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    While perusing some fashion shots from the latest episode, we got to thinking: What exactly are these ladies trying to communicate with their office style? Sure they all look great, but what do their outfits convey to colleagues about their personalities? And more importantly, what does our everyday office style say to our co-workers?

    We got style expert and author of the international bestselling books How to Tell a Man by His Shoes and How to Tell a Woman by Her Handbag Kathryn Eisman to decode these stylish looks to give us a glimpse into the hidden messages you're sending to colleagues every morning when you carefully select your outfit for the day.

    Suited up

    Forget the power suit, these days ladies everywhere are experimenting with fun suit separates at the office. Embellished blazers, like this one, add a touch of pizzazz to an otherwise neutral palette and can make you stand out in the boardroom.

    Exclusive fashion photos from Suits: Black blazer and brown skirt

    Photo credit: USA Network/Universal Cable Productions

    The expert says: Black blazer and brown skirt = Power and grace

    "This outfit masterfully combines the strong square shoulders (revealing her love of power and ability to lead) with the bias cut hem (showing a softer side that lets people feel they can confide in her). The mix of subdued black and brown shades with the splash of sequin reveals she seeks the spotlight but in an indirect, behind-the-scenes way. She favors power over fame."

    Black and white

    When in doubt, we always go for the classic look at work. After all, you really can't fail when wearing black and white separates in crisp yet feminine silhouettes.

    Exclusive fashion photos from Suits: White shirt and black shirt

    Photo credit: USA Network/Universal Cable Productions

    The expert says: White shirt and black skirt = Ambitious go-getter on her way up

    "She's literally got her sleeves rolled up and she's not afraid of getting to work. This crisp business shirt oozes personal ambition and a 'can do' attitude that will soon see her moving up the ranks at work. The appropriate but still sexy skirt means she'll use anything in her bag of tricks to get ahead, including the allure of her physical charms. Make no mistake, she might look like the secretary, but she's got her eye on becoming the boss."

    That's a wrap

    Pretty details like wrapped ruching and subtle ruffles can instantly amplify your style at the office. They're eye-catching but not gaudy, so they strike the perfect balance between fun and professional.

    Exclusive fashion photos from Suits: Black wrap dress

    Photo credit: USA Network/Universal Cable Productions

    The expert says: Black wrap dress = No nonsense approach to work

    "The simple lines and monotone black shade suggest that this woman has a knack for identifying exactly what needs to be done, and making sure it happens with as little fuss as possible. She doesn't like to stand out and works hard not to become a target for potential enemies at work. Instead, she dedicates herself 100 percent to her role and tries to play by the rules."

    The little white dress

    If you ask us, a sleek midi length V-neck LWD takes some confidence to rock. The length doesn't work for just anyone, and white is a pretty daring hue (lunch stains, anyone?).

    Exclusive fashion photos from Suits: White dress

    Photo credit: USA Network/Universal Cable Productions

    The expert says: White dress = Queen Bee

    "The confidence to wear this spotless white fabric is proof the wearer has other people doing her dirty work for her. Organized and meticulous in both fashion and the way she conducts her business, this woman looks prepared for anything and knows the power of being polished, poised and how to 'play the game' without breaking a sweat."

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    So much so that we've recently found ourselves wondering: Are jumpsuits the new dress? And are those luxe, lustworthy designer gowns a thing of the past on the red carpets? We hardly think so. If you ask us, designer gowns have and always will be an award season staple.

    But if these stylish celebs have anything to say about it, jumpsuits will be spotted more and more on the red carpet all year long, from small premieres to major award shows. Big name and affordable designers are pushing the boundaries of fashion with their latest jumpsuit styles, creating versions for every personality ranging from the glam gal to the boho chick. And really, what gal could be opposed to an increase in her outfit options?

    Cameron Diaz

    To celebrate the premiere of her new comedy Sex Tape, Cameron selected a breezy dotted jumpsuit featuring long sleeves and a tie waist.

    Cameron Diaz wearing a jumpsuit

    Photo credit: Apega/WENN.com

    Bar Refaeli

    The supermodel set the bar pretty high in her beautiful pink tailored version.

    Bar Refaeli wearing a jumpsuit

    Photo credit: Patrick Hoffmann/WENN.com

    Kate Hudson

    No stranger to fashion risks, Kate stepped out in Paris in a super-flashy one piece we love.

    Kate Hudson wearing a jumpsuit

    Photo credit: Chris.K/WENN.com

    Jennifer Garner

    Jennifer shows us just how comfy and practical (pockets, anyone?) jumpsuits can be.

    Jennifer Garner wearing a jumpsuit

    Photo credit: FayesVision/WENN.com

    Jennifer Lawrence

    What's black and blue and oh so chic? JLaw's fancy red carpet jumpsuit.

