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9 Affordable and adorable rings that only look expensive


Pointed Faux Leather Ring Set ($5.80, Forever 21)
Cassia Mlti Pack Stack Ring Set ($8, Boohoo.com)
12-Pack Rings ($5, H&M)

Any ring can essentially be stacked, however packs with a mixture of midi rings and traditional rings are a great way to effortlessly create a chic, expensive look and all the work is already done for you. Whether you mix metals or alternate between thin and thick bands there is no wrong way to stack rings. Here are the same stacked rings dressed up and dressed down.

Becky Pearl Detail Ring ($5, Boohoo.com)
Faux Pearl Multi-finger Ring ($4, Forever 21)
Faux Pearl Cutout Ring ($4, Forever 21)

Pearls have always been an indication of glamour and prestige, and right now they are in, big time! Between the current pearl 360 stud trend and gigantic pearl necklaces taking over the jewelry market, you will be sure to stand out with a pearl or two adorning your finger.

Cara Armour Statement Ring ($4, Boohoo.com)
Demi Statement Crystal Stone Ring ($10, Boohoo.com)
14th and Union Infinity Pave Ring ($10, Nordstrom Rack)

Statement rings have always been in; currently large stones and mixed metals are the way to go. Wear them alone or add some slimmer stackable rings to up the ante.

Finding pieces that appear more expensive then they are is the way to go in the ring department, because you can never have too many and they provide so many options for mixing and matching that you will never bore of them. Above are the three ring styles every lady should have in her jewelry box, each under $10!

xo, Jasmin

Woman covers her facial scars with tattoos with amazing results


If permanent makeup — like the eyebrows Hameed had tattooed on — could change her face, why couldn't tattoos change her scars? And just like that, Hameed changed her own life. She covered her scars and for the first time, was able to see her face as she'd always wanted to. Now she helps other women with facial scarring do the same thing.

See below:

Burn Victim

Burn Victim

Her technique uses skin tone pigments on scar tissue to camouflage the discoloration. And it works. She received all the training she needed and now has clinics in Chicago and Toronto where she changes the lives of many women.

It is hard to imagine going through life feeling so unhappy about one's face. There is really no easy way to deal with that. I have no equivalent in my own life and can only empathize and imagine what that must feel like. What Hameed gives these women is hope again. It's the ability to go outside their home and feel confident. Is there anything better?

Tattoos and cosmetic surgery both get a bad rap and sometimes it's for a good reason. But this is the best use of this treatment I have ever heard of. Beauty isn't everything, it's true. And we all need to learn to live with our flaws and embrace them. But scarring is different and anything that can help restore self-esteem to women who need it is amazing in my book.

Talk about using your own pain to spread joy in the world. Truly, this is a beautiful thing. And some of her work, she even does for free. What a story.

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Clitoris ring is the latest 'feminist' style statement


If you ask most women what the clitoris is, they'll probably tell you it's a cute little pleasure button located, well, somewhere. It seems unfair that men get to carry around an appendage so relatively large compared to their bodies that they can, literally, orgasm if they bump into the mattress the wrong way in the middle of the night. Meanwhile, most of us have to work at it, concentrate, and pray the "button" gets pressed with just the right amount of pressure and speed.

Who would have thought a pretty silver ring would serve as a reminder of just how little credit the clit gets for being a major pleasure zone?

Penelopi Jones has created the Internal Clitoris ring — and it is exactly what it sounds like: an accessory designed to look like the internal structure of the clitoris. Penelopi admits most people will likely mistake it for a dragonfly at first, but imagine how fun it will be to tell Aunt Mary that the reason Uncle Harry makes her a very happy woman has pretty much everything to do with your ring.

Just thinking about the looks on people's faces when they ask about your clitoris ring, and ask they will because it's a true conversation piece, makes it well worth the $122 price tag ($490 if you want 14K solid gold). Can you think of a better, more subtle but effective way of reminding your loved one where his fingers belong? It's the modern equivalent of dropping our handkerchiefs all over the road so we can passive-aggressively pick up men. It's genius.

As far as looks go, it took me a few minutes to get past the fact that the ring kind of resembles a turkey wishbone or some symbol related to Star Trek. But that actually made me appreciate my magical clitoris even more.

