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    And now, her fans have one more way to remember her.

    More: The best makeup tips to bring your blue-eyed-beauty "A" game

    MAC is introducing a Selena-inspired makeup collection that will launch this fall, her sister Suzette Quintanilla announced on Twitter. Though details are scarce, the collection — curated by Suzette — features the singer's signature colors, including "Como La Flor," an exact match of the red lipstick she was known for. The packaging will be royal purple emblazoned with the singer's signature.

    Selena MAC collection

    Selena MAC collection

    "I wanted the colors to be about her personally, what she wore on and off stage," Suzette said in a statement, according to People.

    More: Guy's experience buying makeup for his GF is totally adorable

    The collection has been rumored for years, but never materialized until now. "It just shows the love her fan base has even though she’s gone; that her music still lives on and her legacy has grown tremendously since she’s passed," Suzette continued. "It’s a great honor to have MAC collaborate with Selena’s name and her fans — for her fans."

    Selena was a fashion and beauty mogul in the making, with several successful boutiques open when she was killed in 1995. The MAC collection continues her dream, Suzette said.

    "Helping to create this collection brings me back to all those late-night conversations on our tour bus when she spoke of having her own makeup line one day," Suzette says. "If Selena were here she would be beyond ecstatic to have this happening. History is being made."

    More: 10 starter beauty products for glitter virgins

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    Up until fairly recently, I really wasn’t much of a running shoes person—not outside the gym at least. Chelsea boots and chunky oxfords have always made me feel more put-together, and the few pairs of fashiony sneakers I do own offer zero in the way of arch support. But a couple weeks ago, after months of too-tight boots and awkwardly fitting Spin-class shoes, my feet were pretty much shot. Google suggested I may have pinched a nerve or two. It was not fun.

    More: How to wear sneakers and still look girly

    Then, serendipitously, I got my hands on a pair of Allbirds, the just-launched sneakers that are the brainchild of Tim Brown, a former professional soccer player who spent his career playing for New Zealand’s national team. They’re made of merino wool (what else, coming from a country with six sheep for every one person?) and feature minimal design elements and no flashy logos.

    Allbird sneakers
    Image: Allbirds

    Like Warby Parker in its early days, the company’s sales strategy is direct-to-consumer and online-only, which Brown and his cofounder, biotech engineer Joey Zwillinger, credit for the shoe’s affordable price point. The runners retail for $95, and come in four colorways—heather gray, bright blue, dark green, and orangey red.

    From a sustainability standpoint, the proprietary textile Allbirds uses is made of all-natural materials—and from a wearer’s standpoint, the wool wicks away moisture and helps control temperature. Translation: You can wear them without socks and totally get away with it.

    More: Cool Sneakers to Shop This Spring That Aren’t Stan Smiths

    This was the premise of Allbirds’ initial Kickstarter campaign, which raised more than $100,000—nearly four times its goal—in four days.

    More from STYLECASTER

    50 flawless spring outfits to inspire you all season
    Off-the-shoulder sweaters: The stylish way to show a bit of skin this spring

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    I typically wear a 38DD and have a difficult time finding a bra that fits all of my wants. If I find a bra that fits right, chances are it'll be in a solid color with approximately 567 clasps to keep it in place. And the ones that are cute? The cups either don't fit right or the band is too uncomfortable.

    More: How to style your pear-shaped body and do those curves justice

    I often wonder how women with even larger breasts feel about the selection — and now I have my answer.

    Chardé Heremaia posted an epic YouTube rant of her recent shopping trip to an Australian Kmart to find underthings that fit.

    Bra Rant

    Bra Rant

    “I’ve come to find some new bras OK, cause I’m a double F, and I’m plagued with big boobs," she starts in the video. And that "closest thing" is a plain white bra in a size F that's f***ing ugly.

    “I’m so offended that Kmart and other places feel that they have to give big-titty girls granny bras, all right,” she says. "Some of us young ones, we like to be a little bit of a saucy minx every now and again. OK. I’ve had it up to f***ing here."

    She's right: Mainstream fashion has come a long way in terms of plus-size clothing, but there's still a way to go — especially when it comes to lingerie.

    More: How to dress for your body shape

    Heremaia ends her video by saying she wants retailers to "sort their shit out. I want some pretty ones that don’t cost hundreds and thousands of dollars, OK?"

    Preach, Chardé.

    More: Model uses potato chips to show trolls what she thinks of their comments

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    Let’s face it — how many of us really love bikini shopping? A hot changing room with ridiculously unflattering lighting and a full-length mirror reminding us that a bikini wax is definitely overdue. It's not something we desperately look forward to — rather something to get over with.

    More: Busty women can all relate to Australian woman's bra rant

    All of that is enough to deal with, without being body-shamed by another woman. Which is exactly what happened to 24-year-old Jessica Portelli from Brighton, England. The young woman was in the queue for the changing room in her local Matalan store, waiting to try on a bikini, when a fellow shopper told her she was "too big to wear things like that."

    It's the sort of comment that would leave many of us lost for words, but Portelli, who is a size 18-20, took it in stride and had the perfect comeback. She told the woman, "Girls like you shouldn't tell girls like me what we can't do."

    She also went ahead and tried the bikini on, then went back to the woman to show her exactly how awesome she looked in it.

    "I told her I was happy in my own body and that I love the way I look," said Portelli. "She had nothing to say to me really and I felt so powerful going back to my changing room so I took a picture, I wasn’t going to let her kill my confidence."

    More: Zara managers allegedly told woman that her braids weren't 'professional'

    After sharing her experience and super-hot bikini picture on Facebook, Portelli has received a huge amount of support, with the post being shared across the world.

    She also thanked the woman for getting her an "awesome discount" on her bikini, because Matalan staff overheard the exchange. Result.

    Woman trolled for bikini

    Woman trolled for bikini

    Portelli is absolutely right. A woman with less confidence than her could have taken the vicious remark to heart, left the shop without a bikini and decided to cover herself up on the beach. Nasty comments sting, but we can't let them dictate what we wear. Hopefully this particular woman will keep her cruel opinions to herself — and perhaps she'll even rethink her idea of what makes a woman beautiful. (And in case there's any doubt, that's inner confidence and a kind soul, and not the label on her clothes.) 

    More: Australian woman, 90, rocks a bikini better than anyone

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    I got my first tattoo a few days after I turned 18. It was not the sun shape I'd doodled all over my notebooks through high school, which would go perfectly around my (future) pierced belly button, but a little green gecko on the outside of my left ankle. I'd gone to Hawaii once. I'd seen geckos in person. I even wore a sterling silver gecko necklace. So, it had some meaning to it, I guess. The meaning didn't matter then. I just needed the ink, the pain, the whole experience.

