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The truth behind the crazy haircut video taking over Facebook (WATCH)


Because that's what literally happens in this video now making the rounds on Facebook. In the clip — which has now been viewed over 11 million times — shows a woman with long, fine hair getting an asymmetrical haircut.

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Well, asymmetrical is an understatement. The stylist seem to just cut along the woman's hair randomly, leaving her with a seriously blunt style reminiscent of Lisbeth Salander in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Some sections are super short; some are super long with a random long section left near her face.

Barbershapp viral video

Barbershapp viral video

The video was posted on the Barbershap page and is described as a "new trending the making?" without any other context. However, I don't think that's going to happen.

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It turns out the model shaved her head immediately after the crazy cut.

"It was [model Julia Andreeva's] birthday and she asked me [to] shave her head, so we decided [to] make something interesting and shoot [a] video about it,” hairstylist Aleona Starzhinskaia of HairF*****r Studio in St. Petersburg, Russia, told Refinery29 via Facebook message. "In a few hours, I turned her into [a] blonde and started [to] make this cut; most of this was...improvisation."

Barbershapp viral video 2

Barbershapp viral video 2

And they were just having fun… but that's not to say Starzhinskaia would mind if it became a trend. "It is just fashion; this is not for every day," she said. "But I hope in [the] future..."

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Easily create Alicia Vikander's edgy red carpet hairstyle yourself (VIDEO)


Alicia Vikander, star of the Oscar-nominated film The Danish Girl, is the most recent actress to stand out with her edgy, cool-girl look. The best part about her style? It's super easy to recreate!

Watch the video to find out how to pull off her chic red carpet hair.

Model says she's quitting because of the 'fakes and the lies'


Ajak Deng made the announcement in an Instagram post.

"I am happy to announce that I am officially done with the fashion industry, I will be moving back to Australia In order to live the life that I fully deserved. Which is real life," she wrote. "I can no longer deal with the fakes and the lies. My life is too short for this dramatic life. I am thankful and grateful for every sweet souls that I have crossed path with."

Ajak Deng instagram

Ajak Deng instagram

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Deng didn't going into details about her departure, only thanking fans for their concern.

"Thank you for for your concerns but I am good and very happy with my decision. I am a fighter and a go getta, I will figured out what to do next. I love you all and thank you," she wrote on another Instagram post.

But fellow model Nykhor Paul decried the racism and sexism black models receive in the industry.

"…We black models have to stand together and support each other without fear of losing your job or being label as the big mouth angry black person, or lose the white privileges that you now think you have because we are all going through something but are not organized to speak in unison about these nonsense!!" she wrote. "…This is an industry where we the blacks models are at the bottom levels as much as they shoot us everyday we will never reach the white models level."

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The modeling industry seems to be going backwards in terms of diversity — white models still make up the vast majority of those on the catwalk. Supermodels like Iman and Naomi Campbell have also spoken about racism they've experienced.

"A few times I got excused by designers who told me ‘we already found one black girl. We don’t need you anymore.’ I felt very discouraged," Iman told the Sunday Times Magazine in 2013. "When someone tells you, ‘we don’t want you because we already have one of your kind, it’s really sad.” 

Of course, we can't say exactly why Deng decided to leave modeling because she didn't clarify. It's still a serious shame that we won't see her modeling anymore.

But her personal happiness is absolutely more important than showing off pretty clothes.

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Olivia Munn shuts down surgery rumors by explaining her skincare routine


The perfect example of this is Olivia Munn. The actress has been on the receiving end of speculation about a possible nose job or eyelid surgery for weeks, so she decided to take on her doubters straight on by sharing her beauty tricks.

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The 34-year-old posted a photo collage of two photos — one taken a month ago and one last year — on Instagram. Her face is definitely more chiseled and her freckles are nowhere to be found, but it's thanks to her new skincare routine.

Olivia Munn Instagram

Olivia Munn Instagram

"Here are 4 skin tips I've learned just over this past year that really helped the texture and shape of my face," she captioned on the photo. "I lost 12 pounds this past year while training for Xmen. I kept it off by coming up w/an hour workout I do a few times a week. The weight loss leaned out my cheeks and jawline. Working out is also great for your skin because it increases blood flow to your face which helps rejuvenate."

Munn also said that learning to shape her eyebrows and erasing her "sun spots" also makes a world of difference.

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"I love my freckles. But over the past couple of years I've seen more come up and merge with other freckles to make large dark spots," she continued. "Dark spots prevent your skin from reflecting light and gives you a dull complexion. So for the past year I've been diligently using Proactiv Mark Fading Pads. I wipe my face with one every night and now my face has a more even tone and the large spots aren't as noticeable."

She also swears by eating Japanese potatoes that are "high in hyaluronic acid" to keep wrinkles away.

