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    If you were born without shampoo-commercial-worthy voluminous locks, chances are you need a few tools in your hair product arsenal.

    And no, we’re not talkin’ the root-boosting sprays that require wet hair, a blow-dryer, and a master’s degree in blowouts, but the volumizing sprays and powders that contain light-as-air polymers that attach to your dry hair to bulk it up, giving you the look and feel of insanely thick, va-va-voom hair. And because there are approximately 40,000 products on the market that claim to volumize your hair — but actually just leave it in a sticky, knotted mess — we cut through the bullshit for you and spelled out our favorites.

    More: Using Texturizing Spray on My Wet Hair Gave Me Perfect Beach Waves

    Here, we present to you the seven best sprays (great for adding light-to-medium volume) and powders (best for building hardcore volume and texture) that really, truly work, including Lauren’s obsession, Big Sexy Hair Powder Play, which I genuinely believe she would run into a burning building filled with sharks to save. Just lift up sections of hair and spray or sprinkle the volumizer at your roots, then flip your head over, hang out for 10 seconds, and flip back over. Boom—instant volume, in only 60 seconds. Keep reading to find your new favorite volume-maker, and get ready to feel pretty damn awesome about your Flat Stanley hair.

    Flat hair fix
    Image: Imaxtree

    Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast

    Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast
    Image: Living Proof

    Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast, $29; at Living Proof

    Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Volumizing & Texturizing Powder

    Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Volumizing & Texturizing Powder
    Image: Sexy Hair

    Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Volumizing & Texturizing Powder, $16.95; at Sexy Hair

    L'Oréal Boost It High Lift Creation Spray

    L'Oréal Boost It High Lift Creation Spray
    Image: L'Oréal

    L'Oréal Boost It High Lift Creation Spray, $4.99; at L'Oréal

    Bumble and Bumble Prêt-à-Powder

    Bumble and Bumble Prêt-à-Powder
    Image: Bumble and Bumble

    Bumble and Bumble Prêt-à-Powder, $12; at Bumble and Bumble

    Kenra Professional Volume Finishing Spray 25

    Kenra Professional Volume Finishing Spray 25
    Image: Ulta

    Kenra Professional Volume Finishing Spray 25, $17; at Ulta

    More: Do Hair, Skin & Nail Vitamins Really Work: The Final Answer

    Got2B Powder’ful Volumizing Styling Powder

    Got2B Powder’ful Volumizing Styling Powder
    Image: Ulta

    Got2B Powder’ful Volumizing Styling Powder, $6.49; at Ulta

    Serge Normant Dream Big Instant Volumizing Spray

    Serge Normant Dream Big Instant Volumizing Spray
    Image: Serge Normant

    Serge Normant Dream Big Instant Volumizing Spray, $25; at Serge Normant

    Pin it! The easiest way to fix flat hair
    Image: Yvonna Groom/Sheknows

    Originally posted on StyleCaster.com. Updated 10/10/2017.

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    Even on the shortest flights, the bummer combo of altitude and dry, recycled cabin air can wreak havoc on skin. Ever wonder how flight attendants manage to protect their skin against the high skies? Well, we went straight to the source and asked Emirates cabin crew member Ashleigh Joseph how she deals.

    If you’ve ever flown with the Dubai-based airline, you’re aware that its crew members are famously polished and put-together with impeccable skin, hair and makeup from takeoff to landing. Joseph let us in on her secrets for air travel prep, in-flight fixes and post-landing recovery tips. Here, grab her top seven tips to smooth beauty sailing at 35,000 feet and above.

    Preparation is key

    “Moisturizing lotion, lip balm and body spray are all musts when it comes to flying,” says Joseph. “With the air 37,000 feet up being quite dry, it can be harsh on the skin. Use a good facial mask 2 to 3 times a week to help keep your skin in really good condition, and use rose water when flying, which can be taken in a refillable spray container and used throughout the flight.”

    Stay hydrated

    Between eating at 4.30 a.m. and traveling across the world’s time zones, Joseph’s one constant is keeping her body hydrated at all times. She recommends lots of green tea, water with lemon or mint and fruits and vegetables to boost your immune system.

    More: 6 Pumpkin Beauty Products That Won’t Make You Feel Basic

    Prime time

    “One thing this job has taught me is to use primer, primer and more primer before applying makeup.” she says. Splurge on a primer that will keep your makeup in place, and Joseph promises your makeup won’t budge the entire flight.

    Go natural

    “If you do wear makeup, make sure your look is natural,” Joseph suggests. “And avoid waterproof mascara, as this dries out your lashes and is harder to remove after a flight or sleeping onboard.” But one beauty item that Joseph calls her best friend is lip liner. “Lip liners help attain and accentuate the wonderful ‘Dubai lip’ most are trying to achieve.”

    Set your makeup

    Joseph credits a setting spray with keeping her look fresh despite the long-haul flights. “It requires minimal replenishment throughout the flight and that’s why I love it!” Who doesn’t want to come off a 12-hour flight looking completely relaxed and impossibly fresh looking?

    More: WTF Is an Essence & Should You Be Using One?

    Pack the essentials

    "If I look in my cabin bag right now, I’ll have at least three of each: roll on perfume, a shower cap and a sewing kit with spare buttons,” she says. Whether it's freshening your scent or preserving your blowout during a quick post-landing shower, make sure you have what you need on hand, from dry shampoo to deodorant.

    Keep it moving

    One thing Joseph always does post-flight is fit in a little workout. “Once you land, aim to get a bit of exercise, even if it’s just a brisk walk,” she recommends. “Exercise can mobilize the extra fluid.” No puffiness here!

    Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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    Kate Hudson is selling capris for a cause. The actor is kicking off October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a special collection of activewear products from her lifestyle brand, Fabletics. Part of the proceeds will be donated to target breast cancer screening and treatment.

    “It’s important that we’re supporting women who cannot afford to get the care that they need for something as rampant as breast cancer,” Hudson told StyleCaster at a Los Angeles launch event for the collection last Tuesday.

    As Hudson posed for pictures with eager fans, a hat provided cover for her shaved head. “There’s something really nice about just leaving it all behind,” Hudson says of the new look, motivated by her role in an upcoming Sia film.

    Kate Hudson Breast Cancer Awareness Collection: Shaved head to support Breast Cancer Awareness
    Image: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Fabletics

    "It’s important that we’re supporting women who cannot afford to get the care that they need for something as rampant as breast cancer."

    Hudson’s effort marks the second year Fabletics has partnered with the Council of Fashion Designers of America, which has organized the annual Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign since 2011.

    “If you have a community that is watching or listening, I think it’s important to spread awareness,” Hudson says of the fashion industry’s commitment to tackling breast cancer and other issues. “I feel very lucky that I’m able to do that.”

    Kate Hudson Breast Cancer Awareness Collection: Fabletics Collection
    Image: Fabletics

    Fabletics’ most popular item at the Los Angeles store was its Salar leggings — one of several items from the special collection that will come in the campaign’s signature deep blue. Other items include paisley-printed tank topsreversible sports bras and capri leggings.

    "I don’t believe that you can have a company that is about inspiring and empowering women and not include everyone."

    Kate Hudson Breast Cancer Awareness Collection: New Fabletics collection
    Image: Fabletics

    Hudson has been adamant that activewear like her collection needs to be body-inclusive. In March, she oversaw Fabletics’ roll out of workout clothes geared to plus-size women, and on Tuesday she reiterated her commitment to the cause.

    “I don’t believe that you can have a company that is about inspiring and empowering women and not include everyone,” Hudson says.

    Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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    OK, yes, the whole idealization of Barbie is super antiquated — but there's no denying the fact that the doll makes for one kick-ass Halloween costume. And since most of us grew up playing with Barbie, a costume homage to her definitely has the nostalgia factor going for it as well.

    Even though there's nothing simple about Barbie, putting together a Barbie costume is actually pretty easy. The bright colors and over-dramatized makeup are our favorite part, so if you focus on those two factors, you'll be well on your way. Here's our step-by-step breakdown for makeup that's fit for a doll

    More: Classic Wonder Woman Makeup Will Make You Feel Like a Badass on Halloween

    Step 1:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 1

    Apply a white cream shadow as a base. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk is perfect for this.

    Step 2:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 2

    Use your finger to blend from your lash line all the way up to your brow.

    Step 3:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 3

    Take that same white pencil and line your inner rim to give eyes a larger appearance.

    Step 4:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 4

    Pat a white eyeshadow all over the lid.

    Step 5:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 5

    Using a purple pencil liner, draw a line just above your natural crease. Barbie is rocking a cut crease, in case you haven’t noticed. I used Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Vice.

    Step 6:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 6

    Next, take a matte violet shadow like Urban from the Urban Decay Electric Palette and smudge out the line you just drew with a pencil brush.

