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    While pregnant women might go through unpredictable changes, that’s no reason to give up their favorite beauty routines. The belief that pregnant women should cease the use of any and all products is generally untrue. There are a lot of beauty products still allowable for use during pregnancy, and a lot of these are hair care products.

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    If you’re wondering what you can and can’t do with your hair during those nine blissful months, here are a few hair do's and don’ts for expecting mothers.

    Do: Go for a deep-conditioning product

    Dry hair tends to become drier during pregnancy, which means you might find your crowning glory more prone to breakage and falling out. If you experience this, it would be ideal to try a deep-conditioning treatment or a hot oil treatment. Once a month should suffice — but don’t overdo it! Another great way to keep your hair from drying out is by squeezing a day or two in between washings.

    Don't: Overdo chemical treatments

    During pregnancy, your body goes through a lot of hormonal changes. This can affect the way it processes chemicals and products introduced from the outside. That being said, it might be a good idea to avoid chemical treatments for the time being. This will keep you and your baby both safe from any potential contaminants your body might not be prepared to handle.

    Do: Read product labels

    This is as true for pregnant women as it is for any other person on the planet. It is important to always read the labels. There are lots of harmful chemicals and ingredients in most mainstream products. Even organic items can be potentially dangerous. Before you make any purchases, research what’s best for expecting mothers or consult with your doctor.

    Don't: Dye your hair during the first trimester

    It’s an age-old question: Can you dye your hair while you’re pregnant? The first three months of your pregnancy are the most sensitive, and so it’s ideal to avoid using any products or dyes during this period. MotherToBaby, a service of the nonprofit Organization of Teratology Information Specialists, says that hair dyes are generally safe for use when the first trimester has passed. However, that’s not a unanimous opinion. Other doctors might recommend that expecting mothers avoid any chemical hair treatments altogether. When it comes to making your decision, it’s best to consult with your personal doctor.

    Do: Perform a hair massage

    Your hair might become a little less nourished than it used to be during pregnancy, so it’s advisable to oil your hair three to four times each week. This ensures that your hair gets the right nourishment to satisfy its needs. What’s more, a hair massage can greatly improve your hair's integrity and can be a great way for you to relax as well.

    Hair care is not something you should forget or forgo — even if you are pregnant. There are lots of available treatment options for expecting mothers that won’t compromise the health and well-being of your baby. Just follow these simple tips and tricks and maintain your pretty look all throughout pregnancy.

    Do you have any other tips, tricks or suggestions for expecting ladies? We’d love to hear what you have to say! Let us know about your ideas and experiences in the comments sections below.

    Maja Tisma is the co-founder and editor of ShampooTruth.com.

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    I've pretty much accepted myself for who I am, but I refuse to believe that I really look as old as my pictures make it seem. I spend too much on retinol and moisturizer to look a day past... 29. I mean, no, not a day past 33 (my real age).

    More: 6 Foods that may be causing your wrinkles

    And it turns out I'm right, at least according to one plastic surgeon. Dr. Rajiv Grover told the U.K. Guardian that the camera's lens and the angle can add as much as seven years to your visage.

    “The phone’s 28mm camera lens does exactly what time does to your face, enlarging the front of your face so that it looks bigger, as well as amplifying the features that get larger as you age," he explained. “Add to that the fact that you tend to look down at your phone, which makes the skin on your neck and jowls look saggy."

    Basically, the wide-angle lens makes it easy to distort your face, giving you a hollow look.

    More: Makeup artist creates looks inspired by junk food (PHOTOS)

    "Put simply, the classic selfie resembles the balance of an older face rather than a younger face," he continued. "By taking away the beauty of the central triangle and exaggerating the central features the photo effects are actually mimicking the aging process itself!"

    Selfies are triggering more women to seek out his surgical services, he said, but there's a fix that's much easier on your wallet: Get a selfie stick.

    "A shot from above looking up stretches the neck, defines the jaw and distributes your soft tissue in your face more peripherally so that your face appears more balanced like it does in youth," he said.

    More: How I finally learned to embrace my dark under-eye circles

    No surgery required.

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    Gluten has made an enemy out of a lot of people within the last few years, and for good reason. If you're one of many who have celiac disease or are simply sensitive to gluten, which is found in wheat, barley and rye, you're familiar with the uncomfortable stomach pain, bloating and diarrhea associated with the condition. But gluten has also come under attack for possibly being a culprit responsible for blemishes and other skin aggravations. And some are going as far as eliminating all wheat products from their diets in an effort to get flawless skin.

    But are their efforts in vain? Some experts say there's confusion over whether gluten truly is to blame for acne and that people are confusing hormonal acne with another skin condition that is aggravated by the proteins.

    "I get asked this question all the time — there is no evidence that gluten causes acne, although I have had many patients state that once they gave up gluten, their acne went away," says Dr. David Soleymani, a dermatologist and founder of the app Dermio. "It does make sense as gluten is pro-inflammatory and oftentimes acne is predominantly inflammation."

    More: 12 Gluten-free bloggers you just need to follow

    Soleymani says he believes there are plenty of people who suffer from true gluten allergies and experience skin and/or bowel issues as a result — but it likely isn't acne.

    There is a skin condition that is directly associated with gluten, and that is dermatitis herpetiformis (DH)," Soleymani says. "DH affects up to 25 percent of patients who also have celiac disease. By cutting out gluten completely, the skin condition resolves, but it has to be very strictly gluten free."

    So, what exactly is dermatitis herpetiformis and why does it have so many people shouting the A-word?

    "This is a disorder that is known for causing the skin to produce blisters, red, and itchy patches," says Dr. Jill Waibel, founder of Miami Dermatology & Laser Institute. "This is mainly found on the outer surface of the elbows, knees, buttocks, and back."

    If you're prone to pimples or have dealt with acne at some point in your life, it naturally makes sense that you'd erroneously assume uncomfortable redness in the skin could be related to cystic, or hormonal, acne.

    More: 6 Things celiac sufferers should do after accidentally eating gluten

    If you aren't sure whether your skin problems are related to gluten, Waibel says she recommends following a diet that works for all people — gluten intolerant or not. "An overall healthy diet will help skin remain beautiful and glowing," Waibel says. "Currently, for all skin and other body organs, it is recommended to have a low glycemic diet (this includes low amounts of sugar, carbs, etc.) and mainly fruits and vegetables."

    If you suspect the redness in your skin could be DH, make an appointment with your dermatologist so you can find out if a gluten-free diet is your ticket to a more beautiful complexion.

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    Sephora has helped us out by listing the bestsellers on their website — but, still, we are left comparing mascara to mascara and hair dryer to hair dryer. So, we've compared the reviews for 25 Sephora bestsellers and came up with your best options.