    My second one came a few years later. I got a butterfly that was native to Washington and Alaska, like me. I'd just moved 3,000 miles away from my family at 19, up north to Fairbanks, Alaska. Getting a butterfly tattoo signified change and felt empowering. It was 1999, and I got it on my lower back.

    More: 13 things I learned from getting my first tattoo

    I worked at a coffee shop, and I had to bend over with my back to customers a lot. I started getting a lot of comments from men about the tattoo, sometimes with raised eyebrows. A friend of mine had to clue me in on the term "tramp stamp."

    My stomach sunk a little in disappointment. This piece of artwork I'd (very painfully) had permanently inked into my skin now marked me as a slut? How did that happen?

    The Urban Dictionary explains that, "Although these are often bias (sic) generalized claims, there have been sociological studies done by the American Psychological Association, Federal Bureau of Prisons, and other demographic researchers showing strong correlative evidence associating tattoos with high-risk behavior, illegal substance abuse and sexual promiscuity."

    I thought back to my days of doodling future tattoos in notebooks, getting excited when MTV played one of the Aerosmith videos featuring Liv Tyler and Alicia Silverstone. Maybe I, also, associated tattoos with risky behavior, but I didn't understand how that was bad or made me a slut by default.

    Over the last 20 years, I've added to the gecko and butterfly. I have visible tattoos, in a bit of defiance over never wanting an office job, even though it's pretty normal now for tattooed people to work professional jobs. I also have visible tattoos because people treat me differently. Without tattoos, I was more approachable, assumed friendlier and someone who might offer directions. With tattoos, well, you saw the above definition. My introverted self appreciated these assumptions, honestly.

    I've never been one to talk to strangers, though I do get a lot of questions about the artwork on my arms. Each of my tattoos has some level of meaning to me. Most are literary. A few are to remind me to not worry, to write or to remember my inner, true self. They remind me of the things I love: be it words, Hemingway, Alaska, my kids or Shakespeare.

    I'm 37, and I recently spent a couple of hours in a chair getting another butterfly tattooed on my right arm.

    "I have another butterfly," I mentioned. "It's on my lower back, but I got it before they called them tramp stamps."

    My tattoo artist stopped and shook his head. "Such a stupid term," he said. "I read an article the other day where a woman tattoo artist was quoted saying something about tramp stamps and hoe handles. It made me so mad."

    More: The latest all-black tattoo trend isn't for the faint of heart

    I nodded but asked why.

    "We're here to improve body image," he said. "Our job is to make your body more beautiful, not tear it down by calling it a tramp stamp. That goes against everything a tattoo artist's role is."

    Over the next couple of days, I carefully inspected my new tattoo and smiled at it a lot; a splash of color on my right forearm. I told a friend about my plans to fill in the rest.

    "So, you're just gonna have both of your arms filled up?" he said.

    "Yeah," I said. "That's always been the plan." I just needed life to show me the important things to love, be it a frog or a flower or a poem. I've never been into clothes or nice shoes, but my tattoos definitely give me a style all their own.

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    Dressing to look and feel your best is all about focusing on the positive. Sure, most women have a few things they'd like to change about their bodies, but picking a figure-flattering dress is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the skin you're in. It's time to mentally shred that "perfect body" checklist and work with all of the beautiful features you were born with.

    "There are two myths you must know when it comes to our bodies: One, there's no perfect size, and two, there's no perfect body," says Dr. Carol Parker Walsh of Vancouver, Washington, who has a PhD in human development and social psychology and is the stylist and owner behind Evolve Image Consulting. "Hopefully, this comes as no surprise, but more than not, I'm often dealing with clients who have a love, but mostly hate, relationship with their bodies. Why? Because of the never-ending challenge to find something that fits or the constant comparison with others. The key is to overcome this is to first learn to love and accept your body as-is and to learn how to dress your body appropriately for fit and balance."

    With some guidance from the experts, we've put together these simple tips to help you play up your assets and embrace the physical "imperfections" that make you so unique:

    Full hips and thighs

    Jennifer Lopez dress
    Image: WireImage/Getty Images

    For pear-shaped women with full hips and thighs, the dress should shouldn't be shorter than an inch or two above the knee. Select a dress with an A-line skirt but not something too full. A short, super fuller dress will look like a tu-tu.

    More: Finding my personal style with dwarfism meant breaking all of fashion's rules

    You'll know you're a pear if "you often wear a different size on the bottom than you do on top," Dr. Walsh says. "Add width to your top with horizontal stripes and bright bold colors, while keeping the lower half in dark colors. You'll find a better fit if you go for two pieces as opposed to a one-piece dress."

    Full waist

    Oprah dress
    Image: WireImage/Getty Images

    If you are apple-shaped with a thick middle, you may want to elongate the appearance of your torso and draw the attention away from your waist. Select a dress with an empire or drop waist to re-define your waist line. Avoid thick belts cinched around your midsection and instead choose a chain or sash belt slung low on your hips.

    "Consider emphasizing your shoulders. Creating the illusion of more width in this area will make everything below it appear more narrow. Don’t rely on padding for this (too much bulk). Instead, wear a structured jacket (ending mid-hip) to accentuate shoulders or wear dresses that cover the shoulders (cap-sleeves are great) and have enough detailing, such as a bit of puffiness or blousing, to visually balance your hip-to-shoulder ratio without adding mass," says Constance Dunn, style expert and author of Practical Glamour.

    To minimize fuller arms, sleeveless and cap-sleeve dresses are best avoided. Instead, select billowy, bell sleeves that are three-quarters or even full-length to flatter your upper body.

    Next Up: Small bust


    Small bust

    Cameron Diaz dress
    Image: Getty Images Entertainment

    If you weren't endowed with ample breasts, avoid deep plunging necklines. Instead, select dresses with a scoop or bandeau neck and sequins or other adornments to add a little dimension up top. Layered necklaces are very popular right now and they can add some dimension and depth to your bust.

    To draw some attention away from your bust and balance out a smaller lower body, choose a dress with an A-line skirt that falls one or two inches above your knees.

    More: Asking a woman to remove her clothes is not empowering


    Kelly Ripa dress
    Image: WireImage/Getty Images

    Sweater or knit dresses are terrific options for thinner women. You can add layers to your dress, such as a cardigan or fitted jacket to give you some bulk. You can also add a thick belt to give your waist more definition. Bubble dresses are very trendy right now and can also give the appearance of a larger lower body.