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Rock this sporty-chic look for Sunday’s big game


Messy tiered pony

We don't want the hair to look black tie and elegant; after all, you will most likely be wearing a football jersey or T-shirt while eating nachos and playing drinking games. That being said, it is still important to look and feel great about yourself at the party. To get the look:

  1. Start this style with a really deep but messy side part.
  2. Loosely pull your hair back into a low ponytail using just your fingers and secure the ponytail with an elastic.
  3. Secure additional tight elastics to the ponytail approximately two inches apart from each other.
  4. Softly pull apart the hair on your crown and between each elastic on the ponytail.
  5. Complete the hairstyle by misting a light hold hairspray, like Laque Couture, everywhere. This will allow the beautiful soft texture of the hairstyle to last past halftime!

Clean and simple makeup

Nothing says "prom" at a Super Bowl party like an over-contoured cheek; however, on the big game day you don't have to go in all or nothing with your makeup. You can still look effortlessy beautiful, especially with subtle smoked-out style. To get the look:

  1. Start by lining the top and bottom waterline with brown liner.
  2. Smudge it out slightly under the eyes for that drama.
  3. Add your favorite warm nude lippie.
  4. Apply just a little contour on the outer cheeks.
  5. Apply a soft highlighter (we used Eye M Glam) and you will be sure to look super chic while munching on some buffalo wings.
Enjoy the game, have fun and look amazing!

Hair by: Devin Toth at Salon SCK using Kerastase products
Makeup by: Lynsey Buckelew using Giella Cosmetics products
Model: Alexis Zumwalt

Watch amazing glimpse of every look considered hot ever (VIDEO)


Wearing white bathing suits, the models in the video each represent the ideal form from the era they are showing. In ancient Egypt, it was all about slim shoulders (who knew?!) and during the renaissance time, a fuller figure was in. See below:



The video is incredibly empowering in many ways. Not only because it shows that all women have been ideal at some point in history (and likely will be again), but also because it shows the incredible diversity of bodies that exist. There is no "one" way to look and everyone is beautiful. Full stop.

When I was in my teens and first developed my intense curves, I remember being sad we didn't live in the 1950s. My body would have been "in" then. But why wait?

As an adult, I recognize that the "in" body doesn't really matter. We should all be celebrating the bodies we have, whether they are soft or hard, thin or curvy. We all deserve love. We all deserve to feel beautiful. And now we know we've all been ideal at some point, too.

Trends change. Tastes change. If we were lucky enough to come of age in a time where our body type was in, lucky us. But a curvy girl growing up during the time of "heroin chic" is going to be depressed unless she can accept that it won't always be so. Maybe we need to drop the idea of "ideal" anyway and just accept that all bodies have their own kind of beauty. We won't always be each other's cup of tea and of course people have their preferences, but there is usually someone out there who will recognize our beauty. Let's focus on that person instead of the faceless "trend setters." Who cares what they think?

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7 Ways you should be using cotton balls but aren't


1. Travel tricks


If you're just going on an overnight trip, or just a night out but carrying a tiny clutch that barely fits your lipstick, apply powder, bronzer and blush to cotton balls, place in a zip top bag and insert into your purse. You'll have one full application of product in a disposable applicator plus save a ton of space.

2. Keep nail polish remover with you, without taking the whole bottle


Cotton balls also make great single-use applicators for nail polish remover, astringent, bug spray or rubbing alcohol. Saturate the cotton ball and seal tightly in a plastic bag. Just don't combine liquids!

3. Apply blush, bronzer, highlighter, or powder


Yes, you apply a powder blush with a cotton ball but you can also blend and tone down blush if you got a little overzealous with it.


You can blend out harsh powder contours or apply bronzer in a seamless buffing motion.


Cotton balls are soft and pliable so you can squeeze them to fit the area of your face you desire. Pinch a cotton ball and sweep your powder highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones.

4. Perfume secret


To make your lingerie drawer smell heavenly, try spritzing your favorite fragrance onto a cotton ball. It will retain and disperse the scent. You can also try dipping a cotton ball into an essential oil like lavender and tucking it into your pillow case. Sweet dreams!

5. Brush Storage

Brush Storage

Short-handled brushes need love, too! For those shorter brushes, cotton balls can act as a booster seat inside your brush cup. The cotton balls will also catch any makeup debris and keep your brush cup clean. Just make sure to switch them out if they get dirty.

6. Nail polish removal, but not the way you think

Nail polish removal, but not the way you think

You can remove stubborn polish like glitter by pulling a cotton ball apart, soaking it in remover, and wrapping tightly around your fingertips. Wait about 3 minutes and watch as the polish slides right off with the cotton ball.