Her next quest: "I'm still looking into what gets rid of the lines that develop around your neck," she wrote. "I think it has to do with tension and acupuncture might be the answer. When I find out more, I'll let you know."

Please do, Olivia… but remember, you looked gorgeous before and you look gorgeous now.

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Exactly how each room in your house is aging your skin



When you really allow yourself to think about it, we spend an enormous amount of time in our bedrooms and time spent in your room during the winter can actually be most taxing on the skin because heat from your radiators makes your skin drier, leading to premature wrinkles in return. Technically this goes for any room in your house.

“Low humidity depletes your skin of moisture,” Dr. Schlessinger says. “As a result of indoor heat, skin is left feeling dry, tight, and uncomfortable.”

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Investing in good moisturizing skin care products can help your skin stay hydrated, but for a bigger moisture boost, Schlessinger recommends adding a humidifier to your room while you lounge and sleep. Humidifiers can help provide moisture to dry and parched skin, helping the skin maintain a natural suppleness and elasticity.

"Running a humidifier in your home can add moisture to the air and help prevent dry skin,” says Dr. Schlessinger. “Change out the water every day, and clean it once a week to reduce the chance of bacteria growth.”


Much like our bedrooms, we spend a huge chunk of time behind our computer screens. And yes, staring at a computer screen all day isn’t exactly the best activity for your neck and staring down at your phone proves to be even more straining.

“On average, people stare at their cell phones for almost three hours a day,” explains Dr. Schlessinger. “The neck’s delicate skin doesn’t like that kind of physical strain, as it adds stress on the muscles and nerves, which can do damage over time.”

While looking at your phone is pretty darn unavoidable, there’s a better way to hold your device without straining your neck. Dr. Schlessinger suggests holding your phone at a higher elevation to help avoid dreaded damage to your neck muscles and nerves. Make sure your computer screen is also at eye level.

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It’s really no shocker how your food choices affect the health of your skin but eating excessive amounts of junk food can age you faster than you think it would. Being that sugar and alcohol in particular can leave your skin dehydrated and inflamed, eating a balanced and healthy diet is key in achieving healthy-looking skin.

To make better eating habits, always drink lots of water, and try munching on raw fruits and veggies whenever you can. But if you do decide to treat yourself, Schlessinger stresses to enjoy sweet treats and alcohol in moderation.

“The important thing to remember is moderation,” Schlessinger says. “An occasional sweet treat or glass of red wine won’t do much harm, as long as you balance it out with a healthy diet.”


Your bathroom seems like the last place aging can occur, but Dr. Schlessinger cautions that it’s definitely possible because it's where we apply our makeup. Apparently, repetitive facial movements caused from makeup application can help wrinkles form more easily.

“Holding a static facial expression or moving your muscles in the same way can create creases in the skin,” explains Dr. Schlessinger. “Over time, those continuous duck faces and raised brows break down collagen and elastin, allowing wrinkles to form.”

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To apply makeup without adding further strain onto your face, try putting on your foundations and eyeliners with relaxed facial movements instead. A still and relaxed face allows you to still achieve that flawless makeup look without getting any new lines or cracks in the process... or at least make it less likely.

Makeup giant accused of 'neglecting' black British customers


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Nadia Gray, 26, wrote a blog post called, "Why is Maybelline Ignoring Women of Colour?" to protest against the restricted shades available to U.K. shoppers, after she saw the U.S. advert for Dream Velvet foundation featured 12 colours.

In the U.K. only the six lighter shades are available, the darkest being "Sun Beige".

After searching for Maybelline's Dream Velvet range on Boots.com, Gray wrote that only "white people shades" (Nude, Sun Beige, Ivory, Beige, Fawn and Natural Ivory) were available. The same six shades were featured on Maybelline's U.K. website.

"Even though I am annoyed by this I am not surprised, this is an issue that plagues any woman who is not white," Gray wrote. "Getting anything to suit your skin tone from global beauty brands is almost impossible."

The blogger revealed that she is forced into buying high-end foundation and concealer as mainstream beauty companies ignore the needs of black British women. "They always make the same excuses saying there is no market for the product, which is just not true," she wrote. "There is a huge population of black women in the United Kingdom."

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Ironically supermodel Jourdan Dunn is the face of Maybelline's Dream Velvet range in the U.K. but Dunn herself could not walk into a shop on the British high street and purchase the shade most suitable for her skin colour.

After Gray shared her blog post on Twitter other users also expressed their frustration.

Felicia Sullivan wrote: "Can I throw major shade over Maybelline's lack of shades for women of colour in the UK?"

In another blog post, Gray said her issue wasn't only with Maybelline and that "other brands are actually far far worse than Maybelline in terms of product range and advertising." She said she highlighted Maybelline because she "was particularly angry at the fact they used a Black British model to sell a product that black women could not buy in the U.K."