    For slim gals who are lean, lack curves and often have a more athletic build, Dr. Walsh recommends, "Add curves through ruffles, peplums and curvaceous patterns on your lower half."

    The shift dress

    Jordana Brewster dress
    Image: Getty Images Entertainment

    The shift is a dress, flattering on almost everyone, that hangs straight down from the shoulder. It skims your body nicely, but doesn't cling. For summer, you can find shifts in cool cotton, linen and light knits. When fall arrives, wool and heavier knit shifts will continue to be popular. Though the typical shift dress has a straight skirt, some fashion designers have created stylish shifts with a slightly A-line cut.

    Dunn says, "Whether your legs are skinny, thicker or just right, there is always the question of proportion throughout the leg line. The most common imbalance in a woman’s legs is a disproportion between above the knee and below the knee. Here a woman’s upper leg (waist and thighs) will often look thick in comparison to their lower legs (calves). In this scenario, the best skirt and dress length rests at the top to the middle of the kneecap."

    More: The genius way one stylist uses a beauty blender to dye hair

    Whatever your body type, you can find a beautiful dress that will flatter your figure. Dr. Walsh says, "Learning your body type will help you select the right clothes to create a balanced, and when needed, curvy silhouette. You'll save time shopping and hours of frustrated moments trying to decide what to wear. Regardless of which category you find yourself, the key is to love you and let someone like me handle the rest!"

    Remember to accentuate the positive and don't obsess with the negative. If you dress with confidence, you'll look and feel beautiful too.

    Updated by Bethany Ramos on 4/7/2016

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    Mother's Day is right around the corner, which means we're getting down to the gift-buying wire. What present could possibly show the woman who made you how much she means to you? The answer is quite simple. Our favorite beauty and style goodies will make Mom feel like her best self.

    To make it easy on you, we've broken down our Mother's Day gift guide into the products that best suit your Mom's "type." There's a little something for everyone:

    The jet-setting mama

    Jet Lag Legs Cures to Go

    Jet lag legs
    Image: Beauty Concepts

    Make jet lag a thing of the past with this convenient kit. Mom will feel ready to beat any post-flight woes — and the dreaded post-flight swelling — with a cooling and invigorating lotion designed to increase circulation and flush excess fluid from the legs and feet. (Beauty Concepts, $40)

    Oribe The Collection Travel Set

    Travel set
    Image: Oribe

    Mom has enough to worry about leading up to a family vacation. Ease her packing load a bit by gifting her with luxurious pre-packed travel sized shampoo, conditioner and masks. This set from Oribe includes seven dual packets so Mom can mix and match her faves for her daily hair needs. (Oribe, $26)

    More: How to pack a cosmetics carry-on bag

    Go Go Golosh Shadow Belle Boots

    Go Go Golosh
    Image: Go Go Golosh

    Traveling from one climate to the next means one thing: unexpected weather. Prep Mom for any surprise showers with an easy-to-pack pair of rain boots like this new line of galoshes designed to be worn over your precious ballet flats and heels. They're foldable, lightweight and come in an array of fun colors.(Go Go Golosh, $100)

    The skin care junkie

    Joanna Vargas Daily Hydrating Cream

    Joanna Vargas Daily Hydrating Cream
    Image: Joanna Vargas

    What gal doesn't dream of glowing skin? We sure do. Give Mom deep hydration, a youthful radiance and serious anti-aging properties this Mother's Day with Joanna Vargas' daily hydrating cream. Trust us, this is one product you'll find yourself "borrowing" from Mom once you give it to her. (Joanna Vargas, $75)

    Black Rock Mud Company Mudpot Natural Mud Mask

    Black Rock Mud Company Mudpot Natural Mud Mask
    Image: Black Rock Mud Company

    The ultimate gift you can give to a skin care junkie for Mother's Day is a unique face mask. Lucky for you, we're taking the guesswork out of finding the perfect one. This gluten-free mud mask is 100 percent natural and features sleek packaging that can grow wildflowers once planted. Cool, right? (Black Rock Mud Company, $99)

    More: 11 skin care mistakes you're probably making

    First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay

    First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Cla
    Image: First Aid Beauty

    Skin care junkies will fall for this gel deep cleanser formulated with Red Clay. In just a few minutes, this little baby removes excess oils, unclogs pores and purifies skin, leaving it feeling soft, supple and clean. It's quickly become our new go-to, and we're sure it'll be Mom's new fave too. (First Aid Beauty, $24)

    Next Up: The mom who's kinda fashion-obsessed


    The mom who's kinda fashion-obsessed

    Yosi Samra Samara Leather Ballet Flats

    Ballet flats
    Image: Yosi Samra

    Fashionable and practical? We're down with that, and we think Mom will be too. Yosi Samra's comfortable yet chic ballet flats are designed with an elastic band, cushioning and a thick rubber sole, so they're ideal for busy ladies. Even better? They come in a convenient travel bag. (Yosi Samra, $86)

    Marshalls gift card

    Marshalls gift card
    Image: Marshalls

    If you're shopping for a fashion-forward yet picky mom, you want to give her options. Odds are, you also want to stay within a budget. This Mother's Day, give Mom the gift of affordable style with a gift card to Marshalls. She'll be able to score her fave brands for way less than retail price, and you can show her you were listening when she told you to always look out for a great deal. (Marshalls stores, prices vary)

    Crystal Tear Drop Earrings

    Tear drop earrings
    Image: Lavish by Tricia Milaneze

    Show mom how much she means to you and how fashionable you think she is with a gorgeous piece of jewelry from Lavish by Tricia Milaneze. Mom always gave you pearls of wisdom, so a pretty set of crystal earrings seems like the next best thing. (Lavish Jewelry, $98)

    The pro makeup artist in disguise

    Sonia Kashuk Knock Out Beauty Brush Set

    Makeup brush set
    Image: Target

    A beauty addict can never have enough makeup brushes. This Mother's Day, get the makeup fiend mom in your life this set of colorful and luxe brushes from Sonia Kashuk. Featuring 12 brushes decorated with inspirational sayings, the kit has everything she could possibly need to create a pretty face. (Target, $40)

    bliss fabulips ‘pout’-o-matic lip-perfecting system

    Lip-perfecting system
    Image: Bliss

    Shopping for a lipstick junkie this Mother's Day? She's likely already got enough lip products to envy even Sephora so do her a favor and help perfect that pout she loves to show off with this lip-perfecting device from bliss. Thanks to gentle rotation and a custom-designed head with massaging nubs, this baby exfoliates and stimulates lips, buffing away flakiness and dryness. (Bliss, $48)

    More: Makeup artist shows that anyone can be transformed into Liz Taylor (WATCH)