    Step 7:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 7

    Extend your purple cut crease past the inner corner of your eye to make eyes appear wider.

    Step 8:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 8

    Using your same purple liner, draw a straight line, starting at the outer corner of your eye.

    Step 9:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 9

    Use your pencil brush to soften and blend the line out.

    Step 10:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 10

    Taking a crease brush, dip into a magenta color like Jilted in the Urban Decay Electric Palette and soften out your top edge, working the pink into the purple color.

    Step 11:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 11

    Use a makeup wipe to clean up and sharpen your outer edge.

    Step 12:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 12

    Using your purple liner, draw along lower lash line.

    Step 13:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 13

    Take your pencil brush dipped into Urban and smudge it out.

    Step 14:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 14

    Apply mascara to bottom lashes.

    Step 15:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 15

    Apply white shadow to your brow bone to highlight this area and add more dimension.

    Step 16:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 16

    Using a black liquid liner, line your top lash line. Too Faced 3-Way Lash Lining Tool is really easy to use!

    Step 17:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 17

    Cut a false lash strip in two sections. One small, one large. Place the smaller piece on the outer corner of your eye, just past where it ends.

    Step 18:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 18

    Apply the other lash section to your lower lash line.

    Step 19:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 19

    Find the most unnatural, longest false lashes you can get your hands on and place those along your top lash line.

    Step 20:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 20

    Apply mascara to fuse your lashes together.

    Step 21:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 21

    Apply a candy pink blush.

    More: This Simple Halloween Ghost Makeup Tutorial Makes Spooky Look Glam

    Step 22:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 22

    Using a medium pink lip liner, line lips, exaggerating the peaks of your top lip. I used NYX Slim Lip Pencil in Pinky. Take the liner just a little bit past the corners of your mouth for a creepy perms-smile.

    Step 23:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 23

    Fill in lips with a bubblegum pink shade. I used Tarte's 12-Hour Performance Lipstick in Whimsy, which is sadly discontinued, but Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids in Pink Pop would be a good stand-in.

    Step 24:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 24

    Go back in with your lip liner if necessary to clean up any areas.

    Step 25:

    Barbie Halloween Makeup: Step 25

    Now throw on your super-blond wig and some blue contacts if needed and go meet your Ken doll!

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    Human Barbie makeup
    Image: Karen Cox/SheKnows

    Originally posted October 2014. Updated October 2017.

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    Earlier this year, I wrote about the painstaking process that was parting ways with my beloved but terribly damaged platinum hair and finding my way back to my natural dishwater-blond roots. It’s been an emotional journey, but as The Fray profoundly wrote in their 2005 hit song, “Sometimes the hardest things and the right things are the same.” During that time, the only thing that was of consolation to me was that I thought it would just be a matter of time and patience while healthier hair grew in.

    Fun fact: I thought wrong. So wrong. Shortly after going dark, my hair started breaking off to the point where I was nearing mushroom-cut territory and became a dead ringer for Chrissie Hynde. (I love Chrissie Hynde, but her iconic choppy shag did not love me.)

    I felt helpless in the face of hair that was snapping off like twigs in the harsh winter wind and knew I had to act fast. Chopping it all off into a pixie cut was not an option, or at least an appealing one, so I started considering extensions.

    Hair Extensions From the Hair Goddess: Christina's old hair
    Image: Christina Grasso/StyleCaster

    Enter Christina Oliva, who most people may know as Hair Goddess and who stars on TLC’s aptly titled reality series “Hair Goddess.” At 18, the Staten Island native started a hair-extensions business out of her parents’ garage; now, she’s one of the most sought-after extensions specialists in the world and recently opened up shop at Olivia Christensen Salon on New York City’s Upper East Side. I knew that if I was going to get extensions, I wasn’t going to trust just any old Joe Schmo to glue bundles of hair to my traumatized scalp.

    And it’s a good thing I didn’t. Let’s pretend for a second that hair extensions are cars (and as a New Yorker, that makes hair extensions much more vital to my existence). Russian and Indian hair would be the Rolls Royces of hair extensions, and everything else would be, oh, I don’t know, a 1998 Chevy Blazer. (No disrespect to 1998 Chevy Blazer owners, but you get the picture.)

    According to Oliva, there’s a huge black market for hair extensions wherein people try to pass off Blazers as Rolls Royces, if you will — when, in fact, they’re not even Blazers. They’d be something far less chic: We’re talking hair from a human cadaver, “hair” comprised of yarn and string, or even horse hair.

    Now, I don’t know about you, but none of those scenarios sound appealing, and quite frankly, the whole corpse situation sounds like something Sergeant Benson should look into. Anyway, I digress.

    More: The 30 Most Iconic Hairstyles of All Time

    Hair Extensions From the Hair Goddess: Christina's hair in the works
    Image: Christina Grasso/StyleCaster

    The moral of this story is that one should take care when considering hair extensions. One of the things that makes Oliva so sought after is not just her skill, but the quality of her product. When I went in for my initial consultation, she decided to use Indian hair that was custom-blended to match my color and natural texture. (Side note: It also air-dries with pretty, beachy waves.)

    Next came the actual installation. Oliva uses a technique called microbeading, which is far less damaging than extensions that are glued or sewn-in. It was quick and painless. But because of the beads, I do have to be very careful with the products I use.

    Sulfates are a big no-no, as are oils and anything that might cause the beads to slip out, such as products containing hydrolyzed silk, wheat protein or silicone. Since getting the extensions installed, I have lost a few strands, which Oliva reassured me is normal.

    Hair Extensions From the Hair Goddess: Christina's new hair
    Image: Christina Grasso/StyleCaster

    More: How to Fix Bleach-Damaged Hair

    From start to finish, the whole process took no more than two hours, which is a low-key miracle considering I went in with just a few fried strands on my head and came out looking like Rapunzel’s peasant cousin (peasant only because I don’t live in a castle… yet).

    And yes, getting the hair of any relative of Rapunzel is going to cost you: Oliva’s services run between $500 and $1,500 to alter volume, and if it’s more length you want, you’re looking at a starting price of $1,500 (you’ll get a specific quote during your consultation).

    Still, I would tell any woman facing similar challenges with damage and breakage that it’s thoroughly worth it. Over the past month or so, I’ve felt like a whole new woman — something of a goddess, if you will, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed whipping my long hair at all parties who lament over how long it takes me to get ready now that I have hair.

    Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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    We know that moment all too well — you’re having a great conversation with your friends and you happen to catch a whiff of your breath. It’s hot. It’s stinky. It’s gross. You don’t want your friends to find out, so you pop in a mint and hope for the best.

    Having a case of bad breath is never fun. Luckily, in most cases, we know the triggers. For instance, eating garlic and not brushing your teeth are obvious reasons — but there are a few bad-breath culprits that aren’t so well known.

    Check out these surprising reasons for your stinky breath, and find out how to solve them.

    You have tonsil stones

    The National Center for Biotechnology Information reported that 75 percent of patients with high amounts of sulfur (which is a leading cause of bad breath) in their mouth had tonsil stones.

    If you’re not familiar, tonsil stones are a mixture of bacteria and debris that settle in the back of the throat and collect in small pockets on the tonsils. The cure? Use baking soda. “Gargle with baking soda to help remove bacteria,” says NYC-based cosmetic dentist Dr. Marc Lowenberg. “The alkaline works by eliminating the acidity in your mouth.”

    More: The Best Foods to Eat for White Teeth

    Breath fresheners

    According to the American Chemical Society, the sugar in mints can make the bacteria in our mouth grow. Mints and breath fresheners are great for temporarily masking bad breath, but not for the long run. If you must use mints, opt for the sugar-free type. And as Lowenberg suggests, use a tongue scraper to get hard food particles that can cause bad breath.

    Fresh air

    According to Reader’s Digest, while a breath of fresh air is certainly good for you, too much cold air in the winter dries out your mouth and can wreak havoc. The result can be bad breath related to allergies, nasal drainage or chronic dry mouth.

    You have tonsillitis

    If you have a sore-throat disease, you might have an ongoing case of bad breath. According to the American Academy of Otolaryngology, tonsillectomy, a surgery that removes the two glands in the back of your throat, can help treat the sickness and bad breath.

    More: 7 In-Flight Beauty Tips Straight From a Pro Crew Member

    You’re overweight

    According to researchers from Tel Aviv University, the more overweight a person is, the more likely they are to have bad breath. The team discovered that obesity may be a risk factor for halitosis and may be because of sleep apnea, heavy breathing or eating lots of unhealthy foods.