    Benefit Cosmetics They're Real! Mascara
    Image: Sephora

    1. Benefit Cosmetics They're Real! Mascara
    Size: 0.3 ounces
    Price: $24
    Rating: 4.2

    2. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
    Size: 0.27 ounces
    Price: $23
    Rating: 3.8

    Best choice: Benefit Cosmetics They're Real! Mascara

    Although these are both probably the best mascaras you can buy, based on the reviews, the main differences were that one may seem clumpier (Better Than Sex) and one may seem thinner (They're Real!). The worst reviews noted that Better Than Sex was heavy and smudgy, while They're Real! was wet and "takes forever to dry." However, several people said that They're Real! created a natural look, lengthened lashes, built volume and had a smooth consistency. Therefore, Benefit takes the cake on this one. It's better to have to reapply to build volume than deal with clumps.


    Urban Decay Naked2
    Image: Sephora

    3. Urban Decay Naked2
    Price: $54
    Rating: 4.7

    4. Tarte Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette
    Price: $44
    Rating: 4.6

    Best choice: Urban Decay Naked2

    You will definitely be safe with either of these 12-color palettes, but a few reviews on both stated that they had low pigments — while the majority claims they are very pigmented. Even though it costs $10 more, Naked2 was picked as the better purchase because it includes a dual eyeshadow brush and offers both matte and shimmer options (hey, sometimes you just wanna mix it up). Reviewers considered it to be "creamy and blendable" and did not cause creases.


    Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation
    Image: Sephora

    5. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation
    Size: 1 ounce
    Price: $62
    Rating: 4.3

    6. Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation
    Size: 1.01 ounces
    Price: $43
    Rating: 4.3

    7. bareMinerals Original Foundation
    Price: $28
    Rating: 4.6

    Best choice: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

    There's nothing worse than a bad foundation (no pun!) — so shopping for a good foundation can be tough. We've got to consider our skin's texture, shade and oiliness/dryness. When comparing these three top-selling foundations, the worst reviews stated that HD Invisible Cover did not last long and didn't withstand heat; bareMinerals was sometimes cakey or came off too yellow; and Luminous Silk didn't have as much coverage as some would like and didn't last long. But, a majority of reviews for Luminous Silk said it had a great texture, offered a dewy finish and lasted up to 25 hours. Yes, it is $62, but it is definitely worth a try.

    Night repairs

    Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair
    Image: Sephora

    8. Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil
    Size: 1 ounce
    Price: $105
    Rating: 4.2

    9. Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair
    Size: 1.7 ounces
    Price: $92
    Rating: 4.5 

    10. Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum
    Size: 1 ounce
    Price: $90
    Rating: 4.5 

    Best choice: Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair

    When spending around $100 for a product, you want to be sure you're getting the most bang for your buck. Estée Lauder offers nearly double the amount of product for about the same price as the others. It is said to be "light and goes on very smoothly" and that "90% of breakouts have gone away much faster." Many reviewers said the Luna Sleeping Night Oil had a horrible scent and some saw no change with T.L.C Framboos.

    Dry shampoos

    Klorane Dry Shampoo
    Image: Sephora

    11. Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo
    Size: 3.5 ounces
    Price: $22
    Rating: 3.8 

    12. Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk
    Size: 3.2 ounces
    Price: $20
    Rating: 4.7

    Best choice: Klorane Dry Shampoo

    Reviewers raved about Klorane Dry Shampoo. They said it showed no residue, doesn't make your hair look dull and keeps the oil at bay. One person notes, "It leaves my hair feeling soft and it looks like it was just washed!" Unfortunately, Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo has a much lower rating and one of the most common dislikes about it was that it leaves a white residue. No thank you.

    Hair treatments

    Agave Oil Treatment
    Image: Sephora

    13. Josie Maran 100 percent Pure Argan Oil
    Size: 4 ounces
    Price: $96
    Rating: 4.5 

    14. Agave Oil Treatment
    Size: 4 ounces
    Price: $40
    Rating: 4.7

    Best choice: Agave Oil Treatment

    One of the best things about Agave Healing Oil is its price — it is less than half the cost of Josie Maran Argan Oil. Agave Oil absorbed better and did not feel greasy afterwards. Reviewers noted it adds volume and shine, smells great and leaves hair "feeling SO soft." Although consumers loved Josie Maran Argan Oil as well, it received a lower rating — and did we say the price is much higher?

    Hair dryers

    Bio Ionic 10X Ultralight Speed Dryer
    Image: Sephora

    15. Bio Ionic 10X Ultralight Speed Dryer
    Motor: 1800 watts eco drive
    Price: $329
    Rating: 4.9

    16. Drybar Buttercup Blow Dryer
    Motor: 1875 watts
    Price: $195
    Rating: 4.2

    Best choice: Bio Ionic 10X Ultralight Speed Dryer

    We say go for it. Yes, this is a pretty expensive piece of machinery at $329 a pop — but it may be the best hair dryer you will ever buy. Look at this: It's lightweight, "will dry hair in as little as 10 minutes," uses 75 percent less energy and has a 10-year warranty. If the price tag is really bugging you, one reviewer played it smart: "I bought it at 15% off and saved $50." As far as Drybar's Buttercup blower goes, several reviews said it was short lived and heavy.

    Body scrubs

    Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish
    Image: Sephora

    17. DERMAdoctor KP Duty Body Scrub
    Size:16 ounces
    Price: $46
    Rating: 4.5

    18. Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish
    Size: 14.1 ounces
    Price: $65
    Rating: 4.5

    Best choice: Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish

    KP Duty Body Scrub "combines the benefits of a chemical peel and a microdermabrasion." However, some users said it didn't work well. One reviewer noted that it's not eco-friendly by containing polyethylene — which contributes to ocean pollution. For Fresh Brown Sugar, many reviews noted that it was very oily and greasier than they expected. So, if we had to choose, we'd go with Fresh Brown Sugar because it doesn't harm our planet, has a great smell and leaves skin soft — just go easy on the amount of product you use to avoid its greasy effects. (But... if we didn't have to choose, we probably would've skipped Sephora on this one and headed to the drugstore.)


    Tarte Brazilliance Skin Rejuvenating Maracuja Self Tanner
    Image: Sephora

    19. Sephora Collection Tinted Self-Tanning Body Mist
    Size: 5 ounces
    Price: $16
    Rating: 4.4

    20. Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse & Tanning Mitt Duo
    Size: 4.22 ounces
    Price: $54
    Rating: 4

    21. Tarte Brazilliance Skin Rejuvenating Maracuja Face and Body Self Tanner
    Size: 5.5 ounces
    Price: $39
    Rating: 4.3

    Best choice: Tarte Brazilliance Skin Rejuvenating Maracuja Self Tanner

    First, hooray for you for buying self-tanner and not hitting the tanning beds! These three top-selling self-tanners all had great reviews, of course, but your safest option will probably be Tarte Brazilliance. Vita Liberata pHenomenal is the most expensive, has the lowest rating and was said to come off in the shower. The downside to the Sephora option was that it was sticky and not even. Tarte Brazilliance had mixed reviews: Some said it doesn't rub off and others said it does rub off on your sheets. But, we chose this one because Tarte is always cruelty-free and has a cinnamon-y smell — just don't use the mitt, it doesn't help.

