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    A wedding dress — no matter how conservative or demure it is — is a surefire way to turn heads on the red carpet — or on any night out — if those A-list invitations aren't coming your way. Because it's completely unexpected. For most of us head-to-toe white is reserved for beach cover-ups or that super comfy but seriously unsexy Granny nightie.

    Now, if you're planning to try the bridal trend for your next party, bear a few things in mind. The reason Daisy's frock worked so well is that it fitted her perfectly. Also it was a sleek silhouette with a no-fuss neckline and minimal embellishment (the elegant beading on the shoulders is a lovely detail). Two more tips from Daisy: keep hair simple and makeup subtle.

    Daisy Lowe at Jo Malone Ball in bridal evening dress

    Photo credit: Will Alexander/WENN.com

    Other celebrities who've tried the wedding dress look (without actually doing the whole wedding thing) include Anna Friel, Allison Williams, Lily Allen and Lady Gaga. Of course when Gaga does bride she goes all out. Forget simple shapes and subtle accessories: she styled up her wedding dress with satin gloves and a tiara/veil/headpiece combo.

    Anna Friel in bridal style evening gown

    Photo credit: WENN.com

    Allison Williams in bridal style evening gown

    Photo credit: Jemal Countess/Entertainment/Getty Images

    More: Celebrities pay homage to McQueen in dramatic dresses

    Lily Allen in bridal style evening gown

    Photo credit: WENN.com

    Lady Gaga in bridal style evening gown

    Photo credit: WENN.com

    If you can't see yourself embracing the bridal style in public, you could always just do it in the privacy of your own home. Whether you're married, planning a wedding or a proud-to-be-single lady, there's something kind of appealing about playing bride for the night a la Rachel, Monica and Phoebe:

    Friends wedding dresses

    Friends wedding dresses

    Video credit: FRIENDSadicts/YouTube

    More celebrity style

    14 Seriously fierce MTV Movie Awards outfits
    8 Timeless style tips we can take from Old Hollywood's leading ladies
    Is this Katie Price's most shocking look ever?

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    Image: The Collections, George Pimentel and Serge Kerbel

    This sexy trend seems to be everywhere, but you do not have to be a model or a size zero to pull it off. It all depends on where the cutouts sit on your body. This trend actually can make one look slimmer than they actually are, if it is done correctly. It is all about playing with lines and illusions, ladies!

    Above you'll see a red-hot stunner from Mikael D. We love how this bold color offsets the cutouts of choice. The looks below have particular cutouts that narrow in the waist. This is achieved because they are placed at the most narrow part of the torso.

    The cut-out trend for every gal

    WYLDR cut-out skater dress (TopShop, $74)
    White heart cutout dress (USTrendy.com, $58)

    Color contrast

    Image: The Collections, George Pimentel and Serge Kerbel

    The great aspect about this trend is you can rock it in any silhouette. If you are feeling bold, try pink and red or yellow and orange. However, if you are not used to being bold with your colors, opt for a shade and a color. A bold color with cream always looks classy, yet trendy.

    We love the strong contrast, shown above, from Helder Diego. However, if you want to ease yourself into this trend, try the look below. It is balanced, which is always important when you are experimenting with a new look.

    Color Contrast

    Miss Selfridge calf length skirt (House of Frasher, $53)


    Image: The Collections, George Pimentel and Serge Kerbel

    The rebirth of the Canadian tuxedo is also adored by celebrities, believe it or not. Please stay away from doing the same shade of denim throughout your outfit. Instead, look for different shades, details and accents to keep the look balanced.

    We love this denim look above by Triarchy, from head to toe. The details are fun and the rolled sleeves reveal another shade of denim that complements the details, which run from thigh to shin. The pieces I chose below pieces (left) are affordable and can be mixed and matched in multiple ways.


    Blue denim dress (Lindex.com, $54)
    Levi's relax shirt (Nelly.com, $98)
    Topshop western jacket (Topshop.com, $75)
    Pieces dark blue pants (Pieces.com, $53)

    Bold accessories

    Image: The Collections, George Pimentel and Serge Kerbel

    Fashion week also highlighted a lot of great accessories, but these pieces from Rita Tesolin stole our hearts. They were the finishing touch to David Dixon's runway collection. They were boldly beautiful, strong, yet feminine.

    Do not be afraid to experiment with accessories because they can change any look dramatically and if you have a change of heart, you can always take it off and place it in your purse until you head home for the day or night!

    Bold accessories

    As they say, life is a runway so get out there, strut your stuff and do not be afraid to try some of these trends. Even using a small element from one of these suggestions will add some excitement to your ever-evolving look.

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    What you put on for that crucial meeting could mean the difference between being hired and being passed over for the position, according to fashion expert Elycia Rubin.

    "The way you dress is going to impact the perception the interviewer has of you," says Rubin, a former People magazine StyleWatch contributor and lifestyle director at E! Networks. "Obviously your resume is the first point of contact and can speak to your qualifications, but if you happen to walk in not looking the part, that can color the interview poorly."

    She suggests that women look no further than Kate Middleton for inspiration on what to wear for that first, critical meeting.

    "Anyone's muse for a job interview dress should be the Duchess of Cambridge," says Rubin, a mom herself. "They're all polished, they're all lady-like, they're all professional." Her outfits, that is.

    More: Versatile fashion essentials for the working mom

    So without further ado, here are 5 dresses that will get you the job you so richly deserve (thank you, Kate!). Bonus: You might even feel like a princess.

    1. Shift dress

    shift Nordstrom dress, dresses that will land you a job

    The catch-all shift dress could be "the one" when it comes to choosing the interview outfit that will get you the job. "Shift dresses are probably your best bet," says Rubin, because they come in so many different styles, can be worn to work and out at night and strike the perfect balance between polished and fashionable (Nordstrom, $118).

    2. A-line dress

    A-line Zara dress, dresses that will land you the job

    An A-line dress like this one also comes in a whole array of styles, patterns and colors and is the perfect classic look for getting hired. Kate is the queen — well, duchess — of the A-line. And Zara is reportedly one of her go-to places to buy her clothes, along with Topshop. "A-lines are great," Rubin says. "You want styles that hit right below or right at the knee, and you don't want to show too much leg or too much cleavage." Aside from Kate's favorite shops, Rubin suggests Ann Taylor Loft, H&M and department stores as good places to find the interview dress you're after (Zara, $80).

