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The 9 Best Primers People With Oily Skin Need in Their Lives


Having oily skin can be maddening any time of year — how are you supposed to keep your makeup on when it keeps sliding off? But that frustration increases when all oil-production hell breaks loose.

The default solution to this conundrum is to say that a primer will solve all your problems, but the truth is not all primers are created equal. The best primer for oily skin, however, can change your makeup game and keep it that way. You'll get smoother, clearer skin, a more balanced complexion and makeup that lasts all day long.

Below, we've gathered the very best primers for oily skin out there right now.

1. Givenchy Mister Mat

Givenchy Mister Mat Mattifying Foundation Primer

This luxurious mattifying powder-gel is an oily skin lifesaver whether you wear it alone or under makeup. As a primer, its lightweight texture softens and hydrates, and plant extracts help control sebum overproduction for a long-lasting matte finish.

Givenchy Mister Mat, $67 at Amazon

2. bareMinerals PrimeTime oil-control foundation primer

bareMinerals PrimeTime™ Oil Control Foundation Primer

This oil-free foundation primer is formulated specifically for people with oily skin to create a silky-smooth canvas from the get-go. Throughout the day, it holds up to combat excess oil and absorb shine while hiding pores, fine lines and wrinkles.

bareMinerals PrimeTime oil-control foundation primer, $22.39 at Walmart

3. Smashbox Photo Finish Oil-Free Pore Minimizing Foundation Primer

Smashbox Photo Finish Oil-Free Pore Minimizing Foundation Primer

When primer pros Smashbox release a new formula, makeup lovers pay attention — and this one did not disappoint. The nondrying formula locks in makeup and absorbs oil to keep your face shine-free throughout the day. Plus, it's sweat- and humidity-resistant for up to eight hours, so consider it a safe choice for summer.

Smashbox Photo Finish Oil Free Foundation Primer, $31.73 at Amazon

4. Benefit The Porefessional

Benefit The POREfessional

This lightweight primer quickly minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines to help makeup stay put. The super-silky texture leaves skin smooth and shine-free, and the vitamin E in the formula protects skin from damaging free radicals.

Benefit The Porefessional, $22.16 at Amazon

5. Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer

This mineral-based, water-resistant primer — with SPF 15! — neutralizes and balances skin to minimize shine. The satin finish minimizes the appearance of pores and leaves makeup feeling fresh and decidedly non-slippery all day.

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, $54 at Amazon

6. Too Faced Primed & Poreless

Too Faced Primed & Poreless Skin Smoothing Face Primer

This primer is scientifically formulated — whatever that means — to achieve the appearance of smooth, poreless skin even without makeup. It contains vitamins A and C, mulberry extract and an impressive amount of retinol to conceal pores and leave skin firm and hydrated. 

Too Faced Primed & Poreless, $38.60 at Amazon

7. Per-fékt Skin Perfection Gel

Per-fékt Skin Perfection Gel

This primer wants to replace traditional foundation, primer, color corrector and powder to enhance the appearance of your skin in one fell swoop. On top of keeping your makeup on all day, it also works to improve skin tone, help maintain hydration and reduce the appearance of redness, discoloration, pores, fine lines and shine. A multitasker for the ages.

Per-fékt Skin Perfection Gel, $34.40 at Amazon

8. Korres Pomegranate Mattifying Primer

Korres Pomegranate Mattifying Primer

This formula is water-based, so it has a super-lightweight feel that really lets skin breathe. Pomegranate extract is an antioxidant powerhouse that helps tighten pores while willow bark extract balances skin, witch hazel mattifies and keeps impurities out, and rice starch absorbs excess surface oil and softens skin.

Korres Pomegranate Mattifying Primer, $33 at Korres

 9. Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector

BECCA Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector

Ever-matte, indeed: This one controls oil and keeps skin mattified and pores minimized for up to 12 hours. Think of it as a liquid blotting paper to keep skin matte and shine-free all day long — sans silicone, oil, alcohol or fragrance.

Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector, $14.98 at Amazon

Originally posted on StyleCaster. A version of this article was originally published in October 2016.

17 Unexpected Yet Practical Ways to Use Tea Tree Oil


Even if you’re not well versed in the world of natural and essential oils, chances are you’ve read that tea tree oil is an all-in-one ingredient with the ability to fix almost anything. Above all, some swear by it as a fast-acting acne treatment — and as we know, blemishes big or small can be notoriously difficult to remove. Just dab some onto a cotton ball, swipe over your problem areas and voilà: clear skin.

But there are way more uses for tea tree oil than just treating acne-prone skin. According to the internet, it can also be used as a detergent, a gargle, a bug repellent… the list goes on! Scroll down to learn 17 unexpected, bizarre and super-practical uses you probably didn’t know existed.

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1. To treat wounds

Tea tree oil is a super-effective treatment for healing open wounds because it’s antimicrobial — meaning it kills (or at least stops the growth of) bacteria and other potentially harmful microorganisms. TTO is also an anti-inflammatory, so it can soothe redness, swelling and pain. Before applying tea tree oil to an open wound, it’s recommended that you clean it out with some water and hydrogen peroxide.

2. To fight fungus

We know tea tree oil is often praised as a highly effective topical treatment for acne. But it can also be used as a topical treatment on your toenails to fight foot fungus. Tea tree oil is known to kill all kinds of yeast and fungi, so you can use it to prevent or treat conditions like athlete’s foot.

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3. To soothe sunburns

If you’re hitting the beach this summer, it’s definitely in your best interest to slap on some sunscreen. However, if you still find yourself a little crispy at the end of the day, you can turn to tea tree oil to soothe your sunburn. Its anti-inflammatory qualities help to reduce redness, itching and burning. For this reason, it can be found in a variety of sunburn-soothing lotions.

4. As an all-purpose cleaner

If your home is in desperate need of some sparkle but you’re sick of using harsh chemicals around the house, tea tree oil might be your perfect solution. Combine 10 drops of tea tree oil with two cups of hot water and a half-cup of white vinegar for the perfect natural all-purpose cleaner. However, skip your granite and marble countertops, because vinegar can damage the finish.

5. To treat bad breath

Researchers at the University of Basel in Switzerland confirm that tea tree oil kills the bacteria colonies that cause bad breath. For an at-home solution, it’s recommended that you use a TTO-infused toothpaste, add a few drops to your regular toothpaste or gargle with a cleansing product that includes tea tree extract in order to achieve fresh breath.

6. To prevent or kill lice

According to Reader’s Digest, TTO contains two elements that combat lice. One is 1,8-cineole, a common natural insecticide, and the other is terpinen-4-ol, which is both antibacterial and antifungal. A study out of Italian research university D'Annunzio University suggests that 1 percent tea tree oil can eradicate 100 percent of head lice in half an hour.

7. As insect repellent

Tea tree oil contains another 1,8-cineole insecticide known as eucalyptol. Eucalyptol can be used to repel and/or kill many types of critters. 

8. To eliminate foot odor

If you notice your feet starting to smell, you may have athlete’s foot or another fungal infection. Luckily, since TTO has antifungal properties, you can use it as a topical remedy to treat any fungal skin conditions. Treating fungus, in turn, can help to stop odorous feet.

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9. To treat dandruff

A common cause of dandruff is the overgrowth of Malassezia, a fungus that lives on the scalp. Since tea tree oil is known to be antifungal, it can kill or prevent the growth of Malassezia, thereby curing dandruff.

10. To treat bug bites & stings

Due to TTO’s anti-inflammatory properties, it is extremely effective at reducing swelling, itching, burning and redness (all symptoms of insect bites).To treat your bug bite with tea tree oil, apply a few drops to a cotton ball, and press it onto the affected area so the oil can fully absorb into your skin. Applying a bandage afterward will ensure that the oil doesn’t evaporate, giving it the chance to do its job.

11. As air freshener

If the apartment is starting to smell funky but you aren’t into chemical sprays, we recommend going all-natural. Mixing tea tree oil, eucalyptus essential oil and lemon essential oil makes for a delicious-smelling combo that can be sprayed in every corner of your abode.

12. As a laundry detergent booster

We’ve already told you (a million times over) about TTO’s bacteria-fighting properties. Who knew they’d be so versatile? Another way they come in handy is by refreshing your musty-smelling laundry and giving your detergent a little extra cleaning boost. It’s basically a natural disinfectant for your clothes.

13. To fight mold & mildew on hard surfaces

Tea tree oil’s intense fungus-killing abilities make it the ultimate killer of mold and mildew. Combine it with water and spray it on affected areas before wiping it away to permanently eradicate the gross stuff from your hard surfaces.

14. To help your plants grow

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: tea tree oil is antifungal. Plus, it’s an all-natural insecticide. Do you know what that makes? Happy plants with a critter-free habitat to grow in. 

15. As makeup remover

Tea tree oil is extremely effective at breaking down makeup, so it’s a perfect natural addition to your bedtime routine. Be super-careful around your eyes and mouth. After applying TTO to the skin, rinse off with some warm water and swipe on a toner.