    Firming body lotions

    Philosophy Amazing Grace Firming Body Emulsion
    Image: Sephora

    22. Philosophy Amazing Grace Firming Body Emulsion
    Size: 16 ounces
    Price: $37
    Rating: 4.6

    23. Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control (Double Edition)
    Size: 13.8 ounces (2 bottles, 6.9 ounces each)
    Price: $99
    Rating: 4

    Best choice: Philosophy Amazing Grace Firming Body Emulsion

    OK, we have some bad news for these products: A lot of the reviews said that neither of them really firmed skin or reduced cellulite. For example, one of the reviews on Clarins states, "I've been using regularly for 3 weeks, and while I haven't seen the cellulite disappear, the back and front of my legs are noticeably smoother." Philosophy Amazing Grace had similar reviews but was remarked to have an amazing texture and fresh scent. It also absorbs quickly and leaves skin soft. So, while both may struggle to show immediate results for firming, Philosophy Amazing Grace is hailed to be "a holy grail product" and it less expensive.


    Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Deodorant
    Image: Sephora

    24. Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Deodorant
    Size: 1.7 ounces
    Price: $24
    Rating: 4.6

    25. Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant
    Size: 1.7 ounces
    Price: $14
    Rating: 3.9

    Best choice: Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Deodorant

    Although Lavanila is $10 less expensive and is 100 percent natural and aluminum-free, there were several reviews that said it just plain didn't work, while others advised that it takes a month for your skin to get used to it. On the other hand, reviewers for Cashmere Mist deodorant raved about the scent and that "it's worth every penny."

    More on beauty products

    8 Beauty products with horrible reviews on Amazon
    32 Beauty products you probably used in the '90s
    9 Beauty products you don't need (like, at all) 

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    More: Insta-star breaks silence on her reasons for quitting social media

    Rosie Waterland Twitter

    Rosie Waterland Twitter

    Rosie Waterland Twitter 2

    Rosie Waterland Twitter 2

    True to her predictions, the image was subsequently deleted from Facebook (most probably for nudity) but not before it started a conversation. Waterland took aim at women in the public eye who referred to themselves as "brave" for being a "few kilos heavier than the average fashion model," as she argued that many women see weight as a contributing factor to their value, when in fact it has nothing to do with it.

    Waterland spoke about how there are far more important qualities than just the size of women's bodies, and how society should not place so much emphasis on physical appearance.

    "When you are spectacularly intelligent and talented, your appearance and weight should not even be an issue. I know, that as a woman, it's not easy to say that. As a woman, even if your appearance isn’t an issue to you, it is to everyone else. I get that. But, f*** everyone else," she wrote in the now deleted post.

    More: Why drawing naked people could be great for your self-esteem

    Responding to the overwhelming reaction that her post got, Waterland wrote another, this time without an image attached to it — as some people had questioned whether it was counter-intuitive to post a naked picture along with a message about how physical appearance should not matter.

    "Well, I had a message to get across I guess, and being a bigger woman, I felt like I was in a somewhat unique position to do so visually," Waterland explained.

    She continued, "I have been seeing so many women, much thinner than me, constantly talking about how they've achieved things in life in spite of their flaws. The thing that bothers me about that discourse, is that 'flaws' are even being talked about at all, and so damn often. Why is the physical always so important? So high on the agenda? There just seems to be this overarching attitude that the physical should always be top on the list of values and priorities and attention."

    More: Reasons we body-shame ourselves (and why we really shouldn't)

    She revealed that she has refused all media requests and would leave the picture up (this was prior to Facebook deleting it), that she had nothing more to say about her body, "because my body is THE LEAST INTERESTING THING ABOUT ME."

    Rosie Waterland Facebook

    Rosie Waterland Facebook

    While she may not be speaking about her body in the future, Waterland has inspired countless others with her post.

    Comments on the picture include one from Andrea Boschetti. She wrote, "Today I miraculously convinced myself that I could in fact, among other things, even be a little bit sexy... regardless of previously ingrained beliefs. Thank you!! xo."

    Trish Gill also shared her thoughts, writing, "Rosie Waterland you are totally my celebrity lady crush at the moment!! I love reading what you write and reading that you love that I [we] love reading what you write. I also love that you back yourself. You have an opinion you think is worth sharing and you stand by it. This and your previous post make perfect sense to me. And I'm off to check out the link to your one woman show!"

    What do you think of Waterland's message? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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    1. Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme

    This lip plumper is the real deal. I noticed fuller lips just minutes after I applied the clear gloss, and they stayed full for hours after application (TooFaced, $28). I’ve had great results from Clinicians Complex as well, but Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme was the first plumper I’ve used that kept my lips full for hours without reapplying. However, the Too Faced plumper might sting a bit, so if you have really sensitive skin and lips, I might recommend the Clinicians Complex, which has a cooling effect (Amazon, $39).

    More: Makeup essentials you should never skip

    2. Fabulips “Pout-O-Matic” kit by Bliss

    For many of us, winter weather brings dry, flakey lips that look even worse when covered with the trendy dark lip shades of the season. The Fabulips Pout-O-Matic by Bliss has been an absolute lifesaver for me (Bliss World, $48). It comes with a lip scrub and electronic tool that are used together as a power-packed duo to gently remove dead skin from your lips and hydrate the new layer of skin. If the whole kit sounds intense, Lip Strip by Laura Geller is a great scrub for a less aggressive exfoliation approach (Laura Geller, $19).

    3. KISMET Lovely liquid illuminator

    A dewy finish can really help bring out your cheekbones in a photo. This is where the work of a great highlighter comes in. My favorite highlighter is the KISMET Lovely illuminator (KISMET Cosmetics, $19). I only need to use a small amount of this liquid solution to create a beautiful glow that lasts through the night. I’ve also used and liked the liquid Becca highlighter in Opal, but I prefer the KISMET highlighter in Rosy as it stays in place and lasts a bit longer (Becca Cosmetics, $41).

    4. Bareskin liquid foundation by Bare Minerals

    For those of us with sensitive skin, it can be difficult to find a smooth finish liquid foundation that doesn’t cause breakouts. Bareskin by Bare Minerals creates a full coverage foundation look without clogging your pores with a heavy solution (Bare Escentuals, $29). The lightweight layer stays well and leaves your skin with the luxurious look of liquid foundation that photographs well. Maybelline SuperStay 24hr makeup is my second choice here (Maybelline, $11). It’s a great option if you’re looking for a more affordable foundation from the drugstore

    5. Stay All Day waterproof liquid liner by Stila

    As the night goes on, eyeliner tends to smudge and wear off. A good waterproof liner can help you maintain a photo ready face without the need to constantly reapply. The Stay All Day waterproof liquid liner by Stila has been my favorite (Stila Cosmetics, $22). Maybelline Master Kajal is a solid runner up (Maybelline, $8).

    6. Kylie Lip Kit

    If you get the chance to snag one of these, do it! The Kylie Lip Kit comes with a liner and a liquid matte lipstick to create the perfect lip look (LipKit by Kylie). What I like about this product in comparison to others is that the solution goes on smoothly and doesn’t dry out your lips like some of its lower-priced competitors. Kat Von D’s line of liquid matte lipstick is also a great option if you’re looking for lasting color that goes on smoothly (Kat Von D Beauty, $20).

