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    Yep, that's right, And if you are reading this, then I already know you're brave because the title included the words "tampon earring," so welcome, courageous one.

    Fashion has officially lost its rocker particularly in the form of Meadham Kirchhoff's spring 2015 accessory choice: bloody tampon earrings.

    Meadham Kirchhoff Bloody Tampon Earrings

    Meadham Kirchhoff Bloody Tampon Earrings

    Runway fashion? More like run away fashion, am I right?

    Now, I'm not nearly deep enough or high fashion enough to possibly interpret what this symbolizes or the deeper meaning behind it (girl power? period power? fertility celebration?) but one thing's for sure: If tampon earrings are acceptable (pending), then anything goes.

    So, of course, we whipped up a list of things that you might as well wear now that tampon earrings are a thing:

    1. Toilet paper pocket squares

    Want to help your guy look extra dapper in his suit while also making a statement about his freedom to defecate? This is the accessory for you.

    1. NuvaRing bracelets

    Oh don't look at me like that. You are woman, hear you roar... about your contraceptive bangle.

    1. Condom hair tie

    They're elastic, they're durable and Kirchhoff is probably kicking herself for not thinking of this first.

    1. Maxi pad slippers

    Yep, we're getting all of everyone's favorite words in here. And, come on, if these worked for the Orange is the New Black gang, they'll work for you. All you need are some pads, a hair tie (maybe your condom hair tie?) and a slight loss of sanity.

    1. Birth control pill case wallet

    Don't throw that handy plastic case away every month. Throw your Amex and ID in it and hit the town, girl!

    Have you been sufficiently grossed out? Me too.

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    Beauty expert Jeannine Morris will be hanging out with Elizabeth Arden and SheKnows for a live Twitter chat on Sept. 23, from 9 - 10 p.m. EST.

    Join us @SheKnows with @JeannineMorris and @ElizabethArden to learn about how stress affects your appearance, and how to stop it in its tracks.

    According to Morris, women need to recognize that the path to beautiful and flawless skin can be found by eliminating stress and finding ways to relax among their hectic schedules. Easier said than done, right? Join our chat to learn exactly how to make it happen for you. Plus, have a chance to win one of five entire Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Collections, just for participating.

    Follow @SheKnows and @ElizabethArden for updates and use #FlawlessFuture to ask questions during our Flawless Future Twitter Takeover on Sept. 23 at 9 p.m. EST.

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    Guys get their first bikini waxes

    Guys get their first bikini waxes

    That is one of life's more painful rites of passage. It's one of those things women do that men either totally take for granted, or they simply assume that we are exaggerating about the "ouch" factor. Hopefully these brave and good-humored dudes from Buzzfeed will put those skeptics and deniers in their place with this video. These guys decided to go and see firsthand what it was like when a woman gets a bikini wax.

    Naturally, the results are hilarious. For the most part, the dudes are in utter agony throughout the entire ordeal. Of course there's always the one who claims it's not as bad as they expected it to be and kept a stiff upper lip. I doubt any single one of these dudes came out of this feeling like adding waxing to their daily routines was a must, but it's safe to say that their perspectives have definitely shifted. They'll think twice before rolling their eyes at a lady complaining about a recent wax, that's for sure.

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    Why we're obsessed

    You're either a floral print gal or you're not; there's usually no gray area. We're usually a bit reserved with our sense of style, but Lea's pretty floral blazer is making us seriously rethink our stance on the print.

    Get the look: Lea Michele

    Photo credit: TNYF/WENN.com

    How to style the look

    Your floral blazer is the focal point of this ensemble, so don't go overboard with accessories. A top in a shade that appears in the floral print, some neutral heels and a classic black bag will help anchor the bold blazer.

    Get the look: Lea Michele

    1. Oak73 Silhouetted Floral Blazer (oak73.com, $150)
    2. Tees by Tina Smooth Tank in Mandarin (teesbytina.com, $38)
    3. DSTLD Premium Denim Mid Rise Cigarette in Destructed Light Vintage (dstldjeans.com, $85)
    4. Chinese Laundry Fire and Ice Heel in White (chineselaundry.com, $138
    5. Lany Kawaii Crossbody Bag (lanystyle.com, $40) 
    6. Breakfast at Tiffany's Sunglasses in Tortoise (peeperspecs.com, $17)
    7. RMS Beauty "Un" Cover-Up (rmsbeauty.com, $38)

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    Let's ignore the fact that we can't actually fit into Barbie's clothes. But, we would like to get our mitts on some adult-sized versions of her haute couture hauls. The iconic doll has been jet setting around the globe, hitting up Fashion Week shows in New York, London and now Milan.

    And the fashion? On point.

    Barbie Instagram 1

    Barbie Instagram 1

    Barbie Instagram 2

    Barbie Instagram 2

    Barbie Instagram 3

    Barbie Instagram 3

    Instagram 4

    Instagram 4

    Barbie Instagram 5

    Barbie Instagram 5

    Barbie Instagram 6

    Barbie Instagram 6

    Barbie Instagram 7

    Barbie Instagram 7

    Barbie Instagram 8

    Barbie Instagram 8

    Instagram 9

    Instagram 9

    Instagram Barbie 10

    Instagram Barbie 10

    Oh Barbie, can we be besties, please?

