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    I've always thought of my brows as capable of good or pure evil. There is no in between with them — they grow like weeds and are very dark, nearly black in photos, so any time even one is out of place it looks like a spider has been squashed on my pale skin. It took everything in me to suppress my brow OCD, hide my tweezers and allow my eyebrows to grow for five weeks in between what had been a horrific brow experience and what would prove to be my favorite, by far, consultation and grooming session with Elke Von Freudenberg, one of New York City's top celebrity brow gurus.

    I've been hip to the notion that brows are a critical component to your overall appearance for some time now, but a few weeks ago, I had a last-minute event to attend and didn't have time to trek out to Manhattan from Queens to visit a salon I like. So, I succumbed to a quick fix in the form of a $10 threading session by a perfectly lovely woman who makes my friend's brows look pretty awesome. Unfortunately, she tried to "even out" my eyebrows by taking far too much off both and then covering the whole thing up with black henna. The result? Sort-of shapeless caterpillars that were a little too skinny for my liking and as dark as a bad toupee. Here are the brows at page 1 of Cosmos:

    Lisa Fogarty brows 1
    Image: Lisa Fogarty

    I decided enough was enough. It was time to figure out, once and for all, what in the hell my brows are supposed to look like because I fear something has been lost in translation over many years of visiting what always seem to be "one size fits all" eyebrow salons. Von Freudenberg has years of experience in Hollywood and NYC, has sculpted the brows of beauties like Kate Moss, Anjelica Huston, James Franco (yep, men need brow help, too) and is called in countless times to groom actresses on film sets and models shooting magazine editorials. In other words: She knows her stuff.

    She's also much pricier than any of the salons I've visited in the past. I booked "The Model Brow," a 30-minute service that includes a consultation with new clients, brow shaping and tinting, if necessary. The total cost was $111. Believe me, I hesitated. My finger hovered over a key for, like, five full minutes. Then, to hell with it, I clicked. I'll just borrow from my "new rain boots" budget, I thought, which, up until that second, hadn't actually existed.

    More: 12 Essential makeup tips for pale skin

    Elke's studio is located on the 9th floor of a regular office building in Manhattan — there isn't a fancy sign, lights or crystal chandeliers lighting your path. The second I met her I felt at ease. She was personable, but professional, and we got right down to business. In my other brow experiences, technicians simply took a quick look at my brows, brushed them up and quickly got to work applying wax. With Elke, she sat me down in a chair and asked me to briefly explain what I thought was the situation with my brows. After lamenting about my impromptu threading session a few weeks back, she asked me to sit up in the chair and look straight on into the mirror. She explained that she would continue to view my brows from two angles — with me sitting up and then lying down in the chair so she could examine them with magnifying glasses.

    She pointed out what I always suspected: my brows aren't perfectly symmetrical, but I'm not alone, she explained. Few people are born with matching eyebrows. The good news was that I could grow back enough hair to fake symmetry and there was a major explanation for why they looked off: Past pros had been taking far too much hair from one eyebrow. Or maybe one pro did it once and the others have been following suit ever since. Thanks a heap, mystery brow pro, whoever you are.

    Next, Elke asked me to tilt my head back and she proceeded to tweeze brows I don't need, while keeping the ones that will make a big difference. She explained that I have "Snow White brows," which is a very lovely way of saying they're such a stark contrast from my skin tone that removing even one wrong brow hair can make me look like an extraterrestrial being.

    More: The future of shaving is here and it doesn't involve a blade

    As she worked, I didn't feel a tinge of pain — a far cry from past experiences. She was quick and focused, but such a pro who caters to each individual that, during our half hour together, she taught me (and kept me entertained) with facts about the brow-growing cycle and why she felt it crucial to keep certain little hairs in place — as well as why allowing my brows to grow downward at the ends might work on some people, but would only make my face look crestfallen (not a good look).

    Elke has an almost scientific explanation for every single hair she removes and preserves. When she was finished, I sat up again and was blown away — not by the drama, because she didn't give me an extreme arch that doesn't already come naturally to my brows or work on my face, but because the shape was softer and more symmetrical than anyone had ever managed to make them. She knew how to get my long hairs to lay flat without immediately taking a scissor to them the way everyone else has done in the past (not that I blame them: I have no clue what to do with them either).

    Here's the result — brows at page 115 of Cosmos:

    Lisa Fogarty eyebrows
    Image: Lisa Fogarty

    And, at a distance — dramatic, but natural:

    Image: Lisa Fogarty

    I was already convinced I had found my personal brow guru for life — even if it meant seeing her every three months instead of every five weeks. But this really cemented it: I asked whether she was going to tint my brows, since I'm now used to a technician applying a heavy coat of black-brown ink and leaving it on for 10 minutes. She explained that, instead of throwing dye over every hair, which can make brows and eyes look heavier, she prefers to "spot tint" in order to enhance sections of the brow that need it (kind of like the brow version of contouring and highlighting). After examining my brows and applying a little mascara as a test run, she declared we should wait for more hair to grow in because dye wouldn't help enhance them and she didn't want me to waste my money.

    Need I say more? I know it's an expensive experience, but good brows really do make a difference, as does finding a professional who truly understands her craft. If I have the choice to go without some other pleasure in life, I'll gladly own fewer shoes for the sake of better brows.

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    But, when your 82-year-old mother tells you to spice things up, you listen. So, off I went to the shoe stores, trying on various instruments of torture until I found a very fashionable pair of Italian black-patent leather sandals complete with platforms and stiletto heels that were surprisingly comfortable, at least in the store. And I looked great in them as long as I didn’t move. Then I looked a bit like a little girl trying to walk in her mom’s high heels.

    When we packed for our trip to the wedding, I decided to take a backup pair of less stylish black sandals from the “comfortable” shoe manufacturer. And after two hours of posing for pictures, watching the ceremony and standing around during the cocktails, my feet were killing me. So, I asked my husband to get my less daunting sandals from the car and I hid the Italian ones under the table.

    The band was fabulous and we danced for hours, but my feet started killing me again, damaged as they were by the original sandals. Thus, the less torturous sandals were abandoned too, and I switched to the flip-flops that had been thoughtfully provided for the guests by the bride’s parents.

    When we left the wedding later, I limped out in the flip-flops, carrying my two pairs of rejected high-heeled sandals. Every step was agony. And I felt like an idiot. Why do women do this to themselves?