7. Other sensible storage

Other sensible storage

By storing your eye makeup remover in a jar with cotton balls, everything is neatly in one place, ready for removal. You can also dress up your bathroom vanity by storing your supplies in a mason jar or a colored vase that matches your decor.

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You can buy Katy Perry's halftime show outfits in real time


Now the reason behind all this attention to her wardrobe is revealed — you will be able to buy Katy Perry's Super Bowl looks in real time! Finally, shopping and football have come together in one event, and perhaps now there will be peace among the sexes. At least for one night.

Everyone who has access to the internet will be able to participate in this awesome shopping experience. If you're watching the game on a Samsung Smart TV, LG TV or Roku streaming system, you can order Perry's trademark outfits and products right on the screen. There will be a "buy" button that will appear on screen during her halftime numbers; anyone with a smart TV will be able to click on the outfit they want and buy it right then and there. Pretty awesome, huh?

Katy Perry outfit

Katy Perry outfit

If you don't have a smart TV, you can still buy stuff, but you'll have to do it through third-party sites like Twitter, YouTube and Shazam. On Twitter, @pepsi and @Visa will send tweets using Twitter's "Buy Now" feature. YouTube and Shazam will be using a similar setup.

The mastermind company behind this awesome marketing scheme is Delivery Agent. This is the same interactive commerce provider that partnered with H&M to sell David Beckham's line during last year's Super Bowl. Implementing what they call "TV-Commerce" during a live event that draws more viewers than any other throughout the year is a giant step forward for commerce providers everywhere. If all goes according to plan, it will allow you to interact with a live performance in a super-exciting way, aka in a way that involves getting awesome outfits.

Now all we can do is wait and anticipate the craziness that Jeremy Scott and Katy Perry will bring to the event. Remember, his main inspiration comes from Barbie, McDonald's, Shrek and SpongeBob Squarepants, so we're likely in for something totally off-the-wall. But you know, in a cute, Katy Perry sort of way. Let's just hope the Katy-Cats don't break the internet during the Super Bowl. That would be bad.



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New England Patriots eye makeup tutorial for a gorgeous game face


Want to support NE in totally stylish way? Grab your red and blue eye shadows and create this showstopping game face.

Products used:


Step 1: Apply an eyeshadow base to help prevent creasing and to increase the pigment of color. I used Painterly Paint Pot from MAC Cosmetics.

Step 2: Using an angled brush and a red shadow, start from the middle and draw a curved line right above the crease. Then use a blue shadow and extend the line to the inner crease.

Step 3: Switch to a clean tapered blending brush with minimal product on the brush and start to blend out the line. Try to keep the inner blue part more square to give that Patriot helmet look.

Step 4: From here you want to use your imagination and freehand a few strokes to give almost a flag appearance. Then take a white liner (NYX Milk) and draw a straight line from the inner corner of the eye, the waterline, and extend it out straight directly from the waterline.

Step 5: Apply a white shadow to the lid and then place glitter on top of the white. I used a mixing medium to keep the glitter in place. You can also use clear eyelash glue so you don't get a lot of fallout.

Step 6: Using an angled brush, draw a half-blue and half-red line with shadow just beneath the white line along the under eye.

Step 7: Apply black mascara and lashes and the look is complete! I did go back in to perfect the lines on the outer part, lining it with the same white liner to give it a more crisp look.

Enjoy your look for the game!

Show-stopping eye makeup for Super Bowl XLIX: Seahawks vs. Patriots


The tackles, the Hail Marys, the butt-hugging uniforms... it's good stuff. Needless to say, we can hardly wait to stuff our faces with delicious food and watch the Patriots beat the Seahawks game this Sunday.

If you want to be supremely team-spirited this year, top your team-colored ensemble off with one of these gorgeous makeup looks. Just try not to cry if your team loses, OK? 'Cause that's gonna be a mess.

New England Patriots eye makeup

To create this Patriots look, our Expert Sabrina Huizar blended vibrant shades of blue and red shadows, and mimicked the shape of the New England logo by creating a winged eye. She topped it off with lashes and a bold red lip.

Seattle Seahawks eye makeup

If you're more of a Hawks fan, go home, you won last year. Kidding! We've got a stunning blue and green look for you. Our Expert finished this one with eye-catching green glitter and dramatic lashes.

