all of those years, the results were spot on! My result was a bright pink color, Shock Wave!

    'I'm a girly girl at heart, who shows off in small ways... like a streak of color in my hair or a sparkly pair of headphones!'

    I started to think about this Shock Wave description, and how I am already starting to apply it to my looks for spring. I love the changing of the seasons, whatever the time of year, and I'm always planning ahead and getting prepared. Here are some little ways you can be a shock wave with me this spring.

    Let's start with the nails...

    I'm excited to have the Sally Hansen® Miracle Gel™ polish as part of my manicure routine. I am a nail polish addict, and was shocked when I used this formula. I put it to the true test, and it stood up to everything it said it would do! It lasts, you can remove it with regular nail polish remover and it has the shine of a salon gel manicure... without having to sit under the lights! I have been wearing it the past two weeks (with a polish color change) because I'm addicted to changing the color every week, and it has been amazing. No chips, no fuss and beautiful shine. It's going to be hard for me to ever use regular polish again.

    I hope you check out what Miracle Match you are with Sally Hansen®. It's so fun to see what the results of the quiz are. Happy quizzing and happy nails!

    Make your eyes sparkle...

    One big eye trend for spring is using an almond color eyeliner on the lower waterline. It automatically keeps the eyes bright and open, which is exactly the feelings of the new season. You can do whatever eyeshadow you'd like with this look; it goes well with all ranges: from no shadow and just mascara, to more of a soft, smoky eye. Whatever your preference, the bright lower waterline gives the eyes a beautiful touch and brightness.

    Add a bold lip...

    I love combining the almond color liner with a lot of mascara, and a bright color of raspberry on the lips. It adds to the shock wave... simple with a splash of color. Raspberry is the perfect bold color for spring. Swap out your red lipsticks for berry tones. They are fresh, but add a punch to your look. I wear this color for daytime as well, but if you are shy about color in the day, definitely wear it out to dinner or dancing.

    Let’s not forget our hair...

    Hair accessories are big this spring, and are a simple way to jazz up your look. If you are new to accessorizing your hair, a simple change in your part line might be all you need. I typically part my hair in the middle, but have been changing it over to the side part. It gives you a totally new look, and also some volume in the hair since it is going a new direction.

    If you want to try a bobby pin, keep the side part and add a pin in! Depending on your mood, you can use a neutral pin in your hair as I started my day with.

    Or (of course) because I am a shock wave, I added a little bit of glitter!

    As I'm typing this, I'm getting so excited for spring and the new trends right around the corner.

    Disclosure: This post is part of a collaboration between Sally Hansen® and SheKnows.

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    One of the quickest and easiest ways to switch up your look is having a flawless mani. With so many different nail polish colors to choose from, we were excited to hear about Sally Hansen’s® Miracle Match, their all-new online quiz that matches your style with your perfect shade of Miracle Gel polish! We love that it takes out all the guesswork. We took the quiz and discovered our perfect match, a light and lovely shade from the Mad Mod Collection, called Creme de la Creme! Described as perfect for:

    "the woman who likes to leave the house looking like a million bucks, but some weekends are for PJs only."

    Certainly couldn't agree more with that sentiment! The pretty pale shade feels so fresh and new now that the days are a bit longer and sun is a bit stronger. We're very ready to kick all those dark hues to the curb, for our nails and our spring closets. That’s why we're loving all these great combinations!

    Image: Style.com/Man Repeller/Stockholm Streetstyle

    The most trendsetting women are finding new ways to layer, with a dress or skirt over pants. An odd match at first, but the fashion-forward look and its eye-catching silhouette is what makes this trend turn heads, in a good way!

    Image: WWD/Grandpa Style/Collage Vintage

    We're going to see a lot of skin this spring, but in a totally unexpected way. Business in the front and party in the back is a matchup that we fully support because business shouldn't have to be boring! Simply flip your button-up around, and wear it with confidence! Love this light blue and this white option.