    So, what should you do if you have bad breath or know someone who suffers from halitosis? “You should tell people in your family if they have bad breath,” says professor Mel Rosenberg of the department of human microbiology and The Maurice and Gabriela Goldschleger School of Dental Medicine, Sackler Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University. “It is curable in almost all instances, and it can be a sign of disease. As for work colleagues, they might be happy for the advice, but they might not.”

    Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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    If, like us, you grew up reading all the fashion advice in Cosmo about what kind of bathing suits to wear to flatter your body, you know the struggle to actually figure out which prescribed body shape category you fall into is real. Am I an apple or a pear? An hourglass or an inverted triangle? It all kinda sounds like a load of BS, but in reality, there are advantages to knowing what body shape you should dress for.

    Celebrity stylist Corey Roché offers the simplest explanations for each body shape so you can finally figure out what all of this means — as well as 10 wardrobe essentials for each shape.

    More: How to Shop for Petite Clothes: Expert Tips That Work

    Apple shape

    Apple shape
    Image: Karen Cox/SheKnows

    Celebrity apple shapes: Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Hudson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Tyra Banks

    How to tell if you're an apple: "Your shoulders and hips are around the same size," Roché says. "Apple-shaped ladies have little difference between the measurements of their chest, waist and hips.. You as an apple-shaped girl have chest and waist measurements that are fairly close, but your hips are about six inches smaller than your chest."

    Apple body shape traits:

    • Hips and shoulders have the same width; waistline has the same width or is wider.

    • You gain weight mainly around the waist, at least in proportion to the other parts of your body.

    • You probably have slender lower legs and arms.

    • Your high hip is wider than your lower hip.
    • Your bust and/or midriff are larger than your hips.
    • You might be short-waisted.

    • Your thighs or hips are probably the narrowest part of your body.

    Pear shape

    Pear shape
    Image: Karen Cox/SheKnows

    Celebrity pear shapes: Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Kelly Clarkson

    How to tell if you're a pear: "Your hips are wider than your shoulders," Roché says, "They are also wider than your bust, making them the widest area of your body. In numbers, your hip measurement is more than five percent bigger than your shoulder or bust measurements. With a pear figure, one of your best assets is you slim midriff, which many women envy you for. Make sure to show off your killer waist and balance your wider lower half. These basic items should be the foundation of a great wardrobe."

    Pear body shape traits:

    • Your hips are wider than your shoulders.

    • You have round, sloping shoulders.

    • You have a well-defined waistline (and might even have killer abs).

    • Your buttocks and thighs are full and round.
    • Pear body shapes gain weight on their thighs.

    Hourglass shape

    Hourglass shape
    Image: Karen Cox/SheKnows

    Celebrity hourglass shapes: Kim Kardashian, Dita Von Teese, Eva Longoria

    How to tell if you're an hourglass: "Your shoulders and hips are around the same size," Roché says. "Your waistline is significantly smaller. The rule of thumb here is about 75 percent: Your shoulder and hip measurements are within five percent of each other. Your waist is at least 25 percent smaller than your shoulder, hip and bust measurements. Your waist is eight to 12 inches smaller than your hip or bust measurement."

    Hourglass body shape traits:

    • Your hips and shoulders have about the same width.

    • You have round and sloping shoulders.

    • You have a well-defined waistline.

    • Did we mention cleavage?
    • You buttocks are rather round.

    • Your lower hips are wider than your high hips.

    • Your thighs are full but narrower than the lower hips.

    • Hourglass body shapes gain weight through the hips and above the waist.

    Next: Rectangle and inverted triangle body shapes

    Originally posted Feruary 2016. Updated October 2017.

    Rectangle (or ruler) shape

    Rectangle (or ruler) shape
    Image: Karen Cox/SheKnows

    Celebrity rectangles: Anne Hathaway, Queen Latifah, Cameron Diaz

    How to tell if you're a rectangle: "Rectangles have a very athletic frame," Roché says. "That allows them to wear boyish clothes as well as a wide range of feminine ones. Your shoulders, waistline, bust and hips are around the same size. Your shoulder, bust and hip measurements are within five percent of each other. Your waist is less than 25 percent smaller than your shoulder or bust measurements. Waist measures from one to eight inches (2.5 cm – 20 cm) smaller than the bust."

    Rectangle body shape traits:

    • Your hips, waistline and shoulders have about the same width.
    • Rectangles gain weight evenly, but may gain some more through the upper back or neck.
    • You have rather straight shoulders.
    • Your buttocks are flat.
    • You have an athletic build and a small bustline.

    More: The Unexpected Criticism of Botox

    Inverted triangle shape

    Inverted triangle shape
    Image: Karen Cox/SheKnows

    Celebrities with inverted triangle body shapes: Naomi Campbell, Demi Moore, Renée Zellweger, Miley Cyrus

    How to tell if you're an inverted triangle: "Your shoulders are wider than your hips," Roché says. "They are the widest part of your body. Your shoulders are more than five percent bigger than your hip measurement."

    Inverted body shape traits:

    • You have prominent and broad straight shoulders — wider than your waistline or hips.
    • You have an athletic build.

    • You probably have rather flat buttocks.

    • You might have a larger chest and fuller back than rectangles.

    • When inverted triangles gain weight, they usually gain it through the torso and back area.

    Pin this for later:

    Apple, pear, hourglass and ruler body shapes are finally defined
    Image: Karen Cox/SheKnows

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    When it comes to our skin, sometimes the best approach is to keep things simple. We all have our favorite skin care products, but there's a lot we can do to supplement our daily routine and ensure that our skin stays in great condition.

    Here are some amazing natural skin care tips from the experts.

    1. Embrace essential oils

    Peggy O’Kelley, CEO and founder of Napa Valley Bath Company, is an advocate of essential oils in everyday skin care. “Essential oils have been distilled from the plant kingdom since ancient times,” she says. “They have long been valued for their medicinal, spiritual and therapeutic value. Made up of tiny molecules that are easily absorbed into the body, they have been shown to enhance positive emotional and mental states as well as increase the body’s ability to heal.” For an uplifting facial scrub, O’Kelley mixes 1 cup of coconut oil with half a cup of sugar, adds 6 to 8 drops of blood orange essential oil, and stirs. “Massage face with the scrub in a circular upward motion. Rinse thoroughly and breathe deep!” she says.

    More: The Best Essential Oils for Acne-Prone Skin

    2. Make your own face mask

    Celebrity facialist Ildi Pekar, who counts Miranda Kerr and Irina Shayk among her clients, recommends a parsley mask to help reduce redness, deliver hydration and boost skin radiance. Pekar mixes a handful of chopped parsley with 2 teaspoons of organic raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar and 3 teaspoons of organic plain yogurt, applies this to the skin and leaves it for 15 minutes. “Parsley contains an impressive amount of vitamin K which will reduce redness and promote a plump and healthy glow. Just 2 tablespoons of parsley contains 153% of the recommended daily amount of Vitamin K,” she says.

    3. Overhaul your diet

    What you put into your body is just as important for your skin as the products you put on it. “Reduce your intake of sugar, hydrogenated oils, sodium and synthetic flavorings where possible,” advises Ben Johnson, MD, founder of the holistic beauty brand Osmosis Skincare. "Inflammation, even internally, stimulates oil production and leads to acne. Acne is a detox reaction that has little to do with bacteria or oiliness. It is poor digestion linked to what we eat and hormonal imbalances internally, not topical bacteria as we might think." Johnson also recommends buying organic foods whenever possible, because the added growth hormones in our meat and dairy can end up in our bodies and result in hormone shifts, which can, in turn, contribute to acne.

    4. Try acupuncture

    Dr. Elizabeth Trattner is an advocate of acupuncture, one of the oldest beauty rituals in the world. "For 5,000 years, empresses and Chinese women have been using facial acupuncture for beautification and rejuvenation," says Trattner. "Acupuncture can smooth out wrinkles and bring circulation to the face and neck. It can also treat the underlying conditions that can lead to acne and dull, dry or slack skin."

    More: Why Natural Beauty Should Be More Appreciated

    5. Use konjac sponges

    A gentle way to exfoliate your skin is with a konjac sponge, made from fibers of the root of the Asian konjac (“konnyaku”) plant. "The sponges may be used with plain water, or combined with a small amount of any facial cleanser," says David Lortscher, MD, board-certified dermatologist and founder of Curology. "They have a mild exfoliating effect, without being too harsh on the skin." Some konjac sponges are infused with other ingredients, such as green tea, charcoal or clay.

    6. Keep your environment clean

    External environments are important for your skin's health as well. "Everything that is put onto your skin is absorbed directly into the body and into the bloodstream," says Rebecca Lee, a registered nurse and founder of natural health resource RemediesForMe.com. Lee recommends cleaning pillowcases and sheets regularly to get rid of dead skin cells and oils. "Contact between your skin and your dirty pillowcases can irritate your gentle skin and clog pores," she explains.