    Jennifer Lawrence wearing a jumpsuit

    Photo credit: JB Lacroix/WireImage/Getty Images

    Melissa McCarthy

    Worn with a black shawl sweater, black strappy heels and a fringe bag, Melissa's printed jumpsuit looks edgy and sophisticated.

    Melissa McCarthy wearing a jumpsuit

    Photo credit: HRC/WENN.com

    Lucy Hale

    Jumpsuits come in all shapes and prints. Lucy went with a feisty, fiery version for a summery look.

    Lucy Hale wearing a jumpsuit

    Photo credit: Nikki Nelson/WENN.com

    Rose Byrne

    Who says jumpsuits have to look casual? Rose Byrne's flashy metallic one is anything but.

    Rose Byrne wearing a jumpsuit

    Photo credit: Apega/WENN.com

    Heidi Klum

    There's nothing black and white about Heidi's sexy V-neck jumpsuit.

    Heidi Klum wearing a jumpsuit

    Photo credit: Rob Rich/WENN.com

    Dakota Fanning

    Dakota showed us that a one-shoulder red jumpsuit can look even sexier than the most revealing of dresses.

    Dakota Fanning wearing a jumpsuit

    Photo credit: PNP/WENN.com

    Shop the look


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    The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) exists to protect public health by regulating the products we use every day, like food, formula and prescriptions. Even though people sometimes balk at government regulations, it's these very regulations that allow the FDA to recall dangerous products and ban toxic substances from our food and medicine. That's great. I don't want to live in a nation where companies can get away with putting plastic in our food.

    The agency also provides oversight for America's giant beauty and cosmetic industry — and unfortunately, with poor results. Where the FDA has power to approve food and drug products before they are sold to consumers, they only regulate cosmetics after they hit the consumer market when they could already be doing damage.

    The FDA's limitations on cosmetic oversight

    According to Mia Davis, Head of Health & Safety at the consumer-conscious beauty company Beautycounter, "the FDA is virtually powerless to regulate the huge cosmetic industry." Apparently, legislators haven't updated cosmetics regulatory laws since 1938, so the FDA's oversight is extremely restricted. "The agency cannot approve cosmetics before they go to market," explained Davis. "Furthermore, they cannot issue a recall of a problematic product and they cannot require companies to provide safety data on the chemicals they use."

    So what does this mean for consumers? Alarmingly, cosmetic companies sneak dangerous substances into the beauty products that we use every day. And we're not just talking lipstick and mascara. Davis clarified that the term "cosmetics" actually comprises a whole host of household products, like makeup, deodorant and even baby shampoo.

    The down low on the dangers of unregulated cosmetics

    The dangers associated with certain cosmetics aren't exactly trivial, either. Davis went on to explain that chronic exposure to toxic ingredients is linked to serious problems, like cancer, infertility, learning disorders and behavioral problems. We're not talking about a little skin rash here and there, after all — cancer and infertility are major concerns for public health and welfare.

    Davis suggested that consumers become familiar with Beautycounter's "Never List," so they can keep an eye on cosmetic ingredients that are majorly risky. If you don't have the time to memorize the "Never List," she said, "steer clear of undisclosed 'fragrance,' which can contain dozens or even hundreds of toxic chemicals." Davis also said to avoid angry-sounding ingredients like 1,4 dioxane and formaldehyde. These will not appear on an ingredient list because under the 1938 cosmetics laws, they're considered "contaminants." Consumers, therefore, need to look for ingredients that contain these contaminants, like quaternium-15, DMDM hydantoin, sodium laureth sulfate and PEG compounds.

    The final word on cosmetic safety

    More than anything, consumers need to realize that they have to safeguard their own health if the FDA cannot or will not properly regulate cosmetic ingredients. "It is perfectly legal for cosmetics companies to use chemicals that we know can cause harm, as well as chemicals that have never been assessed for safety," stated Davis. The good news, though, is that we can do something about it. "We need to arm ourselves with more information about toxic chemicals — read the labels, spread the word and let's move public policy toward safer chemicals and products." Our health and beauty are worth it.

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    The real-life people posed for the mannequins as part of The Today Show's "Love Your Selfie" campaign, as a way to broaden the diversity of body types seen in mannequins. And it's about time.

    Mannequins have been one of customers' top complaints for years. Two years ago psychotherapist Dae Sheridan started a petition against JC Penney's tiny mannequins in stores.

    "The legs on the mannequin were not just 'super-skinny,' they were extraordinarily, shockingly thin. So thin, that the mannequin's leg was the same size as my arm!" she wrote in her letter to the retailer. Even though she got thousands of signatures in support, the store never responded. And JC Penney is far from the only store with this issue.