    Image: Stockholm Streetstyle/They All Hate Us/A Love is Blind

    The Canadians have been doing denim on denim for ages, but now we're seeing denim pairings in unexpected ways: full-on denim jumpsuits, denim shoes to match your denim pants, darker stained pockets on lighter washed out denim jackets. This closet basic is far from boring this season! We plan to stock up.

    Image: Who What Wear/Le 21eme/via

    No amount of tassel is too much this spring! Wear gobs of them on your pants, string pounds of them on your purse and have fun letting them fly on your feet. The easiest way to add them into your wardrobe is with a show-stopping accessory! We've already added more than one to our wish list.

    Image: Margo & Me /We Wore What/Shine By Three

    We're obsessed with a fun seasonal color palette that brings in the color! A bright orange-red that pops off of neutrals and serves as the perfect accent to layers of pattern is the hue du jour. While the loud color can be a bit much on its own, matched with calmer neutrals it screams sophisticated spring, especially in the form of a pair of chic heels and a clutch!

    We can't wait until the weather really warms up to let our hair down and try these unconventional trends! Until then, get prepped for the new season by finding out your own Miracle Match; take the quiz here! You never know how your results might inspire your style!

    Disclosure: This post is part of a collaboration between Sally Hansen® and SheKnows.

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    "Think outside the box is your motto... so that means hosting funky dinner parties and modeling your quirky fashion finds.”

    THIS. IS. SO. ME! Hit the nail on the head. So I thought I would show you how to bring your personality into your outfits with your color and really step up your style for spring. The best part? All of these tips will work regardless of what your color match was!

    Tip #1: Manicure

    This tip is obvious. Integrate your personality and your color with a fresh manicure! I tend to always wear the same style of nails; long, oval shaped nails with a glitter half moon. I'm transitioning out of my dark, black nails that I had all winter and brightening up with a fresh coat of white!

    Tip #2: Handbag

    Your bag is something that can become your signature piece, so this is the perfect time to bring a lot of personality into your outfit! Switch up your style by changing out your purse. I've been carrying a dark purse all winter, so this white purse immediately lightens up my outfits while matching my style.

    Tip #3: Shoes

    If you're a little timid about playing around with a lot of color, or if you work in an office, this is a great way to bring some life to your outfit while staying professional.

    Tip #4: Monochromatic

    Wearing a monochromatic outfit (like my look) is really fresh for spring. White on white, pink on pink, the options are endless. Layering the same color immediately makes your look more modern, so you can participate in this trend regardless of your color match! My tip for layering colors: Mix up the textures if you're keeping the color solid. This helps an outfit to look more luxe!

    Tip #5: Fringe

    Fringe is one of the biggest trends for spring and one of my personal favorites. It's impossible to not feel fun when you're wearing this style! Experiment with fringe on a skirt, or on a purse and with a fun color!

    I hope these tips inspire you to play up your personality with your spring style; fashion should be as much fun as you! Find out your color match by taking the quiz here.

    Disclosure: This post is part of a collaboration between Sally Hansen® and SheKnows.

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    1. Red lipstick (or any lip color) goes with casual outfits, too

    Image: WENN.com

    You know when you want to look good, but don't have the time (or energy) to make it happen? Then lipstick is your new best friend. No matter what you're wearing, the time of day or getting coffee like the beautiful Alessandra Ambrosio seen here, a crimson shade or a peachy gloss will divert attention. Even if you happen to be wearing sweatpants or holey jeans.

    2. Accessories dress up basic outfits

    Kendall Jenner accessorize

    Image: WENN.com

    When you're sick of your clothes, turn to your accessories for a little pick-me-up with your basics. Take it from flawless (as per usual) Kendall Jenner. A casual monochromatic base, sprinkled with accoutrements like a sassy hat, simple necklace, bag and large shades makes for a chic look.

    3. Wearing natural makeup, or skipping it all together, is trendy

    Bare faced

    Image: Brian To/WENN.com

    Sometimes less is more. Take it from this natural, Bella Hadid. You might feel naked at first, but your skin will thank you for a night or day off from your makeup regimen. And according to a brand new study, giving skin a break from make-up is the key to a perfect complexion."