    Now, before you men start feeling superior, let me say one word: purses. That’s right. We’re on to you. You refuse to carry a bag, not even one of those “man bags.” And instead, you ask if you can stash your glasses and wallets and phones in our purses. My defense has been to carry smaller and smaller purses, so that my husband can’t load me up with all his stuff. Why won’t men carry bags? Because you don’t like how it looks, even though you know how much sense it makes.

    So, we women will continue to foolishly hurt our feet in the name of fashion, and you men will continue to stuff your pockets because you refuse to be seen carrying a man bag. I rest my case. And my feet.

    A bonus story for anyone who has purchased those adorable shoes on clearance: "The Turquoise Shoes."

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    Jamie Higdon Randolph has a lot to say about leggings, primarily the fact that people wear them as pants and they are see through and that creates an issue. See below:

    leggings rant

    leggings rant

    Randolph makes a point that many people have made before. And she does it in a very funny way, no doubt. Her personality and accent make the rant all the more shareable. That said, I just don't agree with her.

    More: This woman has a message for people who shamed her makeup selfie

    The problem with leggings isn't so much that they are being worn as pants. The problem is that they are being worn by women who don't buy the right size. When cheaply made cotton leggings stretch, they show underwear. And sometimes even skin. Those leggings are not meant to be worn as pants. But then there are much more expensive kinds of leggings. Think Lululemon yoga pants. Now, generally speaking, these are not meant to be see through. So wearing them as pants is perfectly logical.

    The reality is, what Randolph is talking about is size. If you are larger and you wear leggings, you have to buy them in the right size. Period. If you are embarrassed, don't be. People come in all shapes and sizes, but if you are plus size, you need to buy leggings that are made to fit you. The same goes for those of us who are not plus size, but also a little curvy. A pair of jeans might stretch to fit us in a flattering way, but in leggings, I would probably buy myself a medium rather than risking the small stretch factor. No stretch? No problem.

    More: 7 "Five-free" nail polishes that are non-toxic and fashion-forward

    I will likely always remain the kind of woman who chooses to wear long shirts over my leggings. I like to cover my butt. But I won't tell other women how to dress. It's not a hard and fast fashion rule. There really aren't any. Buying the right size and being honest with yourself are really the only rules when it comes to shopping.

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    That's why when I heard colored eyebrows were becoming the trend of the season, I immediately went out and bought a ton of colored pencils with which to experiment. I also made sure to scour Instagram for inspiration before I started drawing all over my eyebrows. After all, you can't just dive into something as extreme as rainbow eyebrows without a bit of a game plan, right? So after a good 20 minutes (OK, an hour) of looking through #colorfulbrows, I (kind of) had a game plan.

    MoreThe best colored eyeliner for your eye color

    Right off the bat, I noticed the colored brows that look best are the ones that accent a bold hair color. Bright pink brows look particularly good with deep purple hair, for example. My hair is colored, but it's a (in this case) boring natural shade of red, so I was a bit nervous to see how vibrant brows would play against normal-colored hair. There was only one way to find out.

    Blue brows

    woman with blue eye brows
    Image: Ally Hirschlag

    I decided to go with blue first, because it's my favorite color, and honestly, I thought it would be the safest. Boy, was I wrong. The blue came out super dark, so I ended up looking like a redheaded Groucho Marx. Also, the fact that I'm the palest person on the planet didn't help matters much. Note to all pale people — dark, cool colors on your eyebrows should be used sparingly, if at all.

    MoreThe best makeup for your face — finding the best look for your features

    Purple brows

    woman with purple eyebrows
    Image: Ally Hirschlag

    I was a bigger fan of purple, because the result was much subtler than the blue. I felt like I could actually walk down the street wearing this, and people wouldn't think I was headed to a kids' birthday party. I liked how the warmer tone complemented my hair color, and while I was hoping for a slightly more intense result, I was happy with the overall effect.

    Rainbow brows

    Woman with rainbow eyebrows
    Image: Ally Hirshlag

    I had to at least attempt the rainbow brow, because it looks so awesome when it's done well. I decided to start from a brighter color (turquoise) and fade to more subtle colors (blue and pink). I completed the look with pink and gold shadow to help draw your eye back up to the pink in the brow. I was surprised how much I liked the result, and while I probably wouldn't wear it out to dinner, I'd totally rock it at a bachelorette party or an outdoor music fest.

    Gold brows

    woman with gold eyebrows
    Image: Ally Hirshlag

    I decided to round out the brow experimenting with a soft gold simply because it was the one color I didn't see represented on Instagram. This one was my favorite look, because it really picked up the highlights in my hair and gave me a fairylike, ethereal quality — something for which I often strive. I honestly thought a lighter brow wouldn't look good with fair skin, but I was pleasantly surprised with the result.

    More: A $10 versus a $100 brow job: Which is actually better?

    The moral here is, don't be afraid to change up your look, even if you think what you're trying is a little extreme. Makeup is magical, and you never know how cool you could look until you get a bit crazy.

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    How to: Marbled spirit Halloween nails

    Ghostly spirit nails
    Image: Kara Endres/SheKnows, Graphic: Becci Burkart/SheKnows


    • Square Hue's Lincoln Road
    • Orly's White Tips
    • China Glaze's Liquid Leather
    • Toothpicks
    • Paper towel
    • Plastic cup full of lukewarm water
    • Note:  For the white version, we swapped out the black for OPI's Kyoto Pearl


    1. Foundation

    Ghostly spirit Halloween nails | SheKnows.com
    Image: Kara Ashley Endres/Sheknows

    Start with a white base coat. This makes the colors stand out more than on a clean nail. You can apply some lotion or Vaseline to your fingertips for easier cleanup afterward. Just make sure not to get lotion on your nail.

    2. Drop and swirl

    Ghostly spirit Halloween nails | SheKnows.com
    Image: Kara Ashley Endres/Sheknows

    Add a drop of black polish to the water. Don't drop it in from too much of a distance because it will fall fast and sink to the bottom. Add a drop of the gray and then the white, alternating as much as you wish. Working quickly before it dries, take a toothpick and draw some swirls to make a pattern.

    3. Dip

    Ghostly spirit Halloween nails | SheKnows.com
    Image: Kara Ashley Endres/Sheknows

    More: Adorable ghost nails that make spooky faces look cute

    Ghostly spirit Halloween nails | SheKnows.com
    Image: Kara Ashley Endres/Sheknows

    Choose which part of the design you want on your nail and dip your nail in parallel to the water. Take it out, and if your polish stayed in place, do more fingers. Repeat this process until all nails are done.