Enjoy the game, ladies!

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Katy Perry's outfits dominated the Super Bowl, like it or not


That's not to say they were all complimentary. There was a ton of mockery happening on Twitter last night over Katy Perry's four bold looks, and some of it was downright brilliant. I mean, let's face it, she gave us a lot of ammo with a set of looks equivalent to the Miss America Pageant.

But knowing Perry, and how out there her costumes are on a regular basis, I don't think she was fazed by these dubious reactions one bit. With that in mind, I took a look back at the four outfits in question, and based on the reactions they received from fans and haters alike, ranked them in order from "meh" to "yeah!"

4. The sweatshirt dress

Image: Giphy

So the reason I put this one last is because, a) it was the least memorable of the four, and b) Missy Elliott just couldn't help but upstage it with her awesomeness. Even the designer Jeremy Scott recognized the difficulties that came along with this outfit.

"Ironically, this look was the hardest to make. It's also the last one we imagined, because once we found out Missy Elliott was going to be performing with her, I was like, 'Katy, you cannot be singing 'Get Your Freak On' in a giant beach ball bikini! We need to step it up.' So we referenced Missy's track suits and came up with this dress."

Read more: How Katy Perry's Super Bowl performance became one of the greats

Thus this outfit made Katy the best looking backup dancer for Missy Elliott's amazing performance, which is fine, since she gets her moment as a freaking shooting star by the end.

3. The beach ball dress

Image: Giphy

This whole number was just ridiculously awesome, from the shark backup dancers to the imogi-like trees and beach balls (guaranteed those will be popping up in texts soon), and Katy's look made her the perfect 1960s beach go-go dancer spokes-model for it all. Scott said the most important part about this outfit was that it had to fit under her flame costume, because she had a quick transition into "Teenage Dream."

While it was a magical world that was described by several as akin to a great acid trip, Katy was ultimately upstaged by her props. Hey, it's hard to compete with singing, dancing sharks!

Perry 2

Perry 2

2. The Moschino star gown

Katy Perry 3

Katy Perry 3

The show-stopping finale outfit was all we could have hoped for and more. Not only was it covered in hand-sized glittering stars with a side slit cut dangerously high, Katy soared through the air in it while riding a comet that shot fireworks out its tail. Plus she's actually singing "Firework" while fireworks are engulfing the opening of the stadium. Game over, right? This little number inspired this meme, for which several celebrities are currently taking credit.

1. The flame dress

Katy Perry Super Bowl Roar

Image: Giphy

And finally, the outfit that officially broke the internet, the flame dress. This was Katy's first look, and she came out in it riding a giant animatronic lion for the ever so apropos opening number "Roar." Who-wore-it-better pics immediately started flooding social media streams, including, but not limited to, Katniss in The Hunger Games, Guy Fieri's flame shirt, and my personal favorite, Will Ferrell in Blades of Glory:

Perry blades of glory

Perry blades of glory

The reactions to this look in particular are some of the funniest, and most creative, and I think we have Katy and her designer Jeremy to thank for that. Her style did anything but disappoint, and I'm sure her performances will not be soon forgotten. It definitely made my top five list of all-time greatest Super Bowl halftime performances. So for the win, here are some more of the best responses to her fantastic production and fashion feats.

Gold Lion

Gold Lion

Perry superbowl 2

Perry superbowl 2

Perry superbowl 1

Perry superbowl 1

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6 Easy steps to make DIY bath bombs


You will need:

DIY Bath Bombs: Supplies

  • 2 bowls
  • Measuring spoons and cups
  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 1/2 cup cornstarch
  • 1/2 cup epsom salts
  • 4 tablespoons cream of tartar
  • 2-1/2 tablespoons oil (I used coconut but you can use olive or vegetable oil too)
  • 2 teaspoons essential oil (lavender, jasmine, whatever you like!)
  • Food coloring
  • 3/4 tablespoon water
  • Plastic mold (I used a fillable ornament. You can also use soap molds!)


Step 1

DIY Bath Bombs: Step 1

In a large bowl, add all dry ingredients (baking soda, cornstarch, epsom salts and cream of tartar) and whisk together.

Step 2

DIY Bath Bombs: Step 2 Mix wet ingredients

In a separate bowl, mix all wet ingredients, (oil, essential oil, food coloring (2-6 drops) and water.