    More: How a makeup artist gets the perfect holiday lips

    7. Volume Booster by CHI

    CHI’s Volume Booster is hands down the best volumizing product I’ve tried to date (Ulta, $15). The solution is applied to and brushed through damp hair before blow drying to create volume evenly throughout your hair. I prefer it to other glazes and root boosters because the solution is lightweight and doesn’t make my hair feel as though it’s saturated in product.

    8. Bellami Curling Wand

    The Bellami curling wand comes with six interchangeable barrel options to give you the versatility of multiple curling wands in one tool (Bellami Hair, $140). It also has an adjustable temperature range of 356 degrees Fahrenheit to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. The best part about this wand is that it creates soft, silky curls that last the entire night without holding sprays.

    9. Smashbox Photo Finish

    To ensure that my trusty Bareskin foundation will stay in place under exceptionally rough conditions like a night out dancing or a day in a humid local, I use Smashbox Photo Finish (Smashbox, $36). This primer has a dedicated following of beauty mavens who swear by its ability to help your foundation maintain full coverage.

    Hopefully these products will help you take more beautiful photos during your upcoming vacations and events. If you have a product you’d recommend, let me know in the comments below!

    More: 15 Drugstore beauty gems that you have to try

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    1. The discovery

    Kristen Wiig GIF

    GIF credit: Giphy.com

    Once upon a time, you're doing your usual morning mirror check — and discover a red blotch on your face.

    2. The inspection

    Britney Spears GIF

    GIF credit: Giphy.com

    Against your better judgment, you poke it. Then you poke it again.

    3. The denial

    Mindy Kaling GIF

    GIF credit: Giphy.com

    Whatever. You're not going to let a little thing like a pimple ruin your day. This isn't high school...

    4. The horror

    Jennifer Lawrence GIF

    GIF credit: Giphy.com

    You know, until the next morning when you notice it's invading your face.

    More: Adult acne: What to do when your skin still thinks you're a teen

    5. The desperation

    Makeup gif

    GIF credit: Giphy.com

    You don't so much dab concealer on as you do pour.

    6. The awkwardness

    office space gif

    GIF credit: Giphy.com

    You spend so much time on your makeup you're late for work — but once they see that your face exploded, they'll totally understand.

    7. The confusion

    tina fey gif

    GIF credit: Giphy.com

    Only, nobody says a word. Not. One. Word.

    More: New app scans your acne then writes you a scrip

    8. The breakdown

    Lea Michelle gif

    GIF credit: Giphy.com

    You've tried everything, and it just keeps getting bigger! Why isn't anybody saying anything?!

    9. The victory

    GIRLS gif

    GIF credit: Giphy.com

    Once you've finally survived your skin's cruelty, you celebrate with your best friends: Ben and Jerry. Natch.

    0 0

    More: Fans burned by vlogger's cinnamon face mask recommendation

    However one customer has realised that you have to be careful how you use Lush goodies or the consequences can be rather alarming.

    Abi Shenton sent a tweet to Lush after one of their products turned her skin bright pink, posting a photo of her new look with the caption, "Hi! @lushcosmetics just a quick question, are your products supposed to stain the human skin fluorescent pink?"

    Lush Razzle Dazzle turns girl's skin pink
    Image: Abi Shenton

    More: The secret behind why lip balm makes your dry lips worse

    The matter was dealt with quickly with Lush responding to the bright pink girl with a love-heart emoji, a "Yikes!" and advice on who to contact for help.

    It turns out that Abi hadn't followed the instructions on her Razzle Dazzle bath oil, which is why she turned a bright shade of salmon (for three whole days, the poor girl).

    To clear things up, and show there were no bad feelings, Abi posted a comment on a pretty52.com article.

    "The product used was called 'Razzle Dazzle' and it is not a bath bomb! The correct procedure is that you are supposed to dilute it into water but I thought it was a soap and rubbed it all over my body and face (explains why my hair is dry) 3 days + several baths later I am no longer pink! I misused this product! I love LUSH and will still continue to shop there. It's just a shame that I wasn’t told how to correctly use the product when purchasing! A very helpful friend of mine works at Lush and helped me remove all the pink stain with lemon juice, olive oil and a gritty face wash! (sic)"

    Lesson? Read the packaging, people.

    More: 7 Crazy facials guaranteed to freak you out

    0 0

    When I was 45, I spent $8,000 to have an upper eyelift, lower facelift, liposuction on my cheeks and under my chin and a mini tummy tuck to correct a crooked C-section scar. When I decide to share this, I admit up front to vanity, blaming it on two decades in the TV news business. But that is only partly true.

    More: I have struggled all my life to find beauty with my natural hair

    Like many women, my insecurity began in childhood. One of my first memories was my parents telling me that I was the prettiest girl in the world. They said it so often and so matter-of-factly that I, of course, came to believe it. I was devastated when I learned there was a Little Miss America pageant and enraged I wasn’t in it. If only they’d discover me! If only my parents would enter me! They never did. This was, of course, many years before Toddlers and Tiaras.

    What my parents did, innocently and unknowingly, was make me insecure about my looks as I grew up and realized that I wasn’t, in fact, the prettiest girl in the world. I was decent looking — cute, maybe — but not extraordinary. I was definitely not the way they saw me.

    I spent the next four decades seeking to enter that pageant, so to speak, or at least wanting my actual face to match what I saw when I closed my eyes. It was a journey that led to facial plastic surgery that many would say I didn’t need.

    I had my mother’s very large cheeks and deep-set eyes that photograph like two black sockets in sunlight. I inherited my dad’s prematurely drooping eyelids and early jowls from both. I was called "chipmunk cheeks" in school: A round face on a slender body.

    Before surgery

    Image: Marie Hickman/SheKnows

    I set out to prove I was pretty, entering pageants in college and pursuing the most relentlessly critical career possible: on-air reporting. That is when my dysmorphia hit critical mode.

    Applying for my first anchoring job, the news director looked startled when I walked into the room. “Oh,” she said, “You look so different in person! You don’t have a ball chin.”

    For whatever reason, I was given fill-in weekend anchor stints and managed to anchor in a tiny market, but I never got the full-time appointment I sought. I had solid reporting credentials, but looking back, I probably wanted to prove to myself that I really was attractive.

    I got to the point where I could no longer look in a mirror. Even after I left the news business to raise my son and follow my husband’s career, I was focused on getting rid of those bursting cheeks, that pouch under my chin, and the upper eyelid skin that started sticking to the outer corner of my lids. It ran, like a background program, in my mind constantly.

    More: I have struggled all my life to get fit

    Eyelids before surgery

    Image: Marie Hickman/SheKnows

    When my family moved to the Middle East (also a looks-conscious culture), we finally had the money to make the change I’d always wanted. When my new expat British friends joked that I looked “mumsy” (frumpy) I decided I could no longer wait. I flew back to the States and met with a plastic surgeon I had interviewed for a story long ago. The following summer, I had the surgery. I was so determined, it never occurred to me to be afraid. When I woke up, bandaged like a mummy, purple and swollen, I felt relieved, excited — even beautiful.