    4. Cleanup

    Ghostly spirit Halloween nails | SheKnows.com
    Image: Kara Ashley Endres/Sheknows

    Taking a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover, remove the extra nail polish on your fingertips. Finish with a top coat.

    Version 2: White

    Ghostly spirit Halloween nails | SheKnows.com
    Image: Kara Ashley Endres/Sheknows

    You can try swapping the black for another pale color like pearl for a more ghostly look.

    Watch how to create more ghost nails:

    Ghost nails video

    Ghost nails video

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    Black cat nails
    Image: Kara Endres/SheKnows, Graphic: Becci Burkhart/SheKnows


    Onyx Feline Supplies
    Image: Kara Ashley Endres/Sheknows

    • China Glaze's Liquid Leather
    • Spa Ritual's Joy
    • Orly's White Tips (not pictured)
    • small paint brush
    • nail tip stickers


    Step 1: Base

    Onyx feline- Step 1: Base
    Image: Kara Ashley Endres/Sheknows

    Start with a nude base coat. We used one that has a subtle sparkle.

    Step 2: Second coat

    Onxy Feline Step 2: Second coat
    Image: Kara Ashley Endres/Sheknows

    Onxy Feline Step 2: Second coat 2
    Image: Kara Ashley Endres/Sheknows

    Onxy Feline Step 2: Second coat 3
    Image: Kara Ashley Endres/Sheknows

    Take one of the rounded nail tip stickers and place across the top part of your thumbnail. Paint the bottom part of your nail black and peel off the sticker.

    Step 3: Get catty

    Onyx Feline Step 3: Get catty
    Image: Kara Ashley Endres/Sheknows

    Using the small paintbrush, paint two triangular ears.

    Step 4: Face on

    Onyx Feline Step 4: Face on
    Image: Kara Ashley Endres/Sheknows

    Once the black polish is dry, add the face details with white polish and the small paint brush.

    Step 5: Tips

    Step 5: Tips 1
    Image: Kara Ashley Endres/Sheknows

    Onyx Feline Step 5: Tips 2
    Image: Kara Ashley Endres/Sheknows

    Place a nail tip sticker near the tip of the rest of your nails and paint black. Remove the sticker, and wait for everything to dry.

    Step 6: Top coat

    Onyx Feline Step 6: Top coat
    Image: Kara Ashley Endres/Sheknows

    Finish with clear top coat.

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    More: Soon-to-be divorcee celebrates end of her marriage with a champagne party

    One such designer is Anna Loucah, who revealed that she often sees women transforming their rings and the results are freeing.

    "The women that have commissioned me for remakes tend to see their decision as an empowering and practical one and I get the impression that they are celebrating the positive rather than reflecting on the negative," Loucah said, according to Metro.

    Yet while some find transforming existing jewellery into new pieces to be a therapeutic and practical process, there's also another unique design concept — pieces motivated by divorce. Designer Gisele Ganne sought inspiration from divorce and her pieces include skull rings, adorned pendants, chunky crosses and even bold fur necklaces but nothing catches the eye quite like the divorce collection, including rings, a necklace and knuckledusters.

    Divorce jewellery trend
    Image: Gisele Ganne

    Divorce jewellery trend
    Image: Gisele Ganne

    And there's much more where that came from.

    More: Women are more likely to initiate divorce than men — but why?

    "Divorce, mourning jewellery and other macabre subjects are the inspiration behind Gisele's designs," her website reads. "Over the years, Gisele Ganne expanded her label while working for prestigious jewellery brands such as Stephen Webster, Eshvi, Cacharel, Carolina Bucci and Tatty Devine" — and it's a good thing she started her own range because she's created quite the celebrity following, including Kesha and Lady Gaga.

    The appealing thing about this collection, and jewellery like it, is that it's sending out a strong message to divorced women: that it's OK to be on your own and you are no less strong for it. Divorce is often considered to be something negative and taboo but the divorce jewellery trend is dispelling this.

    The divorce jewellery trend is certainly on the rise, too, and there are many items available on Etsy which include inspirational messages and quotes

    More: How to have a picture-perfect divorce

    If you look for it everything has a silver lining, even your old jewellery collection.

    What will you choose? Let us know what you think of this concept in the comments below.

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    More: Adult acne: What to do when your skin still thinks you're a teen

    The good news is that there are several treatment options:

    Over-the-counter preparations

    For mild acne, a topical treatment from the chemist is usually the first port of call. The wide range of active anti-acne agents include benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics (e.g. erythromycin, tetracycline and clindamycin), retinoids (e.g. tretinoin, isotretinoin and adapalene), azelaic acid and nicotinamide. Ask your pharmacist for advice and see your GP if they irritate your skin.

    Contraceptive pill

    According to Boots WebMD, oral contraceptives containing oestrogen (commonly known as the combined pill) may be effective treatments for acne, because they counteract the effect of male hormones (such as testosterone) on acne. To keep hormone levels constant take your pill continuously, rather than the typical three-weeks-on, one-week-off pattern. Oral contraceptives containing oestrogen include Yasmin, Dianette and Microgynon. In 2013 a new contraceptive pill, Zoely, became available in the U.K. "[Its] progesterone component has an anti-androgen that blocks testosterone, which can really help women who suffer from acne," GP Dr. Rosemary Leonard told Yahoo! UK.

    Retinol (vitamin A) cream

    Retinoid was first approved as an acne treatment in 1971 and continues to be an effective remedy for some sufferers. A topical retinoid cream, such as Differin, applied sparingly at night and gradually built up from once a week (to avoid sensitivity) may be effective in treating adult acne.

    Sugar-free diet

    It's unavoidable: if you want to improve your skin you have to sort out your diet. Often what you put into your body is just as — if not more — important than what you apply to your skin. Some experts recommend cutting out added sugars entirely for several months to see a reduction in acne breakouts. While there's little evidence that a particular food "causes" acne, such as chocolate, there's no doubt that your skin will benefit from a nutritious, balanced diet with plenty of water, fresh fruit and vegetables.


    Zinc and B vitamins are often recommended for sufferers of adult acne. Zinc is believed to be good for skin and hormone health and B vitamins help reduce stress. "In response to stress, our bodies produce more androgens (a type of hormone)," says the American Academy of Dermatology. "These hormones stimulate the oil glands and hair follicles in the skin, which can lead to acne. This explains why acne can be an ongoing problem when we find ourselves under constant stress."