    Plus-sized stores like Lane Bryant have come under fire in recent years for using "straight sized" mannequins and catalog models even though they sell exclusively plus-sized clothing.

    Thankfully, popular fashion-fit sites have sprung up where real women model the fashions and describe how they truly fit, addressing whether they run small, are tight in the arms, don't work for large chests, length and other concerns.

    Yet despite rising anger, stores have stuck with their tried-and-true (and headless) dolls. It's just not right.

    JC Penney debuts mannequins with body diversity

    Photo credit: JC Penney

    Hopefully this new move isn't just a publicity stunt to reap the benefits of good press without making any lasting changes. Indeed, JC Penney hasn't said whether the mannequins will remain after August. But perhaps even the gesture will help more retailers embrace realistic body types in both their mannequins and in advertising. (Too much to hope for?)

    They're certainly off to a good start with Neil Duncan, a former paratrooper in Afghanistan who lost both his legs to an improvised explosive device; Ricardo Gil, who has dwarfism; Desiree Harper, a 6'1" college basketball player; Beth Ridgeway, a plus-sized mother; and Dawna Callahan, who uses a wheelchair due to incomplete paralysis.

    Each person has their own inspiring "body story" about how they came to love themselves and their unique shapes. So far the message has really resonated with customers. One female shopper enthused, "I think it's time that stores embrace the fact that we're all different. We come in all different sizes, heights, weights." Amen, sister.

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    Anna Paquin and Aimee Teegarden have joined the likes of Kesha, Demi Lovato, Nicole Richie, and the original purple tress-setter, Kelly Osbourne.

    Paquin traded her blond locks for an overall violet hue with some blue highlights, while Kesha went with a lighter, pinkish-purple look.

    Anna Paquin purple hair

    Anna Paquin purple hair

    This isn't necessarily a look that many of us could pull off (or get away with, hello, office dress code). It's actually really flattering. The lighter purples almost look like a really bright, glamorous, dreamy blond. It's bold and bright, but yet it's starting to look very normal.

    Aimee Teegarden purple hair

    Aimee Teegarden purple hair

    Plus, there is something so refreshing and confident about rocking a look that is anything but mainstream. I, for one, plan on buying some hair chalk and experimenting with some semi-permanent looks over the weekend.

    In fact, Glamour has a little cheat sheet on how to get this non-committal violet look here.

    In a recent interview, Kelly Osbourne commented on her purple hair and the idea of standing out and going bold with her beauty, "We want to fit in, but what I've realized is that the only way you'll really fit in is by being yourself. Wear whatever makes you feel beautiful, whatever makes you feel confident."

    A pretty great rule of thumb, wild hair or not.

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    Which means I consider this deodorant a holy roll-on.

    It comes from Le Couvent des Minimes, a fancy hotel and spa in the South of France that used to be a convent way back in the 17th century. The deodorant is called Eau des Minimes Everyday Deodorant With Alum Stone and it boasts ingredients like citrus extracts and rosemary as well as the alum stone which is known to be used in other natural deodorants.

    Apparently the nuns and monks were onto something because people love this deodorant, especially those with sensitive skin.

    This five-star hotel and spa also offers a variety of other glamorous, plant-based products that pay homage to the history of the monks' practice. Plus, the facility looks absolutely stunning, so let's all pray for more vacation days so we can visit.

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    When I was 19 and spending a summer abroad, I thought it would be super fun to chop off my hair in an Italian salon. My extremely long tresses were shortened into a chin-length bob with just a few snips. How cool am I? I thought. Within a day, though, I looked in the mirror and asked, what have you done? I spent the rest of the summer longing for hair I could throw back into a ponytail.

    Can you really speed up your hair's growth?

    Supposedly, regular trims would encourage my hair to grow faster, so I could ditch my awkward bob. I dutifully went back to my little Italian salon throughout the summer with hope in my heart, only to feel disappointed with my hair growth results.

    So what's the truth, then? According to Dr. Paradi Mirmirani, hair grows an average of one-half inch per month. It grows as a result of hormones and cell proliferation in the hair follicle, and doesn't vary much. Whatever you do to the shaft of the hair — which is made up of nonliving cells — does not impact the living cells in your follicles. A trim, therefore, cannot speed up or slow down your hair growth. Sad, I know. My summer in Italy taught me a lot of things, and one of them was that I can't do a darn thing to make my hair grow faster.

    The benefit of a good trim

    That said, this beauty myth has staying power because nicely trimmed hair does make hair appear longer and healthier over time. Split ends can cause hair to look thin and ragged, so a fresh haircut every six to eight weeks can provide shape to your hairdo and actually make your hair look longer than it is. So if you're growing out your hair, you shouldn't expect a trim to make your hair grow faster — but you can certainly expect a regular trim to make your hair look shapelier and longer over time.