    4. The white button down is your best friend

    White button down

    Image: WENN.com

    This versatile top should be an essential part of every woman's wardrobe. You can dress it up, tone it down and layer, like fashionista Karlie Kloss, or tuck in the front and let it hang out in the back for an easy sophisticated look.

    5. Buns don't have to be fancy to make you look dressed up


    Image: Brian To/WENN.com

    Whether it's on top of your head, or a low-hanging knot with a whimsical tendril like Gigi Hadid's, you can't go wrong with this effortless look. Perfect for a humid or rainy day, or when your hair just will not do what you want it to.

    Gigi Hadid Bun

    Image: Brian To/WENN.com

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    Before you close your eyes and pull the first pair of pants and blouse from your drawers (or before you're tempted to wear yesterday's outfit and hope nobody notices), check out these five-minute outfits, perfect for when you're really pressed for time. These outfits are so easy to put together, but they're still on trend and stylish.

    Quick outfit inspiration for work

    Dresses are the easiest thing in your closet, so when you're running late for work, this is the time to pull one out. Pair a sleeveless dress with a cardigan and a statement necklace and you instantly look like you spent a lot more time thinking about your outfit. Pull everything together with black opaque tights and matching booties.

    Quick outfit inspiration for evening

    Need to head out for a girls' night? Or decided at the last minute to go on that date? Don't worry. You're prepared, even if you don't feel like it. Pull out an embellished sweater or a fancy sweatshirt, black skinny jeans and a pair of print heels (I love my leopard ones). You're instantly put together. The black skinnies are perfect for any nighttime occasion and the not-so-simple sweater is both casual and elegant, getting you from drinks to dinner or your favorite night spot. Leopard print heels are a great option if you're pressed for time. Treat them like a neutral! Your outfit will be fashionista-approved — and it only took you five minutes to put it together!

    Quick outfit inspiration for daytime

    This five-minute outfit is great for seeing that friend who's in town and just asked you to meet her for brunch in 15 minutes. You won't go wrong with a sweater and distressed boyfriend jeans. This outfit is the definition of "laid-back cool." Throw on some booties and wrap your favorite long-sleeved blouse around your waist to keep things interesting. Finish the look with two dainty necklaces. Voilà! You're ready for whatever's next!

    This post was brought to you by Quaker® Real Medleys®.

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    Accessories to take your winter wear up a notch

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    We're already seeing the prelude to the robot revolution in our growing remote workculture. It's changing the way we do business, and our professional fashion sense.

    Gone are the days when getting ready for work meant putting on a full pantsuit or skirt-and-blouse ensemble. Now we can work from the comfort of our Victoria's Secret PINK sweatpants, occasionally throwing on a collared blouse and cardigan if we need to jump on a call. Personally, I need full office attire to get into work mode, but plenty of people are comfortable working in their pajamas. To each her own.

    But if you want to continue climbing the career ladder without giving up the remote-working perks, you still need to rock a sleek, professional look from the waist up, especially when you're in a virtual meeting.

    Live it up in yoga pants or college sweats all you want. Just make sure these five essentials are on point because your boss and clients can still tell the difference between "savvy businesswoman" and "just rolled out of bed," even over a fuzzy Skype connection.

    • Hair: Your hairdo should be styled to the nines, and the look should reflect who you're talking to. Chatting with a buyer from New York? Go with a high bun, a la Carrie Bradshaw. Loose, beachy curls work best if you're doing business with someone on the West Coast.
    • Eyes: Your eyeshadow-eyeliner-mascara combo should say, "I'm a thoughtful professional," not, "This is what I look like shooting tequila at the club." Use neutral colors with bold accents for a chic daytime look.
    • Lips: I'm a sucker for hot pink or a fiery red, but choose a shade that works with your skin tone and the time of year. A fun, flirty pink might be suitable in summer, but a warm merlot is more appropriate for autumn.
    • Nails: Even if you can't afford a pre-meeting manicure, make sure your nails have a fresh coat of polish (or are at least neatly trimmed). People notice the little things. Dirty nails shouldn't be one of them.
    • Accessories: I'm not just talking about a pair of tasteful studs or a statement necklace, though you'll want to wear those, too. A cool coffee mug with a sassy quote or an artsy phone cover are great tools for injecting some personality into virtual meetings, and for standing out from other vendors or job candidates.