A Maybelline U.K. spokesperson told MailOnline: "We continually review our product ranges to ensure we are keeping up with and responding to demand from consumers in the U.K. This includes, for example, introducing new shades of products into the market.

"In the case of Dream Velvet Soft Matte foundation, we currently offer and advertise six shades of the product but we are looking forward to introducing an additional shade — Jourdan's shade — into U.K. stores within the next few months."

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17 surprising things you never knew about Tiffany & Co.


1. Established in 1837

Charles Tiffany
Image: Gravatas Ventures

Founded by Charles Lewis Tiffany (pictured above) and John B. Young, their first venture store called Young and Ellis first sold stationery and "fancy goods." Tiffany took over the company in 1853, renaming it Tiffany & Company and decided to focus primarily on jewelry.

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2. Tiffany's blue color was inspired by an empress

Empress Eugenie
Image: Gravitas Ventures

The wife of Napoleon III, Empress Eugenie de Montijo was the biggest fashion icon of the 19th century. When Charles Tiffany saw the above portrait of her, he knew that the shade of blue in her gown would become wildly popular. He decided to make it the official color for Tiffany's brand.

3. Pantone No. 1837

Tiffany blue
Image: Gravitas Ventures

The robin's egg blue color, officially called Pantone number 1837, used for the Tiffany boxes and bags, was named for the year Tiffany went into business.

4. America's first mail order catalog

Tiffany's Blue Book
Image: Gravatas Ventures

Known as the "blue book," Charles Tiffany created it in 1845. Many other brands followed suit.

5. Suppliers of the Union Army in the Civil War

Starting in 1862, Tiffany & Company was the go-to supplier of swords, surgical implements and flags for the boys in blue.

6. Charles Tiffany invented the engagement ring

Engagement ring
Image: Tiffany's & Company

In 1886, Tiffany decided he would lift the diamond up, above the band, and market it as an engagement ring. Soon, every woman in America wanted one.

7. New York Yankees stole the "NY" logo from Tiffany's

New York Yankee
Image: Public Domain/Gravitas Ventures

In 1877, Tiffany & Company created a police medal of honor for a New York police officer with an interlocking "N" and "Y." The Yankees ditched the American flag top hat symbol for the "NY" instead.

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8. President Lincoln gave Mary Todd a Tiffany set

Mary Todd Lincoln
Image: Gravatas Ventures

Seen in the photo above, Mrs. Lincoln wore this set of seeded pearls to her husband's inauguration.

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9. Teddy Roosevelt's knife

Roosevelt's Tiffany knife
Image: Gravitas Ventures

This beautifully carved sterling silver knife was worn on Roosevelt's belt in his youth.

10. Judy Garland took home emeralds

MGM wanted to give Judy Garland a wedding present when she married Vincente Minelli, so they sent her to Tiffany's. She most likely fell in love with the green gems when she made The Wizard of Oz, that featured the Emerald City.

11. President Kennedy had a brooch commissioned for Jackie

Jackie Kennedy
Image: Gravatas Ventures

President John F. Kennedy commissioned Tiffany's designer, Jean Schlumberger, to create this brooch for the first lady after she gave birth to their first son, John Jr.

12. Peretti's bottle pendant may have been for holding drugs

Tiffany's Peretti pendant
Image: Tiffany & Co.

Created in the 1970s, Elsa Peretti claimed this pendant was perfect for holding a flower. With cocaine's popularity on the rise, however, some think she really intended it to be a drug vial.

13. Steve Jobs was inspired by Tiffany's designs

Steve Jobs with a Tiffany lamp
Image: Gravitas Ventures

In the above photo, Apple founder Steve Jobs is seen at home in a nearly empty living room. Other than his record player, the only thing he deemed worthy of his abode was a Tiffany lamp.

14. Katie Couric's 50th birthday party at Tiffany's

Katie Couric
Image: Gravitas Ventures

To celebrate in style, Couric held her party at Tiffany's in Manhattan, where the signature drink was the "Tiffanini." Couric commented that the drink looked like "Tidy Bowl" but drank it anyway.

15. Made history with gay marriage ad

Tiffany's ad

Tiffany's ad

This ad was part of the "Will you?" campaign from 2015.

16. The Obamas gave Queen Elizabeth vintage Tiffany's

Queen's gift from Obamas
Image: Gravatas Ventures

To celebrate the Queen of England's Diamond Jubilee, President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle gave Her Highness this vintage Tiffany's compact from the 1950s.

17. 50th Super Bowl trophy

Super Bowl trophy
Image: Tiffany & Co.

To commemorate the 50th Super Bowl, Tiffany's created this stunning trophy.

The documentary, Crazy about Tiffany's, is currently playing in limited release.

Crazy about Tiffany's

Crazy about Tiffany's

Facial yoga may just be better than botox


As head-scratching is it may sound, facial yoga is one trend that’s surely on the rise. And with Youtube videos and tutorials popping up everywhere online, these special exercises are said to tighten and tone sagging skin, making it a non-invasive alternative to costly cosmetic procedures.