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    The last time I used glitter gel had to be 1998. The stuff was huge at the time. But so was glitter lotion, glitter nail polish and glitter eyeshadow.

    So when I saw this photo of Rita Ora, all of my teenage dreams came flooding back and I longed to just flip open a Delia*s and order some jelly shoes and an inflatable chair for my basement room.

    Rita Ora glitter hair

    Rita Ora glitter hair

    Ora's hairstylist, Chris Appleton, brought this glitter hair gel look back and he did it in a grown-up, soft, sexy way. After creating finger waves around her face, he outlined the outer edges in purple glitter gel, so they were structurally a part of the 'do, adding a touch of sparkle and color.

    Rita Ora glitter hair2

    Rita Ora glitter hair2

    Upon doing a little search, I also found that the fine folks at Nasty Gal created a little glitter hair and makeup how-to for anyone ready to dabble again. Oh and also, they still definitely sell the stuff, for anyone wondering.

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    Avon Global Celebrity Makeup Artist Lauren Andersen is the genius behind these sultry looks and was nice enough to share the step-by-step tutorials for each look with us so we can all give them a go at home.

    Chrissy Teigen

    Has there ever been a more perfect glow? We're sure there has, but we'd challenge anyone to find it. Chrissy was positively radiant with bronzed, glowing skin and come hither smoky eyes. The model paired the makeup with bouncy waves and a plunging on-trend jumpsuit. Lauren went edgy with Chrissy's makeup to complement her new hair color.

    Chrissy Teigen at the 2014 Espy Awards

    Photo credit: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic/Getty Images

    Get the look

    1. Lauren started off by grooming Chrissy’s brows with Votre Vu Brow Wax.
    2. She then lined the eyes with Avon Glimmersticks Eye Liner in Blackest Black and smudged it out with Avon Eye Dimensions Eye Shadow in Sultry Smoke.
    3. To give Chrissy a natural, sunkissed glow, Lauren used Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation and added a touch of Lorac Baked Bronzer to her cheeks.
    4. For the finishing touches, Lauren opted for a nude lip and used Avon Ultra Color Absolute Lipstick in Caramel Comfort.

    Jessica Alba

    Oh hey, sexy lady. Jessica Alba was the star of the night in her flashy gold one-shoulder dress and uber-shiny, sleek locks. While creating Jessica's makeup look for the night, Lauren took inspiration from the actress' dress and gave her a bronzed goddess look.

    Jessica Alba at the 2014 Espy Awards

    Photo credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Getty Images
    1. Lauren started by applying Koh Gen Do Foundation as a base before applying Tom Ford Beauty Shade and Illuminate.
    2. Next, she groomed Jessica’s brows with Votre Vu Brow Wax.
    3. Using Avon Eye Dimensions Eye Shadow in Khaki Chic, Lauren applied the medium shade to the lid and the darker shade on the corners of the eye.
    4. After applying shadow, Lauren lined Jessica's eyes with Avon Kohl Eye Liner in True Black on the upper and lower lash lines, then added more definition with a touch of Hourglass Calligraphy Liquid Liner.
    5. To give Jessica's lashes drama, Lauren applied a coat of Avon Mega Effects Mascara in Black.
    6. To finish off the look, Lauren reached for Kevyn Aucoin Beauty The Lip Gloss in Vesuvian.

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    Well now a new movement is saying no more "non-essential grooming" including shaving legs and pits and thousands of women are responding by posting pics of themselves au naturel.

    Groups like The Hairy Legs Club on Tumblr and the Very Hairy Legs blog are encouraging women to embrace their natural beauty and not be ashamed of their body hair.

    "When I first stopped shaving my legs, it took a while for me to feel confident about it and seeing pictures of other women doing the same helped me get used to it," one blogger told the Daily Mail. "I guess I post mine now because I like them — I like the way they look and that they remind me I’m not obligated to do anything I don’t want with my body."

    The Hairy Legs Club

    Photo credit: The Hairy Legs Club via Tumblr

    As a girl who started shaving her legs in fourth grade (no my mom didn't know), this is a message that resonates with me. I was teased mercilessly for my early sprouting, made even more visible by my naturally black hair and pale skin. So one day, like many other girls, I "borrowed" my mom's pink Bic and went to town. I'll spare you the details but I didn't realize you had to shave with the blades horizontal to your skin. I slid them up my leg vertically. That bloody bathtub still haunts my dreams.

    Now as a grown woman however, I don't even think about it. I put the conditioner in my hair and then assume the death-defying-flamingo pose and shave while I go over my grocery list in my head or yell at my kids to stop bringing food into the bathroom and demanding I make them a snack. (Yeah, that happened.) It's become second nature to me and I'll admit that I do love the feel of sliding into bed with freshly shaven legs. And I'm guessing my husband does too.