    7. Stock up on honey

    Honey can give you smoother and cleaner skin — in more ways than one. Lee recommends incorporating raw, organic honey into your diet by using it to sweeten your tea or adding it to your salad dressing. You can also apply honey directly to your skin to soothe and moisturize. "Leave it on for a few minutes, then rinse it off with warm water," she says.

    More: Ditch the Chemicals and Try These Clean Beauty Brands Instead

    8. Stop touching your face

    Every expert we spoke to agreed that one of the best things you can do for your skin is actually something you should stop doing: touching it. Itching, rubbing and picking at your face is not good for your skin. "Your fingernails can spread infections from your pimples to other parts of your face," warns Lee. "Picking can also lead to scarring and dark spots."

    This post was sponsored by Carmex Comfort Care.

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    When Spencer Barnes speaks, we’re all ears. He’s been Julianne Hough’s go-to makeup artist for nearly 10 years, and recently shared the trick he uses to make her blue eyes sparkle on the red carpet.

    “The best tricks to making your eyes pop are two things: Structure — creating illusions, elongating lines — and then the other thing is creating a focus,” he told hosts Zuri Hall and former Bachelor contestant Vanessa Grimaldi on Sunday’s episode of freeSTYLE.

    More: Gigi Hadid Announces Maybelline Makeup Line

    To accomplish the look, Barnes actually relies on the color wheel, a widely used illustration that demonstrates how colors relate to one another, to determine which shades go best with her eye color.

    “If you have blue eyes or green eyes and you’re using orangey bronzes, really warm golds or purple and plums, you’re going maximize the impact,” he continued.

    More: Ashley Graham Hits Back at Instagram Trolls

    But be careful not to use the colors directly opposite on the color wheel. “So obviously, red is opposite green on the color wheel, but if you were to use red on your eyes, it might be a little much. But, a plumy tone with red undertones, or a pink even, can be really beautiful,” he says.

    To finish the look, Barnes also recommends using a Sigma Beauty highlighter on your cupid’s bow and pairing it with a Wet 'n Wild blush for a glowy effect. So next time you want to make your eyes pop, learn the difference between your primary and secondary colors first.

    Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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    We're gonna go out on a limb here and guess that, like us, you have experienced at least a handful of DIY beauty treatment disasters. Beauty bloggers sure have a way of making all those fruit/oatmeal/salt/oil masks seem like the best thing to happen to our skin since Botox — but the end result is typically a huge mess and a pile of disappointment. But don't give up on homemade skin care just yet, because turns out good old-fashioned honey is the real deal — and you can keep your treatments with it super simple.

    "Raw honey is incredible for your skin thanks to its antibacterial properties and hefty serving of skin-saving antioxidants," natural beauty expert Kim Wallace, founder of kimberlyloc.com, told us. "Whether you're looking for an inexpensive DIY solution or a powerful skin treatment, raw honey can help you regain your glow."

    More: Celebrate the Official Start of Pumpkin Season With a Decadent DIY Face Mask

    Honey for beauty
    Image: Becci Burkhart/SheKnows

    Wallace shares four of the main skin-saving properties of honey.

    • Acne: Honey is naturally antibacterial, so it's great for acne treatment and prevention.
    • Aging: Full of antioxidants, it is great for slowing down aging.
    • Complexion boost: It is extremely moisturizing and soothing, so it helps create a glow.
    • Pores: Honey is clarifying because it opens up pores making them easy to unclog.

    1. DIY honey mask

    Wallace tells us that one of the easiest things you can do with raw honey is layer it on as a mask. “Raw honey can help unclog pores while simultaneously delivering moisture to parched skin,” she says.

    Apply a thin layer of raw honey to slightly damp skin using a circular motion. Leave the honey for at least 30 minutes and then gently rinse it off with warm water. “You'll find that it easily washes away, leaving you with soft, radiant skin.”

    2. Honey spot treatment

    Try zapping pesky zits with honey. “If you're suffering from a breakout, reach for a swab of honey instead of an overly drying over-the-counter pimple cream,” Wallace advises. “Applied ever so lightly, you can sleep with a dab of honey on your face and awaken to less-stressed skin.” Swirl a small amount of honey onto a cotton swab and dab onto your blemish. If you want a little extra boost, Wallace suggests mixing the honey with tea tree oil and lavender oil for additional natural cleansing.

    3. Honey cleanser

    Though it's not meant for removing delicate eye makeup, honey still makes a good cleanser. “It is amazing at dissolving other makeup, especially when mixed with your favorite natural plant oil and spices,” Wallace tells us. She suggests creating a mixture of honey and oil (try coconut oil or jojoba oil) to form a balmy texture that is slippery enough to slide across your face. “Add in a dash of cinnamon, turmeric or nutmeg for an aromatic treat. Massage the concoction over your face, loosening up heavy makeup and moisturizing your skin at the same time.”

    More: 8 Amazing Natural Skin Care Tips

    4. DIY honey exfoliator

    You can exfoliate your skin once or twice a week with a gentle scrub made with two parts honey and one part Arm & Hammer Baking Soda. “Baking soda offers light exfoliation while the honey soothes and smooths the skin,” explains Wallace. “Don't be shy about using this recipe from head to toe — your arms, legs and feet will also benefit from this simple yet effective concoction.”

    5. Honey bath

    Once you start dealing with dry winter skin, turn to honey to soothe. “As the seasons change, your skin can go into overdrive trying to rebalance itself to the conditions. Warm baths with soothing ingredients can keep your skin in check,” affirms Wallace. “Add two cups of honey to a running bath to create body-smoothing bliss. Soak for 15 minutes and then add a cup of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda for your final 15 minutes to help rid your body of dead skin cells without irritation.”

    Originally published September 2013. Updated October 2017.

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    Applying your skin care products is probably something you think you have down pat. Open the bottle, squeeze it out, put it on. What's so hard? Well, not to have a "you're doing it wrong" moment, but you might be doing it wrong. Probably not colossally wrong, but wrong enough to be at risk for certain skin reactions.

    Dr. Sue Ann Wee of Schweiger Dermatology Group in NYC explains, "Many patients come in with both irritant and allergic contact dermatitis from their beauty products, especially from overlapping active ingredients on their skin." She's no stranger to treating acne flare-ups and sunburns caused by beauty products, either.

    More: 11 Skin Care Mistakes You're Probably Making

    And let's face it. When it comes to beauty products, we tend to buy, apply, and ask questions later. Instead, we should be consulting with a dermatologist about the right products for our skin types first. The following pointers from Dr. Sue Ann about how to apply certain products are a good starting point, but it's still best to find a derm near you to talk specific products for the safest results.

    OK, so your skin product army is lined up in front of you. What's first? According to Dr. Sue Ann, start with cleanser. No surprises there. Depending on your skin needs, you can follow with an exfoliating cleanser, usually only needed at nighttime. Next, apply toner, serum, face mist, eye cream and face oil or another moisturizer, in that order (all are optional based on your skin types and skin concerns).


    Wash your hands first, and then splash your face with lukewarm water. Apply cleanser to your fingertips and gently massage it into your skin in circular motions. No rubbing necessary, warns Dr. Sue Ann. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry (still no rubbing).


    Apply similar to how you would apply cleanser. Beloved tools like the Clarisonic can also help, but Dr. Sue Ann says sensitive skin types should take caution.

    Additionally, she says, "Depending on your skin type and personal medical history, your dermatologist may recommend a nighttime topical retinoid or alpha hydroxy acid to slowly exfoliate skin." Remember that alpha hydroxy acids should only be used at night because they could cause burns in sunlight.

    More: Crazy-Easy Exfoliating Scrubs Your Skin Will Thank You For


    If you're using toner, apply with a cotton pad before you get to the moisturizer or face oil step. Avoid applying to the delicate skin around eyelids and lips. Dr. Sue Ann explains that you typically only need to apply toner to your T-zone or other problem areas identified by your dermatologist.


    Use it sparingly! A few drops are all you need. Gently massage in with your fingertips, and avoid your eye and mouth areas. Dr. Sue Ann warns that using serums and toners together can be redundant and cause irritation. Again, talk to your dermatologist about what's best for your skin.

    Face mist

    Skin mists can add extra hydration when spritzed on before moisturizer. Hello, radiance! No special instructions from Dr. Sue Ann here (other than checking the ingredients and checking with your derm). However, here's a little advice from one beauty junkie to another: a facialist once told me it takes three veils of mist to get good coverage.

    Eye cream

    Starting closest to your nose, apply a pea-sized amount under each eye and gently massage outward toward the top of your cheekbone. "Follow the shape of the undereye," Dr. Sue Ann explains. Avoid the lash line to prevent unwanted chemicals from getting in your eyes. She also warns to watch your pressure: "The skin around the eyes is thinner and more delicate than other areas on the face."