    Tabletop Spinning Cosmetic Organizer by Lori Greiner

    Spinning cosmetic organizer
    Image: QVC

    What do you get the beauty junkie who has everything for Mother's Day? Some extra storage space. Mom can arrange all her fave makeup in this spinning organizer. It holds over 100 pieces and features specially designed compartments so mom can feel totally organized. (QVC, $30)

    Next Up: The mom who needs a GD break


    The mom who needs a GD break

    Pamella Roland Signature Candle

    Pamella Roland candle
    Image: Pamella Rowland

    After a long day at work, moms need a bit of TLC to help them face the next day. Lighting a relaxing candle and taking a bubble bath is always a nice way to unwind, if you ask us. Set the tune for her evening with a soothing, earthy scent like this gem, Pamella Roland's first foray into the home space. (Pamella Roland, $55)

    Aveda’s gift to melt away stress

    Stress kit
    Image: Aveda

    Chase the stress away with Aveda's proven stress-relieving stress-fix™ aroma blends this season. This stress-busting set features a stress-fix™ soy wax candle, stress-fix™ creme cleansing oil and the brand's stress-fix™ body creme. Used together or alone, each item in the set is formulated with soothing, relaxing scents to help bring on the relaxation. (Aveda, $69)

    Kat Burki Raw Sugar Body Scrub

    Sugar body scrub
    Image: Kat Burki

    What's more relaxing than a nice, long bath? We can't imagine anything. Help Mom escape the daily grind with this nourishing and exfoliating body scrub from Kat Burki. Designed especially for skin desperately in need of some TLC, the scrub sloughs off the dead stuff and leaves skin soft and glowing from head-to-toe. (Kat Burki, $48)

    The Earth Mother, aka Alicia Silverstone's BFF

    Organic Doctor Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Gift Box

    Organic Doctor Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Gift Box
    Image: Vitamin World

    Show Mom you appreciate her natural beauty with this organic hair gift set, made from the finest natural ingredients. For only $46, you can get her Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Treatment Serum, Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner. Pretty sweet deal, right? (Vitamin World, $46)

    Moroccanoil Hydration Essentials Collection

    Hair hydration kit
    Image: Moroccanoil

    If Mom hasn't jumped on the argan oil bandwagon yet, Mother's Day is the perfect time to do so. This season, Moroccanoil is offering this luxe hair gift set (it includes Moroccanoil Treatment, Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner, Intense Hydrating Mask) filled with antioxidant-rich argan oil goodies. The best part? It's housed in a beautiful Mediterranean blue travel pouch. (Moroccanoil, $49)

    KORA Organics by Miranda Kerr Purse Pack

    Miranda Kerr kit
    Image: Amazon

    Busy moms on the go are always in need of a few beauty essentials they can carry in their purse. The fact that this kit is made of safe, organic ingredients ups its appeal even more. KORA Organics' Purse Pack includes the brand's Daily Hand Cream, Vitamin Enhanced Lip Balm and Energising Citrus Mist so Mom will be ready for any beauty scenario she encounters. (Amazon, $85)

    Updated by Bethany Ramos on 4/13/2016

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    I'm not a hairy person and have a very thin layer of invisible peach fuzz on my face, but for the past few years, I've made shaving the lower half of my mug a semi-regular thing.

    More: MAC will launch a Selena Quintanilla-inspired makeup collection this fall

    Why? I love, love, love how my skin feels afterward. And I don't know if this is a real thing, but it makes my moisturizer feel like it's working better.

    Apparently I'm not the only one, because one beauty vlogger just posted a video boasting about the benefits of face shaving.

    Huda Kattan face shaving

    Huda Kattan face shaving

    "It really helps and boosts confidence," Dubai-based beauty pro Huda Kattan says in the new YouTube video. "I was so insecure, but I started shaving a few months ago and don't even think about facial hair anymore."

    She adds that it's been "going on for decades in Asia" because it helps with skin exfoliation and makeup application.

    More: The 10 easiest beauty hacks for damaged, dry-as-heck nails

    "It's not applying shaving cream all over your face, taking a razor, and actually shaving your face," she adds. Instead, buy a straight safety razor — easily found in beauty supply stories — and use it to basically scrape the fuzz off your face.

    "I started doing it and I love it, I cannot stop doing it and I actually do it to my clients before putting makeup on their face because it just looks so much better," she adds.

    Face shaving only takes a couple of minutes, and it doesn't produce the same ingrown hairs that regular shaving can — just make sure you shave in the direction of hair growth (down) instead of against the grain.

    "I have lasered areas that have slightly thicker hair and def recommend that for areas around the mouth and chin and sideburns, but if you have areas where the hair is super thin and more like peach fuzz, you may find this is your best bet," she added.

    More: The best makeup tips to bring your blue-eyed-beauty 'A' game

    The only thing she gets wrong in the video? She recommends dry shaving — which, yes, is best because it's easier — because she claims shaving wet will make hair grow back faster. That's not true.

    But as for the rest? Follow her tips for a fuzz-free face (if that's what you want), and I guarantee you won't be able to stop touching it.

    0 0

    She's been out of the beauty game since then, but now the "Dark Horse" singer is releasing her own eponymous makeup line in collaboration with CoverGirl.

    More: Beauty vlogger makes strong case for shaving your face

    "After several wonderful years of BEING the face, I now get to CREATE the face!" Perry tweeted on April 15.

    Katy Kat Collection

    Katy Kat Collection

    The Katy Kat Collection will include 13 demi-matte lipsticks and two mascaras, one in black and one in blue. The collection seems a little sparse; maybe they're planning more products in the future. At least the lipsticks are multipurpose.

    More: MAC will launch a Selena Quintanilla-inspired makeup collection this fall

    "I feel like you can take any lipstick and make it a blush," Perry told Elle of how she hacks her makeup. "I use it like finger paint, and you can put it on your eyes, too. When you're using less of a matte and more of a cream lipstick, it moves better and gives you a gloss."

    And unlike other celebrity makeup lines (ahem, Kylie Jenner), the Katy Kat Collection is super affordable, too — the lipsticks are available for preorder now at Walmart.com for a budget-friendly $7.

    More: The 10 easiest beauty hacks for damaged, dry-as-heck nails

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    So, imagine my frustration when I found out that facial contouring is so out. These days, it's apparently all about the butt contour.

    More: How to choose the perfect (and most flattering) dress for your body type

    LiveGlam.co recently posted an Instagram video that shows a woman painting her (perfectly good) rump with bronzer and highlighter.

    butt contouring

    butt contouring

    And the result? Well, it kinda looks like her butt is shinier — and ready for a few poolside belfies — but that's about it.