16. To eliminate cold sores

Tea tree oil’s antibacterial properties definitely come in handy when tackling those pesky cold sores. But before applying it directly to the sore, dilute it with a carrier oil (such as coconut or olive oil) so you don’t damage your skin!

17. To fight hair loss

Sometimes, clogged hair follicles on the scalp can mean shedding… and lots of it. If you’re noticing significant hair loss, try applying tea tree oil to cleanse your scalp. It’ll likely unclog your follicles and kill any harmful fungus or bacteria that’s preventing the regeneration of your hairs.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

6 Pro Tips You Need to Keep Chemically Relaxed Hair Healthy


Although it may seem like the hair scales have completely tilted in favor of curly girl domination, chemical relaxers — or creams that semipermanently straighten hair — are still very much a thing. With any hair texture, curly or straight, establishing a routine that will keep strands healthy, hydrated and full requires a hell of a lot of work. For those who don’t have the time or interest to put into a multistep style or care routine, relaxers may seem like an easy fix, but it’s actually the opposite.

When any kind of chemical is involved, hair is instantly compromised — so your daily habits are crucial for maintaining the integrity and health of your mane. But if you’re someone who swears by a relaxer every couple of months, hairstylist Pekela Riley has some helpful info on exactly how to keep your locks luscious through it all.

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Perfect the process

One of the most important things you can do for relaxed hair is stick to a consistent touch-up schedule. Although it varies from person to person, six to 10 weeks is the general range of time that you should go between treatments. Even if you feel like your roots are growing out fast and you’re due for a touch-up, stick it out and don’t re-treat too soon. It can lead to serious damage.

“Parts of the hair can be overprocessed and under-processed, which creates uneven tension and break points when not relaxed consistently,” Riley cautions. Also, try to avoid any overlap, which is when the relaxer is put on the previous section of hair that has already been treated. Make sure the formula is applied to new growth at the root.

Don’t erase the texture

Relaxers have always had a degree of healthiness to them, and because fewer stylists are doing them these days, they’re taking the time to become more educated on the application and how to make them healthier for hair. Where relaxers can go all wrong is when you try to make the strands too straight.

“There was a time when people would get mad if their hair wasn’t bone straight via a relaxer, which takes a lot of processing time. This extreme demand for straight hair led to the misuse of relaxers,” says Riley.

Relaxers were meant to relax a curl or wave, not straighten it out, which ultimately eliminates its elasticity. “The intention was to relax it enough to do a roller set, blow-dry or style it. The relaxer was a process to aid in styling ability,” says Riley. She always warns against combining keratin treatments with relaxers because it’s just too much for hair to handle.

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Color with caution

If you want to add color on top of your relaxer, stick to either a semi- or demi-permanent dye — never permanent color, which is bound to cause breakage. “The exception is if you have really short hair, like a pixie — you can cut the hair faster than the rate of damage,” Riley notes.

Add metallic dyes that you mix with water to the list of don’ts as well. They don’t interact well with relaxed hair. Some spray-on hair colors that have metallic pigments in them should be avoided as well.

If you want to play with color, consider your style or cut. Natural hair allows for more color. There’s an option to have both relaxed and natural texture at the same time. “For a lot of women with medium- and short-length hair that needs relaxing on the back and sides — I leave the top and crown natural to have color. This merges the best of both worlds,” says Riley.

Try the texturizing method

A texturizer and regular relaxer are the same chemically. Often, texturizers are mild relaxers. The difference is the timing instruction, as texturizers don’t sit on the hair for as long. The texturizer processing time is fractional, which allows it just enough time to smooth the curl, versus a regular relaxer, which erases all waves and curls completely out of the hair.

Any texture can withstand a mild or normal relaxer. The variation comes with the degree of processing time needed, which should be adjusted according to the texture. The rule of thumb is you should only use the lowest strength of relaxer you need, so you have time to apply properly without overprocessing.

Look for signs of damage

Relaxed hair becomes unhealthy when it’s overprocessed. Overprocessing happens when the hair is broken down more than it should be, past the point where the keratin protein, naturally found in hair strands, is compromised.

All hair textures and styles, relaxed and curly, have the same fundamental needs. Riley calls them the Power Threes: moisture, protein and essential oils. “With curly hair, the curl in and of itself represents elasticity, so it can expand and contract back into place,” she says.

Relaxed hair takes out too much of the elasticity, so it cannot return into place without breaking. It becomes like a stick — if you try to pull on it, it can only break; there’s no wave, curl or recoil for it to contract back into place. Curly hair can stretch sometimes twice as much as relaxed hair without breaking. “You can tell it’s not healthy because it will be limp or mushy and very easily broken,” says Riley.

Maintain your mane

No matter what your texture style, curly or straight, keeping your ends trimmed will prevent splitting and breakage. Riley also suggests rotating among the Power Threes in three-week intervals: Do a moisture treatment the first week, switch to a protein treatment the second week, and for the third, swap in essential oils.

Also, keep heat styling on relaxed hair to a minimum. Any hair is susceptible to heat damage, but relaxed hair is even more vulnerable. If you’re going to use a curling or flat iron, set the temp to the lowest option. “You never ever need hot heat on relaxed hair,” says Riley.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

9 Quick Tips That Will Make Your Mani-Pedis Healthier & Longer-Lasting


There are few things more cathartic than having your hands and feet pampered at the salon or blocking out time to carefully paint them yourself. The process forces you to put down the phone, focus on one thing and treat yourself to a little sparkle (or color, depending on your style). Rigid rules would definitely take the fun and relaxation out of a mani-pedi sesh, but there are a few guidelines that will keep your nails healthier and extend the length of your paint job.

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Play nice with your cuticles

According to Skyy Hadley, celebrity manicurist and owner of As U Wish Nail Spa in Hoboken, New Jersey, and Blink Beauty Boutique in Harlem, New York, one of the biggest misconceptions about mani-pedis is that the cuticles have to be trimmed or cut off completely.

“Trimming or cutting cuticles is purely cosmetic and sometimes doesn’t even benefit the nail in any way,” she says. “It’s important to remember that the cuticle is the barrier to protect the surrounding skin and help protect the nail from infections.”

Push them back if you must, but they’re there for a reason.

Don’t forget the other side

Understandably so, we’re more concerned with the top part of our nail — especially if we’re doing them at home — but don’t forget about the bottom.

“When cutting your nails, always make sure that you clean under the nail,” says Hadley. “Otherwise, bacteria could form.” Also, keep your clipping supplies separate. Keep one reserved for your fingers and the other for your toes.

Match your nail shape & cuticle

Ever been stuck on how exactly to cut your nails? If you’re unsure of what shape they should be — whether round, square or in between the two — just look at your cuticles.

“The U-shape of the cuticle should be reflected (upside down) by the top of your nail. The primary goal is to mirror the shape,” says Hadley.

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Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

Contrary to popular belief, cuticle oil shouldn’t be an optional part of nail care. According to Hadley, not only does it keep your feet and hands soft and moisturized; it also keeps your nail polish from chipping too.

Don’t forget your base

A base coat helps to give the color something to sink into besides your actual nails, and it prevents the nails from getting stained. You only need one coat of this and should wait at least a minute before applying color on top. There’s no need to wait until it’s completely dry.

Seal the top

In addition to sealing in color, a topcoat is what gives your mani-pedi its shine and luster. Again, give your color (of which you can have two layers if the color is light or transparent) 60 seconds to settle before adding just one topcoat. Wait 2-3 days if you want to add a second.

Avoid heat

Try not to handle any blow-dryers or hot ovens right after painting your nails. “Most people don’t know, but nail polish takes about 12 hours to harden,” says Hadley. “Too much heat can actually melt your polish. If you stick your nails in cold water for a few minutes, it will actually help harden your nail polish faster.”

Stay away from scents

Scented lotions with synthetic fragrances can cause your nail polish to crack. Make sure to use lotions that are unscented if you need to moisturize.

Gel should always be short-term

Be careful with gel manicures. You should really only keep the gel and/or acrylic nails on for two weeks, but the cut-off would be three weeks. It’s not good to keep them on any longer, as they will damage the nail beds and cuticles. Expired polish will also make infection more likely.

“There are nail polishes that actually don’t have a shelf life, like organic nail polishes, which can actually be kept in the fridge if you choose,” says Hadley. “However, polishes that contain chemicals like toluene and formaldehyde should be replaced every six months as a good rule of thumb.”

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

The Face Oil Kate Middleton Recommended to Meghan Markle for Their Duchess Glow


The beauty secrets of Duchess Meghan (née Markle) of Sussex and Duchess Catherine of Cambridge, more commonly known as Kate Middleton, are sought after by thousands around the world, and though we might not be able to know exactly what’s in their vanities, we’re at least one step closer to learning the secret behind their royal glow: sleeping oil. According to sources for the Daily Mail, Kate has been keeping the same sleeping oil on her Kensington Palace nightstand for years. And now, after a recommendation from her sister-in-law, Meghan is doing the same. (Duchesses who skin care together stay together.)

Per the Daily Mail’s sources, the Duchess of Sussex recently became a fan of Beuti Skincare’s Beauty Sleep Elixir ($65 at Credo) at the recommendation of the Duchess of Cambridge. The nighttime face oil, which contains 98 percent organic oils, is said to counteract inflammation and prevent skin aging, acne and sun damage thanks to a combination of vitamins, minerals and various omegas.