    Moisturizer and face oil

    Make sure your hands are clean and apply in upward, circular motions. When it comes to oils, Dr. Sue Ann says to use them only in small amounts. It's wise to ask your derm which types of oils may benefit your skin, and you can add a few drops to your moisturizer.

    After you talk to your dermatologist, they'll probably recommend you test products on a small area of your skin before applying it everywhere. Best to avoid accidentally conducting a chemistry experiment on your entire face by testing it on a small area first. Amen to that!

    This post was sponsored by Carmex Comfort Care.

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    Don't get us wrong, we love Margot Robbie's version of Harley Quinn in 2016's Suicide Squad — it's just that we're a little partial to the old-school DC comic book version. There's really just nothing like the badass, OG Harley Quinn that really looks like a harlequin. Isn't that the point of her name? Not only that, the Suicide Squad Harley Quinn has been in heavy rotation for the past couple Halloweens running, so we think a different version for this year's festivities is definitely in order.

    More: Classic Wonder Woman Makeup Will Make You Feel Like a Badass on Halloween

    Here's how to pull it off.

    You will need:

    • Black and white cream colors
    • Translucent powder
    • Black pencil and liquid eyeliners
    • Black matte eyeshadow
    • White matte eyeshadow
    • Mascaras
    • Matte red liquid lipsticks


    Step 1:

    Harley Quinn makeup tutorial: Step 1
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    Using a sponge, stipple white cream color all over your face. It doesn’t need to be super opaque, but enough to create a pretty pale complexion.

    Step 2:

    Harley Quinn makeup tutorial: Step 2
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    Set your cream color with a light dusting of white or translucent powder.

    Step 3:

    Harley Quinn makeup tutorial: Step 3
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    Using a black pencil liner, carefully sketch the outline of your mask.

    Step 4:

    Harley Quinn makeup tutorial: Step 4
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    More: This Simple Halloween Ghost Makeup Tutorial Makes Spooky Look Glam

    Now trace along the inside, circling the eyes.

    Step 5:

    Harley Quinn makeup tutorial: Step 5
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    Using a flat, synthetic brush, fill the entire mask shape with black shadow. Use a pressing motion to avoid fallout onto the white areas of your face.

    Step 6:

    Harley Quinn makeup tutorial: Step 6
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    With a white liner pencil, apply to the eye area and lid, blending with your finger.

    Step: 7

    Harley Quinn makeup tutorial: Step 7
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    With your black pencil liner, line the inner rim of your lower lid.

    Step 8:

    Harley Quinn makeup tutorial: Step 8
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    Dust a matte white eyeshadow over your lids to prevent creasing.

    Step 9:

    Harley Quinn makeup tutorial: Step 9
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    With a black liquid liner, create a dramatic cat eye shape.

    Step 10:

    Harley Quinn makeup tutorial: Step 10
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    Apply mascara to top and bottom lashes.

    Step 11:

    Harley Quinn makeup tutorial: Step 11
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    Using your black pencil liner, line lips, exaggerating the peaks of your top lip and extending your smile out on the corners.

    Step 12:

    Harley Quinn makeup tutorial: Step 12
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    Fill in lips with a deep wine liquid lipstick.

    Step 13:

    Now with a bright cherry red liquid lipstick, apply this on top for extra dimension.

    Step 13:

    Harley Quinn makeup tutorial: Step 13
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    Blend black shadow along your lower lash line for some extra smoke.

    Step 14:

    Harley Quinn makeup tutorial: Step 14
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    Apply a set of false lashes.

    Step 15:

    Harley Quinn makeup tutorial: Step 15
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    To give our mask a more leather-like finish, apply a black cream color over top if you’d like.

    Step 16:

    Harley Quinn makeup tutorial: Step 16
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    Pin up your hair and apply a wig cap.

    Step 17:

    Harley Quinn makeup tutorial: Step 17
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    Put on a wig that you’ve separated into two high pigtails.

    Step 18:

    Harley Quinn makeup tutorial: Step 18
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    Kick. Ass.

    Pin for later

    Harley Quinn makeup finished
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows; Graphic design: Karen Cox/SheKnows

    Originally published October 2015. Updated October 2017.

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    Ombre lips have been kickin' around Instagram and beauty blogs for a little over a year now, but honestly, a lot of us have shied away from trying it — mostly because it seems so damn complicated. There's no way a non-beauty professional could pull off perfectly ombred lipstick, right? Wrong. It's actually pretty easy.

    All you need are two shades of lip color, three to four shades apart, and a white cream color like the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk.

    More: 5 Celebrity Makeup Tricks From a Kardashian Makeup Artist

    Ombre lips
    Image: Tiffany Egbert/SheKnows, Image provided by Ivy Boyd

    Step 1

    Master a trendy ombre lip in 5 easy steps: Step 5
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    First, fill in your lips with the deeper of the two lip colors, leaving the center open. Use a lip liner first if you’d like, as it needs to be neat and precise. No one likes a sloppy ombre lip! I’m using BITE Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Sangria. I'll be showing you a red/pink lip, but don't be afraid to experiment with purple and pink, red and coral, peach and nude — the possibilities are endless!

    Step 2

    Master a trendy ombre lip in 5 easy steps: Step 2
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    Now, with your lighter shade, apply a generous amount to just the center of your lips. I am using LORAC Alter Ego Lipstick in Nymph.

    Step 3

    Master a trendy ombre lip in 5 easy steps: Step 3
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    Press lips together lightly to blend.

    Master a trendy ombre lip in 5 easy steps: Step 3b
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    Using a lip brush, soften the sides of the lighter color to blend into the deeper shade. Blend sparingly as you don't want to lose the color graduation altogether.

    Step 4

    Master a trendy ombre lip in 5 easy steps: Step 4
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    With a white cream color, like NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, apply a dot to the center of the bottom lip.

    More: Julianne Hough’s Makeup Artist Shares the Secret to Bold Eyes

    Step 5

    Master a trendy ombre lip in 5 easy steps: Step 5
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    Grab that lip brush again and blend more. We want our ombre lip looking seamless and effortless.

    Master a trendy ombre lip in 5 easy steps: Finished
    Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

    You can stop here for a semi-matte ombre lip or you can dab a bit of clear gloss to the center of your bottom lip for a high-shine ombre lip!

    OK, let's be real. Are you super lazy? It's OK — I am too sometimes. You could totally just apply your lipstick as usual and then pop the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk in the center. I like to use two lip colors for a more gradual fade but when time is of the essence, just skip it!

    Now try not to kiss anyone and ruin your handiwork! But if you do, at least the lip print you leave will look super cool. Ombre lip prints for everyone!

    Originally published December 2015. Updated October 2017.

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    I spent the greater part of 23 years hating my curly hair. I ironed it, blew it out, braided it — anything to straighten it just a little bit. And as expected, all that manipulation would eventually damage my strands.

    Over time, I realized what kept me from truly loving my coif was the assumption that I needed a gang of products to keep it frizz-free. In reality, they only left me with sticky and crunchy curls. Thankfully, through research (and a lot of trial and error), I’ve discovered six foolproof tricks that make my hair journey a lot more manageable.

    Sleep with a silk pillowcase

    The fibers of a silk pillowcase are gentler than those of a cotton one because they don’t rub against your strands. And because there’s no friction, frizz and breakage are less likely to form. Bonus: The tightly woven fibers in silk also help regulate skin moisture.

    Put it in a pineapple

    A lot of curly girls get stuck in a cycle of styling their hair every morning because they think air drying overnight will only lead to a matted mess. This seems like an easy solve, but walking around with wet hair is uncomfortable, especially in cold weather. Instead, keep your curls looking fresh and bouncy by styling them into a pineapple before bed. When you’re done detangling, flip your head upside down and gather your hair into a ponytail at the top of your head. It prevents the curls from being flattened out at night and leaves them fresh the next morning. If you’re not already sleeping on a silk pillowcase, you can also wrap your hair in a satin scarf.

    More: 7 Scalp Exfoliators That Could Legitimately Transform Your Hair

    Replace your towel with a T-shirt

    Like a silk pillowcase, its fibers are softer than those of a towel and won’t cause frizz. So next time you get out of the shower, grab an old T-shirt (I steal my boyfriend’s) and we guarantee you’ll see the difference.

    Brush it while it's wet

    The cardinal rule of curly hair is to avoid brushing while it’s completely dry. Your curls are more likely to return to their natural shape if you detangle while they’re wet.

    More: I Got Extensions From "Hair Goddess," & My Hair Has Never Looked Better

    Wash less

    Everyone’s wash schedule is different, but generally speaking, your hair’s natural oils will remain intact if you’re not constantly stripping them with a clarifying shampoo. Don’t be afraid to add a couple of extra days or even weeks in between washes.