    3. Wrap dress

    Bloomingdales wrap dress, dresses that will land you the job

    A wrap dress like this is an ideal outfit to wear to that important job interview. Though the style is now an "oldie," it's still a goodie because it's flattering yet sleek at the same time. Just watch your shades. "You don't want to have colors that are too loud," Rubin warns. Instead, go for muted or neutral tones like pastels, grays, beiges, blues and even black or white (Bloomingdale's, $155).

    4. Sheath dress

    Sheath Zara dress, dresses that will land you the job

    Another dress perfect for any interview, a simple sheath dress like the one pictured here is among the most versatile out there — and the most sophisticated. There are so many different varieties of the sheath that it can work for almost anyone (Zara, $80).

    More: 6 Ways to give your little black dress a facelift

    5. Coat dress

    coat dress macys, dresses that will land you the job

    If any look screams Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, this is it — and why not follow suit for that interview you've been praying you'd get? "All the styles [Kate] wears are feminine and pretty but still covered up in a way that's professional."

    Bottom line: Err on the side of pretty, classy and conservative. That goes not only for what you wear, but your hair, makeup and even perfume, according to Rubin.

    "If you're wearing some kind of outfit that's a little over-the-top, the interviewer will be distracted," she says. "If the outfit is too sexy, too revealing, too frumpy ... that does send a message. You want to walk in there owning it."

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    As a once-licensed esthetician with more than four years of hands-on vagina experience, I'm here to tell you that waxing isn't for everyone. If you've tried it and hated it, there are still countless other ways to maintain your lady garden. If you're too scared to rip off the Band-Aid, or rather, the hot wax strip, no one's going to judge.

    Try another hair removal option to trim the hedges without (too much) imminent pain: 

    1. Clippers

    Pubic hair trimmers are inexpensive and easy for beginners. Clippers are your best bet if you want to minimize hair without too much weeding.

    More: Thank this woman later for her cautionary tale on bikini waxing

    2. Depilatories

    Over-the-counter hair removal creams can work… at your own risk. Make sure to test a small patch of hair first to check for a reaction. Never, ever use on highly sensitive skin.

    3. Epilady

    The Epilady has been going strong since 1986. Epilady explains, "Each machine on the market has tweezers that close at different points as the head spins." This tweezer action is used to epilate, or pull hair out by the root. Newer models are much preferred to waxing and shaving and a far better choice than the former 1980s "medieval torture device," according to one customer. (Amazon, $90)

    4. Home electrolysis

    Home electrolysis devices are enticing — they advertise "permanent and painless" results. But before you invest a major chunk of change, read customer reviews first. No matter what a product claims, total hair removal often requires multiple electrolysis treatments. (Amazon, $100)

    More: 10 Things you esthetician to know before your bikini wax

    5. Laser hair removal

    As a former laser hair removal technician, this option is my favorite by far. Just be warned that laser on the bikini area may be equally as painful as waxing and takes multiple sessions (an estimated 8-12) to see results. But there are a few big bonuses — laser is permanent and less likely to cause a reaction, compared to hot wax.

    6. Natural hair dissolving products

    Hair dissolving products made with natural ingredients are always worth a shot, especially if your bikini area is chemical-sensitive. Look for a product with calming ingredients like chamomile, tea tree oil and cane sugar. Typically, a product is heated and applied similar to wax with less potential for pain, though coarse hair may not respond well to natural treatments.

    7. Sugaring

    Sugaring is a delightful Middle Eastern-based waxing alternative that uses natural sugar paste to remove hair from the root — making it perfect for the ultra-sensitive bikini area. For a first timer, see an esthetician or another trained professional instead of trying a messy DIY kit at home.

    More: Dear men: Here's what we think about your hair

    8. Shaving

    Shaving has been and always will be a popular pubic hair removal option because it's so darn easy. Make sure to go into battle prepared — armed with a sharp razor, shaving cream and aftercare aloe vera gel to prevent the dreaded razor burn.

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    Step 1: Start with straight hair

    Straight hair

    Let's start this boho wave tutorial with straight hair.

    Step 2: Grab your flat iron, not your curling iron


    Contrary to what you might think, a curling iron is not the right tool to use when making boho waves because it will create really consistent results. Every section you curl will look exactly like the previous one because the hair is being wrapped and heated around the same size curling iron rod. Remember, when making boho waves we want to see inconsistent results, not perfectly replicated sections of curls.

    The best hairstyling tool to use for boho waves is actually a flat iron! A flat iron will give you a great boho wave hairstyle, because with the right technique every single section you use it on will give you a unique result. So instead of looking perfect and uniform, the hairstyle will look imperfect and natural.

    Step 3: Start sliding, turning and crimping

    Curl hair

    I like to use the Versa Style Iron by Rowenta to make boho waves for two reasons. First of all, its heated plates have beveled edges which will allow the iron to bend the hair as opposed to straightening it. Second, the outer shape of the iron is circular, so when a section of hair is heated and then bent around the iron, the hair will mold around the circular shape of the iron.

    We are basically crimping the hair with this iron by bending it 180 degrees one way, sliding it down the hair and then bending it 180 degrees the other way. If you try this technique on horizontal sections of hair, you run the risk of the wave looking too much like a perfect S wave; However, if you use vertical sections of hair, the S wave will be hidden, and the end results will just look soft, natural and imperfect.


    Make sure you don't touch the fringe section of hair with the iron yet. That's the section of hair found on the hairline, surrounding each side of your part in the front (see straight piece in picture above). We are going to do something different to those sections of hair later. Repeat this technique from the base of the hair downward towards the bottom of a section; Bend one way, slide, bend the other way.

    Continue waving the section of hair until you reach the ends. Then finish waving that side of the head with the same long, vertical sections of hair. If the plates of the iron weren't beveled and the outer shape of it wasn't circular, then this technique would create an ugly crimp instead of a soft S-wave.

    Step 4: Move to other side

    Move to other side

    When you're finished waving one side of your head, you can move on to the other side.

    Step 5: Gather two fringe sections

    Gather two sections

    When you're completely finished waving both sides of your head, gather the two fringe sections of hair that you haven't ironed yet.

    Step 6: Combine sections

    Combine sections

    Combine those two sections of hair into one section.

    Step 7: Iron fringe section

    Style bangs

    Starting at the base of the fringe section, quickly glide the iron up and away from the face towards the back of your crown. This will give the fringe just a soft bend. We don't want to give the fringe a full S-wave because that will look too intentional and styled.