    And here's a bonus must-have: perfume. Never mind that the person opposite of you on the computer won't smell it. Scents affect self-confidence, and perfume is an important component of how you present yourself professionally. Dabbing on a touch of your chosen perfume will make you feel more polished and self-assured when you sit down for the call.

    Like it or not, clothes really do make the woman, at least in your colleagues' eyes. Showing up for a meeting looking wrinkled and disheveled will make you feel like Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman": dismissed by the shopgirls because you don't have the right look. Besides, putting yourself together in the morning sets the tone for the whole day, and we know that so much of our success is based on how we see ourselves.

    Take a minute each morning to think about how you're presenting yourself to the world, with or without the computer screen.

    Image: Fuse/Getty Images

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    It would be easy to spend hours lost in the worst of the worst Amazon beauty product reviews. While there are a number of highly rated beauty products out there, there are just as many that disappoint.

    "Worst" might be in the eye of the beholder, but you can't deny that these beauty product reviews are really, really bad:

    1. Does not smell like a vagina


    (amazon.com, $34)

    Disappointment is when you want something to smell like a vagina, and it doesn't. James says of VULVA Original vaginal scent, "[It] doesn't smell like vagina, more like stripper."

    2. Made me look older


    (amazon.com, $60)

    Disappointment is also when a "Special Non Surgical Facelift Mask with Anti Aging Skin Care Ingredients" makes you look older instead of younger. James S. Maziarz explains, "After four uses, the skin on my cheekbones looked 30 years older! I stopped using it."

    3. OK, except for the gash in my head


    (amazon.com, $39)

    How much do you really want that Christie Brinkley ponytail? Enough to bleed your own blood? According to Michelle Barnett, "I am extremely disappointed with this product. The first time I tried to use it, one of the wires that wraps around your ponytail broke and was sticking into my scalp. I suppose I could still use it if I was okay with a gash in my head." Yikes.

    4. Once you break through the crust…

    Lip balm

    (amazon.com, $2)

    You know it's going to be a good lip balm when you have to break through the crust to get to the product. Or maybe that's just crème brûlée. Athena Fitch says, "The consistency was terrible. It had such a hard skin/top layer, I had to wind up breaking through the top crust manually, only to find that under it was sticky, goopy and thick. The taste was not pleasant at all on the lips, and it wouldn't distribute evenly, so it was a chunky mess. Epic fail." Luckily, Amazon was kind enough to give this honest gal a refund.

    5. Turned me into a lobster

    Clay mask

    (amazon.com, $8)

    In her eloquent one-star review simply titled "Lobster face," an anonymous unemployed teacher from Hawaii hopes to turn her experience with a bentonite clay mask into a cautionary tale. Even though she hasn't used the product in question, she says, "Be careful using bentonite clay — I purchased this same sort of bentonite clay mask (not this product or from amazon.com), and my face and neck turned bright red — I look like a lobster. I have heard it will take a week of treatment to help this go away."

    6. Worst fake eyelashes ever


    (amazon.com, $2)

    Inexpensive LTop fake eyelashes tanked with 46 one-star reviews and counting. Anna explains the product's awfulness, "These are the worst fake eye lashes I ever had. First, they are totally straight, no anatomic curve, looks very funny. Second, these eyelashes are heavy and super rigid. I could use them only for a Halloween party."