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But if you are a little weary on trying this trend out, we’ve asked some experts to weigh in on the latest trend. And offering both advantages and disadvantages of a strict facial yoga regimen, here’s some insight to help you determine if facial yoga is better than Botox.

How does facial yoga work?

Despite its recent popularity, facial toning exercises have actually been around since ancient times. Despite some advances throughout history, it really wasn’t until the 1950s that the practice started to gain more attention.

“It has gained media attention many times over the years, despite having no scientific proof that the technique actually works,” says dermatologist and RealSelf contributor Dr. Joel Schlessinger.

Fast forward to 2016, and facial yoga itself is more popular than ever. Nowadays, celebrity endorsements and apps on social media have helped put the technique into the spotlight. And unlike years prior, interested parties can now become certified face yoga instructors, thanks to newfound facial yoga courses.

But as time has gone by, the goal of facial yoga remains unchanged. Designated to ward away any signs of aging, exercises are usually intended to relax and tone up sagging facial muscles. And usually done for a few minutes each day, the theory is that if you routinely do such exercises, you can expect to reverse the aging clock.

“Facial yoga involves a series of facial exercises that are intended to relax and tone the muscles,” Dr. Schlessinger says. “These facial expressions are done in hopes of preventing wrinkles and sagging skin.”

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Does it help with fine lines and wrinkles?

Facial yoga is said to boast anti-aging benefits without the help of creams or surgical needles, but some dermatologists aren’t exactly sold on such claims. Experts like board-certified dermatologist Dr. Debra Jaliman believe that repetitive movements caused by such exercises, can actually put a lot of stress on the face. This often makes fine lines and wrinkles look more pronounced.

“Facial yoga exercises often involve a strong squint, looking to the ceiling or make an o shape with your mouth,” Jaliman says. “Exercises like these involve moving the muscles of the face, and the more you move a muscle, the more you crease the skin underlying the muscle. That's how you end up with deeper lines and wrinkles.”

And in addition to accelerated signs of aging, Dr. Schlessinger also advises to be wary of your safety when doing such exercises. If not done carefully, certain poses can cause injuries (especially strained muscles) if too much stress is applied onto the face.

“One of the most common injuries people sustain during regular yoga is strained muscles,” he says. “Obviously, facial yoga is a little different, but the same general idea applies. If you put too much stress on your facial muscles, you could end up with an injury.”

Try facial massages instead

While some dermatologists warn against the dangers of facial yoga, others think some poses have the potential to work. Being that facial muscles have opposing muscles, Dr. Gordon Kaplan finds that focusing on the good muscles can give your complexion an added boost.

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“All facial muscles have opposing muscles, says Kaplan. “By strengthening the good muscles, or the muscles that oppose gravity, then facial serenity or rejuvenation is enhanced.”

But if you agree that facial yoga is more hype than anything else, Joanna Vargas, celebrity facialist and founder of Joanna Vargas Salon and Skincare Collection recommends trying facial massages instead.

“Facial massage is excellent for maintaining skin elasticity,” Vargas says. “My favorite facial massage is lymphatic drainage, as it certainly a tool that anyone can use to make the face look rejuvenated and glowing.”

Unlike your typical massage, lymphatic massages function more like a massage for your lymph-nodes, offering both anti-aging and anti-puffing benefits. To try lymphatic massages for yourself, follow Vargas’s steps below, for some necessary facial rejuvenation.

“For dry skin, massage the skin in circular motions upward. Start at the base of the neck on the sides where your arteries are. Massage in gentle circles upwards, towards the jaw, up the sides of the face and around the eyes,” Vargas says. “This will help coax nutrients into the tissue. You want to do the opposite motion and start on the top of the face, by the eyes. If you are prone to breakouts – this will draw any waste away.”

6 ways you're ruining your hair color and don't even know it (VIDEO)


This is especially true for people who experiment with fun, crazy colors (especially the metallic-looking ones). Ever notice those awesome hues start to fade more quickly when you're always flat-ironing or curling them? Well, there's a reason for that — hair dye is heat sensitive, and too much exposure to hot temperatures means bye-bye, color.

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Below you'll see expert hair colorist Guy Tang demonstrate just how quickly a hot flat iron (400 degrees F) can zap your newly dyed hair of its gorgeous color.

flat iron color fade

flat iron color fade

Man, can you believe how quickly that metallic purple color faded? As someone who has been dyeing their hair red since middle school and using various hot tools regularly, this video was pretty terrifying to me. Professional hair coloring is not a cheap process, and now that I see just how much I might be contributing to my own fade-out, you can bet your boots I'll be leaving my hair alone a lot more often.

However, flat irons and curlers are far from the only thing causing hair color to fade faster. Here are some more things you've probably done that are likely doing some major color damage.