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    Elle Fanning new do

    Photo credit: Valerie Macon/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty images

    Elle is pretty well-known for her blond locks, so this latest celeb hair switch-up is a wee bit surprising. Nonetheless, Elle looks great and the light brown color isn't nearly as shocking as older sis Dakota's dark brown dye job a few years back.

    Elle Fanning

    Photo credit: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty images

    To go along with her new hue, Elle also chopped off a few inches, leaving her with a blunt lob that lies right past her shoulders. For the premiere, the stylish teen paired her new 'do with bold blue eyeliner, a peplum top and black pants, letting her new look take the spotlight.

    We weren't initially sure how the color would go with her light complexion, but the results are actually pretty stunning. Looks like Elle can pull off any color she tries!

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    Discreetly using a blanket, I managed to get him to latch on (no mean feat in itself, frankly) just as we were taking off. Turns out the pressure change freaked him out anyhow, he reared back, knocked the blanket off and let go — just as my milk let down. Or, rather, out. And up. For anyone who's never seen milk let down, it's like a cross between a severed artery and a rainbow sprinkler.

    The poor man in front of me got a few drops on the back of his seat and hair. I was apologizing and crying hysterically, my baby was screaming his wee head off and everyone on the plane was shooting us with death glares. And we were only five minutes into a four-hour flight. For the record, the man handled it supremely well for someone who'd just been hit with unidentified bodily fluids. (And new parents? Just use a binky on an airplane.) 

    That's not something I ever thought I'd confess on the internet and yet that horrifying experience is the first thing I think of when I think of breastfeeding.

    Custom breast milk jewellery

    Custom breast milk jewellery

    Alicia Mogavero's first thought about nursing, on the other hand, was jewelry. Alicia, a woman who was clearly much more adept at breastfeeding than I was, founded Mommy Milk Creations, a line of jewelry custom made out of breast milk, as a way to "capture some of the magic" of nursing her baby. She spent seven years (!) developing a special resin that will preserve milk. Once the milk is preserved, she then shapes the milk-mound and mounts it on a silver plate which can then be engraved and made into a piece of jewelry. Each piece takes her about five hours to create and sells for about $160.

    Custom breast milk jewellery 2

    Custom breast milk jewellery 2

    "I think breast milk is truly amazing and I'm certainly not the only one who thinks this way," Alicia told the Daily Mail.

    Custom breast milk jewellery 4

    Custom breast milk jewellery 4

    And I agree, absolutely. If having kids has taught me anything, it's how amazing women's bodies are. How to feed a baby is a remarkably controversial topic for something seemingly so straightforward — baby eats, baby lives happily ever after — so I will only say that a) I don't care how you feed your baby as long as you do and b) I nursed all my children but it was really hard for me and while I did it, I can't say I loved it. So when I saw the Mommy Milk Creations all I could think was that after nearly five years of nursing (my different children) the last thing I'd want to wear on my chest is boob juice.

    But hey, that's just me. I am terribly unsentimental. I didn't keep a lock of my babies' hair nor did I bronze their shoes or do those Instagram snaps once a month with the month on their onesies. But I don't begrudge those who do and I totally enjoy looking at cute pictures of my friends' babies. And it's the same with the breast milk jewelry: Not my thing but if it's yours (and it certainly is a lot of people's as there is a one-year+ waiting list), then you do you and wear it with pride. I'll look at it. I'll even compliment it. And then I'll probably make you listen to the story about the time I squirted a man on an airplane with breast milk.

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    Columnist Alessandra Stanley showed how to execute a stinging backhanded compliment when she first described Davis as "sexual and even sexy" (don't sound so surprised, Alessandra!) but then added that the Oscar nominee is "older, darker-skinned, and less classically beautiful than Ms. [Kerry] Washington."

    This came as a surprise to Davis' legions of fans who definitely find the 49-year-old award-winning actress smoking hot, in addition to being super talented. The remark was particularly awful as it highlighted the longstanding issue that darker skin is still viewed as less attractive than lighter skin on black women, especially in the media. You just have to look at what Elle did to Gabourey SidibeL'Oreal did to Beyoncé and Vanity Fair did to Lupita N'yongo to get an idea. (Oh and when Time magazine profiled OJ Simpson after his murder trial, they darkened his skin tone. Ahem.)

    But as awful as the original piece was, the response has been so much bigger and better. #lessclassicallybeautiful has taken over Twitter with people showing the diversity in beauty.

    One woman fired back at the dark-skinned comment:

    Tweet: Response to Viola Davis's comment

    Tweet: Response to Viola Davis's comment

    Another woman pointed out the blatant hypocrisy in a society that hawks fake tans and butt implants:

    Tweet: Response to Viola Davis's comment 2

    Tweet: Response to Viola Davis's comment 2

    This woman is just not having this nonsense:

    Tweet: Response to Viola Davis's comment 3

    Tweet: Response to Viola Davis's comment 3

    In addition, dozens of women posted pictures of their similarly "less classically beautiful" gorgeous daughters, mothers, grandmothers and aunts.