    Leave in a little conditioner

    Curly hair is prone to dryness, so leaving a little product on your strands is another way to lock in moisture as it naturally dries.

    Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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    Here's the thing about vintage, retro hair: It never goes out of style. Seriously though, do you think we'll be recreating the hairdos of the '80s and the '90s in an unironic way 50 years from now? Sure hope not. But the looks of the '20s, '30s, '40s, '50s and '60s are gorgeous — and still totally work today.

    Here's the other thing about vintage hair: It's notoriously hard to pull off. How were these ladies perfectly coiffing their 'dos without all of today's modern technology? Nary a flatiron or ionic blow dryer, and still everyone seemed to be running around in hairstyles that are super complicated. But it seems like every time we try to recreate these styles, the venture ends in tears and a melting cat eye streaking down our cheeks.

    But not with these tutorials, my friends. Beauty bloggers are guiding us through some simple steps that'll have you swishing down the street singing The Drifters' "There Goes My Baby" in no time.

    More: 7 Easy Ways to Say Goodbye to Flat Hair In Less Than a Minute

    1. 1920s Old Hollywood waves

    1920s Old Hollywood waves
    Image: Hair and Makeup by Steph

    Steph, a professional hair stylist and makeup artist, shows us step-by-step how to recreate these ultra-glam waves. This Old Hollywood look is a modern twist on the renowned finger waves of the 1920s and 1930s.

    2. 1930s Faux bob

    1930s Faux bob hairstyle
    Image: Kier Couture

    Keir (that's key-air) brings back the retro faux bob — and with a super-sweet outfit, too (Check out her shoes!). She walks you through each step and before you know it, you'll be out searching for a flapper dress.

    3. 1940s Gibson roll

    1940s Gibson roll hairstyle
    Image: Jamie Beck/Cup of Jo

    The Gibson roll, or tuck, originated from the Gibson girls of the 1890s, but became modernized in the 1940s. Joanna, of Cup of Jo, shows you how to get the look.

    4. 1950s Headscarf

    1950s Head scarf
    Image: Keiko Lynn

    When we think headscarves, we think Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Lucille Ball — icons of the 1950s. Keiko's hair tutorial is really easy and only takes minutes.

    5. 1950s Bumper bangs

    1950s Bumper bangs hair tutorial
    Image: The Freckled Fox

    This hairstyle was made famous by Bettie Page — the famous pin-up model and actress of the 1950s. Emily at The Freckled Fox, gives you some more background and guides you through the process.

    6. 1950s Victory rolls

    1950s Pin up curls
    Image: The Freckled Fox

    Emily actually has tons of pin-up hairstyle tutorials, so I couldn't help but highlight her twice! In her tutorial for victory rolls she admits, "I like to do these tutorials when I have errands to run or a date to go on, because I love the funny looks I get from kids." Emily, we agree: Why not spice up our errand-running with a fun hairdo?

    7. 1950s French twist

    1950s French twist
    Image: The Small Things Blog

    Has the French twist really ever gone out of style? I think not. But, the trick is to do it well. That's not always so easy. But Kate of The Small Things Blog takes the fear out of styling and shows us how to perfectly craft an adorable French twist.

    8. 1960s Hair flip

    1960s Hair flip tutorial
    Image: Powder Room

    The 1960s had such amazing style trends. Mad Men fans rejoice — this tutorial is for you. Give your ends a flip with just a few steps.

    9. 1960s Brigitte Bardot half updo

    1960s Brigitte Bardot half updo
    Image: Makeup Wearables

    Brigitte Bardot, the French actress and sex symbol of the 1960s, may be the symbol of the 1960s. Her bouffant hairstyle has inspired women all over the world to achieve the look. This tutorial on Makeup Wearables shows you how.

    10. 1960s Big bouffant

    11 Easy Vintage Hairstyles: Audrey Hepburn Beehive
    Image: hairstyle.com

    If you're obsessed with Breakfast at Tiffany's, then this tutorial is your jam. The beehive is the definition of '60s hair, and this Holly Golightly 'do is so wearable still today.

    More: 6 Product-Free Hair Tricks Every Curly Girl Should Master

    11. 1970s Foxy 'fro

    We couldn't complete this list without including the '70s! My Natural Sistas breaks this look all the way down and walks us through the steps to get a natural hair curly Afro in this tutorial.

    Originally published November 2015. Updated October 2017.

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    Dressing up as a Disney princess for Halloween this year seems especially appropriate — because, let's face it, we're queens of procrastination. Yup, here we are at the 11th hour and still no costume, but these DIY Belle, Ariel and Elsa options are here to save the day.

    Sure, there's a little pushback about princess obsessions starting at a young age, which some psychologists even call "Princess Syndrome," but we believe that when you pay attention to the storylines, Disney princesses are often the most feminist of them all. These leading ladies make perfect adult costume choices for Halloween.

    More: Halloween Barbie Makeup That'll Turn You Into a Living Doll

    With some basic sewing skills and a few materials, you'll be channeling your fave Disney princess in no time.

    DIY Elsa dress Halloween costume

    Easy DIY Elsa Dress Halloween Costume
    Image: Merrick White/SheKnows


    • Lace shirt (cream, blue or nude)
    • 2 yards stretchy light blue knit
    • 2 yards teal lace
    • Matching thread
    • Double needle (optional)
    • Sparkly earrings
    • White or flesh-colored shoes


    Step 1

    Fold your 2 yards of knit fabric in half, with the stretch of the fabric going across the fabric, as shown. Measure right above your bust (where the top of the tube dress will sit) and divide this number in half. Use this as the top measurement of your tube dress, as shown, then cut the rest of the dress as shown, making it as flared at the hem as you'd like.

    Elsa's dress
    Image: Merrick White/SheKnows

    Step 2

    Fold your 2 yards of lace in half, as shown. Cut a cape-like shape, making the measurement of the top wide enough to fit across your back and end under your armpits.

    Step 3

    Take your dress and fold it in half with right sides of the fabric together and sew it from the top to the bottom with a straight stitch, as shown. Turn right side out and press your seam flat with an iron.

    Elsa's dress last step
    Image: Merrick White/SheKnows

    Step 4

    Take the top of your dress and fold the top over, as shown above. Pin in place, and then pin the lace cap to the folded edge as well. Sew all the way around the opening with a straight double stitch (using your double needle). [Using the double needle will allow for some stretch so you can pull it over your bust and avoid having to use elastic. Alternatively you can use a zigzag stitch, although it doesn't allow for quite as much stretch.]

    Step 5

    Cut the dress to your desired length, and cut a slit if you'd like.

    To complete the look, wear the dress over a cream, blue or nude lace top, throw on a pair of sparkly earrings, like these ones, and do your hair in the classic Elsa braid using this hair tutorial. Throw on a pair of white or nude colored shoes and then let it go all Halloween night long!

    Next Up: Gorgeous DIY Ariel Halloween costume

    Originally published October 2014. Updated October 2017.

    DIY Ariel Halloween costume

    Easy DIY Ariel Halloween Costume
    Image: Merrick White/SheKnows


    • 2 yards teal or green knit fabric
    • 1/4-inch elastic (enough for your waist and your ankles)
    • Oversized white tee
    • Light purple fabric paint
    • Cardboard
    • Sponge brush
    • Yellow purse (or stuffed Flounder)
    • Red wig


    For the mermaid skirt:

    the Mermaid skirt:
    Image: Merrick White/SheKnows

    Step 1

    Fold 1 yard of your fabric in half with the stretch of the fabric going across the width, as shown. Cut a simple tube skirt (either using a fitted skirt you already own or your measurements as a guide).

    Step 2

    Fold the second yard of fabric in half with the stretch of the fabric going across the length, as shown. Cut a symmetrical half circle as big as your fabric will allow, and then cut a symmetrical circle in the middle to make it a donut shape. This will be the bottom of the skirt for the "mermaid tail."

    Step 3

    Take the tube skirt and fold it in half with right sides of the fabric together and sew along the back of the skirt from top to bottom with a straight stitch, as shown.

    Step 4

    Measure loosely around your ankles (where the end of the tube skirt will meet the ruffle), and cut a piece of elastic in that length. Sew the ends of the elastic together to make a loop, and then stretch it to pin all the way around the opening of the skirt ruffle. Sew all the way around the skirt opening, stretching the elastic as you sew. Once you finish sewing and let go of the elastic, it will scrunch up and become a ruffle.

    Step 5

    Pin the ruffle on the skirt with right sides together (as shown), and sew across the elastic again, stretching as you sew.