1. Using the wrong shampoo

If you color your hair, you definitely want to stay away from shampoos that contain sulfates. Sulfates are detergents that strip the color molecules from your locks. Fortunately there are plenty of sulfate-free shampoos on the market now, and they're usually prominently displayed as such.

2. Showering with hot water

If you love a superhot shower, you might want to consider changing your ways if you also love your hair color. Hot water lifts the outer hair cuticle layer, which has a lot of your original color in it. Try sticking to warm or even cool water, if you can stand it.

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3. Staying in the sun too long

The sun's harsh rays are not just bad for your skin; they're bad for your hair color too. The UV rays break down the color particles, which lightens the hue considerably. To prevent this, wear a hat as much as possible when you know you're going to be in the sun. There are even leave-in conditioners with UV-blocking components that can help protect your color too.

4. Spending too much time in the pool

The chlorine in pool water can build up over time and make your hair color look dull. If you're favorite pastime is pool time, try washing your hair with club soda after you're done for the day. The bubbles help cleanse your hair of the chemical buildup.

5. Jumping in the shower too soon

If you dye your hair regularly, you know it's always a more intense color on that first day. Many women head right for the shower to bring down the hue a bit. Resist the temptation! Showering too soon (and too regularly) strips the color down so much faster. The color needs at least 24 hours to really set in your hair. Wash it before then, and you may find yourself in your colorist's chair a lot sooner than you planned.

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Artist's adult coloring book celebrates body positivity


Yes — at least the ones from Frances Cannon. The 23-year-old illustrator created an adult coloring book that celebrates all body types, no matter their size, shape or color.

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The project is a result of her own path to body acceptance.

Frances Cannon 1

Frances Cannon 1

"Growing up, I was forever comparing myself to other girls that I knew," she told BuzzFeed. "This fostered a very negative view of my body. I was always wishing that I was blonde, blue eyed, and thin."

"Even small comments like, ‘You look amazing! Have you lost weight?’ or ‘You shouldn’t wear that — it makes your arms look big!’ puts a negative connotation on being a bigger woman," she continued.

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Her drawings are now posted on Instagram to show other women that it's okay to be who they are — body hair, curves and all. Love her message and drawings? They're now available in a "body posi" coloring book, available on her website.

Frances Cannon 2

Frances Cannon 2

Cannon's most important message is to extend that same body kindness to other women.

"Surround yourself with people who celebrate your body and each other’s bodies," she says. "Never put another woman down because of her body; loving other women’s bodies is an important step in loving your own!"

Frances Cannon 3

Frances Cannon 3

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Now you can make your hair look just like your favorite jeans


The world is beginning to embrace true individuality, meaning that people are now free to rock body hair, bold hair colors, tattoos and piercings without fearing (as much) criticism as in the past.

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This has paved the way for true artistry to emerge, especially in the hair industry. One of our favorites has to be the denim hair color, especially since – like denim – it comes in so many different hues, some dark, some light.

It really just depends on how dark...

Denim Hair Color 2

Denim Hair Color 2

Or how light you really want to go.

Denim Hair Color 1

Denim Hair Color 1

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The really interesting part of this trend is that many of hair pros use everything but blue hair dye to create the look. Professional stylist Guy Tang made a video of his denim color process and, though it contains a lot of industry jargon, you'll notice he doesn't just slap on blue hair dye.

how to get denim hair color

how to get denim hair color

Going blue can be extremely tricky, so it's best to go to a stylist who can take your color there without ruining your hair.

Denim Hair Color 3

Denim Hair Color 3

Or, consider just chalking your hair if you're not ready to really go blue. This video gives a great step-by-step guide to doing it.

how to chalk hair

how to chalk hair

Denim on denim on denim. We can dig it.

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Makeup guru creates the most beautiful Disney-inspired looks with her hijab


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Self-confessed "Supermom. ComicGeek. Tolkienite. Lycan. Disnerd. Fannibal. Metalhead and Nyctophile," the Malaysian beauty guru has more than 60,000 fans on Instagram, and it's not surprising, because her recreations of popular Disney characters are pretty mind blowing.

They include an image of Ariel from The Little Mermaid, which sees her wearing a bright red hijab (a veil that covers the head and chest, worn by some Muslim women after puberty to signify their personal devotion to God).

Queen of Luna Instagram

Queen of Luna Instagram

She makes the most stunning Mulan.

Queen of Luna Instagram 2

Queen of Luna Instagram 2

And a pretty convincing Tinkerbell, too.

Queen of Luna Instagram 3

Queen of Luna Instagram 3

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We're pretty obsessed with her Queen of Hearts makeup "with a turban style hijab."

Queen of Luna Instagram 4

Queen of Luna Instagram 4

And fans are equally thrilled with the Alice in Wonderland-inspired look.