    Oral antibiotics

    For moderate to severe acne, a course of oral antibiotics may be prescribed. Normally these are erythromycin or a type of tetracycline and may be taken in combination with a suitable topical treatment. Oral antibiotics should be taken for at least two months and are usually taken until there is no further improvement, for a minimum of six months. As with all medication it's important to adhere to the guidelines.


    A powerful and highly effective treatment for severe acne is Isotretinoin. However it has a number of serious potential side effects so it is only prescribed when all other treatment options have been exhausted, under the careful supervision of a consultant dermatologist and in accordance with the strict rules imposed by the government medicine safety agency (MHRA). Because it is so harmful to an unborn child, women being treated with Isotretinoin must enrol in a pregnancy prevention programme and have a negative pregnancy test before starting treatment. Pregnancy tests are repeated once a month during the course of the treatment and five weeks after completion. A typical course of Isotretinoin lasts for four months and the acne may become a little worse for a few weeks before improvement begins.

    More: 5 Natural acne remedies that actually work

    The most important thing to do when dealing with adult acne is be patient! It can take months for a treatment to improve the condition of your skin, depending on the severity of your acne. While you're waiting for results, follow these self-care tips from the British Association of Dermatologists:

    • Keep your hands away from your skin. Picking or squeezing your spots is likely to aggravate them and may lead to scarring.
    • Make sure you are using your treatment correctly to get the maximum benefit. Try not to break your routine — consistency is important.
    • Some dryness or irritation when using certain topical treatments is normal. If your skin becomes red and inflamed by a product stop treatment for a few days. Try using it less often then building up use again gradually.
    • Go for makeup products that are oil-free or water-based and labelled as "non-comedogenic" (should not cause blackheads or whiteheads) or "non-acnegenic" (should not cause acne).
    • Be gentle with your skin at all times. Use a very mild soap, a gentle cleanser with water, or an oil-free soap substitute to cleanse and remove makeup. Avoid scrubbing too hard, which could irritate your skin and make your acne even worse.
    Always seek the advice of a suitably qualified medical professional before embarking upon any treatment for acne. For more information about adult acne visit Acne Academy.

    More: 11 Annoying suggestions acne sufferers don't want to hear

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    But, after attending an event and makeup demonstration hosted by a mineral makeup brand Alima Pure to debut their latest collection and viewing a vast array of rich, highly pigmented shades like cobalt, Danube and toffee, I realized the limitations I associated with mineral makeup are outdated. Couple this with the fact that I now get compliments, no matter where I go, and I feel it's only fair to give you the lowdown on mineral makeup, courtesy of Alima founder Kate O'Brien.

    More: How to make your own liquid foundation from mineral makeup face powder

    O'Brien had the idea to create Alima in 2004, when her mother was ill and she began noticing her teen daughter playing around with makeup. Many of the ingredients in her sparkly cosmetics were artificial and worrisome. She thought of her mother's illness, considered her daughter's health and future, and realized she could contribute in a meaningful way.

    "For me, there was a moment when I learned that the makeup I grew up on was full of known toxins. My first thought was, I bet you could make beautiful makeup that’s completely safe," O'Brien says.

    More: 12 Essential makeup tips for pale skin

    Although mineral makeup brands differ in the ingredients they use in their products, Alima, and some of the best mineral makeup brands on the market, including bareMinerals, contain no dyes, fragrances, preservatives, binders or synthetics and use minerals like mica, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to create beautiful shades and both matte and shimmer finishes. "Overall, we only add what is completely necessary, eliminating opportunities for nasty irritants and only providing safe, comfortable and healthy ingredients," O'Brien says. "Additionally, our strong pigments give your face a flawless look."

    Yep, major mineral makeup myth debunked: Earth tones may make up the bulk of most brands' offerings, but color options are becoming a lot more varied. At Alima, for example, 45 foundation shades have been created that range from alabaster pale to deep bronze — it's impossible not to find a shade that suits your skin tone.

    More: 5 Reasons to use mineral makeup

    Mineral makeup does more than make you feel and look pretty in the moment — it can actually have long-term benefits for your skin. If you suffer from acne, a formula that is oil-free and free of preservatives and binders won't clog your pores and will allow your skin to breathe — almost as if you aren't wearing any foundation at all. "Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, two of our natural ingredients in our Satin Matte Foundation, act as natural sun blocks," O'Brien says. "In fact, zinc oxide is an FDA-approved skin protectant and has anti-inflammatory properties. The fact that our mineral foundation is high in this ingredient proves it can be helpful in calming acne skin."

    One of the biggest complaints I've heard about mineral makeup, perhaps because it's so natural, is that it doesn't last as long on the skin. In my opinion, this is a small price to pay for using healthier products, but obviously, no one wants to watch their foundation melt off their skin at 6 p.m. "People sometimes worry that powder mineral cosmetics do not provide enough coverage on the skin, but there are many ways to create more coverage with mineral makeup," O'Brien says. "Try adding our foundation or concealer to your favorite moisturizer for specific spot coverage. Applying foundation in light layers (letting it sit before applying more) will actually create more coverage than applying a lot at once."

    If all else fails, a good primer is your best makeup friend. The pros of mineral makeup totally outweigh any cons, especially if you have sensitive skin, allergies or simply get grossed out by the idea of artificial ingredients clogging your precious skin.

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    “Leggins ain’t britches. They’re not pant-pants!” It was the leggings rant heard ‘round the world when a Tennessee woman went viral for saying (in the cutest accent possible) that leggings-wearing ladies need to be modest with the way they wear the tight pants. This alone wasn’t overly controversial, and she’s certainly not the first person to make the argument, but then Fox News had to take it one step further when Fox and Friends invited three famous dads to critique the trend.

    Fox News analyst Arthur Aidala, Andrew Sansone (husband of Fox News' Julie Banderas) and Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson made up the Very Serious Leggings Panel — ironic considering that Robertson is basically famous for wearing very ugly pants.

    At first the men tried to keep it lighthearted and funny: Aidala said he wouldn’t let his daughters leave the house in anything they couldn’t wear in a monastery, while Robertson said they’re all good as long as they’re worn with a shirt that covers all “the lady parts,” but Fox host Steve Doocy could let the leggings lie.