    7. Worst hair product ever

    Color oops

    (amazon.com, $8)

    Color Oops hair color remover has been deemed the "worst hair product" ever used by Esmee — so terrible, in fact, that she wishes she could leave a zero-star review: "I tried it about a year ago for the first time, and it basically bleached the top of my hair and left a gradient of red from the middle (copper) to the ends (dark brown). I'd be okay if my hair were all one color."

    8. Worst mascara ever


    (amazon.com, $26)

    Pricey blinc Mascara Amplified is yet another cosmetic to join the Worst Amazon Products Hall of Fame. Emkubler explains how this beauty product made her life a living hell, "This is by far the worst mascara I have ever purchased. I tried using it for two-and-a-half weeks, and I hated every moment of it!" Daisy Buchanan adds, "The frustrating part was trying to take it off… I have lost most of my lower eyelashes on one eye, and my eyes are irritated."

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    My mother always used to say that anyone could look good in a potato sack if they just had enough confidence, and I believe her. It's really about that swagger in your step, right? But it's also about the structure and support your clothing offers you.

    Personally, I know what kind of dresses work for me. I love to say that I am looking for some "bones" when I'm hunting for a LBD. Nothing too loose or too thin. That simply will not work on my body type.

    And when it comes to support, I need all that I can get. Ladies, you need the right bra! There was a study done that showed a world of a difference on a woman's shape simply by fitting her with the proper bra. I couldn't believe the results. Truly!

    So, I wanted to show you some looks that are hot this spring and pair them with the right bra style.

    Style 1

    Neon Fitted Blazer, $77; Olympia strapless dress, $2,132; Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless Bra $60; Gramercy Grand Chronograph Watch, $250; Brown Oversized Square Sunglasses, $23; Fifi 100 Patent Leather Pumps, $655

    Floral Dresses: So, so on TREND! Anything floral is hot for spring. Why not opt for a beautiful floral dress that cinches at the waist? For this cut, you need a strapless bra that gives you lots of support. Featured above is the Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless. I always opt for underwire because it gives me that additional support I need to fill out the top of my look. And great news, the Red Carpet comes with straps that you can simply clip on making this convertible easily switch to a halter or even a criss-cross.

    Style 2

    Hustler Tee, $19: Frame Denim Le High Skinny Jeans, $385; La Femme Underwire T-Shirt Bra, $60; Imperial Guard Bracelet, $1,295; Fire Double Elements Necklace, $36; Geo Cord Wrapped Cuff, $98; Gannon T-Strap Sandal, $40

    Casual fashion T-shirt: Fashion T-shirts with sayings are all the rage. In fact, you might see something coming out with my stamp on it soon enough!! (hint hint). Everyone needs a nice, relaxing day look and this is the perfect style for running errands. I love to wear black and gold jewelry; mixing and matching these two colors really works well! For your undergarment, be sure to opt for a bra specifically made for T-shirts. Think smooth lines and no lace. I opted for the La Femme Underwire T-Shirt Bra by Wacoal.

    Style 3

    Beige Cill Woven Cap Sleeve Jumper, $400; Large Saffiano Satchel Bag Peanut, $358; Retro Chic Full Figure Underwire Bra, $60; Women's Stretch All-Wear Shorts, $55; Elysien Ring, $10; Lemon Quartz Pendant Necklace, $1,098; Women's Wedge Shoes, $54

    Go bold: I love the color red. So, I tend to grab my red jeans whenever I can. If red isn't your color, then opt for pink, yellow or mint green. The spring is all about having fun with color. Just remember, use some neutrals to even out the rest of your look. I thought the Wacoal Retro Chic Full Figure Underwire support bra would work best with this outfit again. You want to choose a bra that gives you complete support with a lightweight shirt like this.

    What are some spring trends that you are looking forward to trying out this upcoming season?

    Disclosure: This post is part of a collaboration with Wacoal and SheKnows.

    Image: PeopleImages/Getty Images

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    Meet Rolly Robinson, the editorial designer at StyleCaster, who is also responsible for this makeup masterpiece.

    Let's just say his job is really, really fun.