"Your make up is far better than in the movie!" cherrycherry5 gushed.

"So incredibly creative," lujainsbeauty101 shared.

Then there's Cruella De Vil from the 1961 Disney classic 101 Dalmatians.

Queen of Luna Instagram 7

Queen of Luna Instagram 7

Saraswati's Belle from Beauty and the Beast is on point.

Queen of Luna Instagram 8

Queen of Luna Instagram 8

And Aladdin's Princess Jasmine is breathtakingly beautiful.

Queen of Luna Instagram 9

Queen of Luna Instagram 9

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But perhaps our favourite look of all is Alice in Wonderland's Alice herself, which sees Saraswati creating Alice's blonde locks with her yellow hijab.

Queen of Luna Instagram 5

Queen of Luna Instagram 5

This look had special importance for the artist herself, as she revealed it reminded her of her childhood.

"Here is the final look for my Alice in Wonderland series," she wrote. "Spent too many [sic] time on styling the hijab lol oh well. Needed to attach the headband on hijab so. I felt a bit up and down when doing this though, reminded me of my childhood. I used to dress up as Alice almost everyday when I was little. Hmph. #Alice."

Saraswati's work is truly mesmerising, but more than that, it's great to see how she has combined the hijab into her creations to give them special meaning to many women around the globe.

Saoirse Ronan wears two different earrings at the 2016 Oscars


The Brooklyn actress opted to wear two different Chopard earrings on the red carpet — one made out of pearls and the other with 18.28-carats of emeralds and 5.74-carats of jadeites, both set drop-style in 18kt white gold.

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And it totally works.

Image: George Pimentel/WireImage/Getty Images

The actress has emerged this year as a style icon — and for good reason, given that every dress she's worn this award season has been a total game changer.

The 22-year-old revealed on the red carpet that there's a reason she opted for the plunging Calvin Klein Collection gown — the emerald green reminded her of home in Ireland.

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Her look is iconic, but we have a feeling this isn't the last time she'll surprise us during awards season. She might even opt for combat boots.

Saoirse Ronan at the Oscars
Image: George Pimentel/WireImage/Getty Images

"I’d love to wear Doc Martens on a red carpet," she once told Who What Wear. She'd make it work!

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Oscars Slideshow

Oscars Slideshow

Sophie Turner's Oscars dress was made with a socially conscious message

Image: Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

Game of Thrones stunner Sophie Turner opted for a sage Galvan gown made with fabric sourced ethically. The dress is part of the Red Carpet Green Dress Campaign, an organization started by Suzy Amis Cameron, director James Cameron's wife, as an effort to draw attention to the importance of sustainability in fashion.

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Snow White and the Huntsman actress Lily Cole also wore a sustainable dress to the Oscars — by Vivienne Westwood.

Lily Cole at the 2016 oscars
Image: Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

“As sustainable fashion becomes more urgent, Red Carpet Green Dress is honored to partner with two rising stars, Sophie Turner and Lily Cole, showcasing that fashion can be humane, environmentally friendly, and absolutely stunning," Cameron said in a statement.

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Image: Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

"We’re also thrilled and honored that the formidable Vivienne Westwood and her team are once again behind the scenes working fashion magic with us."

In a world of fast fashion, we can definitely get behind a cause that supports sustainability and style.

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Oscars Slideshow

Oscars Slideshow

Lady Gaga's all-white Oscars jumpsuit was designed by her BFF


The singer and actress again walked the red carpet in a look designed by her friend Brandon Maxwell. The crisp, all-white outfit was a combination of skirt and pants — a norm-bending style statement that perfectly fits Gaga.

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The Texas-born, New York-based Maxwell just showed his second collection during New York Fashion Week. The new collection is filled with monochromatic styles that fit his ideal woman — a smart woman with taste," he told Vogue France. "She's fearless, she's humble, she's selfless and she's not afraid to live life."

Check, check, check… that's definitely Gaga.

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The designer told Vogue that he first met his muse through designer Nicola Formichetti. "I assisted him for two years and his career was skyrocketing to the top, and eventually Gaga and I began to work on our own together," he said.

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"It's really a collaborative creative partnership," he added of coming up with her red carpet style. "We talk back and forth about things, what we like, what we don't like, and we go from there. Getting dressed with her is always so fun, she really embodies all that fashion is, and lives it daily, so that's inspiring to be a part of."

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Oscars Slideshow

Oscars Slideshow

Women are sticking pom-poms on their nails for a fun new look


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Pom-pom nails are officially a thing. According to Cosmopolitan, the trend started in South Korea and now women everywhere have decided to stick the fuzzy little balls to their nails in a wide variety of shapes, colours and sizes for a look that is fun, bright and oh-so fluffy.

The trend has been taking over Instagram and there's no shortage of creativity.

Start off small with tiny pom-poms at the base of the nail.