    So they brought out three young female models, all wearing leggings, to gauge the men’s responses. Despite the fact that all three women were similarly sized and basically wearing the same tight bottoms — just in different colors — the men had widely varying opinions from butt to butt.

    Kelly, the first victim, er, woman, was told she’s in the clear since her spandex pants are thick enough that “you can’t see a tattoo on her leg.” When Doocy asks her if she does actually have any tattoos down there, she laughs and says no… after which he offers to validate her parking in one of the weirdest examples of quid pro quo I’ve ever seen on live television.

    The second model, Amanda, is clad in head-to-toe black, similar to what one sees the trendy moms wearing at the school pickup, and was praised for her modesty. “It’s all black. You could wear that to church,” Aidala said. Plus, her long top mostly covered her butt and lady bits.

    But then came poor Paige, an athletic woman in purple yoga leggings and a black tank top. Whether it was the bright color of her bottoms or the fact that they were paired with a tight top, she drew all the eyes and the comments.

    "Obviously her physique, God bless you, you've worked out, you've earned that," Aidala said while laughing uncomfortably and making a show of trying to avert his eyes. The audience hooted and, while not shown on camera, I’m sure several men grew cartoon wolf heads and howled.

    To say it was confusing and awkward would be an understatement. But Paige handled the public scrutiny of her privates like a pro, saying she is indeed comfortable wearing her Pilates outfit anywhere. Mercifully the segment ended there.

    To be clear: The problem here isn’t the discussion about leggings (or leggin's, depending on where you live). Plenty of women don’t like them as pants and won’t wear them out of the gym or without a long top, and that’s totally fine. The problem is that even though the men on the panel valiantly tried to be funny and nice, it was what it was: the lining up of women for the purpose of having their bodies, and “lady parts” in particular, judged by a panel of ogling men and then told what was OK for them to wear based on how men feel about their bodies.

    Being a woman in public is hard enough. Between catcalls on the street to shootings in gyms, we are constantly reminded that we always have to be on guard and be aware of how men are perceiving us. We’re left with the job of assessing who’s dangerous, who’s a jerk and who’s just a clueless “nice” guy, and to add up whether or not the situation will end up with us humiliated or even dead. This isn’t the type of math we should be teaching our daughters. We should feel safe no matter what we’re wearing.

    So, thanks for making that just a little bit harder.

    fox news leggings panel

    fox news leggings panel

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    But we aren't simply suggesting you throw a flannel button-down over a denim romper though, given the popularity of plaid this season, that'll work, too. Here are seven things to keep in mind to transition your breeziest pieces for fall. And as we ease (or crash) into the winter season, add more small layers under these looks and always top with a heavy, comfy, awesome winter coat.

    1. Become a layering artist

    layer jacket
    Image: ModCloth

    There's a big difference between throwing any old black sweater over all of your summer dresses and taking the time to truly discover jackets and cardigans that work with individual lighter pieces. "A sweater that you need outside in the morning looks just as good thrown neatly over your shoulders later on," says stylist Gretta Monahan. "But don't do it haphazardly — try the sweater on your shoulders in a mirror to make sure the proportions are right and that the look is neat."

    More: 3 DIY headbands you can make from old T-shirts

    2. Be selective with colors

    Image: ModCloth

    Certain summer hues don't work as well with autumn's far less intense light and, for that reason, the easiest transition is to make it play with more sombre colors that fit both seasons. "Ditch the Miami-bright hues in favor of neutrals, and trade the psychedelic swirls for more structural graphics," Monahan says. "The mood of summer is often about a freewheeling vibe, so reining it in a little makes sense."

    3. Keep structure in mind

    flare jeans
    Image: ModCloth

    "Pay more attention to fit than in summer months," Monahan says. "Loose or baggy pieces were fine and dandy back in July, but now they spell sloppy." That doesn't mean you shouldn't rock two of fall's hottest pants trends — wide-legged trousers and flared jeans — just be sure they fit well around the waist and hips. Plus, add a structured vest to any T-shirt or tank and hello fall fashion.

    4. Find fabrics and cuts that work in cooler weather

    plaid skirt
    Image: ModCloth

    My grandmother always used to complain that women my age and younger were doing themselves a huge disservice by not looking more closely at labels while shopping. Linen and light cotton are lovely for spring and summer dresses, but the cooler temperatures require weightier fabric, like wool, leather or tweed. Adding just one substantial piece to your wardrobe makes all the difference when pairing with a summery T-shirt. "Make medium-weight fabrics your friend," Monahan says. "Ditto sharp cuts and clean-lined silhouettes. Even if you're not quite ready to wear a suit yet, you'll still look pulled together."

    More: 18 Photos proving '70s fashion trends are still totally groovy

    5. Add a camo jacket over a summer dress

    Cargo Jacket
    Image: Little J Style

    Everyone is mixing prints lately — there's absolutely no reason to be intimidated by the thought of trying it yourself. Jackie Welling, a fashion blogger and the creator of Little J Style, suggests layering your cutest summer dress with a cargo jacket and then adding ankle boots and a floppy hat to complete the cool weather look.

    6. Wear a turtleneck under your T-shirt

    turtleneck t shirt
    Image: Little J Style

    We're so used to thinking about what we're going to put over our summer clothing to make it weather appropriate that a lot of us forget there's a far more interesting way to layer: Wear a turtleneck (hot fall trend) under your favorite graphic T-shirt — Welling proves it can look super cool (and warm).

    7. Wear a summer dress with a long-sleeved button-down shirt

    dress long sleeves
    Image: Little J Style

    Same principle as with the T-shirt: Think about what you can add under your gorgeous sleeveless dress to make it work for the fall — in this case, as Welling shows us, a dressy button-down shirt is perfection.

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    More: All-male panel gives laughable rules for women wearing leggings (WATCH)

    "So I bought this dress today from MYER because I really liked it… " Sam, the founder of the School Mum Facebook page captioned the picture. "I got home and put it on for hubby and any guesses first thing he said? #dressfail #onceyouseeyoucantunsee."

    Vagina Dress

    Vagina Dress

    The post has almost 9,000 likes and nearly 700 shares because people are, understandably, quite taken with this dress. Sam later went on to explain that her hilarious husband referred to it as the "dance of the 7 vaginas" — thanks to its pink diamond-shaped pattern (and we don't think we have to describe why it looks like a cervix).

    Among the hilarious reactions are a few nuggets of Internet gold.