    It does, however, spark a few questions.

    First, why? I get it — it's still all about the butt; the rounder, the perkier, the more peach-like, the better. But those butts are built by genetics, weights and surgery (hey, do you), not makeup. No one will see it unless you're in your bathing suit or birthday suit, and I'm pretty sure no one is paying attention to the shade of your behind at that point.

    More: Busty women can all relate to Australian woman's bra rant

    Plus, it won't stay long. You sit on your butt, meaning even the most painstakingly perfect contour will smudge in minutes. Not to mention, if you're in the pool — or the bedroom — the water and sweat will wipe it away.

    And don't even get me started on the butt acne you'll get. It's hard enough keeping a blemish-free behind without the added pore cloggieness of makeup. Add some bronzer, and you're in for some painful bumps that contour won't cover.

    Just save the contour for your face and let your butt breathe. It's perfect just the way it is.

    More: How to style your pear-shaped body and do those curves justice

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    Mother's Day is almost here. Make sure you mark your calendars — it's May 8 this year! For me, it's a day to relax, enjoy my children and celebrate. My five kids (and husband) have always done a wonderful job on Mother's Day making me feel extra special. They let me sleep late. Breakfast is usually delivered to my bed. I get the "extra" pass to take a long, hot shower (without disruptions). I have TV remote access (the golden key!) all day long. The kids make sure the house is clean and promise not to fight. Oh, yes… Mother's Day is truly a fabulous day.

    When it comes to gifts, my husband always asks me to let him know exactly what I'd love to get. He's tried in the past to pick out some things here and there, but he feels the most comfortable just finding out things from me that I truly love and truly need.

    Here are 16 things that would be a home run in my book for Mother's Day!

    1. Colorblock Inset Capri Leggings

    Image: Mike Commins/SheKnows

    I'm big into working out, so I'm always looking for some fab new finds. Love the colors of these workout pants.

    2. BELLE + SKY™ Sleeveless Blouson Tank Dress

    Image: Mike Commins/SheKnows

    I adore this easy style. Wear to the beach, pool or out to dinner. So versatile.

    3. Polished Pinks Mini Marvelous Moxie® Trio

    Image: Mike Commins/SheKnows

    I love new shades of lipstick, especially pink tones in the spring and summer. So fresh and so much fun.

    4. Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush

    Image: Mike Commins/SheKnows

    I'm all about adding some fabulous blush to my cheeks every single day. I adore this heart-shaped box, perfect for Mother's Day.

    5. I 'Heart' Ronson® Smocked Cold-Shoulder Blouse

    Image: Mike Commins/SheKnows

    I love the beauty and the fabulousness of this top! It's stunning and great with jeans.

    6. Xersion™ Studio Short-Sleeve Mesh-Back Tee

    Image: Mike Commins/SheKnows

    The cross back and mesh on this workout tee is so chic.

    7. Made for Life™ Sleeveless Shirred Yoke Top

    Image: Mike Commins/SheKnows

    I love working out in fun prints and colors. This shirt makes me happy!

    8. Smashbox Photo Matte Eyes Palette

    Image: Mike Commins/SheKnows

    There's nothing like getting a new palette of makeup.

    9. I 'Heart' Ronson® 3/4-Sleeve Gingham Bardot Jersey Top

    Image: Mike Commins/SheKnows

    Isn't this the cutest top? I love off-the-shoulder tops; it's great for summer.

    10. Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Rollerball

    Image: Mike Commins/SheKnows

    Berries, vanilla and jasmine. You can't beat the deliciousness of this gorgeous scent. It stays with you all day!

    11. BELLE + SKY™ Sleeveless A-Line Swing Dress

    Image: Mike Commins/SheKnows

    Swing dresses are trending like crazy right now because they're an easy summer dress to wear anywhere.

    12. BELLE + SKY™ Sleeveless Dress

    Image: Mike Commins/SheKnows

    Always on the lookout for a stunning dress for fancy and casual occasions. And I'm obsessed with the color of it too!

    13. Bisou Bisou® Long-Sleeve Floral Maxi Dress

    Image: Mike Commins/SheKnows

    Long, flowy and gorgeous! This is the perfect dress for a summer date night!

    14. SEPHORA COLLECTION Here's The Skinny Brush Wrap

    Image: Mike Commins/SheKnows

    Every season I love to update my brush collection.

    15. Liz Claiborne® Sleeveless Bubble-Hem Layered Top

    Image: Mike Commins/SheKnows

    I always love polished and classic looks for the summer, which means items I can wear over and over again, like this one.

    16. BELLE + SKY™ Sleeveless Handkerchief-Hem Bow-Tie Top

    Image: Mike Commins/SheKnows

    I adore this top with white jeans. It's classic with a touch of flair!

    This post is sponsored by JCPenney.

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    That tool? Tape. Yep, plain ol' invisible tape, used to wrap presents and secure pieces of paper together, is being used as a hack by enterprising Instagrammers to get the perfect winged eyeliner, contour and eyebrows.

    More: MAC will launch a Selena Quintanilla-inspired makeup collection this fall

    Now we can add lips to the list of tape hacks.

    Basically, adding tape around your lip line makes it virtually impossible to mess up your lipstick application — perfect for those of us who never mastered that whole "color inside the lines" thing in grade school.

    More: Beauty vlogger makes strong case for shaving your face

    And yes, it's absolutely as easy as it seems. Beauty vlogger OliveSkinBeauty recently posted a simple video showing her technique.

    tape hack 1

    tape hack 1

    As did vlogger she_slays_beauty, who perfectly applied a demi-matte red lip color with tape.

    tape hack 2

    tape hack 2

    But if you're more interested in using tape for other things, beauty vlogger AlexandrasGirlyTalk posted a super helpful instructional video last year that gives step-by-step tips on various tape hacks.

    tape beauty hacks

    tape beauty hacks

    More: Katy Perry adds beauty mogul to her résumé with new CoverGirl line

    The best part? Tape is like $2, so you can use the money you saved to buy more makeup.

    0 0

    You have two options: permanently arched brows via tattoo or drawn-on ones that only last until you wash your face (or sweat at the gym).

    More: MAC will launch a Selena Quintanilla-inspired makeup collection this fall

    Luckily, there's now a third option that comes from the amazing world of Korean beauty.

    Etude House Tint My Brows Gel promises to give full brows that last up to three days. Intrigued Imgur user zeldaf bought the gel on Amazon. "For people who are virtually browless like me, it sounds too good to be true," she wrote.

    Image: zeldaf/Imgur

    Her natural eyebrows are very sparse, so she had nothing to lose.