    The Hairy Legs Club

    Photo credit: The Hairy Legs Club via Tumblr

    The most common response from outsiders to the movement is: "GROSS." And yet participants say they feel feminine, clean, happy, proud of their bodies — anything but gross. And of course there's no health code they are breaking and perhaps their hair may even provide a little sun protection?

    This is exactly what the hairy legs movement is trying to fix: Having body hair is only gross because we've been taught it's gross. (Apparently it started in the '40s as a way to look like you were wearing nylons when you weren't.) If none of us ever shaved our legs, then body hair would just be normal again and no one would care about it or even notice it. We've basically made the group decision to lock our entire gender into a daily ritual that has no health benefit.

    The Hairy Legs Club

    Photo credit: The Hairy Legs Club via Tumblr

    Plus, have you ever forgotten to shave and then realized you had to change your outfit to hide your shameful hair? I've had to add a cardigan, put on tights or wear pants simply because I didn't have time to shave. That's the worst.

    And yet. I still shaved my legs today. I probably will tomorrow too. While I love their message, I'm still so ingrained in what's "right" and "proper" that I think I'd feel too self-conscious. Or maybe it would be liberating? One of these days I'm going to gather up my courage and let my leg hairs fly free.

    The Hairy Legs Club

    Photo credit: The Hairy Legs Club via Tumblr

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    Primers seal out imperfections for a flawless finish. Sound familiar? You might agree that the most important paint of all — our makeup — would benefit from a similar technique.

    A primer on makeup primers

    Full disclosure: Until recently, I didn't even know that makeup primers existed. These products claim many benefits, including skin tone correction and wrinkle reduction. They also claim to help makeup adhere better to your skin, so that it won't melt or smear off during the course of the day. That all sounds great, especially in the heat of the summer, when makeup and sweat unite in an unholy alliance.

    It's all about the plastic

    As it turns out, high-quality primers share a magic ingredient that is better known for its role in other beauty enhancements. Yep, you guessed it: Silicone, famous for breast and butt implants, is also a skin tone miracle-worker.

    Silicone primers rest on top of the skin, acting like a coat of spackle. The silicone fills in imperfections like pores and fine lines, so that makeup can glide on smoothly and flawlessly. It's also super adherent, so that makeup literally sticks to the product upon application. For instance, I recently tried a silicone primer for eye makeup, thinking I could blend in the color on top of the primer. Blending wasn't an option. Eyeshadow clung to the primer for some serious staying power.

    If you venture into the land of silicone primer, make sure you wash your face thoroughly at the beginning and end of the day, since silicone can stick in your pores and cause breakouts if you're not careful.

    Our top picks

    Not sure where to start? Check out these favorites the next time you hit the store. Just remember that you may have to try a few products before you find one that's perfect for your skin.

    Beauty products with silicon

    • Smashbox Photo Finish Targeted Pore and Line Primer. This heavy-duty product is strong enough to conceal crow's feet and even acne scars. It also provides a matte finish if you struggle with oily skin, and is full of peptides to treat rather than just conceal wrinkles. (Sephora, $34)
    • Physicians Formula Correcting Primer. Here's a primer that allows you to go makeup-free if you wish. It contains silicone for flawless tone, and incorporates minerals and sun protection for a no-fuss finish. (Drugstore.com, $10)
    • Starlooks Eye Primer. Not so sure about rubbing silicone on your entire face? This eye makeup primer is a good starting place. You can play with unique and bold eyeshadow designs, without fear of unsightly rub-off. (Starlooks, $12)

    Now go play with some silicone beauty products, without ever having to go under the knife.

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    Urban Outfitters pulled a duvet cover and a pair of socks featuring the Hindu deity Lord Ganesh from its online marketplace after backlash about how the piece would be used. One Hindu activist called the home good "highly inappropriate," since duvet covers are traditionally a place you would put your feet on.

    Ganesh duvet from Urban Outfitters

    Photo credit: Urban Outfitters

    Topshop also faced criticism for a necklace depicting stereotypical Asian "yellow face" heads, similar to those used in old Hollywood movies as anti-Chinese propaganda in the 1880s. Like Urban Outfitters, the retailer also decided to take the necklaces off shelves after racist outcry.

    TopShop necklace

    TopShop necklace

    The fashion and design communities have long pulled inspiration from culture and history for new clothing and jewelry styles, runway shows and home goods. After all, style communities are somewhat of a global idea collective. Things only become problematic when fashion and design giants carelessly use religious imagery or ignore cultural sensitivities altogether.