    Vagina dress comments go viral
    Image: School Mum Facebook

    More: Designer creates accessible fashion for wheelchair users

    Vagina Dress Facebook post goes viral
    Image: School Mum Facebook

    Vagina Dress Facebook post goes viral
    Image: School Mum Facebook

    Vagina Dress Facebook post goes viral
    Image: School Mum Facebook

    Vagina Dress Facebook post goes viral
    Image: School Mum Facebook

    More: 30 Times it's socially acceptable (and awesome) to wear black tights

    According to Cosmopolitan, the dress is the creation of Australian designer Wayne Cooper and retails for AU$219. Although its real name is not the "vagina" dress (yes, we're disappointed too) but rather the far more sensible "Sahara Print Maxi Dress."

    It seems that Cooper didn't really consider his colour scheme with this one and there may not be too many women running out to buy a dress that has them looking like they are wearing a variety of vaginas.

    If the dress doesn't tickle your fancy, there's also a top with a very similar pattern, but don't try to find it now because MYER is experiencing a seriously high volume of shoppers — which we assume is thanks to this dress.

    MYERS sells "Vagina dress"
    Image: MYER

    Would you wear this dress? Maybe just as a laugh? Or for Halloween? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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    When you finally decided to give it a shot, did your makeup turn out nothing like the final result? You invested in expensive brushes and makeup kits, so now your pocket is hurting and so is your pride.

    You think to yourself, "What a waste!"

    Don't worry, makeup is not as complicated as some photos make it seem. Believe me, I'm not a makeup artist, but I do my own makeup when its time for me to go out on a date or even walk the red carpet at major events.

    I've made a very simple how-to video found on my YouTube channel.

    I'll share some simple and easy-to-remember steps and tips, such as makeup application techniques and tools you'll need.

    The truth with makeup is that you don't have to spend a lot of money to look like a million bucks. Most of the makeup I use is found over the counter at your local pharmacy. Some of my favorites are: Maybelline Matte products, Hard Candy cosmetics, L'Oréal brands and E.L.F. cosmetics.

    When it comes to tools, people think of expensive brushes. I've paid as low as $20 for a set of brushes at one of my favorite online stores, BH Cosmetics.

    The trick to makeup is practice. The more you become familiar with your face, the faster you will find your time in front of a mirror. What once took me over an hour, I now can do in less than 15 minutes. I hope you find my video useful as I share it all with you, something many gurus do not do. You can achieve any look you want — from natural, soft, glam to over the top dramatic. It's all about how much you use and layering.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask them, and I'll do my best to answer.

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    OK, so that's my thought process every year. I hate to admit it, but sometimes I even think about putting some money aside a few months prior, so I won't be strapped for cash when it's time to be the Khaleesi from Game of Thrones.

    But then October comes. And then the week of Halloween comes. And then All Hallows' Eve's eve comes. And I'm no closer to being the Mother of Dragons than sweeping my cat's offerings of dead lizards off of my front porch.

    So, what does our generation do best (thanks to Pinterest)? Create. And make things pretty. But yes, mostly create. We can MacGyver any situation and make mountains from molehills with just a little inspiration.

    You'll be surprised how many costumes you actually already have in your closet. The outfit ideas below are easy and fun — but really clever, too! So even though they're last minute, they don't have to look last minute.

    1. Hello Kitty

    Hello Kitty costume
    Image: Hello Kitty/Sanrio.com

    No one is ever too old for Hello Kitty. Here are the basics you'll need for this costume — but you can really have a lot of fun with this one. Think cute skirts, tall platforms and sparkly makeup.

    2. Regina George

    Regina George costume
    Image: dp ak/YouTube

    If you're really strapped for time and your closet selections are limited, try Regina George from Mean Girls. Here's everything you'll need (and your tanks can really be any color):

    3. Party animal

    Party animal costume
    Image: kimallillia/Instagram

    I love this one. You can take it so many different ways, depending on what you have. We've outlined what you'll need to be a party leopard, but think pandas, giraffes and lions, too!

    4. Walter White

    Walter White costume
    Image: AMC

    Forget Heisenberg — go for the real Walter White that we know and love from Breaking Bad. Head over to your boyfriend's closet for a little help on this one (except for maybe the underwear...).

    5. Rosie the Riveter

    Rosie the Riveter costume
    Image: National Museum of American History/Smithsonian Institution/Getty Images

    Don't forget about Rosie! She's our cultural symbol of feminism — and is inspiration for a very simple, but powerful, outfit.

    6. Holly Golightly

    Holly Golightly costume
    Image: EverythingAudrey.com

    If you're a girl for pearls, then this one is for you. Pull out your inner Holly Golightly from that first scene in Breakfast at Tiffany's with just these few items.

    7. Unicorn

    Unicorn costume
    Image: brothajahn/Getty Images

    Yes! You can be a unicorn! Now's the time to pull out that old bridesmaid dress you wore once, try that hair chalk kit you bought last year and tie your hair into a bow.

    8. Minion

    Minion costume
    Image: Universal Pictures

    Minions and their popularity are taking over the world. So, why not join in? Heck, for this one, you could dress up as a minion and your friend can be the unicorn (above).

    9. Sandy

    Sandy costume
    Image: Morgan Reale/YouTube

    Look at me, it's Sandra Dee! Recreate one of the world's favorite scenes ever in the entire history of movies as Sandy from Grease.

    10. Charlie Chaplin

    Charlie Chaplin costume
    Image: WENN

    You can always go for a classic, like Charlie Chaplin. Mustaches are so fun — why not spend the night in one?

    More on Halloween

    The weirdest Halloween candy favorites, state by state
    21 No-bake Halloween treats perfect for last-minute festivities
    8 Halloween costumes that represent powerful women

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    I went to Whole Foods in search of something gentle because my face literally felt like it was on fire. My skin was raw and dry. I searched in the baby aisle for a gentle cleanser with absolutely no luck. The ingredients in the baby products were just as harsh and unpronounceable, so I passed in fear of having another let down. I grabbed a bottle of Dr. Bronner's Baby Mild Magic Soap and headed towards the skin treatment section in hopes I'd find a magic cream. Still, no such luck. So, I asked a saleswoman. She was great. She suggested I make my own cleanser. I've made things in the past, but never a facial cleanser.