    Step 8: Finish off with hairspray


    Finish the style by spraying it with a light-hold hairspray, I like to use Laque Dentelle by Kérastase. Especially spray the area where the fringe meets the rest of the hairstyle and rub that area with your fingers. This will naturally combine the fringe area that was just bent with the rest of the hair which was S-waved. Visually you won't be able to tell where the technique changed; there will be no demarcation.


    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
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    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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    Celebrity stylist Marina Monroe, who has worked with Kylie Jenner, says balance is key when it comes to pairing a shoe most people associate with cool weather with spring and summer's lighter fabrics and shorter hemlines. "I'm a big fan of boots, but unfortunately, wearing a chunky, heavy winter boot with the wrong outfit can make you look like you haven't updated your wardrobe for the current seasons," Monroe said.

    Wearing boots in spring

    Before you break out your L.L. Bean duck boots, keep in mind that not all footwear deserves a place in the sun. These four styles made Monroe's "no-no" boots list:

    • No-No #1: Slouchy boots. "I think it's definitely time to retire these," Monroe said. "They aren't flattering to your leg and the slouch just makes your legs look thicker and shorter."
    • No-No #2: Wedge boots. "Although they are super comfortable, the wedge makes the boot look even heavier and so I would definitely put these away until fall," Monroe said. "Stick to your wedge sandals for now!"
    • No-No #3: Sneaker boots. Finally, a fashion expert says what so many of us have been thinking to ourselves: "I'm not even sure these are OK for the cold weather anymore, but if you insist on wearing them, put them away for now and think about that decision until September."
    • No-No #4: Uggs. "They have fur," Monroe said. "No fur in the spring/summer."

    Painful, but that had to be done.

    And now, here are six spring boot styles and killer pairings that Monroe says will get you noticed for all the right reasons this season.

    1. Ankle boots with a bohemian skirt

    dress boots

    Image via Asos.com

    The '70s are alive and well this spring. One fab way to update all of those folksy, midi dresses we keep seeing (because, let's face it, the length can be awkward) is to forgo platform or "Earth" shoes, which might make you look like you're wearing a costume, and opt instead for a heeled ankle boot that adds the right amount of glam.

    More: How to wear boots with dresses

    2. Ankle boots with shorts

    boots with shorts

    Image via Asos.com

    "Ankle booties, especially lower cut ones that don't cut your leg off at the ankle, can elongate your legs and give your outfit a little edge," Monroe said. Pairing shorts with boots instead of sandals or flats takes them from the beach to brunch in a snap.

    3. Open booties with jeans and a tank top

    boots jeans

    Image via topshop.com

    Rolled-up jeans and a light tank top pair perfectly with ankle boots, especially cage/mesh, open-toe or open-heeled booties like these. "Seeing a little foot makes them even more season appropriate, and a little sexier," Monroe said. "Stick to a stiletto or a thick heel with these though — nothing too chunky!"

    More: Super cute spring shoes you can actually walk in

    4. Gladiator boots and a boho dress


    Image via freepeople.com

    Gladiator boots or sandals (if you insist on calling them that!) are a hot look this spring among the Hamptons and St. Tropez crowd, Monroe said, and are the perfect complement to a feminine, bohemian dress. "Something white or a light color paired with a fabulous straw sun hat," she suggested. "I always recommend getting these in a nude color so they blend a bit more with your summer attire and don't come off as too harsh."

    5. Biker boots with a floral dress

    moto floral

    Image via Asos.com

    Monroe says tough-looking biker boots are one of her personal favorites because they lend just the right amount of "edge" to an outfit. "Unless you want to be full on rocker chic, I would pair them with something of contrast," she said. "Avoid wearing them with anything leather, and opt more for items like floral dresses or dresses and skirts in a softer color palette."

    6. Over-the-knee boots with a casual summer dress

    over knee boots

    Image via freepeople.com

    Over-the-knee boots are always risky, but that's what makes fashion so exciting! Monroe says she isn't a big fan of high-heeled over-the-knee boots because, well, is anyone not thinking of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman? "Keep it super simple and light — no heavy fabrics or long jeans/pants," she advised. This unexpected combo: A breezy white dress and black boots and purse, will turn heads — but for all the right reasons.

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    The looks are great for a Halloween costume or even (some of them) for everyday ideas if you want to have a little fun.

    Disney Style made the video featuring many princesses. Using just wigs, painted-on necklaces and bows and flowers, the looks are pretty darn impressive. The team transforms one model into Belle, Rapunzel, Elsa, Ariel, Jasmine, Snow White and Pocahontas.

    See for yourself:



    It's pretty incredible, right? The amazing thing is that there is no trick of the camera here. There is no bizarre, over-the-top Photoshop. This is what hair, makeup, time and talent can do. Fun, right?

    More: Thank this woman later for her cautionary tale on bikini waxing

    The truth is, most of us don't have the desire to spend every day dressed up as a Disney princess. It's a little frou-frou and grand. But who among us hasn't wanted to go all out for Halloween? Or even in the bedroom with our spouse? It's kind of exciting to know that a whole other look — a whole other person — is just the right wig and small amount of makeup away.

    More: 15 Emotional stages of getting a tattoo

    Would you try these?

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    The new app from Microsoft came about when two men were messing around with Microsoft’s newly released Face Detection APIs. The result? How-Old.net. Users can upload their selfies and give the computer algorithm a chance to guess their age. It can be fun. Like when it guessed I was 26:

    26 me

    Or really depressing. Like when it said I was 44:

    44 me

    More: Versatile fashion essentials for the working mom

    It got my age right:

    37 me

    And got it wrong again:

    29 me

    More: 6 Ways to give your little black dress a facelift

    Friends all had the same issue. Some hated the app when it told them they were 44. Others loved it when it said they were 11 (11!!). Much like those apps that tell you what celebrity you look like, it is an imperfect science. But it can make you think a bit about your photos.

    I take a lot of running selfies. There is no makeup and my wrinkles and sun damage are on display for all to see. But that's when I think I look my best. I am my happiest. So it's a little disconcerting to hear I look 44. Damn you, silly website!

    Personally, I am going to try to not let this get to me.

    I look like what I look like. I know how old I am. People used to go on and on about how young I looked. They don't anymore. But I don't care. I'm generally happy with how I am aging and even if I weren't happy from a beauty standpoint, I am at least happy I get the opportunity to do it. The alternative is far less appealing.

    So whether I look my age or I don't, none of it really matters. So app, you can't bring me down. I have been 26 and I hope to be 44 and yes, I will look exactly the way I am supposed to look.