    As a practicing Christian, I'm often uncomfortable with some of the items I see on shelves. If I notice T-shirts that mention Jesus in a way clearly meant to appeal to a secular audience, or oversized crosses adorning costume jewelry around every corner of a store, I start to wonder who will buy the pieces and if they'll think about why they're wearing them and what they convey.

    I don't take faith-based expression lightly, because my own faith in Christ has set up the foundation of principles for my life. It's sad whenever items take on an air of mockery or lightness instead of consideration — which is why I totally understand the outcry over the items by Urban Outfitters and Topshop and applaud people for speaking up.

    That said, design and culture can coexist. Brands and artists make it work everyday. Oscar de la Renta draws from his Dominican background, for instance, while Dior collections will always give a nod to French fashion and Ralph Lauren will always remain quintessentially American. That's great. Hopefully designers will continue to tip their hats creatively and respectfully.

    And as a consumer, it's important to think before you buy. Take feelings into account when it comes to the items you choose, because your money is a vote of support. If you have to ask if something's appropriate, then it probably isn't. It's better to be sensitive to others' race and culture.

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  • 07/17/14--18:00: How to make a bow
  • SheKnows how to make a bow. We really do. Check out this video and you will know too!

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    Nina Dobrev

    With Paris Fashion Week officially over (sad, we know), we're in a bit of fashion withdrawal. Before we say au revoir to one of the most stylish weeks of the year, though, we just had to highlight one more of our favorite celeb looks, spotted on the lovely Nina Dobrev.

    Nina Dobrev wearing a pink skirt

    Photo credit: Pierre Suu/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

    Nina has proven herself to be quite the fashion chameleon these past few weeks, dazzling us in outfits ranging from edgy to preppy and beyond. Here, she channeled a classy, edgy and demure vibe in a flowing pale pink maxi dress featuring a high slit. The Let's Be Cops star paired her comfy, chic skirt with a semi-sheer black tank top and a black leather jacket draped over her shoulders. Nina accessorized with leg-elongating heels, a gorgeous clutch and cool shades.

    The final verdict? Tres chic, Nina. We'll definitely be taking style inspiration from this look for upcoming date nights, special events and more.

    Shop the look: Miss Selfridge Pink Crepe A Line Midi Skirt (us.missselfridge.com, $61)

    Shop the look: Miss Selfridge Pink Crepe A Line Midi Skirt (us.missselfridge.com, $61)

    Jessica Szohr

    We've talked a lot about our love for jumpsuits in this column, and this week we've fallen all over again for a cool one piece. Jessica Szohr looked ready to rock in comfort at a Justin Timberlake concert this week in New York City in a comfy, chic jumpsuit.

    Jessica Szohr wearing a jumpsuit

    Photo credit: Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com

    One reason we adore jumpsuits so much? Their versatility. You can wear them in basically any scenario and they're becoming a celeb fave on the red carpet. You can dress them up or down and there's a style for every personality. Jessica's caught our eye for two main reasons: its cool buttons and the fun way she styled the look. The actress's one piece really resembles another fun trend, overalls, but has a dressy fabric and fun buttons that dress it up a bit. She layered a printed bralette underneath and added black pumps.

    The final verdict? Jessica looks so comfy and cool, don't you think? The look really is effortless, and her easy updo and pretty pout only make us fall for the look even more.

    Shop the look: Express V-Neck Jumpsuit (express.com, $128)

    Shop the look: Express V-Neck Jumpsuit (Express, $128)

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    Keira Knightley and Kerry Washington
    Lea Michele and Olivia Wilde

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    Kristin wore her signature sunny tresses in loose waves and a subtle crown braid at a recent event and we're ready to copy the casual, cool look. Moroccanoil's Global Creative Director Antonio Corral has the tips for doing just that.

    Celeb Hairstyle of the Week: Kristin Cavallari

    Photo credit: Brian To/WENN.com

    Get the look

    1. Apply Moroccanoil Treatment to damp hair, focusing on mid-shaft to ends, to create the perfect foundation for shiny, manageable strands. For extra texture, apply the Moroccanoil Root Boost through hair from root to tip.
    2. Start blow drying the hair using your fingers until it’s about 70 percent dry. Finish drying the hair smooth using the Moroccanoil Boar Bristle Brush 35mm starting from front toward the back.
    3. Section the hair into 1-inch pieces starting in the front. Using a 1-inch curling iron, curl each section, focusing on the mid-shaft (leave ends intact). Pin finished sections close to the scalp and continue through the whole head. Let hair cool in pins to set the texture.
    4. Once hair is cooled, unpin each section and gently brush hair to expand curls using a wide-tooth comb.
    5. To create the crown, take a small piece of hair from behind the ear and braid. Bring this braided piece from one side to the other and pin underneath the hair. If hair is too short to create full crown, create a braid on both sides and connect them on crown with a pin.
    6. Finish with the Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Medium for a long-lasting style.