    The ever-classy Davis responded to the Times piece saying simply, "You may shoot me with your words, you may cut me with your eyes, you may kill me with your hatefulness, but still, like air, I'll rise!"

    One of the Times editors who approved the piece, Danielle Mattoon, responded to the hailstorm of criticism saying that, "There was never any intent to offend anyone and I deeply regret that it did. Alessandra used a rhetorical device to begin her essay, and because the piece was so largely positive, we as editors weren't sensitive enough to the language being used." Mattoon then added that she felt the article raised some "interesting and important ideas" that thanks to the internet backlash were "being swamped."

    So basically Mattoon is invalidating the black women's experiences. In the meantime, the rest of us are hoping that the #lessclassicallybeautiful campaign will bring about more modern change in how we define beauty.

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    When Jasmine Tridevil decided she was done dating, she went a more permanent route by getting breast implants. But this wasn't just any ordinary revenge boob job; instead Jasmine got a third breast, a new sister nestled between her original two.

    Jasmine Tridevil: Tri-Boob

    Jasmine Tridevil: Tri-Boob

    "I got it because I wanted to make myself unattractive to men. Because I don't want to date anymore," she explained. "Most guys would think it's weird and gross. But I can still feel pretty because if I wore makeup and cute clothes, I can still, you know, feel pretty."

    Driving away men isn't the only reason for getting the, um, unconventional surgery, however. Jasmine's reasoning became a lot clearer when she admitted her ultimate goal is to get her own reality show on MTV and figured the disfigurement would help her attain that.

    Yet while Jasmine's new appearance (if it is indeed real and not a hoax) is pretty shocking, what isn't so surprising is that a young woman would turn to extreme body modification to get attention. She certainly wouldn't be the first woman to feel like she needs to alter her appearance to get a job or control her love life.

    Her triplets highlight a growing trend in our society: It's no longer enough to be beautiful, smart or talented, especially if you want fame. These days to get ahead you have to have some superhuman element, some kind of hook, which can often mean enhancement.

    Whether it be through plastic surgery, powerful amphetamines, diet pills, clever makeup tricks or hair extensions, we're all told that we need to be more. It's endemic through all society, from the top tiers of Hollywood with their ageless faces to the academic wunderkinds on Adderall to the teens getting breast enhancements before they've even finished puberty.

    Really, Jasmine did what most of us do in some way but she just did it to an extreme. So perhaps we shouldn't be asking why she did it but rather why it will probably get her what she wants. Already, she's "internet famous" and I'm guessing it won't take long before she gets noticed by print and television as well. If she doesn't get her own reality show, it's an easy bet that she'll find a place on an existing show.

    After all, it's no coincidence that a major plot line on the wildly popular American Horror Story features a three-breasted woman. And let's not forget Total Recall did it first. Breasts aren't interesting anymore —  they're everywhere in every form now. But three breasts? That's shock value. And it's what our society now seems to expect in order to keep our collective attention.

    So why'd she really do it? Because we wanted it. When you look at it that way, getting the $20,000 surgery seems like a decent business plan.

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    1) Give your skin some TLC with a humidifier

    Joanna Vargas

    Joanna Vargas, celebrity facialist and founder of Joanna Vargas Salon and Skincare Collection, says your best fall skin fix is easier than you might think: "Sleep with a humidifier in your bedroom. It will add just enough moisture to the environment to give your skin the chance to do some real healing. For those who are afraid of the bacteria that sometimes can accumulate in a humidifier, you can even get a little one that attaches to a mini water bottle."

    Favorite fall beauty product: "At the end of the summer going into fall, the sunscreen that we've used is clogging pores, most people have suffered sun damage and their skin looks dull and dehydrated, really clogged. Fall treatments for me include really great exfoliation. I like to have people do my Exfoliating Mask and even sleep in the mask overnight so it stays on the face for a long time to clean out the pores. Another great at home fall beauty mask is combining yogurt with honey."

    2) Say bye bye to dry, dull skin

    Taliah Ferguson

    Taliah Ferguson, SheKnows Expert and style blogger at Fashion Was Here, is all about moisture and glowing skin for the fall: "For dry skin sufferers or ones who want a sheen finish with uber soft skin, mixing your daily lotion with an oil like Jason's Vitamin E oil makes your skin feel and look radiant. I use Nivea's lotion with about two drops of vitamin oil for each application. My skin stays moisturized all day and never dries out. It's great for colder, harsher climates. Bonus: The scent from the oil is divine."

    Favorite fall beauty product: Benefit Cosmetics Sun Beam

    3) Nails need moisture too!

    Hiroko Fujikawa

    MARS the Salon owner Hiroko Fujikawa suggests giving your cuticles a little extra attention when the temperature drops: "During the fall, cuticles can look dry and cracked which can ruin any look. I would suggest using the MARS cuticle oil to keep your cuticles moisturized and looking fresh. In doing so, all your fall stand-out nail designs will continue to be the center of attention!

    Favorite fall beauty product: "Essie Wicked Nail Polish. It works for every season and every occasion."