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Beauti Skincare's Beauty Sleep Elixir

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If it’s good enough for the Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex, it’s good enough for us. Thanks for the rec, Kate.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

A Crash Course on the Ins & Outs of Skin Pores


For some, the word "pore" is more than one of those overused skin care terms we say almost daily but actually know very little about. And despite our limited knowledge about just what they are, those teeny-tiny holes all over our skin can be a major source of insecurity for some, depending on their outward appearance.

For instance, can they actually change in size, or is it only possible to alter their appearance? Ahead, aesthetician Nayamka Roberts-Smith, also known as “LaBeautyologist,” delivers a crash course on what you need to know.

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What is a pore?

In the simplest terms, Roberts-Smith describes a pore as “an opening in the skin that allows liquids and oxygen to pass through.” A lot of these pores also house hair follicles. And within each one, you’ll find oil and sweat glands. The pores themselves are the openings that allow these substances to reach the surface of the skin.

Do they open & close?

One of the biggest assumptions, which we can partly attribute to the tricky language used to promote beauty brands, is that pores can open and close or change in size. And while this would seriously be a dream come true, the unfortunate news is that it’s simply not true.

“The idea behind that myth is that pores contain sebum (oil) that softens when warmed. Think of it like melting butter,” says Roberts-Smith. “Liquified sebum exits the pores easier and allows for products to penetrate the skin easier too. So it only seems like the pore is more ‘open.'”

Splashing the face with cold water after cleansing also does nothing to alter the size of your pores. However, be wary of using water that’s too hot, as it will leach all the oils from the pores and overdry the skin.

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So, what causes the clogging?

No surprise here: Roberts-Smith says pores typically clog with debris, dead skin, bacteria and oil. She also adds that “oily skin, inflamed skin and under-exfoliated skin tends to clog the most.”

The size of your pores depends almost entirely on genetics, but they can become more visible as the skin’s elasticity decreases with age. “For those with already large pores and oily skin, the skin dries out in the aging process, making pores less visible,” says Roberts-Smith. At the end of the day, what will really seal your skin’s fate is how you take care of it from day to day.

Can you alter their appearance?

There are four surefire ways to change the appearance of your pores: controlling oil production; exfoliating the surface of the skin; exfoliating within the pores to clear out oil, bacteria and debris; and extractions.

“Oil production can only be controlled by adding more hydration to the skin,” says Roberts-Smith, although mattifying products aren’t the best choice since they actually dry the skin out more, causing more oil.

Exfoliating acids such as glycolic and lactic acids are the best way to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. These are also known as alpha-hydroxy acids and are usually derived from fruit enzymes. For instance, citric acids are a derivative of citrus fruits and malic acid is extracted from apples.

As for the clearing out the inside of a pore, salicylic acid is the only exfoliant that will penetrate it deeply. This is by far the most popular type of beta-hydroxy acid, which is best described as an oil-soluble substance that reaches the deeper layers of skin. 

Lastly, manual extractions — or when a physical tool is used to clear the skin — should only be done by a professional.

If you need a refresher on which acids fall under the AHA or BHA categories, this exfoliation guide is a great place to start.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

The Expert-Approved Way to Use Your Hair Diffuser for Camera-Ready Curls


There are many paths to the near-perfect curl. You can utilize a spiraling technique, such as shingling or the classic twist-out. For lazier beauties, cream and gel stylers are the best bet. And if you've got a thing (and the arm strength) for hand tools and despise air-drying, the diffuser is your saving grace.

Unfortunately, a lot of us are clueless about how to use it. And when you're dealing with hot air and wet strands, it can go from normal, everyday routine to straight-up disaster in a matter of seconds. So, if you're looking for volume and definition without the extra legwork, here's the proper way to do it the first time.

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Expert Way to Use Your Hair Diffuser

What is a diffuser?

For starters, a diffuser is not a blow-dryer. It's an attachment for your blow-dryer that disperses air over a large area of hair. And according to Mia Emilio, senior stylist at DevaChan Salon, its purpose is "to disperse the air coming out of a blow-dryer evenly so it is not blowing air in one area of your hair."

In short: A diffuser ensures that your hair can dry completely and in one fell swoop before you walk out the door while also retaining the natural shape of your hair, whether it's curly or straight (although diffusers are typically better suited for the former).

Prepping the hair

Before hovering the diffuser anywhere near your head, Emilio recommends applying your styling product first. (Her faves for curly hair are DevaCurl’s Styling Cream or Super Stretch.) "I like to let the hair sit 10 to 15 minutes on its own before I begin drying it. I feel it allows the curls to settle in their ways," she says.

Using the diffuser

Everyone's frizz factor is different — and some of us couldn't care less about it — but if you do, Emilio suggests starting your dryer on a low setting to discourage high frizz from growing.

"I think the best way to diffuse is in circular motions around the head. Keep moving around while drying all over. You don’t want high heat or wind speed on any one area," she says. "Sometimes, you can cup your ends into diffuser, but you need to be careful depending on your curl texture." If you're cupping your curls, only do it for 30 seconds at a time so you don't alter your hair's natural curl pattern. Also, try to keep the touching at a minimum.

And in addition to starting your dryer at a low speed, begin with low heat too. "As you begin to dry more, maybe you can turn the heat up a little, even switching from warm setting and then hitting with cool. I like that trick for really adding height in the root area," says Emilio.

Expert Way to Use Your Hair Diffuser

Adding volume

When you want to create the illusion of fuller-looking hair, start to dry your hair in an upright position and then eventually bring your head down and forward. According to Emilio, "Drying upside down offers maximum volume." Once you are almost dry, use your hands to gently break up the cast that your product has created and massage or gently shake at the root.

"If you aren’t looking for volume, I would suggest keeping your head upright and turning your head side to side to dry your hair to avoid its getting too full," she says. Once you're finished, a little hair spray provides extra security, though it's not completely necessary.

"Honestly, diffusing your hair is a form of speeding up your drying process, so be gentle with it. I don’t feel the product you use before or after makes a huge difference," says Emilio. In the end, using the diffuser correctly is what will make or break your 'do.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

The Quick-&-Easy Makeup Artist Guide to Under-Eye Concealer


By the time most of us find out what causes dark under-eye circles — mainly genetics or bad lifestyle choices — the damage has been done. Now we’ve got to slather on vitamin K- and vitamin C-rich eye creams and makeup to diminish the unsightly color that lets everyone know we’re not getting enough sleep.

It’s hardly surprising that under-eye concealer remains a must-have. Even if you don’t wear a full face of cosmetics every day, a small swipe of this stuff disguises blemishes with little effort. Unfortunately, it can do the opposite when applied incorrectly. So if you need a refresher, here’s exactly how to do it the right way.

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Finding your shade

Like your foundation, color matching matters with under-eye concealer. When you utilize the wrong shade, you risk cakey-looking skin or, worse, emphasizing the darkness of your already dark circles.

According to celebrity makeup artist Min Min Ma (Hailee Steinfeld, Zosia Mamet, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jared Leto), the best way to cancel out under-eye darkness is with a pink or warm-color base. This counterbalances that blue-gray darkness and also brightens the area, creating a glowy, highlighting effect.

Liquid vs. powder

Although powder concealer may be more appealing to those with oily skin, Ma actually finds cream or liquid formulas much easier to apply, blend and maintain, regardless of your skin type. It also looks the most natural.

“I never use powder concealer because it looks cakey as the powder gets into the fine lines and wrinkles. Instead, I recommend sticking to cream/liquid,” she says. “Cream-based for those with dry and premature skin. Since it’s less oily, liquid can be used for normal, oily and acne-prone skin types.”

Guide to Under-Eye Concealer

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Once you’re ready to apply your under-eye concealer, start by applying your foundation first. “The foundation can camouflage a bit of under-eye darkness so you don’t have to use a lot of concealer,” says Ma. From there, you’ll need a small, flat synthetic brush to spread evenly under the eye.

“I do like using brushes for application because it makes the job easier and the application more smooth-looking. I like flat-shaped brushes best, such as Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage brush and Hourglass No 8 large concealer brush,” she says. “Note that blending is also important to the final result. Lightly tap the concealer with your fingertip to ‘set’ the work and remove excess concealer. If you’re using a nongreasy concealer, I would forgo setting powder altogether.”

If you need a starter list of formulas to try, Ma’s favorites are the Lilah B. Virtuous Veil concealer, Hourglass Hidden corrective concealer, Lancôme Effacernes waterproof protective under-eye concealer and Tom Ford waterproof concealer and foundation.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

The Top Spa & Wellness Destinations Celebrities Swear By


While most of us view the spa or wellness retreat as a luxury, these add-ons are basically built into the routines of the rich and famous. Come awards season  — or just another day to be honest — the upside of influence and popularity is access to some of the swankiest digs the health and skin care industries have to offer.

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And though we’re all too familiar with a handful of A-list-approved aestheticians and dermatologists, such as Harold Lancer and Joanna Vargas, what really leaves us all starry-eyed and pining for a head-to-toe rubdown are the spas with luxurious facials and next-level skin treatments. Ahead are the most popular options.

Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center

Location: Beverly Hills, California

In an interview with StyleCaster, former Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale revealed one of her beauty splurges includes frequent visits to this spa, where she gets treated to everything "from lasers to peels and LED light to muscle tightening" with facialist Molly Lucio.

Glam Boutique Spa

Location: Woodland Hills, California

In an interview with StyleCaster, 13 Reasons Why actor Ajiona Alexus credited Gabrielle Union for introducing her to the facials at this new West Coast beauty destination.


Location: New York, New York

In an interview with StyleCaster, blogger and Summer Fridays cofounder Marianna Hewitt said, "I am a big fan of infrared saunas, especially after a red-eye flight. When I’m in New York, one of the first things I do when I land is head to HigherDose at 11 Howard to unwind from a flight."

Shani Darden

Location: Los Angeles, California

A who's who of Hollywood — including Jessica Alba, Chrissy Teigen and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley — flock to this Tinseltown hideaway for custom facials.

Arcona Los Angeles

Location: Los Angeles, California

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Regina King and Mandy Moore are just a few celebs who treat themselves to the Red Carpet Radiance facial just before the start of awards season.

Blackberry Farm

Location: Walland, Tennessee

In an interview with W magazine, model Lily Aldridge called this destination a must-visit because of its "beautiful spa and fabulous food."

Ojai Valley Inn and Spa

Location: Ojai, California

In an interview with W magazine, fashion designer and actor Nicole Richie said her favorite treatment at this luxury spa is the stretch therapy session.

Mii Amo

Location: Sedona, Arizona

In an interview with W magazine, actor-turned-wellness guru Gwyneth Paltrow raved that this is the perfect getaway for a girls' trip.

"It’s incredible, I love it there so much. You can choose a spa menu for food, but we always end up with nachos and a giant glass of wine," she said.

Cal-a-Vie Health Spa

Location: San Diego, California

According to Elle Decor, this luxury resort and retreat is a favorite of Natalie Portman and Julia Roberts, who typically enjoy a day of exercising, "nutrition breaks," massages and facials.

Tomoko Japanese Spa

Location: Beverly Hills, California

According to InStyle, this "best-kept secret" is a favorite of Lea Michele and of Jessica Alba, who loves indulging in the Iro Iro massage.

Vanessa Hernandez Skincare

Location: Beverly Hills, California

According to Well + Good, A-list clients Jenna Dewan and Amber Valletta hit up the posh spa for customized skin assessments and next-level treatments, such as microneedling and radio frequency.

Joanna Vargas

Location: New York, New York

According to NYC Go, Jessica Alba and Julianne Moore are just a few famous clients who flock to this Bryant Park locale for Vargas's signature Triple Crown facial and LED light therapy treatments.

Tracie Martyn

Location: New York, New York

According to Racked, stars Kate Winslet, Emma Stone and Zoe Saldana stop by the famed facialist's spa and salon for pampering before and after major events.

Georgia Louise's Atelier

Location: New York, New York

According to Refinery29, Cate Blanchett and Sandra Bullock credit this East Coast destination and the British aesthetician with keeping their skin glowy thanks to the famous "penis facial."

Ildi Pekar

Location: New York, New York

According to Allure, Pekar is one of the city's most sought-after skin care experts. Her organic body-firming treatments are also a favorite of models Miranda Kerr and Irina Shayk.

Christine Chin Spa

Location: New York, New York

According to Allure, Drew Barrymore, Gisele Bündchen and Rachel Weisz flock to this skin guru's spa when their pores need some major extracting and cleansing.

Kate Somerville

Location: Los Angeles, California

According to Variety, Anna Kendrick and Sam Smith are fans of the Ultimate Kale facial at this high-end skin clinic.

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How Meghan Markle’s Makeup Artist Uses Aquaphor to Highlight Her Face


Meghan Markle is known for her beauty secrets, but her makeup artist’s hack to use Aquaphor as highlighter is one we weren’t expecting. In an interview with E! News, the now-Duchess of Sussex’s makeup artist Daniel Martin (yes — the MUA who was responsible for her drop-dead gorgeous wedding makeup in May) revealed that he uses the $5 drugstore balm to highlight, and here’s exactly how he does it.

Martin explained that he often uses skin care products to highlight. As for Aquaphor specifically, Martin would dab the product on the high points of the face of high clients, giving them an all-over glow. “A lot of my highlighting is done with skin care,” Martin said. “Before highlighters, you would do highlighting with Aquaphor. Aquaphor will give you that same texture, especially in a photo [when applied] on the high points of the face.”

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Meghan Markle, Makeup Secret: Aquaphor

It makes sense Martin would use Aquaphor as highlight. As Honest Beauty’s creative color consultant, Martin also swears by the brand’s all-purpose Magic Beauty Balm, which he lays over his favorite highlight to intensify the effect. “I don’t use a highlighter product per se, but if I do, I’ll lay it down with Dior — they came out with incredible highlighting palette — and what I’ll do is I’ll take the Honest Beauty Balm and lay it on top of it,” Martin said. “It intensifies the highlight, but because of the texture of the magic balm it gives you that luminosity like you just applied moisturizer.”

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Who knew Meghan’s royal glow came from the drugstore?

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Past Outfits Meghan Markle Can’t Wear Anymore Now That She’s Royalty


Meghan Markle has been a member of the British royal family for some time now, so we thought it was as good a time as any to look back on her old outfits — and the looks we’ll never see her wear again now that she’s the Duchess of Sussex. (R.I.P., her ripped jeans.)

Meghan has worn some memorable looks since she became engaged to Prince Harry, but aside from a messy bun here and there, they all follow the same traditional royal trend: modest necklines, stockings, nothing too flashy. But Meghan's style wasn’t always like this. When she was an actor on Suits, Meghan wore tons of interesting clothes and beauty looks, from midriff-exposing dresses to gothic nail polish. And though we’ll likely never see her in anything similar again, it’s still fun to look back on her royal rules-breaking outfits that wouldn’t fly today.

Ripped jeans

Denim isn’t banned in the royal household, but it’s definitely not preferred. According to the BBC, men usually wear khakis if it’s a casual dress code, while women wear trousers or day dresses — though, if it’s an extra low-key occasion, such as out walking the dog, jeans are fine. Likewise, the royals’ clothes are supposed to be neat and put together, meaning that Meghan’s ripped jeans from the 2017 Invictus Games in September 2017 (before she and Harry were even engaged) wouldn’t fly today.

Outfits Meghan Markle Can’t Wear Anymore: Ripped Jeans

Dark nail polish

Though there’s nothing wrong with Meghan’s clothes in these two outfits, you likely won’t see her wearing the entire looks again — and that’s because of her nail polish. Under Queen Elizabeth II’s rule, the nails of royal women are to be kept clean and natural-looking, meaning Meghan will likely never wear non-nude nail polishes again. For the most part, the royals stick to nail polish colors such as pale pinks and taupes, so these pics are likely the last you’ll see her with such dark nail polish on her fingers.

Outfits Meghan Markle Can’t Wear Anymore: Dark Nail Polish

Outfits Meghan Markle Can’t Wear Anymore: Dark Nail Polish

Any outfit without pantyhose

Before she was a royal, Meghan showed her bare legs more often than not. Now, it’s the opposite. It’s a well-known rule that royal women are prohibited from showing their bare legs and must wear pantyhose. Meghan already broke the rule once when she didn’t wear stockings for her engagement announcement, but you likely won’t see her flaunting her legs like in the pictures below again.

Outfits Meghan Markle Can’t Wear Anymore: Any Outfit Without Pantyhose

Outfits Meghan Markle Can’t Wear Anymore: Any Outfit Without Pantyhose

Showing her midriff

Like sleeveless outfits and showing her shoulders (more on that later), outfits in which one’s midriff is showing is almost unheard of in the royal family. Most of their clothes are modest, knee-length with their skin covered up. So the chances Meghan will get a lot of use out of her crop tops and belly-baring outfits like the ones below are next to none.

Outfits Meghan Markle Can’t Wear Anymore: Showing Her Midriff

Outfits Meghan Markle Can’t Wear Anymore: Showing Her Midriff

Bright-colored outfits

Aside from a recent yellow dress, Meghan hasn’t worn many bright colors since becoming a royal, and there’s a reason. Bright colors are usually reserved for Queen Elizabeth II, who is often seen in coats and dresses in vibrant hues, such as lime green and baby blue. The queen often wears bright colors to differentiate herself from the public and stand out in a crowd. And though Meghan has worn at least one bright-colored outfit since she accepted her royal title, don’t expect her to ever wear something bright when she’s out with the queen.

Outfits Meghan Markle Can’t Wear Anymore: Bright Colored Outfits

Clothes with brand names on them

The royals are notoriously nonpartisan and are prohibited from voting. This year, at the 2018 BAFTA Awards, Kate Middleton, aka Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, created a stir when she wore green instead of black in support of Time’s Up. Because they are to remain nonpartisan (whether it’s politics or business), you won’t see a royal wearing name brands on their clothes. Likewise, you won’t see the royals participating in sponsored events, such as when Markle played in the DirecTV Beach Bowl wearing a DirecTV jersey in February 2014.