    One month after surgery

    Image: Marie Hickman/SheKnows

    With every passing day, as the sutures dissolved and the swelling went down, I felt a little more confident. The results were more far-reaching than I expected. My slimmer face, more defined neck and wider eyes gave me the impetus to make other changes in my life. I lost some baby weight that I had gained, left a barren marriage and started a freelance writing career.

    I ended up divorcing and moving back to the States. The fear and uncertainty of so many life changes seemed far less daunting. Before, I never had the confidence to make drastic changes to my personal life. It was as though my mind’s slate was wiped clean, cleared for normal thoughts and new possibilities.

    As an added bonus, I look younger than my resume would suggest, and feel I have faced less age discrimination when looking for work.

    Facelifts slow down time, but they don’t erase it. Eleven years later, the inevitable wrinkles and effects of gravity are catching up, but I no longer care. I feel like the burden of my looks has been lifted. I am ready to grow old more gracefully. My face is no longer my obsession.

    I still have a ball chin that looks better if I tuck my head down in photos, and deep-set eyes that I can brighten with concealer, but my surgeries balance out my facial symmetry.

    11 years after surgery

    Image: Marie Hickman/SheKnows

    I know the idea of a facelift, especially for someone who had no riveting imperfection, might seem vain or pointless or needlessly conforming to some external ideal, but for me it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I did it solely for my own confidence, and now, at 56, I couldn't be happier. My outside better reflects my inner self. My eyes are wide open.

    More: Why I've vowed to make myself a priority in my own life

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     5 Tips for radiant skin
    Image: SheKnows

    1. Check your exfoliater for these ingredients

    Sure, you've heard that exfoliating your skin is important, but to achieve glowing skin, it is a must. Try exfoliators that contain alpha hydroxy acids, such as glycolic acid.

    Try: Givenchy Peel Me Perfectly Tri-Performance Skin Polish ($45), a triple-action scrub that contains glycolic acid to promote natural exfoliation and clay extract to cleanse skin and tighten pores.

    Note: At-home peels are another effective path to smoother, more even-toned skin and generally contain up to 30 percent glycolic acid. However, a dermatologist can use up to 70 percent concentrations for more dramatic results.

    More: 7 Steps to the ultimate home facial for glowing skin

    2. Detox your body

    It is true: The outside of your body reflects what's going on inside of it. Skin conditions develop when the skin can't do its job of eliminating toxins efficiently, which happens because the other eliminative organs are overloaded as well. Talk to a natural health care professional to find a detox program that works for you, or take a load off your system and benefit your skin by doing the following:

    • Drink warm lemon water each day to help flush toxins from the body.
    • Cut out sugar and alcohol for a few days (at least five) to give your body and skin a break.
    • Up your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables to boost the amount of skin-saving nutrients you're getting.
    • Limit salty snacks, which can cause swelling and water retention.

    3. Apply topical nutrition

    Two great antioxidant boosters are green tea and grape seed extract. "These powerful bioflavonoids play a unique role in protecting vitamin C from oxidation, thereby allowing your skin to reap more benefits from it," explains Amy Chalmers, CDT and USANA Health Sciences spokesperson. "They also play an additional role in helping skin look younger and brighter as they defend against elements such as sun, stress and pollution that can damage collagen and accelerate the visible signs of aging."

    4. Try coconut oil

    Virgin coconut oil has the ability to restore and rejuvenate damaged skin. It heals, repairs and leaves your skin radiant. Coconut oil has excellent antioxidant properties and helps to destroy free radicals. It also can even out your skin tone, giving it a more healthy-looking texture and a subtle glow.

    More: Here's what happened when I shaved with coconut oil

    5. Use radiance-boosting makeup

    Try the celebrities' secret to glowing skin to get that "lit from within" look: Apply an illuminating cream under your makeup. Check out Nars Illuminator ($30) to easily take your skin from dull to bright and healthy. Bronzers are also excellent for creating a healthy glow. Choose an illuminating shade rather than a matte one and apply it everywhere the sun hits your face, including your forehead, nose and cheeks.

    More: The super pale girl's makeup guide to glowing skin

    6. Get your daily dose of vitamin C

    Vitamins for skin are so important, particularly vitamin C, which is the key to achieving a bright, even complexion, notes Erin Ferrill, East Coast educator for HydroPeptide. "The brightening qualities of this well-known vitamin make it the perfect companion for anyone struggling with age spots, sun damage or those who just want a makeup-free pick me up," Ferrill says. It should also be noted that when vitamin C and vitamin E are taken together internally, they have been shown to increase the ability of the skin to protect itself from sun damage. It has even been hypothesized that this combination might give your skin a natural sun protection (SPF) of 2, she says. "While this is no excuse to ditch the sunscreen, it is a great way to give your skin a fighting chance against the damaging rays of the sun. Look for products that combine vitamin C with gentle exfoliants and natural skin brighteners like bearberry, licorice, mulberry and brightening peptides."

    7. Suck on an ice cube

    Did you know that sucking on an ice cube chills all of the millions of cells in your cheeks and lips, causing an increase in circulation, and resulting in plumper, more rosy-looking skin? Well, according to Annie Tevelin, founder of SkinOwl, it's true! "This is a great glow-fix mid-dinner or before taking a picture to restore fatigued skin to a more peaches and cream complexion."

    8. Try juicing

    We're sure you've heard that glowing skin begins with what you eat, but when you're a busy girl on the go (like us) how the heck are you supposed to get in all your fruits and veggies? Easy, try juicing! Jayna DiMartino, California Educator for HydroPeptide, says she fills her diet with nutrient rich superfoods, such as kale, broccoli, spinach, rainbow chard, celery, cucumber, ginger and beets, by juicing. "Traveling as much as I do, it's not always easy finding a Whole Foods or a juice bar so I make sure to take my green meal capsules with all the dark leafy greens and spirulina," she notes.

    9. Remember: Vitamins B and D are key

    Vitamin B not only increases blood flow to your cells, but it's also integral to skin generation and slowing the signs of aging, notes celebrity makeup artist Julia Papworth. "An increase in vitamin B in the system translates to a decrease in redness and irritation in the skin." Additionally, Jolie Martin, director and laser skincare expert at New York City's SKINNEY Medspa, suggests taking vitamin D. "If deficient in vitamin D, skin can appear sallow and more prone to congestion and breakouts," she says.

    More: 5 Bad habits you need to break if you want clear skin

    10. Get some beauty sleep

    Sleep affects your physical and mental well being. "When you sleep, you're allowing your body to begin the proper healing process," Chalmers says. "Try a melatonin supplement to help regulate your natural sleep cycles and get your body back on track." This will, in turn, lead to glowing skin.

    Tip: Jackie Burns Brisman, senior editor at spafinder.com, recommends the following vitamins for skin to enhance your complexion and give you that gorgeous glow:

    • Omega-3 fatty acids: salmon, spinach and walnuts
    • Vitamin C: citrus fruits, chili peppers, bell peppers, dark leafy greens, broccoli
    • Vitamin E: almonds, squash and grape seed oil
    • Zinc: Greek yogurt
    • Vitamin A: yams and sweet potatoes
    • Lycopene: a great antioxidant found in tomatoes

    This article was update by Bethany Ramos on 1/22/2016.