    4) Have fun with deeper fall fragrances

    Kela Walker

    Kela Walker, SheKnows Expert and creator of Kéla's Kloset, changes her fragrance as soon as fall arrives: "Fall is a great time to change your fragrance and opt for scents with a little more substance than the light and fruity ones of summer. My favorite is Stella by Stella McCartney. It has very soft rose and dark amber notes that make it just right for the entry to fall and cooler days."

    Favorite fall beauty product: "SheaMoisture Shea Butter infused with Coconut & Hibiscus — to shield against the chill. Plus it provides great hydration and helps to maintain my tan by naturally brightening skin."

    5) Fall is the perfect time to switch up your hair color

    Cortney Peck

    Photo credit: Jeremy Fraga

    Cortney Peck, stylist at Boston's Jeffrey Lyle Salon, always tells her clients that fall is a great time to switch up your hair color: "My best fall hair tip would be: Just as the leaves change colors in the fall, talk to your stylist about color change. It doesn't have to be drastic, but often a change in tone or highlight placement can tone things down from the brighter hues of summer."

    Favorite fall beauty product: Kerastase Elixir Ultime Hair Oil

    6) Transition your nail polish colors slowly

    Laura Bronner

    Laura Bronner, Gloss48 co-founder, has the transitional nail game nailed: "At the beginning of a new season, I'm always excited to shift to the new, seasonal nail collections. However, the shift from summer brights to deep fall darks can be a bit jarring. I like to ease the transition with a mix of summer pastels on my toes (coral or mint) and taupe or light gray on my hands."

    Favorite fall beauty product: "Rituel de Fille is a natural, super-pigmented line that exudes style. If Vogue Magazine created a cosmetic line, it would look something like this. I love their Forbidden Lipstick in Fortuneteller. It's a gorgeous, bold bordeaux — perfect for fall!"

    7) You can still rock a dewy look even when it's cooler out!

    Elle Leary

    Elle LearyColorescience makeup artist, says she loves to give skin an extra boost after applying makeup in the fall: "It is easy for skin to look dry and dehydrated when the weather gets cold, so I love to use a moisturizing toner or setting spray at the end of the application. After you have done all of your foundation, blush and powder, spray a few spritzes of the mist all over your face. This makes the skin look more lifelike and hydrates the powder."

    Favorite fall beauty product: "Colorescience Skin Bronzing Primer is a must for fall!! We all want to hold on to a little bit of color from the summer and this primer will do that. It leaves the skin feeling protected, soft and with a hint of color. Tip: Use on the outside portions of the face for that sun-kissed glow."

    8) Hair changes are as simple as switching up your part

    Sunnie Brook Jones

    Sunnie Brook Jones, Head & Shoulders celebrity stylist, suggests a brand new 'do for a brand new season: "Fall is a time to change things up with either a new haircut or style. A quick change can start with your part. If you've been a center queen, opt for a deep side part or just go for a major side flip. This change is sure to turn some heads!"

    Favorite fall beauty product: Garrett Markenson Reverie MILK Anti-Frizz Treatment (Anthropologie, $42)

    9) Play up your eyes with a darker shadow

    Sonia Kashuk

    Photo credit: Richard Burbridge

    Sonia Kashuk, makeup artist and founder of Sonia Kashuk Beauty, loves a strong eye shadow for the cooler months: "A jewel tone eye will leave you looking fall-ready instantly. There is nothing more beautiful than a sultry, smoky eye in deep jewel tones to play up the color of the season."

    Favorite fall beauty product: "My Radiance Boost Restorative Face Oil to keep my skin hydrated and glowing and my new Lustrous Shine Lip Crayons in every shade from soft nudes to rich berries — perfect for the fall."

    10) Make sure your foundation and concealer match

    Anna De Souza

    Anna De Souza, SheKnows Expert and lifestyle writer, likes to switch up her makeup game when the weather changes: "As we move into fall, you'll likely be switching to fuller coverage foundation. That said, it's a must to switch out your concealer, too. Make 100 percent sure the texture matches so that you don't have a matte versus dewy line of demarcation around your eyes or blemishes."

    Favorite fall beauty product: Julep's Plie Wand. "I absolutely love changing my color — sometimes two to three times per week now that it doesn't look like a 6-year-old painted my nails. Julep's Plie Wand is a long, tapered and weighted polishing wand that helps you polish with more control so you get to skip the salon and 30 minutes of cuticle cleanup. It's so genius, especially for dark fall colors that need perfect application!"

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    Step 1:


    You'll want to make sure your lips are well-moisturized, so apply your favorite lip balm first.

    Step 2:


    Create a blank canvas by using a concealer pencil to trace over the lips and lip line.

    Step 3:


    Now, we're ready to start building up the lip shape. Using a rosy-nude toned lip liner, begin outlining just outside your natural lip line. Follow your lips' natural peaks but take the line just above.

    Step 4:


    Using the same lip liner, fill in the entire lip.

    Step 5:


    Using a rosy-mauve matte lip color, fill in your entire mouth.

    Step 6:


    Use a lip brush to blend the lip color with the liner, creating a soft and seamless transition with no harsh edges.

    Step 7:

    step7 blot

    Blot the lips and you're all done. You've got a Kylie Jenner pout and no needle marks to show for it!