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    Her latest effort, the hilarious One Direction parody "Girl You Don't Need Makeup," isn't just making women laugh, stand up and cheer. It's inspiring them take off their own makeup and share their bare-faced selfies on social media.

    Then Amy took to Twitter to share her own #GirlYouDontNeedMakeup picture and ask other women to do the same.

    Amy Schumer #GirlYouDontNeedMakeup

    Amy Schumer #GirlYouDontNeedMakeup

    And they did.

    #GirlYouDontNeedMakeup selfies

    #GirlYouDontNeedMakeup selfies

    You can tell from the comments Amy is inspiring ladies out of much more than their foundation — she's taking them out of their comfort zone. Also, Melissa, you do not look gross. You are beautiful.

    #GirlYouDontNeedMakeup selfie

    #GirlYouDontNeedMakeup selfie

    Here's a girl learning early in life that #GirlYouDontNeedMakeup.

    #GirlYouDontNeedMakeup selfie

    #GirlYouDontNeedMakeup selfie

    Even dudes wanted in on the action.

    dude #GirlyouDontneedmakeup

    dude #GirlyouDontneedmakeup

    And doggies couldn't resist the urge to post their own #GirlYouDontNeedMakeup pics.

    doogie #Girlyoudontneedmakeup

    doogie #Girlyoudontneedmakeup

    Gotta love to see teenagers getting the message that they're beautiful without makeup.

    Girl you don't need makeup tweet

    Girl you don't need makeup tweet

    No makeup + Chipotle = Winning.

    Chipotle no makeup selfie

    Chipotle no makeup selfie

    A girl and her grandma who definitely don't need makeup.

    Girl and grandma no makeup selfie

    Girl and grandma no makeup selfie

    And even I couldn't stop myself for standing with my sisters who aren't afraid to look like themselves. Kinda scary though! Helps you appreciate the guts it took for Amy Schumer to do it on TV.

    Becky #GirlYouDontNeedMakeup

    Becky #GirlYouDontNeedMakeup

    Even Amy seems a little overwhelmed by the nerve she's obviously tapped into among women.

    Amy Schumer responds 1

    Amy Schumer responds 1

    Amy Schumer Response 2

    Amy Schumer Response 2

    Amy Schumer response 3

    Amy Schumer response 3

    We can't wait to see what she comes up with next. There are plenty of women who will be watching, without makeup.

    More: Amy Schumer addresses her devotion to feminism in one great quote

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    1. Say goodbye to blemishes

    We're all used to taking aspirin for a headache, but it can also be great to treat another side effect of too many late nights and toxins: blotchy, irritated skin. According to MailOnline, budget painkillers make an effective face mask. Simply crush a single aspirin in a bowl, add a very small amount of toner, and mix to create a thick paste. After cleaning your skin thoroughly, apply the paste to any red, blotchy areas of your face, and leave it on for five minutes. Wash it off, then apply a small dab of honey to any blemishes. Honey has antibiotic properties, making it great for acne prevention. Wash the honey off after 10 minutes, and say hello to clearer skin.

    Skin care hacks

    Image: Pixabay

    2. Brave the cold

    A cold shower might be the last thing you feel like after a late night, but it's extremely good for your skin. Cold water is much more hydrating than hot and helps to close pores, keeping your skin smooth and healthy. To make it more bearable, have a lukewarm shower first, then switch to cold water for the last few minutes.

    Skin care hacks

    Image: Fuse/Getty Images

    3. Zap blackheads with baking soda

    If you've been lazy about taking off your makeup when you come home in the early hours of the morning, the buildup of product might lead to outbreaks of pimples on your skin. A home remedy for getting rid of blackheads is a baking soda mask: Add just enough water to a small bowl of some baking soda to create a creamy mixture, apply it to your entire face, and leave it on until it dries. Remove it with a damp wash cloth, and apply plenty of moisturizer.

    Baking soda mask

    Baking soda mask

    Image: Howcast/YouTube

    4. Go super thick with moisturizer

    To give tired skin an extra glow without caking it in makeup, pat a super-thick moisturizer onto the tops of your cheekbones.

    Skin care hacks

    Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, Amazon, $20

    5. Make a fruity face mask

    For another 100 per cent natural, skin-freshening face mask, all you need is half a fully ripened avocado, a tablespoon of plain yogourt, a tablespoon of honey and two cucumber slices. Mash the avocado in a small bowl until it's smooth, add the yogourt and honey, and stir until combined. Apply to your entire face, pop the cucumber slices on top of your eyes, sit back, and relax for 15 minutes, letting the avocado's vitamins, minerals, oils and proteins do their work. To remove, simply rinse with warm water.

    Skin care hacks

    Image: Pixabay

    6. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

    Exfoliating is the best way to get rid of dead skin cells, which diffuse light and make your skin look dull. Get into the habit of using a gentle exfoliator every day, and over time your complexion will be much clearer. Exfoliate at night instead of the morning to make sure you remove all traces of grime and stubborn makeup. Make the process quick and easy by using an electronic exfoliator or make your own by simply putting sugar on a slice of lemon and rub gently over your face.

    Lemon-sugar scrub

    Image: igorr1/iStock/Getty Images Plus

    More: 15 Time-saving beauty products you'll wish you had sooner

    7. Get rid of the gunk

    A glycolic acid peel offers two benefits to your skin: exfoliation and regeneration. It gets rid of the dull, tough, top layer of skin, rejuvenating the skin cells underneath and resulting in a clearer, fresher, younger-looking complexion. Use an at-home peel once a week to counter the effects of all that late-night partying.

    Skin care hacks

    Bliss Incredi-Peel glycolic resurfacing pads, Amazon, $49

    8. Add a subtle glow

    If you can't give your skin a complete break from makeup, then use a multi-purpose highlighter to give it a subtle glow and disguise the effects of the night before. Don't be too heavy-handed; simply dab it up and down your cheekbones, along your brow bones, on the center of your chin and the tip of your nose with a clean fingertip.

    Skin care hacks

    NARS Illuminating Multiple, NARS, $39

    9. Give your skin some love

    Take 10 minutes to give yourself a facial massage while applying your eye cream and moisturizer, and your skin will thank you for it. Gently massaging the products into your skin will boost circulation, help rejuvenate skin cells and make your creams more effective. To give dull, tired, puffy skin a boost, keep your creams in the fridge — the cooling sensation will work wonders.