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    The bottom line: Homemade hair treatments have become as simple to make as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

    DIY hair treatments
    Image: Tiffany Egbert/SheKnows

    If you're curious about trying out your own DIY conditioner, we've got six simple recipes to start you off. Whether you crave a more voluminous mane or want to tame frizz and fly-aways, these treatments fit the bill and will save you money.

    1. Mayo mask for volume

    mayo hair mask
    Image: Tiffany Egbert/SheKnows

    Grab a bowl and add 1/2 cup of mayonnaise, 1/2 cup of plain yogurt and the egg white from one egg. Mix the ingredients together and apply to your hair, making sure you leave it on for at least 30 minutes so that it has time to penetrate and work wonders on frayed ends. Rinse the conditioning treatment with lukewarm water, making sure you wash all of it out (for obvious reasons).

    DIY beauty expert, and author of Recipe for Radiance and Radiant Bride, Alexis Wolfer affirmed that this is a great hydrating mask. "The lactic acid in the yogurt will [also] help to gently remove product build up," she added. However, she cautions against using this on fine hair because all the fats can weigh hair down.

    2. Coconut oil

    Coconut oil hair mask
    Image: Tiffany Egbert/SheKnows

    We all know coconut oil is the elixir that keeps giving, right? In addition to keeping our bodies healthy when used as an awesome substitute for vegetable oil and butter, it does wonders for dry, damaged hair. Coconut oil can be applied alone to soften locks or, alternatively, you can mix 1/4 cup of coconut oil with one avocado and apply generously to hair, concentrating most of the mixture on the ends of hair to avoid a greasy scalp.

    More: Here's what happened when I shaved with coconut oil

    Wolfer adds that you can even use coconut oil as an anti-frizz styling treatment. But given all the grease involved, remember that a little will go a long way with this tip.

    3. Honey conditioner

    honey hair conditioner
    Image: Tiffany Egbert/SheKnows

    "Raw honey is a great humectant, both hydrating on its own and boosting the efficacy of all other moisturizers," says Wolfer. She suggests adding 1/4 teaspoon of honey per tablespoon of conditioner. Then, starting 2 inches away from your scalp, apply the mixture all the way to your ends. The conditioner will make it easier to rinse out. Wolfer really stresses using raw honey.

    You can also add 1/4 cup of raw honey with enough water (alternatively, you can mix it with 1/4 cup of olive oil you make it slightly less viscous because you can imagine the mess). According to Wolfer, you should not put olive oil within two inches of your scalp unless you have very coarse hair, so let this mask work its magic on your ends.

    Add the mixture to your hair — again, concentrating on the ends. Leave the conditioning treatment on for 30 minutes and wash it out well with warm water.

    4. Apple cider vinegar

    Apple Cider Vinegar for hair
    Image: Tiffany Egbert/SheKnows

    Raw, or unfiltered, apple cider vinegar may help restore the natural pH balance of your hair. It also contains alpha-hydroxy acid, which helps exfoliate your scalp — so, it's basically a heavenly hair ingredients. Wolfer says, "Apple cider vinegar is a great balancing treatment for your scalp." She points out that it's more effective on your scalp than it is on the hair itself. "That said, it's an oily scalp that's leaving you with oily hair, so treating the scalp will ultimately treat your hair too." Similarly, a dry scalp can impact hair health. So combating a dry, flaky scalp could lead to healthier hair.

    More: 10 Beauty benefits of apple cider vinegar you're missing out on

    Wolfer says, "Apply it to your scalp with cotton rounds to combat any dry/itchy/flaky scalp issues. This does leave your hair smelling a bit like salad dressing, so be forewarned!"

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    Welsh showed off a flat-iron trick to created beachy waves at the recent Front Row hair conference, creating quite the impression with other industry pros.

    More: 'Real-life Rapunzels' have never had haircuts... and they don't plan to

    Her S waves, or "Scandi waves" are created by using a flat iron. As she demonstrates in her tutorial video, it involves taking a 1- to 2-inch section of hair and pushing it slightly upward so it forms an "S" shape. Then, tap the hair with a 1-inch flat iron to set it. Welsh does it in alternating directions up and down the hair shaft.

    Nicci Welsh Scandi Waves

    Nicci Welsh Scandi Waves

    "The up-and-down technique gives you volume, but I wanted it flat," she told Refinery29. "I made it up because in Denmark we want this minimalistic beach look."

    More: Spanish hairdresser cuts hair using swords, lighters

    "I don't know if it's been done before — it must have — but the reaction from 90% of the people I show it to is: 'I've never seen that,'" she continued.

    Bonus: It's super easy, so anyone can do it.

    Welsh's YouTube channel is a treasure trove of various tutorials, ranging from tips for adding texture to hair to creating party makeup. She's definitely your go-to gal if you're looking for minimalistic styles with serious sex appeal.

    More: Hair salon introduces a 'quiet chair' — just what we've been waiting for

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    And she doesn't care who thinks she's "broken in the head" because of it.

    More: I tried to get my spider veins removed and ended up scarred for life

    Mandy Lamrini posted photos of her eyebrow transformation last week, showing off one brow covered in white, likely some sort of hair removal cream, and the other tattooed with a dramatic arch.

    Mandy Lamrini Facebook eyebrows

    Mandy Lamrini Facebook eyebrows

    The photos were soon shared several hundred times, with people commenting questioning her mental status — "Is everything ok in your head?" — and saying that she permanently ruined her face. Others made memes of her photos.

    But, joke's on them, because she's "very pleased" with her new look — and others agree. "Stay just as you are!" one supporter wrote.

    More: Writer posts nude selfie to send powerful body-positive message (PHOTO)

    The lesson is this: People can do what they want with their bodies, just as you're free to do what you want with yours. Some people like tattoos, some don't. Some people want to wear glasses, others prefer contacts. The important thing is that you do you, as long as it's not illegal or hurting others.

    And Lamrini is certainly going to do her.

    "These eyebrows suit me better," she said in a later video posted to her profile. "I have to walk around with these eyebrows, not you. You're actually fans, even if you don't want to admit it to yourselves."


    More: Woman who battled anorexia posts 'tummy roll' photos to help inspire others

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    Mom Megan Naramore Harris wrote an open letter to a sales associate at a Dillard's department store in Wichita, Kansas. The mother and daughter duo went to the store recently to try on dresses for an upcoming formal dance. Harris asked her daughter to try on a dress that "was not her style," but she did to humor her mom.

    More: Woman defends her dramatic eyebrow tattoos, says she did it 'because I can'

    "I told her how grown up it made her look and she smiled, and told me this made her look too old but still, she let me take a picture," she wrote. That's when the associate allegedly inserted her two cents. "Right after that, you entered and told my daughter she needed to wear Spanx if she wanted to wear this dress. I told my daughter to go change. I told you that she was just fine without Spanx. You continued to argue with me."