Outfits Meghan Markle Can’t Wear Anymore: Wearing Clothes With Brand Names

Wearing all black, especially in the daytime

Though black isn’t prohibited, it isn’t usually worn, especially in the daytime. According to Alexandra Messervy, a royal expert for InStyle, black clothing is usually not worn by royals.

“Generally it is thought that black is not usually worn unless in mourning, although Diana Princess of Wales did occasionally wear it for evening functions, and The Duchess of Cambridge has been known to do so,” Messervy said.

So far, Meghan has worn all black once for a daytime engagement. “I note that there was a bit of an outcry recently when Ms. Markle wore black for a daytime event,” Messervy said. Word is still out on whether she’ll do it again.

Outfits Meghan Markle Can’t Wear Anymore: Wearing on Black

Outfits Meghan Markle Can’t Wear Anymore: Wearing All Black

Sleeveless & off-the-shoulder

As some might remember, there was a huge bout of shoulder-shaming when Meghan wore a shoulders-baring dress for the queen’s birthday parade in June 2018. Since then, Meghan has kept her shoulders covered, though she is known to wear sleeveless outfits from time to time. If she becomes more traditional, expect her to cleanse her closet of both looks, as it isn’t known for royals to show so much skin. “They don’t usually wear sleeveless dresses and they usually wear clothes which are not too short in the hemline because of bending down and sitting in public,” Messervy told InStyle.

Outfits Meghan Markle Can’t Wear Anymore: Wearing Sleeveless and Off-the-shoulder Outfits

Outfits Meghan Markle Can’t Wear Anymore: Wearing Sleeveless and Off-the-shoulder Outfits

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Celebrity Tattoo Fails We’re Still Cringing Over


For most of us, tattoos are a lifelong commitment that require a lot of serious thought. We take months — sometimes years — to mull over what we want and where we want it. Then comes the time when we find the perfect tattoo artist to turn our ideas into a reality. Still, despite the work and effort that goes into realizing our tattoo dreams, mistakes still happen. Sometimes, they’re small (like a missing comma), and sometimes, they’re huge (like a misspelling that totally changes the meaning of your tat). But what can you really do?

Even celebrities, from Emma Watson to Rihanna, have tattoo fails, bringing new meaning to the phrase “Stars, they’re just like us.” To remind you of the tattoo snafus celebrities have been through, we’ve rounded up eight stars whose tattoo fails we’re still cringing over. Check them out ahead.

Ashley Greene

Celebrity Tattoo Fails: Ashley Green

Greene has a beautiful tattoo of the quote “Life’s a dream” in cursive on her foot — except the actor forgot the apostrophe, so her tattoo actually reads, “Lifes a dream.”

Britney Spears

Celebrity Tattoo Fails: Britney Spears

When Spears got a Chinese symbol tattooed on her waist, she wanted it to be the word "mysterious," but instead, the one she got means “strange.” The singer later got a tattoo of a Kabbalah-inspired symbol on her neck that was supposed to say, “God,” but it was also misspelled. Fortunately, Spears had that one removed.

David Beckham

Celebrity Tattoo Fails: David Beckham

In 2000, Beckham wanted to honor his wife, Victoria, with a tattoo of her name in Hindi on his arm. Alas, the name was misspelled, and it reads, “Vihctoria” instead of “Victoria.”

Emma Watson

Celebrity Tattoo Fails: Emma Watson

Watson wanted to make an impact when she showed up at the Vanity Fair Oscars party in 2018 with the phrase “Time’s Up” on her arm. But instead of it highlighting the movement or her work as one of Time’s Up’s founders, fans and the media focused on how the tattoo was missing an apostrophe, making it read, “Times Up.”

Hayden Panettiere

Celebrity Tattoo Fails: Hayden Panettiere

Panettiere has the phrase vivere senza rimpianti tattooed on her back. The phrase means “live without regrets” in Italian. However, there’s an extra I, but, in the true spirit of the tattoo, Panettiere isn’t too bummed about it. “It’s misspelled, whatever. I just put my own spin to it. Chances are I’ll probably get it fixed, but that’s why I love having it on my back because I don’t get bored of it,” she said according to HollywoodLife.

Jessie J

Celebrity Tattoo Fails: Jessie J

In honor of her song “Who You Are,” the singer tattooed the lyrics, “Don’t lose who you are in the blur of the stars," on her waist. Turns out, there was a misspelling. Instead of "lose," Jessie J got the word loose tattooed on her body. Her tattoo fail is the main reason fans will almost always see the singer in high-waisted clothes. “I did it ages ago and had ‘Don’t lose who you are in the blur of the star!’ tattooed on my side. Not long after I had it done, my mum said to me in tears, ‘I don’t know how to tell you this, but it is spelt wrong,'” Jessie J said on The Graham Norton Show. “It’s really big, which is awful. It’s the reason I always wear high-waisted stuff. I’m not going to put a spelling mistake that close to a camera!”


Celebrity Tattoo Fails: Rihanna

Rihanna has two misspelled tattoos. The first is the tattoo of the French words rebelle fleur on her neck. Because the adjective is in the front, the phrase actually translates to “flower rebel” instead of “rebel flower” like Rih wanted it to. But that’s not the only tattoo fail on Rihanna’s body. In 2009, the singer tattooed the word "forgiveness" in Sanskrit on her side, but that was also misspelled.

Harry Styles

In 2012, Styles tattooed his favorite lyrics from Temper Trap’s song “Sweet Disposition” on his arm. However, they were the wrong lyrics. Styles tattooed “won’t stop ’till we surrender,” while the actual lyrics are “won’t stop to surrender.” 

To make matters worse, Styles’s then-girlfriend, Taylor Swift, was the one who asked the band to write down the lyrics of the song to give to Styles. The lyrics were correct on paper, but somehow, they were lost in translation when Styles was at the tattoo shop, and he ended up with a typo. “Harry Styles has got the wrong lyrics tattooed—he’s got like a portion of the pre-chorus of ‘Sweet Disposition’… but it’s wrong,” Dougy Mandagi, one of the band’s members, told Pedestrian TV.

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The Must-Know Ingredients Clean Beauty Brands Love Using


Investing in a beauty routine that’s truly devoid of harmful ingredients means your clean beauty education never ends. There’s always legislation regarding animal testing to familiarize yourself with, new small-batch brands to discover and, of course, knowing the actual difference between frequently used terms, such as "all-natural," "green" and "organic."

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And though this list can easily include a constantly evolving list of innovative, lesser-known ingredients, there’s also a not-so-short list of those with serious lasting power. And if you’re new to the clean beauty arena, getting familiar with these old faves is definitely a solid place to start. Ahead, with the help of aesthetician and Monastery founder Athena Hewett, is a handy guide for the beginning of your eco-friendly beauty transformation.

Clean Beauty Ingredients Chart

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The Definitive Guide to Growing Out Your Eyebrows


As mood-altering and face-defining as a red lip can be, brows have a similar power to completely transform a face. But if you’ve been experiencing the forever struggle of sparse arches or you’ve found yourself in recovery mode from a grooming mishap, all is not lost. The good news is you can get them growing.

Ahead, two experts share what you should and shouldn’t do to help make your archenemies your most powerful face-framing ally.

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Get to the root of the matter

Brow expert Giselle Soto says internal factors like poor nutrition, alopecia, aging, hormones and stress can be equally responsible as more obvious reasons for sparse brows, like over-tweezing, which can cause the hair follicle to actually become inactive, and clogged pores from makeup and creams, which stop the hair follicle from opening up and inhibits growth.

It’ll take some time to figure out just what is holding you back from your best brows. Soto says if you’ve always had thin brows, there's a chance they won’t grow in any more than the current state they are in. However, once you get to the problem, it’s worth making a few adjustments to your diet and grooming routine to see if you notice any changes.

Give it time

Compared with the rest of the hair on our bodies, brows tend to need a bit more time and coaxing to sprout — so try to be patient. “Unfortunately, you can’t stimulate hair to grow any faster than your body naturally would. Eating a clean diet does increase your chances; however, eyebrow hair growth takes time,” says Soto.

If you’ve had a brow mishap, it can typically take six to eight weeks for your brows to fully grow back in. While everyone has different skin regeneration timing, this is the minimum amount of time you’ll need to see a difference in this particular area.

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Try a serum

It’s going to be a labor of love, but Soto says if you’re willing to put in the time, the best way to get your arches growing is to commit to a brow serum. You can either mix one up yourself using equal parts castor, vitamin E and argan oils (1 teaspoon of each) or layering castor, rosemary or lavender essential oil on them everyday.

“Massage the oil into your eyebrows for two to three minutes before bed, leave it on overnight, and wash it off the next morning,” Soto explains. If you prefer a store-bought treatment, look for ingredients like peptides, keratin and biotin, which all help stimulate and boost and rebuild the hairs and follicles.