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    Whether your hair lacks volume on its own or you have trouble keeping it from falling flat throughout the day, SheKnows Beauty Expert Allison Pynn has a few a tips for amping it up. In this video, Allison will show you how to get mega volume that stays. All you need is a bit of time, some hairspray and a boar hair bristle brush.

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    0 0

    The early days

    The year? 1996. The occasion? A photo shoot with her No Doubt bandmates. Back then, Gwen was just starting to feel out her style persona, but one thing was clear: The girl had a defined attitude and a penchant for breaking style rules.

    Gwen Stefani: The early days

    Photo credit: Getty image

    The late '90s

    Bold neon hair colors, belly-baring styles and statement shoes ruled Gwen's style during the last few years of the '90s. We were just starting to see the woman that would break fashion boundaries and show the rest of us that personal style is what you make it.

    Gwen Stefani: The late '90s 1

    Photo credit: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage/Getty image

    Gwen Stefani: The late '90s 2

    Photo credit: Albert Ortega/Hulton Archive/Getty image

    Gwen Stefani: The late '90s 3

    Photo credit: Robin Platzer/Twin Images/Hulton Archive/Getty image

    The early 2000s

    By now, Gwen was a bit more established in her career and she was still changing up her look all the time. Hats were definitely a fave for the singer at this point, and so was the urban look. Cargo pants, funky tops and the like reigned supreme in her street and red carpet looks.

    Gwen Stefani: The early 2000s 1

    Photo credit: KMazur/WireImage/Getty image

    Gwen Stefani: The early 2000s 2

    Photo credit: Theo Wargo/WireImage/Getty image

    Gwen Stefani: The early 2000s 3

    Photo credit: Getty Images Entertainment/Getty image

    Gwen Stefani: The early 2000s 4

    Photo credit: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage/Getty image

    The mid-2000s

    As Gwen embarked on a solo career, launched her own clothing line and settled into married life, she again switched up her look a bit. We started to see a classy side of Gwen on the red carpet but her inner sporty, urban chick still came out quite often.

    Gwen Stefani: The mid 2000s 1

    Photo credit: SGranitz/WireImage/Getty image

    Gwen Stefani: The mid 2000s 2

    Photo credit: SGranitz/WireImage/Getty image

    Gwen Stefani: The mid 2000s 3

    Photo credit: Arnaldo Magnani/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty image

    Gwen Stefani: The mid 2000s 4

    Photo credit: KMazur/WireImage/Getty image

    The Harajuku Girls phase

    As the Harajuku Girls started showing up in Gwen's solo videos, on her clothing line's merchandise and more, she went through a whole new fashion phase. More playful styles definitely reigned over this period of the singer's life.

    Gwen Stefani: The Harajuku Girls phase 1

    Photo credit: SGranitz/WireImage/Getty image

    Gwen Stefani: The Harajuku Girls phase 2

    Photo credit: James Devaney/WireImage/Getty image

    The late 2000s

    Married life, motherhood and career changes brought on a further evolution to Gwen's style. Chic red carpet moments replaced brass, bold outfits at times, but the singer always maintained her daring approach to style with funky prints.

    Gwen Stefani: The late 2000s 1

    Photo credit: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic/Getty image

    Gwen Stefani: The late 2000s 2

    Photo credit: Chris Polk/FilmMagic/Getty image

    Gwen Stefani: The late 2000s 3

    Photo credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Getty image

    Gwen Stefani: The late 2000s 4

    Photo credit: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty image

    2010 and beyond

    As Gwen's celebrity status rose, she also elevated her fashion. Cool, wearable edgy ensembles were the style du jour, but she also kept her '90s fans appeased with classic Gwen stage outfits.

    Gwen Stefani: 2010 and beyond 1

    Photo credit: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty image

    Gwen Stefani: 2010 and beyond 2

    Photo credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty image

    Gwen Stefani: 2010 and beyond 3

    Photo credit: R Mickshaw/American Idol 2009/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty image for Fox

    Gwen Stefani: 2010 and beyond 4

    Photo credit: Jamie McCarthyWireImage/Getty image


    These days, Gwen has really come full circle with her style. She seems as comfortable donning luxe, high-fashion outfits as she does rocking bold prints and urban styles, and for that versatility we love her.

    Gwen Stefani: Today 1

    Photo credit: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic/Getty image

    Gwen Stefani: Today 2

    Photo credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty image

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    1. Kate Spade Saturday All Along Mini Satchel in Cherry Red (saturday.com, $185)

    Kate Spade Saturday All Along Mini Satchel in Cherry Red (saturday.com, $185)

    This mini satchel can be worn as a convenient crossbody bag and comes with a removable, adjustable shoulder strap. What more could a stylish gal ask for?

    2. DailyLook Mini Structured Handbag in Periwinkle (dailylook.com, $50)

    DailyLook Mini Structured Handbag in Periwinkle (dailylook.com, $50)

    At a mere $50, this incredibly adorable mini bag won't cause any post-purchase guilt.