    More 'dos we adore

    Debby Ryan's cute waves
    Mel B's perky ponytail
    Bella Thorne's intricate updo

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    The only thing? The new sombre look is pretty darn similar to our beloved ombre.

    So maybe let's keep our pants on. But first, the details.

    Sombre just means 'softer' ombre. OK, so far so good. And apparently celebrities (Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins, for example) are throwing the dramatic, grown-out beach look to the curb in place of a softer, more gradual… grown-out beach look.

    Essentially with sombre, the roots to ends, two-tone color transition will be much more subtle and soft than ombre. It will still leave the ends brighter and lighter, but the whole thing will look a little less unemployed surfer and a little more sun goddess.

    The good news? It's still a minimal-upkeep 'do for those of us sick of emptying the bank on highlights. And it still has that natural look that was so appealing about ombre in the first place (RIP).

    So do you buy into the hype? Isn't this what some of us have been telling our stylists when we get ombre anyway?

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    Like many moms, Marge brings a grounding force to her family that otherwise wouldn't be there. She's the glue that keeps them together. Lisa may be the brainiac of the bunch, but mama Marge is the level-headed one. Without her, the Simpsons would have gone off the deep end a long, long time ago.

    Just because she's the mother, though, it doesn't mean Marge can't be sexy or have the occasional wild hair. Over the years, we've witnessed her baking erotic goods, inspiring women in a female-only gym, becoming a cop and, of course, flashing the cops. Despite her obvious sex appeal, Marge even had a bout of self-esteem issues that ended with accidental breast implants that somehow made that chartreuse dress fit even tighter. With or without silicone, one thing has always been certain: Homer scored way out of his league when he landed Marge.

    Now, if you want to pay tribute to Marge by going golden and cobalt, MAC is offering a whole new line of Marge Simpson-inspired makeup to celebrate the show's 25th anniversary.

    MAC's Marge Simpson inspired makeup

    Photo credit: MAC Cosmetics

    From what we've seen, the line includes two signature eye shadow palettes in bold colors you could only find in Springfield, two blushes (with names like "Sideshow You" and "Pink Sprinkles"), an array of bright lip glosses, Simpsons nail stickers and, yes, fake lashes to help you play off of Marge's signature four-lash look.

    The collection won't hit stores officially until September 4. However, if you're in San Diego and want to glam it up, Simpsons aficionados and geek girls can scoop up products from the line at the Gaslight District MAC store on July 26 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Hmm... We have time for that, right?

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    These light, stylish bags still accommodate your necessities while giving you extra mobility — and a leg up on the office fashion game. Give your shoulders a break with these eight daytime-appropriate clutches.

    1. Medina clutch

    Medina clutch

    This versatile brown leather clutch features a simple design of Moroccan-inspired geometric stitching and is large enough to house your tablet or any other essentials you tote to the office each day. Think how divine this would look with your dark denim skinny jeans on Casual Friday — or your polish cream shift dress any other day of the week. (Madewell, $130)

    2. Colorblock envelope clutch

    Colorblock envelope clutch

    I've said it many times and it still rings true: colorblocking is one of the simplest and most effective ways to make you appear 150 percent more put-together. This colorblocked envelope clutch is no exception, with its sharp, modern look and metal bar detailing. Although it comes in black and white, I'd recommend the tan/red colorway for a splash of brightness. (Nordstrom, $48)

    3. Canvas belted clutch

    Canvas belted clutch

    A simple canvas clutch is elevated to new heights with a classy tan-and-gold belt strap. The shape is defined yet has plenty of forgiving room for when you inevitably cram too many business or life supplies in there. Old habits die hard, but this bag will help. (Ann Taylor, $88)

    4. Convertible fold-over clutch

    Convertible fold-over clutch

    Prefer a no-nonsense purse style? Enjoy flexibility? The fold-over convertible clutch from Express is for you. Choose between red and cream, both highly versatile colors, and then decide whether to go full-on clutch or add the straps for a crossbody affect. The choice is yours. (Express, $40)

    5. Metallic clutch

    Metallic clutch

    Okay, so this is a bold choice and at first glance you may assume that a silver metallic clutch is better suited for a night out than a morning full of meetings. But think again. There is no reason why you can't rock something edgier at work, especially in purse form. The roomy size means you can stash plenty of gadgets, while the ornate black edges offer contrast to the bag's mirror shine. (Bloomingdales, $280)

    6. Star-studded clutch

    Star-studded clutch

    The Ela Large Milck Clutch from Club Monaco has an asymmetrical silhouette and features a star-studded flap in a neutral shade for a quietly edgy statement. Best part? You can pretty much wear it with anything and add some instant spice to all those skirt-and-blazer combinations you're so sick of sporting. (Macy's, $498)