    "It's thick. Like legit tar kind of thick," she wrote. That's not an understatement; the gel goes on thick and makes very dramatic-looking brows. "It's so scary because if you mess up a little, a Q-tip won't really help," she wrote. "Look how wet it looks!"

    Image: zeldaf/Imgur

    More: Beauty vlogger makes strong case for shaving your face

    The instructions say to leave it on for at least two hours, but she opted to leave it on overnight. "It didn't come off one iota on my pillow," she continued, adding that it had a "rubbery texture."

    "Holy crapballs," she wrote. "It worked."

    That's an understatement: Her brows looked completely flawless and held up throughout the day. The only downside was that they came off with an oil-based cleanser. She reapplied and only used a mild cleanser and they stayed put.

    Image: zeldaf/Imgur

    The only downside: "My husband kept turning to me in bed to tell me something and he kept bursting into fits of giggles," she said of wearing the dark gel to bed.

    Well, that's not actually a downside. Laughs and perfect brows? That's $7 well spent.

    Before you go, check out our slideshow:

    moisturizing lipsticks
    Image: Mike Commins/SheKnows

    0 0

    In my 17 years of injecting filler into patients' lips, I don't think there is a question — no matter how bizarre — that I haven't been asked, and it's usually the next day in a panicky phone call. If you are planning on bumping out that pout, here are a few tips to get you through it.

    More: My blood was injected into my face for a cosmetic procedure – and I loved it

    1. Botox is not used to plump the lips

    Dermal fillers are used for adding volume, correcting smokers lines and generally enhancing the lips.

    2. Not all dermal fillers should be used in the lips

    Those made of hyaluronic acid (such as Restylane, Juvéderm and Belotero) are the best dermal fillers to use in the lips. They are softer and can be melted or adjusted with a product called hyaluronidase if needed.

    3. Not all lips are created equal

    You may want your lips to look like Kylie Jenner's, but if your lips are very small and thin, this might not be possible. A better approach would be to enhance your lips to fit your face. Huge lips on someone with otherwise small facial features may not be the best look.

    More: 5 at-home anti-aging hacks you can get online

    4. It can be uncomfortable while being injected

    That being said, millions of women and men (yes, men) have their lips bumped and live to tell about it — that is if they want you to know! Many injectors like myself use a numbing product on the lips prior to injecting. You can also use ice before, during and after.

    5. They are going to swell

    How much depends on a few things. Are you taking tons of selfies an hour after your appointment with your favorite new lipstick while doing the trout pout? Or possibly have a hot date with a lot of smooching planned? Then you will definitely have a lot of swelling! If you leave them alone (seriously — leave them alone) and gently apply ice every hour or so, you'll be fine. You can also take an over-the-counter antihistamine to help with the swelling. By the third to fifth day, the swelling should be all gone.

    6. It isn't permanent

    There are dermal fillers that are considered semi-permanent or permanent. You definitely do not want these injected into your lips! Semi-permanent and permanent fillers stimulate collagen growth that is highly unpredictable. At the very least, you'll end up with hard nodules that will need to be removed via surgery. The best to use is hyaluronic acid which lasts in the lips anywhere from four to 12 months, depending upon how much you have put in and how many times you've had them enhanced.

    7. You get what you pay for

    If you are having your lips injected at a "lip plumping party" — yes, there are such events — and the price is next to nothing, expect trouble! Dermal fillers (all of them) are expensive. Unfortunately, there are people willing to inject inappropriate products into unsuspecting people, all for the sake of making money. Remember the "butt lifts" that were done with Fix-A-Flat? Make sure you go to either a doctor's office or clinic to have your lips — and any other cosmetic procedure — done. You'll be thankful in the end!

    More: Why I'd do non-invasive fat removal all over again

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    Discovering innovative and talented Girlbosses is just one perk of doing what I do, but getting the opportunity to hear their stories and to learn from them is amazing! There are some incredible benefits to hearing and sharing the stories of amazing women.

    More: Nancy Twine: Get to know one of Glamour's 35 beauty superstars under 35

    As women in business, we should always seek out new opportunities to learn. Why not learn from women who have gone through the process before you? These women have failed and succeeded, and oftentimes I find that they have failed many times and somehow have found the will to get back up again. By the time I have the opportunity to speak with them, they have finally found success and have a lot of words of wisdom.

    My interview with the women behind Pinrose

    There is nothing that is easy about launching a business and taking it to a level that allows you to feel as if you have really achieved success. Having a great tribe to support you makes a huge difference, but working with someone else isn't always easy. When you have a vision of your brand, having to compromise your vision to blend seamlessly with that of your partner can be challenging, and yet, Erika Shumate and Christine Luby have created an innovative brand that will change the way you approach fragrance shopping.

    The two friends met at Stanford Business School while performing for a musical and have since gone on to launch Pinrose, a quality fragrance brand for the modern millennial. Pinrose fragrance is customized to your personal needs, and it's easy to take the individual packets with you on the go. I had the opportunity to interview Erika and Christine, and the fearless Girlbosses discussed the challenges and perks of working together, their unique approach to branding and what it takes to create a bold female-owned brand.

    More: If you feel like you're a failure it might not be your fault

    What experience would you like us to have with Pinrose?

    More than anything, we want Pinrose to be a nugget of fun in your life. Finding a new fragrance should be a playful, joyful experience. That is why we created our scent-finder quiz — to de-stress the experience of learning about fragrance and give you a little bit of insight into your sensory psyche. When you arm yourself with a Pinrose fragrance, it should add a skip to your step and a twinkle in your eye.

    Why did you believe that you would be great partners?

    There are two reasons why Erika and I knew we would be great partners:

    1. We had similar visions for what we wanted to build.

    2. We trust each other completely.

    Erika and I first met while performing onstage in a student musical at Stanford Business School. We became friends instantly. We were confident in making the leap from friendship to business partners because, ultimately, we're "weirdos" cut from the same cloth, and we felt that our "out-there thinking" was exactly what would help us stand out and thrive in an overly commoditized, stale market. Finally, we knew our "business marriage" would work because we trust each other completely and share the same values.

    What are some of the challenges that you face as co-founders, in your friendship as well as your partnership?

    In the early days, we had to figure out how to disagree. When you are friends with somebody, there usually isn't much conflict. When you become business partners, you make so many decisions so quickly that conflict naturally arises. That is actually the best part of having a co-founder: Two smart brains allow for the best solutions to emerge. But at first — at least for me — those early disagreements were stressful because everybody reacts to conflict differently and I only know what I am thinking. So we created a framework on how to disagree:

    1. Be overly communicative. If something is bugging you, speak up.

    2. Check your ego at the door. Conflicting opinions should never be taken personally.

    3. Trust one another to empathize and always listen to both sides before coming to a decision.

    What are some of the unique ways with which you approach branding?