    Here is what I suggest for anyone experiencing upset skin:

    Our unscented baby soap contains no fragrance, so it is great for people who have allergies or sensitive skin. Of course, it is great for babies as well. All oils and essential oils are certified organic by the National Organic Standards Program. And they are packaged in 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

    Ingredients: Water, organic coconut oil*, potassium hydroxide**, organic olive oil*, organic hemp oil, organic jojoba oil, citric acid, tocopherol

    • I used aloe vera because it is naturally calming for scars and burns.

    I cut the leaf of an Aloe vera plant and take the gel from it — about half a teaspoonful. It is safe for putting on any scrape, wound, bite, burn, acne, stretch marks, scars or damaged skin. Aloe vera is a natural astringent perfect for applying to clean washed skin to tighten and regenerate the cells.

    Jojoba is safe to use directly on your skin.
    It moisturizes skin without leaving any oily residue.
    It effectively cleanses clogged pores.

    Here is what I do:

    1. I wash twice daily with the Aloe vera and magic soap mixed in the palm of my hand.
    2. Next, I rinse my face with warm water.
    3. Finally, I moisturize with a drop of aloe vera from the leaf (a little goes a long way) and seal in the moisture with the jojoba oil.

    I felt immediate relief and saw improvement. My skin no longer burned, and the black marks from the wind burn began to disappear. My skin is not flaky from the gel, nor oily from the jojoba oil. In fact, my skin is extra soft and my dry/oily combination skin is balanced. Jojoba oil is the best oil you can use on your skin because it is similar to the oil your skin naturally produces.

    If you are suffering from breakouts, it is important to check the ingredients in the products you are using. I quickly discovered that I have an allergy to talc and mica, which is commonly used in foundations, eyeshadows and press powders.

    For the winter weather that will soon approach us, it is important to keep your skin moisturized and covered from the harsh elements.

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    Yoga pants are beloved by women everywhere for being the comfiest pants around. Unfortunately all that stretchy athleisure goodness comes with a price: Yoga pants hide nothing. And nowhere is that more apparent than in the frontal region where peek-a-boo privates can range from a discreet outline to full-on camel toe. There are those who will wear their dromedary salute with pride, but most of us prefer to minimize or camouflage it.

    Some women, however, are going way past using a panty liner, special underwear, or even a "cuchini" to put their biscuit back in the box. According to the New York Post, these ladies are going so far as to cut off pieces of their labia to achieve that perfectly smooth, Barbie crotch look in all their leggings, no matter how thin the fabric.

    More: The pros and cons of getting plastic surgery

    "The ubiquitous yoga pants that everyone is wearing are playing a big part in this trend," Richard Swift, MD, a plastic surgeon who performs between three and five labiaplasties per week, reported to the Post. "For those whose labia are enlarged, they can make them feel uncomfortable and exposed. One of my patients was particularly self-conscious doing Pilates in a leotard — so much so that she was afraid to do certain moves." (Side note: There are so many reasons to feel self-conscious doing Pilates in a leotard, really.)

    That ladies want to look good in their clothing isn't new, but labiaplasty, the practice of getting the pubic area surrounding the vagina reshaped with surgery, may be one of the more extreme trends women have used to do so. Whether it's to look like a porn star, please a lover, look younger or rock yoga leggings without fear, over 6,000 women had the procedure last year alone and while that number on its own isn't too shocking, the rate increased 48 percent from the previous year and continues to skyrocket in popularity, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

    More: I would totally get a tummy tuck and I'm not ashamed to say it

    At $5,000 to $7,500 a pop, getting a makeover down under is a serious commitment — and that's not even counting the fact that you're taking a scalpel to one of your most sensitive areas. This seems like a lot of effort to go to just to wear tight pants. But ultimately, like breast enhancements and tummy tucks, perhaps the real benefit is in the self-esteem boost. As one anonymous satisfied customer told the Post, "When it comes to that part of the body, less is definitely more!"

    Or maybe it's just time to buy looser pants.

    0 0

    That's how Instagram star — and body-hair free — Sjana Earp starts her latest video. The Australian traveler gets a ton of questions about hair removal for her fans, so she created an 11-minute ode to all things pubic hair to help answer those questions.

    And answer she did.

    More: Women banned from Instagram for being too hairy down there

    Sjana (pronounced ee-ahna) gives the definitive lowdown on all things hair removal, ranging from shaving to waxing and even laser hair removal. For shaving, she advises to exfoliate, shave against the grain of the hair for a closer shave and then moisturize to keep ingrown hairs at bay.

    Sjana Earp video

    Sjana Earp video

    As for waxing? She goes over her preference of the full Brazilian, but also talks about the fine art of pube shaping into something that resembles a Dorito or "a triangle within the triangle."

    And for those pesky ingrowns, she advises girls to invest in a glycolic scrub.

    More: Ladyscaping by the numbers: How women style their pubic hair

    While not all the tips are super groundbreaking, Earp does a great job of explaining the finer points of hair-down-there removal... even those some of us women are afraid to ask because we're supposed to know this already (I fall into that camp).

    Most of all, this video rocks because she's demonstrating to her younger fans that it's just fine to keep or ditch hair and it should be up to personal preference, not the wishes of a romantic partner.

    "There's absolutely no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed about pubic hair... If you want to embrace it, embrace it. If you want to get rid of it, get rid of it. It is completely up to you."

    More: Brazilian and beyond: Personal grooming made easy

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    OK, we know cotton shrinks. And I can feel my mom's pride from miles away whenever I'm at the store and remember to check the tag. Ah, 50 percent cotton. This one will be fine, I think. The other 50 percent stuff will surely negate the contraction of cotton!

    More: Tackle every type of laundry stain with this pinnable guide

    Fast-forward to a couple of weeks later and... I'm shipping my recently purchased, one-time-washed tee to my 1-year-old niece. Now I've lost my mom's pride and my new favorite shirt.

    Why does fabric shrink?

    So why do fabrics shrink in the first place? Well, there are two reasons for shrinkage:

    • Relaxation: When clothing is made, the fibers that make up the fabric are twisted and spun and pulled and stretched. So when we wash them for the first time, the fibers are actually shrinking back to their natural tension.
    • Progressive: This occurs over time, as your items may get smaller and smaller with each use. It's because the natural fibers, like our hair, have tiny cuticles. The more we wear and wash and tumble our clothes, the more these cuticles rub on each other, ruffle and bunch up. Thus, tinier clothes.

    Fabrics that shrink

    Now, I love my niece and all, but I need clothes too. So let's smarten up!