Growing Out Your Eyebrows: Feathered brows pink eyeshadow

Be careful when shaping

Whether you’re a waxing devotee or prefer threading to tweezing, both Soto and Jaimineey Patel, head of training at Blink Brow Bar London, agree that the way you shape affects how your brows grow. “Waxing causes the brow hair to grow back at the slowest rate compared with all the other shaping methods,” says Soto, who notes that sugaring also has a similar growth effect as waxing. If you prefer threading or shaving, the hair will grow back quicker, but keep in mind that it will also fill in with a spiky edge, which will impact how it looks and how your fill-in (with products) turns out.

Patel says that over-plucking is a major factor in poor hair growth. She recommends avoiding tweezing altogether but says if you can’t resist, make sure you are removing only the hairs that are outside your brow shape.

Mind your skin care

Many exfoliants and peel-off masks are extremely harsh on the eyebrow region, which will cause hair to fall out. Patel also adds that any stringent products, like alcohol-based face treatments, can be dehydrating to the skin and should be avoided around the brow area. It can strip the natural moisture your brows need to flourish.


Camouflage the patches

While you wait out the six weeks before new hairs fill in, use a soft powder and highlighter to hide the skimpy spots. “The contrast between the light highlighter and dark brow powder will camouflage the sparse areas,” says Soto.

Patel recommends a brow gel enriched with mini microfibers to coat tiny baby brow hairs and give the illusion of thicker, fuller brows or a brow pen or pencil with a fine, nimble tip you can use to gently draw upward strokes through the brow to resemble brow hairs. When you’re ready to get growing or at least look like you are, give one of these brow boosters a go:

Growing Out Your Eyebrows: Blink Brow Bar London Brow Build Gel

Blink Brow Bar London Brow Build Gel

Tiny little microfibers within a tinted gel base stick to sparse spots to make it look like your brows are a lot fuller and thicker than they really are.

Blink Brow Bar London Brow Build Gel, $28 at Net-a-Porter

Growing Out Your Eyebrows: RevitaBrow Advanced

RevitaLash RevitaBrow Advanced

While it’s not a brow-growth formula, this nourishing conditioner that has peptides, lipids, biotin and green tea extract does for compromised brows what skin care serums do for stressed-out skin.

RevitaBrow Advanced, $110 at RevitaLash

Growing Out Your Eyebrows: Benefit Brow Contour Pro

Benefit Brow Contour Pro

Click each of the four sides on this elementary school throwback pen to fill, shape, highlight or define.

Brow Contour Pro, $34 at Benefit

Growing Out Your Eyebrows: BrowFood Velvet 3D Brow Glide

BrowFood Velvet 3D Brow Glide

Fill and go with a formula that’s a liquid pomade, thickening gel, styling wax and conditioner all in one. It’s really pigmented, so it’ll look like your brows are tinted, and once you swipe it on, it stays put for the day.

BrowFood Velvet 3D Brow Glide, $24 at LashFood

Growing Out Your Eyebrows: Joah Brow Down to Me Precision Brow Pencil

Joah Brow Down to Me precision brow pencil

Use the superfine tip to recreate the look of natural brow hairs and then the spoolie end to brush any strays into place.

Joah Brow Down to Me precision brow pencil, $9 at CVS

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10 Crazy Red Carpet Hacks Celebrities Use to Stay Picture-Perfect


We’ve always wanted to know exactly how celebrities remain absolutely stunning on red carpets, with their striking ensembles and seemingly perfect smiles. There are flashing lights and high-quality cameras and a wide array of possible angles, but celebrity stylists have all the secret tips that go into orchestrating a flawless red carpet look. Here are a few tips most of us would never have thought of to try at home — try them during your next photo op.

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Using white eye shadow to brighten teeth

This first hack is probably the most interesting considering it involves using makeup on your teeth — that’s right: makeup. on. your. teeth. Bruce Grayson, the head of makeup for the Academy Awards, told Bravo, “One trick that I have used on the red carpet is brushing on white cream eye shadow directly on teeth to brighten a smile. It whitens teeth, and it’s undetectable. It doesn’t stay on long, but long enough for that one important close-up red carpet photo!”  This trick seems to be a tad extra but completely understandable considering the importance of a red carpet.

Crazy Red Carpet Hacks Celebrities Use: Using White Eye Shadow to Brighten Teeth

Using toothpaste to clean scuffed shoes

Toothpaste is useful for more than just cleaning teeth. According to Marie Clarie’s senior fashion editor, Zanna Roberts Rassi, this household product is perfect for cleaning up scuffed shoes. Simply rub a sufficient amount of the paste, not gel, onto the scuff with a damp cloth and then wipe it off. The shoe should be completely clean and scuff-free. She demonstrated this quick tip on a pair of patent leather shoes on Good Morning America.

Crazy Red Carpet Hacks Celebrities Use: Using Toothpaste to Clean Scuffed Shoes

Using sweetener to clean stains

Another tip Rassi shared includes using artificial sweetener for a fresh stain. Place artificial sweetener immediately on the stain and let it absorb. Pat the clothing from the back so it pushes the stain out instead of in. By doing so, you won’t force the stain back into the clothing, and you are ready to go, stain-free.

Crazy Red Carpet Hacks Celebrities Use: Using Sweetener to Clean Stains

Using soap to loosen stubborn zippers

Rassi also shared that she uses a bar of soap to coat the teeth of a stubborn zipper if it ever gets stuck. This way, it can ease the traction and allow it to zip up smoothly.

Crazy Red Carpet Hacks Celebrities Use: Using Soap to Loosen Stubborn Zippers

Using tape to fake larger cleavage

Kim Kardashian West was probably the first star to expose this red carpet secret that, frankly, many celebrities also use to fake a larger amount of cleavage. The hack requires taping the bust up in a way that flatters the open neckline without showing any extra tape. Stylist Janice Meredith revealed that the tape is usually trimmed in order to conceal the construction underneath. Before you start taping away, be sure to have some baby oil on hand so you can remove the tape without harming your skin.

Using shapewear to avoid creases

Not only is tape a must-have for red carpet looks, but so is layered shapewear. The more nylon, the more support. Meredith mentioned how celebs will layer their shapewear, like Spanx, to create a smooth, crease-free look. Some fabrics are less forgiving than others, and layering shapewear can help prevent any unwanted bumps or bubbles. Boohoo is a great place to get affordable shapewear for only $12.

Crazy Red Carpet Hacks Celebrities Use: Using Eyeshadow to Fake a Fuller Hairline

Using eye shadow to fake a fuller hairline

Not everyone is born with a perfect hairline, not even celebrities. Celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan told Elle that she places eye shadow on the hairlines of stars such as Ashley Graham in order to create the illusion of a fuller hairline. The sparse areas are filled with an eye shadow color that matches the star’s actual hair color, creating a perfectly full hairline. This tip is super-useful for looks in which the hair is tied back or pulled up from the face.

Using shea butter & talc powder for more comfortable heels

When it comes to red carpets, celebrities are usually wearing uncomfortable designer shoes. Jenke Ahmed Tailly, who has worked with stars such as Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian West, told Vogue that instead of wearing insoles to ease discomfort — because they can take away from the look and might not even work — he recommends massaging the feet with shea butter and then applying a translucent talc powder. The massage will help loosen up the muscles while the powder will improve comfort.

Crazy Red Carpet Hacks Celebrities Use: Using a Menthol Spray for Heels

Using a menthol spray for heels

Another way to ease discomfort would be to use a spray called Still Standing that Margot Robbie’s stylist, Kate Young, recommended. Still Standing is an eco-friendly, nonaerosol continuous spray that generates a mix of cooling menthol, natural anti-inflammatories and pain relievers. All you have to do is spray this product all over the feet and wait for it to dry. Please hold while we add a few cans to our shopping carts…

Using a Menthol Spray for Heels

Using plastic bags or Aquaphor to slip into tight shoes

This last hack is perfect for those of you trying to slip on those stubborn shoes. Aquaphor is a great lubricant for difficult shoes that need a little extra help slipping into. And celebrity stylist Toni Ferrara said plastic bags are perfect for getting boots to slip on with ease. “For premieres where we didn’t wear gowns and a client wore knee-high boots, we used plastic bags to get her foot to fit into the boot—enough to walk the carpet and be photographed,” she said.

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Fashion & Beauty Secrets Royals Use to Avoid Wardrobe Malfunctions


The British royal family might seem like they live on another planet where the air is cleaner and the clothes are better-fitting, but in reality, they’re people like anyone else. And believe it or not, they even have wardrobe malfunctions — well, they would if it weren’t for their fashion and beauty hacks.

Have you ever wondered why Duchess Meghan (née Markle) of Sussex always looks so put-together? Or why the Duchess of Cambridge's (better known as Kate Middleton) skirt never flies up even in the strongest of breezes? Well, like everything, the royals have a hack for that. Ahead, we’ve collected the little-known fashion and beauty secrets the royals use to avoid wardrobe malfunctions. Find out how they keep calm and collected, even in nature’s most trying situations below.

Wearing bodysuits so skirts don’t fly up

Wearing Bodysuits, So Skirts Don’t Fly Up

To prevent their skirts from flying up in even the strongest winds, royal women such as Kate and Meghan often wear bodysuits underneath their dresses to create static. That way, when a gust of wind comes, their skirts will stick to their bodysuits and stay down.