Step 3

DIY Bath Bombs: Step 3 Slowly mix wet and dry ingredients

Now slowly pour your liquid ingredient mix into the dry mixture, whisking them together slowly. The texture should be crumbly.

DIY Bath Bombs: Mixed ingredients

Step 4

DIY Bath Bombs: Step 4 fill mold

Scoop a generous amount into your mold, packing it down. If you're using a plastic, fillable ornament, fill one side, then the other, then squeeze the halves together, wiping away excess mixture at the seam. If you want to add a little trinket or note inside the bath bomb, press it into one side of your ball.

Step 5

DIY Bath Bombs: Fill mold 2

To release a bath bomb from the round mold, tap the outside mold shell with a spoon to loosen it. Then turn it over, and repeat the process with the other half.

Step 6

DIY Bath Bombs: Step 6 let dry overnight

Lay your bath bombs out on a cookie sheet to dry overnight.

The fun part about DIY bath bombs is the customization! You can open a green tea bag and sprinkle in tea leaves, experiment with different essential oils, add real lavender or orange peel, and for the bravest of brave — microglitter. Have fun trying different colors and molds!

DIY Bath Bombs: Finished

If you're giving these as gifts, some fun ways to package them are in little drawstring mesh bags, cellophane bags, inside cupcake papers or even several in a large Mason jar.

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How to make golf wear look totally chic


One particular sport I want to highlight is the precision club and ball sport called golf. We are all aware of the game and how it is predominantly male, but thankfully we also have awesome (and might I add hot) female golfers like Zakiya Randall and Michelle Wie who make it more appealing. A few facts about the physical activity is that it has great benefits like helping with concentration and building brain power, but one thing we may not know is the stylish golf apparel that's out there for women. Brands like Catherine Wingate offer golf fashions that are both comfortable and posh. The brand boasts on how it allows their customers to effortlessly go straight from the golf course to the clubhouse. I don't know about you, but I can certainly appreciate a line that cares about my comfort and how I look with a transitional ease from the course to daily activities.

Luckily, I was able to bear witness to this luxury brand, after receiving some of their apparel last month. I chose a short-sleeve pink polo shirt and navy blue leggings. I loved the small details like the hummingbird emblem and the gold hardware accents, but most of all how amazing it felt against my skin. I was absolutely cozy all day. Check out some of the pictures below and take a look at Catherine Wingate's site which is currently being updated with 2015's new collection.

Golf wear doesn't have to be lackluster and you don't have to feel underwhelmed when dressing up to hit the course. Even if you aren't too convinced to try the sport, I'm sure there are some golf apparel items that would still, somehow, make you chic and ready for a glass of wine. I've also put together a few accessories that are golf-inspired for our winter and warmer seasons.

  1. Nike Sport Women's Golf Vest, $120
  2. Montecristi Golf Classico Hat, $88
  3. GloveIt Ladies Print Cart Bags in Trellis, $190
  4. Dark Raisin Nike Ladies Fi Impact Golf Shoes, $130
  5. Catherine Wingate Leather Tote Bag with Removable Clutch, $295
  6. Nancy Lopez Glamour Full-Zip Golf Jacket, $89.95

Plus-size women to Victoria's Secret: We're here too!


If you feel like there's a Victoria's Secret on every corner, you're not that far off. The brand actually dominates 37 percent of the lingerie market and the influence and impact it has had on society can't be denied. The annual Victoria's Secret fashion show is the top-rated telecast among adults ages 18 to 49, which we're pretty sure means a lot more folks are tuning in to watch Adriana Lima strut her stuff than they are, say, checking out what a genius like Giambattista Valli is up to this season.

I mean, without VS, Gisele Bundchen would be Julia Nobis. Who? Exactly.

So it stands to reason that plus-size women want to be represented by Victoria's Secret for more reasons than simply because they really, really want to wear a pair of itchy lace underwear that fall apart after a few washes (oops, did I say that? Just my personal experience and certainly not fact). VS is the all-American brand and American women's sizes are changing — it's in their favor to keep up with the demand.

As of right now, the largest size Victoria's Secret carries in panties is a 16, which is a lot smaller than most plus sizes, which typically range from 12 to 24, or even 28. And if you're blessed with a large chest, you're going to have an impossible time finding a bra that isn't a DDD or smaller.