Pom pom nail art

Pom pom nail art

If you're feeling daring then go bright and bold.

Pom pom nail art 7

Pom pom nail art 7

Or stick to a single colour — which you can match to the colours of your outfit.

Pom pom nail art 3

Pom pom nail art 3

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If a full hand of pom-poms is too daunting then highlight only one finger for a slightly more manageable look.

Pom pom nail art 5

Pom pom nail art 5

This look is definitely not dishwasher safe but it is extremely eye-catching.

Pom pom nail art 6

Pom pom nail art 6

Going to the bathroom is not going to be easy with these large pom-poms.

Pom pom nail art 4

Pom pom nail art 4

And, for the really creative, you can even chop up the pom-poms to make interesting shapes — in this case eyebrows.

Pom pom nail art 2

Pom pom nail art 2

Of course the trend is a little fiddly but they're easy to recreate at home and definitely make for interesting nail art.

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Will you be trying out the pom-pom nail trend? Or is it too much fuss for you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Why you should never wash your face in the shower


Skin care is a complicated subject. When you’re young, you can splash some water on your face and go on with your day, but once most of us are past 18, we start needing a little more help to look awake (or sometimes just alive, ahem).

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But there’s one thing most of us never change, and that’s washing our faces. Whether you’re scrubbing off layers of makeup, workout sweat or just the grime from the day, we all want to put our best face forward. And most times, the most convenient place to do that is in the shower. (There’s a reason all the new face-scrubbing tools are waterproof!).

Face scrubbing in the shower might be a mistake, however, said Elizabeth Tanzi, MD, a co-director of the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery in Washington, D.C., in an interview with The Gloss.

“I recommend that my patients wash their faces at the sink [instead of the shower],” she said. “You should use lukewarm to cold water, which is better for delicate faces.”

The real benefit of the sink (and downfall of the shower) is that you can better control the temperature. Apparently our thin facial skin prefers cool water, but I have yet to meet the woman who truly loves a cold shower.

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Plus, the sink means you can quickly change temperatures, allowing you to finish with an ice-cold splash. “A cold finish stimulates circulation and can be hugely beneficial to the overall glow of your skin,” she added.

Now, if you’re lazy like I am, you’re probably thinking that this is the reason makeup wipes were invented. They’re probably already cold(ish) and almost as convenient as the shower! But while they’re fine for the occasional wipe down, the experts say to avoid this shortcut, as wipes are harsh on your skin.

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When it comes to a glowing, healthy complexion, apparently nothing beats an old-fashioned face wash with mild cleanser in the bathroom sink. Either that, or learn to love icy showers. But when it comes to your face, it’s worth it! (It is worth it, right?)

Dry shampoo isn't the miracle product you think it is


Who knows why the powers that be decided to call it dry "shampoo," but the name stuck and now thousands of women are likely running around town believing they've magically cleansed their hair without water when they've actually just added more residue to their hair, and more importantly their scalp.

Allow the truth to set you free: Most dry shampoos aren't absorbing the oil and residue from your hair in a way that we associate with "cleansing." And, let me just say: That's perfectly OK. What dry shampoos are doing, and the reason we're infatuated with them, is adding texture and bulk to the roots — something most of us need when we've gone more than one or two days without a proper shampoo to help us look put together.

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"While dry shampoos may absorb excess oil from the hair initially, the combination of oil and product stay put on the follicle, creating buildup overtime that can clog the pore, leading to hair loss, slowed growth and cysts in severe cases," says Nancy Twine, Founder and CEO of all natural hair care brand Briogeo. "In addition, dry shampoo is unable to address the dirt and pollution that strands accumulate on a daily basis and the buildup from dry shampooing can actually act as a trap, attracting more grime to your roots over time. It also causes noticeable dullness to the hair as most formulas are crafted with matte ingredients like corn or aluminum starches."

If you're trying to avoid shampoo, Twine recommends a "co-wash" instead (basically a conditioning cleanser), which removes impurities from the hair without stripping strands of natural oils (and Briogeo just so happens to make one heck of one: Be Gentle, Be Kind Avocado + Quinoa Co-Wash).

But let's cut most dry shampoos some slack and love them for what they are — while recognizing that at least one dry shampoo stands apart from the herd and is revolutionizing the very concept of dry hair products. Living Proof Perfect Hair Day (PhD, get it?) Dry Shampoo is being praised by stylists and women everywhere because instead of just soaking up oil and leaving behind a powdery residue (I mean, what's the point of that?), it uses a patented OFPMA molecule, developed by scientists from MIT, to soak up both oil and sweat. In other words: It's cleaning your hair a little better than other dry shampoos as it adds volume and allows you to skip a shampoo or two, which is healthier for your hair anyway.