    Facial massage

    Facial massage

    Image: oxfordjasmine/YouTube

    10. Eat, sleep, repeat

    A lack of sleep, too much alcohol and sugary and processed foods dehydrate the skin and break down collagen and elastin, making your complexion dull. Tackle the problem from the inside by drinking lots of water and eating plenty of skin-friendly foods, such as colorful vegetables, nuts, beans, peas and fatty fish. Sleep is crucial, because this is when skin cells turn over — a great excuse to nap whenever you can.

    Skin care hacks

    Image: Alyssa L. Miller/Flickr

    More skin care tips

    5 Great reasons to exfoliate your face tonight
    Skin boot camp: The 4-week solution
    5 Ways to combat the effects of stress on your face

    This post was brought to you by Philips. Explore the Philips line of skin cleansers.

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    Whether they like it or not, it will either be a lifetime commitment or there will be an extremely long and awkward "growing out" phase. The thing is, a change with your hair never needs to be a lifetime commitment; it's always possible to grow out your haircut without any awkward phases. Let's go over five different unique haircuts and how to grow them out without a hitch!

    1. Pixie bowl, as seen on Jennifer Hudson

    Jennifer Hudson

    Image: Nicky Nelson/WENN.com

    As the haircut grows out, you want your hairdresser to keep trimming the hair coming from the sides and back of your head. This will keep the style from getting too wide and bushy. Eventually the hair coming from the top of your head will be long enough to reach your ears and you'll be left with a chic faux bob.

    More: The right pixie cut for your face shape

    2. Shaved side, as seen on Natalie Dormer

    Natalie Dormer

    Image: Dan MacMedan/WireImage/Getty Images

    Once you shave or buzz the side of your head you have two options. You can either show it off by allowing a side part to expose the shaved side or you can completely hide it by wearing a center part that forces longer hair to overlap it. If you want to grow out your shaved side then don't cut it at all. Just hide it with a center part whether you want to wear it up or down.

    3. Blunt bangs, as seen on Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift

    Image: FayesVision/WENN.com

    These bangs are easy to grow out. Ask your stylist to gently point cut only the hair in the center of your bangs and keep that hair above the nose. This will create a soft angle stretching from the center of your bangs toward their outer edges. Once both sides of the bangs grow out, you will have soft sweeping bangs that will eventually turn into a nice angular fringe!

    More: How to get bangs without cutting your hair

    4. Cropped pixie, as seen on Charlize Theron

    Cherlize Therone

    Image: Newspix.pl/WENN.com

    To keep this haircut looking great as it grows out, have your stylist continuously cut the hair short at the nape. This will keep the haircut feminine and form fitting to your head shape. Once the hair on the sides is a couple inches long, start to trim the sides like you would on the "pixie bowl" (the first haircut in this post) so it doesn't get too wide, round and bushy looking. If you keep cutting the nape area short while only lightly trimming the sides, then this will turn into a beautiful bob!

    5. Totally buzzed, as seen on Kellie Pickler

    Kellie Pickler

    Image: Frederick Breedon IV/Stringer/Getty Images

    All you have to do is buzz everything but the top of your head for a couple of weeks. Once the hair on top is about a centimeter long, you can begin to grow out everything else as well. In just a couple more weeks you will have something as chic as Charlize Theron's cropped pixie!

    More: 8 Celebs with and without bangs: Which look is better?

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    The $8,000 worth of bras were stolen from a Victoria's Secret in a Pennsylvania mall, according to CBS Philly. Apparently two men came into the Willow Grove Mall last Thursday morning with garbage bags and emptied out drawers full of bras.


    Police say they did it in just two minutes.

    It's hard not to laugh at a crime this incredibly blatant, but at the same time, it's not the first of its kind. Apparently bras are an easily stolen item. In 2012, $11,000 in bras were stolen in California. In North Carolina, $400,000 in bras were stolen from a plant.

    Why bras?

    More: Thank this woman later for her cautionary tale on bikini waxing

    As a one-off, they are pretty easy to steal. Just put one on under your shirt and hope the sensors don't go off. But these aren't women stealing one or two bras. These are massive amounts of things being stolen and resold. Of course the simple answer is because they are small and they are worth a lot of money.

    Any woman who has ever spent any time in Victoria's Secret (or La Perla) has certainly experienced the massive sticker shock that comes from seeing two small bits of fabric sold for $75. And in my experience, finding my size (34DD) is a challenge and finding a cute bra in that size even more so.

    I do wonder what size these men stole, too. If they were smart, they hung out in the B/C area where they could get a lot more bang for their buck. The average bra size in the United States is a 36C. If they stole that size, they should be pretty lucky in resale.

    But hey. Stealing is wrong. Let's stop these bra thieves before it's too late.

    0 0

    But it was Cara Delevingne who caught our attention and not because her Stella McCartney jumpsuit showed her belly button. (Incidentally she was one of only a few women not wearing a dress, which made her stand out even more.) 

    This year's theme was "China: Through the Look Glass," which resulted in some truly magnificent outfits — from Anne Hathaway's elegant gold caped Ralph Lauren gown (was it a coincidence that it was also International Star Wars Day?) to Sarah Jessica Parker's wonderful high street/designer combo (she paired a one-sleeved H&M dress with a towering Philip Treacy work of art).

    Cara turned her skin into a canvas — literally. She enlisted the body art skills of Keith "Bang Bang" McCurdy, her go-to NYC tattooist, who painted her body with cherry blossoms and swallows, mirroring the style of classical Chinese bird-and-flower painting.

    Cara Delevingne at the 2015 Met Gala

    Photo credits: WENN.com; Andres Otero/WENN.com; WENN.com

    More: 30 Met Gala looks we can't stop talking about

    A little more imaginative than a satin kimono or a mandarin collar, right?

    More celebrity style

    11 Daytime Emmy Awards outfits to see if you missed the show
    How to wear a wedding dress on a night out like Daisy Lowe
    Celebrities pay homage to McQueen in dramatic dresses

    0 0

    Kim "Kimmay" Caldwell of Hurray Kimmay, 10-year lingerie and bra fitting expert, AKA the "bra-blem solver," knows a thing or two about the plight of the small-breasted woman. She explains, "After seeing thousands of women in the bra fitting rooms of New York City, I've seen every size from AAA (being two cup sizes smaller than A) to N cup. The most common lament from small-busted women is a feeling of inadequacy. They are often embarrassed or feel less feminine than their average or full-busted friends. It's been my extreme pleasure to help women find their comfort and confidence in the bra fitting room. I help women of all sizes realize that her bra size is just a number and a letter and does not define her worth."