A slew of different petitions are out there in the universe right now, all directed at VS, all demanding that plus-size women be treated more fairly by the company. And by "treated more fairly," I mean they wish to exist in VS's eyes. Thousands of people have reportedly signed on to ask that bigger sizes are offered, while others are kicking things up a notch and insisting that the company whose slogan is "A Body for Every Body" actually make good on its promise by employing a few of the hundreds of gorgeous plus-size models out there who would kill to walk the runway and pose for Victoria's Secret's career-making catalogs.

It seems odd that the McDonald's of lingerie companies has yet to get on board with this demand. Victoria's Secret has never appealed to a niche market, so they should stop putting out the message that their customer is a very specific person. She isn't. She's a college student who is starting to experiment with slightly more risque bras. She's a working mom whose family budget doesn't allow for her to splurge at Agent Provocateur.

She's everyone. But, apparently, she isn't a plus-size woman. Yet.

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Now you can tattoo your Instagram snaps on your body


Like glitter-bombing your enemies, it's the service you didn't know you needed in your life.

Picattoo makes it all possible. The easy-to-use website works like this: Sign in to your Instagram account through the website, upload up to 12 of your favorite photos, pay $15 and in a few days you'll receive a pack of 12 temporary tattoos printed on high-quality tattoo transfer paper.

Do they actually, you know, look good? Well, judge for yourself.

Picattoo 2

Picattoo 2

Picattoo says each temporary tattoo will last up to a week, which is plenty of time to show off that cute picture of your pup.

Picattoo 1

Picattoo 1

The Picattoo site says you should put your Insta-tats on your friends, but nah. I'm all about this new form of wearable art. In fact, I'm about to make some tattoos of Instagram photos that show off my (real) tattoos. Eventually, I'll make some Picattoo temporary tattoos made entirely of Instagram photos that show me wearing other Picattoo temporary tattoos.

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Artist photographs 100 naked women to rep the female form (NSFW)


Warning: Images below contain significant nudity. If you're at work, you might want to wait till you get home for this one.

Nadia understands how powerful a nude portrait can be, and has always had a fascination with everything about the female form. She told The Huffington Post, "I started shooting '100 Naked Women' mainly because I am female and know how liberating it feels to have a strong nude photograph." Her experience in front of the camera likely made her the perfect photographer to create this series, because she has an inherent understanding of how to make a naked woman look her best on film.

The collection is of women ranging from models, to friends of hers, to everyday women she cast using social media sites like Facebook in various stages of repose, whether it be lounging on the rug with a 7UP and a good comic book or standing naked outside holding a Double Gulp and a chili dog. Nadia says the project was inspired in part by movements like the Free The Nipple campaign which seek to end discriminatory censorship of the female body. She said the responses she received from friends and strangers alike wanting to be part of the experience was overwhelming and humbling, especially because so many of them had never done any modeling before.

Her aesthetic, she says, is deeply influenced by cinema, and in the vein of Cindy Sherman, her images emerge like single instants from a larger filmic narrative. Her models, ultimately, are playing characters, which often allows them to open up in ways they otherwise may not have, especially the inexperienced ones. She poses them in highly stylized settings, which creates a dramatic juxtaposition between that bright surreality and the imperfect, untouched nudity of her


While she encourages the women she works with to push their boundaries, she never asks them to reveal anything they don't feel comfortable revealing. She is adamant about one thing though; this work is meant to confront the sexism that pervades modern society, thus her nudes are bold and in-your-face rather than passive and romantic.

The best part is this is nowhere near the finished product! Nadia continues to travel from London to Los Angeles to round out her series. The final product will actually be published as a book by Sturm & Drang, but if you don't want to wait for it, many photos from the series can be viewed on her website. She is also still casting via her Instagram account, and shooting for the rest of 2015 in case anyone's looking for a body-freeing experience in the new year.

Images: Nadia Lee Cohen

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Fun and flirty hairstyles to try this Valentine's Day


Bouncy blowout

Step 1: Prep your damp hair by applying a generous amount of a volumizing hair product, like Volumifique, at the roots. This will give your otherwise limp hair some height throughout the day.

Step 2: Next, rough dry your hair almost 90 percent dry with a blow dryer and then complete the rest of the blowout by drying large horizontal sections of hair with your round brush. When you're finished with each section of hair, let it cool off before you remove this brush. This process will leave your hairstyle with lots of volume and bounce.

Step 3. Once you're done using the round brush and all of your hair is dry, smooth and bouncy, vigorously massage your scalp with your fingertips before you leave the house. This will lift your layers and give your hair a natural, lived-in style.