“Often they wear body suits and clothes that actually increase static so it’s much hard for something to fly up,” Myka Meier, a royal etiquette expert, told The Sun. “So you have an undergarment that is almost like a body suit that is one tactic that is used.”

“Often they wear body suits and clothes that actually increase static so it’s much hard[er] for something to fly up,” Meier said. “So you have an undergarment that is almost like a body suit that is one tactic that is used. If you do not use weights or heavy weighted material, you make sure it will not fly up by wearing under garments that keep the fabrics connect[ed] to your body.”

Wearing shoes a size too big to avoid blisters

Wearing Shoes a Size Too Big to Avoid Blisters

You might have noticed Meghan is often seen with shoes that are too big for her. Well, there’s a reason for that. According to fashion expert Harriet Davey, many celebrities often wear shoes a size or two sizes up to avoid blisters. Also, long periods of standing often cause the feet to swell, so the bigger shoes also work against that.

“Celebs often go a size up, or even two, in the shoe department when they’re at an event or on the red carpet and it’s for one reason we can all relate to — to avoid blisters,” Davey told The Sun. “There’s nothing worse than uncomfortable shoes (we’ve all been there on a night out) and when celebs like Meghan are wearing heels for a long period of time their feet can often swell up.”

Weighing down skirts with small weights

Weighing Down Skirts with Small Weights

Another trick royals use to prevent their skirts from flying is sewing small weights along the hem. Queen Elizabeth is especially a fan of this hack and prefers it over the bodysuit trick. She even sews weights on dresses that aren’t as light so they can hang more evenly. “I just pop a couple of weights into the hemline of her dresses and coats and it makes them hang beautifully. If there is a flap in the coat then I will sew in one on each side of the split to even it up,” Stewart Parvin, Queen Elizabeth’s courtier, told the Daily Mail. “And sometimes if she is wearing a lightweight chiffon skirt I will sew in a smaller lead weight the size of a pea or even a length of chain.”

Wearing stockings with rubber pads

Wearing Stockings with Rubber Pads

As many royal traditionalists know, bare legs are frowned upon in royal circles, which is why many women wear sheer or nude stockings. But also, as many know, tights don’t provide a lot of friction in shoes and can often lead to feet slipping out of them. To prevent this, royals such as Kate purchase specific tights from John Lewis with rubber soles that adhere to the shoe and keep the feet from sliding around according to The Sun.

Using elastic bands to hold hats in place

Using Elastic Bands to Hold Hats in Place

The royals are known for their extravagant hats. But with their size and often offbeat shapes, it’s hard to keep them on, especially when they’re supposed to be worn at off-kilter angles. So the royals came up with a solution: elastic. According to Jill Courtemanche, a custom hatmaker, royals often wear elastic in the same color as their hair to keep their hats from falling off. “Preferably the elastic should be the same color as the wearer’s hair and is worn under the hair at the back, resting below the bump on the back of the head,” Courtemanche told Royal Hats.

Wearing low buns to avoid dents

Wearing Low Buns to Avoid Dents

Meghan gets a lot of flak for her messy buns, but there might be a practical reason behind them. Byrdie U.K. explained that the Duchess of Sussex’s habit of wearing low buns might be to avoid dents and creases that would be created by ponytails or top knots. The messy bun allows Meghan more freedom when styling her naturally curly hair differently at night, so she doesn’t have to wash it again.

“With a full schedule of day and night events, there can’t be much time for Meghan to perform a full hair wash and restyle in between,” Byrdie U.K. reported. “So, unlike a hair-denting ponytail or root-ruffling topknot, a low bun is like a form of damage control. Markle can wear one all day and then quickly unwind it — letting her loose waves fall beyond her shoulders, ready for the evening’s function.”

Wearing hairnets to keep updos in place

Wearing Hairnets to Keep Updos in Place

Not only are hairnets traditional, but they provide a practical purpose to a royal’s look. The cheap accessory, which is a favorite of Kate’s, is often worn in a color similar to the hair and allows the royals to wear tight, neat updos without having to worry about them falling apart.

Using “nude” nail polish to hide chipped nails

Using “Nude” Nail Polish to Hide Chipped Nails

It’s a royal tradition for members to wear natural-looking nail polish colors and avoid bright shades, such as red or yellow. But there might be a reason behind that too. A manicure that matches one’s skin tone makes it harder to tell if a royal’s nails are chipped or not. And though it’s not a foolproof solution, chipped nails with natural-looking polish definitely look better than if the polish were neon.

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Rebel Wilson Used to Buy Men’s Clothes Because of a Lack of Plus Sizes


Rebel Wilson has been in the spotlight for more than a decade, but it was only a couple of years ago when she hired Elizabeth Stewart (the stylist behind Julia Roberts, Cate Blanchett and other stars) that designers started to dress her. Before that, Wilson was wearing Adidas tracksuits to events or shopping for red-carpet dresses at department stores, where the sizes were more inclusive, though not by much.

“In the beginning, even though I was an actress and I was on red carpets, you’d find your dress still at Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s in the very-limited-at-the-time plus-size division,” Wilson tells StyleCaster. “It’s great those stores now have a lot more options. But still, it’s really only 10 percent of the clothes.”

Rebel Wilson

Wilson’s “harrowing” relationship with shopping dates back to her teens, when she struggled to find clothes that fit — despite being a size 16 to 18, the average size for women in the United States. “It was like hell. It was so embarrassing,” Wilson says. “At that time, and especially in Australia, they didn’t even have female jeans sizes in that size, so you’d have to buy men’s Levis. That’s really bad.”

Wilson’s history with shopping is one of the reasons she created her size-14-and-up clothing line, Rebel Wilson x Angels, in 2017. The line, which is sold at retailers like Nordstrom and Dia&Co., recently launched its second collection, a 34-item holiday collection available in sizes 0X to 3X. “When I used to go shopping with my mum, it would always be a harrowing experience where I would end up crying, and I would hate shopping,” Wilson says. “Things you thought looked cool didn’t fit when you tried them on. It makes you feel gross and excluded or like fashion isn’t for you. With Rebels x Angels, I want people to feel included.”

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But for Wilson, expanding to more sizes wasn’t enough. She wanted to design clothes she and other plus-size women would wear, which is why most of her designs are body-con — to combat the misconception that plus-size women want to hide their bodies or are ashamed of them. “I’m someone who likes clothes that are called body-con, which means it goes to the curve of your body, and I think they look so much more flattering, so I don’t really want to hide any part,” Wilson said. “You want to celebrate your body. There’s a misconception that all plus-size women are ashamed of their body or are ashamed of certain parts of their body.”

As for whether Wilson is still struggling to find designers to dress her, we’ll let her answer that question herself. “Givenchy is creating a custom outfit for something next week, and they’re the best fashion house in the world. So I’ve really come a long way,” Wilson said.

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Still, she loves shopping at department stores for the Pretty Woman moments she didn’t have growing up. Armed with a better understanding of her body and a mission to promote size inclusivity, Wilson has a far different experience with shopping now than she did when she was younger. It’s fun and most definitely for her. “The other day, I was filming some reshoots on my movie, Isn’t It Romantic. I was like, ‘Let’s just go to Saks Fifth Avenue and do a shopping spree,’” Wilson says. “I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. I was like, ‘Yeah! Let’s do this!’ Now, because I know more and I know what looks good on me, I’m a lot more comfortable in those environments.”

She adds, “Everyone can have style. It doesn’t matter what size you are. You don’t have to wait until you lose weight to have style. You can have style today.”

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Everything You Need to Know About Sephora's 2018 Beauty Insider Holiday Sale


What's better than free candy on Halloween? Our opinion may be unpopular, but we'd say a full rundown of Sephora's Beauty Insider Holiday 2018 Sale, including the sale's end date, suffices. The mecca of all things hair, skin and makeup has already launched most of its holiday offerings, but the fun has quite literally just begun. Here's what you need to know about the annual sale whether you're a VIB Rouge member or still working your way up the Insider ranks.

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For starters, the sale dates are different according to your status. The entire Beauty Insider program, which is free to join, is tiered, so your rewards are according to how much you spend. The more you spend, the better the discounts — make sense?

Once you spend over $350 in a year, you gain VIB status, and for purchases that total over $1,000, you get to be a VIB Rouge, the highest rank of them all.

As revealed in a post from the popular Instagram account TrendMood1, those with a VIB Rouge stamp will have exclusive sale access (20 percent off purchases online and in-store) Nov. 2 through 5 with the code ROUGEBONUS.

Next up are VIB members, who will have also have 20 percent off their purchases online and in-store the weekend of Nov. 9 through 12 with the code VIBBONUS. And finally, basic-level Insiders will get 15 percent off their purchases the weekend of Nov. 16 through 19 with the code BIBONUS.

The best part of this entire extravaganza is that there's still time (the entire sale wraps up on Nov. 19) to dissect Sephora's website and start bookmarking what products you plan to purchase... as long as they don't sell out first. Good luck!