    Extreme Beauty

    Extreme Beauty

    On Beauty High: Why your mascara brush shape matters

    More beauty and makeup

    A quick hairstyle tutorial for when you need it out of your face
    Korean contouring tutorial could change your whole makeup routine
    This makeup artist creates amazing art on her eyelids you need to see (PHOTOS)

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    Contouring simply means applying a darker color to areas of the face you want to push back, and applying a lighter color, a highlighter or light-reflecting product, to high points of the face so that they pop out. Contour equals "bye;" highlighter equals "hi."

    We've likely all seen the complicated cream highlight and contour techniques a la Kim Kardashian but let's be honest — that isn't realistic for everyday life, and no matter how great the results, time is of the essence for most of us.

    I like to use powder products to highlight and contour, as they are easily controlled and very buildable. I use a completely matte bronzer, a blush and a shimmery powder highlighter for an everyday highlighted and contoured look that doesn't look insane in the boardroom or for a date night. Proper placement of product and the right brush make all the difference and give results that are naturally stunning.


    Contouring tutorial

    Phase 1: Cheekbones and temples

    I like to begin by creating a shadow beneath the cheekbone with a completely matte powder bronzer using a dense, small-head contour brush (I used The Balm's Bahama Mama). The guideline for placement is from the top of your ear, toward but not to the corner of your mouth. Stop at the edge of your eye. Now, place bronzer at your temples, moving in circular motions around the hairline and top of the forehead.

    Phase 2: Jawline and nose

    How to contour

    You can define your jawline by sweeping bronzer below the jawbone lightly. Be careful here as too much bronzer can be obvious and look like you have a sweet chinstrap.

    If you want to thin a wide nose, sweeping the bronzer down the sides of the bridge creates the illusion of a more narrow appearance. Bring the shadow in further than the natural sides of your nose and remember to connect up to the brows.

    Phase 3: Blush and highlighter

    Contouring tutorial

    Now, add a pop of color to your cheeks with blush (I used Benefit Bella Bamba). Place the blush on the fullest parts of your cheek, blending back toward the hairline. The blush will be placed directly above the bronzer.

    Then, it's time to pop out our features we love with a powder highlighter (I used The Balm's Mary Lou-Manizer). Sweep highlighter on the tops of the cheekbones and the small C-shape surrounding your eye. This will give the look of higher cheekbones and draw light to the eyes.

    Phase 4: Finishing touches

    Contouring tutorial steps

    Dust highlighter down the very center of your nose in a thin line, and pop a dot on the end of your nose for a more upturned appearance. You can add a little above your brow's arch for some lift, as well as above your cupid's bow above your top lip and in the center of the chin. These are all small areas that when highlighted make a huge difference.

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    While France's Health Minister Marisol Touraine may have had good intentions, she was quoted as saying, "This is an important message to young women, young women who see these models as an aesthetic ideal." The minister should take a realistic look at the bigger picture at hand. Popular media has increasingly sent out more and more mixed messages and put an idealization on thinner body images for women. However, should the blame and, subsequently, the responsibility to make changes be placed on the models themselves?

    The fashion industry is a huge part of this problem. If the government lays blame on the models working in this industry, then the real problems facing the industry as a whole will not improve. By passing blame onto the models and not providing any help or resources to the modelling agencies and fashion houses on disordered eating or health at any size, then essentially what the government is doing is sweeping these banned models under the rug and providing increased guilt, shame and anxiety, which can lead to more internalized destructive behaviour. In addition, the BMI is often considered an archaic way to measure health. Using the BMI alone could isolate models who are just naturally thin or exclude others who may actually have a problem yet fall into an average BMI range.

    Is there a catch-all solution for the fashion industry and France? To be honest, I'm not entirely sure there is — bodies are complicated. I do know that, on the whole, the industry should be taking steps toward making bodies of all sizes represented in its medium, messaging and campaigns, and they are — ever so slowly. Another thing the industry can and should do is recognize disordered eating and provide help and resources to those in the field. Rather than focusing on size, the fashion industry should focus on health, including both physical and mental. Many things can contribute to how a woman feels about her body, so France can take this opportunity to right the wrongs within the fashion world, and hopefully the rest of the world will follow suit.