Enjoy your bouncy blowout!

Retro '60s Ponytail

Step 1: Using a comb, start this style by creating a deep, clean side part.

Step 2: Take the hair coming from the top of your head and crown, and back comb (tease) it all at the roots. Try not to mess up the clean side part you created already.

Step 3:

Lightly brush your hair back into a low symmetrical ponytail, and secure it with an elastic. Brush it flatter around your face ever so gently by your crown. You can also add softness around your face by gently pulling a few hairs from the fringe out of the ponytail.

Enjoy your retro '60s ponytail!

Carefree curls

Step 1: Prep your dry hair with a light-hold hairspray such as Laque Couture to help it take and hold the shape of the iron you're about to use.

Step 2: Curl tiny sections of hair around a small curling iron. Don't stop until everything is curly.

Step 3: Slowly brush the hair around the face away from the side part. This will create definition and a soft S-wave in the front. It's important not to brush the rest of the hair becuase you want everything else to remain messy and curly.

Enjoy your carefree curls!

Hair by: Devin Toth at Salon SCK using Kerastase products
Makeup by: Lynsey Buckelew using Giella Cosmetics products
Model: Isabelle Farrell at MC2 Model Management

Joey's man bag on Friends is a legit fashion trend now


We now live in an age where metrosexuality is commonplace, and the man who fashion suits up is not only accepted, he is the norm. Thus all things that go along with having style are becoming staples of the male wardrobe, and this absolutely includes the bag he carries.

Man bag

Man bag

Cool new bags were all over the men's runway this season, from fringy totes, to cross-strap messenger bags. This was likely in response to the growing demand for such items, which in turn caused prices for said bags to rise significantly. Quartz reports that based on a Euromonitor study, men now spend about $6 billion per year on high-end bags, with 5.9 million being sold in 2014.

According to this same study, one in five luxury bags sold is a "man bag." That's a pretty high percentage considering how many luxury bags women buy on average. The man bag however is not the only, shall we say, slightly more feminine style trait gaining popularity in the fashion world today. Here's a look at four other man trends on the rise.

1. The free-flowing long hair

Jared Leto

Jared Leto

I feel like Jared Leto exemplifies this trend the best. The look, also sometimes called "Jesus hair" was popular in the early '90s as it was a big part of the Seattle Grunge movement. Now, instead of long, unkempt locks that were more likely saying "screw you" to mainstream society than creating a fashion statement, long hair on men today is kept smooth, clean and even highlighted. It actually has a softening effect on hard, angular faces, and thus accentuates the feminine side, but you know, in a totally hot, manly way.

2. Short shorts

Image: VanityFair/Tumblr

Who wears short shorts? Everyone now apparently. According to David Coleman for Wall Street Journal, men's shorts are short, and getting shorter. I personally don't feel this is a cause for alarm, as I like to see a nice leg on a man, but when you compare it to the shrinking glaciers, it seems terrifying. "In the past few years, the low-water-mark length of a 15-inch-or-so inseam receded to knee-length (11 inches), then a knee-baring 9 inches, to a quadriceps-exposing 7 inches and on to the newly fashionable thigh-flaunting 5 inches. If men’s shorts were a glacier in Greenland, scientists would be freaking out."

 3. Men's-only nail polish

Man Nail Polish

Man Nail Polish

Now I have to say, this one bugs me a bit because it's not like we ever called nail polish "women's only." Nail polish has been available to both sexes, and has been used by both sexes for a while now. However, this is the first time it's being marketed specifically to men. The new lacquer from NCLA and HUFF is called "Craig’s Black Lust," and was named by pro surfer Craig Anderson. Apparently it's masculine because it's black and comes in a very basic, no frills bottle. Because dudes might like a nice, polished nail, but heaven help you if you hand them something in over-the-top packaging.

4. Meggings — aka men in tights

Image: jared/flickr

So this fashion trend just started to hit this past summer when NBA player Russell Westbrook of Oklahoma Thunder released an exclusive collaboration with Barneys and Jordan, trading his love for Rick Owens drop-crotch pants in favor of a snugger fit — aka leggings or tights. Of course, Westbrook considers them "athletic leggings" that can be worn under shorts when it gets cold, but it didn't take long for the fashion industry to spin its own metro version of them. And just like that, the megging was born.