    7. Arabella clutch

    Arabella clutch

    BCBGeneration's Arabella High-Maintenance Clutch comes in vibrant emerald, making it easy for you to add a pop of color to your workday neutrals. The shape is sophisticated, with a slightly vintage quality. Pair this with that pleated midi skirt that's been sitting in your closet since April, and a tailored blouse. (DSW, $50)

    8. Floral clutch

    Floral clutch

    A patterned bag, like this oversized floral clutch, is a dream come true for those who like to mix prints without over-thinking the outfit. The old-school floral print on this roomy clutch from French Connection injects just the right amount of insouciant femininity. (Zappos, $68)

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    Thinx founders Antonia Dunbar, Miki Agrawal and Radha Agrawal set out to solve that problem, along with another personal frustration most women can relate to.

    "We started sharing personal underwear mishap stories and our frustrations over the current options in the underwear market," they write on their website. "We began to wonder, why isn't there a pair of stylish underwear that didn't give us anxiety during the month over unexpected leaks, stains or embarrassment?"

    Preach! We dread that time of the month, mostly because our cute lingerie options are limited to a few pairs of frumpy underwear that — let's face it — aren't exactly appealing to anyone.

    The trio's idea evolved after a trip to Africa when Miki met Amahle, a teen who couldn't attend school during her "week of shame."

    "Through Amahle's story, we learned that girls all over the world needed a solution for those days of the month. In today's day and age, to have girls missing school and then dropping out because they fell so far behind simply because they didn't have the right resources every month was an unfair reality for far too many," they add. "We couldn't let this happen. We had to do something."

    Photo credit: Thinx

    Photo credit: AFRIpads and Thinx

    So they designed underwear for women's time of the month and after your undie purchase (undies which look way sexier than you'd ever expect period panties to look), the company will provide seven reusable sanitary pads to one girl in a developing nation. The hope is that providing this essential tool for personal hygiene will keep these girls in school.

    Even more, the company teams with AFRIpads in Uganda to make the reusable pads, providing local Ugandan women with jobs.

    AFRIpads employees

    Photo credit: AFRIpads and Thinx

    Thinx panties are totally adorable and durable, made with moisture-wicking material, and each pair is designed to hold up to six teaspoons of liquid. They're also leak- and stain-resistant and anti-microbial.

    The styles range from sexy lace thongs for your "light days" ($24) to trendy hiphuggers for your "heaviest" days ($34). The most expensive pair, the Luxe, will set you back $47. It looks like the only color option is black right now, but hopefully they'll evolve their color selection over time.

    Can you really change the world with some really cute undies? It doesn't hurt to find out — and you just might help keep a girl in school in the process.

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    Creatures of habit, we are. I don't have a lot of time in the a.m., so I wash my hair in the evening and then enjoy a body shower between my morning rise and breakfast.

    I always make sure to exfoliate, especially during the winter and summer. I suffer from dry skin, so this has to be part of my routine on a regular basis.

    I don't always get all of my mascara off while in the shower, so I reach for Pond's Towelettes to clean away any excess that remains.

    Then it's me and a cup of tea, my most favorite part of the morning. The children know how important this time is for me and have even started to enjoy a sip or two themselves.

    When I eventually get to the point when I am ready to start my day, I put on my outfit and accessorize with some arm candy. I love to stack bracelets, and enjoy mixing and matching from different brands. My morning makeup routine is pretty simple. I tend to use a dime size of moisturizer, followed by a brush of MAC powder and then some light lip gloss. I spend the most of my morning routine time on my eyes. I found two tools that I cannot live without: Giorgio Armani "Eyes to Kill" mascara and Clinique Chubby Stick eyeshadow. So easy to use and they both last all day.

    When I feel the need, I grab a Carefree Acti-Fresh Pantiliner They are thin and unnoticeable and keep me fresh all day. Before I head out the door, I reach for my sunglasses to complete my look. Then I'm off to tackle my never-ending to-do list.

    Shopping links:

    Rounded handle brush (The Body Shop, $3)

    Luminous Clean Wet Cleansing Towelettes (POND'S, $5)

    Bangles (Alex and Ani, $28-$32)

    "Studio Fix" powder plus foundation (MAC, $27)

    Lipstick Smoochies lip balm (CoverGirl, $5)

    Mascara (Giorgio Armani, $32)

    Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for eyes (Clinique, $17)

    Carefree Acti-Fresh Pantiliners

    Aviator sunglasses (Vince Camuto, $40)

    Photo credit: Nichola Evans/Photodisc/Getty Images

    Disclosure: This post is part of a collaboration with Carefree and SheKnows. All opinions are my own.

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