    3. Halston Heritage Leather Mini Crossbody (tjmaxx.com, $150) 

    Halston Heritage Leather Mini Crossbody (tjmaxx.com, $150)

    An oversized black bag is a staple in every closet, but you might want to consider going mini for this wardrobe must-have. This little cutie is perfect to tote around to concerts, date night and beyond.

    4. Brit-Stitch Half Pint Bag in Wax Lemon (brit-stitch.com, $117)

    Brit-Stitch Half Pint Bag in Wax Lemon (brit-stitch.com, $117)

    Check two fall trends off your list all at once: mini bags and pastels. This beautiful yellow bag is handmade in the UK and perfect to carry all your errand-running essentials on a busy day.

    5. ShoeDazzle Fairbault Blue Mini Bag (shoedazzle.com, $40)

    ShoeDazzle Fairbault Blue Mini Bag (shoedazzle.com, $40)

    Between the bold blue hue and the cool texture, this mini bag packs a pretty powerful fashion punch.

    6. Women's Mini Satchel Handbag in Light Mint (Target, $30)

    Women's Mini Satchel Handbag in Light Mint (Target, $30)

    Who says mint is solely a summer color? Extend the pastel love to fall with this adorable and affordable mini satchel from one of our fave stores, Target.

    7. Coach Bleecker Mini Brooklyn Messenger Bag in Dark Nickle/Purple Iris (Coach, $298)

    Coach Bleecker Mini Brooklyn Messenger Bag in Dark Nickle/Purple Iris (Coach, $298)

    Petite and purple, just the way we like our bags. Coach's take on the baby bag trend features an adjustable strap so you can carry it around or toss it over your shoulder.

    8. Double Buckle Small Messenger Bag (Express, $50) 

    Double Buckle Small Messenger Bag (Express, $50)

    The pretty color parade continues! This gorgeous mini messenger bag is the perfect on-the-go accessory for those days when you just want to travel light.

    9. Rebecca Minkoff Hudson Moto Mini Crossbody Bag in Bright Blue (Nordstrom, $265)

    Rebecca Minkoff Hudson Moto Mini Crossbody Bag in Bright Blue (Nordstrom, $265)

    Has there ever been a prettier blue bag? We're sure there has, but right now we only have eyes for this vibrant beauty.

    10. Under One Sky Two Tone Floral Cutout Mini Crossbody (sears.com, $28) 

    Under One Sky Two Tone Floral Cutout Mini Crossbody (sears.com, $28)

    Some fall trends are a bit confusing to grasp, but this mini bag trend is coming up all black and white for us.

    11. Harper Double Zip Camera Crossbody in Cranberry Sauce (Banana Republic, $84)

    Harper Double Zip Camera Crossbody in Cranberry Sauce (Banana Republic, $84)

    Fall calls for deeper, rich colors, and this stunning oxford mini bag will definitely do the trick.

    12. Pour La Victoire Elie Mini Crossbody (piperlime.gap.com, $67) 

    Pour La Victoire Elie Mini Crossbody in Blush Snake (piperlime.gap.com, $95)

    This bag might be small in stature, but it's big in attitude thanks to a cheeky black and white design.

    13. Kooba Emery Bag (kooba.com, $238) 

    Kooba Emery Bag (kooba.com, $238)

    This cute suede mini crossbody bag also converts to a clutch, so you'll be sure to get extra bang for your buck.

    14. Ricardina Red Mini Saddle Bag (missguidedus.com, $18)

    Ricardina Red Mini Saddle Bag (missguidedus.com, $18)

    The hot-red color of this tiny bag is all the attitude you need. Leave your big bags at home for the day, ladies, and give this tiny wonder a try.

    15. Clava Bags Page Leather Mini Crossbody in Tan (bluefly.com, $140)

    Clava Bags Page Leather Mini Crossbody in Tan

    You can never go wrong with a classic crossbody in an even more classic tan shade.

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    Down's Designs is fixing this problem, one pair of custom-made pants at a time. People with Down syndrome have a unique set of physical characteristics, explains Karen Bowersox, who started the company after she couldn't find clothing to fit her granddaughter.

    Down Designs 2

    Down Designs 2

    "The femur [of those with Down syndrome] is so short, so when you have a pair of pants, a standard size pair of pants, they don't taper at their knee. They can roll up a shirt sleeve four or five times," she says in an interview with Fox, adding that that means they often look like they're playing dress-up in someone else's clothes.

    I got to see how limiting this can be first-hand when I helped my dad do my aunt's laundry growing up. My Aunt Barbara had a rare genetic syndrome very similar to Down syndrome and so she also had the shorter height, shorter legs and longer torso with a rounded belly. I remember asking my dad why Barbara only had one style of T-shirt and only had sweatpants when her personality was so much bigger than that limited wardrobe. It was, of course, because that's all they could find that would fit her.

    Another thing Barbara struggled with was dressing herself. Her thumbs were deformed and tricky buttons and zippers were not her friend. Yet she wanted to live independently, like the grown-up she was. (And she did, thanks to a lovely group home. My dad made sure her laundry and errands were taken care of but other than that she was her own woman.) Karen thought of that angle too.

    "If they're struggling with buttons and zippers, their independence is taken away," she explains. "So you see a lot of [people with Down syndrome] wearing sweat pants, so our jeans are not just a pair of pants, they literally can change their life."