    Spanx dress Facebook post

    Spanx dress Facebook post

    It's one thing to offer opinions when asked, but it sounds like the comments were completely unsolicited.

    Harris said they "left soon after," but she has some regrets about the interaction. "I wish I had told you how many girls suffer from poor self-image and telling them they need something to make them perfect can be very damaging," she wrote, adding that her tall daughter is an active girl who runs, dances, swims and practices yoga.

    More: Reasons we body-shame ourselves (and why we really shouldn't)

    Harris closed by saying she hopes the message gets back to the clerk — and there's a pretty good chance, given that the post has been shared almost 20,000 times.

    "Girls of all ages, shapes and sizes are perfect because that is how God made them. If they feel good in a dress, that is all that should matter," she wrote.

    This mom... this mom gets it.

    More: All-male panel gives laughable rules for women wearing leggings (WATCH)

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    Whether you're in the mood for a major transformation or simply want a tiny touch-up, we chatted with two of the industry's top hair experts (and groomers to the stars) to see what the hair world has in store for us this year. Consider your hair game upgraded.

    1. The Shag

    Kerry Washington Shag
    Image: Brent N. Clarke/WireImage/Getty Images

    According to Dove Celebrity Stylist Mark Townsend, "2016 will be the year of the shag's comeback." You might remember this look from the '90s (ahem, the "Rachel," anyone?), but this rocking 'do is making a big comeback. "We've seen Karlie Kloss and Dakota Johnson rock iterations of this look, and the trend shows no sign of slowing down," Townsend says. Layers and texture define this look, so opt for fringe and piecey-ness when visiting the salon. Lastly, to master the modern shag like Kerry Washington, Townsend suggests busting out the dry shampoo and a texture paste like Sally Hershberger's 24K Superiority Complex Texturizing Paste (Sephora, $40).

    2. Long Locks

    Gina Rodriguez Hair
    Image: Kris Connor/Getty Images)

    "All the girls not getting a shag will be growing out their locks and looking fabulous while doing it," says Townsend. "Unlike the hair extension-ed length of the 2000s, 2016 is all about long healthy hair — think sixties happy hippie," he adds. To get the luscious locks of your dreams, stock up on hair vitamins like Viviscal Extra Strength Nutrient Tablets (Ulta, $40) and get regular mini trims to keep your ends smooth and healthy, says Townsend. Pro tip: For silky strands like Gina Rodriguez, add in few drops of a hair oil like Dove Regenerative Nourishment Serum in Oil to damp hair.

     3. The Grown-Out Pixie

    Lily Collins Hair
    Image: JB Lacroix/WireImage/Getty Images

    The whole world might have joined in on a collective gasp when Jennifer Lawrence cut her hair into a pixie. But because 2016 is about embracing length, those with pixies can bypass their usual salon trip and opt for an on-trend grown-out 'do like Lily Collins. "This style entails a textured cut and is about two inches longer than a traditional pixie," explains Suave Professionals Celebrity Stylist, Marcus Francis. "It evokes a feeling from the nineties with its flipped-over part — longer on the top and shaggy over the ears." Just as with a shag, this looks best with piece-y ends. Pro tip: Rough dry hair with your hands to keep this cut feeling effortless and keep it from looking round.

    4. Fringe

    Felicity Jones Hair
    Image: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

    As we all know, a good fringe like that of Felicity Jones never goes out of fashion, but according to Townsend, we'll be seeing a lot more of the look this year. "Sixties-inspired fringe with volume at the crown will definitely have a moment in 2016," he explains. "Just be sure to ask your stylist what kind of bangs flatter your face shape the best," he adds.

    5. The Bob + Bangs

    Dakota Johnson Hair
    Image: Venturelli/Getty Images

    If you prefer short hair, you're in luck. The chin-length look is still a scene stealer in 2016. Francis predicts fans of 2015's lob trend will take the look one step further this year and make the full switch to a bob. "To modernize it and give the look some variety, slicing 'barely-there' bangs will maintain the shape of a bob but add some texture to the cut and around the face," he explains. Not sure how short to go? Francis says dry hair should be hitting your chin area. Pro tip: When styling this look at home, keep the ends straighter like Dakota Johnson to maintain the silhouette of the cut looking like a bob. Francis suggests adding a drop or two of Suave Professionals Coconut Oil Infusion Damage Repair Oil Treatment (CVS, $4) to your palms and fingers and raking your fingers through your strands after you've blown out or dried your hair. "This serum instantly smooths, tames fly-aways and delivers healthy, long-lasting shine — a must to fully pull off this look," he adds.

    6. Knots

    Gwen Stefani Hair
    Image: Gwen Stefani/Instagram

    "While top knots have been a staple for years, these new modern knots are moving down the back of the head and are far more intricate," says Townsend of the new trend. "Whether it was Daisy Ridley's incredible tri-knot style in Star Wars or Gwen Stefani's various double knots on The Voice, this style has infiltrated the mainstream," he adds. Pro tip: "Be sure to invest in quality bobby pins when recreating this style at home. A metallic pin elevates any look," Townsend says.

    7. Beach Waves

    Natalie Normer Hair
    Image: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic/Getty Images

    We know what you're thinking, "Will beach waves ever go out of style?" Although the boho look is always a winner, this year's waves will be glossier and shinier than ones we're used to seeing. Just take one look at Natalie Dormer! "Instead of using a sea salt spray, I like to apply a small dab of Dove Refresh + Care Nourishing Curls Whipped Cream Mousse (drugstore.com, $5) to dry hair," says Townsend. "It gives the hair texture without dehydrating it." To top it all off, apply a dry shampoo like Elizabeth and James Nirvana Dry Shampoo (Sephora, $28) — a favorite of Townsend's that adds shine, texture and volume.

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    Please welcome the TEMTPU Air, a palm-sized device that won last year's Breakthrough Award for most innovative new beauty tool from Allure. TEMPTU is iconic in the industry, from high-fashion looks seen at the 2015 BCBG S/S runways to intricate body painting like Rebecca Romijn's all-blue Mystique. So... how is this going to work in our non-professionally-trained hands?


    Image: TEMPTU

    According to TEMPTU’s Manager of Global Education and Artistry Jackie Fan, "less is more" is the golden rule (unless, of course, you're going for the full Mystique).

    I was treated to a session with a TEMPTU makeup artist and of course, my makeup looked flawless. Then, I decided to try it over a few days at home. The Air is great for spot coverage because of its hair trigger — called the "SoftTouch Control" — which allows you to choose how much formula is released. (Test it out on your hand first!) Pro tip: The super-sensitive trigger means that newbies have a tendency to slather on the makeup. On my first try, my makeup had a "wet" look. As much as I love the Miami model-by-the-pool vibe, it's not ideal for everyday wear. After I held the device further back from my face (Fan suggests four fingers), and applied in small circles, I got even coverage. I also felt like a total pro.

    The "air pods" come in 12 shades (a very respectable number), as well as bronzer, highlighter and blush that doubles as lipstick. For covering blemishes, Fan suggests speed 1, then upgrade to speed 2 for foundation and speed 3 for highlighters.