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    A dancer's obsession: How body image myths almost killed her
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    Chances are your hair stylist would love to contribute a lot more to your consultation by tapping into his or her wealth of hair knowledge, opinions and advice, but they may also be reluctant to lead the dialogue completely.

    In short, your hairdresser is so much more than just a person who cuts and/or colors your hair. They are also a valuable resource of hair expertise, advice and tips. Instead of just telling them what you want, why not try asking them the following questions:

    1. If you could really do anything to my hair, what would you do?

    2. What is your long term vision for my hair?

    3. Would you recommend I get bangs?

    4. What hair color would look best with my hair cut?

    5. Where should I part my hair?

    6. How would you like to style my haircut today?

    7. What is your favorite hair product to use lately?

    8. Is my hair as healthy as it could be? What else can I do to improve its condition?

    9. How often should I be coming in to keep my hair looking fresh?

    10. How can I replicate this hairstyle at home?

    Asking these questions will lead to better consultations and will allow you to utilize your hairdresser's full experience and expertise. You don't need to commit to every single thing they recommend but I do guarantee your improved consultation will leave you with better results!

    In this picture I am consulting my client Heidi Goar at Salon SCK in New York City.

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    Although I've noticed sandals are widely accepted all year round now (who follows rules anyway), there's something about the beautiful sun shining bright on our pastel or floral print shoes and those pretty pedicures of red toe nails that gets me elated. Spring tells a story from beginning to end, so why not let our heels speak for themselves too. Charming styles like chunky sandals, comfortable mules, edgy cutouts and glammed-up strappy heels are ready to elevate our wardrobe with just a click of the heels. Coco Chanel said it best, "A woman with good shoes is never ugly." So here are 10 absolute chic sandals that will turn heads, all for under $150.

    1. Seychelles' perfect hue of blue

    Seychelles Play Along Bootie Sandals (Piperlime, $120). The perfect hue of blue can instantly boost your entire outfit.

    2. Snakeskin print from Dolce Vita

    Dolce Vita Helena High Heels (Piperlime, $80). The snakeskin print and cutout details are a perfect combination for edgy and chic.

    3. Betsey Johnson's oversized bow heels

    Betsey Johnson Kick It Up a Posh Heel in Noir (Modcloth, $130). Upgrade your inner girliness with a oversized bow detail for a fun statement.

    4. Topshop chunky brown sandals

    Topshop Lilith Suede Chunky Sandals (Topshop, $135). Chunky heels are making a comeback. '70s style never looked better. Wear them with flowy, floral dresses.

    5. Dolce & Gabbana floral and wooden sandals

    Pre-Owned Dolce & Gabbana Floral Sandals (TheRealReal, $129). Channel your inner flower child with these "work of art" wooden and canvas sandals.

    6. Steve Madden fringe sandal

    Steve Madden Fringly Sandal (Nordstrom, $103). Another current trend that is still going strong is the fringe look. This shoe is the perfect nude to pair with just about any shade.

    7. The Fifth Label white mule heels

    The Fifth Label Mean Mule Heel (DailyLook, $100). These white mules can make your most casual outfit pop.

    8. Zara orange mid-heels

    Zara Mid-heeled strapped shoes (Zara, $79). A hint of orange is perfect for work and happy hour.

    9. Loeffler Randall geometric sandals

    Loeffler Randall Opal Geometric Cut-out Sandals (Barneys Warehouse, $119). You don't necessarily have to give up comfort for cuteness. These geometric sandals are adorable and only 2.75 inches.

    10. Marc by Marc Jacobs mint green leather wedges

    Marc by Marc Jacobs Leather Espadrille Wedges (Stylebop, $122). More pastel please. Espadrilles are such a classic style, and with this mint green shade it would help your spring wardrobe stand out even more.

    Image: Dan Dalton/Getty Images

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