    Kimmay's right. We flat-chested women have been feeling ashamed for far too long. Small breasts can be just as sexy and just as feminine as large breasts. In fact, some men prefer them.

    More: The tiny gal's tricks of the trade: Small but sexy breasts

    Chris of Montana, a self-proclaimed "lucky guy," tells SheKnows, "I'm a guy, and I love small boobs. For instance, they don't bounce during intercourse, but they jiggle beautifully. I know a lot of women are self-conscious about small boobs. Many get implants. What a tragedy. I got to experience both on the same woman. My wife has little boobs, but when she got pregnant, they got really big. She went from something like a B-cup to a Double D. Both were beautiful, but I much prefer the little ones."

    To which I reply: Hell, yeah — small boobs, represent! So, we've established the fact that small boobs are great. But that doesn't mean that living the cleavage-free lifestyle is uneventful. If you're the proud owner of a pair of mosquito bites, then you know exactly what it's like to take your little girls out to buy new clothes. You may encounter:

    1. The embarrassing salespeople


    Image: giphy.com

    Catherine Smith of Sooner Not Later says, "My favorite experience was when I was bra shopping and asked a woman in the department store if she would measure me. She looked right at me and then the people I was shopping with and said, 'Does she even need a bra?'"

    2. The classic bra shopping aversion

    Image: giphy.com

    Bra shopping, what is that? Oh, you mean that humiliating coming-of-age ritual that my mom put me through when I was 12? Nope, nopity nope, no thank you, please. Montrie Rucker Adams, author and proud member of the "Small Breasts Club," tells SheKnows that the greatest thing about having small boobs is "not having to wear a bra! They are a nuisance... tight, binding and uncomfortable."

    More: How to find the right bra for a small chest

    3. The Go-Go-Gadget lingerie

    Cup size

    Image: giphy.com

    If prepubescent bra shopping didn't scar you for life, then you can have a little more fun than your large breasted sisters in the lingerie department. Adams confesses, "We can be big one day and small the next. We can always add to our bra, go from large (to fill the space in your clothes) to small in an instant."

    4. The junior department

    I do what I want

    Image: giphy.com

    Here's why Lyndsey Gavin, New York publicist, never pays full price for a Vicky's Secret bra, "I can still fit in the tween bras Walmart sells." Monique Prince of Tame Your Wild Child is not ashamed to admit that she takes her tiny tatas straight to the girls' department, "I stopped wearing bras because there is nothing to support! Instead, I wear a girl's size 14 camisole."

    5. The beauty of cheap sports bras

    George Costanza

    Image: giphy.com

    32 A-cup long-distance runner Carolyn A. Smuts says, "I simply cannot comprehend the lamentations of my busty friends who ether cannot find sports bras at all or have to double up on them. Some of those things cost more than $80! Sadly (or happily), I have never had to buy a sports bra in my life. I usually buy the crappy cotton clearance bras from Target, and I never shell out more than $4.99. Score!"

    6. Lingerie is a one-piece set

    Image: giphy.com

    Evidently, there are those of us in the Itty Bitty Titty Committee who throw caution to the wind and ditch bras altogether. For blogger Lindsay Hall, this liberating decision makes shopping much, much easier. She says, "My boobs are so tiny that I kind of forget to think of them as 'private' entities. For me, lingerie is a one-piece set. A thong."

    7. The mix-and-match bathing suits


    Image: giphy.com

    When you've grown up playing for Team Small Boob, you learn to get creative. Small-breasted blogger Nafeesa Saboor knows what's up: "I can only buy mix-and-match two-piece bathing suits because I need a small/medium at the top and often a large at the bottom."

    8. The saggy tops


    Image: giphy.com

    For Mary Beck of Washington D.C., that feeling of wanting to beat your head against the wall after trying on one baggy top after another never gets easier. She says that not filling out shirts is the worst part of small boob shopping.

    9. The dresses that never fit

    Maya Rudolph

    Image: giphy.com

    When are designers going to learn that small boobs don't always come with a ruler-shaped body? Saboor explains, "Buying dresses is a headache, especially shift dresses, because I have small boobs, a fairly small waist, wide hips and a big rear."

    10. The strapless envy


    Image: giphy.com

    You know it, and I know it. We don't have the lovely lady lumps required to support a strapless dress all night long. Amanda Collins of Phoenix says, "As a woman with small breasts, I cannot wear strapless dresses. They're super cute, but I cannot hold them up! The last time I tried one on at Old Navy, my young son was with me, and we laughed and laughed when it just fell right down to my waist."

    11. The wardrobe malfunctions


    Image: giphy.com

    Go out for an afternoon of swimsuit shopping, they said. It will be fun, they said. Gavin recalls how her barely-there boobs never fail to create a Sophie's Choice moment in the dressing room, "Going swimsuit shopping and realizing you either squeeze into a smaller size or risk flashing everyone because you can't fill out the top half."

    12. The hand-me-downs


    Image: giphy.com

    Even if your last shopping trip was a bust (see what I did there?), turn that frown upside down. You know all your sweater-stretcher friends are just going to give you their tops that don't fit anyway. Dr. Jane Greer, New York-based relationship expert and author of What About Me? Stop Selfishness From Ruining Your Relationship, explains how you can turn your little lemons into lemonade (read: Use your small boobs to your advantage), "You won't outgrow cute shirts and tops, plus if you have friends with larger chests, you'll likely be gifted things they outgrow or accidentally shrink."

    0 0

    Step 1:

    DIY Tattoo cover up Step :

    First, apply a primer to ensure all of your hard work to come stays put. If your skin is oily, this is especially helpful. Choose a primer based on your skin type.

    Step 2:

    DIY Tattoo cover up Step 2:

    Here's where things get interesting! Using an orange cream shadow or lipstick will help to neutralize the initial darkness of the tattoo. Carefully apply an orange product like Maybelline Color Tattoo in Fierce & Tangy with a brush to just the tattoo, being careful not to stray too far outside its border.

    More: 13 Things I learned from getting my first tattoo

    Step 3:

    DIY Tattoo cover up Step 3:

    Lightly dust a translucent setting powder over the orange shadow to lock it into place and eliminate any stickiness.

    Step 4:

    DIY Tattoo cover up Step 4:

    Now, using a stick concealer or flesh-toned eyeliner, carefully trace over the entire tattoo. Make sure to only trace directly onto the tattoo and not beyond it. A liner like this has a drier consistency which stays in place and doesn't slide around. I am using the Billion Dollar Brows Brow Duo Highlighter.