But the first time I used Living Proof's dry shampoo I was less than impressed with the results. I have dark hair and couldn't understand what to do with the white powdery residue left in my hair. But, after reading about how everyone was obsessed with this product, I did something unheard of for me and actually read the directions. Bingo. I was using it all wrong.

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You can't just spray Living Proof's dry shampoo and run out the door — there's a crucial step in between. Shake the can and then, holding it six to 10 inches from your hair, apply it to your roots section by section. Now, this part is important: Wait 30 seconds for the powders to absorb and cleanse your hair. Don't freak out about the white powder — after half a minute is up, either brush the powder out of your hair or use your hands to massage it out.

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You'll be left with visibly cleaner hair because it will actually be cleaner and leave behind less residue — no smoke and mirrors here. If Living Proof manages to raise the bar for other companies that have or plan on putting out dry shampoos, it can only be a great thing for those of us who have been walking around with dirty hair for longer than we realized.

The 6 hottest trends in plastic surgery right now


The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s annual report is out, and it shows that cosmetic enhancements exploded in 2015. Surgical procedures are up 7 percent, while nonsurgical procedures soared by 22 percent to nearly 13 million procedures done. Unlike past years, where plastic surgery tended to be obvious and life-altering, à la giant round silicone implants or face-lifts so tight the eyes looked like cat eyes, the biggest trend now is all about getting work done that doesn't look like you've had anything done.

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"The trend across the board is subtlety," said Dr. Daniel C. Mills, president-elect of the ASAPS. "Ultimately, less is more on every level as patients seek out natural-looking enhancements or tweaks.”

This doesn't surprise Dr. Eugene Elliott, a plastic surgeon at Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center in Fountain Valley, California. He tells SheKnows that plastic surgery has moved beyond the stereotypes of young women looking for boob and nose jobs or older women trying to turn back time to men and women from every age and walk of life simply looking to make the most of what they have.

This desire for a more natural look is reflected in the fastest-growing plastic surgery trends of 2015. Fat transferring, where fat is removed from a less desirable place (like your tummy) and moved to a more desirable place (like your butt), was No. 1 for women.

Second were injectibles like Botox to prevent wrinkles and Juvederm to plump the face. Showing that the Kardashian "belfie" effect is still in full force, butt lifts and implants were third. Nonsurgical skin tightening methods were fourth, while tattoo removals came in fifth. And liposuction came in sixth, showing that many of us just want less fat overall.

The wide range of new products and services, especially those that bridge the gap between makeup and full-on surgery, are a main reason for the huge jump. Another reason is a slight decrease in the average price for most procedures, making them more affordable.

But just because you can get plastic surgery, it doesn't mean you should, Elliott cautions. He says he will turn down people for cosmetic enhancements, as will any responsible doctor, if people are doing it for the wrong reasons.

"I ask them point-blank what their motivation is," he explains. "This is the one question any person seeking plastic surgery needs to answer honestly: 'Why do I really want this?'" Being pressured by a significant other, doing it because friends are doing it, wanting to look like a celebrity, or trying to keep a spouse from cheating are all reasons Elliott says he has heard but are not good reasons to have work done.

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"Surgery doesn't fix your life; the problems you had before the surgery, you'll still have after the surgery," he says. "A person who is unhappy will find a reason to still be unhappy, regardless of their [surgery] results."

Rather, Elliott says the best motivations to seek plastic surgery are internal reasons. People who have one specific physical problem — and one that can be fixed by surgery — are usually the happiest with their results. For example, breast reductions are one of the surgeries that make people the happiest afterward, he says, for this reason. "You'll often hear from women saying, 'This is something I've wanted to fix my whole life,' and it will make them feel so much better about themselves." He adds that plastic surgery can even help fix some health problems.

"Surgery isn't a magic wand, but it can absolutely make your life better," he says.

Caitlyn Jenner is getting into the makeup game with new lipstick


But unlike Kylie Jenner's lip kit, the proceeds from Caitlyn's collaboration with MAC won't go into her pocket. Instead, 100 percent of sales will go to the company's AIDS Fund Transgender Initiative, according to a release from the company.

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"Her beautiful transformation inspires all of us to live our best lives and to honor who we are," the company wrote in a statement. "Differences are what make us interesting. Acceptance, warmth and understanding are what make us human."

The lipstick — a rosy nude called Finally Free — will go on sale April 7.

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"I wanted a name that I use, and which represents the community. This is who I am: Finally Free," Jenner said, adding that she wanted to create an everyday lipstick that would fit people from all different races and backgrounds. Why? Because feeling confident about looks is empowering, she said.

"If I walk into a room now, with a great outfit on, the makeup’s working, the hair’s working, and I walk in and the first person turns around and says, 'Oh, my God, you look great!' that is a great start to the night," she continued.

But the real point of the campaign is to raise much-needed money for transgender causes. "To be honest, I want people to use it every day so they have to buy more. I want to raise a lot of money. It’s very simple," she said.

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