    Down Designs 3

    Down Designs 3

    While Karen has been making custom clothing for people of all ages with Down syndrome, demand has out-paced her ability to "Down size" as she calls it. So she recently started a Kickstarter to expand her business. In an example of The Internet Can Be So Wonderful, she blew past her original $5,000 goal and made $22,651.

    My aunt passed away several years ago and I wish she could have seen these clothes — she would have been so excited and nothing was more beautiful than Barbara excited. She radiated happiness with her whole body and you couldn't help but smile watching her, which is exactly what Karen wants.

    Down Designs 4

    Down Designs 4

    "When [people with Down syndrome] are forced to wear clothes from everyday stores, the clothing makes them look different. All you see is the Down syndrome," she said to the Huffington Post. "When they wear our pants and they fit and they look and feel more comfortable, they can be confident in themselves. You don't see the Down syndrome anymore."

    You just see the person. Which is exactly how it should be.

    More on Down syndrome

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    A less invasive test for Down syndrome
    Dolls with Down syndrome characteristics spur questions

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    "Something for everyone" was the tagline of the fashion designer whose show I "walked" in recently. It was the theme that was woven throughout the fabric of New York Fashion Week, September 2014. Such an all-inclusive tagline may cause one to think that it signaled a turning away from the traditional ultra-glamorousness and prestige of Fashion Week; however, this year, such outreach embellished the events even more, and raised the customary plateaus of chic to higher levels than we have ever seen.

    I use the term "walk" figuratively, because I use a wheelchair, and have since the age of 2. I attended several shows in the tents of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center. I was the only spectator in a wheelchair. But dressed in Roberto Cavalli, Elizabeth and James and wearing Louboutin stilettos, I observed the showcased fashions like everyone else. I was swept into the ambiance and exhilarated by the styles.

    As I watched I thought, "What would look good on my body?" "How could I make that concept work while accentuating my assets and playing down the parts of my body that I am not so fond of?" These thoughts echoed that of many others at the show, disabled or not. And these pertinent questions were answered for everyone by the various trends displayed by the designers. Charlotte Ronson showed her spring styles, from romantic to tomboy, with flat, casual sandals with Velcro straps. I thought of my many followers in wheelchairs on Twitter who have asked me for tips on how to wear shoes that are comfortable and stay on their feet while still being stylish. August Getty's designs included drop-dead gorgeous gowns, offering any woman with a thirst for glamour and prestige the opportunity to find a flattering piece.

    Finally, runway hair was characterized by natural, undone styles, tousled side ponytails and not-so-perfect braids while nail art included reverse French manicures in unique colors, like soft lime greens. These hair and nail trends could be easily implemented on an everyday basis by anyone, again feeling chic and in style regardless of your abilities or any disabilities.

    The designers reiterated the concept of "something for everyone" in their choice of models that they sent striding down the runway. Among the attractive were Shaun Ross, a supermodel with albinism, who opened the show for the forward-thinking brand Control Sector, as well as Alex Minsky, an amputee model, who walked the runway for Mister Triple X. Including my appearance on the catwalk, I modeled for urban-look designer India Vasquez. This is the second New York Fashion Week that has featured a model in a wheelchair. In February 2014, I modeled for the designer Carrie Hammer. This was a runway "walk" that went around the world, as it was the first time in Fashion Week history that a designer used a model in a wheelchair. The story went viral and the course of fashion was changed.

    The crowd seated along the runway was a mix of celebs, press, dignitaries, fashionistas, and others in the societal elite who could relate to these diverse styles and diverse models. You could hear in their enthusiasm and energy that we have evolved as a society.

    New York Fashion Week was as glitzy and glam as always, but managed successfully to incorporate diversity in a seamless and integrated way. This is the key to sustaining the integrity of the event while allowing it to grow with a changing society. The attention remained on the clothes and spring styles, but there was a substance and depth to it. It seemed as though the runway lights were illuminating diversity and new options rather than insecurity and doubts. Gorgeous clothes and "the look of the moment" are for all groups of people. You can pull something to enhance any body and make yourself feel fabulous, which should boost the sense of anticipation for us all as we head toward the Spring of 2015 and the next New York Fashion Week.

    Photo credit: Larry Busacca/Staff/Getty Images

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    1. Menswear maven

    Lena Dunham: Menswear Maven

    Photo credit: Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty image

    Lena's always one step ahead of the curve when it comes to the hottest style trends, so it's no surprise she's already rocking fall's hot menswear trend. Her houndstooth coat and platform brogues help tone down her feminine bow shift dress in the best of ways.

    2. Sassy in pink

    Lena Dunham

    Photo credit: FayesVision/WENN

    A lot of people couldn't figure out why Lena wore this fluffy, colorful pink dress to this year's Emmys, but we know why: she loved it. And isn't fashion as simple as that? Wear what makes you happy.

    3. Testing lengths

    Lena Dunham: Sparkling personality

    Photo credit: Michael Stewart/WireImage/Getty image

    The actress' bubbly personality always shines through when you watch her in interviews, but Lena literally sparkled when she hit the Girls Season 3 premiere in an embellished sleeveless gown that glided beautifully over her curves.