    Step 5:

    DIY Tattoo cover up Step 5:

    For the bulk of the tattoo coverage, a cream foundation or concealer will knock out the rest of the tattoo's darkness. Using a dense, rounded concealer brush, lightly stipple the foundation/concealer onto the tattoo, using circular motions to blend it out at the edges. It's OK to take this a bit beyond the tattoo. I used RCMA's Color Process Foundation which has excellent coverage.

    Step 6:

    DIY Tattoo cover up Step 6:

    Using a powder puff, apply a powder matching your skin tone, or if you have a yellow undertone like our model, a yellow-toned setting powder like Ben Nye's Banana Powder will also work. Use a pressing motion so that you don't disturb your concealer placement.

    Step 7:

    DIY Tattoo cover up Step 7:

    The final step is a setting spray to truly ensure your tattoo stays concealed all day or night. Ben Nye's Final Seal is used in Broadway stage productions so it can really stand up to heat and humidity.

    Poof! There you have it! Tattoo removal that's totally pain-free and costs a heck of a lot less too!

    More: The pros and cons of getting a tattoo

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    The new sponsors of the TV BAFTA awards, House of Fraser, are celebrating the partnership in a very unique way — by debuting a "technology enhanced gown" on the red carpet. The motion sensor dress commissioned by the retailer "reacts to and accentuates the movements of the wearer".

    The gown is the work of designer Rebecca Street (who was once Alexander McQueen's creative cutter and sculptor) and pioneering technology studio Seeper, and the public have had a hand in the creative process by voting on Twitter for the theme of the dress. As soon as "TV genres" was announced as the winning theme, the dressmaking team got down to putting together the bespoke piece.

    "Using multiple sensors attached around the body, a dynamic system of raw data is captured and then analysed to mirror the motions and gestures of the wearer which in turn drives the graphics rendering. More gown than gadget, the dress plays on the natural motion and flow of the female form with LED light illumination for maximum impact," said a press release from House of Fraser.

    House of Fraser TV BAFTA led dress

    Photo credit: House of Fraser

    More: BAFTA snubs X Factor and Britain's Got Talent

    “The BAFTA awards are a big night for House of Fraser and we know the red carpet is the place to make a statement. To create a truly show-stopping dress we’ve looked to the future of fashion and technology. The unique light display creates vivid patterns and shades that continuously evolve so the dress is not bound to one look," said Jakki Pay, Design Director of Womenswear at House of Fraser.

    That all sounds pretty fabulous, but what we want to know is, who is going to be wearing this piece of fashion technology to walk the TV BAFTA red carpet? Any guesses? Make your suggestion in the comments below.

    House of Fraser LED dress

    House of Fraser LED dress

    Video credit: House of Fraser/YouTube

    The House of Fraser British Academy Television Awards will be held on Sunday May 10 at The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane and broadcast on BBC One.

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    Unsurprisingly the "Kate effect" has struck again. Online retailer eBay reported that U.K. sales of yellow dresses increased by 58 percent right after the Duchess was pictured in her buttercup print Jenny Packham dress, according to The Independent. Australian eBayers got even more excited about her choice of frock; sales there soared by 208 percent.

    The same thing happened during the 2014 royal tour of Australia and New Zealand when the Duchess wore two different yellow dresses in two days, sending eBayers into a frenzy and hiking yellow dress sales up by 93 percent.

    And the blue Issa dress Kate wore for the official announcement of her engagement to Prince William in 2010 sold out within 24 hours, inspiring numerous high street copies and starting a trend for "little blue dresses."

    Kate isn't the only one in the family to influence shoppers; eBay has also revealed that sales of blue cardigans for little boys have increased by 128 percent after Prince George was photographed going to meet his baby sister in a blue outfit.

    The dress Kate chose to wear when she introduced Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana to the world is bespoke, naturally, but there are plenty of (cheaper) alternatives if you fancy stepping out in sunny yellow this season.

    Yellow dress

    Vera Moda at ASOS (£35)

    Yellow dress

    Chi Chi at ASOS (£62)

    Yellow dress

    New Look (£28)

    Yellow dress

    Topshop (£55)

    Yellow dress

    Joy (£59)

    More: World goes crazy for Princess Charlotte memorabilia

    Yellow dress

    Zara (£60)

    Yellow dress

    River Island (£42)

    Yellow dress

    Miss Selfridge (£45)

    Yellow dress

    Mango (£90)

    Yellow dress

    Next (£25)

    More on Kate Middleton

    11 Signs you're too obsessed with Kate Middleton and the royal family
    Kate Middleton supports Children's Mental Health Week
    Kate Middleton's Woman's Day cover causes a ruckus on Twitter

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    Jenner says in a clip from the show:

    I have temporary lip fillers, it's just an insecurity of mine and it's what I wanted to do. I'm just not ready to talk to reporters about my lips yet because everyone always picks us apart.

    That's all fine and good, but the reality is, her lips actually hurt people. The Kylie Jenner challenge saw boys and girls across the country practically maiming their lips by sucking them into bottles and "plumping" them naturally. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. And now Jenner is admitting they were fake all along.

    More: Kylie Jenner lip craze inspires dangerous beauty trend

    Let's forget the fact that she is basically a child. Instead, let's focus on what she is doing to herself. Lip fillers or "dermal fillers" are supposed to diminish facial lines and restore volume and fullness in the face. They are specifically made for aging faces because as we age, our faces naturally lose some fat and that brings smile lines and crow’s feet out in a more obvious way.

    But she's not old! She is 17. So why?

    More: Kylie Jenner shocks everyone with her new, Rita Ora-esque look

    The other thing is that lip injections are expensive. Prices range from $300 to $5,000 and according to the website SmartPlasticSurgery.com the price of collagen injections is about $333 each on average. So for a teenager, it seems insane.


    The fact is, plastic surgery is a personal choice, but it's awfully sad when someone as young as Jenner feels the need to alter her youthful appearance for something so obviously fake.

    Still, we wish her the best and hope that the girls around the country trying to do this the "natural" way understand that this news means they should stop harming themselves. In many ways, Jenner did them a great service. Don't try this at home.

    0 0

    A 27-year-old mother of two from England who is identified only as "Stacy" on TLC's Extreme Beauty Disasters says she has always hated her breasts, which she thought were too small and droopy. From the time she was 12, Stacy says she associated big breasts with beauty, which is understandable given society's obsession with buxom babes.