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A trendy tote takes a decisive stance on the vaccine issue


If you are in full support of vaccination, and have no problem being a walking advocate for the cause, then this is the perfect accessory for you. Expressing one's opinions through fashion is a great way to start a dialogue without sounding like a broken record on a subject. Plus these tote bags are pretty awesome!

You can buy one for $20 online, and you get your choice of three colors: black, red or navy blue. The online store was created through Storenvy, which is an online distribution company where you'll find some of the best indie boutique brands. The store's tagline is simple and to the point: "Don't be a f***ing idiot. Vaccinate your kids."

Image: VYFK

The bag logo comes in two styles, which I have dubbed "upfront" and "subtle." Essentially, one spells out the whole "Vaccinate Your F***ing Kids," while the other just uses an abbreviation of the phrase (VYFK) in the pattern of a cool hipster brand. You know, in case you want to get the message out, but a little more, shall we say, demurely rather than all-out and proud.

Image: FYFK

Both versions of the logo come in black form-fitting T-shirts, and white stickers for your car, laptop or wherever you feel you'd like to broadcast this essential message.

No doubt the growing number of parents applying for vaccine exemptions is responsible for the situation in which we now find ourselves. To give you an idea, there have been 102 cases of measles reported in 14 states since Jan. 1, more than in all of 2012. That's absolutely terrifying, and seems intrinsically linked to this parental trend.

As was stated in a recent Forbes article on the matter, "the thought that thousands of people could have been exposed to a virus that was declared eliminated in the U.S. a decade-and-a-half-ago is scary. And it drives home the reality that vaccines only work as protection if almost everyone uses them."

So while the bag may be a little too bold for picking your kids up at school, let's at least let its message sink in. And please, for the ones you know and love, and even the ones you don't, vaccinate your f***ing kids.

Image: Teseum via flickr

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MAC's new collection might turn you into a real Disney princess


As part of the theatrical release of Disney's Cinderella this March, MAC has unveiled its Cinderella Collection for Spring 2015. The limited, yet magical color collection includes 19 items that promise to "make all your fairytale dreams come true." And you don't need a fancy ball to attend this makeup party. There's something for every kind of princess.

MAC Cinderella makeup

The full line includes everyone's favorite go-to products like Lipglass, MAC Studio Eye Gloss, and Fluidline — all the elements to equip you for a full-on princess transformation. There's the "Ploof!" frosted off-white eyeshadow and the "Little Black Bow" Fluidline eyeliner. There's even the "Evil Stepmother" black plum pigment that would look striking against the "Mystery Princess" matte powder. If you want more sparkle, and frankly what princess doesn't, there's the light golden peach with gold shimmer "Coupe d'Chic" Iridescent Pressed Powder.

MAC Cinderella eyeshadow

But you're not ready for princess status just yet. You won't be complete without the "Glass Slipper" Lipglass to apply over the fleshy pink "Royal Ball" lipstick, which will definitely stay on if you happen to meet a certain Prince Charming.

And for extra sparkle, the "Reflects Pearl" Glitter will surely turn heads and finally shut those stepsisters up. When your pumpkin carriage arrives or you happen to lose a shoe, the black plum "Stroke of Midnight" eyeshadow will still be intact, looking fresh and new. "Bibbity-bobbity-boo!"

And remember, this collection is a limited edition — a ball not to be missed.

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New nail tool gives a 5-minute gel manicure that looks amazing


Le Mini Macaron looks like a French cookie, plugs into your computer and allows for what is usually an hour-long treatment to become a five-minute treatment. And it really works.



I'll admit when the little package arrived in the mail from the company, I was skeptical. I have been getting gel manis every two weeks for as long as I can remember. I found it highly unlikely that I would be able to reproduce the look at home with just a teeny tiny lamp and a bottle of polish. But I opened it anyway. I was shocked by what I found.

First I pushed back my cuticles, then swiped on the polish. Then I cured it:

fast gel manicure tool

I did this with two coats of polish on each hand. The polish came out smooth and perfect, just like in the salon. Even better? It really did only take around five minutes for each coat, 10 minutes altogether. And it was dry right away. Here is the result:


Pros: Goes on fast with a professional finish; requires far less time than in the salon; dries immediately.

Cons: Very few colors are available.

That's the only downside! And I didn't remove it yet, so I am not sure how that works, but overall, this little Kickstarter program is one of the best I've seen. I predict a major trend and I am so psyched I got the chance to try it first.

If you donate at least $25 to their Kickstarter campaign, you'll get a free kit!

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