    Here are the fabrics we need to watch out for if we are trying to keep our clothes the same size. That said, you don't necessarily have to avoid buying these fabrics, but instead, pay close attention to how to care for these fabrics.

    This means you may have to put a little more work into your laundry routine. (Hey, but think about how our grandmothers had to wash clothes.)

    Fabrics that shrink
    Image: Tiffany Egbert/SheKnows

    How to reverse shrinkage

    But do not fear! Even in your worst-case scenario, you can actually reverse shrunk clothes — somewhat.

    First, remember why clothes shrink? It's because of those cute little cuticles. Heat (washing in hot water, drying in hot air) causes the cuticles to fray outward, while any friction causes them to frizz more and tangle.

    More: 7 Laundry tips you're probably not using but should be

    This is where Hair Care 101 comes in: Conditioner mollifies this process. It bonds to the fiber (or hair) and keeps the cuticles smooth and calm. So to unshrink your favorite shirt, soak it in a warm (not hot!) water and conditioner mixture (about 2 tablespoons of conditioner to 1 quart of water). Roll the shirt in a towel to squish out the extra water, then gently tug and reshape it, and leave it to dry completely on a flat surface.

    When all else fails, just send it to your niece.

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    A fabulous new Instagram trend is taking our dancing out of the privacy of our bedroom and putting it on social media. The new #donthatetheshake hashtag is sweeping Instagram and encouraging women who might not have traditionally "perfect" bods to show them off anyway. From the founder:

    For those of you who are new, @donthatetheshake is an AMAZING movement started by @yourstruelymelly designed to glorify all of our wonderful bodies in motion! It's not about being a world class dancer, it's about showing off all of your jiggle and having fun! It's about appreciating what our bodies allow us to do and not worrying if the world isn't ready for this jelly. EVERYONE is invited to do their own videos, and all bodies are welcome to adapt to their abilities, their comfort levels and their music choices

    It's quite a lovely concept, no? See below:



    For women who might not feel embraced by traditional media and might not feel conventionally "hot," this is a great way to shake some body positivity. And you know what? It does more than that, too.

    More: Dating apps are to blame for rise in STIs, say doctors

    I am definitely someone who works very hard on my physique and have always stuck to a pretty traditional and, perhaps conventional, view of what attractive really is. Seeing these women dancing proudly (and sexily!) really opened my eyes.



    More: Almost everyone has oral herpes, including me



    There is more to sexy than slender abs and a toned bod. Loving this.

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    It's been a while since big, bold, beautiful earrings enjoyed the spotlight they deserve. In many ways, this is totally understandable because the classic statement necklace is an overall easier accessory to digest, particularly when dressing for work or a daytime event.

    But that's one of the biggest misconceptions about big earrings. Paired with a simple sweater, jeans and heels, they immediately elevate your look and make it seem like you put in the effort, despite the comfy reality of your ensemble. Having a bad hair day? Pull your mane back into a chic low ponytail and let sparkly, colorful earrings take the place of a blowout.

    Several designers sent models down their Fall 2015 runways wearing shoulder-grazing earrings and the cool trend shows no signs of slowing down for Spring 2016, where runway statement earrings got even funkier and more elaborate. Here are nine gorgeous earrings that will get you excited to jump on board this trend.

    1. Colourful Crystal Earcuff

    Zara earrings
    Image: Zara

    This dangling floral design from Zara ($16) pops with intense color but deviates from tradition by also wrapping itself around your ear to give you a more edgy twist. Love the idea of pairing these with a minimalist black turtleneck (as shown here) and slacks to allow the bold hues to take center stage.

    More: 10 Adorable jewelry finds that aren't just silver and gold

    2. Hazel Cox Little Rock Fan Earrings

    fan earrings
    Image: Bell Jar

    How cool are these bronze and silk earrings by designer Hazel Cox? They're exotic, available in three stunning hues including bronze and white and just dainty enough to be worn at your Monday morning meeting (Bell Jar, $146).

    3. Luna Sol Marana Earrings

    robot earrings
    Image: Bell Jar

    There's something otherworldly about these geometric hand stamped and oxidized brass earrings, which feature a unique hand-dyed linen cord. These would look amazing with a winter white shell top or flare jeans and a chambray shirt (Bell Jar, $92).

    4. BurnedinBrooklyn Handcrafted Wooded 'Sky Scraper' Earrings

    BurnedinBrooklyn Handcrafted Wooded 'Sky Scraper' Earrings
    Image: BurnedinBrooklyn

    Consider yourself a city girl at heart? These handmade beauties, which are crafted in Brooklyn using birch wood and gold, are a tribute to the architectural gems that make cities so great. Your LBD will get a major boost from these drop earrings — and the best part is that each pair is burned by hand, so you can be sure you've got an original piece of wearable art (BurnedinBrooklyn, $62).

    More: 14 Jewelry pieces that will make you feel fearless

    5. DareToDaret Tassle Earrings

    DareToDaret Tassle Earrings
    Image: Etsy

    Tassel earrings are big news this season and these handmade, bohemian stunners take the style one step further by incorporating brass, metal, rhinestones and cabochons to bring you a whole new interpretation on the trend. If you're the type of fashionista who is over trends before they begin, these tribal-inspired earrings are tailor made for you (Etsy, $39).

    6. Abstract Faces

    Abstract Faces
    Image: Etsy

    Feeling artsy? These silvertone clay dangle earrings are as pretty as a Picasso — and will probably inspire perfect strangers to stop you on the street and ask you where you got them (Etsy, $22).

    7. Tribal Crescent Moon Earrings

    Tribal Crescent Moon Earrings
    Image: Etsy

    Bored with traditional hoop earrings but still dig their shape? These copper and gold half moon earrings feature a raw amethyst, which is thought by some to be a spiritual stone that can center and ground you — which is a pretty sweet added bonus (Etsy, $60).

    8. No Place Like Roam Earrings

    map earrings
    Image: Modcloth

    If you've got wanderlust but, unfortunately, also have a full-time job you can't pick up and leave, these cool map-adorned hexagons will get you through the day. An interesting combo of vintage and modern design (Modcloth, $25).

    9. ASOS Tigers Eye '70s Tassel Earrings

    ASOS Tigers Eye '70s Tassel Earrings
    Image: Asos

    These perfect, '70s-inspired earrings are just what your flare jeans and fringe purse need to complete a gorgeous bohemian look (Asos, $22).

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