    We think of ourselves as the anti-signature scent, and our branding reflects that ethos. For too long, this idea of finding one fragrance that defines you has been forced upon us. How stressful is that! Being forced into a singular bucket makes shopping for a fragrance feel hard — a cumbersome, stressful commitment. We wanted to squash that pressure and allow women to play with their fragrances — and that is the cornerstone of our branding.

    As women, we are not one-dimensional. Each of us is unique and has many different — and often conflicting — qualities. We can be equal parts badass, sensitive, goofy, serious, adventurous and quiet — we are many things. Our fragrances showcase and celebrate the nuanced facets of our personalities.

    What makes your approach to branding genuine?

    Each of our scents reflects our own daydreams, ambitions and personalities. At times I am a quieter, intimate Pillowtalk Poet. Other times, I am ready to find trouble and let my inner Campfire Rebel roar. We created five unique scent personas to reflect who we are and where we want to go — wearing our scents help us to transform into the best personal version of ourselves.

    Image: Nancy Laws

    How do you create a genuine connection with your audience and everyone who makes a purchase?

    Our customers are our oxygen and the reason we are doing this. Erika and I believe that all of this hard work — the long nights, the stress and uncertainty of running a startup — is all worth it if we can give our customers a moment of joy when they use Pinrose.

    We actually crowdsource our new scents from what our customers tell us they want. We interact with customers primarily through various Facebook groups we have created, and we even have them test our scents out before we release anything.

    As for making each purchase feel special, Erika and I spend 10 percent of our day reaching out to customers to hear firsthand what they like and don't like. This is the most fun part of our jobs and helps us deliver the best products to the Pinrose community.

    Do you have any 2016 goals?

    Our primary goal for 2016 is to bring the Pinrose experience to all Sephora stores nationwide. We are launching in 20 stores on March 18 and will roll out more soon after that. We want to reinvent the way people shop for fragrance in a retail environment. We're bringing scent-finder technology into Sephora so that you can learn more about why you like the scents that you like while getting to smell the scents onsite.

    Our second goal is to bring our first candle into the world! Last year, we created a candle for my wedding, and it was truly the best candle ever. The same candle is what we will be releasing this spring — and it'll be appropriately named “Best Candle Ever.”

    What strategies do you have in place for achieving your goals?

    How would one eat an elephant? One bite at a time. That is the backbone of all of the strategies that we put into place. As a team of five, it can be daunting to run an e-commerce website, manage an all-stores Nordstrom rollout, a QVC and an upcoming Sephora roll out. So, to keep us from getting overwhelmed, Erika and I break our weeks and days down into micro-tasks. What are the three things that really matter to us on a given week? What are the baby steps we need to take? We write them down and then get to work.

    Whenever we get stuck facing a task that we just hate, we implement the second most important strategy: play acting! For example, I just don't like dealing with accounting. So when it comes time to deal with this thorny task, I think back to being a 5-year-old and "pretend" to be an accountant. I pretend I am having so much fun organizing our debits and credits and before long — voilà! The task has been completed — and my procrastination has been minimized.

    Image: Nancy Laws

    What was the best business decision that you made in 2015, and how do you hope to take advantage of that going into 2016?

    Partnering with Nordstrom in 2015 was a huge moment for us as a start-up. This national retailer has been a great partner, and our success in this channel has proven that we can make the retail shopping experience so much more fun and interactive. We have learned so much from the Nordstrom fragrance team. Every single person whom we have met at Nordstrom — from our buyers to the fragrance counter managers to the IT guy — treats the customer with unbelievable care and kindness. Customer service permeates the culture, and it is something we want to emulate at Pinrose. We will take this experience with us as we enter 2016 and the exciting projects we have planned.

    More: Aisha Corpas Wynn of Flipping Miami is a female entrepreneur you need to know

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    Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a super girly-girl with a love for all things fashion, beauty and pretty much anything feminine and chic. Being able to share that with others on my site Kéla’s Kloset makes it all the more amazing. It's something I love to do. I'm also very passionate about my work as a media professional. As a local television host and producer, I am able to experience and share some pretty incredible things with millions of people. I get to cover the happy news– the things that make people smile and forget about the facts of life even if only for a moment. I love being able to do that and give young girls a positive example of women in media. Naturally, when Dove called I was all too happy to share my passions in hopes of inspiring others.

    This post was sponsored by Dove

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    Even the most delightful day of fun in the sun can soon come to a lobster-y ending. If you're prone to burning — or if you've lost track of time with your nose buried in a beach read — then your skin may be in desperate need of some TLC.

    Luckily, there are several effective ways to calm down a bad sunburn so that you can live to (safely) sun another day:

    Dealing with sunburned peeling skin
    Image: SheKnows Design

    1. Cool it down

    If you notice your skin start to peel, the first thing you should do is take a cold shower or bath. The cold water will help your skin cool down and slow the peeling process. When you are drying your skin, be sure to pat it dry with a clean, soft towel and avoid rubbing. By rubbing your skin, you can actually speed up and spread the peeling of your skin — and you definitely don't want to do that.

    2. Stop the itch

    At all costs, you should avoid scratching your skin when it's peeling. You can actually do permanent damage to your skin in the form of scars. If you get the urge to scratch, the best thing to do is to use ice to dull the sensation. Put ice in a piece of soft cloth and gently place the cloth on top of the area of your skin that itches. The itch should subside once the ice begins to cool down the skin.

    More: DIY sunburn-soothing face and body mask

    3. Moisturize your skin

    Once you get out of the shower and dry your skin, apply a moisturizing lotion. Look for a moisturizer that is specifically designed to work on sunburn or peeling skin. Generally, the lotion should contain aloe vera, which will cool your skin, reduce inflammation and slow the peeling. Aloe vera is a natural cactus extract that has long been hailed for its soothing properties. You can actually buy pure aloe vera gel (or break open the plant, if you have it) and apply it directly to peeling skin to aid healing, fight pain and avoid infection.

    4. Drink up

    Now that you have cooled your skin from the outside, it's time to start working on your skin from the inside. Truth be told, nothing helps your skin as much as a tall glass of water. Healthy skin needs to stay hydrated. When your skin is damaged — like after a sunburn — water becomes even more important. Drink a lot of water to give your skin all the fuel it needs to repair and revive itself. If you notice your skin beginning to peel, be sure to drink eight to 10 glasses of water per day.