    Many of us — particularly those of us who have children and/or have breastfed — can certainly empathize with her. But while the majority of women may balk at the idea of shelling out $10,000 for a boob job and opt instead to invest in a decent Wonderbra to give the girls a lift, Stacy took that extra step and underwent her first breast augmentation in 2008. She says she was delighted with the results at first — but three years later, the implants went haywire and left her looking as if she had four breasts:


    A cosmetic surgeon from TLC was able to explain why her implants look this way: It seems the original surgeon had used dangerous PIP implants made from industrial strength silicone that were eventually banned in 2010. The implants were placed under the muscle and were too high for Stacy's breasts, which he says are naturally heavy and hang low. The good news is that TLC's surgeon was able to correct the problem, but that doesn't make Stacy's experience any less of a painful nightmare.

    More: The connection between breast implants and your sex life

    Stacy had no idea the surgeon was putting PIP into her body and probably assumed he was the expert and he knew best. I don't fault her for feeling this way because we should be able to trust medical professionals to do their job the right way and treat us as individuals. But the truth is: We have to be our own doctors and do our own research prior to allowing a medical professional to go forward with any procedure. We have to ask questions and make sure we understand all of the risks involved before taking that next step.

    My feelings about plastic surgery have always been: If you don't have the means to hire a professional with top-notch credentials, save your money until the day you do. Or just buy that damn Wonderbra already — it really has come a long way since we were teenagers, I'm telling you.

    More: 12 Things all women with small boobs understand

    In Stacy's case, it seems like the surgeon had a one-size-fits-all mentality when it came to her breast implants. A good plastic surgeon doesn't believe that there is one ideal way every woman should look. Women with great hips and height may be stunning with F-cup breasts placed high up on their bodies. I'd look like a $5 blow-up doll if I went for anything larger than a C-cup — and, knowing this about my own body, I'd never consider going with a surgeon who agreed to make me any larger.

    There's no shame in getting a little work done, if that's what makes you happy. But interview your surgeons the way you would a potential employer at work so that your first surgery doesn't have to be your first of many corrective surgeries to come.

    0 0

    1. Honey Apricot Beeswax Cuticle Cream

    Honey Apricot Beeswax Cuticle Cream, from Spa Week Blog

    This recipe is from The Spa Week Blog.

    Not only does honey help soften your cuticles, but it has antibacterial properties, which is great for protecting that sensitive area. Plus, apricot kernel oil helps improve your skin's elasticity, while the anti-inflammatory beeswax base helps protect your cuticles and heal any cracks.


    • 1.5 ounces beeswax pellets — Spa Week recommends Yaley’s 100% Yellow Beeswax Pellets (Amazon.com, starting at $4.52)
    • 3 ounces apricot kernel oil (Organic food stores or SwansonVitamins.com, $8.39 for 16 ounces)
    • 1 tablespoon honey
    • Disposable paper bowl and plastic spoon
    • Mint tin or container (like an empty Altoids tin)


    1. Put beeswax pellets, apricot kernel oil and honey into a paper bowl.
    2. Microwave for 15-second intervals until liquefied (soupy consistency), stir with plastic spoon if needed.
    3. Bend the paper plate in half slightly so as to easily pour the liquid mixture into the mint tin.
    4. Let sit until cool and solidified!

    2. Jojoba and Almond Cuticle Oil

    Jojoba and Almond Cuticle Oil, from HumbleBeeandMe.com

    This recipe is from The Humble Bee and Me.

    This cuticle oil is a breeze to whip up. The jojoba oil helps the vitamin E penetrate the skin, so it can really nourish, moisturize and heal your cuticles. Don't worry too much about the amounts — a little more or less of any ingredient will still work great!


    • 2 milliliters sweet almond oil
    • 2 milliliters jojoba oil
    • 1 milliliter rice bran oil
    • 2 drops vitamin E oil
    • 1 drop lavender essential oil
    • 1 drop Roman chamomile essential oil


    1. Combine everything in a 5-milliliter glass bottle. Cap with a dropper top and a sealed lid.

    More from this blogger: Lemony Cuticle Butter

    3. Coconut Lavender Cuticle Balm

    Jojoba and Almond Cuticle Oil, from HumbleBeeandMe.com

    This recipe is from Certified Health Coach Kelsey Albers of Ignite Nourish Thrive.

    Coconut oil truly is a wonder ingredient — and it's great for soothing and healing cuticles. (Is there anything it can't do?)



    1. To make this effective and super-simple cuticle cream, just add 1 drop of lavender oil to 2 tablespoons of melted coconut oil. That's it! Store the mixture in a small jar.

    4. Coconut Aloe Cuticle Balm

    Coconut Aloe Cuticle Balm, from IndianBeautySpot.com

    This recipe is from IndianBeautySpot.com

    Aloe vera is a wonder plant, and the gel is great for all kinds of things, from soothing burns to, yep, helping heal cracked cuticles and nourishing your nail beds.

    Coconut oil
    Aloe vera gel, like this Aloe Vera Gel from Mountain Rose Herbs (MountainRoseHerbs.com, $5.25)

    Just mix 1 tablespoon each of coconut oil and aloe vera gel together and store it in a small container.

    5. Cocoa Butter Cuticle Cream

     Cocoa Butter Cuticle Cream, from MotherEarthLiving.com

    This recipe is from Mother Earth Living.

    Cocoa butter has rich emollient properties, and of course, it smells divine.


    • 1 teaspoon cocoa butter, grated
 (bulkapothecary.com, from $7.16)
    • 2 tablespoons coconut oil


    1. Gently heat cocoa butter and coconut oil in a small pot until melted.
    2. Stir well and pour into a clean dish or container. Allow to cool completely.

    6. Lemon Olive Oil Cuticle Cream

    Lemon Olive Oil Cuticle Cream, from YouTuber CookingandCrafting

    This recipe is from YouTuber Cooking and Crafting

    You could add a drop of lemon essential oil to this to make it smell extra lemony! The petroleum jelly will really help protect your cuticles, and the olive oil penetrates for great moisturizing benefits.


    • 2 teaspoons petroleum jelly
    • 1/2 teaspoon olive oil
    • 1/4 teaspoon freshly squeezed lemon juice


    1. Put everything into a bowl, and whip it up! You can store this in any small container.

    More: 7 Ways you should be using cotton balls

    Images by Karen Cox/SheKnows

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