    More: Classic Wonder Woman Makeup Will Make You Feel Like a Badass on Halloween

    Step 6

    Fold the waistband of the skirt over and sew around it with a straight stitch. Leave a few inches open, as shown, and then insert a piece of elastic cut to your waist measurement. Once the elastic is inserted, sew the ends together, then tuck them inside the waistband and sew the waistband completely closed.

    For the mermaid top:

    the mermaid top:
    Image: Merrick White/SheKnows

    I'm not one to let it all hang out on Halloween, so I came up with a cute and covered-up alternative for Ariel's upper half — a fun seashell bra painted crop top!

    Step 1

    DIY Ariel Halloween costume top: Step 1
    Image: Merrick White/SheKnows

    Cut a piece of cardboard in a seashell shape.

    Step 2

    DIY Ariel Halloween costume top: Step 2
    Image: Merrick White/SheKnows

    Cut your cardboard up, as shown, to create lines in the seashell.

    Step 3

    DIY Ariel Halloween costume top: Step 3
    Image: Merrick White/SheKnows

    Take a white T-shirt and cut off the bottom to your desired length. Then try the shirt on and mark with a pin where you want each seashell painted.

    Step 4

    DIY Ariel Halloween costume top: Step 4
    Image: Merrick White/SheKnows

    Using a sponge brush, paint each piece of cardboard and then stamp each piece 1 by 1 until your seashells are painted.

    Mermaid top
    Image: Merrick White/SheKnows

    Pair your seashell crop top with your mermaid skirt, and then finish the look with a red wig, red lipstick and a stuffed Flounder fish (or a bright yellow bag like I did for a little modern take on the look).

    Next Up: Gorgeous DIY Disney princess Belle Halloween costume

    DIY Belle Halloween costume

    Easy DIY Belle Halloween Costume
    Image: Merrick White/SheKnows


    • Blue dress/skirt
    • White button up shirt
    • 1/2 yard white cotton fabric
    • 1-1/2 or 2 yards white ribbon (2-3 inches wide)
    • 1/8 yard blue cotton fabric
    • Black shoes
    • Books or wicker basket


    Belle was my favorite Disney princess growing up, and although her famous yellow dress is beautiful, I went for a more simple and classic look with her white and blue outfit.

    Belle dress
    Image: Shabby Apple

    I started with a blue dress then layered a white shirt underneath for the collar and long-sleeved look. But you could use a blue skirt or dress you already own (or make yourself one using this easy circle skirt tutorial).

    The classic pieces that make this outfit are the apron and the bow, and those are both easy to make.

    For the apron:

    For the apron:
    Image: Merrick White/SheKnows

    Step 1

    DIY Belle Halloween costume: Apron Step 1
    Image: Merrick White/SheKnows

    Cut a rectangular piece of fabric as long as you want, and about 30 inches wide. Sew across the top of the rectangle (along the long side) with a basting (super wide) stitch.

    Step 2

    DIY Belle Halloween costume: Apron Step 2
    Image: Merrick White/SheKnows

    Pull the threads on either side to gather the fabric.

    Step 3

    DIY Belle Halloween costume: Apron Step 3
    Image: Merrick White/SheKnows

    Fold over the edges of the other 3 (non-gathered) sides of the fabric and hem them with a straight stitch.

    Step 4

    DIY Belle Halloween costume: Apron Step 4
    Image: Merrick White/SheKnows

    Place the ribbon across the gathered edge and sew together with a straight stitch, as shown.

    For the bow:

    For the bow:
    Image: Merrick White/SheKnows

    Step 1

    DIY Belle Halloween costume: Bow Step 1
    Image: Merrick White/SheKnows

    Cut a long strip of fabric about 36 inches long and 4 inches wide.

    Step 2

    DIY Belle Halloween costume: Bow Step 2
    Image: Merrick White/SheKnows

    Fold the fabric in half and sew into a long tube, as shown. Cut 1 of the short sides at an angle, and then sew up that side too, as shown.

    Step 3

    DIY Belle Halloween costume: Bow Step 3
    Image: Merrick White/SheKnows

    Turn the tube right side out by pushing a pencil into the pointed side and then scrunching the fabric down the pencil until the pointed side comes out. Cut the other edge at an angle and then tuck the raw edges inside and sew across it with a straight stitch.

    Step 4

    DIY Belle Halloween costume: Bow Step 4
    Image: Merrick White/SheKnows

    Tie up into a pretty bow!

    Finish the look with a middle part and low ponytail, then tie that ribbon around your ponytail, grab a couple of books or a wicker basket, throw on some black shoes and go find your Prince Charming.

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    How to Pick the Best Dress for Your Body Type
    Image: Taylor Hill/Getty Images

    In theory, dress shopping is a breeze. You walk into a store (or visit a website), pick a dress that has a gorgeous color or pattern that appeals to you, find your size and waltz out the door. If only it were the easy. The truth is, finding a dress that was practically made for you is all about embracing your body type and celebrating your favorite features.

    And for a lot of us, that's not always so easy.

    "There are two myths you must know when it comes to our bodies: One, there's no perfect size, and two, there's no perfect body," says Dr. Carol Parker Walsh of Vancouver, Washington, who has a PhD in human development and social psychology and is the stylist and owner behind Evolve Image Consulting. "Hopefully, this comes as no surprise, but more than not, I'm often dealing with clients who have a love, but mostly hate, relationship with their bodies. Why? Because of the never-ending challenge to find something that fits or the constant comparison with others. The key is to overcome this is to first learn to love and accept your body as-is and to learn how to dress your body appropriately for fit and balance."

    More: A Handy Dandy Guide to Help You Finally Figure Out Which Body Shape You Are

    With some guidance from the experts, we've put together these simple tips to help you play up your assets and embrace the physical "imperfections" that make you so unique:

    Full hips and thighs

    Jennifer Lopez dress
    Image: WireImage/Getty Images

    For pear-shaped women with full hips and thighs, the dress should shouldn't be shorter than an inch or two above the knee. Select a dress with an A-line skirt but not something too full. A short, super fuller dress will look like a tu-tu.

    You'll know you're a pear if "you often wear a different size on the bottom than you do on top," Dr. Walsh says. "Add width to your top with horizontal stripes and bright bold colors, while keeping the lower half in dark colors. You'll find a better fit if you go for two pieces as opposed to a one-piece dress."

    Full waist

    Oprah dress
    Image: WireImage/Getty Images

    If you are apple-shaped with a thick middle, you may want to elongate the appearance of your torso and draw the attention away from your waist. Select a dress with an empire or drop waist to re-define your waist line. Avoid thick belts cinched around your midsection and instead choose a chain or sash belt slung low on your hips.

    "Consider emphasizing your shoulders. Creating the illusion of more width in this area will make everything below it appear more narrow. Don’t rely on padding for this (too much bulk). Instead, wear a structured jacket (ending mid-hip) to accentuate shoulders or wear dresses that cover the shoulders (cap-sleeves are great) and have enough detailing, such as a bit of puffiness or blousing, to visually balance your hip-to-shoulder ratio without adding mass," says Constance Dunn, style expert and author of Practical Glamour.

    To minimize fuller arms, sleeveless and cap-sleeve dresses are best avoided. Instead, select billowy, bell sleeves that are three-quarters or even full-length to flatter your upper body.

    Next Up: Small bust

    Updated by Sarah Lazzari on 10/31/2017.


    Small bust

    Cameron Diaz dress
    Image: Getty Images Entertainment

    If you weren't endowed with ample breasts, avoid deep plunging necklines. Instead, select dresses with a scoop or bandeau neck and sequins or other adornments to add a little dimension up top. Layered necklaces are very popular right now and they can add some dimension and depth to your bust.

    To draw some attention away from your bust and balance out a smaller lower body, choose a dress with an A-line skirt that falls one or two inches above your knees.

    More: Yes, You Totally Can Wear White After Labor Day — Here's How


    Kelly Ripa dress
    Image: WireImage/Getty Images

    Sweater or knit dresses are terrific options for thinner women. You can add layers to your dress, such as a cardigan or fitted jacket to give you some bulk. You can also add a thick belt to give your waist more definition. Bubble dresses are very trendy right now and can also give the appearance of a larger lower body.

    For slim gals who are lean, lack curves and often have a more athletic build, Dr. Walsh recommends, "Add curves through ruffles, peplums and curvaceous patterns on your lower half."

    The shift dress

    Jordana Brewster dress
    Image: Getty Images Entertainment

    The shift is a dress, flattering on almost everyone, that hangs straight down from the shoulder. It skims your body nicely, but doesn't cling. For summer, you can find shifts in cool cotton, linen and light knits. When fall arrives, wool and heavier knit shifts will continue to be popular. Though the typical shift dress has a straight skirt, some fashion designers have created stylish shifts with a slightly A-line cut.