    More: 80 Percent of sunscreens aren't doing what they are supposed to

    5. Don't peel it

    Flaky, peeling skin is more than just irritating and unattractive — it can also lead to an infection. Peeling skin can become infected if you scratch or try to forcefully peel the skin. If there is a segment of dead skin that is hanging off and you want to remove it, don't pull on it, no matter how temping it is. Instead, get a small pair of scissors and carefully cut away just that section of skin. Be sure you are only cutting away dead skin and you don't tear skin that is trying to heal. Once you cut away the dead skin, apply an antibacterial ointment like Neosporin to the area.

    6. Prevent scarring

    Reduce the itch associated with peeling (and moisturize your skin) by taking a cool bath containing colloidal oatmeal. You can find this fine oatmeal in most pharmacies. To help prevent scarring, promote healing and reduce long-term skin damage, take antioxidant supplements — vitamin C and vitamin E. Also apply a topical vitamin E cream to reduce the chances of scarring.

    More: How to successfully hide last weekend's sunburn

    Bonus: be prepared

    Prevention is the best cure for peeling. Plan ahead and don't get sunburned in the first place. By the time your skin starts peeling, that means that the damage has already been done. Before you go out into the sun, always wear sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. If you are going into the water, be sure to reapply sunscreen each time you get out. When applying sunscreen, don't forget about hidden areas, such as behind your ears, which are often forgotten and end up burned.

    Updated by Bethany Ramos on 4/18/2016

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    Even though my life can get pretty hectic, whether it's with blogging, creating videos for YouTube or working with my personal style clients, I always try and find time for myself to enrich my life with things that center and ground me. Even if it's just once a week, I try and carve out time for yoga and meditation to focus on self-esteem, positivity and creating an inner glow that I hope shines from the inside out.

    This post was sponsored by Dove

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    There are women out there who would never think of dropping their handbags on the floor next to them at a restaurant; who take great care when polishing off even a droplet of coffee from a cream leather tote (water? For shame! They don't leave home without travel-size leather moisturizer products), and who manage to make their beloved, expensive handbags last decades. When you consider the investment you make when purchasing a quality bag, it doesn't make sense not to treat it like a precious heirloom you plan on passing down to your granddaughter.

    But some of us simply have no clue how to store or treat our bags so that they stand the test of time (and rain. And dusty office floors).

    "Just like shoes, bags should be kept organized and protected," says Fashion Connoisseur Diana Mollica, owner of Swag Boutique. "Obviously it depends on your closet size. But, big or small, there are easy and affordable tips to protect your go-to pieces." Mollica gives us six tips on how to properly care for your favorite bag styles so that they look great for years.

    1. Bags are a purse's BFF — wait, what?

    “Most bags come with a storage pouch — if not, I recommend buying clear acrylic shoe boxes for smaller bags or a PEVA8 Pocket Handbag file,” Mollica says. “If room permits you can store the boxes on top of your closet, on top of the rod. Ziploc bags also make a great protector and come in every size. I also believe to keep a bag’s shape and structure, stuff them with tissue paper or even those extra grocery bags that we all save under the sink.”

    2. Scotchguard fabric bags

    Treat your favorite fabric bag the way you would a beloved couch or pair of shoes. "I like to Scotchguard fabric bags," Mollica says. "Of course test a small spot on the bottom of bag first. I would also store it in a pouch, bag or box." Scotchguard works as an invisible protective layer that repels and blocks stains — and it works wonders on cotton, linen, silk and wool.

    More: 6 handbags you can carry in the rain or snow

    3. Store seasonal bags; don't stuff them in a closet

    Any seasonal item needs to be properly stored during the long months it won't be in use so that you can simply take it out of storage on the first warm day of the year and not spend hours getting it back into fighting shape. "I like to stuff seasonal bags like straw totes with tissue/bags and store them upright to remain their rigid form during the winter," Mollica says. "If necessary, I wipe them with a baby wipe for spot cleaning."

    4. Microfiber and other creative cleaners

    Think outside the box when it comes to cleaning your bags, particularly those made of materials like acrylic. “Wipe with microfiber cloth to remove smudges or fingerprints,” Mollica says. “If it’s soiled, a light detergent with water will work.”

    5. Treat suede with extreme care

    There's nothing worse than leaving your house on a sunny morning with your gorgeous suede fringe messenger bag, only to find it raining cats and dogs by the time the day is over. Water is a suede item's worst nightmare — and it's crucial you treat it differently from other handbags. “Like suede shoes or UGGS, I insist on using a suede protector spray on suede bags so you can avoid letting water, rain or oil ruin your suede,” Mollica says. “A shoemaker is also a great source for repairing or stain protecting bags. I also recommend buying a suede brush or using a nail brush for any mishaps. Since suede is a very soft fabric, I would stuff it and cover when not in use.”

    More: 14 accessories inspired by fast food

    6. Prevent gym/diaper bags from becoming smelly

    To keep your gym bag as fresh as possible, Mollica recommends placing your spin shoes, towels and ear buds inside a plastic bag before placing them in the gym bag to avoid transferring bothersome odors to the bag. Always check labels for instructions like "machine washable on gentle cycle and then hang to dry" but those instructions will differ depending on your bag's fabric. "I also recommend spraying with a Lysol-type antibacterial spray," Mollica says.

    0 0

    But this tutorial is not your normal instructional.

    More: Finding my inner glow through meditation helps me feel beautiful

    Instead, her tutorial focuses on the "faces" people with depression put on when trying to make it in society. She models the video like every other tutorial, with step-by-step instructions as she applies everything from primer to lipstick.

    depression makeup tutorial

    depression makeup tutorial

    "First, start by priming your face with a nice, thick coat of chemical imbalances," she says before adding layers. “Cover up all your blemishes using the shade denial and emotional repression."

    She finishes by adding a line that everyone with depression has heard from "well-meaning" people. "Finally, apply liquid lipstick in the shade of Just Smile More," she says. "If you follow these steps, were born with a chemical imbalance and live in a society that deeply stigmatizes mental illness, you too can rock this cool, depressed look."

    More: Zara managers allegedly told a woman that her braids weren't "professional"

    Her dark humor aims to shed light on the struggles that people who have depression deal with every day. She told BuzzFeed that she grew up in a family that prioritized humor and it "really helps me to laugh at the darker parts of my life."

    “Mental health is always talked about in an academic way. I think to be able to talk about it in a way that’s funny and relatable helps more people feel not alone,” she said.

    “There are always people out there who know what you’re going through,” she said.

    Even if they are wearing "masks."

    More: Model uses potato chips to show trolls what she thinks of their comments

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