    Over my week with the TEMPTU, I got used to the idea of starting my morning with an airbrush (it feels very Beyoncé + her ubiquitous blowing fans). Maybe I won't pull my glamour gun out at the gym locker room — yet. But will we all be applying our makeup in the office bathroom with an airbrusher by this time next year? I don't see why not.

    The cordless TEMPTU device is an investment up front at $240. The airpods are $45, but will last you three months with daily use (longer when used less often).

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    Try one or try them all, but these personalized tips can breathe life into your morning makeup routine:

    What color are your eyes?

    Makeup tips for your eye color

    Images: Judy Eddy/wenn.com, Ray Garbo/wenn.com, WENN

    It's important to consider your eye color when deciding on shades of eye makeup. Matching your eyeshadow to your eye color can look too monochromatic, so instead we've come up with some tips to help your natural eye color stand out. Use these tips below to decide what makeup hues work best with your eye color.

    More: How to choose the right glitter eye makeup for your eye color

    What color is your hair?

    Makeup tips for your hair color

    Image: WENN

    Factor in your hair color to determine what makeup hues work best on you. By making the proper color choices with your eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers and other makeup, you can make subtle enhancements that make a big difference in your look. Use these makeup tips below as a guide for the shades and techniques that work best for women with red hair, blond hair and dark hair.

    What shape is your face?

    Makeup tips for your face shape

    Images: FayeVision/wenn.com,  Dave Bedrosian/Future Image/wenn.com

    Our faces are commonly categorized into six main shapes: oval, square, round, heart-shaped, oblong and diamond-shaped. Use these tips below as a guide to determine what makeup techniques work best for your face shape. You'll find advice on eyeshadow and eye liner, foundation, blush and more.

    More: How to determine your face shape

    Remember: Looking great is not about the amount of money you spend on your beauty products — rather it's about applying the proper techniques and colors to enhance your best natural-born features. Use these makeup tips specific to your eye color and hair color, as well as your face shape to achieve the best look possible.

    Updated by Bethany Ramos on 1/24/2016

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    Kansas state Senator Mitch Holmes, a Republican and chairman of the Senate Ethics and Elections Committee, decided to create a new dress code that calls for "professional attire" for men and more stringent guidelines for women who testify before the state government.

    More: Woman says clerk told her teen she couldn't wear a dress without Spanx

    For women, "low-cut necklines and mini-skirts are inappropriate," according to the Topeka Capital-Journal, because it's too distracting during testimony. Because, you know, lawmakers apparently aren't adults who know how to act like professionals.

    There are no actual guidelines for where hemlines must be to satisfy the rules because "it's one of those things that's hard to define," said Holmes. "Put it out there and let people know we're really looking for you to be addressing the issue rather than trying to distract or bring eyes to yourself."

    More: Woman defends her dramatic eyebrow tattoos, says she did it "because I can"

    And Holmes gets to play judge and jury to decide what is and isn't appropriate for women to wear. "Oh, for crying out loud," Democratic Senator Laura Kelly said in response, according to the paper. "What century is this?"

    For. Real.

    "I am more interested in what they have to say about the direction our state should go than what they're wearing that day," Republican Senator Carolyn McGinn added.

    The most infuriating part: Holmes thought about specifying that men wear a jacket and tie, but decided men didn't need instructions on appropriate wear. What he forgets is that some of the most powerful women in the world wear "revealing" outfits and are able to conduct business just fine, thankyouverymuch.

    More: Girl turns pink after her Lush bath went awry (PHOTO)

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    In the last few years, much progress has been made to eliminate the so-called "toxic trio" — that would be DBP, toluene and formaldehyde (a carcinogen, for goodness sake) — from nail polishes and nail polish removers. As a result of the increasing demand for more healthy, natural nail alternatives, several companies are responding with amazing products — including nail polish removers made with natural ingredients and completely void of any trace of acetone, a chemical that can wreak havoc on your nails and cuticles, leaving them dry, weak and brittle.

    These seven natural nail polish removers contain natural ingredients and will make you feel good about changing your nail polish shade as often as you do your clothing.

    1. Treat Collection Gentle Nail Polish Remover

    Treat Collection Gentle Nail Polish Remover
    Image: Integrity Botanicals

    In addition to offering a heavenly collection of "five-free" nail polish shades, Treat Collection, a Berlin-based company, created one of my favorite soy-based nail polish removers, which is infused with argan oil and vitamins A, C and E. A few swipes with a cotton ball is all it takes to remove your polish and your hands will be left feeling like silk (Integrity Botanics, $24).

    More: It's super easy to ruin your lashes with an eyelash curler

    2. Acquarella Water Color

    Acquarella Water Color
    Image: Acquarella

    Not a fan of oil-based polish removers? No worries, there's a non-toxic solution for you — Acquarella delivers a vegan, fruit and vegetable-derived alcohol nail polish remover void of acetone, oils and emollients. There's just one catch: It only works on Acquarella nail polish which, lucky for us, is pretty darn amazing (Acquarella, $9).

    More: Spray-on nail polish will make your perfect manicure dreams come true

    3. No Miss Almost Natural Polish Remover

    No Miss Almost Natural Polish Remover
    Image: No Miss

    This natural formula contains zero traces of acetone, volatile organic carbons or ethyl acetate and is cruelty-free. It is also made with no more than five ingredients and smells like warm vanilla — so, yes, this one is a keeper (No Miss, $5).

    4. Suncoat Plant Based Nail Polish Remover

    Suncoat Plant Based Nail Polish Remover
    Image: Suncoat Products

    You may have already heard about Suncoat's fabulous collection of water-based nail polishes, and it's only right that you familiarize yourself with their plant-based nail polish remover, which is made from corn stock fermentation and is enriched with vitamin E. Given its formula, expect an emollient consistency and a remover that removes both water-based and conventional nail polishes (Suncoat Products, $12).

    5. Honeybee Gardens Nail Polish Remover

    Honeybee Gardens Nail Polish Remover
    Image: Honeybee Gardens

    I'd purchase this acetone-free remover for the sweet bottle alone, but let's talk about their great ingredients, which include horsetail extract to strengthen nails and vitamin E and aloe to soothe and repair cuticles. Rest assured: The vegan formula meets environmental VOC standards (Honeybee Gardens, $10).

    6. Tate's The Natural Miracle Odorless Nail Polish Remover

    Tate's The Natural Miracle Odorless Nail Polish Remover
    Image: Amazon

    This organic, mineral-based nail polish remover is said to remove nail polish 50 times faster than conventional, chemical-laden removers — that alone should spur you to want to try it. It leaves your hands moisturized while helping to strengthen nails (Tate's, $17).

    7. Piggy Paint Nail Polish Remover

    Piggy Paint Nail Polish Remover
    Image: Piggy Paint

    You'll want to purchase it because of the adorable pig packaging, but you'll want to keep stocking up on Piggy Paint Nail Polish Remover because it contains just four simple ingredients: corn alcohol, aloe vera, vitamin E and an embittering agent. And that cute-as-pie container just so happens to be biodegradable, to boot (Piggy Paint, $8).

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