    Dunn says, "Whether your legs are skinny, thicker or just right, there is always the question of proportion throughout the leg line. The most common imbalance in a woman’s legs is a disproportion between above the knee and below the knee. Here a woman’s upper leg (waist and thighs) will often look thick in comparison to their lower legs (calves). In this scenario, the best skirt and dress length rests at the top to the middle of the kneecap."

    Whatever your body type, you can find a beautiful dress that will flatter your figure. Dr. Walsh says, "Learning your body type will help you select the right clothes to create a balanced, and when needed, curvy silhouette. You'll save time shopping and hours of frustrated moments trying to decide what to wear. Regardless of which category you find yourself, the key is to love you and let someone like me handle the rest!"

    Remember to accentuate the positive and don't obsess with the negative. If you dress with confidence, you'll look and feel beautiful too.

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    There’s a short list of places that consistently trick us into buying more than we need. Be honest with yourself: When’s the last time you walked into Target and left with just one thing? Brick-and-mortar destinations like this have forced us to create an actual budget, but it’s 2017, and online spots are just as dangerous for our wallets, especially Amazon. We’ve bought everything from a couch to designer threads on the commerce site, and now, some of us are forgoing the drugstore to get our beauty must-haves without leaving the couch.

    More: How to Extend Your Summer Glow With Vitamin C

    In recent years, the site’s beauty channel has grown to include a massive inventory of products for pretty much everything we need. At first glance, it seems like a dream come true, but with more options come more difficult decisions to make and things to worry about. For instance, is that price too good to be true (spoiler alert: probably)? Will this limited-edition lipstick I just bought expire tomorrow? There’s always the risk of not getting what you paid for, but if you tread lightly and keep these five things in mind, you’re headed in the right direction.

    Try to avoid third-party retailers

    Amazon and other well-known shopping sites typically allow unauthorized retailers to sell products, which means you have no idea who’s behind the products you’re buying. When browsing the beauty section, aim for the must-haves that are shipped from and sold by Amazon. This information is shown just under the price in the right-hand column next to the product photo.

    More: 12 Insta-Famous Brands to Shop at Bloomingdale’s Glowhaus

    Reviews are your best friend

    However, if you must have that makeup palette sold by JoeSchmo17, be sure to click on the retailer’s name first and check out the reviews. Do this with the same energy you use to review a product you ended up hating. Being aware of the seller’s quality control and shipping habits is extremely important whenever your credit card is involved. Pro tip: Run far away if there’s no return policy.

    Check the brand’s authorized retail list

    If the brand doesn’t have final say, you probably shouldn’t pay! Before you throw a designer fragrance into your virtual shopping cart, make sure Amazon is an authorized retailer for whatever you’re perusing. Typically, this information can be found on the brand’s website under the “Store,” “FAQ” or “Terms and Conditions” sections. And if you’re really hesitant, don’t be afraid to reach out via social media too.

    More: 14 Vampy Lipsticks to Wear on Halloween & Beyond

    Be wary of extreme discounts

    One of the main reasons we flock to Amazon is because the prices are usually a lot lower than the original price. Who can blame anyone for taking advantage of that? However, there’s a very thin line between a true discount and “too good to be true.” Before you say yes to a luxe find, compare the Amazon price to the one offered on the brand’s website. Paying $20 for a $100 product usually indicates it’s been used or is counterfeit. Other bad signs include nonexistent bar codes or misspelled words on the packaging.

    Discontinued or limited-edition items are probably expired

    Lastly, limited-edition items are usually sold in smaller bulks, which means you should buy it while it’s hot! Amazon and other sites like eBay sometimes offer steep discounts on discontinued items, but when they’re sold is a huge indicator of its expiration. For instance, if you found a limited-edition holiday 2016 lipstick today, chances are you will be getting an old tube since lipsticks have a shelf life of one year. In fact, you risk buying a replica altogether if the brand only made a limited quantity to begin with.

    Again, shopping for beauty products online is always a gamble, but the end result is really up to you.

    Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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    Remember when it was the norm to follow tons of fashion rules? You know — don’t wear white after Labor Day. Don’t mix gold and silver jewelry. Don’t show your bra. Don’t wear oversize clothing if you want to flatter your body, and don’t pair clashing colors together… Ugh.

    Thankfully, those rules are widely considered way outdated, and most modern fashionistas appreciate the fact that creativity and dressing differently is what expressing yourself through style is all about — not following some arbitrary rules set years ago. In 2017, rule-breaking is on trend.

    Wearing clashing colors is one such rule that more people seem to be comfortable doing lately — but that’s still kind of tricky to pull off. From a young age, we were told by fashion magazines and perhaps our parents that colors like black and brown, navy and black and red and green shouldn’t mix into one outfit.

    We can thank the street-style goddesses for changing the game and giving us a little motivation to say screw it and mix whatever prints, colors and textures our hearts desire. Take a look at how these street-style stars have worn unconventional color combos with flair, then raid your closet and create your own gorgeously clashing outfits.

    Black & blue

    This combo is perfect for fall and winter, and it gives you an opportunity to break up your all-black ensemble.

    Black and Blue
    Image: Getty Images

    Black and Blue
    Image: Getty Images

    Black & brown

    This one can be tricky, but when pairing these two colors together, focus on fun textures, prints and dimensions. If you’re trying out this combo for the first time, opt for a camel or pale, nearly nude brown, which will pop against black and appear less heavy.

    Black and Brown
    Image: Getty Images

    Black and Brown
    Image: Getty Images

    More: Red Boots Are This Fall’s Street Style Star

    Complementary colors

    Complementary colors are typically reserved for sports teams, bold fashion week statements or in some cases, a holiday. Take a look at how to wear our favorite complementary color combos.

    Red and green: Move over December, because we only have Gucci-inspired vibes for the red and green combo. An easy way to wear these two colors is by adding in patterns, neutral accessories or metallic embellishments.

    Complementary Colors: Red and Green
    Image: Getty Images

    Complementary Colors: Red and Green
    Image: Getty Images

    Purple and yellow: Wear it all over or just as a shoe embellishment, but this color combo is great for making a powerful and feminine statement.

    Complementary Colors: Purple and Yellow
    Image: Getty Images

    Complementary Colors: Purple and Yellow
    Image: Getty Images

    Navy and orange: This color combo is probably the easiest to start out with. It’s a great pair for fall and looks great in solids or patterns.

    Complementary Colors: Navy and Orange
    Image: Getty Images

    Complementary Colors: Navy and Orange
    Image: Getty Images

    Other clashing colors

    These are other color combos that people typically avoid, but when done right, are beyond cool. When mixing these bad boys, play up the volume and dimension of the pieces or add a neutral or contrasting pop of color (for instance, a red boot with a yellow outfit).

    Other Clashing Colors: Orange blazer with green slacks
    Image: Getty Images

    Other Clashing Colors
    Image: Getty Images

    Other Clashing Colors: Blue top with bright red slacks
    Image: Getty Images

    Other Clashing Colors: Brown and yellow sweater dress
    Image: Getty Images

    Other Clashing Colors: Brown and yellow dress
    Image: Getty Images

    Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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    Victoria Beckham is fashion and beauty royalty. Her runway fashions are worn by the Hollywood elite; Estée Lauder recruited her for a wildly successful makeup collaboration; and let’s not forget her status as a pop-culture icon, alongside the Spice Girls.

    With this many accomplishments and a sizable income to her name, one might assume Beckham’s personal beauty stash includes items that cost more than our rent… and it does. But there are also a few bargain products sprinkled into her daily routine. According to a recent interview with Into the Gloss, Beckham swears by Bioderma Sensibio H2O Wipes for makeup removal. Yes, the pink ones you always pass in the drugstore aisle.

    More: The One Thing Victoria Beckham Eats Every Single Day

    Victoria Beckham Favorite $10 Makeup Remover : Bioderma Sensibio H2O Wipes
    Image: Bioderma

    More: Zendaya & Victoria Beckham Both Use This Beauty Shortcut

    “The only face wipes that actually take off all my makeup are the Bioderma ones,” she shared. “I always use a cleanser after, but these wipes really get everything off.”

    It’s also important to note that her cleansing steps don’t start and end with wipes. Most of us, especially after a long day, tend to wipe off our makeup and jump right in the bed, not realizing our skin needs a little more love. However, the Bioderma wipes are a great place to start.

    More: Victoria Beckham’s Trick for a Killer Smoky Eye

    They’re fragrance-free and infused with a micellar water solution that mimics the cells used to naturally rebuild our skin’s film. In simpler terms: They’ll remove makeup without completely disturbing your skin’s ability to repair itself. Thanks for sharing, Victoria — pretty sure your drugstore go-to just became our new obsession.

    Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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