    4. Sunny style

    Lena Dunham: Sunny style

    Photo credit: Jeff Vespa/WireImage/Getty image

    For this year's Golden Globes, Lena went for a super sunny look in a strapless yellow gown featuring a sweetheart neckline and a stunning full-skirted train. Like she often does, she showed off her shoulder tattoos in a classy, cool way.

    5. Eyes on style

    Lena Dunham

    Photo credit: FilmMagic/Getty image

    All eyes were on Lena (literally) when she stepped out in this daring shift dress. The eye print and bold colors all combined to make one huge fashion statement.

    6. Creative fashionista

    Lena Dunham: Creative fashionista

    Photo credit: George Pimentel/WireImage/Getty image

    Occasionally, Lena has fun with themed fashion, like she did here at this year's Met Gala in New York City. She hit this year's theme pretty well, opting for a pleated, embellished LBD that showed off her gams.

    7. Fun with florals

    Lena Dunham: Fun with florals

    Photo credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic/Getty image

    The fashion risk taker was quite the conversation starter at last year's Emmys in a v-neck floral print gown that most certainly stood out from the mostly monochromatic style crowd.

    8. Winning style

    Lena Dunham

    Photo credit: PNP/WENN

    Whether she's rocking long-sleeve dresses or strapless styles, Lena always opts for cool colors that challenge the style status quo. Here, she got our attention in a bronze metallic embellished v-neck gown that showed off her beautiful curves.

    9. Jumpsuit joy

    Lena Dunham: Jumpsuit joy

    Photo credit: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty image

    Long before jumpsuits were cool, Lena stepped out on the red carpet rocking a black strapless version with a subtle white neckline. She paired the figure-flattering design with simple black pumps, clean makeup and minimal accessories.

    10. Pretty in palm trees

    Lena Dunham

    Photo credit: IZZY/WENN

    A lot of ladies would be worried that a palm tree print would err too much on the Hawaiian shirt spectrum of fashion, but Lena wears whatever makes her smile. And she sure does have a beautiful smile, so we're happy to see whatever this lady wears.

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    Celeb Hairstyle of the Week: Cate Blanchett

    Photo credit: Apega/WENN.com

    When we first saw this 'do, we thought we were in for one of her go-to (and always elegant) updos, but we were pleasantly surprised when we saw this style had a twist! The slightly messy yet totally contained braid is a fun way to wear your hair up without reverting to a boring old bun.

    Want to steal Cate's hairstyle? You're in luck. We got award-winning hairstylist Riccardo Maggiore of New York City's famous Riccardo Maggiore Salon to offer some tips for doing just that.

    Celeb Hairstyle of the Week: Cate Blanchett

    Photo credit: Apega/WENN.com

    Get the look

    "Cate Blanchett has a very elegant and chic sense of style and this hairstyle reflects that," Riccardo says.

    1. You will need to add texture to your hair before starting the braid so that it will stay in place. You can add a styling product like Sebastian Professional Taming Elixir that will give the hair some grab.
    2. Split the hair in 2 sections, vertically.
    3. Start braiding the top section (you can also do a twist with 2 sections if this is easier for you than a braid). As you're braiding, begin to work the top section into the second section.
    4. Tiny clear elastics are best to use in a hairstyle like this to fasten the ends and stay invisible.
    5. Once the hair is braided and fastened, tuck the ends under with bobby pins (and also any flyaways) as close to the scalp as possible.
    6. If you have bangs, use a flat iron or blow dryer to keep them as tucked and clean as possible.
    7. Finish off with hairspray to keep everything in place.

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    How to save your chipped manicure: Materials and Tools

    Materials and tools:

    • A contrasting nail polish color
    • Top coat
    • Tape
    • Scissors
    • Nail buffer


    Step 1: File and buff

     How to save your chipped manicure: Step 1 File and Buff

    Start off by buffing your nails around the chipped area. This will even out the chipped surface and help the new polish adhere to the area.

    Step 2: Cut tape

    How to save your chipped manicure: Step 2: Cut tape

    With your scissors, cut 10 small pieces of tape just a little wider than your nail.

    Step 3: Apply tape

    How to save your chipped manicure: Step 3: Apply tape

    Use the tape to mark off the area you want to paint over. Before you put it on your nails, touch the sticky surface with your fingertips so it doesn't end up peeling off any of your polish when you remove it.

    Step 4: Paint your tips

    How to save your chipped manicure: Step 4: Paint your tips

    Paint the tips of your nails with your contrasting polish and peel the tape off while the nail polish is still wet. This will keep the line crisp. If you wait until your nails dry, sometimes the tape will pull off more polish because it has dried in one piece.

    Step 5: Top coat

    How to save your chipped manicure: Step 5: Top coat

    Once you have removed your tape, allow your nails to dry for a few minutes. Then apply your top coat and you have a brand new geometric nail art mani!

    How to save your chipped manicure: Finished

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    In this video tutorial, SheKnows Beauty Expert Allison Pynn teaches you three simple hairstyles that only require three bobby pins each. From hair position to bobby pin tips, you'll learn how to keep your style stationary throughout the day.

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