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Unexpected Ways Celebrities Use Aquaphor in Their Beauty Routines


By definition, Aquaphor is a healing ointment designed to heal minor cuts and cracked skin. But that's far from its only use. Though most of us know the cult-followed petroleum jelly as a lip balm, Aquaphor has tons of other uses, as discovered by the hacks of celebrities such as Hailey Baldwin, Emily Ratajkowski and Sofia Richie.

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Aquaphor isn't just an ointment or a lip balm. It's an all-purpose product in its truest form and can be used for everything from highlighter to eye shadow to keeping dark circles at bay. Ahead, we've collected the most unexpected ways celebrities use Aquaphor in their beauty routines. Check out how you can incorporate the multipurpose product below.

Zendaya: Use it as highlighter

Celebrity Uses for Aquaphor: Zendaya: Use It as Highlighter

 Zendaya considers Aquaphor as the "magic step" in her beauty routine. But the actor doesn't use the product to moisturize. Instead, she puts it on over her makeup as highlighter. In a video on her YouTube channel, Zendaya revealed she uses Aquaphor for a natural-looking highlight. The step is easy: After she finishes her makeup, Zendaya takes some Aquaphor and dabs it on her cheekbones and the bridge of her nose. Warning: She doesn't advise the hack for those with oily skin. “It’s like sweat, but it’s not,” she said. “If you tend to get a shiny nose, don’t do this.” Fun fact: now-Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle's makeup artist is also known to use this hack.

Sofia Richie: Use it as under-eye cream

Celebrity Uses for Aquaphor: Sofia Richie: Use It as Under-Eye Cream

To prevent crow's feet, under-eye circles and eye bags, Richie uses a dab of Aquaphor under her eyes each night as an eye cream. The model revealed her secret in an interview with E! News in which she said she uses the hack as a preventative measure against wrinkles. She might be 20, but she's thinking ahead. Because of its high glycerin content, the hack isn't advised for those prone to acne. “I sleep with it under my eyes because I heard it prevents bags. I’m just a freak about bags and wrinkles,” Richie said.

Selena Gomez: Use it to make cream eye shadow

Celebrity Uses for Aquaphor: Selena Gomez: Use It to Make Cream Eyeshadow

Selena Gomez's makeup artist, Hung Vanngo, has a hack to transform powder eye shadow into cream eye shadow, and of course, it involves Aquaphor. In an interview with Huda Beauty, the makeup artist revealed he often mixes powder products — eye shadows, blushes, etc. — with Aquaphor to make them a creamy consistency. The hack also increases the pigment and makes the product more hydrating. “My best and only makeup trick is mixing powder eyeshadow with Aquaphor to create a cream shadow,” he said. “You can also do this with a powder blush to create a cream blush.”

Michelle Williams: Use it to exfoliate

Celebrity Uses for Aquaphor: Michelle Williams: Use It to Exfoliate

For a soft, pillowy pout, Williams uses Aquaphor and a hot towel to exfoliate her lips. The actor's makeup artist, Angela Levin, revealed the hack in an interview with Today. The routine begins by using a warm washcloth to slough away dead skin before immediately moisturizing them with a combination of Aquaphor, Clarins lip oil and Dr. Hauschka's Lip Balm. “We try to take a hot washcloth and lay it on the lips and wipe the lips to take away the dead skin. You have to be very gentle. I use a combination of Aquaphor and the Clarins lip oil. Dr. Hauschka, I put on her as well,” Levin said.

Hailey Baldwin: Use it to shape eyebrows

Celebrity Uses for Aquaphor: Hailey Baldwin: Use It to Shape Eyebrows

Baldwin might be a supermodel, but she isn't above Aquaphor's drugstore appeal. In an interview with InStyle, Baldwin revealed she uses the product not only to moisturize her lips, but to also shape and condition her eyebrows. "I swear by Aquaphor. I use it everywhere like as a lip conditioner and on my eyebrows," she said. "If I was stuck somewhere and I needed to look presentable and had zero makeup, I would put a little bit on as a highlighter and on my lips. It’s a good multipurpose product."

The model talked about the hack again in an interview with Teen Vogue in which she also revealed she sometimes uses Aquaphor to condition her lashes before she sleeps. “You can use it on your skin, and lip balm, eyebrows,” Baldwin said. "I don’t particularly use it on my skin as an everyday thing, but always on my eyebrows and lips. I put Aquaphor or Vaseline on my brows before I go to bed, and you can use it on your lashes too if you’re careful.”

Emily Ratajkowski: Use it to define lipstick

Celebrity Uses for Aquaphor: Emily Ratajkowski: Use It to Define Lipstick

To amp up the color of her lipstick, Ratajkowski mixes Aquaphor with her favorite lipstick. The trick not only increases the pigment but also helps to define Ratajkowski's "really pale" lips. "Then I put Aquaphor on my lips, or I might mix it with Charlotte’s Bond Girl lipstick so there’s some definition. I have really pale lips; people always think I’m wearing nude lipstick," Ratajkowski told The New York Times.

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Urban Decay’s Black Friday Sale Lasts 10 Days, & We’ve Got the Details


We'll get straight to the point: Urban Decay's Black Friday 2018 sale is not like other sales. It's a 10-day long bonanza, featuring shifting site-wide deals and heavily discounted favorites. The bounty is plentiful, and the harvesting begins on Thanksgiving Day — fitting because the brand's newly dropped Cherry collection makes us drool.

Cherries are currently trending in a way that must cause pineapples deep contempt. Between Tom Ford's naughtily named Lost Cherry fragrance ($320 at Sephora) and Urban Decay's scarlet-hued Cherry palette ($49 at Urban Decay), the small fruit is having an upscale beauty moment. Cherries are more unexpected than apples for fall and generally way less played out than pineapples. But forget my produce manifesto; what matters is this stunning Black Friday blowout.

Urban Decay revealed its 10 days of deals to our sister site StyleCaster so we could guide you through this emotional journey. Step one: become an Urban Decay Beauty Junkie. It's free to sign up, and loyalty members rack up points on all purchases, which they can later redeem for swag. In the case of Black Friday, Beauty Junkies receive additional discounts, so it's a no-brainer. After you've signed up, commit this page to memory.

We're kidding. That would be weird. Check back every day from Nov. 22 to Dec. 1 for a refresher on the daily deal, and try to budget your cash accordingly. The cherries are rooting for you.

Nov. 22 – 24

 Urban Decay’s Black Friday 2018 Sale: Urban Decay Drop Shot Oil

Coming out hot, Urban Decay's first Black Friday deal begins Thanksgiving Day and ends Saturday, Nov. 24. All customers will score 20 percent off online purchases and free shipping, while Beauty Junkies will snag 25 percent off (with some restrictions). This is your chance to try out any product you've been curious about but too shy to commit to or snag the hot new releases.

Nov. 25

 Urban Decay’s Black Friday 2018 Sale: Brushes

We're calling this deal Basic Saturday, but we don't mean any insult. With 50 percent off Naked Skin Concealers ($14.50, was $29, at Urban Decay), All Nighter Concealers ($14.50, was $29, at Urban Decay) and pro makeup Brushes ($7.50 – $29.50, were $15 – $59, at Urban Decay), you can stock up on basics you'll reach for everyday. Who doesn't need a luxe brush and damn good concealer?

Nov. 26

 Urban Decay’s Black Friday 2018 Sale: Naked Heat Palette

Cyber Monday is your one and only opportunity to buy the best-selling Naked Heat palette ($27, was $54, at Urban Decay) at 50 percent off. Bookmark this day.

Nov. 27

 Urban Decay’s Black Friday 2018 Sale: Urban Decay Vice Lipstick

While other sales are cooling off, Urban Decay is coming for your cash with 50 percent off select Vice lipsticks ($9, was $18, at Urban Decay). Pretty much everyone stans this highly rated formula, including Ruby Rose. Also, it's $9 Urban Decay lipstick.

  Urban Decay’s Black Friday 2018 Sale: Naked Petite Heat Palette

The Naked Petite Heat palette ($14.50, was $29, at Urban Decay), the pocket version of Monday's deal, is 50 percent off today. So if you couldn't spring for the full-size, here's your shot at the more compact counterpart.

Nov. 29

 Urban Decay’s Black Friday 2018 Sale: Lightspeed Palette

For those partial to palettes, it doesn't get much better than today. The half-off Lightbeam palette ($12, as $24, at Urban Decay), the Moondust palette ($24, was $49, Urban Decay) and the Naked Skin Shapeshifter palette ($22, was $45, at Urban Decay) will fly off the shelves.

Nov. 30

 Urban Decay’s Black Friday 2018 Sale:

If you have any lingering cash at this juncture, Friday's deals will surely finish you: $10 stocking stuffers and a gift with your purchase ($50 minimum). Make like the savvy Secret Santa you've always known you could be, and score gifts people actually want.

Dec. 1

 Urban Decay’s Black Friday 2018 Sale: Naked Smoky Palette

December opens with the close of Urban Decay's 10-day mega-sale. Whether you've managed a modicum of restraint or just can't resist a bargain, the half-off Naked Smoky palette ($27, was $54, at Urban Decay) is here to console you.

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